The Heirs (Sangsokjadeul) (2013) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

What are you doing right now? Answer me right now! I'm drinking water.
Episode 5 What's the big deal? I hate seeing my mom have a hard time.
I hope Jeguk Group goes bankrupt.
It really was you.
Cha Eun Sang.
Gone to the supermarket.
Oh my god! What are you doing here? I was thirsty.
It looks like she went to get groceries.
Does she have to go in the morning? How come Won hasn't come back for days? Huh? Business trips? He stays outside of Korea half of the time.
I thought I could see him every day when I come back to Korea.
You're so soft! He hates you! But I like him.
I'm washing up.
What are you doing today? You want to go shopping with me? I have a place to go.
Where? I transferred you here.
You're not going to get away with what you did in middle school here.
- I won't go easy on you.
- Yes ma'am.
On whose will did you come back to Korea? Was it your father's or your mother's? - It was on my own will.
- Really? You've grown up.
You learned to kick your brother out as soon as you got here.
I heard that he left home.
I wanted to eat lunch.
I'm busy enough! I will give you 20 minutes.
I found something interesting in America.
- What is this? - A wishbone.
Americans like that.
Two people tug on the bone until it breaks.
The wish of the person with the larger piece comes true.
- It's kind of like a double-stick popsicle.
- What's that? It's an ice cream.
Tug on this side for me later when I have a wish.
- You don't have one right now? - No.
How could you not have a wish? I went to college.
I have a room.
I have savings.
Then let's say it's for luck, instead of a wish.
My real present.
Put it on as a lucky charm.
I grew up with the scholarship from your family.
I can finally make a living on my own.
- So - Scholarship? Couldn't it just be a present? I have to go.
I will get fired if I'm late.
Do I throw this away then? Okay.
Thank you.
You're not going to wear it, are you? Stay right there.
I will put it on for you.
- Does it look good on me? - Yes.
How come it's so hard to put on a necklace for you? You have a guest in your room.
It's me.
When did my father get here? What are you talking about? Isn't it my father that's in my hotel room? He's at home.
I just saw him there.
I will call you back.
- Who's my guest? - It's your brother.
And you just let anyone in my room? Is that how you run your hotel? Chairman Kim had called in himself.
My father called to tell you to break in to my room? Yes sir.
Who did you go see? You didn't even eat dinner yet.
It's good.
Did you make all of this? I made them all by asking.
You're so good at cooking by asking.
I will ask them every day.
Is the girl that lives here her daughter? Eun Sung? Yeah, I pitied her.
That's why I'm nice to her.
- How long has she lived here? - Her mother has worked here for three years.
Her daughter moved in recently.
Fortunately, she can speak well.
I wonder if she got home.
- Eun Sung! - Yes? I need more wine.
Where are you? Come here.
Yes, did you need me ma'am? Yeah, go to the cellar - Where did he go? - Who? Nothing.
Go get me a bottle of wine from the cellar.
Just anything will do.
Yes, ma'am.
Where did he go? It's strange.
Because my heart still races for you.
One more please.
Make that two more.
I'm going to sit here.
Think of it as overtime.
It must have been Tan that waited for you at the hotel.
You're close with Tan.
When Tan takes over the company later, you will be working for him.
Are you going to let him take over? You never fall for it whether you're drunk or sober.
President Kim.
- President Choi.
- I called you several times.
My trip in America was long.
It was about that.
I called to ask you to stay at my hotel.
You refused my offer.
The ranch was at a countryside near Modesto.
I was too far away from your hotel.
It's been a long time.
I saw Rachel in America.
I heard.
Is everything okay with you, in-law? Thanks to you.
The gentleman with you is He is my chief secretary.
It's my pleasure to meet you.
My name is Yoon Jae Ho.
Then it wasn't an important meeting.
Why don't we grab a drink together? Thanks to the European Games the market in India is not doing well.
Which place are you looking at right now? I've been looking at the areas in Sahara, Africa.
But Secretary Yoon is against that idea.
The risk is too high.
The same thing may happen there and the volatility is 'You can't!' 'It's too risky!' That's what the employees say all the time.
They have no courage They don't take risks.
Not one of them has a positive attitude.
'You can't.
' and 'It's too risky!' Saying that is courageous and risky for the employees.
Excuse me for a second.
My son is waiting for my phone call.
Secretary Yoon? Was it Yoon? What exactly is his position? Excuse me for a moment while you gentlemen settle your hierarchy.
I don't like watching National Geographic.
How is he so fearless? He enrages me.
He gets me angry.
He even hurts me sometimes.
He can do the same to you.
You said that he was just a chief secretary.
How will he even try? I don't know how he will do it.
Stop nagging I won't be late.
Okay, good bye.
As you can see, he's not exactly a gentleman.
I'm sorry.
- Me too.
- For what? Number 13.
The world's most famous sidewalk is also in Hollywood.
It's a question about Hollywood.
- What's the answer? - Three.
On this question, 'was' and 'placed' were both used in past tense.
Will Cha Eun Sang wake up and tell me what it is? It's passive past tense.
I was going to get you in trouble.
That's it for today.
Thank you.
Are you sick? I moved.
It takes two hours for me to commute.
- Wake me up for third period.
- Sheesh Can you push the girl with healthy kidneys over here? Her? You? You look like you're glad to see me.
You must have thought of me a lot.
I'm not glad.
I'm shocked! How did you come here? Did you come back to Korea? As you can see.
I know someone at your school, so I came to see her.
And I'm looking at her right now.
What do you need? - I needed to ask you something.
- Why do you always ask It's not about you.
- Then what is it? - Give me Yoon Chan Young's number in Korea.
- Why? - I'm interested.
- So why? - Why wouldn't I be interested? Because he's pretty.
I just can't keep him out of head.
It's killing me.
Oh my god.
Forget it, he's taken.
By your ex-girlfriend, Lee Bo Na.
I have to go.
I'm a little busy.
Stop right there.
I said stop! Stop, would you? Here you go.
[Chan Young.]
- I'm working right now.
- And you have time for your SNS? - What's that picture? - Picture? Bye! Kim Tan is so hot.
Are you serious? Huh? This is my cafe.
You still didn't log off? - Would you log off? - What the hell? - What? - Never mind.
I'd rather just delete my account.
Can I order please? You have to order at the front.
Please take it from here for me.
Get me Yoon Chan Young's number.
Okay, if that will get rid of you.
Here take it and go.
You said that you couldn't remember his number in America because it had changed.
- What are you doing? - Yoon Chan Young? Yeah, this is Kim Tan.
I need to ask you something.
- Hey! - What's Cha Eun Sang's number? I wouldn't have asked you if she was going to tell me.
Why can't you tell me? Cha Eun Sang just gave me your number.
Chan Young! I'm sorry.
I will call you later.
What are you doing? You said thank you every time in America.
You're so different in Korea.
I wanted to know because I thought that I might call you.
Why would you need to call me? You never know.
I might need to say 'look upstairs' or 'look behind you.
' - What are you talking about? - You want to know? Hey! What are you doing? I wanted to tell you the things that I just told you.
But later.
I will log out from the SNS.
Let's say we're even.
- Bye.
- How's that even? Stop right there! I said stop! Stop, would you? I will call you.
I need to see someone today.
How long are you going to stay in Korea? Why? Do you not want me to go? I want to treat you to dinner before you leave.
You asked me out! You buy groceries on your own? It's part of a single dad's 7 PM schedule.
I went to the hotel, but I couldn't see him.
He must have found out that I was there.
He's not easy.
I'm sorry.
It must be difficult for you in the middle.
That's touching, but I'm not that easy myself.
I just don't know what to do.
Of course you don't.
Because it's not your fault.
It's not his fault either.
You're right.
It's your father's fault.
He should have heard that.
Please no.
Chan Young is still in high school.
I'm jealous of Chan Young, because you're his father.
He would be jealous of you.
Your father is the chairman.
Would he? I'm home.
Please continue.
- Take out what you've got.
- Yes sir.
I only have two sons.
But will you look at them.
What does she do now? She tutors in Gangnam.
I think this needs an explanation.
It didn't seem intentional.
It was a coincidence in America.
Cha Eun Sang stayed at your son's place for a few days.
Stayed? - Just them two? - Yes sir.
This is today.
Boy, am I embarrassed to see you.
Look how terribly I've raised my sons.
[2013 Educational Path Study Cha Eun Sang.]
[Major Preference 1 : None Preference 2: None.]
[College Preference 1: None Preference 2: None.]
[Future plan: Get a job.
Kim Tan? It's you! Hey Tan! Do you know me? Did I bully you? - You don't remember me? - Of course I do.
This is me saying hi.
How were you, Jo Myung Soo? You scared me.
I know I've gotten pretty after going through adolescence.
But it hurt that you couldn't recognize me.
When did you come back to Korea? Are you back permanently? Yeah.
I'm still jet lagged.
- Are you going to school? - School? Damn it! As you can see, I have to go to school early in the morning.
- You didn't move did you? - Move? There was a girl Never mind.
Never mind if you didn't move.
Talk to you later.
I'm going to get busy.
What are you doing here? Oh, Cha Eun Sang.
How did we run into each other like this? You must have had a good dream last night.
What are you doing here? How did you know that I live here? - You live here? - Where do you think you are? Come follow me.
There's CCTV everywhere here.
Where are we going? This is the worst timing.
We may run into the second son of this family.
He always comes in at this time.
Oh the second son, who's supposedly really good looking? You can keep on dragging me.
Do you Do you live in this neighborhood in Korea? Yeah.
- Which house? - Why? You want to know where I live? It's going to surprise you.
Forget it.
I was just wondering if they had rumors about it in the neighborhood.
What rumors? I'm going to tell you just in case you get a wrong idea.
I'm sure you're wondering how I came out of a house like that when you've seen me in America.
I'm not.
I want to know something else.
What else? When are you going to treat me to dinner? - When the time comes.
- And when is that? Don't you dare tell me 'At the appropriate moment.
' You said that you would call me.
But you didn't.
You were waiting for my phone call? I'm going to get going.
I'm already late.
Hey! Lee Bo Na! What's wrong with him? - Don't get shocked.
- Don't get in my way.
Kim Tan is back in Korea.
Decisive moment.
You should be nervous.
- What's wrong? - Huh? I was singing inside.
What did he say? - Kim Tan is back in Korea.
- Who? Oh the kid you saw in L.
? What was the name of the song I was singing in my head? I'm really itching to know right now.
I will go ask Ye Sol.
What song is it? G.
's 'Lies?' Or Big Bang's 'Lies?' T-ARA's 'Lies?' Lee Bo Na! Rachel! What? Is Kim Tan back in Korea? Myung Soo says that he is.
What if he is? Can you not mind about my fiance and only worry about Yoon Chan Young? He was dating someone else in America.
She's not someone else.
She's a friend.
My boyfriend calls often and tells me everything.
So there is nothing I don't know about him.
Unlike your fiance.
You sound like you know a lot about Kim Tan.
Was he like that when he was with you? Don't bring up the past right now! So is Kim Tan back here or not? - Why do you care if he is back or not? - Does it hurt to tell me? I'm scared that Kim Tan is going to hurt Yoon Chan Young! If I get dumped, I'm going to use all of my money to get revenge on you! The number you've dialed Move.
Is it true that Kim Tan is back? Why is everyone asking me? This is so annoying! I said move! So my sister doesn't know either.
That's why she's annoyed.
I can tell that you're really concerned seeing that you're being sarcastic.
Why? Are you afraid to lose your place? I'm afraid that I won't see him, when I miss him very much.
I'm afraid that my friend will avoid me.
Your friend is back in Korea.
- Yeah, it's me.
- You called? - Where are you? - I'm back in Korea.
If you called me to ask me that, I told you just now.
Bye then.
What time? Okay, I will see you then.
I'm going to see him after school.
You have anything you want to tell him? I don't think you can go see him.
But if you do see him, please give him my message.
'How is your mother doing?' How long have you worked here? Take a seat.
Honey! Honey, you've got it wrong.
She didn't hear me right.
I can explain everything.
Listen to me.
Okay, explain.
He asked how long I've been working here.
Three years! Three years and she's really good! But she keeps on saying that it's been two.
How can you get that wrong? - But why? - Why? Most people can't last here for a year because the ladies in the house are not nice.
I'm just thankful that Miss Park stayed for so long.
That's true.
How old is your daughter? Second year in high school.
She must have been lonely without her father.
I wonder if she is studying well.
I don't know about that.
Write that down.
She always gets in fifth place in her class Really? You have a smart daughter.
She does everything she is required to in her harsh environment.
She also helps her mother.
As you already know, my foundation has a few schools.
Why don't you transfer your daughter to Jeguk High School? - Chairman! - Just take it as my token of appreciation! The children need to have their dreams even in harsh environments.
Honey! What? Transfer? You said that it was hard to commute after you moved.
But did you have to tell me at the last minute? You could have tipped me off! Your mom just came here and got all the required documents for transfer.
My mom did? Isn't Jeguk High School difficult to transfer into without connections? How did you get in? Jeguk High School? Me? I'm transferring? To Jeguk High? What's going on? The chairman did it for us.
It's a once in a lifetime opportunity.
Have you lost your mind? How can you decide that without asking me first? Don't you know how expensive that school is? It's not just lunch money and donations.
We won't be able to afford the uniform.
How can I transfer? I know how much it costs.
I will get it for you, no matter what.
How will you get it for me? We don't even have a place to get the deposit back.
It's hard for me.
I don't want to waste anymore energy with this nonsense.
I'm not transferring.
Give me back the documents.
It hurts! Why won't you transfer? Other kids would kill for this chance.
I can't afford to send you to college.
So at least get the Jeguk High School diploma if you're going to be a high school grad.
Say that you were once rich, but your dad's business went bankrupt.
Then the people would look down on you less.
Mom! The chairman is looking for you.
We will talk later.
No, he's looking for Eun Sang.
Me? Did you hear from your mother? Yes.
Thank you for the offer.
- But it's more than what I'm worth.
- Don't be so quick to judge on that.
While other kids are soaring high you're going to spend your youth in that small dark maids' room? Jeguk High also has a program that selects scholarship students to study abroad.
Study abroad? The criteria for selection are not just grades.
The important criteria are the things that are not seen.
Protecting the youths' dreams is the job of the elders with more in their pockets.
Leave that up to me.
Come here! Did you eat? Say that you're hungry if you are.
- When will you ever speak? Hmm? - You're here.
I didn't prepare your dinner because I heard that you had plans.
Plans? Your car is ready.
You can come out.
It looks like I'm the only one who doesn't know about my plans.
Am I eating dinner with you tonight? Don't try to get smart and come out on time.
I don't want to wait for you.
I can get there on my own.
You can go home.
Your father told me not to let you come on your bike.
He bites when I tell him to.
Yes sir.
I will be back.
Father treats me worse than you.
So I should act like you.
Your father is late.
He is usually punctual.
I don't know whose father you're talking about.
I guess your real father is punctual.
I got this at the department store for your dog.
I saw that you had a dog last time.
I heard that you like him a lot.
Do you like it? When did you visit my place? I visited once to pick up your father.
Do you like dogs? I do.
- Did you have him for a long time? - I did.
Was it in middle school when my mom left and Dad was seeing those girls? Girls? I bought that dog with the money those girls gave me.
It's a pedigree and he's smart.
I trained the dog and he attacked the girls when I said, 'Sic!' How could I not like him? - Stop.
- He doesn't bite the ones who didn't pay for him.
- But you're welcome to pay now, if it bothers you.
- I said stop! I'm late.
Anything I say will sound like an excuse.
So let's eat first.
Oh no! Young Do has plans today, and he can't eat with us.
What plans? Don't you know your priorities? It's something he can't miss.
I also need to go there.
What are you doing? We're going to be late.
I will get going.
By the way, I love this.
Oh no, it looks like we're having a date.
Then I will be a girl instead of a mother.
You want some wine? - You can't just leave.
- What then? I just saved your butt so give me a ride.
I don't have a ride because I came in my mom's car.
- Where are you going? - To get the school uniform.
I've been growing.
- Are you really going to get on? - Give me the helmet.
You're always so unpredictable.
Don't tell me to hang on tight, because I won't.
That's the price because all the stitches are done by hand.
The school is on a different level.
But how can a uniform cost a million? It's 998,000 Won.
Summer uniforms are cheaper.
They are 488,000 Won.
I see.
- You're not running away.
- I have no reason to.
Are you out of your mind? You have no reason to run away from me? Even when Kim Tan came back to Korea just as I had expected? I can tell that you already know that he's here.
This is why I warned you enough in America.
Why can't you understand? Are you done? Then it's my turn.
- Don't move.
- What? What did you just do? Are you out of your mind? Don't you remember on the plane? You got my name, phone number, and my address.
But I will only take your name.
If you want it back then call me.
You already know my number.
Hey! Stop right there! What are you? Her protector? You can't just let her go! - I think you lost.
- Move! Succumb to the result and go buy your uniform.
You can go home on your own.
I think something different just came up for me.
What is it? Let me ask you a few questions.
What are you and Kim Tan? Nothing.
What about you and Rachel? Nothing at all.
Then why did take her name pin? Why did she take your name, address, and phone number? Why do you care? Just in case you've got the wrong idea Do you think I'm asking nicely right now? Is that another question? Answer one at least.
I think we're on the same side.
We've just met.
Are you sure? I've seen you before.
- Where? - Will you see me again, if I tell you? - No.
- Why not? What? I've never seen anyone piss off Rachel that fast except for me.
- That's a rare gift.
So let's - I'm sorry.
But I don't want to get involved, so can you move? Are you sure that I was stopping you? Don't you think that you weren't just moving? Am I blocking the entire street? Can I get your number from Rachel? It's me.
Can I see you after school tomorrow? Give me your account number.
I don't feel secure with all that money in my account.
Geez! I will text you later! What happened to your SNS? Did someone hack you? You want me to take care of that? Take care of something else for me.
Give me some information about Jeguk High.
My school? What information? What do you think about me going to Jeguk High? What are you talking about? My mother's boss is transferring me.
My mom was so excited that she already did the transfer procedures without asking me.
Really? What's with that reaction? You're already going to that school.
And what do you think? Do you want to go? Frankly, I was jealous of you going to that school.
Its name can explain everything.
They are letting me go.
I can't even be a tail of the snake.
But they are letting me be a tail of a dragon.
I have no reason to refuse.
Do you think I shouldn't go? There's nothing you shouldn't do.
Really? A lot may fall and change.
But it's a bigger world for sure.
Welcome aboard, Cha Eun Sang.
You sound like you're giving me permission.
Thanks Chan Young.
To celebrate the Two-Two Day of Tan and Bo Na.
(22nd day) Your Love, Po Na.
Yeah, it's me.
I just wired the money.
I couldn't give you the interest.
It's really a good bye with America.
It was like one summer night dream.
I'm going to go now.
Like a dream last night.
Good bye.
Again? How would I go there again? America is too far away from the maids' room.
I got to go.
Yeah, I will call you.
Don't they worry about their electricity bills? They left all the lights on.
[Kim Tan.]
Hello? Hello Sydney? Is this why you took my number? I'm not scared at all.
Look upstairs.
What upstairs? Where? Look behind you.
How are you here? Think about it.
Are you the second son of this family? Yeah.
You're the second son of Jeguk Group? Yeah.
Then when you saw me in front of the gate.
Did you know that I lived here? Yeah.
You knew that I lived in the maids' room here? Yeah.
Cha Eun Sang.
Did I Did I miss you? I'm coming in.
What's that? Your school uniform.
Your father wants you to go to school tomorrow.
Do well in school.
Take over.
Become Iljin? (A bullying gangster.
) Take over in studying.
The daughter of the maid gets fifth place.
She's going to transfer to your school.
You're not going to let her get better grades than you, are you? - What? - Eun Sung.
Your father is doing his charity work again.
When you see her at school, pretend that you don't know her.
You've got to be at the same level to exchange greetings.
Cha Eun Sang is transferring to Jeguk High? My shares hit bottom.
- How much did you lose? - Two billion.
- Two billion? - Your shares were doing well yesterday.
I think they will do well today too.
I'm going to wait just a bit longer.
Can you shut up? How can you compare the 27th rank to the 23rd rank? - How dare you speak to me like that? - Just wait one month.
When the new car comes out next month, I'm gonna kick your ass.
That's funny huh? Oh my gosh.
Why isn't she wearing our uniform? Is she new? Who cares? Hey! What are you doing here? You came to take a tour? I transferred here.
What? Transfer? No way, how could you? Transfer? Or are you here to return my name tag? - What does your family do? - Then what does yours? - Who is she? - A new kid.
I can't believe it.
Who's the new face? A new kid.
I still can't believe it.
A new kid? Hi, I'm the Jeguk High's finest, Jo Myung Soo.
Nice to meet you.
Oh I'm Is he really back? So he's really back? Is it oh no! - Yeah.
- He came to school? I need to look for Young Do.
What's wrong? Who is it? Long time no see.
You don't have to glare at me like that.
Everyone knows that we're engaged.
My ex-girlfriend's boyfriend.
What are you doing here? Employee's benefits? Yeah, that's exactly who he is.
Lucifer makes his appearance in the school of Satans.
Young Do! You've met.
I missed you, my friend.
- Welcome.
- Ease up.
- I won't do anything for now.
- Let's just say hi.
You're going to scare the kids.
Chan Young! Where are you? I'm at the school right now.
- The strict ranks of this place.
- Ranks? Which direction is our lives heading towards? - Can't you sit somewhere else? - I can finally eat something.
Eat a lot, newcomer.
- Go back to your school.
- You arrogant bitch.
Don't talk about Kim Tan and us.
That's exactly what I want.
Can't you pretend that you don't know me? - Stay next to me.
- He's my second son.
- I didn't do this on purpose.
- See what happens when you just behave without thinking? You and I cannot be in the same picture! What am I? Rapunzel? I will give you the chance to leave before I say 'illegitimate child.
' I guess we won't get along.