The Heirs (Sangsokjadeul) (2013) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

Episode 7 Hey! Hey! Why do you always sleep here? It makes me want to protect you.
How did you know my number? You also knew my number.
Okay, we're even.
What do you want? You like that ramen? You want some too? - You think I called because I missed you? - How could our friendship change? I will wake up your friend.
Wake up! Tan is here.
What's all this noise? What are you doing in my neighborhood? Let's not do this.
What are you two doing? What are you doing here? What's he doing here? What's wrong with you two? Weren't you here to see her? Come over.
Why would I come to see her? I don't know what you two were doing.
But you can make trouble in your neighborhood.
This isn't the right place.
He's just leaving.
Go follow him.
I'm not here to see him.
Then this is just a coincidence? Then did we make plans together? Go eat and leave.
She's good at arguing.
I'm so lost.
Oh my God! Why do you sleep there? Aren't you scared? I didn't want to come home and I didn't have a place to go.
Why don't you have a place to go? There are cafes everywhere.
Killing time also costs money.
- I'm going in.
- We're not done yet.
- Why did you see Young Do? - I didn't see him.
I ran into him.
He was there when I woke up.
I told you to stay away from him.
What did he say? Did he threaten you? No, he said that he wants to protect me.
That's a threat! You have to listen to me.
Stay away from Young Do.
This is not advice.
It's a warning.
I don't have control over that.
You have to try your best.
Then what's wrong between you and him? I don't remember.
I just know that we hate each other now.
I'm going in first.
Wait five minutes and then come in.
Couldn't we have just run into each other in the garden? But I'm supposed to be trying my best not to.
Come home early! I had to get it myself.
I'm sorry.
Mom! Water.
You could have called.
You don't have to come to the kitchen.
Kid! Water! Have you met? He's my son, Kim Tan.
He's the second son of Jeguk Group.
You know the maid that can't talk? She's her daughter.
Nice to meet you.
- I've seen you a lot.
- You did? - When? At home? - At school.
I was wondering who that loser was.
It was you? Nice to meet you.
We'll see each other often.
You don't have to see her often.
You didn't see him at school? No.
Really? It's hard to miss him.
Right? Something's wrong with her.
I'm going upstairs.
- I will get going then.
- Did you see his face? Huh? Now that you've met, you should report to me how Tan is doing at school.
Report? What? You're going to school for free.
You don't even want to do that? No.
I'm not asking you to be his friend.
Just because you live in the same house and you go to the same school You can't act like you're his friend.
Just like you have different places at home you also have a different place at school.
You can't call him by his name just because you're the same age.
You know what I mean? Yes.
He's like a young master.
Yes! That's it! I knew you were smart.
- Cup of water for me too.
- Okay.
Why are you dozing off? Take a nap for a second.
Mom! What's this? Where did you get this? Where do you think? I bought it.
You bought it? Mom! This is a few Won short of a million.
With that kind of money, we could You can let me handle it.
Try it.
Let's see if it looks good on you.
I look good in anything.
Thanks Mom! I really like it! Should I iron it? What? - Take what? - Family picture.
I'm displaying it at my engagement ceremony.
It will be on the invitations as well.
Are you high? What family picture? Lower your voice! This is someone's business! What are you doing? Why should I take a picture with them? - Taking a family picture won't make us a family.
- Get me something else.
Crying about it got you off the hook until you were three.
And my life was in your control until I was three.
I don't care if you're shooting a family picture or your wedding picture.
I'm not going.
Where are you going? I'm getting off work! Where are you? Did you hear about the picture? It's not just you feeling like crap.
Is there no other way to break this engagement? You want to go out with me? I'm not talking about my engagement.
Can't you be serious? I can't break the engagement, but I can cancel the photo shoot.
- Really? - What will you do in return? We will talk after you do it.
You really want that family picture don't you? What is it that you want? Will you give it to me, no matter what it is? It's cold! What are you doing here early in the morning? My chauffeur didn't even come to work yet! I've never seen you in the morning, so I wondered when you went.
You went to school this early to avoid me? It's not just you.
I didn't wake up this early to let you go.
- Hey.
- You don't want to argue for long.
Jeguk High.
Kids like Kim Tan.
Because he's good looking.
Kim Tan is smart.
Because he's good looking.
- Kim Tan is - What are you doing? Report that to my mom.
I heard everything.
So you want me to lie? - Which part of it was a lie? - Forget it.
You said, 'Yes ma'am' right away when she asked you to report about me.
- Did you want this job? - I can hardly say no in that house.
That's why you always say no to me.
I guess.
Why do you go this early? What are you exactly running away from? Cars.
I'm watching out for cars.
- Cars? - Sir.
Can you drop me off over there? Just go to the school please.
- We can't get out of the car at the same time.
- Who would be there? Let's just go together for today.
I won't wake up this early tomorrow.
- But - Oh! I'm tired.
I woke up too early because of you.
What are you doing? Let's get off together.
You look good in your uniform.
What was that? Don't tie up your hair at school.
Give it back.
You're pretty when you're covered up.
Go around like that.
Okay? Stop! What if someone sees us? - Who'd be at school this early? - Kim Tan? And New Money! How did you come to school together? What are you doing here this early? You woke up here? You look like you came here straight from the club.
You're right.
I might wake up here tomorrow if my mom finds out.
Let's go.
What? You stepped on it.
Oh this? You can step on it.
It's fake.
It's fake? Someone didn't die there? Someone keeps on drawing it.
He draws it again when it disappears.
It's like a protest.
- Who's this passionate dude? - I don't know.
Is it Joon Young? Hey New Money! Haven't we met before? I recognize you.
I don't know.
- She doesn't go to clubs.
- How do you know? They don't accept just anyone.
Her style is a bit old but she's not bad.
Hey! This is your place? - Nice crib! - You like it? It's a palace! How many rooms do you have? It's okay if you're the second wife here.
Second wife is all I'm asking for.
I'm just a mistress right now.
Come in.
I will show you around.
Is the chairman okay with me being here? He's not here.
And I decided to not care anymore.
Tan is back.
I've got nothing to lose.
So persistent.
What about me? Not you! Ye Sol's school.
I get so many texts after I signed up for PTA.
She calls everyday.
I want to get rid of her.
I'm so jealous.
I can't go even if I want to.
It's only work.
You have to dress up from head to toe.
You have to show your purse.
Are you a parent-teacher too? What does your husband do? It's all this crap.
So what do you say? I said that he sells water.
Are you out of your mind? Is Ye Sol okay? Don't worry! They see only what they want to see.
They think he's in the bottled water business.
- You're so brave.
- Life is easy.
Where is your bedroom Madame Han? What happened to the first wife? I forgot.
There weren't any useful photos.
She only goes to galleries and collects tableware.
Whenever she sees a man, it's Secretary Yoon.
- She's practically a monk.
- Really? - Then let's do this.
- You have an idea? Change the target.
Get someone on Won, I mean President Kim.
A girl is the best way to make a father hate a son.
You went to college for this? The first wife is like a monk.
And Won is like a Catholic priest.
Then this house must have bad energy.
Oh my God! Who is that? What were you doing in there? Oh my God! Did you hear everything again? She's that housemaid? The one that can't talk? I can't take this anymore.
Let's bury her today.
Now you're back to your old self.
She knows too much now? Are you sure she can't talk? Huh? Oh my God! How did you know? I can see you.
I see.
Are you really mute? Since when couldn't you talk? Never mind! Later.
Since three after I had a fever.
Sign language? That's your specialty? Yes.
That's unique.
Most people say they are trilingual.
That's one of the reasons you have to pick me.
- I always volunteered - Rejected.
Why? I thought you wanted to join for the uniform.
You already have one.
Did you sell your bag again? I was lying about that bag.
I knew you were.
Any last words? Please pick me.
If you don't pick me, I'm going to take revenge on you.
What did you say? - Please pick me.
- That was too long for that.
What are you doing here? You're not wasting your time interviewing her, are you? No, don't pick her! - Why not? - She's my boyfriend's best friend.
How can there be a girl best friend? You can't ever pick her.
That's too bad.
I like girls fighting.
Hyo Shin! What do you want? Hi.
Hyo Shin! I'm here to take an interview.
Let's pick her! You're our next PD for JBS.
Congratulations! Hey! So she made it? I don't know.
Hyo Shin will decide.
- Diet again? - No this is brain food.
It's our test soon.
Wow, I'm impressed.
What's that mean? How am I Kim Tan-like? (Kamtan: Impressed) Does your world revolve around Kim Tan? Kamtan sounds like Kim Tan now? We went out just for a while.
We were young.
- You're still not over him.
- What are you talking about? We only held hands.
- Really? - I swear.
Did Kim Tan tell you that I went out with him? No, Rachel told me.
But I just found out that you held hands.
It's a bit annoying.
You didn't know that we held hands.
What? Rachel told you? Kim Tan is Bo Na's ex-boyfriend.
I'm the current boyfriend.
That's how she introduced us in America.
Rachel is such a ----.
Sorry I spoke in a foreign language.
- You can swear at me too.
- Why? Don't tell other people that Eun Sang is in the Social Care Group.
Why shouldn't I? - Because I trust you.
- Well don't trust me.
The past is the past.
And I still don't like Eun Sang.
[Tan and Young Do.]
What are you doing here? Where's Myung Soo? He went to see his mom.
He will be back soon.
What are you doing? Reflecting on the past.
How long have you gone out with Bo Na? A year and a half? How far are you along with Eun Sang? I'm about to ask her out.
Nothing happened between you and Eun Sang when you were friends for half of your life? What are you trying to say? You never had feelings for each other? What if we did? I knew it.
You must have had it.
When was it? Was it nine? Eun Sang was taller than me back then.
So she beat up the kids that bullied me.
I could rely on her back then.
That's it? Why did you hold Bo Na's hand? - It was cold.
- That's it? Back then Bo Na was stronger than me.
I'm leaving.
What are you doing here? I thought you moved out.
You should hide your thoughts at least.
You make me speechless when you're so brutally honest.
I was just so glad to see you.
You're going to do what? I'm going to move out for a while.
I'm here to tell you just in case you're worried.
And you weren't staying out until now? I had a place to come back.
But not anymore.
I thought you'd react more cleverly and wisely.
Bringing Tan to the office wasn't clever or wise either.
Tan is only eighteen.
This is all you can do? I was only six when Mom passed away.
When I got a step-mother and a half-brother I was only twelve.
I know there's more to lose than there is to gain.
But there's something to gain.
At least someone will get hurt.
And that can encourage me.
Can you imagine what you will lose? No.
But if I have to lose it, then so be it.
Good bye.
Won! You're back home now? Is that what you and your mom want to know? Get out.
You're distracting me.
You and I can't live together whether we hate each other or not? That's something only real families do.
Does it make you feel better when you talk like that? No, but it doesn't make you feel better either.
That's good enough for me.
- Move.
- Won.
I said move.
Why go this far? How can you move out because I'm back? - Because you keep following me around.
- What? You even came to my hotel and work.
If you keep on following me around like a 7-year-old I have no place to run away from you.
How could I go this far? Has it occurred to you that you're taking my place? Or better yet, should I go to America this time? When will you grow up? I can't fight a high school kid.
So hurry and grow up.
I'm sorry for going to your hotel.
I'm sorry for going to the office.
I'm sorry for coming back from America.
It's all my fault, so stay.
Won! Let go.
- You dare to grab me? - I can't even take the courage to do this? I know I'm out of my place.
But I understand.
Understand? Are you mocking me? Who do you think you are? You have the courage to come back but no courage to fight? How dare you! I'm not going to fight you.
Because I will lose.
How could I win when I don't mean it? - So - You're too chatty.
- You're home? - Oh my God! You scared me! Hi.
Are you being rebellious? Madame Han could see us.
Good bye, boing boing.
Boing boing? Stop right there.
- What now? - Why don't you give me back my dream catcher? You didn't even say thank you.
I'm the kind of guy who'd like to let the left hand know what the right hand did.
Bring it to the wine cellar.
Right now! Okay? Thank you.
This really works.
I had a nightmare without it right away.
I turned on the music.
Listen to a song with me.
I'm only sitting because I like the song.
Do you like this song? You turned it on once.
Someone I loved passionately liked this song.
You dated someone? When? Before coming to America? Who was it? I never said that it was a guy.
So you didn't? So, who was it? My sister.
Do you still want to go to America? It's not that I wanted to go to America.
I just wanted to leave Korea.
And? Is Korea okay? It's the same.
It's work, work, work.
The transfer was a surprise.
Although I ended up unhappier.
Ask for my help if you need it.
It's okay.
Thanks for the offer though.
I never said I would help you.
What does it feel like to be born as the son of Jeguk Group? I can't call my mother, mother.
I can't call my brother, brother.
Typical rich boy drama.
You're a type to hold a grudge? - Can I ask you something? - No.
You don't even know my question.
Your questions were always dangerous.
Thanks for the song.
Good night.
It's still the first verse.
Do I Do I like you? Cha Eun Sang.
Did I Did I miss you? How long do we have to wait? I have to go to class.
What is it? Is it Choi Young Do again? - Go in later.
- You go in later.
Choi Young Do! Is this your school or what? Technically, this is Kim Tan's school! So why are you telling us to get out? I have to ask New Money.
Don't get nervous.
- What are you doing? - What the heck? I'm glad that you're here.
Are you out of your mind? Can you see them? Look! You've never spent money.
You're not new money.
Lee Bo Na.
Is she really new money? I heard that you know a bit about her.
I don't know! Why do you care if she's new money or not? I do care.
If a social care group kid pretended that she was new money she has deceived the entire school.
Of course I have a problem.
We're all victims.
Are we not? I'm not going to apologize.
Get lost! What makes you so brave? Can I ask that? Move.
What's wrong Bo Na? What's wrong? Chan Young! Young Do finally lost his mind.
You distract kids from their classes.
You're starting to get on my nerves.
The new kid has so many knights in shining armor.
It makes me want to compete.
I just want to go bad.
Are you okay? Let's clean up.
It's so annoying! Look what you've gotten me into.
Thanks Bo Na.
I hate you the most.
I will do this.
Help Bo Na.
Oh my God! Young Do flipped over New Money's backpack! - He asked if she was really rich.
- When? Just now! I thought he was quiet for a few days.
Alright everyone! Take your seats please! Class has begun.
Everybody have your books ready! Very good.
Everyone please turn to page 109.
Page 109.
'Beyond Your Dreams.
' Today we will be discussing dreams, dreams and history.
Our visions of the future! Ways to predict what will happen.
[Plaintiff: Choi Young Do.]
Make this go away.
You're making me look bad.
You didn't see this coming when you hit me? How decent did you think I was? Please.
I was diagnosed three weeks to heal.
It hurt a lot.
I couldn't stop tears falling out of my eyes.
I'm sorry.
Make it go away.
- Please.
- I can't do that.
You hit me.
So my friend, take this.
Spend a lot of money and get a nice lawyer.
What do you want me to do? You're breaking my heart.
I can't guarantee it.
But you want to try kneeling down? I might just change my mind.
Hey! Get up.
This is none of your business.
- I said get up.
- Stop pretending that you're nice.
It's disgusting.
You're not different from him.
Joon Young! You're so clever.
Did I bully you in the past? At least Choi Young Do remembers.
I'm sorry.
Instead, I will pay you back like this.
I hit you now.
So make me kneel too.
Can I? - I'm looking forward to it.
- So am I.
What are you doing? Who's fighting? What are you doing? You don't need to go to the hospital? It doesn't hurt? It can happen among friends.
But it breaks my heart.
I'm really sorry.
Your father would be heartbroken.
I won't sue you, so don't worry.
I didn't mean that.
I'm apologizing as Tan's mother.
You only transferred here a few days ago.
Do you have to make trouble already? Have you forgotten the promise you made? I'm sorry.
Go to a different school if you're going to do this.
I warned you and you promised.
What more can I do for you? Who do I have to tell to scare you? Should I tell your brother? I'm okay, Mrs.
Please go easy on him.
Even your mother suggested it.
Why don't you consider transferring? Shouldn't you go? You should be embarrassed from getting hit.
Are you not listening because she's not your mother? Go before I punch the other side.
That's what I'm waiting for.
So that I don't have to hold back.
Hit me again.
I'm sure there will be a next time.
Choi Young Do! - Why are you avoiding me? - Who's avoiding you? Is it because of what we saw two days ago? You're embarrassed? What about two days ago? - What did we see? - Choi Young Do.
That's not embarrassing.
- It's heartbreaking.
- What do you know? Everyone goes through something like that.
Same for me too.
Actually, I'm not the board director's son.
- What? - I have another mother.
I'm telling you first.
- So - You were an illegitimate child? So If the woman we saw two days ago has a child with my father He'd be like you.
I heard Young Do got punched by Tan.
I'm sorry that I missed that.
He didn't get punched.
He blocked it.
You might as well say that his jaw hit his fist.
Stop hanging out with Young Do, or you're really not going to get in college.
Within the boundaries of law, we must hate the crime not the person.
Isn't Young Do a victim this time? Are you on Young Do's side after what he did to me? You're on Tan's side.
- It's the old love.
- What old love? I'm so over him! - Shhh.
- What if she hears me? We have to watch out for his fiancee too? Hey Rachel! - You've got something to say? - Don't you? You guys go ahead, I will catch up.
I heard that you told Chan Young that Tan and I went out.
And? And? What gives you the right to talk about my past? - Are you out of your mind? - I didn't tell lies.
You should have taken care of your boyfriend.
You let him talk to other girls.
You know I have that taken care of with Chan Young! To me it looks like Tan and Eun Sang have something going on.
- That's what it looks like to me.
- I don't need you to piss me off.
I'm just clearing it up for you.
I will pay you back later.
My ass.
This is a surprise.
I was nearby, and I had an attack of conscience.
Your conscience doesn't care about second marriages? Don't make me think that I shouldn't have come.
Isn't that Tan? Don't! Jerk! He didn't come to say hi even once.
It's good to see you.
I feel bad that we have to run into each other like this, when you're back in Korea.
I was really busy.
I see.
But we should eat together.
Couldn't he just say yes out of manners? It's better being embarrassed.
Young Do was punched by Tan today.
What? Why? What do you mean why? Because he deserved it.
I can tell exactly what you're fiance is like, when I see Young Do.
And clearly my fiance is better than yours.
Get out of the car.
I'm not going with you.
So why did you come in the first place? Young Do didn't get here yet.
Then can you call me when he's here? - I'll be at the lounge.
- Yes ma'am.
Also Is President Kim Won of Jeguk Group staying here? Yes, he is.
I come here quite often, and I thought I should do more as an in-law.
May I have his chief secretary's number? [Esther Lee.]
This is Yoon Jae Ho.
So this is your number.
It's me.
I guess I was the more desperate one.
Do you really think so? Stop acting vaguely.
I risked a lot to get this number.
I'm giving you a chance to think if it was really worth it.
- I will call you back.
- Are you hanging up on me? Good bye.
Thank you.
Are you dating? More like an affair.
After what that did to me? Please.
Okay, give me the headache.
Report to me.
Yes sir.
President Esther Lee of RS International owns 1.
4% shares of Jeguk Group.
She inherited 1.
She also bought 850,000 shares when Tan and Rachel were engaged.
- She also owns Hotel Zeus shares.
- Yes sir.
She owns 2.
She already has a voting right on the board.
After she marries President Choi Dong Wook of Hotel Zeus she will own 3.
4% of Hotel Zeus.
You think this marriage will happen? Because it's not about love - It's going to happen.
- I see.
That's Jeguk's envelope.
Who is he? I folded the page last time.
This is the range for the mid-term.
This is also going to help you.
Thank you.
[Don't answer.
What could I have done without you? Who's that? I also have secrets.
Hurry up or Bo Na will get angry.
Bo Na never gets angry.
She's just acting cute.
- You're so blinded! - Bye! Call me if you don't know anything.
[Don't answer.
What? I want to eat black bean noodles, but they don't deliver one serving.
What? You want to eat black bean noodles with me? Order two and just eat one.
You're rich.
I can't just throw food away.
The economy is slow.
- Ask someone else.
I'm not going.
- You will.
You still haven't seen Joon Young yet? I told him.
If he makes you come here, I will drop the lawsuit.
You bastard! How could you? Bye.
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
What's your motive for doing this? Motive? You're not going to drop the charges.
Why are you messing with me? Joon Young came to me with death written on his face.
This may be a joke to you, but to him Who says that it's a joke? Then you're really going to drop the suit? Yeah.
- Why? - Because you're here.
What changes if I come here? - My heart changes.
- Why does it change? You came to me and became a flower.
Something like that? I don't feel like joking.
Do I look like I'm joking? You don't like flowers? Do you not like the flower part or you coming to me part? Both of them.
I just got rejected.
I'm going to pay you back for this.
Why aren't you answering your phone? I'm eating with an important guest.
You said that you will take care of it.
But why are we taking a picture this weekend? I said I have a guest.
Who? - What's going on here? - You don't need to know.
You're not invited.
I don't want to stay.
Anyway, take care of it.
I don't want any surprises.
You're worse than I thought.
I will count on you dropping the charges then.
Can I go now? Where are you going? Work? It's me.
Do you know where Cha Eun Sang is? - How would I know? - You want to know? Didn't you call to tell me? She's at the suite room of Young Do's hotel.
- She's eating with Young Do.
- Bye.
The number you've dialed The number you've dialed Jeguk High School Parents meeting.
Next Wednesday 2 PM.
This is Cha Eun Sang's mother.
I'm sorry but I can't go due to circumstances.
What's that? You and I both can't go to our kids' school.
Our lives are pitiful.
I'm heading out.
Where are you going? Come with me.
What's wrong? - Why didn't you answer your phone? - Can't you see that I'm working? You went to Young Do's hotel? Rachel! You did? That's Young Do's hotel? Are you out of your mind? Where did you think you were going? Hey! I even went to your place in America when you could've been a dealer.
It's not like I did something stupid.
That was stupid.
That was.
Why did you trust me, stupid? What if something happened? But you wouldn't.
How do you know? How did you know I wouldn't hurt you? Why did you go to Young Do's hotel? Because of Joon Young.
He said that he will drop the lawsuit if I went.
- And you believed that? - I don't.
But I had no choice when a friend in the same situation asked me.
How are you his friend? You've barely seen him.
How is he your friend? He knew that I'm in the social care group.
He knows exactly what my mom does.
And he still kept it a secret.
How could I not go? He's going to transfer anyway.
Why do you care? I told you not to get involved! Do you want to be nice that bad? Why do you think Young Do is picking on me? - It's because of you! - That's why I do this! Because something may happen to you because of me.
I'm begging you.
Can you let me not worry about you? Can't you just stay put? Can't you leave me alone? It's hard for me to just survive.
I feel like I got a bad start at school.
You're making it worse every day.
I'm not asking for much.
I just want to graduate from high school so that I will be in a better shape when I'm 20! But I just don't know what to do.
You want me to tell you? Get out of my house tomorrow.
- What? - You can't? You want to go to school? Then like me from now on.
With your heart if it's possible.
Because I like you.
I like Cha Eun Sang.
And what do you want? Do we look cute? That's disgusting.
We look cute.
If you behave like that, you and your mom can't stay here.
- Sit.
- What does it mean to make me sit here? Get up.
I said get up! We have to eat.
You bastard.