The Heirs (Sangsokjadeul) (2013) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

Episode 2 You want to come to my place? Are you sure that your place is safer than here? I don't know if it's safer.
But my place is definitely better.
So do you want to go or not? Come downstairs.
Your family is not here? No.
You live here alone? Yeah, why? - Who are you? - What do you mean? Are you a drug dealer? - What? - What do you do for living? Is it drug trafficking? So I'm a drug dealer now? It seemed like you knew the police officer.
Also your friend snorted my powder as soon as he saw it.
You're right.
But Why do you think that I only sell drugs? - What? - The person who took your passport.
Do you think he's really a cop? Do you still have two kidneys? I'm warning you! If you come one step closer This is your room.
Ask me if you need anything.
What the heck was that? I'm sorry.
Just this once.
Let it slide just this once for me.
Don't take that! Do you know how Mom made that money? - Go now! - Eun Suk! Eun Suk! Don't go Eun Suk! I didn't eat anything since I got off the plane.
I'm hungry.
What are you doing in the dark? I'm sorry for eating without asking.
I only ate the ones past the expiration date.
Please take this in exchange.
How can you eat this? I included this too.
Hey! Where do you think you're going? Aren't you going to clean this up? Oh.
How should I recycle your trash? I don't know.
I've never done it before.
- What's your name? - Huh? What do other people call you? I forgot to tell you earlier.
Thank you for letting me stay.
That's a long name.
No need to thank me.
This is not a favor.
It's compensation.
It's for the bean powder.
You said that it was for your sister.
Hotel Zeus called as soon as I booked your flight to America.
- If you haven't booked your hotel yet - Stay at theirs? Yes.
He's already acting like he's a shareholder just because he's engaged to President Lee of RS International.
Is anything wrong? Nothing.
I politely refused their offer.
This is the guest list for the upcoming family party.
There are 51 guests in total.
They will all bring their families.
I already sent a copy via e-mail.
Why do you make hard copies then? It's what the chairman liked.
I already told him about your trip.
Because you thought I couldn't do that myself? I've been meaning to ask you.
Who are you working for right now? Is it me or my father? - I always work for Jeguk Group.
- I see.
You look like a boyfriend angry at his girlfriend for cheating.
You're wrong.
I was suggesting that you should cheat because you look too faithful.
Or you might just have to retire along with the chairman.
Any other suggestions? Nothing scares you.
Another mistake my father has made.
Have a safe trip.
Now I realize that health is most important.
Make sure you don't get sick.
Eat a lot of healthy things.
Don't act so kindly.
That's not going to make me divorce you.
I never asked you to.
You're the one who let Tan's mother in.
What else was I supposed to do? You kept airing your dirty laundry out in public, so I brought her in to be private.
I know.
It's all my fault.
As long as you know.
But I'm never going to divorce you.
That's why I let her in.
To trap her in my territory so she can't do anything ever again.
People normally soften up as they get older.
But you never change.
Maybe it's because I don't have a child.
What are they saying? They haven't mentioned you.
They're just insulting me.
Won is here.
Go in.
Your mother is here.
I don't have a mother in this house.
Fine! Nanny! She is your nanny! - Are you going to eavesdrop? - I'm leaving.
This nanny is leaving too.
Long time no see.
You never greet me first.
I raised you for ten years until you went to America.
I may not have loved you, but I still did my best.
Don't treat me like a bad stepmother.
I'm sorry to let you down after ten years of your efforts.
- Are you - Stop! Both of you.
I'm leaving.
I'm staying.
I heard that you're going on a trip to America.
- Yes.
- Americans like to keep business meetings confidential.
To them, family comes first.
So, you should bring Tan along too.
- I will - Listen to me.
- I will tell Secretary Yoon.
- This is my business.
I will I'm just doing my job.
This is not your company yet.
What are you doing? I said I'm busy.
- It's not going to take long! - You always forget to use honorifics.
I was making it short for you because you were busy! - Again! - Okay ma'am.
I heard that you saw Rachel's family.
Did they want to see you? Why? Why do you care? Are you going to go? I'm asking because I can't.
I should know what's going on.
I'm their in-law.
Who's your in-law? Did you forget that Tan was my son? Stop being so power hungry.
You're going to regret it later.
Regret? Tan won't be too happy to find out his mother was mistreated like this.
- Are you threatening me? - Maybe.
- What a load of crap.
- What? Do you really think you're the lady of the house because they call you Madame Han? As long as I'm here, you will never be my husband's wife.
I won't let it happen.
Do you understand? Someone else's bag.
Someone else's house.
Someone else's husband.
She's unhappy because she wanted someone else's life for her entire life.
She is my [Missed calls - Mom.]
- Mom? It's me.
Were you worried because I called so late? I'm sorry.
I couldn't call you because I was totally lost in America.
They only speak English here.
Eun Suk is She got taller.
She also got tanner.
You know, California sunlight.
It's kind of like a stone sauna.
I'm at her place right now.
It's a house with a lawn.
A house with a lawn mower, without a fence around it.
Her house is like that.
So don't worry about me.
Eat well and sleep well.
Okay? I have to go! I will call you again! What? You didn't even knock.
You got the order wrong! I know it's your house, but - What is it? - They don't have sandwiches in Korea? - Thank you.
- Don't thank me.
They are good for the kidneys.
- Stop! - You are good at lying.
I'm not.
Were you listening? Why are you eavesdropping? I'm not used to hearing a girl's voice in my house.
What's that? For the phone call.
You spend lavishly.
This is for the room.
I was going to put it in my room in America, but I will give it to you.
Aren't you just throwing it away? What is this? It's a dream catcher.
It filters out the bad dreams.
Only beautiful dreams go through it.
- Do beautiful girls come? - Forget it, give it back.
You should rest.
And finish that.
They are good for your kidneys I said stop! Did he drug this? Wow! After I fed her? Your house looks really beautiful in the morning.
Oh yeah? - Are you going somewhere? - School.
So you're not a drug dealer.
You're a student.
Do you go to schools like the ones in American dramas or movies? And what kind of school is that? Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? You're laughing again.
- Do you laugh often? - Huh? I always wanted to know what kind of schools international students go to.
- Wait just one sec, I will get ready.
- Where are you going? I have to leave when you are.
I will just brush my teeth and wash my face.
Stay then.
Stay until I get back from school.
You don't even have a place to go.
- To my sister's - That restaurant opens late.
It opens in the afternoon.
- Then - There's no bus.
People who take buses don't live in this neighborhood.
- But - If staying here bothers you - Then come visit my school.
- Huh? You said you wanted to know what kind of school international students go to.
I'm okay.
Wear it unless you want to turn into a different race.
It's not a fashion accessory here.
It's a necessity.
I'm going to stick my hand out.
Tell me if that's embarrassing.
Just for one minute then.
Every word has meaning.
As soon as you put our feelings into a word, it becomes meaningful.
The word 'pencil' takes on an entirely different meaning when you think of it as, 'The pencil that I use to write letters with.
' The British Council conducted a survey of about what was the most beautiful English word in the world.
- What do you think took first place? - Rainbow.
- Flowers? - Unicorns! - Is it love? - Lamar Odom! The most beautiful English word in the world was 'mother.
' Don't you agree? The second through fifth places were, 'passion', 'smile', 'love', and 'eternity.
' Then what was the saddest English word in the world? - Death! - Funeral! Bankrupt! Lamar Odom! [Dry cleaning is 'DRY CLEANING ONLY' in English.]
That's the end of the class for today.
Don't forget to turn in your essays before you leave.
Tan! What are you doing after class? Just going home.
Tan! Aren't you going to turn it in? It's not for turning in.
Don't you think it might find a new purpose if you turn it in? Sometime? Oh really! Don't make me call Roy! Don't you dare! Stop! - Hell no! Don't! - I'm gonna call him.
You can't! What are you looking at? Just lucky kids.
Korean international students have parties together? It's not fun.
Oh yeah? I have to go.
Thank you for taking me to school.
Just hold onto my stuff for a while.
I will go get them tonight.
- Are you going to your sister's? - I should.
I have to take back Mom's money.
I can't let her spend it on that drunkard.
Good bye! It's America.
Hey! Do you even know where to go? I do! Right.
- I can go alone.
- I will go with you.
- Don't you have class? - I don't like this one.
I'm skipping it.
- What class is it? - Math.
I like math.
You're out of your mind.
Really? She quit? - After she left like that, she - She only got a text from her.
- She wasn't coming back after today.
- She quit work today.
- She told me to tell her sister - She said that she will call you.
And to go back to Korea.
She really ran away.
I can't believe this.
Not with that money! Hey! You're that girl! You're that bitch's sister! - Where is Stella? - That's what I want to know.
Where is she? Where is that bitch who took all of my money? Who are you, man? Let it go! Is this how you beat my sister, you bastard? - Translate! - Why ask? Of course he did! Wait, wait, wait.
That looks like Chris! Hey Chris! Chris! - They look like his friends! - They don't look like church buddies.
On the count of three! Run! Go get them! Why are we running? What are you talking about? You said on the count of three I was going to say to come behind me on the count of three.
What? - They can't chase us.
- They are coming! I know a bit about running.
Their legs are tired.
- I want to kill you! - You can say it when you can reach me.
I swear! I will kill you! I know that you really want to.
But I might just get old and die before that.
Do they understand Korean? They can't hear me right now anyway.
I'm saying it for you.
So you don't get scared.
One sec.
I have to answer this.
- There's no time for this.
- There was no time for this since yesterday.
I was just It's a drug order.
Asking for organic drugs.
Let's go! We really have to run now.
Oh come on! The person you're calling cannot come to the phone at the moment.
Yeah, what? Are you with Tan? I can't be with him right now.
He's at school.
Oh yeah.
What did he say? - For what? - You didn't tell him? - About my marriage! - Like that's something to brag about.
But you should still tell him.
Young Do and Tan are best friends! They are not friends anymore.
I'm hanging up.
- The president's son? - Yeah.
He's been working here every summer since he was in middle school.
It's like training for the heir of the hotel.
And he does it? He's nice for a rich kid.
Nice? My ass! Young Do? I thought I told you to heat the plates when you set up the plates.
Would you like to have your food cold before you could even start? Also when you enter the kitchen, your attire must be Do I look like I'm in a good mood? Then do I have to let you off the hook for neglecting your responsibilities? - If you keep on doing this - Tell him.
Tell my father.
That's your job.
Don't neglect it.
When I own this hotel ten years in the future you will need that experience on your resume for a new job.
The Attorney General just arrived in his room.
I think a more suitable responsibility just came up.
Hyo Shin's exam is coming up soon right? I'm studying like I always do, Grandpa.
We're worried about raising his national ranking.
We don't have any other problems, Father.
Good! Only failures blame the time and date.
Yes sir.
It would have been better if you could have gone to the same high school.
Jeguk High School is better nowadays.
- It's not like his brother's time.
- I know that it's different.
Korea is about lineage.
Jeguk High may be prestigious.
But its history is too short to turn out the leaders of this country.
Then Hyo Shin can become the legend of Jeguk High.
You heard your uncle? Yes sir.
Young Do! Attorney General! District Attorney! It's an honor to have you here.
Director! Prosecutor! I've heard a lot about you.
He's President Choi's son, Father.
He's a junior to Hyo Shin at Jeguk High.
Choi has a great son at such a young age.
Thank you sir.
How do you like the dishes? I heard that the chef changed.
It got even better.
You looked thirsty.
Let me use the bathroom.
The food didn't suit you? Thanks.
There's a bathroom downstairs.
I didn't want to run into my father while throwing up.
And it's okay to run into me? You've run into me when you shouldn't much more often.
You have a good voice when you're threatening.
It's even better when I swear.
You want to hear it? No thanks.
You want to smoke? I don't do anything that is bad for my health.
Here! It's on me.
What took you so long? Did you have to invent coffee? I wanted to give you time to receive phone calls.
Did you sell the organic drugs? - This is nice! - Don't exaggerate.
Bear with me.
I have to drink Americano at least once in America.
Or else I have to leave with just bad memories in America.
Are you sure that you only have bad memories? Well if I think about it How long have you stayed in America? What were you thinking about? - Why couldn't I think of that? - Not that! You know them? I don't know them.
Can I borrow your phone? I know how to get back home now.
Home? Korea? Thanks.
Can you show me when people leave comments? What are you doing? [Status update Recipient White Hacker Yoon.]
Who is that? Your boyfriend? - A boy friend.
- Just call him! When is he going to leave a comment? He changed his number recently.
I couldn't memorize it.
He said that he was going somewhere.
I don't know if he's in Korea.
You don't know where the jerk is and you're asking for his help? He's in my heart! Don't address him like that.
Well excuse me.
I respect him as a friend.
Did he save the world or create the Korean alphabet? Respect a friend? - What if he doesn't leave a comment? - He will.
Where are you going? Did you get an alarm yet? Nothing! - Are you sure you guys are close? - I spent half of my life with him.
- Are you guys going out? - No.
- Did you go out? - Why are you digging up my past? Can you check frequently for me and tell me when something comes up? He's my only hope.
Huh? Please.
Here's the key.
Stay inside.
- Are you going somewhere? - I left my car because we were running away.
I have to go get it.
It won't take long.
Cha Eun Sang.
I know this is hard to believe, but I'm in America and I'm in trouble.
I need your help.
Leave a comment when you see this.
An office job for 2 million Won per month.
I like that a lot too.
What does that mean? I hope Freddy and Jason make up.
I hate going to work.
I have to watch 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' on a rainy day like this.
What terrible movie taste.
Guys! I'm working again.
I'm 'Jaesikyuh Alba' (make her work) instead of Jessica Alba.
Sad smile.
She's always working? Blacklist #1.
It's you! - The blacklist customer is hot.
- Hot? - Are you out of your mind? - Bug off.
Good work today! Cheers Eun Sang! I'm bugging off.
Yeah, they are not just friends.
I hate that Mom has a hard life.
I hope Jeguk Group bankrupts.
Must've been some misunderstanding.
It's not your first time.
I'm screwed! I think I'm screwed.
I'm screwed.
- Chan Young isn't answering my phone call.
- You are.
Can't you just imagine how sexy the American girls are? They are not chopsticks like you.
They have curves.
Just imagine how their backs look.
Hey! You think Chan Young is like you? That's what gets to me.
I'm sure he's not like me.
But why isn't he answering his phone? He must've been really busy or didn't know that I called.
Why do girls worry when they already know the answer? Because it makes us feel better.
Choi! Are you off work? You should be thankful that your family owns a law firm.
You're too dumb to go to law school.
So you won't have to work there to be the heir.
I'm so thankful that I'm dumb.
What's wrong with her? It's none of your business.
You look like you have a story.
- Can you stop being interested in me? - I just can't help it.
You're just too pretty.
Yes, I'm worth it.
So I should call him.
Hello? Chan Young! - You scared me! - I called four times today.
Why didn't you call back? Because you always call me before I do.
- How much is it? - It's ten dollars.
Can I get you anything else? I can hear a girl! Who are you talking to? A woman whose appearance would give you a lot of anxiety.
Are you cheating on me? - Put her on the phone! - She's on the phone already.
I can't study because I miss you! What are you going to do about it? I'm really happy.
Aren't you going to check your SNS? I put up a picture of me crying.
Chan Young isn't coming back.
What? I didn't hear you.
I disabled my SNS.
I couldn't focus on studying.
Can't you just check? Please! She's the only one that can look pretty while begging.
Okay! I will check.
I will call you when I get home.
Wait for me! Okay.
I know this is hard to believe, but I'm in America and I'm in trouble.
I need your help.
Leave a comment when you see this.
The number you've dialed You're home already? That was fast.
I'm leaving right now.
Who are you? I think I should be the one to ask that question.
Who are you? Have we met? At the airport! - Right? - Who cares if you're right? Did you miss me? Who are you? - And you are? - I'm the fiancee of the man who lives here.
Fiancee? He's in high school.
We got engaged last year when we were 17.
Now tell me! Who are you? How many times do I have to ask you why you're here? I had to stay here for a night because of my circumstance.
I was on my way out with my stuff.
You spent the night here? - It's not what you think.
- Quiet.
And why is this in your hand? I left my stuff here.
So What are you doing? It was a mistake.
Just like how you ran into me here.
I thought I told you that nothing happened! I'm only going to let this go because of his kind welcome.
Are you kidding me? You can't just leave.
You had the keys for a house without its host.
We don't know what's missing.
- Open it.
- Excuse me? I thought you didn't want to be misunderstood.
Then open it! Fine! I will open it.
But what if nothing comes out? That's impossible.
Happy? What are you doing? I'm looking.
There's nothing.
You can go.
And take this trash with you.
Hey! Before he comes back.
What? What's the problem? How's this possible? I told him that I uploaded a crying picture! How can nothing happen for two hours! - Hey I'm telling you as your Oppa (brother) - Oppa my ass.
I don't think any man I know likes a crying picture.
- Then what do they like? - Instead of crying We like adult materials.
Upload a picture with a lot of skin showing.
I bet all of my money and my hand that he will get on the plane right away.
Hey! Chan Young isn't like that! Apologize to him right now! Which way is to America? Bow down in that direction! If he's not, then he has issues! He's an 18-year-old high school student! Just break up with him.
Break up and go out with Myung Soo.
Are you out of your mind? Really? Am I on drugs or something? You don't have to say no three times! Hey! But you're not bad.
Don't put me between you two.
You two look great together.
You should go out! Don't say something like that! - But you're not bad.
- Shut up.
You're prejudiced in gender when it comes to love? - Let's break up.
- You're so cute that I want to beat you up.
Hey! It was funny only ten seconds ago.
Don't cross the line.
Lines are there for you to cross! Look at Rachel! She went way past the line.
She went to America to see Tan.
You should go too! Stop bullying us! Myung Soo! Don't you ever talk about Tan in front of me.
- I was next to you.
- Why are you just listening? You don't like hearing about him either! Myung Soo fights better than I do.
That's why I can't do anything.
And Bo Na fights better than me! Shut up! - What? - LAX to Incheon is $1040 including taxes.
One sec.
I need a lot more.
Can you still book the flight? - Give me your passport.
- Okay.
My passport! She left? To where? Did she get her stuff? Kim Tan! I haven't seen you for six months! And that's the first thing you say to me? - Why should I care where the hell the girl - You got prettier.
- I know.
- Did you kick her out? That's my right as your fiancee.
Did you tell her? That we're engaged? Of course! You should have told her before I did! Then why didn't you let her stay here? I could have introduced you to her.
- You didn't know that I was coming? - I did.
Then why didn't you come pick me up at the airport? - Because it was hot.
- Then you should've come to Korea.
It's autumn.
It's too far.
Do you know that it's our engagement anniversary? - Yeah.
- Yeah? That's it? Why did you get engaged in the first place? Because if I didn't want to marry you later, I had to get engaged at least.
Where are you going? You should have told me that you were leaving! You were home.
I left the business card.
The police officer's card.
- Why are you looking for that? - I threw it away while cleaning up.
- Which trash can? - Outside the gate.
It's okay.
You don't need to look for it.
Why not? I need it to find my passport! Pa - You threw it away? - Throw what away? I didn't see anything.
I understand that you don't like the situation right now.
But she lost her passport because of me, and she can't even go back to Korea right now.
- And why does that matter to me? - It doesn't matter to you.
But it matters to me.
So stay out of it.
America? Where in America? I'm in America too! What's going on? I can go right now so call me! This is my number! Call me right now! It's not in there.
Yeah, it's not in here.
I can't find it.
Are you crying? I'm trying not to cry.
But it's just One thing after another my gosh.
What? I came to America to have a good life.
But I ended up next to a trash can.
My life has no surprises! I'm sorry.
Get up.
Why are you sorry? What? You found it? - When? - Just a while ago.
- What are you doing? - Shh.
- Is this where that son of a bitch lives? - I told you! No! - Are they thugs? - I don't think they are office nerds.
- Hey hey! There they are, right there! - He saw us! Oh no! Oh no, I can't handle them.
Run! - What are you looking for? - Serial killers are usually behind you.
- Stop watching movies! - Why are they after you? Are you really a drug dealer? I don't want to waste my life like that.
- Then why are they after you? - What about you then? - Why were they after you? - Oh.
Just watch the movie while we're here.
I need to rest.
- What the heck is he saying? - He came to make sure that he wasn't after her.
'In order to trust you, I need to know who you are.
' You weren't sleeping? But he met a girl last night.
Her name is Cha Eun Sang.
How do you know my name? But he wanted to ask Cha Eun Sang.
Do Do I like you? It's really Hollywood.
What I said in the theater has got to be cooler than that.
- Do you know why I threw you? - Because I'm more like Mom instead of you? - You're cute.
- At least you know.
Did you think that you could be here? Are you okay? I will kill you! - You want them to think that we're a couple? - Don't even dream about it.
- Cha Eun Sang! - Chan Young! - I was worried about you! - He couldn't have gotten over me.
Kim Tan isn't going to sue Chan Young for beating him up is he? - Do you know me? - Just stay.
You just need to borrow his money.
- I don't have a reason to stay.
- God, it's annoying.
Oh no! You heard everything? I think I can find her there.
I don't know if this is coincidence or fate.