The Heirs (Sangsokjadeul) (2013) s01e13 Episode Script

Episode 13

Episode 13 Are you okay? What's going on? You promised in America.
That you would take my hand and run away with me if I was in danger.
Is that still valid in Korea? I see.
I can't believe this.
How can they lie to us? You really didn't know about this? Why are you asking me? You should have looked into it before I got engaged.
They have mocked us.
Both of your grandfathers will flip when they find out that you were engaged to an illegitimate child.
Can you be quiet? I need to think.
Think about what? We know the answer.
Even real brothers cut each other's throat for management power.
And they are half-brothers? Tan and his brother will end up fighting for management for sure.
You will break up with him then.
Why wait until then? Tan and his brother will have to buy more shares to defend their places.
Jeguk Group stock price will go up then.
We will sell our shares and terminate the engagement.
Did you have to do the math right now? I need to go out for a sec.
Where are you going? What the heck? What were you thinking? I didn't know having a sister could be so annoying.
What's the subject? Why did you hide it when you knew everything? Why did you hide the fact that there was no tiger in the tiger's den? Why didn't you tell me that Kim Tan was an illegitimate child? So my sister finally visited her fiance's house.
Stop messing around.
Kim Tan told us everything.
He wants to cancel the engagement.
Why were you hiding your trump card? What are you going to do now? I'm going to shut you up.
- What? - Shut up.
I'm not asking you.
This is a warning, sister.
So You're going to keep his secret for him? Why? Because it's the best thing I have ever done.
It's also the thing that hurt Kim Tan the most.
Tan got one step closer to Cha Eun Sang.
So you just worry about your decision.
Whether to cancel the engagement or not.
Come in.
- What is this place? - Go downstairs.
- What are you doing? - It will be done soon.
Whose place is this? It's Myung Soo's studio.
Let's sleep here tonight.
What are you saying? I will just 'Take care of myself,' 'Go to my friend's house,' 'Stay by myself' You already said all that in America.
I don't buy it anymore.
You held onto my hand.
I did not! Oh yeah, you just hugged me.
Take a seat.
Why are you sitting there? Where were you staying up until now? Why were you crying? Why were you with Choi Young Do in the morning? When I caught you.
- What happened? - Did you sleep at his hotel? What happened? Why are you avoiding the question? - You too.
- It wasn't even worth answering.
Due to global warming, penguins are endangered.
- What? - That's why I cried.
It's so sad.
Answer the question! I'm worried about you! Is someone coming? - Probably Myung Soo.
- What do we do now? We just need to stay quiet.
He can't come in anyway.
I changed the password.
Why would you change his password? Who's in there? I just heard you! There are at least two, and there's a girl! - Open the door right now! I will forgive you.
- I will open it.
Stay still.
I'm going to kill you! Gee.
How were you going to beat me in strength? See? He left.
It's quiet.
Okay, let go of me.
Who were you with last night? I couldn't sleep because I was worried.
Are you really not going home? Your mom will be worried.
I'm not going home! It's scary on the road at night.
What about your school uniform? Aren't you going to go to school? I will just ask them to bring my uniform to school in the morning.
- Your phone is vibrating.
- Hey what are you doing? Who the hell is calling? [Choi Young Do.]
See? I caught you again.
Caught me doing what? I'm not answering it.
That's even more suspicious! Hello? Does she not have a hand? Why do you always answer her phone? Because I'm always with her.
Just tell me why you called.
There's no guarantee that I will deliver the message.
Tell her to make her SNS public.
Before I hack into her account.
There's nothing for you to see there.
Is she friends with you? We're more than friends! Shut up.
I heard that you went public about you being an illegitimate child.
What were you thinking? You will never understand.
Just go to bed.
What did he say? Hey! Why did you take this picture? You had a picture with him because I wasn't there for a second? Look at your face! You don't hate it either.
- You're a future overly-jealous husband.
- But my wife will be really happy.
Forget it.
- What are you doing? - I'm a student.
What do you think? I guess the 100th place in class wouldn't understand.
Go to bed first.
I marked the wrong numbers on the scantron! How can you study when you're in an enclosed space with me? Huh? Sweet dreams.
I'm already dreaming.
You're here next to me.
We're late! Hungry and cold! Finally that decisive moment! - You spent the night here? - I refused to give up! I got you! It's small! Delete it while I'm asking nicely.
You have no idea what I was like.
I hurt people with a spoon and stuff.
Violence will only make it worse.
- Are you really going out? - No! You have different answers.
You hugged me last night.
Why are you lying? - I was - What? What were you doing in my studio last night? What did you do after cuddling? (hugging = cuddling) What? Does spending the night together and going to school together feel different all of the sudden? Wifey? Take courage.
Sorry I took too long.
See? You can smile.
Let's go.
They are going out! Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sang are This is the holy land of education, where intelligence and liberal arts breathe.
- What are you doing? - Go to the broadcasting station.
I just have to play with him now.
You've seen it before.
Cha Eun Sang.
Answer your phone from now.
Keep going.
No fighting! Both of you! Don't call Cha Eun Sang again.
You look like you're about to shut down the mobile phone service for Seoul.
It's too bad that my father doesn't own a cellular phone service company.
About what you went public with last night.
Why would you reveal that yourself? You know I was waiting for that moment.
It's not too late.
It won't be as good, but kids don't know it yet.
You can reveal it.
I was going to.
But like you said, it won't be as good.
I need to up the scale and add some details.
Yeah, I like how you always give your best.
It's going to be difficult for you to cover this.
I'm not going to cover it.
I'm going to face it.
I'm not the same person you used to know.
So stop acting like you know me.
Keep going.
I have something to show you, but I can't right now.
Right on time.
Come out! You can't talk to her from now.
Come out and Yeah, like this.
Talk to me from now.
Don't pick on Eun Sang anymore.
Shut up! You're just an illegitimate child.
What were you screaming about? Was it his secret or the slap? Your attitude! How could you say something like that? Because in this world, the bloodline is the crown.
New Money wouldn't understand.
This is how she and I were different at birth.
And you broke your engagement with me? It had to be me! If that was your birth secret, then I should be the one.
You should be begging for me! I'm sorry.
But you're still not the one for me.
What? Are you going to go after her? Bye.
Your birth mother.
I just don't understand.
Why would she come to the PTA meeting as Cha Eun Sang's mother? She paid for the camping and showed off her money.
Like someone who wanted to prove that she's rich.
Why? Isn't that just weird? Stop worrying about my mom.
Or about Cha Eun Sang, or me.
Cha Eun Sang! Are you crying? Answer me or I'm going in! Cha Eun Sang is in there.
Go upstairs.
- Did you not hear me? - Let's go.
What are you doing in front of the girls' bathroom? Cha Eun Sang is in there.
You go to the third floor.
I'm Cha Eun Sang's savior! She slept at my place two nights in a row.
- She slept at your place? - Yeah, what? - Raise your hand.
- My hand? Good job! Hey! Why are you touching me? Chan Young! You're too much! - This is the girls' bathroom.
- Speaking of which.
You want to use the boys' bathroom from now on? Geez.
I said it wasn't because of you! Why do you keep on crying? I just don't get your world of corporates and stock shares Is there really no way for me to protect you? You hurt me when you told me to just worry about myself.
And now you want to protect me? Yeah! So what? Someone once told me that every hour unpaid is a luxury she cannot afford.
But she was holding hands with a boy at school.
Cut it out.
Cha Eun Sang! What are you talking about with my boyfriend? Cut what out? Your boyfriend is blackmailing me.
I will see you later! Blackmail? You blackmailed her? Yeah! Let's get something big! I have to go to the teachers' office.
Eat lunch without me.
What the heck? So annoying.
Cha Eun Sang has her hands on Chan Young now? - Just break up! - Why would we? I'm saying this for you.
Frankly, Chan Young is a nobody.
He's the son of a secretary.
What did you just say? It's true isn't it? You're at a loss.
Hey Kang Ye Sol! What the heck are you saying? I never felt that I was at a loss.
Apologize right now.
I just don't want to see you crying after Cha Eun Sang takes him away.
Someone's engagement got canceled.
Is that someone me? Who says that my engagement got canceled? Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sang were holding hands.
I thought your engagement got canceled.
Everyone in school is saying that Kim Tan switched over because your family is a joke.
How is my family a joke? I heard that your mom took the half of your dad's company when they got divorced.
Young Do's father is the next target? That's why it's a joke.
I wasn't going to say this, but - What the hell do you think you're doing? - What am I doing? I just wanted to ask.
Then let me ask something too.
Why did you hide the fact that your mom works at hostess bars? - What? Is that true? - Hostess bar? Bo Na is asking if it's true.
- Answer me.
- Kang Ye Sol! I'm speechless.
And you said what? Secretary's son? Lee Bo Na.
You want to eat with me? Huh? Is something going on? What's wrong with everyone? Lee Bo Na and Rachel are making Kang Ye Sol sit in the Social Care Group seat.
What are you doing? Sit.
I said sit.
What's going on? Why is Kang Ye Sol She lied about her mom working at a hostess bar.
Oh my God.
It's too early to cry.
Aren't you going to sit? That's your seat! Lee Bo Na! What are you doing? I can explain.
Kang Ye Sol You go play soccer.
This is girls' business.
I'm hungry.
It looks so good.
I'm sorry, but can you move? Thanks.
Kim Tan! What are you doing? What am I doing? Eating.
Why aren't you eating? I'm going to eat if you're not.
- Don't you know what that seat is? - This seat? The closest seat to the food? What are you doing? How many times do I have to say this? I'm eating! Can I eat here? You're breaking the rule.
I made the rule.
I can break it.
You made it, but I'm the one who maintained it.
You cannot break it without my approval.
You can't break the rule.
I will show you why.
It's because that seat is for this.
Up until yesterday, this seat was for this.
But as of today, this can happen.
I'm sorry Cha Eun Sang.
Go wash it.
Come out.
Stop right there! What's wrong with you two? Do you feel better now? I didn't start it.
- He did it first.
- It's not the first time he did.
You're also not taking a step back.
Should I have backed out then? I can't do that.
I still smell like curry! He's like an elementary school kid.
I thought you were at middle school level at least.
What? Lee Bo Na! What the heck? What were you doing? It wasn't my fault.
I didn't do it first.
It's not important who did it first.
Kang Ye Sol first said that I shouldn't be going out with a secretary's son.
But you still shouldn't have behaved the same.
She didn't say anything wrong.
The reason you got angry is because you were embarrassed.
How did you date me if you were so embarrassed? That's not what it's about! Didn't you think that I'd be disappointed in you? Is this who you are? How did you like me up until now if I were that disappointing? Why do I have to be disappointing to you because of those losers? What a nice thing to say.
Go away! I hate you! Get lost! - I'm home.
- And you don't have to be.
As of yesterday, you lost your right to live under this roof.
Get out of my house.
Are you kicking him out? That's not going to change anything.
I got him that insurance to make his life easier.
If he doesn't like it, then he can leave! Wallet, phone, and your coat Put them all down.
- Chairman! - He says he doesn't want them.
You can't leave this house with the things you bought with my money.
You need to regret this.
I will keep the uniform and shoes.
I will pay you back later.
Yeah, you should go to school.
I know that Rachel was my insurance.
But my life can't be about my insurance.
Thank you for everything.
What are you doing? Why are you leaving? I can't live with you doing this.
I'm not leaving.
I'm getting kicked out.
Because he's angry.
He could say anything after what you did.
I'm asking for the last time.
Are you really kicking him out? What happened? Where are your clothes? Aren't you cold? - Do you have money? - What money? I got kicked out like this.
Pay for the cab for me.
You got kicked out? Pay the cab first.
I will pay you back.
You got kicked out and you took a cab? That hurts! I will pay you back! - And you really left? - What then? When parents say get out, it means that they want you to beg.
I didn't do anything wrong.
Let me have something to drink first.
I will pay you back later.
Water is free.
Drink water.
What are you going to do now? You said that you gave up your wallet and credit cards.
You could last for a week.
What about after that? - I'm going to make my own fortune.
- How? I will study hard and become successful.
You might as well try out for K-pop Star! - Nah, I can't sing.
- You're not smart either.
Hey! Let me see your phone.
You have Hyo Shin's number right? - What about him? - I need to borrow money.
That's the first thing on your mind? With what? - With your kidneys? - Do you have Myung Soo's number? - You have Chan Young's.
What about Bo Na? - What about Young Do? Call him! I will pay you back for the call.
Thank you for taking your time to come out.
I will get straight to the point.
Who's going to let me stay tonight? Who's giving me a ride tomorrow? Who's going to buy me food then? Where's Bo Na? Are you serious? Even you? Bo Na! I will leave.
You can stay.
- You guys had a fight? - Hey! I got kicked out! Give me some attention! What did you do to get kicked out? I can't tell you what I did.
But my father was angry, my mom was crying, and I got slapped in the face.
- That summarizes it.
- You got slapped? It must have been something big.
Where are you sleeping tonight? You want to go to my place? Thank you for offering.
But your mom is scary.
No thanks.
She is scary.
I'm jealous that you got kicked out.
When A is smaller than 0 and B is a natural number Where are you? Wrong answer.
Your outfit for the interview tomorrow.
I will pick the coat for you in the morning.
- What interview? - The college interview you missed last time.
- I scheduled it again.
- You rescheduled the college interview? - How's that possible? - It was difficult to make it possible.
This is your doctor's note.
Read it before you go just in case.
You want me to cheat my way into college as the son of the Attorney General? You do things I can't even imagine.
How can you do this? How far will you go? Do I really have to die? You still think your bluff with your life is going to work? I will never let you give up on yourself.
Bo Na, it's me.
If you're with Tan Sorry, I will call you back.
Hi ma'am.
- Is this your work place? - Yes.
You slept here? Yeah the staff room is good.
Staff room? You're so heartless.
How can you really leave just because I said so? It's getting colder everyday, and I know that you have no place to go.
Didn't you think that it'd be difficult for me to see your mom? Would I stay warm at night after kicking you out? Or would I comfortably eat the food your mom makes me? Were you testing me for that or what? Look how bad your skin got.
You know that Tan left home right? - I'm sorry.
- It wasn't your fault.
It was mine.
Anyway, where is he right now? Did he come to see you? He did, didn't he! He even left his phone.
I can't stand this.
Why aren't you saying anything? Was Tan here or not? I was! What! I knew it! I knew I'd see you here.
Let's just talk.
Why do the women I love always have to hit first? Let go! I'm here to bring you back home.
Let's go home.
Let's go and beg him.
I got kicked out! Go where? - I'm not going back.
- Then? You're going to move in with her? - If your father finds out - He already knows.
He had someone follow me.
What? It's only getting worse.
Get in the car.
Get in the car first.
What are you doing? Be on my side! I will go ma'am.
I will go back home.
- Will you? - Hey.
You can't go back! I left! That's why I have to go back.
You should come back too.
I knew you were smart! She's my hostage from now on.
Get in the car.
I'm not going! But Mom! Did you bring my phone? What about my clothes? Mom! I went around like this.
- Just freeze to death! - You don't mean that.
Take care of my girlfriend, Mom.
You idiot! Take your phone and jacket.
You look good together.
I will call you.
How can he trust me with you? How did you come home with Madame Han? She came to pick me up.
Really? Why? Did you get in trouble? No.
I have to pack up.
And I missed you.
That's why I came back home.
Good job.
How is the chairman doing? Did he say anything to you? He hasn't come out of his study after he kicked out his second son.
Stay here I will get you something to eat.
Can I Sleep here tonight? Father slapped me.
I heard.
He didn't say anything when you packed up.
How can he kick me out without a penny? Is it because I'm an illegitimate child? That hurt.
- Yes? - Is it okay to talk? Yes, go ahead.
The Jeguk Holding's shares that the chairman will give to Tan The ones that will hurt you the most is Jung Ji Sook's shares.
About 5% of the shares will be given.
That's under the assumption that all the shares under your name will be given to Tan.
- Yes.
- I see.
I will call you back.
- Was it about me? - Can you really not understand? Or are you just pretending? I can't sleep with you.
Get a different room.
What's that mean? I'm sorry, but you can't check in.
I don't know how to say this.
I was told not to accommodate this person.
[Kim Tan.]
- Do I look like this? - How did you think you looked? Isn't it good? I saw you get on the elevator.
You don't have a rule here? What's the reason? First, you're Kim Tan.
Second, you're Kim Tan.
Third, you're Kim Tan.
Fourth, you got my bike towed.
Fifth You broke the rules first.
- Is this fun? - Yeah, it's fun.
You have to go back to your brother.
Trials and ordeals bring family back together.
I didn't want to say this, but I'm thankful.
You helped me.
Won, are you asleep? Are you really asleep? I have a lot to ask you.
I have a lot to tell you.
But you fell asleep too early.
- Thanks for the ride.
- Get out.
Won! Can you pick me up after work? Bye.
Bye Won! I heard that you discriminate each other by money.
So I'm going to do the same to you by your grades.
There are two kinds of students for me.
Smart students.
And bad students.
Over there with the raised eye brows! Put your phone away.
And your put your eye brows down.
Who's the smartest student here? - Him.
- Your name? Yoon Chan Young ma'am.
There are two kinds of students in this class room.
Yoon Chan Young and the rest of you.
Open your textbooks.
Yoon seems to have noticed.
Yes, that's why I wanted to see you.
Excuse me sir.
Take a seat.
- Do you know who he is? - Yes.
I forgot to ask if he also had my pictures.
Of course he does.
Quit that romance of yours.
First love is not important.
Stop transferring the shares to Tan for now.
Esther Lee is going to start buying our shares soon.
She may contact our share holders for off-board transactions.
If anyone is about to sell, go buy it back even if it costs more money.
Yes sir.
You go see her and see if she will change her mind.
I'm going to see her soon.
She's a real fox.
Also, was it Cha Eun Sang? Prepare for her to study abroad.
Making her go to Jeguk High didn't work.
I couldn't factor in their youth.
I just noticed that you're good looking.
I'm used to that.
- You were late this morning.
- I slept in.
- I slept really well last night.
- I can't believe this.
How can you sleep there without me? How was it with your brother? We slept in the same room.
We chatted.
We ate something nice.
You sound like you're lying.
- You didn't buy it.
- Just come back home.
Can't you rebel at home? Did my mom pay you? How is she? Did she drink wine last night? You're making me a spy now? - You want some? - Yeah.
You want to die? Don't whine! I didn't say that I'm eating just that! Every chance you get I've been thinking last night.
We're taking it too slowly.
How is it slow? We didn't just hold hands but we We can talk about that now? There's an order for everything! Where are you going? You're blushing.
Broadcasting room.
We're taking turns because Hyo Shin is absent today.
He's absent? I heard that you passed out before the last interview.
Did I? Why did you apply for our school? - I never applied.
- Why did you choose your major? Has it occurred that your answer is not appropriate for the situation? Lee Hyo Shin! [Hyo Shin.]
I'm sorry for what I did.
Sorry? You think that's good enough? I was going to go easy because I heard that you got slapped.
But I just can't contain the anger! How dare you mock me or mock your father! Your father and I raised you for You think we did it just to hide your birth secret? Your brother became the chairman by kicking his brother out.
You think that war was easy? Your uncles and their children are still suing your father.
What will they do when they find out that you're an illegitimate child? They will come to us again for something else.
Then it's another war.
You're only in high school.
Your brother's been the CEO for only three years now.
It will be you and your brother's battle.
What are you going to do now? What are you doing here? You're not in golf class.
I was just looking for a place where Cha Eun Sang would never find me.
- Why are you avoiding her? - I don't want her to see me like this.
See you like what? See me counting the obstacles we must overcome.
What are you talking about? [Closed.]
We are reserved for two hours in five minutes.
Don't take any other orders.
What is it? A birthday party? Probably an event for his girlfriend.
I'm heading out.
I'm jealous, Eun Sang.
Huh? Come back two hours later.
We're reserved for two hours.
- I know.
- I can't take any other orders.
We're reserved for the reservation.
I made the reservation.
- You reserved the entire two hours? - Yeah.
Why? Because you wouldn't answer my phone call.
You wouldn't go get noodles with me.
You always avoid me.
I had to pay to see your face again.
That's why you reserved the place for two hours? Aren't you taking orders? Don't you know how to order at a regular cafe? Come up to the counter.
Make two of anything that's easy for you.
Don't spit in it.
You look like you're doing unnecessary work.
Sit down for a sec.
You might just get yourself rich like that.
Listen to me.
Hey! I will spill the rest if you don't sit down.
It would have been better if you sat in the first place.
You make me do this.
What do you want from me? I want you to answer your phone.
Talk to me when I'm talking to you.
Say hi when you see me.
Now I get it.
I get that you like me.
I get why you didn't reveal my secrets.
I'm sorry I avoided you.
There's only one thing I can do then.
It's to reject you.
I'm sorry.
I really got rejected.
Can I take revenge? I hope you don't.
But if that's all you can do, then go ahead.
It's what I have to face for rejecting you.
I can't pick on you anymore.
That will break my heart.
So I'm going to pick on everyone except you.
- Choi Young Do.
- Take a break for the rest of the 20 minutes.
There's only one thing I can do then.
It's to reject you.
I'm sorry.
Ah, ah, mic testing, one, two, three.
My beloved classmates.
This is Choi Young Do.
I wanted to share a fun story with you.
It's a story about the second son of Jeguk Group.
Kim Tan.
I finally get to say this.
I have mixed feelings about this.
It took me the long way around to tell you this story.
I'm shaking.
Kim Tan is actually unbelievably Geez The truth is going to be revealed in 60 seconds.
I have a quote on my mind.
Your enemies are not the ones who hold their swords against you.
They are the ones who stand by you with their daggers behind their back.
It's word for word about my feelings for Kim Tan.
Oh! You can't agree because you don't know the reason.
She is here.
- The person I was waiting for.
- Choi Young Do! Is this your playground? You will be called for disciplinary action for this.
I don't care.
You can even jump into the fire for Kim Tan? Is the purpose of your relationship to become the liability of each other? Shut up.
Get out.
Let go! Is this the revenge you wanted? Let go.
I have to let go soon.
So I'm not letting go now.
I went through all that trouble for this one moment.
So bear with me.
Stop, Young Do.
Don't call my name like that.
Open it.
Open it before I kill you! Open the door.
Open it! I'm going to kill you when I get in there.
Open it! When I said I will pick on everyone else except you Kim Tan is one of them.
And me included.
Stay in your room.
Don't come out.
Rachel is coming.
Why did you come as Eun Sang's mother for the PTA meeting? Change in personnel? - You started the war.
- So choose.
Should I add your name or not? Let's say Cha Eun Sang and you were both drowning in water.
What then? Then I'll save her so that she could live without me.
Thanks for coming to our reunion party.
The cake is free.
I ordered it.
I thought we needed more drinks.
I'm nothing to you? Your life is hard enough.
My life has always been this hard.
Should we just run away? You want to go to America with me?