The Heights (2019) s01e19 Episode Script

Episode 19

1 Previously on The Heights You haven't seen it yet, have you? Seen what? - Why? - Shouldn't have crossed me.
You're disgusting.
I don't get why girls do this.
So it's my fault? Come on, when, Renee? When can we talk about this? Mark, it's all I can do not to punch you in the face right now.
What's that for? You'll find out but until then, you study.
Now you will definitely ace that exam.
Thank you.
I want to be able to tell my aunty and uncle that they can stop working forever.
Today's the day.
How long have you guys been looking at me? Good luck, Kam.
All of your favourites.
Energy food.
Thank you.
Embleton Grammar, huh? Can you imagine? Did you know it produced two prime ministers? Yeah, they tell everyone that.
My nephew.
Prime Minister.
And it all starts today.
Once you win that scholarship there'll be no stopping you.
- Ready to go, genius? - Yeah.
Kam? Hug? For luck? (WHISPERS) Don't stuff if up and disgrace our family, OK.
Laila! I'll see you later tonight.
- Bye.
- Goodbye.
Nervous? Nah.
Yeah, quite a lot.
You'll kill it, man.
You're the smartest person I know by a mile.
Aarash, you don't know any smart people.
By two miles then.
Yeah, OK.
At least not many people know about it.
If I don't do well, it won't be a big deal, right? Hey.
Good luck with that exam today.
Um, how did you know I had an exam? Iris.
Make sure you stick it up those posh kids.
Yeah, I'll I'll try.
She's proud of you.
Yeah, but it's like I haven't even sat the exam and she's already telling everybody.
Pah one person.
Kam! My dear friend.
I hear from Iris that this afternoon you have the examination of a lifetime.
Um - NOAH: Frankie, let me in! - FRANKIE: Go away! But I have to clean my teeth.
Noah, there's no time for teeth this morning.
Could you get your schoolbag? How long does it take to get dressed? - Sorry.
- Well, I'm going to be late now.
I know it's just a temp receptionist job but it's actually important to me.
Are you still going today? Ah, yeah, yeah, I will.
It's just Well, Ash, he can take care of the paving.
Daddy, Frankie won't let me in the bathroom.
Why not? Well, I don't know, Mark.
Why don't you ask her? Bye, darling.
Bye, Frankie! Oh, uh, there's chicken or something in the freezer for dinner.
So I'm doing it, am I? Yes, Mark, and you're picking the kids up from school because as you know I've got work and we all need to pull our weight.
- I'm just checking.
- 3:30.
And if you could put a load of washing on, that would be great.
- Got it.
Enjoy the job.
- Bye! Hey.
Grab your hoodie.
Let's go.
Travelling straight ahead Getting by the This is for you.
It's very nutritious.
And this one, not before 3:00.
It's for energy and concentration.
- Got it.
- Are you ready? I guess so, yeah.
Are you relaxed? Yeah, super relaxed.
I'll see you later.
- Hey, um, Iris - Go before you're late for school.
We're drifting Sadness coming (DOOR BUZZES) Another dong? - Yep.
- Show.
Oh, seriously, buddy.
At least tidy your room before you take the photo.
- It's disgusting.
- I know.
Like we want to see your dirty undies.
No, it's all disgusting.
The whole thing.
They all want her.
That's power.
It's gross.
Why? Because she's a hot commodity? Because her body provokes desire? Sabine shouldn't be made to feel ashamed of her sexuality by anyone.
She's a proud, independent, fierce woman.
She You're a feminist icon.
- Say it.
- No.
Go on.
Say it.
I'm a feminist icon.
I'm a feminist icon.
Buddy, I would not be showing that to anyone.
Got to admit, though.
I didn't think being a feminist icon would mean looking at quite so many dicks.
Thanks, Peta.
Would anyone else like to speak today before we finish? In that case, thanks, everybody.
For those of you that are new, you've taken the first positive step in turning up.
Lasting benefits come from attending regular meetings, so I hope to see you again.
Is she OK? Yeah, yeah.
I'm on my way.
Hey, Mich.
You hate Dane as well, right? Um, I guess.
So we're on the same side? What are you talking about? Sabine and the messages.
She seems to be alright with them.
She's not.
She keeps saying it's all about empowerment, but guys are sending her dozens of pics a day.
Serious? Abuse as well.
She doesn't even know most of them.
And Dane's a hero at his school.
Everyone's seen that pic of her, and they all think that she's easy.
(SCHOOL BELL RINGS) It's way out of control.
What do you want me to do about it? I don't know.
I just had to tell someone.
Ah, hi.
Yeah, hi.
I know you're at work but, um, if you can give me a call when you get a chance, that'd be great.
It's important.
- Frankie.
- Leave me alone.
Hey, hey, Franks.
Franks, come on.
(DOOR BUZZES) - Hey, Mum.
- Hey.
Hey, man, how's it going? - Man, I thought I lost my ring today.
- Yeah? I take it off to do some concreting, put it in my pocket, it falls in the lining of my pants.
- I get home - So, this story is riveting.
How does it end? Does it end? Hey, man.
My ring is to me like your collector cards are to you.
What, yellow and sticky? Precious and irreplaceable.
Which is exactly what Mark said about me.
- Yeah? - Yeah, well, near enough.
Dude, that's awesome.
You're doing well at work.
Your boss likes you.
You gotta be happy, yeah? Oh, yeah.
Yeah, I love building.
You wanted to be a teacher since you were 12.
Kam's going to smash his exams this afternoon.
And now we're all living the dream, right? You alright? Yeah, I'm good.
(PHONE BEEPS) Oh, sorry man, I've got to take this.
- It's Fraser.
- Fraser? Yeah.
Are you guys? Yeah, we're doing something.
I'll see ya.
Off to your big exam? Yeah.
Your scholarship exam at Embleton? Yeah.
Ah, how did you know about that? Everyone knows.
I didn't really want to make it a big deal.
It is a big deal.
It's huge.
You focused? It's always good to be focused.
Well, I hope you don't get it.
Why? Because we don't want to lose you.
That's different.
- Did you notice that? - What? Oh, you're definitely focused.
Aren't you supposed to be gone by now? Yeah, the bus is late.
What time you supposed to be there? Um, well, if it doesn't come in 14 seconds, I'm going to have to walk if I want to make it.
(CLEARS THROAT) Look, I don't want to be the one to tell you Yeah, Mich, I I know.
It's alright.
Good luck, preppy.
Let the silence again begin FRANKIE: Where's Mum? Uh, she'll she'll be home later.
Can't you ring her? Well, you know, she's at work.
So how long's this been going on? Since yesterday.
Well, you know, I guess you'll, um You do understand that y-y-you've got - your period? - Dad.
Um, every month you'll, you'll The school nurse told me.
OK, so, uh, I guess you'll be needing some tampons? Or pads? Dad.
Just stop.
I'll, uh I'll just keep trying your mum, shall I? Hey.
I love you, Frankie.
And I know this is this is frightening and it's scary.
I'm useless.
But your mum and I, you can always talk to us about stuff like this.
No, I can't.
- Yeah, you can.
- I can't.
You're always fighting.
She didn't say anything, so that's something.
Alright, I just got home.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Alright, bye.
I thought you didn't live here anymore.
Dad doesn't buy the right snacks.
He's alright.
He just needs to be educated on the right brands.
- Was that Sabine? - What? - On the phone? - No.
It was Amira.
Oh, is she a friend? Not really.
She's more friends with Sabine but they're going through some drama at the moment.
Oh, what's the drama? Don't worry about it, Mum.
OK, well, now I am.
It's nothing.
Well, now it's definitely something.
God, you're so annoying.
It's a gift.
Come on.
So Sabine was seeing this guy, Dane.
The brat you had a punch-on with at the pub launch? Right.
He's a knob.
Sabine took a pic when they were together and sent it to him.
What sort of pic? You know, a pic.
Oh, do kids really do that? - Mum.
- OK, yeah.
Alright, so anyway, they broke up and Dane sent them out.
Without her permission? Now they're everywhere.
And people are saying stuff.
That's terrible.
Mm, well, she shouldn't have sent them.
What? If she didn't want anyone to see it, she shouldn't have sent it to him.
You know, she shouldn't have taken it in the first place.
Mich, I have never in my life wanted to slap your face but I am that close right now.
I can see that.
Sabine trusted someone she was in a relationship with and he completely betrayed that trust.
For you to turn it around and make it her fault is inexcusable.
Alright, I'm sorry.
Listen to me because I mean this.
That attitude is toxic.
Women are never responsible for men harassing them.
Am I clear? You're extremely clear.
But in my defence, I didn't actually do anything wrong.
I didn't send it to anyone.
Not doing anything isn't neutral.
That's still a choice.
And do you think it's the right one? No.
So what are you going to do about it? It's not a big deal.
Actually, Sabine, what Dane's done could be considered a criminal offence.
- So we tell the police? - Absolutely.
I'm fine.
It'll die down.
Have the messages died down? What messages? Guys send her photos of their Is that true? I've got a few.
So what? So what? That's harassment.
And also potentially criminal.
Anyway, Mich thought you should know.
Thanks, Mich.
Now, if you need any legal advice or help with the police We're not calling the police.
- Just let me know.
- Thank you.
Call you later.
We're not calling the police.
Sabine! Are you alright? I'm fine.
It's just a photo.
Is that how you feel? I'm meant to be ashamed of my body, is that what you're saying? I would never say that.
Isn't that what being a feminist is all about? Taking ownership over our own bodies? Yeah, absolutely it is.
But there's a difference between being proud of your body, and somebody sending an intimate photo of you around without your permission.
That's not feminist.
That's abuse.
- I'm calling the police.
- No! Sabine, you are wonderful and brave and I love you with everything that I've got.
But there are some things you don't get a say in and this is one of them.
Good day? Yeah.
Where are the kids? Ah, Noah's bashing something outside and Frankie is in her room.
I tried ringing you a few times today.
- Oh, did you? - Yeah.
Sorry, I was flat out.
Frankie's got her period.
That's why I was calling you.
That's why I was calling you.
The school contacted me to come and get her.
- She's ten.
- Mm.
And what, is she just up in her room on her own? Well, I told her you'd talk to her when you got home.
I tried but she she wanted her mum.
I told her about pads and tampons.
And she got it yesterday.
Why didn't she tell us? Because we've been fighting so much.
Hey, Audrey.
Uh, are you OK? OK.
Are you You're on your own, are you? Where where are you going? Where are you off to? - Home.
- Home.
OK, well, um, look after yourself, alright? No, Audrey.
This way.
Home's that way.
That way.
- Home.
- Yeah.
Come on, come on, Audrey.
No, no, no.
This way.
Come on.
Turn around.
Come on.
Why did this have to happen to me? Well, it happens to every girl.
None of my friends have got it yet.
Well, it's going to happen to them at some point too.
Being a girl sucks.
Darling, no.
It's just Just your body preparing for you to have a baby one day.
The school told me.
It's going to happen every month.
Yep, that's right.
And you're going to have to use pads.
The school gave me some.
Oh, OK.
Well, you're probably going to feel quite grumpy and want to kill everyone, especially your dad.
And that is fine.
How is that good? Well, because we all go through it.
I do.
Women everywhere do and we all know how you feel.
Really? Yeah.
You're one of us now.
Hm? My beautiful girl.
Now, which one are you going to have? This one.
I'm going to have this one.
Is she OK? Yeah, she's up in her room.
Is Noah outside? He's fine.
Well, no, I don't want any more pots being broken.
It's just a pot.
Yeah and he smashed it because you were tapping away at your phone or something.
That's just about enough, Renee.
I understand that you're angry at me.
And I understand that it's completely my fault.
Yeah, it is.
But we can't keep going on like this.
You can't keep blaming and punishing me all over again.
We have to move past this.
Believe me, I wake up every day and there it is, like a bloody concrete block on my chest.
(TAP WATER RUNS) So you have the photos that the boys sent you on your phone? Can I I'm afraid we're going to have to hang onto this.
- Really? - I'm sorry.
I know this is really unpleasant, Sabine.
So we're going to leave it here for now.
But I want you to know that we are so grateful for you coming forward and all of your help so far.
So, well, what happens now? We'll talk to Dane.
And charge him? We can't really say at this stage.
Surely it's obvious.
I mean, kids get charged with this, don't they? I can't really go into specifics.
Well, generally then, what usually happens in cases like this? The most common outcome is probably a referral to a youth liaison officer who will issue a caution.
But no charges? So the victim gets 24/7 harassment, and the criminal gets what, a telling off? We'll do all we can.
Our priority is to minimise future offences and to stop victimisation.
Well, you're doing a bang up job.
Thank you.
(DOOR BUZZES) Yo! Hello? Shouldn't you be in an exam about now? Yeah I got I gotta go, like, right now.
- What are you doing here? - I found Audrey out wandering.
- But your exam! - I know.
I'll take her home.
You better run.
- You're not going to make it.
- Uncle can't drive me.
Then I will.
Sully! Get me the car keys.
Come on.
- Wow! - You said fast.
Yeah, but that was incredible.
Why is that surprising? Go.
Thank you.
Look what you've done.
What, are you seriously going to cry over it? It's useless now, you idiot.
Go back to where you came from.
No, no, no, no.
Stop, stop.
Kam! - Come on.
- Stop fighting.
Get off him.
Stop it! Stop, boys.
Up, up, up! Stop! You boys, go! Penne or spaghetti? Sabine? (KNOCK AT DOOR) Juliana? Claudia.
May I come in? Come through.
Oh, hello, Sabine.
I wonder if you might give your mother and I a moment.
She's fine.
I won't keep you long.
I wanted to let you know that we've just received a visit from the police.
They want to talk to Dane tomorrow, and they've taken his phone away.
He was in tears, of course, being made to feel like a criminal.
He is a criminal.
He committed a crime.
He got carried away.
He made a mistake.
Boys will be boys? I have to say I just don't think there's anything to be gained by damaging his future prospects by involving the school or anybody outside of the police.
Yeah, damn right I'm telling his school.
He's running around like a hero, from what I've heard.
He completely got away with it.
That's not good enough.
His school should know what sort of person he is.
Everyone should.
You're happy to destroy a young man's reputation, to damage his future career prospects, what, for some kind of revenge? I'm not destroying anything.
If this ruins Dane's glittering future career, he has no-one to blame but himself.
That's not entirely true.
Sabine played her part as well.
And what part was that? I'm just saying that certain types of behaviour set up certain expectations.
So this is Sabine's fault? Well, she was certainly aware of the messages she was sending.
Or her parent should have made her aware.
Thank you so much for coming by.
Try to relax.
We'll give it a few minutes.
Give what a few minutes? The exam.
Were you not just out there? The exam's not happening.
What about the scholarship? The scholarship is done, Iris.
I just punched one of their students in the face.
How do you think that's going to look? So you're not going to take the exam? What's the point? You don't want to be here, you don't want to be here.
There's nothing I can do about it.
Wait, what are you doing? Wait.
Just just stop, Iris.
Why should I stop, Kam? Why should I do one more thing for you if you don't want this scholarship? I do want it.
Not enough.
I want it.
Trust me.
Why? What do you mean, why? Why do you want this scholarship? I don't know, to make everyone proud.
You, Maryam, Hamid.
Everyone who helped me.
What about you? Why do you want it? If I get this, I go to uni.
I get a job, a real job.
I get a way out.
I get to be someone.
I've got to sit that exam.
Give me your pen.
Give it to me.
What are you doing? Try it.
It feels so much lighter.
You're ready.
(STARTING GUN CRACKS) You are great beyond us Off to the wonderful I just got a call from your principal.
Something you need to tell me? I just wanted to help.
I didn't need your help, Mich.
I needed you to be my friend.
You gotta see this.
It's your mum's death certificate.
Oh, my goodness.
Were you ever going to tell me or you just don't really care?