The Heirs (Sangsokjadeul) (2013) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

Episode 1 - Alright yes! - I had a good time.
- Hey Jay! I'm going to take a shower.
- Okay.
See ya! I'm gonna miss ya.
I don't know how I'm gonna spend tonight without you.
- Hey take care Tan, I'll see you tomorrow.
- Yeah, I will see you.
- Bye.
- Bye.
On the day I left to America, my brother's farewell was simple, short, and to the point.
Study? You don't need to bother with that.
English? Don't learn it if you don't want to.
Just have fun.
Don't worry about anything or think.
That's what you do when you're born into a wealthy family, instead of having a dream.
And if you can don't come back.
That's when I realized that I was not sent to America to study.
I was kicked out.
That my brother was already taking back the things that I was going to take from him.
You want more? You don't blame them? Your brother, who hates you? Your mother, who gave birth to you, or your father, who never takes your side? I'm too lazy to blame anyone.
Friend! What are you doing this summer break? I think I'm going to miss you, don't you think? Why? You're not going to miss me? You're too mean to me.
I'm sorry.
Are you hurt? You suck at pitching! Be careful! Or someone might think that we're abusing him.
Oh yeah? Do you want to stand there then? - Huh? - Stand by the wall.
Hey, what's up? You want to stand there instead? I will stand here.
I will stand here for you.
Throw it.
I didn't say that I will throw it.
We have to play fair.
Friend! It's your turn.
Throw it! - Young Do! - Yeah! What? You get beat if you throw it.
You get beat if you don't throw it.
It's a matter of who's going to give you the beating.
But the bigger problem is that your life will always be like this.
Why? Because we will be your employer when we grow up.
So choose fast! - Have you lost your mind? - Hey! You may be poor, but you still have your ego? Just take care of yourself.
Health is the most important thing! I have to go because I'm scared.
I will see you when school starts! - Have a great summer.
- Okay, bye! Muffler, racing kit, seat, handles, and head lamp.
I tuned them at your request.
All the parts you wanted had to be shipped over the Pacific because they were so rare.
That just means that your cut is that much bigger.
You're one of my regulars.
I replaced the cam chain tensioner for you.
Are you bragging about how you spent my money? I wasn't saying that.
- Chicken delivery! - Put it inside.
- Someone pay her! - Okay! - It's 16,100 Won.
- What's with the 100 Won? - You want to buy a cookie? - I have change.
Just give me the bills.
You're smart! Are you in high school? The receipt is on the box.
What time do you get off work? You want a ride on my bike? - No, just give me the money.
- Don't be shy.
I will go pick you up.
Hi! I'm a second year in high school, and I'm working right now.
Hey! Who are you calling? - Police.
- Huh? - There are guys here that are - Kid! I was just kidding! It's 17,000 Won.
Count it.
Have a great meal.
Thank you.
Hi, may I take your order? - Two lemonades.
- Two lemonades.
When did you come here? - About 30 minutes ago? - You didn't order anything for 30 minutes? You think this is a public service business? I will order when Bo Na gets here.
She's almost here.
Is this the only cafe in Seoul? Why are you always - What? - It's going to rain when you get off work.
What about your girlfriend? To me, she's always the movie star.
- So you should get a boyfriend.
- That's a luxury.
Every hour I spend without getting paid is a luxury I can't afford.
How many jobs do you have? I have no other choice.
The only heaven I'm allowed in is Job Heaven.
(Job search website) Look down, Yoon Chan Young! Hey.
I told you to stop flirting with my boyfriend.
Do I look that pretty to you? - I didn't say that you were pretty! - No, you didn't.
But you're very pretty.
So stop wasting my time.
- Are you going to order or leave? - Wow! Are you allowed to do this to a customer? Oh no, you got me.
Chan Young, let's go! You're leaving tomorrow.
I don't want to waste any more time with her.
Are you going somewhere? - I'm just - No! Don't tell her! Or I'm going to get angry! Let's go! I thought I told you to wear something red to stand out when you wear white or beige.
It's called the Summer Jingle Bell concept.
These are red.
That's not red.
That's dark red! Gosh! Let's go.
- I'm sorry for taking your time.
- There's no customer anyway.
- I will text you! - Don't you dare! They are so full of luxury.
I don't like Cha Eun Sung.
I hate her.
I hate her very much! - Can you not? - Now I hate her more because you asked! She is poor and she looks down on me.
She doesn't acknowledge me! She knows about your childhood which I don't even know.
It's so annoying! - Stress will make you age.
- I can't help it today.
This is cheating.
She and I are just friends.
We have been friends for half of my life.
- Can't you trust me? - My butt! Men and women can never be just friends! Why not? She's totally a drama type.
She has trust issues or what? I hate her for wearing something different everyday.
- If you want to spend time with her then do it outside! - I don't like how she has a chauffeur.
I hate how her face is so bright without wrinkles.
This is my house! What do you care what I do in my house? Didn't I tell you already? This is why you're trash.
B---- get out of my house! Do you even listen to my voice mails? Call me back even if you're busy.
How is college? I'm so jealous of you.
You're going to college in America.
Anyway call me back.
I miss you.
It really did rain.
Why isn't it working? They are dream catchers.
I thought you were with Bo Na today.
Why didn't you eat with her? I wanted to eat with you.
I don't want you to eat like a single dad.
It's even raining.
Has it ever occurred to you that you are ruining my Friday night? Do you have a girlfriend, Dad? That's exactly what you ruined.
You have to cut carrots smaller than potatoes.
- Because? - Potatoes have higher water content.
They get cooked faster than carrots.
So when you fry them together, carrots have to be smaller.
That way they are both well done.
Then I can just cook them separately.
Then the cooking time is longer but they don't taste much different.
Therefore, it's inefficient.
Now say that in English? Okay, you got me.
How can I ever beat you? Do I do the dishes now then? Do the laundry too.
I spent a lot of money on you today.
- Did you buy the plane tickets? - Yes, did you tell Bo Na that you're going to America? I did.
She wants to come along.
You're going to live together in America? - You want to support me? - That'd be a bad investment.
Did you tell Eun Sang yet? I couldn't tell her.
She is busy working.
I don't want to tell her that I'm going to America for the summer.
How is Eun Sang's mother doing? She's at the core of Jeguk Group.
She has the control of Madame Han.
Really? Madame Han wants to eat.
She's really hysterical, so watch out.
Her son is not answering the phone in America.
Come on! - Why aren't you picking up? Why? - The number you've dialed What's wrong with the soup? You can't talk or taste food? What good is your mouth for? Shall I serve again? And how long will that take? Take it away.
Kim is here.
Already? What do I do with this? He just went upstairs.
Why do you always leave out the important part? Are you doing it on purpose so that I get caught? Am I not allowed to have my Chateau Latour for supper? Have you lost your mind? Hi! Did you eat? I had lunch late.
- That's bad for you.
From now - Who cleaned up my room today? - I did.
- Do it again.
Bring a cup of water to my study.
Bring the same wine from the cellar and a new wine glass to my room.
You need to finish your supper.
Look! If I can still eat after a humiliation then I'm a concubine.
The legitimate wives cannot eat anything after that.
Throw everything away.
Whether you eat or not, you're still a second wife.
I'd rather be an eating concubine than a drinking one.
What? What's wrong? Madame Han gave them to us.
Stop whining and eat.
Do I have to eat it if Madame Han gave it to us? What am I? A trash can? Who cares what it is? What could be more important than eating? You think we can afford food like this? Is it my fault that we can't afford this? You can eat all you like.
Evil girl.
You're having a good life alone.
I'm not eating! Okay! I won't bring them again.
What time do you go to work tomorrow? I need you to go to the bank.
You don't have to go in person anymore.
There's Internet banking! Where and how much? You can only be sure if you physically deliver it.
How can you send money all the way to America by just clicking on the computer? America? Are you sending money to Eun Suk? Send everything in there.
All of this? All of it? Why? Did something happen to her? Tell her to buy furniture.
She's getting married.
What? Get what? - Married.
- Married? You got divorced from Dad just a while ago.
How can you get married so soon? It's been long enough to get married again.
- Does he know? - Should I ask him to congratulate me? It will be in the papers.
He will know then.
Get me the dress that we had to reorder three times in size small.
We're eating lunch.
Go change.
- It's killing your complexion.
- With whom? - With Dad? - With Step-dad.
Mom! You will have to change your shoes too.
No high heels.
Wear something flatter.
He's not too tall.
Who is this not-too-tall news-material guy? Is he rich? How old is he? Is he Korean or American? Did you ask what he does? Answer me! When is the wedding? Is she going to invite us? Is she sending us tickets? We're not going there! I told you to text outside! Your sister is going to college in America.
Of course, she picked the right man.
We're only going to embarrass her if we go.
How are we embarrassments? What's wrong with us? She said that he's nice and hard-working.
So she doesn't want to lose him.
That should be enough! What else can we ask for? Why not? After she ran away, I've been I'm going to her wedding.
I'm not transferring the money.
You think transferring in person at the bank will make a difference? I will go there in person and give it to her.
I'm late for work.
Bye! Excellent.
It was worth scouting that master chef.
Yeah, the sales went up.
The former chef was great too.
But he left us as soon as he got a better offer.
It's a win in the end.
That's how everything is.
Everything happens for the best.
Yes, you could say that if you see the results.
Everything else is just a process.
It was painful back then for this day.
I think our families fall in a similar context.
You're right.
We have scars from the past.
But I think they have made us stronger for this day.
The bond between siblings are just as important as the bond between a husband and a wife.
I'm glad that you two already know each other.
Young Do's birthday is earlier than Rachel's.
Introduce yourself properly.
She's your step-sister.
Hi, sister.
Take care of Rachel.
You will have to take a good care of her as her brother.
Of course.
My sister is just my type.
Okay then.
Sit down.
I have plans.
Sit down.
Now I really can't sit down.
You embarrassed me in front of my sister.
Have a great meal.
With your family.
Forgive me for his bad manners.
I will apologize instead.
No, I think I will get it from him.
Rachel is just like you.
Young Do is just like your ex-wife.
- Don't you ever talk about her - Was she pretty? This is why I like you.
Did you know that? Yes.
Hey brother! You look like the type that deserves a good beating.
I just threw a good party for you.
Why didn't you eat in there? - If you're here to get me - I'm here to lose you.
That was the only way for me to leave that place.
Then have fun losing me.
You know that I'm engaged to Kim Tan, right? If we become brother and sister, you and Tan will be brothers-in-law.
- And? - You're not the only one who hates this.
But I think you two will hate this marriage more than me.
I was telling you just in case you forgot.
I will now lose you then.
I never said that I was against this marriage.
What do you mean? Don't you know what marriage means here? - You're engaged yourself.
- So what do you mean? Tell me.
Marriage means M&A.
Mergers and Acquisition.
Who is going to own the Jeguk Group shares that your mom owns? So stop this marriage if you can.
Don't become Rachel Choi, Rachel Yoo.
You have to get that first! Good work.
You're working hard even during your break.
Aren't you going somewhere? - I am.
- Where? You have to give me notice before you go.
I'm going to America for my sister's wedding.
Really? That's great! When are you coming back? - I'm not.
- You're not? My sister getting married there means that she doesn't want to come back to Korea.
If she is not coming back, that means I have to wash dishes for the rest of my life.
Was I destined to have a bad life? It's just unfair.
You're only 18 right now! That's why I'm going to America.
It's what I've been thinking of since I was eight.
Are you here to exchange currency? - Yes.
- Please give me the account book and your ID.
I exchanged currency today.
Don't worry, I will deliver it safely.
It's her wedding.
It'd be better if one of us were there at least.
I applied for the passport.
It will take three days.
The ex-wife was here earlier in the morning.
I'm sorry Madame Han.
What would you like for dinner, Madame? Calm down Madame Han.
I don't know English.
I will try to learn, Madame Han.
Dry cleaning is 'Dry Cleaning Only' in English.
What are you doing? Are you making bean powder? I'm sorry Mom.
I will become successful and come back.
Just wait for me.
Are you emigrating? The left one.
I'm thinking about just staying there.
Do you have to go? Can't you make him come? Why not? Send him a wedding invitation tomorrow.
He won't miss his future mother-in-law's wedding.
I know that you're against our marriage.
But I'm not going to persuade you.
You mean you don't think you can.
You need to have some skill for that.
You can remove yourself from the family register, if you want.
Are you threatening me with my inheritance? It's the most effective.
It works every time.
What do you see in him anyway? You've heard the rumors.
You saw him get physical right away! Or are you really in love? - Yoo Rachel! - Don't you feel bad for Dad when you call me by that name? You're trying to make me Choi Rachel.
You have a fiance to run away to.
Your life isn't too bad.
Give him my best.
This is so annoying! The first thing I had in my mind when I was kicked out to California was 'At least I'll have plenty of almonds.
' And for a brief moment, I thought that I should be as rebellious as they would expect from an illegitimate child.
But I decided to just have fun as my brother asked.
As a result, there is a cop that watches me.
I'm always at the center of attention at school.
I can also make my mother cry in Seoul everyday.
- Somebody's calling! It was in the living room.
- Thanks! [Rachel.]
You're not going to answer it? It's been ringing for a while.
Nah, I already know who's calling.
It's my fiancee.
She's either about to get on the plane.
Or could be on the plane, or already here.
It's our engagement anniversary soon.
- You look like none of that's a good thing! - No, I always look this good.
- What are you doing? Pack up your stuff.
- You said that it was your anniversary! I'm too lazy to celebrate! Yes! Don't get scared.
I was even at 14th place in school.
Can I get a city map? Where is the subway station? Would you like people or? No, not this one.
Yeah, it's me.
I just got here.
Of course Tan is here.
Would I be alone then? I'm loading the car.
He's gotten hotter.
He got taller and his face got tanner.
You know, California sunlight.
Tan says that I got even prettier.
I will call you when I get to hotel.
Excuse me! Did you just laugh at me? Why did you laugh? I'm sorry what? I'm Japanese.
If you were Japanese, then you shouldn't have turned around when I spoke in Korean.
Don't you think so? I'm sorry.
Hey! Why did you smirk at me? I wasn't smirking at you.
I just looked at you because what you were saying didn't match what I was seeing.
This isn't an open discussion.
I was not smirking at you.
I felt a sense of kinship.
I wasn't the only one not welcomed here.
Something like that.
- What? - I'm sorry for pretending that I was Japanese.
Is there any problem miss? No, just open the door.
Party at Tammy's! - Are you coming? - You know I'm gonna be there! I'm really outside of Korea.
Is it because we eat differently? Tan! That was amazing! - That was such a great wave you caught.
- Yeah thanks.
Good job! I was watching you.
So many people with great lives.
Let's go.
Tan! It's going to be a crazy party at Jessie's tonight! I heard Tammy's coming too! Hey! When are you going to stop partying like a crazy man? Not until you and I fall in love.
You know my family.
They are never gonna say yes to you.
And you're gonna be in big trouble if you let Tammy's boyfriend come over like last time.
I won't! Look, never again! So you're coming then? Sorry, I gotta do some thinking.
Is it here? Who is it? Eun Suk? It's me, Eun Sang! Who? Isn't this Cha Eun Suk's place? - What's that in English? - What are you even talking about? Chris! Who the hell is it? Eun Sang? Can you just calm down? How many girls are you seeing right now? They are coming to the house? - I can't stop them from coming to the house! - Who is she? - What? Are you into kids now? - Really? It's Stella's kid sister.
Yeah, whatever.
Hey you! Are you Stella's husband? Husband? - We just live together.
- Live together? Live together? You said that you were getting married! When are you getting married with Stella? Married? Why would I marry Stella? - Stella university where? - University? She doesn't go to school.
- She lied about school too? - What? So where is that evil girl right now? What do you always write about? School homework, an essay.
You don't look like you'd do homework.
That's why I do it.
It's a type of rebellion.
To whom? Your teacher? Thanks for the coffee.
When I'm writing an essay, I think that I'm thinking.
Something my brother told me not to do.
The first two quarterly sales of the premium mall targeted to the top 10% of the market is not doing so well.
I can see that.
And? The area around the shopping mall is not yet fully populated.
We're going to need continuous advertising to increase sales.
Then what we've been doing was intermittent advertising? So your plan is to spend more money? Our target market is the top 10%.
It's difficult to reach them in person.
- Their consumption pattern consists - So we won't be making money now? We can broaden the target segment from the top 10% to family-friendly.
Then we should have opened up a theme park! Instead of a premium shopping mall! When did you get the first half statement? I got it a week ago.
Then I should have fired you a week ago.
Did anyone else get the report? Chairman also received it.
So the chairman found out how incompetent I was a week ago at home.
And I only found out now even though I come to office every day? Can I please keep my incompetency to myself? At least within the office? Had I reported, the chairman would have been here with us right now.
It feels like he is already here.
How many of you are serving as his eyes and ears in here? In order to keep your farm, you must impress the tenant farmers instead of the landowner.
That's the chairman's message.
From the executive director all the way down to the branch manager How far down the corporate echelon should I impress? What does the landowner think? Hey Stella! How's it going? - Always looking good.
- Thanks.
- Hey Eun Suk! Did you get home safe last night? - Yeah.
Yeah? What are you doing tonight? Why don't you work for me tonight? - Work? - Work.
Of course! You definitely look your best when you're working.
- Why don't you work for me tonight? - In your dreams.
You going to make me beg, huh? More coffee? Cha Eun Sang! What's going on? What are you doing here? What about Mom? How did you come here? What about Mom? How could you mention her right now? When did you come? You should have called.
If I called? You would have shown me something different? Does this look like college to you? - Who told you that I worked here? - Who do you think? Your boyfriend! - You went to my place? - Yeah, I did! You came all the way to America to pay for his drinking habits? How much of it was a lie? Wedding? You met a good guy? You're going to college? You shouldn't have met a 'good guy,' you should have met the perfect guy! You crazy girl! Did you bring money? You've really hopeless now.
I was going abandon Mom and leech off of you.
Karma hurts.
- Where's the money? Huh? - Stop.
I said stop! Life sucks! You were my dream! You were the last hope I had! If life was already predestined from the beginning I was going to settle for an office job for 2 million Won per month after going to a two-year college.
Why? Because I had to feed myself until you came back! Sorry.
Just this time.
Just let it slide this time.
- Don't touch that.
- Go back to Korea.
I will call Mom.
Don't go! Don't go! Do you know how Mom made that money? Go! Eun Suk! Eun Suk! Don't go, Eun Suk! Eun Suk! Damn it! Eun Suk! Let me go with you.
Eun Suk! Eun Suk! This party is gonna be amazing! Let's go! Jessie said you should! What? Geez who is that girl? Talk about a fallen angel.
You are always one step ahead of me.
I will take care of the rest.
You don't think she has a gun right? No.
That idiot.
Are you alright? I'm okay.
Thank you.
I've decided I'll believe in God because I've met you.
- Thank God! - What? Thank you! Did I just run into a thief? Hey stop! Stop right there! Hey! Hey Jay! They are not drugs! Give me that you thief! Do you know how hard it was for my mom to make that? Give me that! That's for my sister! Give me that! Hey! Jay! Jay? Dip shit! Wake up! Wake up! Jay! Hey! You idiot! Do you have a cell phone? Call 911.
I don't have one.
- Are you Korean? - Is that important? Jay! Jay! Jay! The patient is in shock caused by an allergy.
I guess it was a reaction to the powder? Oh yeah, beans.
- Yeah, they are beans.
It's bean powder.
- I know.
When is he gonna wake up? Well, we gave him the medicine.
So let's see.
He will be okay.
- Please follow me.
You have to fill out some papers.
- Yeah.
Is your friend okay? Why do you even carry that? Are you being angry at me? Your friend was the one who stole it.
- And he was doing drugs - He was only drunk.
If he really was a junkie he would have distinguished food and drugs.
So you're blaming this on me? I'm the victim here! Well it's me going through the hassle.
Is this yours? This is Mi Soot Ga Roo.
It's Bean powder, you know? Just food.
My point is, it's not drugs! Oh we need to look into that.
People don't normally eat food through their nose, do they? What's your address? - What? - Your address? Address.
I'm from Korea.
I'm Korean.
Korea? Let me see your passport.
You look young.
Are you underage? - Pardon? - Passport! Oh! Passport.
Where are you staying in the U.
? You're not here illegally are you? What the hell is he saying? More slow please! It's okay, baby.
She's my girlfriend.
Just here for vacation.
Hey Tan! Long time no see! Of course you're involved.
Whatever! That's not a drug anyway.
You know that.
Even if I thought that it wasn't, now that you're involved, I can't think that way anymore.
Don't you think? What's he saying? Is it bad? Look, until we get the results I'm keeping your girlfriend's passport.
You better not run away.
What's going on? Why is he taking my passport? When is he giving it back to me? - When the time comes.
- When is that? When it's appropriate.
When is it appropriate? Why did he take my passport? Why are you not using honorifics? I thought you don't use honorifics in America.
That's when you speak in English.
Then pretend that we're speaking in English.
Also I saw your friend's age on his chart.
He is the same age as me.
Then aren't you the same age as I am? Are we going to waste time here? Where are you staying? I need to know where so that I can tell you when the cop calls.
You said that you didn't even have a cell phone.
So let me borrow your hand phone, I mean cell phone.
I will pay for your minutes.
My sister lives nearby.
You think she will answer your call? After that fight? You saw everything? You're not calling her so that you can stay at her place are you? That's none of your business.
Like I said, this isn't 100% my fault.
So you have to give me a ride home.
I will pay for gas.
You think money can solve everything? Are you rich? I was afraid that you would just leave.
Eight in the morning, noon, and three in afternoon.
I will call you three times like this.
You can answer the phone if you have my passport.
If you don't, just ignore it.
This is too much.
Thank you for the ride.
Eun Suk! Are you sure that someone's home? - They'll be here.
- And you're just going to wait? She could come back soon.
Haven't you heard anything about streets at night in America? Stop scaring me.
You think she'll be home after running away with the money? She will be back.
Fine then.
Wait for her.
- Hey what's up? - You want to come party with us? Hey fool! I didn't know Asians live around here.
You got one living right next door to you, stupid! I didn't Asian girls were that cute yo! She's not going to play with you with that face looking like that, fool! Get out of here, hey come on! I love you! You want to come to my place? Are you a drug dealer? Do you still have two kidneys? - I don't have a mother in this house.
- Call her a Nanny then! She raised you! - Then good bye.
- Where are you going? Stay then! Just break up! Break up and go out with Myung Soo.
Heck no! You think I'm out of my mind? Maybe if I were on drugs! How can you say no three times in one sentence? I think you're okay.
- I should know.
I'm your in-law.
- My ass.
- What? - As long as I'm alive, you will never be his wife.
- Who are you? - I'm his fiancee.
I had a situation and I stayed here for a night.
- You spent the night here? - Are you crying? How come nothing good ever happens in my life? Can you please leave me alone? I just can't help it.
You're just so pretty.
- This is for rent.
- What is it? A dream catcher.
Only beautiful dreams come in through that.
What about beautiful girls?