The Heirs (Sangsokjadeul) (2013) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

Episode 6 I missed you, my friend.
- Welcome back.
- Ease up.
I won't do anything right now.
Let's just say hi.
You're going to scare the kids.
Chang Young, where are you? I'm at the school right now It's like a holiday gift set.
You came without wearing your uniform? Come with me.
- This is so annoying! - Agreed.
Are you done? Come with We're still talking, Sis.
- We can't end it without a hug or tears.
- Let go! I don't know about a hug.
But you can ask me for tears, because I can make you cry.
See? It's already getting fun.
I think I'll be too excited for school every morning now.
If that worries you, you should consider transferring.
Because I can't.
My mother is the chairman of the board.
So you have a mother and a mom? Did I go too far for the first day? I'm just so glad to see you again.
Let's keep in touch.
I'll get going too.
Hey, let me go with you.
We need to talk.
So he's the notorious Kim Tan? I heard that he is even more evil than Choi Young Do.
But he's hot.
That's why he's the devil.
He bullies kids with that face.
- How do you know him? - My first love.
Really? You went out with Kim Tan? How can all of these things happen at the same time? I should treat Jo Myung Soo with lunch.
If he hadn't spread rumors about you coming back I would have been dumbfounded like everyone else.
- When I'm supposedly your fiancee.
- Get him something nice.
She transferred to this school.
Does it have to do with you? It can't have anything to do with me, because my mother probably signed the transfer papers.
I'm asking if you wanted this to happen.
Since when did that matter in my family affairs? I even got engaged without wanting it.
Cha Eun Sang transferring to this school has nothing to do with me.
Fine, let's talk about us from now.
We were talking about us just now.
You could have called, and we would have come to school together.
You should've called.
Why didn't you tell me that Kim Tan was the son of Jeguk Group? - So you found out.
- You could have tipped me off.
And if I did? Would you have left that house? This is why I didn't tell you.
Compared to what's in front of you, it's not important who Kim Tan is.
Instead, I will tell you the important matters that lie ahead of you.
Why do you sound so serious? You're scaring me.
Listen carefully.
There's a strict hierarchy here.
Hierarchy? - The highest class.
' Management Succession Group.
' - You should go to PGA! In other words, sons and daughters of the conglomerate families.
I heard that there's a personnel change at your hotel.
Didn't you have one a while ago? That's my dad's style.
He never blames himself.
Oh yeah, Neverland launched ten more branches under direct management.
That's how my mom works.
She should just focus on what she has.
Second class, 'Stock-shares Inheritance Group.
' They will not participate in management, but they are already major shareholders.
You must be feeling good right now.
Kim Tae Hee's drama is airing on our broadcasting station.
Mega Entertainment's stock value has gone up.
Let's get this straight.
Tae Yeon being in our agency has increased your stock price.
But it's still just entertainment business.
You never know when it's going to crash.
- What? - What? The third class, 'Honor Inheritance Group.
' Ministers, politicians, the Chief Justice, presidents of law firms.
Children of honorable occupations.
Your father's case is going to be difficult.
My dad says that there's been similar cases ruled in favor of defendants.
Since when did prosecutors indict based on previous cases? Justice will be served to those who have done wrong.
And the fourth class, the 'Social Care Group' like you and me.
Social Care Group? It refers to the kids who got in the school through social care.
I guess that makes sense for me.
But what about you? Do you know the caste system? A son of the chief secretary? That's Shudra here.
The Untouchable peasants.
If you're an Untouchable, then what does that make me? Will I be able to survive here? At least you have someone on your side.
All the other kids were alone, including me.
New kid, they want you at the teachers' office.
By the way I'm the president of the class.
You can ask me, if you need to know anything.
Then the first question.
Where's the teachers' office? Sit down.
You can follow the chart for the mandatory classes.
For electives, you can make your own schedule.
It's like the college system.
And fill this out right now.
[Home Environment Survey.]
[Father, Mother.]
[Highest Education Level: (empty) Occupation:.]
I heard that your mother was a housemaid.
That's why you're exempt from tuition.
She's also a housewife.
Umm okay.
Your first class is mine.
It's mandatory.
Good luck.
She will be joining us starting today.
Say hi.
Hi, I'm I'm Cha Eun Sang.
I'm ordinary and average in every aspect.
I do well independently.
So I won't ask for your attention.
Any help would be too much.
Nice to meet you.
Go sit in the empty seat.
Let's start the class.
I have a question for the newcomer.
What was the reason for your transfer? There's another transfer student here.
- Is there anyone who doesn't know you here? - We can't skip the formalities.
It's my turn.
I'm Kim Tan.
You won't know the name of the school I attended.
I just got back from America.
I, too, want to be ordinary and have no trouble in school.
Please cooperate.
Hee Nam! Hee Nam! Where is she? [Scene from the Korean film: 'The Housemaid'.]
Why are you wearing those clothes while cleaning? Isn't it uncomfortable? For change of mood.
What about my mood? Are you playing a movie star or something? Of all movies Have you seen my cream blouse? The one of the only two in Korea.
Jeon Ji Hyun has one and I have the other one.
Dry cleaning only.
Oh yeah! I feel insecure without it.
Does she pick knowing what she's doing? You're out of your mind! Where do you think you are? I'm here as a parent to see the chairman of the school board.
- I'm just an eager mom.
- Eager what? It's Tan's first day of school.
- It must have made a big fuss.
- Have you lost your mind? I made you the lady of the house.
So stay in the house! Why are you wandering outside? Don't you know that you and I cannot be in the same shot? I can't even get fresh air? What am I? Rapunzel? Go to the Han River for fresh air.
- Know your place! This is an art gallery! - I can't go to a river.
Someone may push me in.
What? You What? You're going to hit me again? - It's only hard the first time.
- See this? - This says two weeks of hospitalization.
- You've got a doctor's note? I let you get me the first time, but not again.
You know I can press charges for this! [Diagnosis of Injury.]
Depression, panic disorder, and anthrophobia? (Anthrophobia - fear of people) Speaking of anthrophobia.
- Am I not a person? - Technically no.
You'd have to be over 168 cm.
Then is 'acrophobia' fear of not being able to sue? (Height and lawsuit are homophones) Sue me! You wouldn't want to get 'acrophobia.
' Make sure you do, okay? - Leave.
- You think I won't? If I can't sue you, then I will hit you.
Now! [Recruit for TBS PD.]
Why do you even bother to knock? Be nice to me.
It's been a year.
Greet me on your feet at least.
Why? You need a hug? Stop or I might just fall for you.
Is everything good? Are you still smart? Of course.
Are you back for good now? I'm wearing the uniform.
I'm back for good.
This is big for a high school broadcast room.
It's all thanks to your father's wealth.
You want to take a test? You want to be a Program Director? My face is too good looking for that.
How are you, Lee Bo Na? Good.
Where is Yoon Chan Young right now? Chan Young did nothing wrong! I heard the same thing.
Then what did I do wrong? Why is he looking for Chan Young? Does he want to fight him or what? Why would Kim Tan fight Chan Young? Why else? He still can't get over me.
I mean, why did he show up? I just wanted to put everything behind us because past is just past.
Gosh, I hate him so much, but he's so hot.
He is hot, but But I thought Young Do was a little better when they were standing outside.
- What? - What do you guys think? - About what? - The new kid.
I recognize her from somewhere.
I think I've seen her somewhere.
Is it just me? If you've seen her, then it must be a club.
You think? Hey! Transfer! Remember my name? The Jeguk's Finest.
- Jo Myung Soo.
- You're smart.
I also know your name.
Cha Eun Sang, right? Which kind are you? - What are you talking about? - There are only two kinds of transfers.
Either you're a Social Care Group, or you're new money.
So which one are you? Why are you looking at me? Answer it yourself! - You know her? - And if I do? You think I will tell you? You didn't tell me about Kim Tan coming back to Korea.
Forget it.
But this is strange.
You just got here but Kim Tan and Choi Young Do know you.
Bo Na also knows you.
Chan Young dragged you by your wrist and Rachel already hates you.
Who exactly are you? New Money.
- Right? - I knew she was new money.
She doesn't know how to spend her money yet.
Huh I object to this.
New Money, come with me.
Are you okay? - You tripped me! - I can't save you if I don't.
You're weird.
Just weird? Not scary? Why should I be scared? Because I'm going to trip you again and again.
Let me ask you another question.
You have to answer me this time.
What is it between you and Kim Tan? If you're interested in him, why don't you go talk to him yourself? Oh, I forgot to introduce you.
Starting from today, you're mine.
- What? - A.
' Can you answer the question now? - How do you know Tan? - What are you going to do? Ask me, directly.
I said I needed to talk to you.
Why did you run away? Don't even think about running away.
Go first.
I just want to make a new friend.
You're in my way! You're better off without friends.
Why bother making one when you're going to lose it soon? Are you going to keep keep on avoiding me? How can I? You're there even when I go home.
I didn't hide it on purpose.
That doesn't change the fact that it's difficult for me.
Did you cry? Can you do me a favor? Pretend that you don't know me.
I really want to graduate from this school.
I need the diploma from here.
But it went wrong on the first day.
What made you think that you could make me someone of new money? You don't like new money? Should I have made you a chaebol heir instead? (Conglomerate corporation) - I'm serious right now.
- You think I'm kidding? I wanted to make your school life ordinary.
New money is ordinary? If they find out Just stay by me.
As long as you're close to me, nothing will happen.
And don't run into Choi Young Do.
No! The reason Young Do talks to me and the reason the girls are glaring at me is because of you.
They are peeking at us as we speak.
It's not Choi Young Do that I shouldn't run into.
It's you.
Yeah, this is Kim Tan.
I need to see you after school.
Where's that? What is this place? Studio, a.
Myung Soo's hangout place.
I never knew he worked outside of clubs.
- What are you doing? - Fixing the computer Myung Soo broke.
- You're good at computers? - I'm not bad.
Why did you need to see me? Do you know that Eun Sang stays at my place? Eun Sang knows that she's staying at yours.
Speaking of that don't tell other kids that she's in the Social Care Group, or about her and me.
And other things about her identity.
Are you shutting me up? I've been her friend for ten years.
A friend could potentially be an enemy.
Because they know too much about each other.
That's the world I've experienced.
Chan Young! Hello? Yes! I'm sorry? It looks like she didn't get over me.
Do people avoid garbage trucks because they couldn't get over them? What? Garbage trucks? How was school? Were the kids nice to you? Talk to me! I want to know.
Mom, let's get out of this place.
Can't you get a loan? Don't you know a place to borrow from? Get out of where? Cut out the nonsense and just go to school.
I don't care about the school.
Let's not live in this small room like a fugitive and leave! I can get two more jobs.
Then we can pay for the rent.
Don't even think about it.
Don't even dream about it.
I've done cleaning and worked at restaurants.
They all kicked me out in three months.
No one else will accept a mute like me.
Is it my fault that you can't talk? Is it my fault then? This is not fair.
Why do we have to live like this without a future? It's driving me nuts.
[Used Jeguk High uniform.]
[No results.
Can I see you for a sec? Where are you? - Right here.
- Oh my God! Why are you hiding? You scared me.
You're just slow.
Didn't you see a halo? How long were you in there? Have you pretended that you weren't here before? - Why do you even ask? Of course I have.
- When? Why? You did something you shouldn't? What are you doing? You didn't smoke.
Did you talk about me? Move.
- Eat lunch with me tomorrow.
- Weren't you listening earlier? I think I will be fine if you can cooperate.
Just go back to your old school.
- What? - Or fake that you're new money until you graduate.
- And stay in my shadow.
- I refuse Still, eat lunch with me tomorrow.
Move, that's my spot.
I don't see your name written on it.
I know that your earphone is off.
- How do you know? - Lower your voice.
The kids think that you're someone else.
But I heard everything at the teachers' office.
About your mom's job.
I'm telling you just in case.
Don't reveal it yourself.
You don't want that for yourself.
Conscience? No one cares about your conscience.
All they are interested in is you getting bullied.
Bear with it.
But I couldn't.
- What are you talking about? - I'm transferring soon.
Get up! This is my spot.
New Money! Do you need anything? - You want to eat with us? - I'm okay with it.
Joon Young, eat beans.
They are good for you.
Hey! Joon Young likes potatoes.
Eat up! Hey! What are you doing? - I told you to eat with me.
- Let go! They are You want to sit there? If you want to finish school without trouble, then just eat.
That's the reason you wanted to eat with me? That's why you should've listened to me.
How did you see this coming? You're new here too! Because I started it.
Back then I was one of them.
I don't know why they bully a friend.
Can I sit here? Go sit somewhere else.
I want to enjoy the food.
For both you and me.
I finally got my appetite back.
I finally got to sit down with the new kid.
- I'm going to go.
- Don't.
Let's spend some quality time with just us two.
Not without the new kid.
There are people watching.
They might think that we're fighting.
Eat a lot, newcomer.
Okay let's eat.
You eat a lot too.
Look at her.
No wonder I'm into her.
I got the studio because I thought I needed to go to a college.
But I'm just doing good for other people.
You can probably find a picture of you and Lee Bo Na there.
And the ones with Young Do.
Show me later.
Even the ones with Young Do.
Okay, I will look for them.
I'm sorry.
But can you all get out? I need to talk to Tan.
- Me too? - Go stay on watch for us.
I can't trust them.
You're so childish.
Why kick the kids out? Because I'm going to talk about what they shouldn't be hearing.
It looks like you've forgotten our history, culture ethics, and others while you were in America.
In Korea, they do something called defining hierarchy for peace.
Something we used to do.
What? You want to fight? We're not 8-year-olds.
We're 18.
- What do you want then? - We can't go to the same school.
Either I have to go, or you have to go.
- I just got here yesterday.
- Go again.
I'm giving you a chance.
Chance to leave before I say, 'illegitimate child.
' I'm still too young to understand the proverb, 'Losing is winning.
' I'm too wicked to let go of Tan behaving like this.
- It's too late for us to get along.
- Too late to avoid each other.
It's illegal to tune it like that.
Why is everything illegal? Because you're still underage.
You can do it first, and I will grow up fast.
Delivery! Have a good meal.
You delivered earlier.
We're finished already.
You ordered another half and half for a customer.
It's okay if you pull a prank on me.
But I need you to pay.
We didn't order! Are you sure that it's from here? That's strange.
Hello? Did you order the chicken to the bike shop? - Is this your number? - Huh? Behind you.
Chicken here.
I'm sorry.
I've never had to pay to get a number.
I should've just asked Rachel.
Don't call me.
I won't answer it.
- Have a good meal.
- Are you going to save my number? If you're not going to save it, I'm going to ask why new money is working.
To you.
I'm home.
What? One son came back and the other left.
I like them both.
But neither of us seem to like you.
That's what fathers have to go through.
Free up your schedule tomorrow.
Why tomorrow? We need to get back the prodigal son.
Aren't you going to go back home? You should be sick at home, not at a hotel like this.
It's even more miserable at home.
The housemaid cooks porridge for me.
I get to see you here at least.
It sounds like you're lying about being sick.
You knew I was lying and you cooked porridge for me? You should have bought something good.
Stop making me run errands from now on.
I want to date.
You're too mean to someone who's sick.
You just looked easy because you are sick.
So get better.
It's cool enough.
Eat some.
Yes? Right now? When did you receive the call? I'm coming in 30 minutes.
I have to go.
You should go home.
Work? Is something wrong? It sounds like it.
- Where's President Kim? - He's coming.
It seems that he stopped by the hospital and went directly to the hotel, because he's sick.
If he's sick, then he should retire like I did.
It's Saturday sir.
I didn't care what day it was.
Secretary Yoon, I'm going to go.
- Right now? - Stop right there.
You wanted to go see Won! We're here to see him.
You never said at the office! This is not Not for your brother, of course.
But it's not for you either.
This is what you two are doing for me.
As long as you live as my son under Jeguk Group you have no right to run.
Hello, Chairman.
You still haven't quit playing golf for betting games? They are not betting games.
It's all business.
What business is it? You report first.
Huh? The JJ Convention Jeju Project planned for the second half of 2014 is planned to have 30 stories of guest rooms.
As a candidate we have Yoonyun Hotel.
I must have forgotten.
Jung and Park saw him already.
The rest of you have never seen him before.
He's my second son.
I brought him so that you could get to know his face.
Your second? Then Nice to meet you.
I'm Kim Tan.
- You must be proud, sir.
- He's handsome.
- He looks like you.
- He's handsome.
How are you, Uncle? Oh yeah.
I almost didn't recognize you.
When did you come back? My sister didn't say that you were back.
Since when did you get reports about my family affairs? No, that's not what I meant.
You can go home.
You should spend time with your family.
Don't you wander off to streets with funny lights because I let you go early.
No sir.
- How are you feeling? - I didn't know that you were coming.
I didn't think that you would stay out for so long.
Let's go.
Take Tan and me home, Yoon.
Yes sir.
You're always mean to me, Mr.
I will be back.
Don't get me wrong.
I didn't come here on purpose.
Father asked me to come see you together.
But I didn't think that it was going to be at the office.
When did you do anything on purpose? You never know anything.
You never do anything on purpose.
But see what happens when you do something without knowing.
You're right.
But why do I feel that it's unfair? Regardless of what I don't know, of what I don't do my existence itself is a misunderstanding for you.
I'm leaving.
What did you do at the office? Nothing.
Your father says that you participated in the meeting.
I didn't participate.
I only watched.
It's the same thing! Where did he seat you? Right next to him? Or next next to him? Why do you eat rice in water? There's so much to eat! I want to eat fast because I don't want to listen to you.
Hey! I'm going to ask fast then.
What meeting was it? Did your father make you do anything? Did he ask for your opinion? Who was there? Was your brother there? Where did he sit? Where are you going? Hang the rest.
I need to check on the soup.
The weather is so nice.
It's teasing me.
New Money by day.
Maid by night.
My life has a really big swing.
Five minutes Mom.
I need to sleep for a sec and go to work.
What time is it? God, I thought I was late.
You're finally calling me.
I see you often.
Because you come to this hotel often.
I heard that Kim is staying here.
- And you come to this hotel often.
- Don't get sarcastic.
A kiss doesn't give you that right.
I see.
Bye then.
How could you not call me once after that? - Why didn't you call me? - I don't know your number.
That's not hard to find out for the president of RS International.
Exactly! What excuse do I have to ask for a secretary's phone number? Okay then count on luck then.
The more desperate person will come up with the excuse.
- What? Scholarship? - Yes.
Will good grades be enough? You think the kids here just spend money and have fun? They've been preparing for Ivy Leagues with private tutors.
Are you sure you can compete with that? Turn this in by the end of the week.
I thought that I was exempt from tuition.
It's not tuition.
They are fees for your electives.
If these are exempt, the social care students wouldn't have to transfer out of school.
Tennis, golf, and horse riding.
One of these are mandatory.
Get your clothes and equipment ready.
[550,000 Won Special Electives (1 Semester).]
When are you getting your uniform? [JBS PD Recruit! Small grants available.
Grants? I know that you have a lot of applicants.
I know that the kids here prepare for Ivy Leagues with tutors.
But I was just wondering.
Is the grant paid upfront or after? Why does that matter? I need money for the uniform.
- How much did you want? - Huh? You're applying to the journalism team for the grant money? - I also have a passion for - Let's say you do.
I heard differently.
You really don't have money for the uniforms? I thought you were from new money.
I bought a bag.
I spend lavishly.
And you want me to pick you after hearing that? I'm a good girl except for that.
- I'm also hard working.
- How do I know that? Because I looked into the kind of person you're already.
- I'm prepared.
- Okay.
I heard that you were very nice.
You are a gentleman.
Are you going to give me a chance to take the test? Stop hurting my feelings, Joon Young.
You think I wouldn't know if you reported anonymously? Besides you reporting me to the teacher Your father may answer his phone calls, but my father's secretary answers the phone calls.
How many times do I have to tell you that? Why do you keep on making secrets between the secretary's office and me? What else do I have to show you for you to be considerate towards me? Because you're not considerate, I have to do this to you with everyone watching.
Are you going to do this again? Aren't you going to answer me? Aren't you going to answer me? Stop glaring at me.
Don't touch me! I won't take it anymore! Why do you have to make the situation worse? - You want to die? - I won't take it anymore, you asshole! I'm going to transfer soon.
I've got nothing to be scared of.
I'm going to kill you! You could have put up with it just a little longer.
I'm looking forward to what's going to happen to you next.
Are you okay? You want to drink? What are you doing? I was giving that to him.
Can't you see that that's the problem? Don't get involved in this.
I was just asking if he's okay.
I didn't get involved.
Do you see anyone talking to him besides you? Never be on the same side of the weak in Jeguk High.
When someone weak gets on the weak's side, then they will be just as the weak.
[Customs Declaration.]
Hello? It's me.
You recognize my voice? - Is this your number? - Bring back my name tag while I'm asking nicely.
I'm not as patient as I look.
- You can come yourself.
- You want me to go with Tan? Where are you? - Where's my name tag? - My customs declaration? Arrogant bitch.
Didn't Chan Young tell you about the ranks of the school? What if he did? What does it change? Your attitude should change.
You're new money.
I don't know how your family got rich.
My family was rich since my father's father's father time.
So don't let people talk about you and Tan together.
It's derogatory for us.
You won't believe me, but that's exactly what I want.
Give me back my Customs Declaration.
- Oh, I threw that away.
- What? In the trash can at the airport.
Good job coming here.
This is for the transportation fare.
You don't have to refuse.
It means to get lost.
I'm at the convenience store near your place.
I'll be eating ramen.
Come out quickly.
Bye! Hey.
Hey! Why do you always sleep here? It makes me want to protect you.
- How did you know my number? - You also know my name.
Okay, we're even.
What's up? You like that ramen? - Take what? - Family picture! I may not be able to cancel the engagement.
But I can cancel the photo shoot.
- I thought I was the crazy bitch.
- You're going to get that potty mouth in your dress.
- I'm sorry.
- I won't sue you, so don't worry.
Transfer to a different school if you're going to do this.
Why did you send Eun Sang there? She will hear 100 kids tell her why she shouldn't get along with Tan.
- Hi.
- Are you defying me? - What are you thinking about? - About Eun Sang.
Why are you thinking about the new money girl? I was thinking about why I was thinking about the new money girl.
- I told you to watch out for Choi Young Do.
- He says that he wants to protect me.
He's threatening you!