The Heirs (Sangsokjadeul) (2013) s01e11 Episode Script

Episode 11

Episode 11 Can you stay here by yourself? I wish a beautiful ghost would come out.
I'll be back.
Kim Tan? Good! This is more like you.
Don't jump to conclusions.
You haven't seen anything about me yet.
I will show it to you now.
What are you doing? - I'm showing it to Kim Tan.
- What? He's right behind you.
Don't interrupt.
Can't you see that we have a good thing going on? Can't you see that I came all the way from Seoul to stop that? Can both of you please stop? It looks like you're serious about her.
What if I am? Then can you tell her about my feelings too? Tell Cha Eun Sang.
I think I like her.
She doesn't believe me when I tell her.
She will believe it when you tell her.
It's sad.
Wake up.
- What are you thinking? - Don't! I'm the one panicking here.
Yeah, and I'm really happy.
I drove four hours to get here, and this is what you can show me? - I know that you're angry - You know nothing! Do you even think about me? Am I the only crazy one here? I know it's hard for you but I hope that Choi Young Do isn't your ticket to get away from me.
You scared me! I thought you were a ghost! - Where's Tan? - In the trunk.
I'm not sure if he's still alive.
I'm not in the mood to joke.
- What's going on here? - I'm going to wait here.
He will be back before sunrise if he wants to go back to Seoul.
We reserved a hotel room.
The same hotel as yours tomorrow.
Then he'll be back even earlier.
Did he go to see Cha Eun Sang? I don't want to put anyone in a difficult position.
That was earlier than I expected.
Get in the back.
How did you know? I heard that you got a hotel room.
Let's talk there.
Kids will be passing here all night.
Can you leave us alone? I paid for the room.
He's the guest here! - Don't you have money? - Hotels are expensive.
What do you want to talk about? Did you see Cha Eun Sang? Just five minutes.
I don't want to hear you fight.
I did, and I'm waiting for her to call me.
Did she talk about getting slapped by me? - I slapped her earlier.
- Slapped her? She didn't talk about it? Who does she think she is to think that she could forgive someone? - Is that all you can say? - Wake up! You and I exchanged rings in front of your parents.
Our relatives, grandparents.
Even my divorced father was there.
You and I exchanged engagement rings there.
You liking her won't do anything.
- Don't you know that? - I do! And that drives me nuts.
And I'll be a bigger asshole to you from now.
So let's just I saw it! Choi Young Do hugged her! Cha Eun Sang, that bitch.
Someone should just tell her to get lost.
Who exactly is she? I thought she had something with Kim Tan.
She's flirting everywhere.
Just wait until I find something on her, I'm going to bury her.
- I'm looking forward to that.
- I hate new money! - I never liked her.
- Me neither.
Don't listen to them and don't get hurt.
And get out of my way.
What are you doing? Revenge for you.
- I just don't get you.
- Me neither.
I will get in trouble if they find out.
Don't worry.
It will be easier to explain than why you live at Kim Tan's place.
It's true that Myung Soo saw you there.
I'm pretty sure that you live there.
Of course, this is just an accusation.
So don't get scared.
And don't answer any questions that I ask you.
What are you talking about? Don't answer my questions.
Because if you give me an answer, I can't ask you anymore.
You confessed that you were in the Social Care Group! And now we have one less thing to talk about! I'm really upset! You think that's talking? Will you talk to me if it was about anything else? See? You can't answer that question anyway.
Why do you live at Kim Tan's place? There are about five possible explanations.
One! You're their daughter.
Two, you're their daughter-in-law.
Three, relative? Four, in-house housemaid? Five, in-house tutor.
But none of them is possible for you.
Who exactly are you? Then answer this question.
Do you really like Kim Tan? Yeah.
I see.
Don't touch the shoes.
If you touch them, I will do something.
[Class President.]
- Yeah.
- Where are you? We're doing bedtime roll call.
You need to come back.
I don't feel like sleeping there.
You're so selfish.
I'm going to sleep at the hotel tonight.
Well your parents will receive a call then.
Hey, Yoon Chan Young! Okay, just let her stay at the hotel.
I will scold her later.
It's men's business.
It's not what you might think.
And I'm just a housewife? A news article about us is being released tomorrow? - It's too early.
- Oh the article.
I asked the journalist to release the news article for me.
I owe him one.
How can you do this without even asking me? The stocks will skyrocket when the article is released.
If you owe anything to anyone, you can give them a nudge.
Don't you think that you could have given me a nudge? Postpone the release for two days.
I need to time take care of some stock shares.
- What's she doing here? - Who? Madame Bang? - Madame? - What are you saying? What about your shoes? They are all wet.
We were hanging out in the tent.
Someone dumped all the shoes in the water bucket.
I'm going to kill him.
They are not going to dry overnight.
What should I do? Get out.
Put on something warm.
Where are we going? Somewhere dark and scary.
Come with me.
Come sit here.
When did you do this? What are you thinking? They were always here.
Oh - Why did you call me? - Huh? You called and hung up.
Before I got here.
I told you to put on something warm.
Why did you call me? - Why did you come back? - Why do you think? Because I missed you.
You want to sleep inside together where it'll be warm? Or sleep outside in the cold together? Choose one between the two.
You can't leave.
I'm not letting you go today.
Why are you laughing? - I'm happy.
- What? I'm excited.
Really? Yeah.
Don't let me leave.
I'm not leaving.
I was angry earlier because I called you because I had a lot of reasons back then.
Now that I think about it, I think I just missed you.
A lot.
Did the kids pick on you? Badly? Why? Do I look like I'm out of my mind? Yeah.
We're far away from home.
It's also late at night.
You're here.
So I'm running away into a dream.
Just once more, 'A Midsummer Night's Dream.
' I always wanted to do something like this.
It's more uncomfortable than I thought.
That's because you're leaning your head against me.
You have to lean your heart against me.
The stars are amazing.
Don't ask me to get one.
I can't grab a star for you.
What the heck? You can't even do that? - Chan Young would for Bo Na.
- Which one? The second one from the left? The biggest one on the right? It's just like 'The Friday the 13th' here.
Gosh, again? Why do you always jump from melodrama to horror? Why do you like horror movies so much? They are tragic.
When I watch tragic episodes The bad things in my life seem easier.
Am I one of the bad things? I'm going to sleep.
I'm tired.
God, I can't believe this.
How could you really sleep? I told you! I sleep a lot.
I saw you added more fire logs.
No wonder it was warm.
I did all the work.
Look what happened to my beautiful hand! My hand got too rough.
Can we hold hands? No.
- Look at the hand! - No.
- Why did I even ask? - Hey! I'm not letting go.
Keep going.
You know Remember when we went to see the Hollywood sign? You said that it looked close, but it was really far away.
I remember, why? To me, you're just like that.
- What about me? - You seem like you're close But you're really far away.
But if I hold your hand, I might believe that you're really close.
You asked me if you were one of the bad things in my life.
No, you're one of the good things.
That's enough for me.
I'm awake from my dream now.
I need to live my life now.
How close do I have to be for you to believe me? Don't just believe that I'm far away when you haven't even tried.
Cha Eun Sang.
Really? Kim Tan came here last night? Yeah, Myung Soo saw him.
Oh my God! Is that why Rachel slept outside last night? Rachel slept out? I guess she's really his fiancee.
I like the words, 'sleep out.
' So annoying! Tan is such a playboy.
What about Cha Eun Sang? Do you have to do that here? Without the proper care, there's no beauty.
Without beauty, there's no boyfriend.
Pack up and be ready by eight.
You will be assigned to your rooms at nine when we get to the hotel.
We have a guest speaker, an alumni that graduated from Harvard.
Okay! Thanks Chan Young! Did you sleep well? - Did you really sleep here last night? - Yeah, why? With Kim Tan? Maybe? Kim Tan! - You're also here.
- Yeah.
It was a couple's retreat.
It's Eun Sang.
You want to sit? Should I? I will go get food.
I got up early.
Did you sleep well? Yeah.
- Hyo Shin! - Hey.
Anchorwoman Lee Bo Na! It's good to see you.
Right? Did you also sleep here last night? Yeah, with Tan.
With Tan? What about her then? What? You slept here alone then? I thought you slept with him.
Oh my God.
I stayed up all night at the hallway because Rachel wouldn't open the door.
She's really mean.
Have a good breakfast, guys.
Let's go.
You're such a busy man.
You have someone you miss, and someone else you want to sleep with.
Is that the American style? I made a mistake.
You want to get up? Or should I? I will get up.
We just can't eat one meal together.
Don't you remember what I told you last night? Stop staring at her.
No one comes outside.
I said no one! Sorry, I slipped.
Do you have to do this? This is what you wanted to tell me? No.
What I just did is what Kim Tan is going to do to you.
He will pretend that he's holding your hand, but he will eventually let go.
So let go before he does.
Let go and get away from him.
I'm telling you this for your sake.
Thank you for the advice.
But I already know.
And another thing.
I'm going to kill you.
- I mean it.
- You mean it? I can die by your hand? Sorry.
I slipped.
It can happen.
But this doesn't feel bad.
I feel like I won.
Come out.
What are you doing? You want Cha Eun Sang to become a mistress like someone we know? Shut your mouth.
Can you even handle it? I just asked you.
Can you handle your engagement? Are you out of your minds? Let go you morons! You stupid ass punks always have to fight.
You think you can do whatever you want because you have nice parents? Huh? - Are you okay? Can you get up? - Don't hold his hand! Hold mine! Kim Tan! Go back to your room.
Your voice sounds so much better when you cuss.
You You do this one more time.
Aren't you going back to your room? You don't care who's the senior here anymore? It's cold.
Don't catch a cold.
You're such a child! Hey, don't listen to him.
Just catch a cold.
You're not the only ones who have dated.
Only losers make a big deal out of it.
Just drive.
You shut up! You want to walk home? Lee Hyo Shin! - I'm sorry I slept outside.
- That's not the problem here.
You didn't go to your interview? Are you out of your mind? I never said that I was going.
It's more shocking that sleeping out isn't a problem here.
What did you just say? You should have gone if you applied.
I thought I told you that I'm not interested in law school.
Why do you do this? Finally you asked why I do this.
What? You've never asked.
Why I don't want to go to law school.
Why I collected sleeping pills.
Why I took those pills.
You want to hear the answer? I'm ready to tell you.
Later, after your exam.
Go back to your room.
Yes, Chairwoman.
I'd like to see you.
Oh I see what happened.
Okay, I will call you tomorrow.
I have an important business to attend to.
Where is she? Where is that woman? Wait.
Let me see that note.
What brings you here again? Give me that! [You won't get caught if you're lucky.
But you should've used a pre-paid phone.
[How is your project going with framing the chairman's wife?.]
What are you doing to my maid? - She has her human rights! - Give me that! Talk to me! Don't take it out on my maid! Run away! I'm going to talk to you too.
You had someone follow me.
Are you crazy? Out of your mind? How do you know it was me? Do you have an evidence? Then you should've used a pre-paid phone.
You crazy bitch! You think they took those pictures to sell them to you? When I'd pay them twice as much? You should have laid low.
Now it's on.
So let's stop wasting our time, and go ahead with the paper work! Paper work? You still don't understand your place here.
Just wait.
I will show you just how low you are.
Go ahead then.
Hee Nam! The package? Three? There are so many books here.
Are you going to buy a house with that? Two then Make it two.
Oh my God! Young Do's father and Rachel's mother are getting married! Rachel and Young Do are brother and sister then? That's funny.
That's a modern family.
It's a beautiful morning, Sister.
You look like you're in a good mood.
Would it be cliche for us to fall in love when we've become brother and sister? That could have been the best way to cancel this marriage.
It's not too late now, is it? It is too late.
I like someone now.
- Is it - Be prepared.
It's going to be a hard day.
Call your brother when something happens.
I saw the news! Congratulations! Your stocks are booming! OF course! It's the M&A of the RS International and Hotel Zeus.
- The gap between us just got bigger.
- Congratulations.
Young Do.
They are so shallow.
They were talking crap behind their backs, but now they are sucking up.
They are just being good friends.
There are no friends in this school.
It's just connections here.
- Do you feel better? - Don't you want me to not feel better? Don't you like it better now that I'm screwed? It will be over in two days.
Don't worry about it.
You stop worrying about it.
Now you want to act like my fiance? I'm being a friend.
You're the worst.
You don't even pretend! You don't even know how to vent your anger.
Stop acting like you're an adult.
Are you jealous? I can hug you instead.
- Are you okay? - About what? About the news.
It's also about you.
I hope that you're okay.
Now that I think about it, you're only eighteen too.
I can postpone killing you.
Mic testing, one, two, check.
Hello Sydney? One sec! Listen to me for one minute.
I've been misunderstood many times because of my existence.
Misunderstandings that cannot be changed.
So I try my best to resolve misunderstandings that can be resolved.
First What you just saw between Rachel and me It's just friendship.
Don't get us wrong.
Second I'm sorry for not helping you out when you fell in the swimming pool.
I didn't want to put you in a worse position in front of the kids.
But If I had known that I'd feel bad about it, I would have just helped you out.
And most importantly What were you talking about with Choi Young Do? What did you say to shake him like that? Stop shaking him up like that! You want to die? Hey! Don't come out.
You don't deserve to talk.
I already blocked the door, you can't come out.
Why does the door open that way? - What's this? - I blocked it.
So that you can't get out.
I just can't win when you always say the right things.
- No wonder you got 100th place.
- You saw it? Why did you look at my class rank? What's wrong with you? What about you? I've never talked to the last place in class.
This is so cool.
Can't you ask, 'Which subject is the hardest?' 'How can I help you?' Take this away first.
Hey! Nothing has changed.
Everything I wrote is gone.
They would have been like jewels.
Yeah, they were jewels.
Good bye Lee Bo Na! I wish you happiness.
Good bye Rachel! I wish you happiness.
Don't mock my crush.
What happened to the happiness you wished them? You're right.
But eventually Did you have to come all the way here for rice cakes? The entire Korea saw the kind of family I live in today.
What's that got to do with this? That started here.
- It's where I lost it all.
- What are you talking about? Choi Young Do! Stop! Choi Young Do! Stop! What are you doing? Let go! There's no time, we have to go.
Who do you think you're touching, illegitimate child? - Aren't going to listen to me? - Get lost.
You're going to regret this moment for the rest of your life.
My ass.
What did you lose? Mom.
You lost your mom's friend? Just eat.
I saw the news article about Lee's second marriage.
Why did you break up with her? You knew about it? Why did you choose to break up with Hyun Joo? I didn't break up.
I was just setting my priorities.
Jeguk Group first, and then Hyun Joo.
That's your choice.
Why do you think that we will wait? Esther Lee set the priorities, and you set the priorities.
That's your choice.
Do you have plans I don't know about? What did you just say? Do you know when Tan's birthday is? I'm busy.
Do you remember your 18th birthday? Do you remember what your father gave you as your birthday present? Your father is reclaiming Jeguk Holdings shares under borrowed names since last week.
They will be Tan's 18th birthday present.
Most of Tan's shares are the holding company shares.
Jeguk Holdings.
When Tan receives his birthday present He will have as much shares as you or perhaps even more.
Come in, Mr.
Why are you telling me this? Let's call it motherly love for raising you for ten years.
Get me the list of the people who own my father's shares under borrowed names.
- As soon as possible.
- You're asking the wrong person.
He holds the largest share of the chairman's shares under borrowed names.
It's time for your management meeting.
Do you have anyone on your side here? From the second floor to the fifth floor The brand name stores are competing to get a spot in there.
Hence, we have the option of selecting the stores for the JJ Convention Center.
Currently, companies other than fashion brands are contacting us.
We're reviewing it.
Do you have anyone on your side? I'm home.
Where's mom? She's in the president's room.
Can you get this for me? I need to replace it.
I saw you.
Come in for a sec.
Hey! Are you out of your mind? So why didn't you answer my question? What did you talk about with Choi Young Do? Did he say he likes you again? What if he did? You were caught at the scene! You got caught red handed! My personality got a lot better.
I let you out instead of locking you in.
I'm going to hug you if you turn your back.
I'm going to kill you.
I'm going to kiss you if you talk back.
What do you want me to do? Treat me nicely.
- Later.
- Later when? You didn't keep your word about the five minutes.
I had a bad feeling about this.
What are you two doing? Are you out of your mind? - Mom - Madame Han Shut up both of you! You were dating without my knowledge? Mom talk to me.
You go downstairs.
Have you gone mad? You think this is your house now? You think you can just come in to this room if you want to? Stop Mom! It's hard enough for her because I like her.
What? What are you saying? No, Madame Han.
There was something we didn't I said shut up! Tell me again.
What? I like her.
- I don't want you to treat her like that.
- Your father will hear you.
Be quiet.
You think it's time for you to date someone like her? Your brother is the CEO right now.
That's his place.
Do you want me to die? Don't make me get the things that you want for yourself.
What? No one can choose what I should have or whom I should love.
Don't choose it for me.
I will decide on that.
I'm going towards Eun Sang right now.
Cheer for me.
What's happened? Is something wrong? What should I do? I went in to the second son's room for a sec Are you out of your mind? This is how you repay me? What's wrong with your daughter? I let you stay here and let you eat because you said that you had no place to go.
I pay you! I sent your daughter to school.
And now she's going in Tan's room? I'm sorry ma'am.
I'm sorry.
It was her fault for going in his room.
But it's your son who is always looking for her.
Why are you just taking it out on her? What's she saying? She says that she's sorry.
She says that she will scold me.
She says that it will never happen Get out Mom! I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
What are you sorry about? Let go! You're not going anywhere from now on.
I don't want to see your face.
Get out of this house! - Let's get out! - I'm not done yet.
Let go! I'm sorry Mom.
I'm sorry this happened.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry that I couldn't be on your side because I can't talk.
My daughter No, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry that I liked him.
You want to leave this place? Can we? Do we have money? We will find a way to survive.
I will pay off the debt later.
Then let's get out.
I want to transfer back.
Just wait until the end of the month.
Let's go when they find a new person.
I'm at the wine cellar.
Let me see you for a sec.
Just a sec.
Please come downstairs.
Hmm? Hey Cha Eun Sang! Say something! [Answer the.]
Where did Eun Sang go? She's not in her room.
Please tell me.
She just left.
She's spending the night at her friend's.
Don't worry about her.
[Missed Calls: Kim Tan (8).]
Hey! Why would you call me? I'm really sorry, but can I sleep over tonight? Are you talking in your sleep? Bye! Then I'd have to ask Chan Young.
521 Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul! Come right now! Get on a cab right now and come! What happened? Did you run away or did you get kicked out? It's more like getting kicked out.
I put my mom in a difficult position.
Then why did you leave? I'm not letting you sleep over if you don't tell me.
- You'd be shocked.
- What is it? Does Chan Young know? I don't want you to have any secrets with Chan Young.
Tell me right now! There was a problem at the place my mom works.
My mom is a housemaid.
I could have guessed from all the work you do.
But she's handicapped.
- She can't talk.
- What? I'm sorry was that too obvious? I shouldn't have shown it like that.
You're better than I thought.
I really hated you.
It's okay, I hated you more.
Then who's the mother that paid for the camping? - I can't - Yeah, never mind.
I'm really going to feel like we're friends if I hear that.
Anyway! You have to pay for your stay here.
Chan Young's old pictures would be nice.
- You're going to regret it.
- Hey! There was not a second in his life that he was ugly.
I'm right here.
I wasn't looking for you.
It's about time you looked for me.
- You slept outside today? - I can ask the same thing.
I must have missed that question.
Why did you sleep outside? What happened to that big crib of yours? It's none of your business.
Eat this one.
This one's better.
Trust me! I've tried them all.
Why do you always eat here when you're rich? Because it never looks weird to eat alone here.
- Do you always - Don't make your eyes like that.
It's making me tremble.
If you're avoiding Kim Tan, I can help you.
- I don't need your help.
- Let's try it.
You've got nothing to lose so just cheer whoever wins.
Let go! I said let go! No, just stay here.
It'd be even better if you like it here.
- I want to know what Kim Tan will risk for you.
- What? - Cha Eun Sang! Look at me.
- Let go.
You shut up! Cha Eun Sang! I can't do this anymore.
I'm sorry.
I know it's hard.
I'm sorry.
I can't promise you that it's going to be okay.
Still, take me hand please.
Don't take it.
Do you really like Eun Sang? Pervert? So I look like that when I'm looking at her.
I'm not the chairwoman's son.
I lied to you.
I think this is all I can do to personally help you.
Are you out of your mind? Are you Eun Sang's mother? The housemaid's daughter.
You can tell the kids if you want.
You can pick on me if you like.
- Did I say anything? - What are you going to do now? Do what? Don't threaten her with that.
Don't protect Cha Eun Sang.
If you don't protect her, I will protect everyone else.
If I go back to my old self just to beat you You're really going to die.
It was good seeing you in my dream.
You missed me too.