The Heights (2019) s01e17 Episode Script

Episode 17

1 Previously on The Heights Of course he was stressed out about work.
He had contractors after him to get paid because he'd gambled all of our money.
SABINE: We're just friends.
- What don't you get - You know what? Go for it.
I'm done pity-banging you anyway.
What are you doing here? I'm gonna go now.
A bunch of us are going to go to that wine bar down the road, if you still want to come? Absolutely.
(PHONE BLEEPS) Hide behind your eyes They light before you Lay me down Alone beneath your stare Mm (YAWNS) Your freedom I long to own You really can sleep anywhere.
(CHUCKLES) Hope it's alright that I stayed.
Yeah, of course.
I'll find a hotel for tonight, though.
Was a good launch.
You should be proud.
And you weren't wrong about this place.
There's a lot of interesting people.
- Watto? - And co.
Friendly bunch.
On occasion.
Ana seems nice too.
I, um, better get this place cleaned up.
We have to open soon, so I guess I could go a coffee first.
Come on.
I know a place that makes a brew just like back home.
Mm, sounds terrible.
- It is.
- (LAUGHS) I'll just freshen up.
I see you've cleaned up.
Sorry, I was gonna do it when I got back.
Where are you going? Uh, just out.
You taking Patch? So I have to take care of the kid, clean up and open up on my own? Go.
Hurry up.
Is that all of them? Yeah, it is.
Um Well this also says that you should avoid handling cash.
Do you reckon you can manage that? Oh, day to day, I guess.
- But what about work? - I don't know.
Can you get your clients to pay electronically? Some of them won't like that.
Well, they're just gonna have to suck it up.
We all do.
Noah! Frankie! Can I can I help with anything? No, it's OK.
I've got it.
Hey, guys, seriously, hurry up! (PHONE RINGS) - Want me to drive you to school? - (PHONE CONTINUES RINGING) - No, I'm cool to walk.
- (BEEP!) - You sure? - Positive.
Are you having a stroke, Mother? No.
Then why are you staring at me like that? How are you this morning? Fine.
'Cause it's OK not to be.
- What Dane said - Seriously, I'm A-OK.
No point wallowing.
Well, good news is I finish early, so I can cook us dinner! Good news for who? Ha-ha-ha.
Bye, child of mine.
Enjoy work.
Don't kill anyone.
You are limited edition special to me and I love you.
Sure you're not having a stroke? (CHOKES BACK TEARS) My garden's overrun by the things.
It's like Invasion of the Purple Phallic Vegetables.
The eggplants are technically a fruit.
You're one of those people.
What am I supposed to do with 6,000 eggplants? I don't even like the stupid things.
Then why did you plant them? I don't know.
I had fun last night.
Yeah, me too.
The play was really good.
You know, my mate went all method for her role.
- She plays the homeless person? - Yeah.
She lived on the street for a few weeks.
Actors are crazy.
Imagine living your whole life pretending to be someone else.
How's your business internship going? Ooh, careful, Mich.
They'll go straight to your hips.
Shouldn't you be drowning cats? - What's this? - A muffin.
Yeah, but why? - If you don't want it - No, I want it, I want it.
It's stale.
Oh, well.
They were two for one from Iris's.
And here I was thinking you were doing something nice.
Ew, no! No, no.
So, how are you going today? Is that a "whatevs" shrug or is that a "I'm about to burst into tears" shrug? Thank you for the clarity, Sabine.
Dane called this morning.
Oh, yeah? What did he say? I didn't answer.
So does this mean you're (DRAMATICALLY) done-done? Now I know why my mum gets annoyed at me.
Perfect timing.
Sorry? Nothing.
You working today? Usual shift.
- But if you don't need me - You kidding? I need you.
Do us a favour and grab the glasses out of the dishwasher, will you? Yeah.
Where's Ryan? Out, with the Lottie girl.
What's the story with her, anyway? Um, her and Ryan used to be a thing back in London.
Pretty serious too.
Matching tattoos serious? He asked her to marry him serious.
And she said no.
Well, that explains a few things, hey, Patch? You're not the only one with life-altering news.
I just Your sister Daphne? Pregnant on purpose? Why do you sound so surprised? Maybe because the last time I saw her, she was peeing between two parked cars.
That was months ago.
People do change, Ryan.
Or at least they try to.
What's that supposed to mean? Nothing.
You think I said no because I didn't want to grow up? You really have a knack of reading into things that aren't there.
And you have a knack for making me want to punch you in the nose.
Why do you want to pick at this scab? What's the point? We had a thing and that thing ended.
So that's it, then? Just leave it there? Pretend that three years of our lives just never happened? No, but what else is there to say? Are you kidding me right now? Why do you think I flew across the globe? You had the points? OK, fine.
Let's do this.
Let's reopen this wound.
Why did you say no? It's not because I wanted to break up.
That's not an answer.
It was because I didn't trust that you meant it.
You asked me to marry you out the front of a fish and chip shop at 2 o'clock in the morning.
Our fish and chip shop.
And you kept on going on and on about how great our life was and how much you loved London.
But all I could hear was you trying to convince yourself that getting married was the right thing to do.
- That's not fair.
- Maybe not.
But for as long as I've known you, you've struggled to stand still.
The second that things get hard, you just Again, that's not fair.
Really? Do you know that I only found out that you were in Australia because I bumped into Matty? He said he saw something on Instagram.
You didn't even try and work it out.
You just left me.
So am I wrong for being wary? Say what you want about our failed relationship, but at least I never made you go through that sort of hell.
If that's how you feel, then why are you here? Because I'm an idiot, obviously.
Because despite everything I still love you, Ryan.
I might go dip my feet.
the flickering light To the days and nights and the flickering light You work here, love? No, I clean up after people for fun.
(LAUGHS) Is Hazel around? HAZEL: Who's asking? Ernie! Kept this place up and running, eh? Didn't have much choice in the matter.
Can I grab a Scotch? Neat.
- Your daughter not back, then? - Shannon? Oh, shame.
Got a mate at the golf club.
Looking to purchase an establishment just like this one.
Is that so? Property values in Arcadia are going up.
People want in.
And the likes of me out.
- So, when Shannon reappears - If Shannon reappears.
- Yeah, I've got your card already.
- New ones.
- You know where to find me.
- Righto.
I can see that he feels bad, but good! So he should.
He did this.
He put our family in this situation.
I know it's hard for you right now, but try and remember, Mark has a problem.
So what are you saying, that I'm being a bitch right now? No, not at all.
I mean, maybe I am, but I'm allowed to be, right? That was $70,000.
How am I ever meant to pay that back? Have you thought about maybe going back to work? I mean, yeah, that's definitely an option, but you know that's not what we wanted for our family.
We both grew up with parents who were never around, always working.
That's not what we want for our kids.
I'm not gonna lie, the struggle is real, but it's also not the end of the world.
- (SCREAMS) - Lottie?! What's wrong? What happened? - Something attacked me! - What was it? Come here, come here.
- Oh! Oh, it hurts! Like, it - OK.
- Argh! - Here we go.
(GROANS) Am I dying? It's just a stinger.
Isn't that the same thing that killed Steve Irwin? - That was a stingray.
- Am I meant to know the difference? OK.
Deep breath in - (INHALES) - and out.
(EXHALES) You're gonna be fine, you big baby.
Wrong answer.
How is me liking green apples the wrong answer? Because any normal person knows that red apples are far superior.
Whatever! Do you want to hide? You know you're not supposed to be here.
I tried to call.
Can we talk? - You sure? - Yeah.
About yesterday I was drunk and I messed up big time.
I'm sorry.
Sabine? I said I'm sorry.
And what? You just expect me to get over it? No, but this isn't all my fault, you know.
Excuse me? What did you expect? You're always with that guy.
What, you you think this is about Mich? - Isn't it? - This has nothing to do with him.
Dane, you humiliated me.
What you said And and you think it's OK because you were jealous? No, but I only said it because You wanted to hurt me? Well, you did.
So congratulations.
- Where are you going? - Away from here.
I get you're upset, OK? Tell me tell me what I have to do to make it better.
I don't want to have to tell you! I don't want to be in a relationship where someone can say something so horrible without even realising it! There has to be something.
Please, let me go.
Not until we sort this out.
Everything alright here? Alright, buddy, time to leave.
- We're talking.
- We're talking.
So scuttle off.
I'm sure you have some sort of regatta to get to.
Sabine? Just go, Dane.
Oi! Tell me you're free right now.
I'm free right now.
Because I need a favour.
- Another one.
- Mm.
- Guess this will have to do.
- (CHUCKLES) Ooh, watch the drawers, will ya? - Pivot.
- I'm pivoting.
- Pivot more.
- (GRUMBLES) Now back it up.
Is this even going to fit through the door? Oh, don't worry about it.
Says the person who doesn't have to carry this thing in there.
If it's heavy, put it down and have a rest.
(GRUNTS WITH EFFORT) What's your name again? Mich.
Where you from? Downstairs.
I mean, who's your mob? Uh I don't know.
That's complicated.
Well, you boys deserve a cold beer.
Thank you.
Good try.
Just a juice for the young fella! Come on.
HAZEL: Pop Goes The Weasel? That's the song you want played at your funeral? On an organ.
That way, all my dearly beloved will stare at the coffin, waiting, wondering.
Oh, aren't we lucky, everyone? Prince Ryan's decided to grace us with his presence.
Didn't mean to take so long.
Day one and he's already shirking his responsibilities.
LOTTIE: No, no, it's my fault.
I stupidly went where no Brit should go, the Australian ocean.
Ana, get some ice in that, will you, love? - I can get it.
- It's fine.
It's just here.
Thank you, Ana.
- What got you? - A stingray.
A stinger.
Well, whatever it was, I don't think it deserves a place in the ecosystem.
Do you mind if I go lie down in your room for a bit? Go for it.
- Do you want me to - I can take it from here.
- Thanks again.
- You're welcome.
Uh, since you're back, any chance I could finish early? Sure.
If it's OK with Hazel? Fine by me, love.
You worked hard today.
- I'll see you later.
- Hooroo.
- Bye.
- Oh! Wait.
Ana, you forgot your, um T-shirt.
Figured you might want it back.
See ya.
Our lawyer Ernie was in earlier.
Reckons he knows someone who might be interested in buying the place.
Well, we couldn't do anything about it anyway, - so - But if we could? We'd sell, just like we always planned.
Shirin's essay isn't too bad.
How do you feel about Greek food? Don't really have an opinion.
Why? Life gives you eggplants, make moussaka.
What do you say? Yeah, go for it.
I'm asking you to dinner, Sully.
At at your place? - But if you're busy - Just, uh, let me check my calendar.
- (TURNS PAGE) - Yep.
All clear.
You right there, mate? Bit quiet.
No, nothing.
It was just something Aunty Pam said earlier.
What? When she asked you where your mob was from? Mm.
That happen to you a lot? Sometimes, when people just look at me and assume that I know.
But you don't.
And Pav's not my real dad, by the way.
I figured that.
Do you have much to do with your father and his mob? Not anymore.
What about your mum's mob? Her mum died when she was giving birth, and she hasn't had anything to do with her family since then.
It's not gonna be easy, mate, but I think you need to talk to your mum.
I have, and she's told me everything she knows, but that's nothing, you know? And Grandad doesn't like talking about the past.
He's probably got his reasons, mate.
Yeah, but it's easy for him and Mum.
They're not the ones getting asked where they're from every day.
Just once, I'd like to be able to answer it.
Well, maybe you need to find out, then, eh? Sure.
I mean, where do I start? (SIGHS) (TV PLAYS IN BACKGROUND) Is it OK if I turn the TV off? Not really.
It'll just be for a sec.
I just want to talk to you guys about something.
Is it bad news? No, I don't think so.
I wanted to find out what you guys think about me getting a job.
Is that it? I mean, yeah, fine.
Well, it would mean some days after school you'd have to go to a friend's house or to after-school care.
- Like Chris does? - Mm.
That would be awesome! So you're both OK with this? Now can we put the TV back on? (LAUGHS) Yes, you may.
SABINE: I mean, sure.
But why? I don't know.
Last time I brought it up, it didn't go down so well, so I'm not gonna involve her unless I find something.
Send it my way.
I owe you.
So what happened after I left? - We talked a bit.
- And? - (DOOR CLOSES) - I gotta go.
I'll text you later.
You're gonna be mad, aren't you? If that's the way you start a conversation, then, yes, probably.
I already ate.
Pigged out on chips and gravy with Rose and Amira.
- Who? - Doesn't matter.
- I told you I was cooking.
- I know.
- And I was so looking forward to - Frittata.
Did you learn much today? Not really.
You? Only that there's no limit to some people's selfishness.
Long story that ends with me yelling at some guy as to how you shouldn't present to Emergency with a mosquito bite.
What do you want to watch tonight? I saw Dane today.
He showed up at school to talk.
And? And (BREATHES SHAKILY) (TEARFULLY) he was horrible.
He just kept on making up excuses, justifying what he said.
I don't get it.
How could I be so stupid? You weren't stupid, sweetie.
I loved him, Mum.
I lost my virginity to him.
I really thought that meant something.
It did.
It does.
Well, now I'm the world's biggest dumb-ass who fell for the world's biggest poo-head.
Well, you are your mother's daughter, after all.
Oh, Mum, I know you didn't like him, but this really isn't funny.
Which is why I'm not laughing.
Oh, seeing you like this is hard.
Trust me, I am feeling every ounce of this.
Not to mention the rage.
Boy, is it strong with me today.
It's taking every fibre of my being not to drive over to Dane's house and I love you, yes, I do Something about the boy, I do Yes, I do, yes, I do I love you, yes, I do Something about the boy - What about your frittata? - I'll order pizza.
Do you want to do the honours? (YELLS, LAUGHS) - (GRUNTS) - Take that! You big fat jerk! And it's Doctor Rosso to you! Sabine, come on! (GRUNTS) - Sabine, come on.
- Mum! Mother! Mum! Mum! Mum! Watch out for the jogger! Mum! (LAUGHS) I'm sorry.
(BOTH LAUGH) Go! Go! - (LAUGHS) - (LAUGHS) Go, go, go! Lights my fire L-O-V-E, love Where is everyone? Hazel and Patch went home for the night.
Ana too? Yeah.
So what's the deal with you guys, anyway? What do you mean? It's OK if you two 'Cause you and me, we're not Well, we haven't been for a while.
Is it serious? It was just the once.
Well, I should get on to that hotel.
I meant it, by the way.
When I asked you to marry me.
So what does that mean for us now? I don't know.
I just need some time.
Well, I will get out of your hair, then.
No, don't.
You can have my room.
What about you? Storeroom's cosy enough.
Are you sure? I can sleep anywhere, remember? (DOOR OPENS, CLOSES) Hey.
Should I start getting dinner ready? If you like.
You feel like anything in particular? What are you doing? I'm just trying to get this coffee stain out.
Just chuck it in the wash.
No, I need it for tomorrow.
Look, I've, um I've got a job interview with a recruitment agency.
I've decided to go back to work.
What? We need more money coming in.
Yeah, I-I know, but what about the kids? Well, they're fine.
Trust me.
Well, still, you didn't think to discuss this with me first? Well, it's You sure about this? No, Mark, I'm not sure.
I'm not sure about anything.
But, look, I've got to do something.
(SIGHS) - You sure you don't need a hand? - Yeah.
I know it's annoying, but I just can't use a plastic bag without thinking about the poor turtles.
"I like toitles!" (LAUGHS) You haven't seen that YouTube video, have you? No, I have.
That was just a terrible impersonation.
- Mind if I - Yeah, here.
- Whoa.
- Uh Now's a good time to let you know I'm a bit of a klutz.
Oh, I'm well aware.
We're away Oh, let's run away and not know where we are going to Let's go for today And it's all going to be wonderful Shall we go in? I just can't believe he would do that.
I can.
Men are trash.
- You still could have told me.
- I know.
I didn't know how you felt about me and I didn't want to scare you off.
RYAN: Evan's got a crush.
You should date him, if that's what you want.