The Heights (2019) s01e26 Episode Script

Episode 26

1 Previously on the Heights Good news, Jackson's having a party.
I 100% do not want to go.
Oh, great, he called me a skank too.
This really sucks, doesn't it? Yeah, I'm pretty over it.
What does he do? You told those people I'm a cop.
You're ashamed of me.
Should we really be doing this? I'm finished with my prac.
And with Fraser.
I'm not gay.
Look, if you can't admit it to yourself (IMITATES BIRD CALL) (REPEATS BIRD CALL) (GENTLE GUITAR SONG PLAYS) Somebody, tell me please Why am I feeling weak You can't seem to hold me Summer, winter breeze No feeling in my feet Long ago, we made a strong free But it's too late for me Darling There's no place for me, baby I never got it.
Got what? Why they take them away in an ambulance.
I mean, she's dead.
What good's an ambulance going to do? What else are they supposed to take her away in? A wheelbarrow? (HAMID PRAYS) There's an ambulance outside.
Yeah? Oh, yeah, there is too.
Maybe someone died.
Oh, come away from there.
So, Kamran, how is prep going? Um, yeah, it's it's OK.
Doesn't look OK to me.
It's fine.
Trust me, Uncle.
(SIGHS) I know what's wrong.
The interview.
You're scared you'll mess it up? Yeah.
Maybe I already have.
That thing with that boy, you know, from the other school, it's good test of character.
I already failed that.
A good lesson, though, don't let those people get to you.
- Yes? - Yeah.
I'll let you into a little secret there will always be trolls where there is treasure.
Why so quiet? You don't have an interview for scholarship too? Sorry, Uncle, I'm just tired.
You don't have time for tired.
We must all have good energy so Kamran will do well.
Life is good! Yeah.
(DOORBELL BUZZES) I'm tired of hearing about her son.
"Yeah, he's such a good boy.
He got me a Chanel bag, he bought me a vibrating massage chair.
" Sully? Yeah, yeah, still enjoying his internship.
- (DOORBELL BUZZES) - Deloitte Finance.
Shouldn't be too long before they offer him a full-time position.
Yeah, OK.
- LEONIE: Getting hammered? - Hey, Leonie.
The nails? It was a Never mind.
You still got that blue gum from Bruce's house? Yeah, somewhere under the house.
Why? I'm just making a bookshelf.
What do you mean, "Uh-oh".
- Was the hospital do a disaster? - No.
I mean, the only time you build anything is when you get the sads.
It was fine, it was great.
It was awesome.
That's a lot of adjectives.
- Did the suit impress? - Yeah.
- And did you have fun? - So much fun.
And now you're building something.
I can build something without it meaning anything, you know.
OK, pal.
Whatever you say.
I'll come round later and pick up the blue gum.
I knew Claudia would break up with him eventually.
You don't know that.
What? We can't keep ignoring it.
About what happened the other night.
What you saw.
He he's always liked you Ash.
Just one thing.
He kissed you, right? (SCOFFS) So what, you like him too or something? (MUTTERS) - I don't know.
- Oh, Ash, you can't.
Uncle and Aunty Uncle and Aunty They might not care.
Everyone at the mosque.
What will they think? I don't care about the people at the mosque.
I care about what you think.
I'm sorry, bro.
You don't want to know what I think.
She buried her husband and her daughter here.
In the cemetery by the river.
Is that where she was always wandering off to.
That's why she never went back to Hungary.
Because they were here, in the ground.
Let me guess, she wanted to be buried with them.
- It'll cost a pretty penny.
- I looked into it.
A few thou.
Death is a business.
It'll be the old cardboard box in the fire job, then.
What about a fundraiser? A sausage sizzle, so we can sizzle Audrey.
(ALL CHUCKLE) Christ, you're on a roll today, Mum.
She was a Roman Catholic.
She would have wanted to be buried.
Serious, though, pub fundraiser.
Have a cover charge, ask around, get some donations of food and booze prizes.
Hold some raffles, make it a Hungarian theme.
I think that's a great idea.
I could ask my mate's band to play.
Yeah, and we can treat it as a wake for her as well.
Celebrate her life.
Audrey would have liked that.
(SCHOOL BELL RINGS) (ALL CHAT INDISTINCTLY) So how's Amira? I don't know, ask her.
I'm asking you.
- She's OK.
- You guys were all cute at mine.
You looked very in like.
Yeah, I like her.
She's funny, and cool to talk to.
You think I'm lame, don't you? Say something.
- What do you want me to say? - I dunno.
Usually you don't shut up, so it weirds me out when you be quiet.
It's just, it's nice to hear you talk about a girl like that.
What's up with you? Nothing.
Did he leave 'cause of me? I don't think so.
Does he know about what happened with Jackson at his party? No.
(CLEARS THROAT) I'm glad Mich didn't convince him to come in the end.
There was never any danger of that happening.
Kam was way more excited about playing Catan.
Wait, what? We all hung out on Friday night when you were at the party.
I was upset about Dane, so everyone came over to mine.
Cheers for the invite.
I'm sorry, we knew you were at the party.
How how's Jackson? Yeah, fine.
(CHUCKLES) Are you guys dating? No.
It was just a one-off.
Yeah, he's not really into a relationship right now.
- Oh.
- Which is which is fine because neither am I.
So it's fine.
In Hungarian culture, when you die, your soul leaves the body like mist.
You've got to leave all the windows and doors open so she can fly out and be with her family.
Out you go, Audrey.
Have you seen any little keys lying around? Yeah.
This one? Yeah, maybe.
Oh, wow.
They're of all of us.
The towers.
(CHUCKLES) She watched us all grow up.
(CHUCKLES) Who's that? BOTH: Me.
She only knew how to say 'tea'.
This place was her whole world.
(CHUCKLES) - BOY: Hey, Rose.
- BOY 2: Hey Rose.
(LAUGHS) BOY 3: Hi, Rose.
(LAUGHS) Everyone thinks I'm easy now.
Come on, now you're a feminist icon too.
I get it.
Such crap double standards.
Jackson gets hailed as a hero while you get judged for it.
That's the way it is.
Yeah, well, I'm sick of it.
Men suck.
Hi, guys.
Hi, Watto.
Hi, Lottie.
- Do you think we have enough? - Yes.
(PHONE BEEPS) Dammit! The band just cancelled.
Hey, I can get you entertainment.
- This is a wake.
- Meaning? I don't want any strippers.
Not a stripper good friend of mine.
Very in demand.
Oh, what kind of entertainer? Comedy.
Mostly hired on, er, bingo nights.
What's their name? Miss Broken Hill.
I don't know Watto, it's a risk.
Yeah, she's probably busy anyway.
Usually booked up for months in advance.
Well, I mean it doesn't hurt to try, I guess.
Oh, good.
I'll I'll make some inquiries.
I didn't know you were in counselling.
- Yep.
- Welcome to crazy class.
More like angry school for me.
(CHUCKLES) S'up, bitches? - She's bit weird, yeah? - Rose? Yeah.
Why aren't you into her? She's awesome.
- She seems nuts.
- Everyone's nuts.
I mean, we're clearly both mental.
- We all OK? - Yep.
- IRIS: Oh, hey, Claudia.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
She was such a lovely woman, what I knew of her.
You gave her some peace those last few months.
What can I do here? You can help set up the bingo boards, if you like.
Love to.
(SIGHS) - You're joking.
- Hey? Watto got in your ear? What are you talking about? WATTO: The entertainment's here! - WOMAN: Oh, my God.
- The pleasure is all yours.
You and Kam looked really cute today.
What? - I get it now.
- Get what? Ever since I told you I liked him, you've been all over him.
All over him? You mean, siting next to him outside the counsellor's office? You, like, love pointing out that you're in counselling, hey? But it's all an act.
I was totally there for you when all that crap went down with Dane, but you know what I think? You sent that photo because you wanted the attention.
- You secretly love all this.
- That's not true.
- You're a crap friend.
- Tried looking in the mirror? Have you, slut?! Yeah.
I'm a slut.
I'm a skank and a whore and a witch and everything else.
Is that what you want? Is that what you want us both to be? (CIRCUS-STYLE MUSIC) MISS BROKEN HILL: Maxie! Maxie, come on up here.
Gets lonely up here.
I think she's fabulous.
What's with the 'she'? It's Watto.
The pronouns change for drag queens.
I thought they were called trannies.
That's politically correct, Mum.
But so far so good, nothing too offensive.
I like a man with numbers on his balls.
Balls to the right of me - Hey.
- Hey.
Pretty sad about Audrey.
Ah, yeah.
- Guess that's the end of the cookies.
- (CHUCKLES) Strangely poetic when you think about it.
- How? - Given that's how we met.
- Pav - Have a good night.
51, son of a gun.
- Get your kicks on Route 66.
- Can I get a, ah, double whisky.
Your place or mine Dinner for two 69.
That's me! That's me! Bingo! Oh, she's got a winner! We have a winner! Let's hear it, folks, for the winner.
Alright, put your hands together, we have a winner! I'd like to thank you all for coming out for Audrey tonight.
Audrey lived in the towers for a very, very long time and it must have seemed to a lot of you young fellas that she was old forever and that sometimes made her invisible.
But there was a time when Audrey was a beautiful young woman with fire in her belly.
And I choose to remember her that way.
- To Audrey.
- ALL: Audrey.
Audrey also left us a gift.
For the many years she lived in the towers, she took photos of all the people who lived there.
Can you turn the lights off, please? (GENTLE GUITAR MUSIC) Hey, oh Oh! Hey, ay, ay - (LAUGH) - Shannon! God, the mess.
Oh! (LAUGHTER) Oh, my God.
Hey, ay, ay Sing from the maple tree (ALL CHEER) to let us all sleep Can we talk? Heaven and honesty - Sully! - Oh.
- I've liked you for so long - Sully and I never thought you felt the same way.
I don't.
You don't? I can't.
If you wanted to, you can.
Please, just leave it, OK? It's Nothing happened.
You're messed up.
What do you want? Seriously, what do you want from me? I just want things to go back like they were.
I can't.
What do you mean you can't? I don't think we should hang out anymore.
Please don't hate me.
(LAUGHTER AND CHEERING) - ALL: Ah! - (LAUGHTER) (CHEERING) Maxie! (LAUGHTER) MAN: Watto! (LAUGHTER) And there's no place for me out there WOMAN: Gee, nothing's changed.
AMIRA: You know this is gonna cause trouble.
SABINE: I don't care.
Something has to be done.
Art class delivered.
Doesn't wearing all black make us look even more suss? - You ready? - (SIGHS) Ready.
Hello, Ash.
(SPEAKS IN DIALECT) Are you OK? (WEEPS) There's a poetry night tomorrow.
At the mosque.
When we were children, me and your mother, we we loved to go.
But we wouldn't listen to the poets, we would just eat all the pomegranate, let the red juice drip down our chins, pretend we were akhoonds vampires.
I know you don't usually, but why don't you come with me? With your brother, your family.
(SNIFFS) Yeah, OK.
- (CLAUDIA LAUGHS DRUNKENLY) Oh, let's just get there.
Oh, oh! OK, alright.
(LAUGHS) I am going to get you a glass of water.
No! - Uh-huh.
- Not water, cheeseburger.
(BOTH LAUGH) Oh, dear.
You probably shouldn't have let me drive home.
Oh, I didn't.
I drove home and you drove with a paper plate.
(BOTH LAUGH) - Come on.
- Oh, dear.
(SIGHS) Why? Why what? You and Pav.
Why'd you break up? Ah, you honestly wanna know? Well, I'm all out of wine and inhibitions.
Ah, lots of reasons, I guess.
Come on.
Did he put your heart in the microwave too? Wow.
(LAUGHS) Pav was a great husband.
But after he was injured and stopped working, he became really closed off.
And there was a person at work.
It started off as a daydream, a stupid fantasy in my head.
Then it became this thing that got me out of bed in the morning.
Made life brighter.
But I let it take over me and suddenly, it was a bad, sweaty, regretful reality.
I thought it was my secret.
I thought I hid it really well, but Pav knew.
He totally knew.
And it broke his heart into a million pieces.
And that's on me.
She's gone.
(SIGHS) Do you really have to study for an interview? - Doesn't hurt.
- (CHUCKLES) Yeah, well, they'll know you got big brains.
They'll look at the size of your head.
Don't say it.
I'm sorry, it's 90% hair.
There it is.
(SIGHS) Thinking of coming to mosque tomorrow.
Yeah? Yeah.
It's been a while.
Yeah, it has.
(CHUCKLES) (EXHALES) (PIANO PLAYS SOFT INTRODUCTION) Feels like it's all too open Feels like I'm next to nothing Feels like I'm next to nothing You ready for this? You bet I am.
Dane Worsfield distributed an intimate photo of me, sent in trust, to all the boys at his school.
I was harassed, called a slut, sent dick pics, shamed and made to feel unsafe by these boys.
If don't deserve respect and privacy, neither do they.
Caught in the crossfire The twisted paradise To the smile for Forget what you sacrificed What are you doing here? Making a record.
You don't think I'm gonna sit by why Dane's reputation gets dragged through the mud with this filth.
Resorting to physical violence is not something we tolerate at this school.
I can't keep living like this.
Like what? Like I keep waiting for everything to fall apart again.
HAZEL: Don't mess anyone around.
SHANNON: Who's Ryan messing around this time? Caught in the crossfire