The Heirs (Sangsokjadeul) (2013) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

Episode 9 Are you hurt anywhere? - Let me see.
- Don't come! You're going to get your clothes dirty.
- Stay still, let me see.
- I'm fine.
I said stay still! [Choi Young Do.]
Don't! I have to answer it.
Don't answer it.
You saw him earlier.
Avoiding him and ignoring him doesn't work.
He knows that I'm not rich.
It's okay if he doesn't.
Don't answer it.
How is it okay? He knows everything! I said don't answer it! Hello? Are you listening? Hello? Try answering it again.
You will see me go crazy.
I'm going to kill the person who calls you.
I never go half way.
Where are you? Why are you answering her phone? I said where are you? You're at the rooftop.
What were you two doing? Cha Eun Sang is coming down from the rooftop.
Stay right there.
I have to go, something just came up.
What happened to her uniform? It's messed up! I tripped her.
Why? Was it a mistake? Or on purpose? You never picked on girls.
Why are you getting worse? It's not like that.
I can admit everything.
But not this one.
Then what is it? I just wanted to know.
What it would feel like to trip her.
You thought it'd be different, you psycho? If you like her, then go tell her.
Why pick on her? No wonder people say you're immature.
- Shut up! - You shut up.
Stop right there! I looked for you everywhere.
- Why? - What do you think? Go change.
I got it from your locker.
- Thanks.
- Don't thank me.
I'm only doing it because if I don't then Chan Young would.
What are you doing? You make your clothes look bad.
Did Choi Young Do find out? I don't know.
So why did you come to a school you can't even fit in at? Oh my God! You have to see this! Kim Tan and Choi Young do are fighting in the hallway.
What? - Are you out of your mind? - You shut up.
- What did you just say? - Talk to me.
Let go first.
What is it? It must have been something serious for you to grab my hair.
- What is it? - Do you know what you've done to this school? Kim Tan and Choi Young Do are fighting! - What are you going to do about it? - Really? What? Both of you stop! Kim Tan, Choi Young Do! I said stop! Hey, you're bleeding! What's wrong? Oh no! It's Mrs.
Jung! Again? It's you two again? You got better at fighting.
You didn't have to be so good.
Come both of you.
What is it? What were you two fighting for? What was the reason? Talk! I was told to not say anything without my lawyer.
No one has taught you manners then? I'm not talking to you as Tan's mother.
I'm talking to you as chair of the board.
Kim Tan! You're disappointing me.
Choi Young Do! I thought I told you last time.
You're ruining the school's atmosphere.
Don't you know what kind of school Jeguk High is? This is not going to end here.
We're going to check the camera and have a disciplinary committee.
I will call your parents if I have to.
- Can I ask for favorable arrangements? - It's too late! I don't care what you do outside of the school.
It's none of my business.
But what happens in school is my business.
This may just be a school for you.
But this is my career and my work! So don't hurt my school.
Do you understand? You can go.
Check the camera recordings.
Shouldn't she ask, 'Are you okay?' first? She's worried about her career more than her son because she's not your biological mother.
You have no idea what it feels like to at least have a mother.
Don't you want to know what happens next? The illegitimate child of Jeguk Group, Kim Tan.
How effectively I will use that information.
You can't use it.
Because without it, you're nothing.
You can't do anything to me.
- Do you really think so? - Try it if you want to find out.
- You're going to regret it.
- Make me.
I'm ready to hit the bottom.
[Tan & Young Do.]
What happened to you guys? You're breaking my heart.
You're not going to change before going home? It's the last class.
I'm going to go home and take a shower.
Did Young Do and Tan go to golf class? What do you think? They were taken to the chairwoman's office.
What happened to them? I thought they were friends.
Right? Do you know what happened? I don't know much either.
I just thought that it was weird when Young Do didn't come to the airport to see Tan off to America.
I didn't know that it was this bad.
Don't you think it's weird? You think Tan likes Cha Eun Sang? Why else would he try so hard to protect her? How can you say that after what you've seen Young Do do at the cafeteria? How come you're always on Tan's side? Hey! Are you starting it with me? Girls! What's gotten into you? I can't do this twice in one day.
What's taking Chan Young so long? Choi Young Do must have found out I'm in the Social Care Group to make me sit there.
Maybe he did, or maybe not.
What kind of answer is that? Stop worrying over uncertainty.
Worry about tomorrow, tomorrow.
Fight it when it's in your face.
Don't get scared, I will fight on your side.
- Don't talk about fights.
- Why not? - You have Kim Tan in your heart? - Hey! - Kim Tan likes you, doesn't he? - Huh? I'm more worried about people finding that out than you being in Social Care Group.
Why is that? Do you know how many kids want to see Kim Tan fall in this school? They can't fight the son of Jeguk Group.
But they want to see him in pain.
When they find out that he likes you, they will attack you.
Choi Young Do already started.
You dropped this.
You said that your payments aren't over yet.
Don't you see this? I'm hurt! I also got in trouble.
I'm going to get disciplinary action.
I'm not going to get expelled am I? I can't have middle school as my final education.
I'm going in.
You can't! I was waiting for you.
Don't hold me back.
Don't get in my way.
And don't wait for me from now on.
- Hey! - Can I ask you for a favor? I don't want to argue with you here.
Damn cameras.
You're the one who told me.
What I told you? You never listen to anything I have to say! Won.
Move! You're in my way.
Are you staying at the hotel? What are you? Security? Why are you asking questions at the gate? Are you going to come back soon? Do you want to go to the hotel then? Really, Won? I don't want to take away what's already yours.
Do I have to explain again? It's not about what you want.
If the company decides, then that means you wanted it.
That's the reason your existence itself is a misunderstanding.
A liability and trouble.
That's an illegitimate child.
Don't tell anyone that I came here.
I'm just here to get my stuff.
Don't go to the wine cellar even if my mom tells you to.
You could run into my brother.
Madame Han told me to bring this.
I don't care if you take all the wine here.
But not that one.
It's mine.
I'm sorry.
I wasn't scolding you.
You go to Jeguk High? Yes.
- And you live here? - Yes.
Nice to meet you.
Same here.
I will get going then.
Won! What are you doing here? I was here to see Choi Young Do, but he ditched me.
I always run into you when I get ditched.
In America and in Korea.
Then just pretend that you came here to see me.
I don't have a place to take you.
You want a cup of tea? Okay.
- You're staying at this hotel? - Yeah.
I ran away from home.
Are you going through puberty? I am.
It's not the age that makes you go through adolescence.
Then Tan must be going through it too.
You must have seen him at home.
He's really messed up isn't he? Yeah.
Did he get in a fight? Because of a girl.
Tan wants to date someone else.
Who? Is she prettier than you? You're just a boy too.
Is he swollen up terribly? You're just a girl too.
What happened? I fell playing soccer.
- Really! - You think I can believe that? You have to do better than that to fool anyone.
You play soccer with your face? Mom, I'm tired.
I'm going to bed.
You want to see me die? Good night! I love you! I'm sorry to call you so early.
It's fine.
Is something going on at school? No.
You know the daughter of the housemaid? Eun Sang.
I wanted to take her too.
- She will be out in five.
- Okay.
What time did she go? Gatsby could not receive proper education because he was born into a poor family.
He always dreamed of himself being wealthy in the future.
He eventually believes that it's the reality.
He doesn't stop there and falls in love with a woman from the upper class, Daisy.
He takes whatever means necessary to make money to make that love come true.
He becomes really rich at a young age.
But his wealth was only a target of suspicions and jealousy.
His past was mocked.
Nevertheless, he You will be graded on your essays for this.
Turn it in at the next class.
[Eun Sang's School.]
Hello? Is this Cha Eun Sang's mother? Hello? Can you hear me? What the heck? She's absent and she doesn't even call in.
Absent? The number you've dialed It's me! Call Cha Eun Sang! She's not answering my phone calls.
I just called.
She's not answering mine either.
She's not at home? No.
She's not working this early.
Do you know where she could be? You said that you've known her for half of your life.
Where? Is she there or not? She goes there around this time of day to watch movies because it's free.
You should try there.
What is it? Dream catcher.
It filters out bad dreams.
Only good dreams can get through it.
- Do pretty girls come through it? - Give it back.
- What are you doing here? - Did you like the movie? You were at the theater? Why didn't you come to school? You just go to school and not go when you don't want to? What about you? Can you skip class like this when you're being watched? Worry about yourself.
Because I'm going to give you trouble today.
You're going lower and lower because of me.
- It's not because of you.
- Yes it is.
But I won't let go.
I'm going to keep going.
You're going to be there at the end of the road right? No.
I already ran away.
It's okay.
I can find you.
Don't! I have no other place to go.
What do you want me to do then? I like you! What should I do? Me too! I like you too.
But so what? Let's graduate from school first.
Let's live with our heads held up high.
I'm failing at these small plans.
What about liking you? What good is that? Kids don't know about your family, do they? You can't protect me.
You just protect yourself.
You have arrived at your destination.
Navigation turning off.
Forty five [Room for Rent.]
New money my ass.
You want to check out the room? I'm here to see my friend.
Cha Eun Sang.
She moved to Pyungchangdong.
I guess I wasn't a good friend.
Do you know where in Pyungchangdong? I wouldn't know that.
Are you really her friend? Probably.
- I'm home.
- Your tutor is here.
New tutor.
Hyun Joo quit.
You mean you fired her? Fortunately, she quit before I was about to.
Go in.
When (n+1)(n-1) is greater than 1000.
What are you doing in the middle of the class? - That's going to take forever to solve.
- What? Solve this.
I'm raising my national ranking here.
Not my class ranking.
You don't solve this the textbook way.
You should just substitute and make an educated guess.
The purpose of this question is to see if you understand that there's a shortcut.
See? Substitution.
Five minutes.
How can you quit without even saying good bye? I sent you an e-mail for the chapters we couldn't cover.
Ask questions like you did today.
Sorry, was I late? No, I came early.
Excuse me.
I'm just a student until the end.
What would you like to drink? So did you think about it? Will there be a publicity article if I get a job a Jeguk Group? Yes.
'The orphan girl raised by the generosity of Jeguk Group eventually gets hired by Jeguk.
' Just typing my name online will make that article come up.
You can refuse.
I thought I could too.
I know the chairman well.
There is no way of saying no to this.
Won doesn't know about this yet.
That's good.
Please don't tell him for a while.
I will tell him later.
Pass me the salt.
- Dad? - Get it yourself.
You look gloomy.
What's wrong? Is something wrong? You want to grab a drink? Is Eun Sang doing well at school? You're asking about her a lot these days.
What about you? What about me? I sent you to Jeguk High so that you could see the better world and have better connections.
But on days like this, it worries me.
So let's grab a drink.
I said Just one? Of course! One after another.
Okay, I will do the closing.
Excuse me! I got hair in the drink.
That's impossible.
Excuse me.
- It's not there? - No.
It was definitely there.
Can I get your number instead? We're closing.
I think you can give us your number.
We come here every day.
- Are you done? - Wait a sec! You want my number instead then? There are cameras here and I can call the police.
- Wow - The police is here.
What the heck? It's been a long time.
I saw you last time in middle school.
I'm glad to see you again, friend.
Choi Young Do.
Hey I was so good to you.
And you became a wanna-be gangster? If you're going to get picked on, get picked on by me.
Not by losers like them.
We're closed.
No more customers.
Say thank you at least.
You're the bigger asshole here.
Why do you think I couldn't go to school? What did I do to you? Why are you picking on me? I'm not picking on you.
Will this be more like picking on you? I went to your old place today.
What? Listen to this.
One, you lived in that slum.
Two, but now you live in Pyungchangdong.
That's how we ran into each other at the convenience store.
Three, but I'm sure that you're in the Social Care Group.
- So four! - Yeah, you're right.
I'm not rich.
I'm in the Social Care Group.
Yeah! I knew it.
So what? Are you going to kick me out now? I like you too much to do that.
What? But you hate me, don't you? Mom! Did you go somewhere? To take out the garbage.
Did you get a call from school? I didn't go to school today.
I did.
Why don't you say anything? You didn't go because it was hard.
And I will make it only harder by saying something.
Don't worry, it was just for today.
I'm going tomorrow.
It was a million Won uniform.
I need to get that much at least.
I like the night air.
[Benefits of almonds.]
Anti-aging? You scared me! What? What do you want? [Jeguk High Parents-Teacher Association.]
Are you bragging that you're in the PTA? Oh the parent-meeting call! Answer it for you? Hello? I can finally talk to you.
I think it's rather inappropriate to just text, 'I can't make it.
' I understand that it's inappropriate But I had a bit of a situation.
Everyone has a situation.
We're all busy too.
I'm not saying you're not.
There's a situation that I can't 'talk' about.
I can't TALK about.
Cha? Your daughter just transferred.
Then it's all the more reason that you should participate.
I will see that you're coming.
Good bye.
Hello? Hello? I can't believe this! I can't believe the mediocre ones just did that to me! I just want to face her right now.
Wait a minute.
Should I really go? What do you think? [What if they find out that you're a mistress?.]
Finish the sentence! I just saw 'mistress.
' I'm just worried.
They could find out.
Who says that I'm going as Tan's mom? I thought you were going to quit.
I guess not? - I have no reason to.
- Yeah? Will you quit if I make one for you? Let's hear it.
How are you going to make one? Let's set the order here first.
What does your family do? New money? Exactly how much money? I'm dying to know.
So childish.
So annoying! Tan and I are engaged.
Does that ring a bell? - What's your point? - He and I are not going out.
It's a pact between one corporation to another.
They will share stock shares, share technology It's a deal to create something that could be worth hundreds of millions! That's childish? You're now involved in this pact.
And this is childish to you? Now answer my question.
I asked you in America.
Who are you? You will find out soon enough.
Choi Young Do knows who I am.
Choi Young Do? Hi! We just started.
Who? I'm sorry.
I'm the mother of Cha Eun Sung.
The schedule is rather full this year.
Myung Soo's mother sponsored us with flights last year for the Leadership Camp.
Rachel's sponsored us with their outdoor clothes.
For this Leadership Camp, although he could not join us today Young Do's father will sponsor us with the kids' accommodation.
There's something else we need to take care of.
I will do it.
Do what? Everything left.
We have flights, ground transport, uniform, food There's a lot left.
I said I got it whether it's one or a hundred.
Then, okay.
The chairwoman is here.
Who? How do you do.
Please take your seats.
It's good to see you again.
We have a new face.
She's the mother of the new transfer student, Cha Eun Sang.
Oh! I see.
Do you have anything to say? I've heard a lot about you.
That you're Tan's mother.
Tan is really handsome.
Tall and good personality.
You know Tan well? That's because Eun Sang talks about him every day.
I think it's because I hear about him every day.
I feel as if I saw him already.
I'd want him as my son-in-law if I had a daughter.
I thought you had a daughter.
I do, of course.
Excuse me.
Have you gone completely out of your mind? I couldn't have come in my right mind.
Whatever! I don't care now.
Also, it's my first time coming to a PTA meeting.
I'm really excited.
So don't ruin it for me, Madame Chair! Take care of your son if you have time for this.
He got into a fist fight in Jeguk High.
Your son is ruining the reputation of our foundation! Now he's my son.
Kids get in fights.
You wouldn't know.
Do you know whose son he was fighting? Whose son was he fighting? Is it one of theirs? Is it that sharp looking one? The one with a short hair cut and eyeball earrings? That sharp looking one is your in-law.
- Tan's future mother-in-law.
- Rachel's mother? You want me to introduce you? You want to go say hi? - Was I out of my mind? - So get the hell back home! Unless you want to break Tan's engagement.
And? What does Cha Eun Sang's family do? What's her class rank? Hey! Name your mom or dad! Is it that hard? Their name should show up on some news articles at least! They don't.
We don't have any.
Then you're not new money.
Korea is sensitive to money.
If you get rich in a day, then people would know about it.
I've never seen you coming to school in a car.
Then give us the company name at least.
Is it public? When was it listed? Why do you care? Why just me? Don't talk back! Just answer the question! - Say it.
- Kang Ye Sol.
Huh? Don't touch her.
Oh my God! Oh my God! New money! What does your family do? My mom just called and said Cha Eun Sang's mom is insane! What's insane? There was a PTA meeting today.
Everything on her mom is worth an exotic car.
She came in the best car and shut everyone up.
Are you sure? Is your family a non-banking sector? Just straight up cash? Her mom said she's paying for our camp except for accommodations.
My mom SAID that she is paying for it? The F/W season concept is casual beauty.
Don't force yourself to look good.
Instead of doing a pose, make it natural.
I don't want another 'We-Are-Models.
' [President Choi Dong Wook.]
Why don't you answer the phone? You made me come here.
It wasn't just your phone call.
I don't see the curve! That's not an accessory, it's there to enhance the curves.
Pose again.
- Did you go to the PTA meeting? - I did.
Do you know how much I spent there? - Do we have the next outfit ready? - Yes ma'am.
Then you've seen Cha Eun Sang's mom? I did.
She had the purse even I couldn't get.
The limited edition.
There's only 20 in the world.
Really? Is she really Cha Eun Sang's mom? You think your mom made a mistake? Hey! My mom is the second most famous lawyer after my father in Korea.
Got you! No way! That's impossible.
I only embarrassed myself in front of Young Do.
You think Young Do is coming today? He went to community service because of his disciplinary action with Tan.
I need to make Tan and Young Do make up.
It'll be nice if we can lock them up in a warehouse.
Then only one would be alive the next day.
The other one would be eaten up.
What? You can do this alone.
Do my part and go.
I'm sick of cleaning up.
I clean the hotel rooms every day.
Thanks in advance.
Are you going home? Miss your real mommy? Did your mom come to the PTA meeting today? Oh yeah.
She ran away.
Don't get too excited.
You started it first.
Three years ago and now.
What's going on? You went to the PTA meeting today? Answer me! You went there? Yeah, I shut them all up.
They were all scared.
What were you thinking? Huh? What were you thinking? Are you angry? I'm sorry, honey.
I was acting rashly.
I just wanted to know.
Whose sons and daughters you go to school with.
What your friends' mothers look like.
How PTA meetings worked.
What they do.
Hmm? Cut down on wine.
I'm worried.
I will.
We have a guest.
He says he's Tan's friend.
Friend? Hi Tan.
Where's the chairwoman, I mean Where's your mom? I need to say hi.
Excuse me.
Can I get a cup of water, Miss? (Addressing her as a housemaid.
) Okay.
Say hi.
He's my friend.
What are you doing? She's not the mother I know.
Excuse me.
She's your biological mother? We will talk outside, Mom.
Come out before I kill you.
I'm sorry.
I underestimated you.
I didn't think that you'd be such a bastard.
Time for kneeling down now then? Give me credit for not doing this in front of your mom.
If that's what you wanted, then you made the wrong plan.
Huh? I think the plan was just perfect.
She even comes to your place? I didn't come here for this.
Don't get our families involved in our fight.
There's only one Cha Eun Sang.
- The midterm is in two days.
- You got first place? Oh wow.
Awesome! How do I break the engagement with Tan? What do you want from this? Can you trade everything you have for Cha Eun Sang? You come out from Kim Tan's place in the morning.
Who are you? We're dating.
Starting from today.