The Heights (2019) s01e27 Episode Script

Episode 27

1 VOICEOVER: Previously on The Heights Mark had a relapse.
For one day I wanted to not be the wife of a gambling addict.
Do you want to maybe go for a drink, or hang out a bit? Look, I would, but I can't.
I just want things to be back to like they were.
I don't think we should hang out anymore.
Look what you've done! Go back to where you came from.
Gross, is that Penises are so ugly.
I'm pretty over it.
I didn't know it would go this far.
- You're a crap friend.
- Tried looking in the mirror? Have you, slut? (HUBBUB) Who stands up for the burning babies on swords? Who stands up for the women? Who stands up for the boys Growing up on war and porn? Who stands up for the right to light your own fire? Fear factories The counsellor said you were doing well.
I am.
Then why? I didn't want to suffer in silence anymore.
You know I'm going to have to call your mother about this.
Can't wait to see what she thinks.
Get to class.
That's it? Don't push it.
Babe, there's a machine gun in my mouth Hoo-ooh, whoo-hoo And, baby, there's a firefight coming out (ALL LAUGH) Hey, Rose.
What you said yesterday, that was really uncool.
The last thing we should be doing is fighting each other.
I like your mural.
Let it out, let it out Let it out, let it out, let it out, let it out Ooh No call? The pitfalls of temping.
Ah, yeah.
Well, maybe something will pop up tomorrow.
I've got a few more days booked at the real estate agency, and hopefully some other work comes up.
I was supposed to start this job in Batesfield, - but - Thanks.
there's been some sort of delay, so it won't start for a couple more days.
But the good news is, they're paying me 50% of my fee to be on stand-by.
Oh, hallelujah for that, then.
Hey it's been a while since we've had a day off together.
We should take advantage of this.
Do you want to help me with the laundry? (LAUGHS MEEKLY) Well, no.
Well, I mean, come on, when was the when was the last time we went out? As in, on a date? Oh, well these would have been in their perky, pre-kid period.
(LAUGHS) What's stopping us now? Come on, don't you remember how this bogan bum won you over with just a couple of bucks to his name? Come on, let's go out, and let's have fun for once.
Well, as long as you remember that I don't put out until the fifth date.
- Fifth? Ha.
- Mm.
Someone's rewriting history.
He's just a baby.
He doesn't know that biting's wrong.
Well, then, why does he do that evil laugh afterwards? - Got enough gear there? - Uh - My bathroom's falling apart, so - Are you gonna fix it yourself? Hey, I've got skills.
But you've only got two arms.
Be a gentleman, help the girl get the stuff upstairs.
- No, no, it's fine.
I've got it.
- No, no, I can help.
Let me.
Take that.
- Oh.
- Off you go.
What about this one? Nah, that's it's too flashy, Iris.
But you want them to remember you, don't you? Yeah, not for crimes against fashion.
Where'd you get all these? They were Sully's father's.
This is good quality silk.
You don't just throw it out.
I think I found the one.
Can you help, please, or just leave? Will you relax? No one at Embleton will care what you look like.
No, everyone is going to care what I look like.
Hey, Sully, please tell me you have a plainer tie that I can borrow.
Yeah, sure.
Let me check.
- I can do it.
- Thanking you.
- Are you sure you got this? - Yeah.
How hard can it be? And lucky for me, they have these DIY clips on YouTube.
'Cause nothing bad ever followed from a sentence like that.
Thanks for your help, but you can go now.
OK, then.
Good luck.
Let me guess, you haven't fixed that door yet.
(DOORKNOB SQUEAKS) - This place is - It's fancy, I know.
I was gonna say creepy.
It's like the eyes of a thousand white men watching me.
How are you feeling? Like I want to break into song.
How do you think? Would going through what you're going to say help? - Nah, that's dumb.
- No, come on.
Give it a go.
Mr Jafari, why do you want to attend this school? Um, well, look, Embleton has an incredible history of producing the finest and the brightest.
It would be an absolute honour to be a part of that history.
- What are you doing? - What do you mean? With your voice? It sounds weird.
Thanks, man, you're really helping.
Oh, sorry, bro.
Just be yourself.
Don't try and be anything you're not.
You'll be fine.
Ooh, I got a bar.
Oh, no, it's gone again.
I could try and kick the door down.
(GRUNTS) "Man break door, hunt food.
" I'm just trying to help.
How do you not get a signal in here? Hazel has a spare key.
If I can just text her, she'll be straight around.
If you can get a bar.
If I can get a bar.
Plus Hazel and technology? You're counting on the fact that she knows she has a message, so Will you stop being so negative? Sorry.
(DOOR OPENS) You're welcome.
Why? What happened? She wanted to suspend you.
But you used your infinite charm and wisdom to convince her otherwise? I told her you'd pay for the cleaning costs.
What? Alright, fine.
Totally worth it, though.
Yeah, it's not going to be cheap, Sabine.
Turns out that glue you used was quite the adhesive.
Still You're really proud of yourself, aren't you? It's my best work yet.
Alright, then, take me to this masterpiece of yours.
Oh, quite the artist, aren't you? What are you doing here? I'm making a record.
What for? My lawyer.
You don't think I'm gonna sit by while Dane's reputation gets dragged through the mud with this filth? We wouldn't even be here in the first place if it wasn't for your son's disgusting action.
I'll see you in court.
You're not mad, are you? No.
I just wish you'd thought before you acted.
I did.
I was sick of getting harassed.
Yeah, I get that, but maybe this wasn't the smartest way to go about it.
Cheers for the support, Mother.
Are we eating here? Well, yeah, I thought, you know, it was either this or a degustation meal.
Why pretend we're classy? You sure know how to pull out the stops.
You don't remember, do you? What, should I? Well, this, yeah, this was the first place we had a meal together.
I mean, it wasn't fish and chips back then, but this No, no, no, I'm sorry, but our first meal was up near my mum's place, pasta.
You tried to impress me with your spumante, - and your crap Italian accent.
- What? Yeah.
But this was our first meal after we, you know, consummated things.
Well, I can tell you one thing.
The good news is, you know, this gets to be a $20 date like the good old days, 'cause I've been saving a two-for-one.
- How you going? - Hey.
Ah, two fish and chips takeaway.
Here you go.
It's expired, my friend.
Hey? Check the back.
Expired last week.
Oh, uh, I think I've got a 20 in here somewhere I've been hiding.
You know what? Maybe we should just we should just go.
No, no, no, no, it's OK, I just Uh, listen Hi.
I'm sorry, I don't mean to be annoying, but we're kind of on our second honeymoon, and he's trying to impress me but he's run out of cash.
Lucky I married him for his charm.
I don't suppose that maybe you could just .
maybe just this one time Look, this is the reason why I'm going to be working till I'm 80.
Go on.
I love how awesome you are.
You're awesome.
That is just brilliant.
Thank you.
Well, we have your results of the test, which I have to say are outstanding.
Thank you.
If this were about grades alone, we could conclude this interview here and now.
Unfortunately there was a rather distasteful incident.
The fight, yeah.
Kamran, here at Embleton, we feel that character is equally as important as academic or sporting excellence.
Can you understand how we might be reluctant to offer you a place now? Look I It wasn't I lost my cool.
It just escalated.
You were fortunate that the boy's parents decided not to press charges.
Such a reaction over something so trivial.
Look, I can understand how it might seem silly to you, but my family worked really hard just to be able to afford that calculator.
Nevertheless, resorting to physical violence is not something we tolerate at this school.
But the boy who broke it attends this school.
I'm sorry? Well, has he been penalised? Or has he even been suspended? If the character of your students at this school means bullying someone just because they're different, then maybe I don't belong here.
I shouldn't have hit him.
I know that.
But I'm smart, I'm capable and I will succeed.
But I'm not going to apologise or feel ashamed about who I am.
How long do you think it is before a person starves? Rules of three.
Three minutes without air, three days without water, three weeks without food.
And if I'm stuck in here with you for that long, I'll end it myself.
So, how's night school going? Great.
And Dr Evan? Also great.
So, are you guys a thing, or is it casual? Hm.
Sorry, I was just passing the time.
I can shut up.
No it's it's not that.
What, my inane conversation isn't annoying? (SIGHS) God yes, but doesn't matter.
Do you need to go? (LAUGHS) How old are you? No, no, no, it's fine.
Just go.
Wait, are we talking about, like, a Pee! I need to pee! (LAUGHS) Don't worry, I can hold on.
It's very unhealthy though.
Puts so much pressure on the bladder.
Listen to that lovely fresh water gushing.
You're a bastard.
Get in the shower.
(LAUGHS) Don't come out until I say.
LEONIE: They'll absolutely take into account the circumstances.
But? But there could be some problems if any of the boys in the photos are under age.
Oh, right, OK.
I'll email you some info now.
Thanks so much, and, um thanks for last night.
Not my proudest hour.
We've all been there.
What did she say? She said we should speak to a lawyer.
Get our ducks in order.
Am I going to get into heaps of trouble for this? I just wanted to show them.
I just wanted to shame them right back.
- Yeah, I know.
- It's not fair.
- Well, Sabine - After all this crap, Dane gets to take us to court and stuff up my life.
You think I'm going to raise a daughter who's strong enough and brave enough to stand up for what she believes in and then just sit back and let some narrow-minded wasp with chardonnay breath stuff up her life? The only person who can determine your story is you.
But you already know that.
It's why you made the mural.
Chardonnay breath? (BOTH LAUGH) We should pick them up from school together more often.
Eh? How was the look on their faces when we were both standing there waiting for them at the gates.
Bless them.
Oh, speak of horrible little goblins and they shall appear.
I'm going to get hangry if I don't eat soon.
Who taught you words like that? Life, Mum.
Oh, the thought of you as a 15-year-old terrifies me already.
Alright, what do you feel like? BOY: Chocolate.
Chocolate for dinner? I don't think so, buddy.
Well, what about fish finger sandwiches? - Yes.
- Well Yeah, your wish is my command.
Nup, looks like Mum might have eaten all the fish fingers.
Ah, we've got frozen pizza in there.
How about we eat that instead? No, I want fish finger sandwiches.
Please, Mum? I can go to Iris's and pick some up.
I think that we should have what we've got in the house already.
- ALL: Boring.
- Yeah.
Alright, fine.
Can I come for the ride? No.
You're doing your reader, mister.
OK, go and get it.
Alright, back soon.
(DOORBELL BUZZES) (GROANS, SPEAKS VIETNAMESE) Ooh, did I just learn my first Vietnamese swear words? Ah, just poetry.
Hey, have you got no fish fingers? Fish sticks are just as good.
Iris, if I don't come home with fish fingers, my kids are going to kill me.
Well, betray me, go to the big supermarket, then.
Oh, come on, here's me trying to support local business.
- Yeah, yeah.
- (DOORBELL BUZZES) At least they said your results were good.
Apparently, yeah.
That's something.
I don't know.
I'm just glad it's over.
The interview was a bust.
People always say that.
In this case it's the truth.
I think I was a little too much myself.
Sorry about that.
It's not your fault.
I said what I said.
It's out of my control now, so what's the point of freaking out about it.
Um Iris is going to have an aneurysm if I don't tell her how it went.
- Do you want to come? - Nah, nah, you go.
Are you sure? Yeah.
Matt? Hey.
- Hey.
- How are you? What are you doing? On a break.
I work just around the corner.
How you been anyway? Yeah, good.
Busy, but good.
- Yourself? - Yeah, also good.
That's good.
Well, it was great seeing you.
Yeah, it was.
Hey, Matt? Are you free next week by any chance? (PHONE RINGS) I'm hungry.
When is Dad coming back? Uh, I think he just got held up.
Can I have some chips? Just have a piece of fruit, please.
You know what? Why don't you have these in the car.
- Come on, guys.
- Are we going to find Dad? No, we're going to Kat's.
Why? Just because.
How will Dad know where we are? I will leave him a note.
- I want to stay.
- Well, you can't.
Don't worry, we won't be long.
Come on, please, get your shoes on quickly.
Is it level? I don't think it's level.
I am amazing.
I've always thought so.
What now? Well, we could always make conversation, and I'll pretend to find you interesting.
And I can pretend the sound of you peeing isn't forever imprinted on my brain.
- Not funny.
- (LAUGHS) Won't Lottie be wondering where you are? Well, she's seeing a friend who lives here now, so, no, probably not.
How's things going there anyway? With Lottie? - Fine.
- Hmm? - Good.
- Yeah? Yeah.
She wants to move back to London though.
So, you're moving too? How? I promised Mum I would stay till Shannon gets back, remember? Not really hearing what you want? Well, China to leave Tibet, the Socceroos to one day win the World Cup OK, riddle me this.
If there was no pub or Lottie in the picture, what would you choose? But there is, and she is.
You're no fun.
would you rather eat a sandwich full of worms or three live cockroaches? - Really? - Mm-hm.
OK, worms.
To be loved or respected? - Can't I have both? - No.
Double denim or onesie? - Double denim or onesie? - Onesie.
- Sushi or meat pie? - Sushi.
- England or Arcadia? - Arcadia.
You pair of dopes.
(CLEARS THROAT) See ya later.
(DOOR OPENS, PHONE RINGS) I was just calling you.
Where you been? The tragedy is that you don't even see the irony in that.
- What? - Where the hell were you? Well, Iris was out of fish fingers, and Bilgola Street's closed off, so I had to double It shouldn't take that long.
Where are the kids? They're at Leonie's.
- When you didn't come back - I wasn't gambling, Renee.
I've been here for 45 minutes.
(SIGHS) I'm too tired for this.
I swear.
- Renee, I swear I was not gambling.
- Fine, fine, fine, I believe you.
Let's not ruin a perfect day.
- Hey, come on say something.
- No.
Shush, don't! - I can't keep living like this.
- Like what? Like I can't breathe.
I keep I keep waiting for this to all fall apart again.
It won't.
I wasn't gambling! You know what? I kind of wish that you had.
How can you say that? 'Cause it would make this whole thing easier.
I don't understand.
We've been doing OK.
Come on, today was awesome.
It wasn't real, Mark.
Of course it was real.
No, this is this is real life.
An empty freezer, and me going into panic mode every time you leave the house.
I wanted today to be perfect too but it just reminded me of our old life.
We can't expect to be the same people we were 10 years ago.
You broke something Mark.
I wish it were different, but I don't see how we can fix this.
So, what about the kids? What, we just we give up on them? I'm doing this for them.
I do not want them growing up in a house where their mother doesn't trust their father.
So so, it's over? Yeah.
I think it is.
Yeah, and I have a hangover.
So, something did happen last night.
Answer the door and I'll tell you.
Well played, Mother.
(LAUGHS) I know I'm the last person you want to see right now.
You're not wrong.
I wanted to tell you in person, I heard about the thing you put up at school and Wait.
Anything you say, you can say in front of Mum.
(SIGHS) Um I didn't realise what you had to put up with until I saw the pictures Mum took.
That must have really sucked.
It did.
A lot.
I just wanted to say sorry about that, and about Mum.
So, stop her.
I can't.
Then I don't see much point in you being here.
Fair enough.
I am sorry, though.
(DOOR CLOSES) That was pretty brave of him to come here after the day we've had.
What? Nothing.
I just didn't expect that.
The sun was hidden When I met you The clouds like blankets of styrofoam Still, your hair was glistening softly Your eyes all sparkly It was most romantic You offer kindly to drive me homeward We smiled and walked all the way to the car park - RYAN: Say it.
- HAZEL: What? Whatever you've been dying to say since your slow-motion rescue.
Oh, not my place.
'Cause that's always stopped you before.
Just don't mess anyone around.
Who's Ryan messing around this time? Shannon? Where the hell have you been? On the windshield We drive the freeway and listen to your mix CD I want to feel like I'm part of your life.
- You are.
- And I mean it, Ryan.
I put everything on hold to be here.
I don't know if I'm going to be able to cope.
I don't know if I can do this on my own.
I did.
I had a child who needed me.
I'm here now, so we can finally sell.
You've been here for two minutes and you're already calling the shots.