The Heirs (Sangsokjadeul) (2013) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

Episode 4 Cha Eun Sang! Stop right there! Okay go on in.
Call me.
Why didn't you call me? Didn't your friend tell you? - He did.
- Then you should've called me! Are you going to Korea right now? What were you going to say? Enter your phone number.
What are you doing? I was thankful.
I said thank you.
I also said good bye.
I said everything already.
So don't leave your fiancee alone to ask me something like that.
I will prepare Course E for you, ma'am.
[Seoul, Yongsan-gu.]
What are you doing? I'm waiting for you to finish.
What do you want? I've been thinking, and I have a terrible feeling we'll see each other again.
That's not going to happen.
You can only say that because you don't know Kim Tan well.
If something sad happens to him, I think he will want to see you first.
But he doesn't know anything about you.
That's why.
- Why what? - Let's say we exchanged our names like this.
Hey! I'm sorry but this cabin is for the first class passengers only.
The girl that just walked in took my Customs Declaration.
Please give me a moment to check that for you.
I'm sorry, but she says that she didn't.
You didn't what? [Welcome! My "STEP"-sister.
If you're that bored, go wash dishes.
You said that you wouldn't come out.
Why the hell did you come? You made me come out! You told your mom that you changed your flight.
You can't come back without making it a big deal? You shouldn't have lost to your father then.
Come quietly unless you want to walk home.
- Just stop talking.
- I will tell Mom that you picked me up.
So push this.
Damn it.
You look like you really want to know.
Tan is doing well.
Tan also asked if you were doing well.
I told him that you're still an ass and that you're doing fine.
The fox is now the king of the jungle without the tiger.
- Stop the car.
- Yes sir.
Have you ever thought of this? Why isn't the tiger at his jungle? Perhaps he only pretended that he was a tiger.
Perhaps he ran because he was afraid of others finding out.
- What - I picked you up.
What? Where's all the stuff? Huh? Eun Sang! What happened? Where's my mom? Your mom moved out.
She's now a resident maid.
What? I'm sorry, but may I borrow your phone? The chairman is sick today and the atmosphere is not good.
Go sleep at a sauna tonight and come tomorrow morning.
I saw you coming in wearing jeans and barefooted.
I know it's summer, but I didn't like it.
I'll be more careful.
But then you wore a skirt again! And you wore shorts two weeks ago.
Let me warn you again.
Please refrain from showing skin while tutoring.
No V-necks.
No perfume or manicures either.
Yes ma'am.
You scared me.
When did you arrive? I didn't hear you coming in.
Don't you hate my family? - I do.
- Then why don't you quit? Your mother pays better.
And I need that money.
Open your book.
- I like it.
- Like what? Everything my mom said not to do.
I like it too, but I'm not going to do it.
The person who pays is always right.
So what you like doesn't help me at all.
Do you understand? Page 16.
[Kim Won.]
Page 15? - Why aren't you answering it? - We're in the middle of class.
Read the book.
- Is it your boyfriend? - Integration by substitution.
No rings.
A necklace please.
A necklace? Absolutely sir.
Please take a look right here.
- The Wishbone? - Absolutely sir.
Please show our guest.
Sir, if I may say, this necklace will make your dreams come true.
What? That money was for the deposit? Where else would I get that much money? Oh my God! Are you out of your mind? How could you just give her all that money? She was lying about getting married! I heard.
She called.
That evil girl.
She actually called to tell her that? What did she say? Did she say that it was all a lie? She says that she's sorry.
She also asked if you got home well.
That's it? And you didn't do anything? What can I do? I can only pound on the phone! So why did you give her all that money? That bitch ran away from her mother and sister just for her own sake.
Don't you have a grudge? Don't call your sister a bitch.
What are we going to do now? Sleep on the streets? Stay here for a while.
Why? For how long? How many minutes? It's me.
Hee Nam! What do you think you're doing? How is your project going with Madame Jung? I started it two days ago! Two days ago! What could've happened already? - Do you trust me? - What do you mean? Oh my God! Are you blackmailing me? Yes, I feel terrible about it.
Oh my God! Who blackmails so politely? What do you want? Madame Han, Madame Jung is here.
What? Why all of a sudden? You didn't tell her did you? Not yet, but since she is here What is it? What do you want? Tell me! Write it down.
Put on something clean.
Something neat.
When did you change your socks? Put on new socks.
What are you doing? This will be our home from now on.
What? What else do you do aside from eating three meals a day? Why didn't you tell me that he was sick? He is sick every other day.
I can't tell you every time he is sick.
- Do you want him to die or live? - What? What did you just say? It's rude to barge into someone's house in the morning.
You have a lot of energy.
What? Someone's house? You're the one who's not family here! You're not even legally on the family register! Hah! It's only a family register.
You don't even have a child.
You never disappoint me.
Only a family register? - Is that why your son is not legally yours? - What? That's what a legal family register does.
That's why we're both childless.
Life is long! Just because he's not my son today doesn't mean he won't be mine tomorrow! - Blood is thicker than water for a reason.
- You're really So you need to watch your health.
Don't make me drag you out to un-register you from the family register.
Un-register yourself! How dare you? Go on.
Keep going.
You slapped me? - Did you just slap me? - You can't believe it? You want me to slap you again? Master Won is here.
- Hi Won.
- You should see Father.
- How was America? - You went to America? I'm back.
Continue what you were doing.
- Please put my suitcase upstairs.
- Yes sir.
He wasn't home? Life is long.
Blood is thicker than water.
What are you saying? You think Won and his father are related by water? Let's watch how well Tan protects his mother from his brother.
Dang you! You think that scares me? Hee Nam! Ice! Come with me.
Bring meds to the chairman's room.
Me? Hello.
My mother went to attend to Madame Han's affairs.
- Are you Park Hee Nam's daughter? - Huh? Yes sir.
What are you doing standing there? - Sit down.
- I have to go to the office.
What a terrible excuse.
- I saw Tan.
- I'm closer to the people that attended the party.
But none of them talked about Tan.
Get your brother out from his exile.
Or I will get him out.
I understand that you've been wounded.
That's why I played fair and let you hurt Tan.
But you're hurting him more than I thought you would.
This is not fair.
Your idea of fairness is having the both of us being equally wounded? I don't remember ever hugging Tan because I didn't want to hurt you.
I'm afraid that I will regret later.
You sound as if you raised us with love and affection.
Are you sure that you won't have regrets about me? Do I look like I'm asking your opinion? I will get going.
This is ridiculous! She's not the first wife either! You're right.
You know, there's a book called 'It hurts because you're a mistress.
' (Real title: 'It hurts because you're still young') What? This family looks ridiculous even to you, doesn't it? You must be glad that you're poor.
You don't have to go through this.
I guess I'm wrong.
Wait a minute.
If Won went to America then he must've seen Tan! I'm coming in! You should've told me that you were going to America! You can talk to Father about that.
Did you see Tan? What did he say? How is he? Is he doing well? - Did he ask about me? - Don't you know his number? - You want me to tell you? - He's not answering his phone.
Speaking of which, let me ask another question.
How long are you going to keep him out? Do you have to be so vicious? He's only 18.
What could he have At that age I was the heir to Jeguk Group.
I was already a major shareholder with 8%.
Okay, I take that back.
But Won you know I can't even face my own son.
I'm his mother.
And he must be so lonely This is not a Catholic church.
You can confess somewhere else.
I'm a Buddhist! It's been three years.
I've gotten taller.
And that's all you've gotten in America.
Stop talking.
You've taken enough courage already to come here.
Who's more powerful? The two ladies who were fighting.
Whose good side should I get on? It was obviously the wife and the mistress.
Who's more powerful? No, it's the second wife and the mistress.
Really? And I thought that the chairman looked nice.
There's also the first wife? The first wife died.
The president of the company is the son of the first wife.
So Chan Young's father helped you move? So you were her daughter.
Hi, I'm Cha Eun Sang.
- What grade are you in? - Second year in high school.
I'm sure that you could tell already.
This family isn't exactly elegant.
Don't let anything you see or hear go outside of the walls.
Do you understand what I'm saying? - Yes, ma'am.
- Good.
I trust your mom because she can't even if she wants to.
Thank you for what you've done for my mom and me.
I will move out as soon as I can.
I will stay quiet while I stay here.
If there's anything that bothers you, please tell me.
I'll fix it.
Okay, I see.
Give her something nice! I will do the dishes.
You should go inside.
Okay, then get me a bottle of wine from the cellar.
Year 2000.
What did she say? - She said that you are a nice person.
- Liar.
I'm not good to your mother.
Even her daughter is smart.
Don't stress about it and go to bed.
I will do the rest.
I got it from America.
You want me to drink with this while thinking about your sister? It's really good for dieting.
I'm going to start working.
You lose weight eating these and seduce a rich man.
That's the fastest way for us to get out of here.
Okay! Let's do that! I'm sorry Mom.
Forgive me for abandoning you.
I'm really sorry, Mom.
I'm sorry, Mom.
I'm really sorry, Mom.
Your drinks are ready.
- Table check! - Okay! Your order is ready.
[Counting cash Account balance.]
Chan Young! It's your debtor.
Yeah, give me your account number.
I can transfer it tomorrow morning.
You're coming to Korea? When? Oh yeah.
Summer break is already over.
Good morning.
Bad morning.
I'm so worried about Tan that I couldn't sleep last night.
- You were snoring.
- Snoring? Honey! The room is too dry! Does Tan want to come back to Korea? You think he left because he wanted to? I will make him come back even if he doesn't want to.
Three years was enough time of me being considerate for Won.
Do you even miss Tan? Of course I miss him.
I thought you only needed Won.
It's better if I have both.
Really? Really? You approved right? You deal with Won.
If he's too scared to come back because of his brother, he might as well not come back.
Stop changing your mind! Whatever! I'm going to call him.
He's not answering his phone again.
Gosh! [Mom.]
I always imagine About the people who were lonely because of me.
I hope that they were lonely at least once because I was not there.
I want to come back home, Father.
I miss you, Mom.
I want to believe that it hurt you at least once to send me away like that.
Secretary Yoon, it's me.
Are you of the mind to turn it in? Yes.
Thanks for everything.
One who wants to wear the crown, bears the crown One who wants to wear the crown, bears the crown Welcome! American food did you good! - You've gotten a lot taller.
- Yes.
- How are you? - How Jeguk Group is doing is how I am doing.
The chairman will be happy.
Your mother called four times to tell you to call her first.
I'm going to Won first.
Who? Who's here? I'm here.
For how many days? - I'm going to stay here.
- For how many days? Don't you remember what I told you when you were going to America? - Or did you not understand? - I know what you're concerned about.
- And you still came? - I missed my family.
- I missed home.
- To cry? I don't care what you say.
I'm not going back.
I'm going to have fun here.
Let me stay here.
What you're worried about is not going to happen.
What? What I'm worried about is not for an illegitimate child to decide.
Listen carefully.
One thing clear is that you lost the chance that I gave you.
The chance for the half-brothers to be nice to each other.
That's what you coming to Korea means.
You don't want to go back? Then stay.
What can I do to you? When everyone's on your side.
Your father is waiting for you.
I can't take you there.
Be careful.
You went to the airport without reporting to me? I thought that you would've heard from the chairman.
Since when did Father Book me a hotel to stay at for a while, somewhere close to the office.
How should I report to the chairman? Don't.
Let him guess.
My son! Let me see you! Let me see your face! I'm home, Father.
Good! Take a seat.
Why don't you answer my phone calls? Why do you call me so often? Father doesn't treat you well? Your father? He scolded at me for snoring.
I even got slapped a while ago Anyway, I was miserable.
Your mom is still a cry baby.
Was the house okay to stay at? I asked them to take good care of you.
It was too big.
It was too bright in the day and too dark at night.
It was dark? - Why did you put him somewhere dark? - If it's dark, then you can see the stars.
How about school? Did you learn anything? I just had fun.
Go rest.
You look tired.
Look how you've gotten taller.
I feel bad because you grew up so well without me.
Did you make a lot of American friends with blonde hair? With big boobs.
- You didn't do drugs did you? - They are expensive.
You've grown up really well.
Oh yeah, I heard Rachel went there.
Mom, I need to take a shower.
Let's have the press conference later.
Okay, I'm sorry.
Finish quickly and come out.
Okay, ma'am.
Just as I have no way to prove what was in my dream last night that place is the same to me.
Was I really there? Second son? What time is it? Go out right now and come back late tonight.
It's not looking good right now.
The first son hasn't come home for days after the second son came back.
Then tell him to come back! Why make me work? I only had three hours of sleep.
The chairman is not in a good mood and that makes Madame Han hysterical! Don't get stuck in the middle and leave! Where do I go in the morning? I will come back after saying bye to my dad when he's going to work.
I can just stay here.
I know you can, but not my father.
My father really hates you.
We need to resolve this misunderstanding.
I wish that it was a misunderstanding.
But he hates you just the way you are.
There's a convenient store down there.
Get yourself something to eat.
You scared me.
What? Do you live here? Who is she? Did Tan's family move? Let me try it once! - Why? It's mine! - Let me try it once! Why? Bring yours from home! Hey! Kids! This is a public area.
You have to behave! She's sleeping.
Mommy! Look at these kids.
Are you showing off that you have a mother? I had a mom at your age too! Hey Choi Young Do! What are you doing? Hey, these kids picked fight with me.
They are making fun of me for not having a mother.
Kids these days.
Are you hurt? My heart is.
Shush! - Hi! - Hi! You've gotten prettier! Hi guys! Have seen my father? - I think he was at the stage.
- He wasn't there.
Oh by the way, I loved your opening soundtrack! 'I can only see you!' That's Lee Hong Ki's! - Oh, bye.
- Where are you going? - Did you hear her sing? - Bye! - Hey! I loved your performance! - We didn't go on yet.
Good luck.
- Three, four.
- Thank you.
Hi Hee Chul.
- Are you doing alright? - How about you? - I'm a big star! - So are you doing well? You know how we did in Taiwan? - Have you been to Taiwan? - Hee Chul! - Bo Na! - Thank you.
- What are you doing here? Are you the host? - Yes, I'm the host.
Have you seen Kyu Hyun Hey, do you like Kyu Hyun or me better? - I like Chan Young.
- Oh, Chan Young! - You know Chan Young? - Of course not.
Is he your boyfriend? Is he your boyfriend or your hostage? That's disgusting.
You're too old! Excuse me elder, have you seen my father? Elder? Hey I was number one on the Taiwan charts for 60 weeks straight.
I dominated.
[What are you doing with another man?.]
- What the - Who am I talking to? Bo Na? Look at me Bo Na.
Lee Bo Na! Where are you looking at? [Right side.
- Bo Na front, Bo Na back! (Look front, look back.
) - Chan Young! You're going to get hurt.
When did you come back to Korea? How did you get in? I saw your father at the front.
I arrived in Korea three hours ago.
What the heck? You didn't say that you were coming on the phone yesterday.
That's why you're touched three times more.
Over there, hostage! Tell me if you're in danger.
You should've called still.
- I really missed you.
- Me too.
- I missed you even more! - I can't lose this time.
I missed you.
Don't go anywhere from now on.
- Let's always go together from now.
- Okay, let's do that.
What about Cha Eun Sang? Why me? Did you move in with her? Why would I move in with a friend when my girlfriend is so pretty? You want to eat anything? Korean food! It's my treat.
Let's go! - Weren't you looking for your father? - That's not important right now.
- I don't want a daughter.
- Oh my God, did I say that I'd have one for you? Pervert! - Put it in cold water.
- Aha! - Here.
- Thank you! This is why you wanted to eat at home.
Bon appetit! It's Chan Young's favorite.
I thought your favorite was sushi.
Oh! He knows how to date girls.
He doesn't like raw fish.
Really? What the heck! Stop being so perfect in front of Father.
You have to treat your girlfriend like I do when you get one, Dad.
- You want me to get a girlfriend? - I'm against it, Father.
Focus on Chan Young 100% until he goes to college.
Then can you break up with him because he has to go to college? Sea-world (In-law-world) is difficult.
This is really good, Father! Leave a huge tip.
I couldn't get used to the tips in L.
I got nervous every time I had to pay.
I heard that you saw Tan in L.
Yeah, I almost couldn't recognize him because I hadn't seen him in a long time.
- You mean Kim Tan? - You know Tan? Of course not! How would I know Kim Tan? - I think you know him.
- You can safely say that she does.
No, I don't know him.
I really don't.
You can safely say that she does.
What now? What's wrong? I think I got dumped.
Chan Young is not coming back? I knew he was the wise one.
It's not like that! Then what is it? Chan Young may have found out that I went out with Kim Tan.
Did he find out or not? They met in America.
Kim Tan and Chan Young.
Oh no! He dumped you for Tan? Come here, you asked for it.
So does he know or not? I don't know if he knows.
- You said that you got dumped.
- Yeah, I will be.
What did Tan say about me? I'm sure he didn't get over me.
I think they got into a fight.
You think Kim Tan is going to sue Chan Young for beating him up? - Hey! It would be Tan who beat him up.
- Chan Young is good at fighting! And don't get on Kim Tan's side! Don't get on Rachel's side! Just as I have no way of proving my dream from last night that place is the same for me.
Was I really there? You were there.
I can prove it.
[Eun Sang - You were there.
I can prove it.
Hey log out right now! Or I will log you out from your life.
No, I won't! Did I look that decent to you? I'm a drug dealer.
Where are you? Are your kidneys still healthy? They are healthy.
Take them if you need them.
Be honest with me.
You really wish that I was there, don't you? I bought cheese.
Okay, leave it there.
Why isn't she answering? Sleeping beauty.
Sleeping beauty.
- Once upon a time.
- Once upon a time.
- There lived a - There lived I got the cheese.
Thank you.
I didn't make you do this.
It was your mom.
Yes ma'am.
No, not this! How many times do I have to tell you? It's the one with 2005 written on it.
It's not in French! You can read numbers! Have you gone blind too? I will go.
Give me that Mom.
- Ask me for wines from now on.
- Would you? Okay, that'd be better.
You're free loading.
You should do your part.
- They loved each other.
- They loved Why would you do this? Just go study! How can I study when I can't even do my part? Everything together - But unfortunately, - But un fortunately.
Even the wines live in luxury.
Why aren't you saying anything? - Mom! - Hmm? - Have you ever had a night terror here? - Night terror? Why? You get nightmares? I keep seeing a girl's back with long hair.
Oh, she's the daughter of one of the maids.
She lives here.
She's your age.
What was her name? Cha Eun Sung? I told her to stay as if she's not here, like a ghost.
Why does she live here? The older daughter was getting married in America so the mother helped her with her rent deposit.
So what choice does she have? Don't go! Don't go! Do you know how Mom made this? Go now! Eun Suk! I hate seeing Mom have a hard time.
I hope Jeguk Group goes bankrupt.
What are you doing right now? Answer me quickly! Answer me quickly! I'm drinking water.
Special thanks to Kim Hee Chul, BtoB, VIXX, and 2EYES.
He's grown up.
He kicked out his brother as soon as he got here.
- Don't move.
- What are you doing? Have you lost your mind? I'm just taking your name.
Call me if you want it back.
- Is this your number? - Huh? I'm paying to get your number.
So why did you? Because you were pretty.
I couldn't get you out of my head.
I don't care about school! I don't want to live hiding in this room.
Let's get out! I forgot to introduce myself.
You're officially mine starting today.
Lucifer makes his appearance in a school of Satans.
I missed you my friend.