The Heirs (Sangsokjadeul) (2013) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

Episode 3 What the heck is he saying? He says that he came to make sure that they weren't coming for him.
She needs to know who he is in order to trust him.
You weren't sleeping? But then he met a girl yesterday.
Her name is Cha Eun Sang.
How do you know my name? There's something he wants to ask Cha Eun Sang.
Do I Do I like you? - Probably not.
- Why not? You are engaged.
That's like a movie.
We're in Hollywood.
They really happen in real life.
Really? We're in Hollywood? What? It's really Hollywood! It's so cool.
I saw that in the movies! What I said in the theater can't possibly be less cool than that.
I always said to myself that I would go see it when I got to America.
Am I talking by myself? It may seem close, but it's actually far away, right? It already seems far away! Go wash up at home and take my car there.
You can't walk there.
I'm not going.
Why not? I will take you there.
No, you did so much for me already.
I don't want to trouble you anymore.
Let's go home.
My suitcase is at your place.
Which way are we going? Sorry for troubling you again.
But can you check if there's a comment yet? Thanks for everything.
Good bye.
America? Where in America? I'm in America too! What's going on? I will go right now so call me as soon as you see this.
This is my number! Call me right away! Where's my suitcase? It was all broken.
What happened? - Where is it? - Upstairs in my room.
I'm going to take a shower.
Go take it if you want.
Stay here until your friend or whatever leaves a comment.
Then it'll be fine.
I'm going to take a shower then.
I ate lunch alone.
Let's eat dinner together.
Yes, Secretary Yoon.
There's a family party with the American shareholders at a ranch villa.
Your father wants you to be there.
It's tomorrow at lunch.
Your brother must be at the ranch by now.
Does he know that I'm coming? Your father wants you to go.
But not my brother? If you want to know what he thinks, then you'll have to go there and ask him yourself.
That's the message I had to deliver.
Good luck.
Thank you.
Father! It's Mr.
Yoon! - What are you doing at school during summer break? - I'm preparing for a film event.
What about you, Father? I had business to attend to.
It's Mr.
Yoon! Chan Young must have met the Enlightenment in America.
He's not calling me.
He's talking to American girls.
I think he's cheating on me.
Really? My son is a jerk! How could you call my boyfriend a jerk? You better watch Chan Young! He likes girls too.
It's the girls that like him first! You know that Cha Eun Sang or whatever.
I don't like her! So don't be nice to her! Have a safe trip home, Father.
- It's Ahjusshi! (Mr.
Yoon) - That's Won Bin.
(who starred in the film, 'Ahjusshi.
') Hi.
You're not greeting me properly.
- What's all this? - Eat them, Hyo Shin.
We woke up early and put in a lot of effort.
You got the roll in Cheongdamdong, the rib eye in Bangbaedong the egg-pancakes in Chongro, and the salad and the dessert in Itaewon.
Exactly what did you make? You woke up early to get the spoon in? Do you know how many people are on the team? How can you bring only this much? Gosh so I might as well buy a broadcast station or something for him.
This is just a journalism team.
What? Just a journalism team? My father is the president of SBC.
My father is the president of Mega Head.
You want to see what happens when my agency takes away all the celebrities from SBC? What the heck? Let's go.
Everything is good about you, but This is even better.
- What's this present for? - It's my 100th day.
What? With whom? - 100 days until the exam.
- What the heck? So take a seat.
The freshman director wants to quit.
His family must have found out that he was on the team.
He was always afraid of getting caught.
You really hid it well from your family for three years.
I don't know if it's me hiding it well or my parents hiding it well.
That's depressing.
What medicine is that? Vitamins.
You will need it next year.
My body is not the same as it was at 18.
Oh my God.
What's that bag for? Let's go to Hollywood next time.
I have to go somewhere.
- What's going on? Is it bad? - Don't go anywhere and stay here.
No, I should go.
I already gave you enough trouble.
You always say that you should go when you don't have a place to go.
Don't you ever talk about leaving again.
Or I'm going to sell you.
Hey guys! Hey, Jay! Uh-oh! My sweet angel's at this house? - This afternoon - Tammy and her boyfriend were here! They came to the hospital too.
Don't worry about it! I've got it taken care of.
Anyway, where are you going? Is my sweet angel staying with me? Do you get car sick? - Where are you going? - Sleep if you're tired.
It's going to take a while.
So when is she going to divorce him? Lower your voice! Are you making announcements? People are listening! Listen to me, affairs make the best lawsuit for a divorce.
I know some P.
's that can take some good X-rated pictures.
I will go get them for you, so get some guys on her tomorrow.
But technically, I was his mistress.
But you gave birth to his son! Oh is that how it works? Do I call this number? Yes, the name is Jung Ji Sook.
She's usually at the gallery in Apgujeong in the afternoon.
Yes! Affairs! Yes, you know what you're talking about.
Yes, those kinds of pictures Oh my God.
I will call you back.
How long were you there for? Were you eavesdropping? I wasn't eavesdropping.
I could just hear you.
If I was on the phone, then you should have made yourself known! You could tell I was being very secretive.
I wrote a message and was holding it up.
If you're lucky, you won't be caught.
But you should have used a pre-paid phone for that.
Pre-paid phone? Why are you telling me this now? Don't write it! Don't! Don't you dare to write, 'You didn't ask.
' Are we there yet? I'll be back.
- How long is it going to take? - I don't know.
I may get kicked out in just five minutes or get kicked out later than that.
You should look around if you're bored.
But watch out for one person.
- Who? - The coldest looking person here.
Coldest looking person? So we can play around for the Rangers! - I will definitely win next time.
- Cheers.
Excuse me, who is that? Excuse me.
- Won.
- Come with me.
- It's been a long time.
- Who called you? Was it Yoon? How have you been? He really called you? And you thought you could come here? How could I not? You were here.
I don't care what you say now since I saw you This is why kids are troublesome.
How could you come just because you missed me? You don't even realize what this means.
It's been three years.
I've gotten taller.
That's it? That's all you've gotten in America.
You should stop right here.
You've already done more than you deserve.
Are you okay? I'm not okay.
You're going to get wet.
Why were you eavesdropping? I was going to run with you on the count of three if you were in danger.
Then why didn't you do it? I was in danger the whole time you were watching.
What? It's just awfully quiet.
Should I turn on the radio? Forget what you saw earlier.
I was going to anyway.
It's all a dream anyway.
One summer night dream.
- Are you okay? - Yeah.
- What was it? - Fallen rocks.
This happens often here.
What happened? The car broke? Stay in the car.
We'll be in trouble when the sun goes down.
What the heck? This is like the first scene of a horror movie! What now? There's no reception here.
- Can you drive? - Huh? Hey push harder! - Harder! - I am! Let's try it one more time.
One, two, three! What do we do now? We have no choice.
We have to give up on the car for now.
Get the important things in your bag like your passport.
It's all in here, but why? We have to find shelter before the sun goes down.
That's the only way to call for help.
Can't we stay here? People always die from going to the wrong places in movies! 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
' 'Friday the Thirteenth,' 'Scream!' 'Hello Sydney.
' Don't you know? Then you can stay here.
Let me go with you! The person who stays alone dies! So we know the ending already? One has to survive for the sequel! I'm hungry.
Do you know the way? - There is no other way.
- It could be the opposite direction.
I saw a road house on the way here.
I bought this earlier.
I had forgotten.
- You only bought one? - No, two.
One is for my mom.
Stop spending lavishly! Here.
I'm not saying this because I want to eat it.
The manager said Never mind.
The guy you asked for help from - He left a comment? - I didn't finish my question.
Finish it.
What are you going to do when you see him? I have to borrow money first.
My sister stole all of my money, so I don't have any for the plane ticket.
I can lend you money too.
With my kidney as the security? I don't have the courage for that.
- You can try.
- You trust me? - He left a comment.
- Really? When? Why are you telling me this now? Let me see your phone.
Do we get internet here? We're not even getting reception.
Of course there's no internet.
What do we do then? Huh? Look at that! We're closed for tonight.
Maybe tomorrow morning.
Other places will be the same! If you decide to stay here tonight, I'll book the tow.
Just a minute.
What is this? I got it from the souvenir shop.
Put it on.
I can't sleep in this.
Does he think that we're a couple at a motel? Don't even dream about it.
Change and come out.
Let's eat something.
Dang it, I should have seen it.
- That looks good.
- Yeah, thanks.
This is the best they could do, because they are already closed.
This is more than enough.
Thank you.
There are drinks! - You drink? - Haven't you seen my hands shaking all this time? - You're cute.
- I know.
Stop staring at me.
Or I'm going to ask you awkward questions.
What awkward questions? Like, who was the man I saw at the ranch? Yeah.
The person I like the most in the world.
Anything else? Are you Never mind.
Insult me, but don't insult my brother.
Oh, he was your brother.
- Then you like your - Hey! You dummy.
- What? - You could've gotten hurt.
It was your fault! I was only joking.
Why are you blushing? - You have a dirty mind.
- I was not blushing! It's because I couldn't even eat a pancake in America.
Pancake? In American movies, they drink pancakes with syrup and orange juice.
That looks very American.
To me at least.
Such a cliche.
I know a good pancake place on Melrose.
Let's go when we go back to L.
Come on.
Don't make promises! The person who makes a promise always dies! Never mind.
It's only scarier if I think about these things.
I should focus on the sausage.
You're scarier! - I'm using the bed.
- Of course.
I'm just glad that I could sleep here.
How can you be so positive? You were here in the first place because of me.
How is it because of you? It's because of the fallen rocks.
Good night! Are you asleep? Are you really asleep? You're bad at acting.
Wake up, I've got something to ask you.
- If you don't wake up - What? What is it? - Why do you want Jeguk Group to go bankrupt? - What? - You read my SNS? - Why not? You logged in for me.
Why were you looking? Log out before I go crazy.
You really want them to go bankrupt? - But why? - Why do you care? You have Jeguk Group shares? - Never mind.
Watch me until I fall asleep.
- What? I'm scared because you kept talking about horror movies.
- Sleep after I fall asleep.
That's the price for the room.
- Price for the room? You said that I was involved in this because of you! It was because of the fallen rocks.
Dang it.
Just look at me.
Don't get any dirty thoughts.
Hey! You're not my type at all! Exactly.
I take a while before I fall asleep.
- So I should go to bed first.
- I have a lot of thoughts.
And I sleep a lot.
When are you going to Korea after you contact your friend? As soon as possible.
What if I Thank you for the address.
And for contacting me.
Then take her away.
- Let's go.
- Can I see your phone real quick? - If I can only contact my friend - But you still have to see him somewhere.
Are you going to wait for him on a street? Cha Eun Sang! Chan Young! Yoon Chan Young! What happened? How are you here? You were going to America? What happened to you? Why didn't you call me? You didn't get my message? I was worried about you! I'm sorry, I will explain later.
I'm finally relieved.
I can't believe this, Chan Young! - Hey - It's hot! You can tell me inside.
Who is he? And what's up with that shirt? - What is this place? - Let's go in and say good bye first.
Thank you for everything.
I'm going to my friend's place now.
- Why? - Huh? Just stay.
You can just borrow his money.
Why do you have to go? I have no reason to stay here.
Then how about this? You went to the police station because of my friend.
Because the cop knew me, he didn't trust you and your passport was confiscated.
And you couldn't book a flight or hotel because you didn't have your passport.
Is that true? Staying at my place is the rightful compensation that you deserve.
So you don't need to go.
- Do we have a problem? - What if we do? No, we don't have a problem.
Even if everything you say is true, I'm still thankful for everything you've done.
And I got my passport back.
Are you Kim Tan? - You know me? - You know me.
Who are you? By any chance did I bully you in middle school? It's not that simple.
Let's go.
The cab is here.
I will go then.
So you've been staying at his place ever since then? I had no choice.
I didn't have money or my passport.
No one was at my sister's place.
- By the way, is his name Kim Tan? - You didn't know? I didn't ask him, because I didn't want to tell him about me.
Is he a bad guy? Did he bully you? I just know his name.
He's not a nice guy.
Let's go in.
So what happened to Eun Suk? I don't know.
She ran away.
That horrible girl.
What do I tell Mom now? - Don't worry about the plane ticket.
- Thank you.
- I will pay you back when I get back - Slow down.
Thank you.
- What time does the travel agency open? - Slow down with that too.
There's only one thing that you need to do in a hurry.
Choose the menu.
What do you want for dinner? There's something I really want to eat.
(Spicy rice cake) - Is it good? - Yeah, it's good.
- That's so pretty! - Let's take a picture.
One, two, three! [Chan Young posted a picture.
With Cha Eun Sung.]
That's good.
- You're posting it on your SNS? - Yeah.
- I wanted to show you something funny.
- What is it? - Count to three.
- One, two, three.
[Bo Na.]
See? Isn't she cute? I'm going to kill you! You want to see Lee Bo Na pulling my hair out? - That should be fun.
- I'm going to kill you! One sec.
Hello? Hey, are you out of your mind? What's Cha Eun Sang doing there? What are you two doing? I'm thinking about you! What else is there to do? I'm jealous.
It's so annoying! It's tomorrow.
This way please.
[My Tan.]
- What? - Where are you? Why do you care? I think it's about time you packed your stuff and went back to Korea.
You're wrong.
I'm already in Korea.
Oh yeah? Then come back to America.
Take back the luggage again.
And change the flight for tomorrow.
Tomorrow? I don't think he's gonna see me the day after tomorrow.
Yes ma'am.
One second.
- Yeah, it's me.
- Are you with Tan? Yeah, I'm with him.
He dressed up and came to see me.
Then just listen to me.
I'm not telling people that you went to America because you missed him so much.
It was because Tan asked you to come.
Why would you do that? Bye, your mother-in-law is coming.
Hi, I'm sorry if I asked you to see me too early in the morning.
You're the busy person.
There's no helping it.
- But it was hard.
- This is the only time that I'm free.
How come you always dress better when I'm the one working in the fashion industry? You gave birth to Tan so late.
How can you keep a body like that? I was born with it.
I've also spent a lot of time and money.
I heard that Rachel went to America.
She went to see her fiance right when her summer break started.
She's so cute.
The reason I wanted to see you today was because I'm sure you've already heard I'm getting married.
I thought that I should tell my in-laws before hand.
I've heard.
It's President Choi Dong Woo of Hotel Zeus.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
- Choi's son also goes to our school.
- Yes, Young Do.
I wanted to ask you Did something happen between Tan and Young Do? Rachel said that they are probably not friends anymore.
They were best friends until they went to America.
Everything is ruined because you opened the door at the decisive moment.
Look how you ruined the films! Pity! I could have been the next Henry Cartier-Bresson.
'I spent my entire life trying to capture the decisive moment.
' 'But every moment in life was the decisive moment.
' What the hell are you saying? They are the quotes of Henry Cartier-Bresson, your role model.
You should know who he is first at least.
I'm going to kill you.
Yes? He wasn't even the hotel general manager.
You couldn't even handle a kitchen manager and made him complain? Get up.
You want to know why you always lose? First, it's because you've never beaten me.
Maybe it's because I'm more like Mom, when I should've been more like you.
Second, you attack excessively.
On the mat and off the mat.
Rachel is coming today.
Go pick her up at the airport.
Thank you! I've always wanted to have it.
Can't you sound more sincere? You and I both can't be moved by something bought with money.
What you gave me today wasn't these clothes, but your time.
The time you took to shop with me.
I know that you hate shopping.
Thank you for today.
You don't need to thank me.
I like shopping with you.
Because if we do anything else, I feel like we're really dating.
Did she leave? - Yesterday.
- Did she leave or did you kick her out? It happened as you planned it.
You gave him my address, didn't you? Let's not talk about her.
You brought it up.
Choi Young Do? Are you a kid? You can't come alone? Change the flight schedule or live in America.
Make sure that I don't have to come pick you up.
Make sure that I don't have to call you for this again.
Do you understand? Crazy bastard.
Have you heard? He's going to be my step-brother.
I heard.
How is Young Do doing? He's doing well.
He's doing all the stuff that you two were doing together.
I'm annoyed.
It's our anniversary and Choi Young Do ruined it.
Let's go eat something sweet.
How about the pancake place on Melrose that you like? I've seen people eating pancakes with syrup and orange juice on American movies.
- That's the American style.
- Such a cliche.
I know a good place on Melrose.
Let's go when we get back to L.
- Let's go somewhere else.
- Why? - I think she's going to be there.
- Who? - That girl? - Yeah.
Did you have a premonition or something? Do you know how big L.
is compared to Seoul? And you think you're going to run into her there? It's just a feeling.
Also we can't get a table there without a reservation at this hour.
- Let's go somewhere else.
- Let's go to see if she's there.
Now I really want to check.
She's really here.
You're almost an American now! When did you make a reservation? It's the basics.
But how do you know this place? Did you look it up online? Huh? Something like that.
You didn't tell her to come here did you? Let's go somewhere else.
Let's just eat.
I'm trying to be somewhat decent for you.
You're so annoying.
How is not seeing her being decent to me? - Let's go! I want to eat! - There are no tables! We can make a table.
Let's see if this is a coincidence or fate.
- Did you make a reservation? - I have someone waiting.
You're White Hacker Yoon.
I'm going to sit.
We will pay the bill.
You two know each other? She goes to my school, but we're not friends.
This is our first time talking.
He's a lower social class, so I never talked to him.
Get up.
It's our engagement anniversary today.
Kim Tan! You can have the pancake you like so much.
Fine, let's have it.
I really want some.
How do you two know each other? - Childhood friends.
- Oh yeah? But why did you come here? Did you take her here because it's a famous restaurant? No, she wanted to come here.
Wow, what a coincidence.
But my fiance and her seem to think that this is some kind of fate.
- What do you think Yoon Chan Young? - I thought you wanted to eat pancakes.
No one's saying anything else! Oh? How about this then? You went out with Lee Bo Na too.
Say hi.
This is Lee Bo Na's current boyfriend.
This is her ex-boyfriend.
Do you have to talk about someone who's not here like that? Then what are you doing with her and not Lee Bo Na? It was your fault.
Actually it's your fault for seeing guys with a girlfriend or a fiancee.
- Yoo Rachel! - Excuse us.
Let's go.
What do you want me to do? Get involved or just pretend that I didn't see anything? Order.
Let's eat and go buy the plane ticket.
Stay for a few more days.
You came all the way here.
I have to go.
I'm also worried about Mom.
I have to work so I can pay you back.
I told you! You can take your time! Don't look at me like that.
We're still in America.
You can let go and talk! You were tough enough in front of her.
- Yoo Rachel.
- What? We first met when we were ten.
I thought that you were a genius, because a ten-year-old could talk in English and Japanese.
When you were 14, you liked my brother.
You said that you couldn't like me because I'm a baby.
So what do you want to say? You said that when they were talking about our engagement.
Our world is small enough.
There is no better match.
That's when I realized that I really was a baby.
And? For eight years, you were always the smartest person to me.
You were pretty and mature, but you're hard to bear right now.
Don't do that.
Especially if it's because of me.
I'm not worth you ruining yourself.
You said that you were leaving tomorrow.
I will pick you up at your hotel.
I will see you tomorrow.
- Won? - Rachel.
What are you doing here? I thought you were staying at Young Do's hotel.
I would never stay there.
It looks like you're here, because you didn't like it there.
It's good to see you.
How are you? I'm okay.
Did you see Tan? Something like that.
You? Same here.
Something like that.
- Are you going somewhere? - Yeah, I need to go somewhere.
Can I go with you unless it's a date or an important meeting? - You're not going to like it.
- I don't care.
It's going to be better than looking at my phone in my hotel room alone.
The sun is out too long here.
It makes a lonely person feel even lonelier.
I'm going pretty far from here.
Is that okay with you? That's even better.
- Who is she? - My mom.
She's from a country where she made wine and harvested oranges until she met my father.
The suffocating tycoon in-laws and superficial parties Korea was hell for a country girl from America.
She ended up coming back like this.
She made wine herself? In my family wine cellar, there's a wine called 'Won.
' She made that on the year I was born.
That's beautiful.
Did Tan come here with you too? No, you are the first person.
- Why? - Tan would be jealous.
- Of whom? Me? - No.
Of me.
I'm glad that I came with you.
I like that I don't have to talk to myself thanks to you.
Pretend that you read my secret diary.
Yes? I'm staying for a few more days.
Please tell my father that I'm stopping by Singapore.
Oh yeah, I saw Tan thanks to you.
Please make sure to tell Tan about my schedule again.
Don't worry about that.
I don't interfere with your personal schedule.
I will see you at the airport.
Young Do is going to the airport? I told him to go.
- He must have hated it.
- He has no choice.
He can't disobey me yet.
Don't get too confident.
Kids grow up really fast.
- Call me.
- Okay.
- Long time no see.
- Yeah.
- How are you? - Good, just like you.
- That's pretty hard.
- I heard that you are getting married.
- Is that him? - Yeah.
It wasn't you 20 years ago.
It's not you this time either.
Strange isn't it? My heart still races when I see you.
I hope you feel the same after you get married.
Stay well.
- Yes? - Yes, Secretary Yoon.
Did Won return to Korea? - He should be on the plane right now.
- Oh I see.
I heard that you've met my son.
I did? Who's your son? Oh! I think I have.
His name is Chan Young right? - You're Secretary Yoon's son? - You remember now? - How did you get my number? - You wrote it in your comment.
- Let me talk to Cha Eun Sang.
- She's not with me right now.
- Where is she? - Just tell me.
I can take a message.
Are you her lawyer? I'm going to tell her myself.
Tell her that when she comes back.
- What did she say? She didn't call? - No.
I told her to ask for me when she calls.
In the English words that you taught me.
Yeah let's wait for her.
She must have her own situation.
He just called.
He asked to have you call him back.
He says that he has something to tell you.
No, I don't want to call him.
I won't ever see him again anyway.
- What time was your flight tomorrow? - Don't even think about it.
You remember how much I wanted to come here to study? Skipping class in front of me is mocking me.
- I'm going to go alone.
- Hey! I wasn't taking you anyway.
What? I'll kill you! Hey! It was like a summer night dream.
It's time for me to disappear now.
Like the dream last night.
Thank you, sir.
Let's go.
We won't have too much time after your duty-free shopping.
- I'm not comfortable going with you.
- Bear with it.
At least I'm good looking.
Text me when you arrive.
Are you planning on coming back to Korea? I always have plans, but I don't have the courage.
You need courage to go back to Korea? Yeah.
Rash boldness.
I need that.
Go ahead.
I still haven't forgiven you yet.
I really hate you.
I know.
Cha Eun Sang! Stop right there! - We've exchanged our names.
- Hey! - You're not even on the family registry.
- You don't even have a kid.
Let's see how Tan protects his mother from his brother.
I told him that you're still the jerk you are.
[Welcome! my STEP-sister.
Why doesn't a tiger have its own den? - Let your brother go.
- I'm here.
What you're worrying about will not happen.
That's not for an illegitimate child to decide.
- This is where we will be staying.
- Are you crazy? - You live here? - Did Tan move? Are you blind now? - I will go.
- Will you? You have to do your part.
I keep seeing a girl's back.
The maid's daughter lives here.