The Heirs (Sangsokjadeul) (2013) s01e14 Episode Script

Episode 14

Episode 14 Open it.
Open it before I kill you! - Open it, Choi Young Do.
- Open it.
I'm going to kill you when I open this.
Open it! When I said that I would pick on everyone else but you Kim Tan is one of them.
And me included.
Get out, Cha Eun Sang.
Don't come in.
Who did you think you were touching? How far are you going to go? How much longer do I have to put up with you? I told you to leave Cha Eun Sang alone.
You have to let go of her first for me to leave her alone.
I warned you.
Don't protect Cha Eun Sang.
Why don't you listen? I'm sick of this.
So you're going to go all the way? I should.
I came this far.
Just to beat you, I I missed my last meal with my mom.
I want to kill myself every time I see you.
How can I stop it now? Stop crying like a baby.
How many more chances do I have to give you? Stop acting like an adult.
It's nauseating.
Even when you hurt me Even when you mocked my mom Even when your mom left you I did my best.
You still don't get that that's exactly what drives me nuts.
You have always tried to make others miserable, and yourself along with them.
You tried your best.
How come you never change? What about you? You like changing by yourself? A bigger fight? My ass.
You broke your engagement? You're eventually going to kneel before your father.
Just go now.
Or Are you going to make Cha Eun Sang do it for you again? What you're doing is not a bigger fight.
It's just reckless.
Have you even tried being reckless? If I have to kneel, then I will! I just need to get back up.
And one day, I won't have to fall again.
You just stay there, Choi Young Do.
I'm not there anymore.
Are they fighting over you? Why did you even shut me up? You said that you would never reveal it.
What changed your mind? - I didn't change my mind.
- Then what was the announcement? I just needed to see someone for a sec.
I'm sorry for getting in a fight.
But it wasn't my fault.
- Are you okay? - Yeah.
- Why do you guys always fight? - Because of you! Can't you see that it's a love triangle? It's not just because of me.
You got me.
I'm still regretting.
Young Do is blaming himself.
But I can't fight myself.
- What about you? - Me? You already know that Kim Tan did nothing wrong.
Kim Tan never gave you hope.
You were the first to break the rule of the political marriage.
It was political, but you got obsessed.
That's cheating.
But could you forgive him? Could you just admit that you were wrong? Same for me.
I'm just insisting that I'm right.
It looks like you and Young Do are the ones in a relationship.
There's no other relationship like ours.
You're wearing your uniform.
- Did you wash this? - Who else would? The fabric got damaged.
Did you hand wash it? Take it off! Right now? Right here? - Take what off? Everything? - Hey! Everything? Yeah, I just went to the broadcasting room.
The door broke! When are you coming? I will call you back.
Yoon Chan Young! How could you not call me? Yoon Chan Young! Are you serious? How could you do this to me? Hey Yoon Chan Young! I think I broke my leg! I'm bleeding! It hurts! It hurts! I'm bleeding! I have a favor to ask.
I have an audition for a drama tomorrow.
I left my script in Myung Soo's studio.
I don't think I can go there any longer.
Can you go get it for me? I will get it, but are you okay? Do you think I'm weird too? That's what you think, huh.
Why does everyone in this school assume what others think? You were all raised wrong.
None of you know how to even apologize.
I will call you when I find it.
- You have my number? - Yeah, I do.
I'm sorry! I will call you.
I'm here to get Ye Sol's stuff for her.
Choi Young Do.
What are you doing here? - Someone asked me to get something.
- I see.
- What are you looking for? - A script.
It was here.
I took it.
You want to give it to her? Never mind.
Make sure you give it to her.
She needs it for her audition tomorrow.
You're too nice.
Give it.
So just forgive her.
She came to get Ye Sol's script for her.
That's my Bo Na.
She was so cute when she was pulling this act.
I almost looked back.
Good for you.
You're the one pulling an act.
Go make up with her, or someone might just steal her away.
[Meat - Jaeil Meat 02-0340-2921.]
[Fish - Hanrim Fish 031-0243.]
Hee Nam! What are you doing? Is that for your replacement? Why do you have to move at LTE speed? You look like someone so ready to leave.
I didn't even find a replacement.
You want to go that badly? Madame Han, you have a guest.
Your second son's fiancee.
Who? Rachel? Mom, I'm going to work.
You go stay in your room.
Don't come out! Rachel is here.
Go back in! Don't go to work.
I don't want you to run into her.
It's really over with Tan when she finds out that you're here.
Okay? I didn't want to go to work anyway.
Hi, Mother.
The chairman is not here.
And Tan is not home.
I'm here to see you.
Me? To see me? (using formal language) Please speak informally.
I'm just glad that I finally got to meet you.
Had I known, I could have come to see you earlier.
Do you like flowers? It must have been a difficult decision.
Tan did something admirable.
He must care a lot about you.
Do you really think so? Thank you.
But your mother is upset, isn't she? She's a bit startled.
Especially, when she had known you as Eun Sang's mother.
Yeah, she must be startled.
By the way, why did you come to the PTA meeting as Eun Sang's mother? Eun Sang's mom couldn't make it that day so I went there for her.
Do you know her family well? Something like that.
I'm worried because Tan seems to like Eun Sang.
Like her? He's just nice to her because I know her.
Don't get him wrong.
Mother, I don't want to break our engagement.
I don't know what my mother is thinking.
But that's not what I want.
Really? Thank you, Rachel.
Thank you.
I will be really happy if you could help Tan.
[Cha Eun Sang.]
Mother! It's me, Rachel.
Yes, I wanted to ask you something.
You know Eun Sang Why does she live at Tan's place? The number you've dialed is Where's my uniform? - You couldn't find it? - Where is it! I threw it away in the trash can.
It should be burning by now.
Mom bought these for me.
Does it hurt? Does it break your heart? Imagine how I felt when I found that at Tan's place.
Do you feel better now? You like how I went through the trash for this? What are you talking about? Don't you know me? This is only a start.
A housemaid's daughter pretending that she's New Money pisses me off.
And that crazy bitch is now dating my fiance.
You think this will make me feel better? Would it make you feel better? What?A housemaid's daughter? It was so ridiculous that I couldn't sleep last night.
- Did you sleep well? - What do you think? My uniform went missing after you came by.
So what are you doing to do? What will make you feel better? Let's see.
Clean up this place.
You must have learned something from your mom.
You What did you just do? How dare you! Let go! Let go! I don't care what you say to me.
But how dare you mock my mom? Then how great is your mother to teach you manners like this? Get the hell out of my sight.
- Transfer! - Who do you think you are? I'm giving you a chance to leave as New Money before I tell people.
Tell them! I'm not scared.
- You think I wasn't prepared for that? - You think I will tell them just about you? I will tell them about Kim Tan! Choi Young Do couldn't reveal it.
You know why? He was never going to in the first place.
But nothing holds me back.
Why get Kim Tan involved in this? Because that will make you transfer.
If I can't have him, then I will make both of you fall.
So shut up and choose! Don't you think that I could go that far? I think so too.
I will think about transferring.
Think about what? Can you leave us alone? - How long were you there? - Leave us alone! Can't you hear me? Don't get angry at me.
I'm hurt too.
- When threatening her didn't work - You shut up.
How did you know that Cha Eun Sang lived at my place? I went to your place yesterday.
- To see your mother.
- Which mother? The mother you looked down on like a bug? I wanted to keep our friendship at least.
But I can't do this.
I will just lose another friend.
I can't hit a girl.
But I already hit you in my mind.
What the heck? Am I nothing to you? I'm a nobody? You can't rely on me? You can't even depend on me? You should have called if Rachel came yesterday! Because your life is hard enough.
My life has always been hard ever since I was born.
My mom had to be hidden.
My brother hates me.
My father's wife hates me.
My father made all this happen.
My friend was angry after finding out the truth.
I was abandoned in a foreign land for three years.
None of these were your fault.
- So - It wasn't your fault either.
It wasn't your fault.
You want to just run away? Do you want to go to America? Sounds good.
I will leave my mom again.
You will leave your mom in that big house again.
Should we just go? Fighting was not enough? You even damaged property! - And you made an announcement without permission.
- I'm sorry.
I'm sick of hearing that! I will go by the rules.
You will be the janitors of Jeguk High.
You gave up on studying anyway right? I'm not talking to just you guys anymore.
Choi Young Do, bring your Father.
Please reconsider.
Same for you! You bring your brother! Answer me both of you! Bad students, I heard that you fought in the broadcasting room.
All the other teachers didn't want to talk to you.
I ended up counseling you because I'm new.
These are 100 pages.
I'm going to call you until you fill them out.
Can't you just call him? - It's always his fault.
- See what I'm dealing with? You're blaming each other? Then write about each other.
The story is about the second son of Jeguk Group, Kim Tan.
Kim Tan is actually Hey buddy.
Get out, Cha Eun Sang.
I hit Young Do.
It was a mistake.
I'm reflecting on it.
Oh yeah, I forgot.
Your mom ran away.
Tan have you seen Young Do? It's an emergency.
I don't hang out with Young Do anymore.
What should we do then? I don't have my phone right now.
Can you call Young Do for me? He doesn't answer my phone calls.
What's wrong? It's I don't have much time right now.
Can you find Young Do for me? I will be at the snack bar.
I'm counting on you.
Young Do! Stop! - There's - Are you out of your mind? Let go! I should have taken you no matter what.
Had I known that it'd be your last chance.
I should have gone with you.
Had I known that it was my last chance.
Why aren't you writing anything? No one did anything wrong here? Why did you fight then? You think I will tell people just about you? I will tell them about Kim Tan! Get the hell out of my sight.
Transfer! Did you tell Chan Young that I'm reflecting? You said that you didn't want my help.
You said that you were Chan Young's friend! Didn't he talk about me? Chan Young is a man like that.
Do you really want me to break up with him? I do! No more chatting.
Hyo Shin! Hey Cha Eun Sang! Tell Chan Young that I'm really sorry! I'm suffocating! He's my oxygen.
I can't breathe without him! I feel like I'm in outer space.
Wait the on-air light is on.
Oh my God, Hyo Shin! Lee Bo Na! Where are you going? I have something to tell you! I'm not listening! You're breaking up with me.
That's not it.
Stop there for a sec.
Don't follow me, I won't listen to you.
I didn't do it so that they could do that.
I know! Hi.
She's the new teacher.
She's beautiful, isn't she? Is she that pretty? You're speechless.
You can't get your eyes off of her.
Can you leave us alone? Okay.
- What happened? - I came to a better place.
I'm not a tutor anymore.
I'm a teacher.
Aren't you going to say congratulations? No.
My first love got one step further.
How are you doing? It's too cold for bikes now.
You want something warm? - You have alcohol? - Oh my God.
You're crazy! What? Your first love is not working out? Is Cha Eun Sang really my first love? If Kim Tan isn't, then yes.
Look for someone else.
I bet on my life that they are not breaking up.
Why are you changing your mind all of the sudden? How much do you like her? How would I know? Should I use a ruler? Or put it on a scale? Say that Eun Sang and I are drowning in water.
Who are you going to save? I won't let her go in the waters with you.
Then say you and Cha Eun Sang are in the waters.
It's like Titanic.
There's only one plank for one person.
What would you do? Is it just us two? No, everyone else is there.
But it's just you two in the water.
Kim Tan is not there.
I won't save you either.
Then I should save Cha Eun Sang so that she could live without me.
That's the best way to stay in her heart.
I will save her.
And she can't go to Kim Tan anymore.
This is what you're always like.
You choose sad endings.
What are you going to do about your Father? Are you going to bring him? Go in.
It's cold.
You take me to your house.
- Yeah.
- Are you really not coming? Let's go in.
Your mom sleeps late these days.
- She won't sleep at all if I go in.
- But still.
It's too early.
When I go back, I will be going back with my brother.
Before that My first plan is to go to school with him.
- You won't get to your second plan then.
- Hey! Hey Won.
Are you back home now? - I thought you were sleeping already.
- What are you doing here? - Don't you have a key? - I do.
I was just thinking here.
We're really funny.
What are we doing here away from home? We left home.
Why do you hate me so much? Why would I like a half-brother? I see.
I will do better.
It makes me feel uncomfortable.
You can come.
It's on the day of the college exams.
What is it? Are you asking for a fight? It's Lee Bo Na and Yoon Chan Young's reunion party.
- Is Yoon Chan Young coming? - Hey! I'm saying this for you.
Guys hate parties like this.
It's like telling everyone, 'I'm a moron.
' You don't need to come.
Kang Ye Sol! Why are you leaving when I'm calling you? - I was just standing here.
- If I run towards you, you should run towards me! I'm having a reunion party with Chan Young.
You have to come! You're the reason we broke up.
- I'm sorry.
- Me too.
- I'm sorry more.
- I'm more more sorry.
I'm more more more sorry.
- I'm more more more more more sorry.
- I said I'm more sorry.
I'm sorry more! How are you feeling? What's that? Are you going to Bo Na's party too? You should be worried about your test.
You're a senior! Your parents will hold you back for a year if you get more than five wrong.
Aren't you scared to be in the same grade as I am? Shut up.
What are you going to do about that? You dare break my door? Stop worrying about the petty things.
Worry about your test! - Are you going to do well on it? - Of course! Don't get pressured.
Just take it easy.
It's cold.
Go back in.
I'm going to the temple.
I'll be praying until you're done.
You really don't have to pray.
I'm going in.
Lee Hyo Shin! I don't have a place to go.
You can clean up.
I'll stay quiet.
[Yoon Jae Ho.]
That's under the assumption that all of the shares under your name will be given to Tan.
Yoon? It's me.
- I have something to ask you.
- I will call you back.
[Change of personnel.]
[Jung Ji Hoon.]
[The Philippines.]
I saw the notice for a change in personnel.
You've started your war.
But your name wasn't there.
So choose if I should add your name at the end or not.
What are you talking about? Change in personnel? Won fired all of you? Yeah! Won must have prepared for this.
I got sent to the Philippines.
What do I do now, brother-in-law? Okay.
- Brother-in-law! - Talking on the phone will do nothing.
You got assigned? Then you should go! Bye! I'm here.
Where are you? To your right.
You only come when I have a hostage.
After all I did to raise a son Now you're working as her spy? I gave you the phone.
You should at least answer it.
- Why didn't you answer it? - Because I didn't want you to cry.
Did you bring anything? Put it on.
It's going to be below freezing starting tomorrow.
You have anything else? Like money? No way! You need to experience more hardships to come back.
I'm not going back.
I'm no longer a part of the family.
Rachel came by.
Rachel seemed to know about you.
I tried to explain to her.
What are you going to do now? We're going to be happy.
- Hey! - How are you going to be happy? Rachel doesn't want to break the engagement.
Go apologize before she changes her mind.
And you guys stop dating.
Mom, you're supposed to say that with money.
There's no free lunch.
How long do you think your father will let you do this? You want to get dragged in like a dog? That's why I don't have the time to do this.
Let's go.
I'm going.
Take care.
- Where are we going? - Anywhere.
Hey! Don't you even think about coming back.
Did it hurt? No, it was just difficult to believe.
How she said, 'You guys break up.
' You should have been scared, but you just thought it was difficult to believe.
And you want to just walk like this? - You want to go in somewhere? - I want to hold hands.
Why are you laughing? You will be the happiest girl within a 100 km radius.
- Why? - Because I will be holding your hand.
Let's see if that's true.
- I thought you wanted to hold hands.
- And you believed that? Stop whining.
Don't be a hostage for my mom again.
Actually she was my hostage today.
- I wanted to see you.
- Did you? Where should we go? You want to eat something nice? You don't even have money.
I just don't have my wallet for now.
For now.
Remember what I said about what I'll do if you talk back? You should know that it's embarrassing.
- I have to go to work.
- What? - What about me? - I will call you.
What are you doing? I'm stopping you from going to work.
You stopped me like this at the broadcasting room.
It's not the same thing.
How many times have you stopped a guy fighting? Did you stop other guys like this too? You're such a future overly-jealous husband.
Can you stop me like this next time? - Hey! - I'm not hugging you.
I'm showing you an example.
Is this all you have on your mind? - Look! - I'm not falling for it.
- There's money! - Wow! It's 50,000 Won! Did you just let me go for 50,000 Won? Hey that's what life is about.
I have a phone call.
One sec.
- Yes, Mr.
- Can I see you right now? [Yoon Jae Ho.]
Okay, one sec.
I don't think I can take you.
I'm sorry.
Where are you? The list of shares under borrowed names is my birthday present? Yes.
The chairman stopped for now because he was angry at you.
But it's going to happen.
I heard you got in trouble.
If people find out the truth about you He will make you a major shareholder to get you back on your feet.
Then you will have the same amount of shares as your brother.
Won must be really angry.
He started a war against the chairman.
He fired all of the chairman's people today.
Everyone on the list that you saw.
Everyone who got on your side.
I'm on the fighting stage regardless of what I want.
You're the second son of Jeguk Group.
You had a lot at your birth.
But there are things you have to give up.
For example What you want? I know.
I also know why he wants me to fight.
Because if I'm not fighting, I'd dream about something else.
If Won wins in his fight against Father Am I next? Probably.
Don't you want to go to a different salon? You go somewhere else.
I've been coming here for years.
How many people received the invitation? Is Cha Eun Sang coming too? She has work, she can't come.
I see.
She has to make a living.
- Where does she work? - How would I know? - You do know.
- It's what her parents want for her.
They are New Money.
They are not used to having money.
They are afraid of when they will fall.
They also want to make more money.
- What time is the party? - Why do you care? I have a bad feeling about this.
Don't come to my party today.
Don't come! I'm at Cha Eun Sang's work place.
Don't you want to know what's going to happen? Follow that bike.
Where are you? Behind you.
So this is where Cha Eun Sang works.
Did you follow me? You want to die? You're going to hit a girl now? I'm not afraid to become an ass for Cha Eun Sang.
You should be afraid.
Because you liking her is really bad for her.
How could you run here at the mere mention of her? Hey! You look like a real DJ.
Turn on some good music.
- Congratulations! - Eat up! It's really pretty.
One, two, three! - Let's take a picture.
- Okay.
One, two, three! What the heck.
You look pretty.
- You invited Rachel? - No.
Why the hell did you come? Thanks for the welcome.
I thought it'd be a nice place to drink coffee.
I ordered the coffee.
I insist.
Really? It's on you? What are you doing out here? It's cold.
Rachel found out that you work here.
I made a mistake, sorry.
I hid it long enough.
She knows something a lot worse.
This is nothing.
It's okay.
If Rachel comes later, you can You know that I have a lot of knights.
Don't worry.
Why do you have so many knights? It makes me want to compete.
I think it was about then.
When I started liking you.
I'm still worried.
Call me.
- Hi.
- We have a catering order.
- You can go home after this.
- Okay.
Chan Young, what's the address of your party today? Are you coming? It's 79-15 Cheongdam, Gangnam.
[79-15 Cheongdam, Gangnam.]
Hurry up.
We just got started.
I will call you back.
Where are you? Did you go to Chan Young's party? I'm about to go.
Why? I'm on my way there right now.
Don't be surprised if you see me there.
I thought you were working.
Why are you going there? The number you've dialed - Yoon Chan Young! - and Lee Bo Na's reunion party! Thanks for coming.
I know which one of you made bets about us breaking up or not.
You better be careful! All the cocktails have no alcohol.
Drinking a lot to get drunk will only make you go to the bathroom.
Something only a class president would say.
Especially you! Don't sneak in alcohol.
Catering service.
What? What the heck Cha Eun Sang? You're working? Yeah, is the party fun? Why are you working? To make money.
Congratulations Yoon Chan Young and Lee Bo Na.
Why is she working? What's going on? Was it Rachel? Yeah.
I knew it but I came anyway.
Line up if you want to drink.
Juice is on the right.
Coffee is on the left.
Cha Eun Sang! New Money! Why are you working? Is it a family business like Young Do? Actually I - I'm - Kim Tan! - Get out.
- Not now.
I'm here for the catering service.
I ordered it.
I thought the party lacked drinks.
Coffee for me.
- Okay.
- When is it over? After I'm done serving.
You're done serving.
Come out.
Sorry Rachel.
I will get you some again.
This party is ruined.
Rachel! Did you come for this? Yeah.
Have fun.
She's coming back.
You crazy b Come here! I'm going to kill you! Come here! Come here! Why are you ruining my party? Where are you Young Do? Come here! The party is a mess.
It's really fun.
Why do you have to do this? Why come here when you know everything? You knew Rachel called you to screw you over.
Why did you come? How can I not come when it's my work? It's okay for Choi Young Do but not me? It's okay for Young Do to work, but it's embarrassing when I do it? Why? Because my parents don't own the coffee franchise? That's not what I meant.
I don't want you to get treated like this here.
What embarrassed me the most was When I couldn't say anything when people called me New Money at school.
I wasn't embarrassed about being poor.
I was embarrassed about lying.
You think I don't know that? Can't we just take it easy? I came to tell everyone.
That I'm not from new money.
That I've been lying.
Are you out of your mind? I never slept in peace because I was afraid of getting caught.
Will I be okay today? Will they find out tomorrow? What if they find out? But you did the same thing.
You hid it since your birth up until a few days ago.
But you told people! But can you not? I know from experience! Don't do it.
Telling them won't make you happier.
- But still - You will be hurt! Why are you so stubborn? I learned it from you.
Going in head first even when I know that I'm going to get hurt.
I will be back.
Your genre is a tragedy.
It could have been more fun if she was really from new money.
But she was too low for me to take anything away.
There was nothing for me to compete with.
This was the only way.
Don't talk to me.
Hopefully never.
Don't stop me.
Even if you stop me I made it difficult for you because I made you into new money.
I'm sorry.
It's my fault.
If you can't do it Then just give up and get in my arms.
Should we go in? What did you say? Say it again.
The reason I'm working is to make money.
The reason I have to make money is because my family is poor.
You said that you were new money.
What are you talking about? I'm sorry I lied to you.
I'm not new money.
I transferred as part of the Social Care Group.
What? Social Care Group? - Oh my God, what's going on? - Wow.
Social Care Group? Then you pretended that you were new money.
Wow, that's a bummer.
I can't believe this.
You flirted with Kim Tan when you were in the Social Care Group? Kim Tan seemed to not know this.
Kim Tan! Did you know that she was in the Social Care Group? - Did she fool you too? - Yeah.
I was fooled.
She said that she'd be okay.
But she's trembling.
I feel bad for Rachel.
There's no music, Myung Soo.
What are you talking about? There's music.
Get your own coffee.
Cha Eun Sang clocked out.
I did it.
Nice to meet you.
Cha Eun Sang of the Social Care Group.
I'm Kim Tan, an illegitimate child.
Let's have a party now.