The Heirs (Sangsokjadeul) (2013) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

Episode 10 Sorry I underestimated you.
I didn't think you'd be such a bastard.
Time to kneel down then? Give me credit for not doing this in front of your mother.
If that's what you wanted, then you made the wrong plan.
Huh? I think the plan was just perfect.
She even visits your place? I didn't come here for this.
I had plans with Cha Eun Sang.
Sorry for making you come all the way here.
Let's go watch it next time.
As you can see, I can't keep my word with you.
Don't worry about me.
I'm going home, text me.
- Hey, Cha Eun Sang! - Just go! Go straight.
Exactly what are you guys? What do you think? She just visits your house, when you have so many secrets in your family.
That means only one thing.
- Brother and sister? - No we're brothers, dumbass.
I'm telling you to give an explanation at least.
She just visits in broad daylight? Does your fiancee know? I'm dating Cha Eun Sang.
That's a fact.
Rachel already knows.
You want to stay? I have to get going.
- Are you running away? - I'm going to take revenge on you.
You must have seen this coming when you came to my place.
What are you saying? You can follow me and see.
You're going to regret this.
- Tan? - Yes.
Hi Mr.
I heard that you came from America.
I wouldn't have recognized you if I didn't know any better.
You're a man now.
Your father must be proud.
- What are you doing? - I said that you'd want to know.
I'm actually here to apologize.
- Apologize? - Shut up.
You stay out.
Keep going.
We had a small fight and I hit Young Do.
It was a mistake.
I'm reflecting.
I'm sorry.
Okay, boys can fight.
I think it's healthier to let it out than to keep it in your heart.
You came all the way here to apologize.
You're a grown man now.
I feel much better now.
Thank you for accepting my apology.
I will see you at school, Young Do.
You let him hit you? Twice? You just let someone hit you? You should have won! By any means possible, you should have won! One person you can't beat is enough, isn't it? You're so healthy, Father.
You hold nothing inside and vent.
Don't be sarcastic.
Get out! I don't want to see your face.
Young Do! Hi! Did you do this when Mom was around? Or Was she just one of those women? Hey! Hey! Stop! What are you doing? No more families in our fight.
We went through it once.
This is my last warning.
Okay, let's take out family like you said.
Then there's only one person left.
Pitiful Cha Eun Sang.
- Don't you touch her.
- Don't encourage me.
It just makes me want to try my hardest.
This is my warning.
I came because I was worried.
I heard you had a fight with Tan at school.
Are you okay? Don't worry about me.
I can take care of myself.
I'm going to say something to the chairwoman.
There's a mark on your handsome face! It's still swollen.
Just take care of your son-in-law.
Neither of us are related to you.
Root for the side that will benefit you the best.
And I thought that it was you.
Didn't you see the 'Personnel Only' sign? Do I have to say it like this? Okay! I got it.
See you next time.
Hi sweetie! Where are you? I want to see you if you're at the hotel.
I can see you already.
How long were you there? Since you took out your lipstick.
This happened to us once in the past.
That's already 20 years ago.
In front of Hanrim coffee shop at Daehakro.
Am I still someone's first crush? You're not that pretty.
Looks like you became friends.
We went to the same college.
- Didn't I tell you? - You must have wanted to hide it.
Why don't we have a chat about your college years sometime? Anytime, just call me.
How is the Jeju Convention Center project going? I've been waiting for President Kim to call me.
But so far, I've got nothing.
He's still thinking about it.
I will leave you two alone then.
Still arrogant and annoying.
Are you jealous? Don't you think that people could be watching you? What are you two doing? Should I have seen him in my office like you always do? What are you talking about? What would you like for dinner? Tan is not back yet? Where did he go? Your complexion has lost color.
My complexion looks bad? Thank you.
Tan? Where did you go? Did he go home? He left a long time ago.
Why did you do that? Why did you tell him? He's Young Do right? Your middle school friend.
I heard his father is marrying Rachel's mother.
What if she finds out? Can't we just tell them the truth? What did we do wrong? Stop doing this to me! You may have done nothing wrong, but I have.
- So don't you - I'm sorry.
Why? - What are you sorry about? - Just I'm sorry about everything.
Go eat dinner.
Can you make him dinner? Umm Eun Sang is she back? The number you've dialed Choi Young Do left.
Why aren't you coming back? Thanks for the text.
Don't you want to know what I told Choi Young Do? We need to have the same story.
What did you tell him? - I told him that we were dating.
- What? You have a better idea? But you can't lie about something like that.
Who said anything about lying? We're dating.
We're going out, as of today.
- Kim Tan! - And you know my name.
Do you know that it's the first time you called my name? Are you stupid? Or are you that arrogant? Or did you not understand anything I have said? I'm stupid.
I like you when you're angry and when you're smiling.
I am stupid.
- You're too spoiled to know what's going on.
- What? Okay, let's go out.
You break up the engagement and get kicked out.
Let's see if you will still like me then.
We will eventually break up and I will be the only one hurt.
Let's give it a try still.
And now you're sure we're going to break up? Didn't you know? If your mother finds out about this, my mom and I will have to live on the streets.
So can you please cut the crap, Master Tan? Do you really take my heart for granted? My feelings mean nothing to you? My life means nothing to you then? Do you fit with me? Do I fit with you? Yeah! You're right.
You don't fit with me.
I'm too much for you.
You know why? It's not because you hurt my pride.
It's not because you mentioned about my family problems and hurt me.
It's because I took the courage for you.
But you didn't do anything for me.
Yeah! If that's what you want, then I will just leave you alone.
I thought you were a good dream.
But you were just a bad one.
That looks like Eun Sang.
Should I pick her up? Can she and I ride together? She and I Just keep going.
I'm sorry about last time.
I figured you wrong.
You're not holding grudges are you? You want to come over and study? My mom wants to invite you.
Where did your mom get that bag at the PTA meeting? My mom said I'm sorry, but I don't want to get along.
How many times have you been to your fiance's house? Are you high on something already? - You've never been there? - Just cut to the chase.
I went to my friend's place yesterday without calling first.
I saw something really cool there.
But I don't think I should've seen it.
He got really angry.
What did you see? Stop.
Your face must be too swollen to say anything.
Choi Young Do! Kim Tan! Out! Do it right! Learning to snowboard can be difficult.
Falling down is all part of the learning experience.
Even for skilled boarders.
So how do you keep from hurting yourself, while you're still in the beginner's stage of training? Snowboarders' bumper.
This handy device is worn like a vest.
But it's bigger.
Much bigger.
When you start to fall down, the snowboarder's bumper will you upright enough to cover your balance.
What happened at the PTA meeting? Someone else went instead.
You have more secrets from me.
Did you have a fight with Kim Tan? I'm running away.
Did you watch the show? - What show? - You and Tan were going to a show.
Wasn't that why you went to his place? I couldn't watch thanks to you.
Why do you ask? Sorry.
I didn't catch that.
When you even confessed that you were in the Social Care Group.
Another question.
Who is your mom at the PTA meeting? Her daughter has multiple jobs working 5,000 Won per hour.
But she just donated tens of millions of Won.
Who is she? Someone you'd never even imagine.
Also the minimum wage is 5,210 Won.
Can you leave now? I have a midterm in two days.
Who are you? [Year 2013 2nd Semester Midterm Result.]
[1 - Yoon Chan Young Chan Young for first place again.
I'm so proud of you.
You got seven ranks higher, babe! [37 - Lee Bo Na.]
- Good job.
- How did you get first place? I was born for this.
Just like how I was born good looking.
- Bug off.
- Why? Too much jewels in your eyes? Oh shoot! [98 - Choi Young Do, Oh my God! You got 52nd place.
You call that a score? Let me check the list of the people who are not going to the camp.
Min Woo Sik, Lee Gwang Young.
Han Hye Jin, Kim Tan, Choi Young Do.
These five people are not going.
If you're not going to the camp, then just come to the school as usual.
- You're not going? Why not? - Too cold.
Why aren't you going? Don't back out.
I need to get back at you for that paint ball match! I wasn't going because I was scared of you.
But I just got a reason to go.
Choi Young Do is going.
Okay, then fill out the forms by tomorrow.
We need to talk.
My mom wants to eat with you and your mom.
How about just brunch? Dinner is too long.
It's not like we have much to talk about Okay.
I don't care who you like or date.
You know our engagement has nothing to do with that, right? I didn't know that.
Then that's your loss.
Your family's loss.
Jeguk Group's loss.
Why aren't you going to the camp? What if I pick on Cha Eun Sang? Is it the cooling-off phase already? Or did she dump you? You two looked awkward.
- I'm thinking.
- About what? How I would protect myself from you and everyone else.
How I would protect her.
Okay then.
Keep thinking.
I'll be rooting for you.
Are you done? I'm leaving.
What was Choi Young Do talking about? What did he see at your place? Like you said, our engagement has nothing to do with that.
You don't need to know.
What again? How did you know that it was me? I smelled red ginseng.
You're definitely not the type to obsess over a guy.
I'm obsessing? Yeah, all the time.
What do you know? I'm just jealous.
I couldn't even do that.
We've met before.
Yoonyun Hotel is firm on their contract terms.
Her Chinese boyfriend is doing her good.
- What about Zeus? - I ran into Choi Dong Wook a few days ago.
He seemed to be anticipating.
He asked if you'd like to golf today.
Golf? That's like saying, 'Let's be partners.
' He wanted to play with Young Do and Tan there.
Family huh? We will talk tomorrow.
I need to go.
Are you going to see Hyun Joo? I thought you said that you didn't need to know.
I think it's best if you don't see her for a while.
- You're - I think your father has someone tailing you.
He knows about you and Hyun Joo.
And why are you telling me this? I thought you were on my father's side.
When I worked with your father and even now when I'm working with you I'm just an employee.
I think you need to make a choice.
Your father is not the type to wait.
He will ask if I will choose Jeguk Group or a girl.
What are you going to do? I can't go today.
Don't wait.
Is it today? I guess we broke up today.
Hyun Joo! How did you know where I lived? I searched for your resume in my mom's room.
My dad's a prosecutor.
This comes from his side.
What about the car? Are you driving without a license? I turned 18 last summer.
You probably didn't notice.
What are you doing here? Your test is coming up soon! I'm here because my tutor quit right before my test.
So unprofessional.
Since you quit already, I'm not your student anymore.
What? Good night.
It's like a movie to have them sit here.
Rachel is like a flower that just bloomed this morning.
She gets more beautiful every day.
But I guess she is not pretty in Tan's eyes.
That's not true.
Tan is just not good at expressing his feelings.
He could look unsentimental to girls.
Is that what it is? Cha Eun Sang? Who is she? Her mom said that her daughter talks about you every day.
She's close to him.
Close? Tan is just someone every girl would want.
You have to take care of him.
I'm sorry.
But what do I have to do to break up our engagement? I don't want to do this anymore.
Do I just return the engagement ring? - You had a fight? - What's the problem? - Did you talk about it? - Can we talk without the kids? Yes.
You can go.
I just said what you wanted to say.
What do you want from this? I want you to fall and get hurt.
I want you to see the real world and give up.
But I still won't date you.
You can't date Cha Eun Sang either.
You think I did this to really break up our engagement? See what happens next.
How your family reacts.
How my family reacts.
You're worse than I thought.
What have you done while my feelings for you turned into wrath? [Father.]
It's started.
Let's see.
If you can lose everything you have for Cha Eun Sang Explain.
What happened? Why did Rachel want to break up the engagement? You know why.
Break up the engagement? What's going on? Eun Sang! Cha Eun Sang! Why did she say that? I don't like Rachel.
That's your reason? Now I think your brother was right.
I think it was better off when you were in America.
Between you and Rachel, and between you and me.
Between your brother and me, and between you and your brother! You're different from Won.
Yes, because I'm an illegitimate child.
That's why you need Rachel! This is for you! You need an insurance to have power! And she's the best insurance you've got! I don't need such an insurance.
This family gets worse when I'm here.
Do you know Young Do? Did he say anything to the kids about Tan? Something like Tan has a real mother.
I didn't hear that.
Then why did Rachel want to break up? Are Rachel and Tan not getting along at school? I I spent money on you so that you could go to school for this! I'm sorry.
Mom, it's me.
Stop making her spy on me.
You make me have no choice! You go to the camp and be nice to Rachel.
Be good to her when everyone is watching.
Girls fall for that kind of stuff.
I'm not going to the camp.
What are you saying? Do you know how much money I spent? I never told you to spend that.
Did he just say that? Oh my God! Hey! We need to talk! Why aren't you going to the camp? Because I don't want to see you.
But still Wait! Give me a minute! No.
What are you doing in front of my room? Come in if you have something to say.
- Never mind then.
- Wait! What is it? What about the camp? You should be the one going to the camp, not me.
Don't you care about your mom? She is paying for the camp for her son and her son's friends.
How would she if feel if you're not going? Were you with Young Do in the hotel room like this? What? When he called you to his hotel.
- What were you two talking about? - Why is that important? Tan? - What? - Why are you blocking the door? I'm a grown up now! Don't just barge in my room.
I'm not wearing clothes.
What did your father say? He said that I need insurance like Rachel because I'm an illegitimate child.
Does he have to pick those harsh words? Sleep well! I'm going to kill him.
- Breathe.
- Huh? Okay.
Think about the camp again.
I said I'm not going.
If I go, either Choi Young Do or I will not come back alive.
Should I still go? Good night.
You could run into her if you go now.
I can avoid her.
No you can't.
I'm going to scream as soon as you walk out.
- Scream! - Your call.
- Mom! - God.
One sec.
Just a minute.
You've never been to my room.
I shouldn't be here.
Your house and my room are a world apart.
There are doors that I can't pass in this world.
The door to your room is one of them.
Do you ever listen to what I Just wait.
I will let you pass any door you like in the world.
I'm thinking of how I will do that.
Have fun at the camp.
I will miss you.
Lee Bo Na, you're so romantic.
What's this? Matching shoes for Bo Na and Chan Young for the camp.
- It's perfect for me.
- Yeah! Perfect to smack at.
Get your pig hocks off my shoes.
Did you just see that? I didn't even blink.
It's really hard to not get scared in these moments.
I think I grew up really well.
I could have gotten smacked by Lee Bo Na just now.
But girls think that it doesn't hurt when they hit us.
Why is that? [2 Jungle, Mid ranged dealer, Bot -AP Meta for Season 4.]
(League of Legends) No wonder you lose all the time.
Let's have matching shoes for the camp.
Okay, let's get them tomorrow.
I already bought them.
Get me something else.
Like what? Hug me, give me a piggy-back-ride, hold my hand, and look only at me.
See you tomorrow.
They are all forms of touching.
I shouldn't have waited if I knew this was coming.
You were waiting? Why wait? Pervert! Pervert? What will become of you? Aren't you going to put up your tent? She will do it.
That's what you think.
You're so vicious.
I will put it up for you.
Just put up my half! Don't put up hers! Put them up both.
Can you help me? No, I can't.
Why not? I will help you.
The tent is going to fall if you connect that there.
Were you building your tomb? Hold it.
That looks good.
Over here! Hey, you didn't even ask.
You hurt my feelings when you make that face.
I remember! Where I saw you! What are you talking about? It was in the morning.
You came out of Tan's front gate in pajamas! Right? - Morning? - Yeah! It was you! I remember now.
You were half awake.
Why would I come out of his house? You are mistaken.
They must be having fun.
I'm so jealous.
Camping is fun.
There's a survival paint ball game.
You're a senior with your college exam in a few days.
Why didn't you go? It's your last camp.
Eun Sang went.
I want her to miss me.
Why are you calling her by her first name? Are you that close? I called Eun Sang, Eun Sang.
What's wrong with that? Don't call her like that.
And who do you think you are? I'm letting this one slide because I'm trying to be a human being now.
When you came over to America last year What about it? My suicide attempt? You can smile about it? Are you still getting therapy? Of course! I also take the meds.
My mom checks the pills every day.
Did anything change at home? Not at all.
So I'm planning a big event.
I don't know if I'm really going to do it yet.
Don't do anything that endangers your life.
You're still young.
I don't like hospital food.
I will never do that again.
Attend-hut! The team with the last person standing wins the match.
The rules are simple.
Shoot your opponents with paint balls to eliminate them.
Like this? She's good.
Drop your weapon.
Hey, let me go just this time.
You ask God for that when you see him.
Good bye, my friend.
At least I won't be lonely in hell.
What are you waiting for? Just shoot me already! You got shot? You live.
I give the world to you as a gift.
Why did you do that? Why? You're so stupid! What the heck? - Gosh.
- Out! Should I kill you or not? If you tell me why you came out of Tan's place in the morning - I will let you live.
- It wasn't me.
It was you.
- It wasn't me! - Yeah, you can be there during the day.
Maybe at night too.
But in the morning? From Tan's house? Who are you? Are you adopted? - That looks good.
- Grill it.
No one's watching.
Come with me.
If you're done, bring your plates here.
Cha Eun Sang says she will do your dishes.
Do you need help? I thought you were helping.
Is this helping? I'm helping you.
My presence is a lot of help.
Why are there so many dishes? Why are you doing this alone? This is your doing? How long have you been her friend? Did you make her do the dishes alone? Let me change the question.
You know that she's in the Social Care Group, don't you? Chan Young! Are you helping her do dishes? - Lee Bo Na! - What? Did you also know that Cha Eun Sang is in the Social Care Group? Keep it down! I was the only one who didn't know.
What? Why did it get quiet all of the sudden? Were you talking about me? Myung Soo, did you also know Choi Young Do! We need to talk.
What? What's going on? - I have a favor to ask.
- Are you out of your mind? I have an opinion.
Do I have to do something bad to get your attention? That pisses me off.
What are you and Kim Tan? What if we are something? What are you going to do about it? Who gives you the right? Just pick on me.
Just keep doing what you do.
I'm not scared of you anymore.
[Kim Tan.]
[Kim Tan.]
Does that hurt? It breaks my heart to hit you.
You know exactly how much I was putting up with you.
I'm not going to ask anymore.
We're past that stage.
I don't care if you're the daughter of the President.
- Rachel.
- Shut your mouth! You know that you don't even deserve to apologize.
You can't say that it's a misunderstanding now.
Unless you're going to turn the other cheek, just shut your mouth.
Because you already slapped me I will just say something I deserve to get slapped for.
- What? - Can I call him now? Give me my phone.
Let go! Oh, I forgot to introduce her.
As of this moment, Cha Eun Sang is mine.
Only I can pick on her.
Yeah, this is more like you.
Don't jump to conclusions.
You haven't seen anything about me yet.
I will show it to you now.