The Heirs (Sangsokjadeul) (2013) s01e12 Episode Script

Episode 12

Episode 12 Cha Eun Sang.
I can't do this anymore.
I know it's hard.
It's my fault.
I can't promise you that it will be alright.
Still come with me.
Take my hand.
We came far enough.
- Let's not go any further.
- I said don't! I will see you around.
You still make people leave.
Hey! People are going to think that I kidnapped you.
Where's Tan? Did he leave? Is it over between you two? Why? I want to party right now.
Why are you crying? Is your first period P.
? You want to skip class and celebrate? No wonder you're 98th place.
You just don't let me get you.
- Was your class fun? - No, not without you.
You're lying.
One sec.
Hey Cha Eun Sang! You scared me when you weren't there when I woke up.
- You didn't even eat breakfast.
- Thank you for yesterday.
You called yesterday.
Why? Why didn't you answer your phone? - I'm not your secretary.
- It was that urgent.
Did Cha Eun Sang sleep over at your place? What are you talking about? She slept outside? Never mind.
So it wasn't you? Oh yeah, when are you giving me a picture of Chan Young? Soon.
- Did you go to Young Do's hotel? - That's Young Do's hotel? Did she cry a lot? In the morning.
Cha Eun Sang.
Now you're asking in my face.
Just in case you thought, 'Maybe.
' Well forget it.
It's not your chance.
This is my chance.
[Cha Eun Sang.]
There's so many What did you do to this picture? Why am I so fat? The camera doesn't lie.
So give me the honest pictures! You need to get fatter! Gain about 5 kg.
You think I will be fat if I gain 5 kg? Then why are you whining? The answer is already there.
You just need to say it.
Is it that hard to make me look fit? What? Wow.
- Hey Choi Young Do! - Do you really like Cha Eun Sang? Do I? Everyone knows that Tan and Eun Sang have something going on.
And they have you to thank for that.
The world is so big and half of it are women.
Why look for your first love in your school? Oh my God! This is your first love? So that's what I look like.
When I'm looking at her.
- I've got to go.
- Where? Your first love never works out.
It's the law.
Yeah, look at Tan and me.
That's not a first love.
It was more like a crush.
Objectively speaking, you were just following Tan around.
What gives you the right to speak objectively about my first love? Did you see Eun Sang at school? Other kids weren't talking about it, were they? Are you secretly seeing her? I'm right here! Yeah, that's why I'm worried.
You looked like you weren't coming back today.
- Is that okay? - You need to straighten up! If your father finds out, he will kick you back to America! Mom, are you happy living here? Huh? Are you okay with me not being able to call you Mom in front of others? Of course not.
When I brought you here and took over the master bedroom here I thought I'd be legally married and live happily after with your father.
I didn't think it would turn out like this.
And you still want Rachel and me to work out? What if I get married to Rachel? I may never get to introduce you as my mom.
Is that okay? It'll be miserable, but As long as it works out for you, that's my reward.
I only live to see that day.
Don't make that face.
You have two moms and you're acting like you have none.
Mom #1, take those socks off.
They are mine.
They are? [Room for rent.]
[Realtor's Office.]
Hi, I'm calling about the room.
Call that number during the day.
Call my cell at night.
Okay, thank you for showing me the room.
- I will talk to my mom and call you.
- Okay.
Mom, see me around five.
Can you bring my clothes on the way? You're not even sorry for calling a senior right before the college exam.
You're not even looking at me.
- You want to die? - Hyo Shin.
Actually, I'm not the chairwoman's son.
I have a real mother.
- Is that a new joke? - It's the truth.
- What is? - What I just said.
I lied to you.
I'm sorry.
Let's say that it was true.
Why are you telling me this all of the sudden? I was experimenting to see if it would be hard to say.
- But it was hard.
- Experiment? Even telling you was scary.
- Are you serious? - I am.
I will take one more lap.
You said that you wanted to say something.
I'm thinking about the conversation we could possibly have.
I was going to ask, 'Did you get the list of the borrowed names?' I can't make a judgment call.
I don't know whose side you're on.
Did you poison this? I really wanted to.
Take a seat.
I will get straight to the point.
What did my father promise you for handling his shares under your name? The usual compensation is a CEO position of a subsidiary.
You think I don't know that? I think this is all I can do to personally help you.
[The orphan raised by Jeguk, is hired by Jeguk Foundation.
Is this why you went to see her? - She's a member of the foundation now.
- Are you out of your mind? You should've told me before getting here! You thought that you could reveal her life story if you hired her? That's what the chairman must have thought.
This was specifically ordered by him.
Is Father here? We were just talking about you.
Come on in.
What are you doing here? I called her because I wanted to talk to her.
You could have called me first.
You could have asked me.
You two will have different answers.
Am I wrong? Father.
Don't do this.
You're an honor student of our foundation.
I'm proud of you for doing so well under your circumstances.
You planned this because you were so proud? All of the employees will see the article today.
Everyone in Korea will see it tomorrow on news.
People won't remember her for her job.
They will remember her as an orphan.
How will she survive in Jeguk High if you reveal everything? What did you do? Why didn't you tell me and make me look like a fool? Why do you make a fool out of me? That's why I chose to be the bad guy here.
Because I couldn't stand watching you becoming a fool.
You couldn't even handle a girl.
How long were you going to put your life around her? Stop.
Don't waste your life for one moment of eye contact or a heartbeat.
You too, Hyun Joo.
You're too shameless! I sponsored you, and I helped you.
- How dare you see my son after that? - Father! You may feel like you will die if you don't see him.
You will miss him and it will hurt.
But I said stop! Why are you telling her about my feelings? I couldn't even tell her yet.
I will take your advice to heart.
Excuse me.
I have never disobeyed you.
I tried my best to soar faster and higher than anyone.
- That's how I got here.
- You didn't get there.
I let you have it.
If I were healthy, you wouldn't be there right now.
You got there because you are my son.
But I can't be your father in matters like this? How is that reasonable? Get it straight.
You need to get married.
Yeah, I will have to get it straight.
Are you okay? You must be Tan.
You know me? - I will see you again soon.
- You walked here? It's a long walk to the streets.
You want me to call a cab? Just don't let your brother come out for me.
The person that just walked out.
She walked this way.
She asked me to stop you.
I wasn't going to follow her out.
Won, you look really bad right now.
- Is something wrong? - You're still crossing the line.
You don't look angry with that face.
What's going on? Father has someone following me.
You should be careful too.
Don't do anything that will be a flaw.
He's not coming.
He just left.
I'm not waiting for him.
But who are you? Are you my brother's girlfriend? How did you recognize me? Does he talk about me? Yeah.
He said that his brother was kind and honest.
He got tall, and his eyes are just like his.
And he was right.
I'm leaving right now.
I'm going to work until the end of the month.
You will need to find someone else.
Okay then.
Are you leaving right now? You just gave me notice! You don't have to rush it! That shopping bag is also ours! You weren't leaving? Never mind then.
See you.
- Where are you? - I'm busy right now.
- I'm thankful.
- For what? You answered the phone when you were busy.
I don't want to risk not knowing about the trouble ahead of me.
- Why did you call me? - I was around your place.
You want to eat Terrible manners.
- If you don't like noodles - I like them.
I love noodles.
I'm at the intersection.
You should come here.
I told Madame Han that we're leaving.
I looked for some rooms to rent.
The cheapest one is 10 million for deposit and 350,000 for rent.
It's a one-bedroom.
I will look for more and text you.
Where are you sleeping? At a friend's.
She's pretty outside and pretty inside.
I'm thankful.
I should have made some food for her.
Not now.
I have to go.
I'm late for work.
I will text you.
You wanted to see me here, but you came from the direction of the convenience store.
I was in front of the convenience store.
Oh yeah? I didn't know that.
I understand.
It's not like you're a satellite.
I have to go somewhere.
Stay right here for a sec.
For 10 minutes or 15 minutes? - I'm not going to wait for you.
- Wait for me.
Please wait for me.
Hello ma'am.
Is Eun Sang home? You're her mother right? I was going to see her, but I couldn't contact her.
When is she coming back? Eun Sang went to work.
What were you doing up there? There are so many people I'd love to meet in this neighborhood.
- I want to move here.
- Stop joking around.
Why are you coming from there? - Why do you care? - I don't care where you were coming from.
But if it's my house, I don't think I can just let you go.
You look cranky because Eun Sang didn't take your hand.
You want to see me get worse? I'd love to see that.
But I don't have time to give you my best because I have someone waiting for me.
Bye! We're golfing tomorrow with Choi Dong Wook and Young Do.
Get ready.
Your friend just came on a bike.
It was a boy.
You can't just let a friend come over to this place.
Call him.
Number six, daughter of the housemaid.
Note: Speech disorder.
- Why did you come back? - The same reason as why you were waiting.
I don't think so.
Waiting has become my habit.
You found out about everything.
You've met my mom.
You could have waited.
I was going to leave soon.
I already found out.
The cell phones are the problem! Tell the kids if you want to and pick on me if you want to.
But don't ever come back until my mom and I leave.
That's also my mom's workplace.
Did I say anything? Let's go get some noodles if you're done.
Stop avoiding the question and tell me so that I can at least be prepared.
- What are you going to do to me? - Do what? I don't know how to cope with the scars in my heart.
How can I deal with yours? I was just lonely because you left.
I'm just glad because you're back.
Your secret is shocking.
That's all.
Did I say that I would do something? I've seen you do a lot of things.
- You even did it to me.
- That's why I can't do anything to you now.
You should've just said, 'Let's go get noodles.
' I can't hang out with you today.
Let's eat that noodle next time.
We have business coming up with Jeguk Group this year.
So don't make Tan an enemy.
Put him under you.
Do we have rules today? I'm going to lose to Mr.
Kim today.
You beat Tan.
That's the rule.
We have no other options than Hotel Zeus.
But they don't know that.
So don't do anything for them.
If they don't receive anything, they will think that they are doing business with us.
Kim! You can talk to your brother.
You make it obvious that you're half-brothers.
Don't talk to me.
My brother is in the middle of his shot.
Korea has become a better place.
Even illegitimate children can address their father and brothers now.
And stop being an ass.
I have a golf club in my hand.
And I don't? Are you sure? In front of your father? You can only see the golf club in my hand.
What would be more shocking? You being an illegitimate child? Or Cha Eun Sang being the daughter of your housemaid.
Oh! The illegitimate child, Tan, dating the daughter of the housemaid, Eun Sang, would be most shocking.
So you found out.
Do we look cute? Your voice is shaking.
I can tell that you're trying.
Don't you dare blackmail Cha Eun Sang with that.
You're not that low, are you? But you're almost there.
Why would I blackmail her? I'm blackmailing you! So don't try to protect Cha Eun Sang.
If you keep on protecting her, I'll have no choice but to reveal it.
If you don't protect her I will protect everyone.
Listen to me carefully.
If I want to beat you in this fight I'll have to go back to my old self.
But I don't want to do that.
I have something called a brain now.
But if you keep on doing this, I may just have no choice.
- You still won't beat me.
- If I! Go back to my old self just to beat you You're really going to die.
Because beating you will be the only thing on my mind.
You your father Your father's company Your gangster buddies and their fathers' companies Everyone around you I will crush them all.
You're just an illegitimate child.
You said the same thing three years ago.
If that woman and my father has a child That'd be you.
Yes, I'm an illegitimate child.
Nevertheless, I'm the second son of Jeguk Group.
If my father gets on my side, you think you will be a match? You said three years ago.
You're going to regret this for the rest your life.
You should have come earlier then.
Before I had lost my mother.
I was angry.
I only got you for five minutes.
Do you remember? The two forks that were on the table.
You missed your last meal with your mother just to beat me.
I don't care what you do to me, but Not Cha Eun Sang.
Don't touch her.
Also, let's just stay as strangers to each other.
I don't have time to fight you right now.
I have a bigger fight coming.
What are all these? Tributes from freshmen girls.
It says, 'Congratulations on the Gold Award.
' They are for Hyo Shin winning the Asia Youth short film contest.
Really? That's amazing.
Oh yeah! Something big happened.
Don't get shocked.
- What is it? - I think Choi Young Do likes you.
Really? Shush! Only Myung Soo and I know this.
Don't act like you know about this.
I thought that you should know.
It's a secret.
Were you talking about me? You look like you became friends from talking about me.
We're not friends.
It's personnel only.
I'm pretty much related to everyone here.
God! He's talking about me.
Lee Bo Na! I can hear you.
I saw on the bulletin board that you won something.
I didn't win it so that you could come here.
Did you even know what you were doing? What was the genre? Horror? Friday the 13th? Something like that? I'm always about murders by love.
Cha Eun Sang likes horror.
- Huh? - You like horror movies? Yeah.
Horror, thrillers, occult, splatters.
You watch splatters? My dream is to make a horror movie filled with hopes and dreams.
But why are you two avoiding any eye contact? Hey! You don't have to do that for me! You caught me.
I have to go now.
- Bye.
- Why did you even come? I just wanted to see you.
Who? Me? He's talking about me.
What do you need? I'm sorry about last time.
I ruined the breakfast.
At least you know.
I came to ask you for a favor.
I want to invite Rachel for dinner.
She won't come if I ask.
And I don't want to ask Father.
I also want to invite her mother.
You ask me to be your mother only when you need something.
- I'm sorry.
- No, I'm sorry.
I'm too busy right now Just wait.
I will show you exactly how low your place is.
The women should talk about this.
- Don't worry.
- Thank you.
Trunk shows originated from the practice of presenting the merchandise to the very select few.
Those of you invited today are my selected few.
Greed of women make beauty.
For the Fall and Winter this year, we have added greed to functionality.
We've added some style.
Rachel! - Are you helping your mom? - Yes.
I will be doing this eventually.
I'm trying to impress her because she won't give it to me for free.
You're pretty just like your mother.
You also talk just like her.
Bo Na is still a child compared to you.
Bo Na is popular at school.
Please enjoy our welcome.
Please come back next time.
You said that it would be over in an hour.
We're going to be late.
Of all days! What? Isn't she Ye Sol's mother? - And? - How did she get invited? Do you know what that family does? They do business with drinking water.
It's not drinking water.
- She owns the biggest hostess bar in Gangnam.
- What? Hostess bar? Is that what happened? Madame Han! You acted like her mother and paid for the camping.
Now they want Tan.
You got stabbed in the back! But from the look of things, it was Tan who liked her first.
I'm going to kill him.
What are you going to do? It already happened! What did Eun Sang's mother say? She says she's leaving.
So I said okay.
Hey! She knows everything about your family.
You can't just let her leave! You're right.
I didn't think that far ahead! I will call you back.
What? Madame Jung is coming with your son's in-laws.
What? Rachel is coming? Here? What are you doing? Why is Rachel coming here all of the sudden? I'm busy enough! Shut up! - It's just a meal with the in-laws.
- A meal? There are restaurants and hotels everywhere.
You invited them over just for a meal? When I'm here? Are you scared now? Are you doing this just to screw me over? You're killing me already! Tell me what's going on! Hang that on the wall.
Hang what? Don't you touch that! You need to ask the lady of the house! Lady of the house? Who is? You're just a mistress.
Yeah, speaking of which Rachel's family will be delighted to find out that the mistress took over the house.
You haven't even got the chairman's approval.
What do you think you're doing? Of course he knows.
Haven't you heard anything from Tan? Tan knows? He grew up in America.
He even knows how to forsake his ignorant mother.
What did you just say? Tan requested this.
Didn't you know? Where is he right now? Can you see me now? Was everything alright? You like leaving home? You like not seeing me? You like letting go of my hand? It was nice seeing you in my dream last night.
I'm late.
I have to go.
You should go too.
You're going to be late.
You think I will just listen to you? You left me at the dangerous cross walk.
You didn't even call me or text me.
But now you're telling me to go.
You missed me too.
I didn't miss you.
Hey Kim Tan! Lie to me again.
Don't come home today.
I came here to tell you that.
I left already.
My mom may call you.
But don't come home today no matter what.
What are you talking about? Go in.
I'm leaving.
Your guests are here.
They are at the door.
Yeah, stay there as long as you want.
Let them in.
Are you really going to do this? Are you taking revenge on me? I told you.
I will show you exactly where you stand.
Go to your room now then.
Before I open the door.
Open the door.
They just exchanged greetings.
They are going to start eating.
Where's Tan? Thanks.
I should have invited you sooner.
Forgive me.
I only saw you at the meeting of board members.
It's good to see you at home with family.
You should come over more often.
Tan said that he's coming soon.
I'm sorry that he's late.
I'm okay! It's the rush hour.
She was trying her clothes all night for this.
Mom! It's good to see you trying to impress us.
I thought of it as a family gathering and made it simple.
I hope you like it.
I like every dish.
Me too.
Could you pass me the salad? We got the almonds from California.
They are good.
I eat almonds all the time too.
I heard that you can play Go.
Yes sir.
I like the idea of fighting my hardest to be one step ahead of the opponent.
Yes! You're so clever and pretty! Sorry I'm late.
Why are you late with the guests waiting? I was worried that I might not see you today.
I'm sorry.
It's okay, we didn't wait too long.
Are you done? You want to see my room? Really? Can I go to his room? I will send fruits upstairs.
You guys can talk.
Excuse me then.
It won't take long.
Let's go.
Tan looks so glamorous.
That's why he met a princess like Rachel.
What? I was wondering what Choi Young Do saw at your place.
I was trying to be a forgiving fiancee.
I thought of giving you a chance to hide it.
I'm not hiding anything.
Just don't get too shocked when I reveal everything.
What are you revealing? - My weakness.
- That will make me understand you better.
That's why you've won the jackpot today.
What are you talking about? Can you make it comprehensible? - Wasn't that from your place in America? - Yeah.
I just don't get you.
You gave a cheap souvenir a ride back on first-class? Take a seat.
Isn't it ironic? I couldn't come to your place even when we got engaged.
But now that I want to take the ring off, I'm invited.
I'm sorry.
You don't have to apologize.
I'm apologizing for what I'm about to do.
About to do? Are you going to do something to be sorry for? Yeah.
You said that you wanted to know what Young Do saw.
I will show you right now.
It's been a long time since I saw you like this.
It's been 18 years.
It was when I first caught you.
I bet that you didn't know back then.
That nothing was going to change 18 years later.
The only place you can be free is just this room in this big mansion.
You have your guest.
Get out! Shut your mouth! Know your place! Don't tell me what to do! Close the door and get out.
Why did you come in? What if your father looks for you? I guess this is why people have children.
Yeah? Don't let go of my hand.
What? Let's go.
Are you out of your mind? Where are we going? What's wrong with you? What's wrong with you? Let go! Aren't you Cha Eun Sang's mother? What? What what? No! You're mistaken.
The person next to me is My mother.
My birth mother.
I am the second son of the chairman Kim Nam Yoon of Jeguk Group.
An illegitimate son.
My confession about my birth! I know exactly what it means to my father, the chairwoman, Mrs.
Lee, and to my old friend.
So I want to cancel this engagement.
What is going I am speechless.
I will contact you later.
I will decide on the date.
I will contact you.
Let's go.
President Lee? Wait! - Rachel.
One sec! - Chairman! I'm sorry.
Forgive us.
It's all my fault.
What are you doing? Say that you're sorry! Chairman! Stop! It wasn't his fault.
I made him do this.
I told him that my life was hard.
I asked him to do something because he was all grown up.
- I went crazy for a sec.
- Mom please! - Beg him! Beg him! - No! Not now.
I will live with it first.
If I regret the decision I made today I will beg then.
Because I'm sure that I won't regret this.
Idiot! Moron! Kick me out if you want to.
But don't do anything to Mom because she's your woman.
How could you? How? You idiot! How could you? How? How? Stop crying, Mom! You're going to get sick! Unless you're punishing me, don't get sick.
Why did you do it? You thought this was for me? For the three years you were in America I couldn't even breathe between Won and your father.
Just waiting until the day you come back.
But how could you do this to me? I'm sorry.
I just couldn't agree with you.
I'm sorry.
What now? What do I do now? What now? What do I do now? Eun Sang! How many boxes of fruit did you order? I forgot! I will order it right Hey! What are we going to do tomorrow if you forget that? I'm sorry.
I told you to empty the trash can when you got here.
I'm sorry.
You got the order wrong and did the math wrong.
What's wrong with you today?