The Heights (2019) s01e18 Episode Script

Episode 18

1 VOICEOVER: Previously on The Heights I still love you, Ryan.
- You applying for scholarship? - Basically need perfect marks.
I'm just not in the place for a relationship.
I think urban renewal means people have got to be more mindful of the place they live.
I'm asking you to dinner, Sully.
At at your place? It's hot.
I want to see you in it.
Please let me go.
Everything alright here? (PHONES CHIME AND BEEP) So, I talked to Dad this morning about the break-up.
He have any good advice? Well, lovey-dovey feelings stuff isn't really his strong suit, but he was nice.
Said to say Happy Birthday.
Probably shouldn't be bringing up Dad on your birthday.
Totally fine.
Anyway! - Open, open.
- Ooh! It's the one we heard Ben Law talking about on RN the other day.
Oh, thank you, daughter.
That's very thoughtful.
(KNOCK AT DOOR) - Hi, Mich.
- Happy birthday.
How do you know? - Oh.
- Yeah.
I'd better get that off before work.
Were we meant to meet? I thought we could talk about our presentation.
So, I typed up our manifesto, but I wasn't sure whether we should try and learn it off by heart or try and wing it.
You haven't seen it yet, have you? Seen what? (PHONE BEEPS) (GASPS) So, the unveiling is today, isn't it? I'm just leaving for work.
Do you two want a lift? - Ah, I thought we could just walk.
- Mm.
- Have a good day.
- Yeah.
You too.
- Where did you get this? - (DOOR CLOSES) - Hey.
- Hey.
- Sorry, not a morning person.
- Here, this will get you home.
- Thanks.
I had fun last night.
- Really? I hated every minute of it.
- Yeah, me too.
- Never want it to happen again.
Me neither.
I'll grab this cab.
I'll see you later.
See ya.
- How are ya? - Hello.
- ASH: Has anyone seen my other sock? - Shh, Kamran's studying.
Kam's grouchy.
Look, maybe if we gave him his you know what Shh.
Hey, look, I put both of my socks in this shoe.
How does one go missing? I don't understand.
- I don't know.
- Come on, man, really? - Sorry, bro.
- Laila.
This crazy guy I pick up at the airport.
- Found it.
- He thinks my meter is rigged.
I tell him, it's expensive from the airport.
It always has been.
- Conspiracy theorists, I tell you.
- Come on, Mum, I'm hungry.
Oh, yes, yes.
Exam tomorrow, eh? (BOWLS CLATTER LOUDLY) Oi.
- Don't.
- Don't what? I get that you're stressed out, but you can't treat them like that, alright? - They're all trying to help you.
- No-one can help me.
Don't be a drama queen, OK? You're going to be fine.
Do you understand the odds here? 200 people sit that exam, only 10 are picked for an interview, and then two, only two, get the actual scholarship.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, and you'll be one of them.
- And what if I'm not? - And if you're not, what? The world's not going to end, OK? What's the worst that can happen? You'll still go back to school, you'll still do fine, and you'll still get a job, huh? Cheer up.
Yo! What are you doing? Shh.
- Shh-shh! - What are you doing here? - Welcome to Kam's massive tantrum.
- Shut up.
You OK? What's up? Just trying to avoid the third degree from Mum.
- Want me to distract her? - Yeah, that would be awesome.
- Mrs Tran! - (ACTIVATES DOORBELL) Kam's looking a bit pale.
- What? Is he sick? - Look.
Hungry? What has he eaten this morning? I don't know.
What did you eat? Amazing what people leave behind.
Don't worry, I've washed it.
Wake him and there will be consequences.
So, where's Lottie this morning? Buggered if I know.
- She seems OK.
- I guess.
Ryan's clearly trying to sort things out with her.
They've been awkward as chihuahuas on stilts since she got here.
Coffee here's better than in London.
Don't you all drink tea? That's like saying you all descended from convicts.
Well, most of our clientele do have convictions.
Well, I've got to get to work.
- I'll see you all later.
- Bye, love.
Now, everything you need's packed in there.
I've put double the nappies 'cause he's starting to breach the hull.
- (GROANS) - What are you lads up to today, then? I've got to take Patch to the hospital for his check-up.
And then I was thinking I could take him to the park? Take him to the moon for all I care, as long as he's tired enough to sleep when I get home.
That sounds like fun.
You can come, if you want.
Actually, I was thinking that I could help you out in the pub today, Hazel.
It will be a lot of unpleasant work.
Wringing out mouldy beer mats, setting vinegar traps.
- Great.
- Fine.
- Awesome.
- OK.
- See ya later.
- Hooroo.
- What's wrong with Nikki? - Dumped.
Oh, must be break-up season.
My teenager just broke up with her boyfriend.
Ugh, first heartbreak.
That's tough.
- All break-ups are tough.
- What's your worst one? Uh Nup, I'm not telling you.
- What?! Come on.
- No way.
I'll tell you mine.
Philippa Lumley.
Shows up at my front doorstep, tells me she's moving back to America, dumps me and then leaves me with her pit bull.
What happened to the dog? It's now a companion animal for my demented great aunt.
- So, she's got that.
- (ALL LAUGH) Oh, uh, worst break-up.
Oh, God, I don't know.
Less a break-up and more a series of tiny deaths.
Year after year of birthdays that prove your husband has absolutely no idea who you are.
Together 18 years and he buys me a mud cake.
Mud cake? When he's literally heard me say countless times that my favourite dessert is cheesecake.
It's like, do you even see me anymore or am I just this creature that exists in your world that you have to make the requisite noises about every time a specific date rolls around? But, hey, at least I didn't end up with a pit bull.
- She really hates mud cake.
- Yeah.
(BOTH LAUGH) So, how did Mich get it? Apparently one of the meat-heads from the Embleton football team shared it on Facebook.
So, obviously Dane sent it to all the guys at his school.
That is so messed up.
I just can't believe he would do that.
I can.
Men are trash.
That he hates me that much.
Look, it's not all that bad.
You're, like, the most popular topic of conversation today.
Wouldn't have thought leopard print was your thing, though.
Oh, it's not.
Dane bought it.
We're not making you feel any better, are we? It's not that big a deal.
You're in your bra and undies.
- It's like your swimmers.
- No, it's not.
Well, at least you look good.
When Belinda's nudes did the rounds she looked like a Dorito.
But I didn't even like that bra, and now everyone at school has seen it.
- Everyone.
- Yeah, babes, it's your Kim K moment.
But I'm not It's different for me.
Look, it's empowerment, and anyone who disagrees is just trying to, like, oppress you.
Yeah, but she didn't choose to send it out to everyone.
Yeah, but she chose to send it to Dane.
Own it, babe.
Celebrate your body.
What an idiot.
What? Ugh, gross.
Is that Yep.
Penises are so ugly.
Who are all these horrible texts from? "Wanna hook up behind the lockers at lunch? "I know you're good for it.
" Dane must have given my number out as well.
Wait up.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Sorry, I just gotta wait, like, five minutes and then, like, I'll be out of your way.
It's all good, man.
I know Mum can be hectic sometimes, so if she's giving you too much pressure, I get it.
Nah, she's not.
This is what I want.
If I get into this school, my life will change.
Why's that? Embleton has produced two prime ministers.
So, you want to be prime minister now? Nah, just saying, the school breeds success.
The CEO of Qantas went there, the managing director of Westpac.
- That's the world I gotta be in.
- Why? I want to be able to tell my aunty and uncle that they can stop working.
It would be sick to have my own private jet one day.
(PHONE BLEEPS) - Oh, my God! - What? - Oh, no.
- What's wrong? - I just - Spit it out, will you? I just liked one of Lottie's photos from 2012.
Who? Ryan's ex, or not.
Ooh, I don't know! I thought a nuclear bomb had gone off or something.
I deep-liked her.
Do you understand how bad that is? There's not a lot of this I understand, no.
It's like breaking into someone's house and getting caught looking at their holiday photos from seven years ago.
They're on the internet.
You're supposed to look, aren't you? Yeah, but you're not supposed to let them know that you're looking! Oh.
And now she's gonna think I'm a stalker.
Idiot! Idiot, idiot, idiot, idiot! - Idiota.
- (WHIMPERS) Phones away while you're manning the bar.
Roger that.
So, Ryan tells me that you've worked in pubs for most of your life? Yep.
What was that like? Is what it is.
It's a very British thing, you know.
To grow up in a pub.
Suppose it is, in Britain.
And it's great that you employ, um, the locals.
Like Ana.
She seems nice.
She is nice.
She does seem nice.
But she's not a local, she's family.
Her, Ryan and Shannon were inseparable as kids.
When they were in primary school, they used to do these little concerts up at the towers on a Friday night.
- Mostly dance numbers.
- Cute.
I got very sick of the Spice Girls that summer.
Ryan played a Spice Girl? I could not imagine him doing that.
Oh, he would have followed Ana to the moon and back.
Whatever mad scheme she came up with, he'd go along with it.
Still does.
I don't think we should read the intro speech.
I think we should just wing it.
We already know what to say.
You OK? Hmm.
Yeah, well, at least I look hot in it.
You're starting to sound like Rose.
There are worse people to sound like.
Why did you send it to him? Because he was my boyfriend and I trusted him.
- Yeah, but - What? I don't get why girls do this? You know, this sort of thing happens all the time.
- So, it's my fault? - No.
No, I'm not - I have to go.
- What about the unveiling? Sabine.
You guys aren't coming to Alistair's? (BOYS CHATTER) Why? You shouldn't have crossed me.
- Crossed you? - Egged my house.
Hooked up with that towers douche.
I didn't I never hooked up with Mich.
And even if I did, that doesn't give you the right You shouldn't have sent me the photo, then.
I didn't want to.
You made me feel like I felt like I had to, like you'd be upset if I didn't.
I didn't force you to do anything.
You really don't care at all, do you? Look, I didn't know it would go this far.
I just sent it to three mates in a group chat.
Oh, three mates? Yeah, and then it went crazy.
Ollie put it on Facebook and then it just started doing the rounds.
You're disgusting.
It says here he's, um, due for his booster shot.
So, I can do that now, if you like.
Sure, let's get them out of the way.
- Easy.
- Hi.
I guarantee you he's not going to remember it.
Well, it's not just for him.
I hate needles.
Lucky it's not for you, then.
We all good? Hey, uh, I like what you did with the bar.
- Thank you.
- Mm, it's nice.
Ana said you guys worked really hard on it.
Yeah, she did.
You guys are good mates, right? Ah, yeah? Is she, um is she seeing anyone at the moment? Sorry.
That's completely inappropriate.
No, no, it's OK.
Uh, it's fine.
I just, you know, trying to suss her out.
I thought there was a bit of a vibe, and then, you know, went a bit cold.
It's probably just a her being professional.
Hey, um, I don't think she's seeing anyone at the moment.
Right, cool.
It's just a work thing, then.
Must be.
- Yeah.
- Hey.
Hey, it's all good.
Excuse me, guys.
Mich, we're going to have to forge ahead.
Um, Sabine and I did this project, but she can't be here for some reason, so So, we as a nation have become obsessed with things, uh, like objects.
Uh the newest phone, the latest gadgets.
Um, we buy crappy furniture from mass-producing factories that only end up in landfill.
But none of this makes us happy.
We sit inside, alone, with this stuff and we don't even know our neighbours anymore.
My friend, uh, Uncle Max once told me that sometimes we forget that we belong to the dirt, uh, to Grandmother Earth, and that somehow we're all connected.
So, for our project, we wanted to remind everybody to to get outside and to get to know your community.
Bravo! Thank you.
Come on, guys, let's have a look.
Where were you? I thought I was gonna fluff it for sure.
- You were good.
- You reckon? I mean, I don't want to jinx myself, but I think I might get my first A-plus.
Aren't you stoked that we smashed it? Yeah, whatever.
- So, what is it like? - What? - The house.
- What house? - Your new boyfriend's.
- I don't have a new boyfriend.
Then where were you last night? - So, is it a house or an apartment? - Mum.
Just asking.
It was a house.
Nice furniture? How many bedrooms? Mum, what are you doing? Just want to know if he has good taste.
He has a few bedrooms.
Does he own it or sharing? He's actually living with someone.
Oh, Mr Fraser.
It's a pleasure to see you again.
You here for Sully or for a discount on my locally grown broccoli? - Mum.
- May I borrow him? Depends.
What for? Mum, there's a customer.
- Let's go.
Not here.
- Yeah.
I did plan on telling you.
When we first met, Hugo and I were on a break.
You still could have told me.
I know, but I didn't know how you felt about me, and I didn't want to scare you off.
So, you just slept with me instead.
That wasn't my intention.
- You invited me over to your house.
- For my eggplant.
Hugo and I, we have an open relationship.
He's been seeing someone else for a while now.
- And you're OK with that? - Yes.
I don't see monogamy as particularly practical.
And we're open about it with each other.
- So, he knows about me? - Yeah.
And he doesn't care? And you're together now? He just moved back in.
- This is this is a lot.
- I know.
I know.
And I've handled it terribly.
But, Sully, there's something great between us.
You know, you and me, we can still see each other.
I don't understand what you're asking.
I'm just asking you to keep an open mind.
So, I got Patch checked out.
Oh, yeah.
What was the verdict? - He's recovering well, yeah.
- Great.
And Evan's got a crush.
- On Patch? - On you.
Yeah, I know.
So, how come you haven't I don't know.
You should date him, if that's what you want.
Yeah, yeah.
Maybe I will.
OK, so, you've gotta close your eyes.
Close your eyes.
- Close your eyes.
- Closing, closing.
Closing, closing, keep them closed.
Almost there.
Keep them closed, keep them closed, keep them closed.
Happy birthday to you, happy birthday Yeah, I think singing should be one of the rules.
Happy birthday, dear Claudia Boo-boo.
Happy birthday.
Look, it's a cheesecake.
There you go.
You don't like cheese all of a sudden? What? Yeah, no, I do.
Cheese is my life.
So, blow out the candle and make a wish.
You've gotta be careful with cheesecake.
You've gotta get them out of the oven just when they're a bit wobbly in the middle, makes it perfect.
You know, I've gotta go.
Um, I've got an early start and I really should check on Sabine.
What? So, I just remembered I've got a lot on.
You want to take it and share it with Sabine? - No.
Really? - Yeah.
No, please.
It's your birthday.
Take take the cake.
- Sorry.
- No, it's alright.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have I shouldn't The cake was too much, wasn't it? No, it was it was really lovely.
Ash, he's home.
- What's all this? -Open it and see.
What? Come on.
It's a calculator, the expensive one.
What? No way.
This is, like, $104.
Your uncle and I did some overtime.
Thank you.
Now you will definitely ace that exam.
You're gonna kill it, bro.
Yeah, I will.
Now, does this thing teach you how to talk to girls or what? Yeah, it does.
(PHONE CHIMES) Paul Searchfield, Year 8.
Dumped me because I stood in dog poo and dragged it onto the school bus.
We really should eat a proper dinner.
- Mm, this cake is my life now.
- (PHONE CHIMES) Promise me you won't break up with Pav until my birthday.
- This needs to be my cake.
- We're not dating.
Sorry, your weird emotional-avoidance dance, then.
- (PHONE CHIMES) - Oh, you're popular.
It's just Rose.
Mm, I have got to tear myself away and go to bed.
You too.
I will soon.
- Are you done? - Mm, one more.
- Hey Mum? - Yeah.
- Happy birthday.
- Thanks, kiddo.
- It's way out of control.
- What do you want me to do about it? - That's harassment.
- And also potentially criminal.
I'm fine.
It will die down.
That's just about enough, Renee.
We can't keep going on like this.
You can't keep punishing me all over again.
So, you're not going to take the exam? What's the point? You don't want to be here, you don't want to be here.
There's nothing I can do about it.