The Heirs (Sangsokjadeul) (2013) s01e15 Episode Script

Episode 15

Episode 15 You called Cha Eun Sang here? For catering? I feel like crap, so don't talk to me.
Don't say a word.
Cha Eun Sang saved your ass today.
Since she told them on her own, I will let you go this time.
But this is the last time, Sister.
Does she know that you're so passionate? Of course she doesn't.
That'd be embarrassing.
Young Do! You know.
You know! You know that girl right? What was her name again? - Are you drunk? - Rachel! You too! Remember the letter I gave you at our middle school graduation? What if I do? You're always like that.
How could you not write me back after you received the letter of luck which started in England and circles around the globe once a year? I can't believe it! She should know her place.
How could she kiss Kim Tan? Bathroom! I'm leaving first.
What are you doing out here? I was waiting for you.
I missed you a lot.
Me? [Hyun Joo.]
- Go in first.
- You have to come in.
- Yes? - Lee Hyo Shin! Are you crazy? Have you lost your mind? How could you not take the college exam? Only something like this makes you call me.
Where are you? Your mother is very upset and she's looking for you.
I will tell you only if you're coming alone.
Are you coming? Stay on watch for me.
The chairman is asleep, but just in case.
You're now complicit.
- If your father finds out - I'm sure he already knows.
I heard that he had me followed.
What was it? It's not Won's birthday, Tan's birthday, the foundation day, his birthday, or my birthday! What could it be? Wow, you really do need to have skills for this! Does anything come up? Won's mother's birthday.
Look at them! What is this? Oh my! How was the college exam? - I heard it was harder than last year.
- How hard could it get? Wow! You're so smart.
Are you sure you did well? I have a bad feeling about this.
What do you know about tests? - He's right.
- Hey! Have Cha Eun Sang look somewhere else.
But she can't look at Chan Young! You told the world that you like a poor girl.
- Do you feel happy? - I wish you the same.
I mean it.
I can finally give up on you liking me.
But I just can't stand you being happy.
For the price of getting Cha Eun Sang, you will have to lose someone.
Or get further away.
Congratulations on coming back.
I hope it becomes love-and-hate relationship again.
Stop trying to ruin the party.
Hyo Shin.
What the heck? What's going on? Is that Rachel? - You want Tan to get jealous? - No.
I want you to get uncomfortable with Tan.
If you can't be friends with him anymore, that's even better.
I have no feelings for you.
I have no feelings for you either.
Damn it! Damn it! This is my party! Damn it! What did you drink? Juice! Three cups! Juice my ass.
Jo Myung Soo, that party animal.
Why do I feel hot? Don't seduce me.
I don't think I can hold it.
- Hey Kim Tan! - What? Good looking Kim Tan! Stop being so cute.
It's dangerous.
You always walk to me whenever you see me.
You always get miserable because of me.
Say another word, and I'm leaving you here.
Kim Tan! I like you now.
I really do.
Why is your hand so cold? You just make me worry about you.
Where have you been? Were you with Eun Sang? You said that it was urgent! You wanted me to fly here.
So can we skip this part? I brought you another jumper.
It's getting colder tomorrow.
Was this so urgent? You thought I'd freeze to death? That's not why I cam here.
I devised a plan for you.
You're going to apologize to Rachel tomorrow.
Say that you're sorry.
Mom, you still didn't give up yet? Just trust me.
I have something that will bring your engagement back on track.
It's a bit cheap.
- I'm going to see Rachel's mom tomorrow.
- Mom! It's not the engagement that I want back! Don't you get it? I don't want to live a fake life anymore.
How are you fake? You're the second son of Jeguk Group no matter what anyone says! - What are you then? - What? Is being my mom not enough for you? Even to you, if I weren't the second son of Jeguk Group I'm a nobody.
Thanks for the jacket.
Be careful on your way back.
You didn't take the college exam? You could do something like that? - Yes sir.
- Yes sir? Honey, we've already concluded that we made a wrong decision.
Whether it's Social Science or Liberal Arts, study what you like.
- Do you mean that? - You have to flunk a year anyway.
So do what you want.
Study what you want and also study for LEET.
(Korea's LSAT) Then you can go to law school.
Since you've studied a lot already, you will be in shape for next year.
Cheer up, Lee Hyo Shin.
Just like that college interview.
You might as well just re-schedule the college exam for me too.
Just get angry at me instead! You're suffocating me! Do you know how violent this is? Do you know how hopeless it is to have a disappointing son? You're late, Honey.
I will finish up.
Whatever your dream is There is also the dream I had when I had you.
Don't forget that.
Lee Hyo Shin! What happened? How could you not take the college exam? You like the attention you're getting? They are making fun of us.
The love-hate relationship axis Number One.
You're Number Two.
It should be awkward between us.
Stop being a smart ass.
You couldn't even take the college exam.
So are you okay? What did they tell you at home? "Cheer up, Lee Hyo Shin.
" That's what they said.
Exactly what kind of hell are you living in? You don't exactly live in the clouds either.
I'm sorry about yesterday.
I swear.
I didn't plan on the second kiss.
I just had to show it to someone.
Is that someone me? Okay! Bring it in! Thank you sir! Do you have something to tell me? - Look at her attitude.
- You pretended that you were new money.
Have you lost your mind? I'm sorry for lying to you.
I want to apologize.
Apology not accepted! The bar hostess lied that they own a drinking water company.
And now someone in the Social Care Group lied that she's new money.
- Look at what you did to this school.
- How did you seduce Tan? Can you tell me how? - I don't want to tell you.
- Hey! Kim Tan's got your back huh? The world is too good for evil to prevail.
- Choi Young Do! She - I didn't think I said you could talk to me.
I'm confused.
Let's go.
Stop ganging up! Learn to live on your own! - Thanks for being my Dark Knight.
- Who's a knight? If I'm your knight, then is Kim Tan your Prince Charming? My face is a lighter color.
(Dark knight v.
prince on a white horse) Hyo Shin didn't take his exam.
Did you hear about that? I liked him a lot.
Now I like him more.
- See? - See what? You and I can talk without talking about my secret.
You just caught me off-guard! I just thought that maybe you were just bad at expressing yourself.
You can go on your own now.
Did you just walk me here? You don't even notice what I do for you.
Choi Young Do! Come out! - You told your father? - Did you? Tell your brother? Does he know about your grades? Can you tell him that I beat you up? I'm sure you heard from your secretary why I called you here.
I understand that you are busy men.
But it's out of my control.
I'm sorry.
I will warn him.
Do you know about Young Do's grades, Mr.
Choi? Young Do is 98th place.
I will warn him about that too.
Do you know what Tan's ranking is, Mr.
Kim? - Is that the National Ranking? - Junior class of Jeguk High.
Out of 100 students.
I don't half-ass things.
Your IQ has nothing to do with your grades? But still You beat Tan for the first time.
Is this how you're going to do on the finals? No, I will do better.
Can you do worse? But why do I like you being angry? I didn't think you'd care about my grades.
Don't you have class? Do you have to wipe the glass every day? Thanks for coming.
Is work hard? - Your face looks gaunt.
- They still treat me like a teacher.
The article about me being an orphan didn't get released.
Thanks to the chairman's consideration, it's being released next week.
It's not going to get released.
And answer the phone! It won't kill you.
Did you stop the article from getting released? Thanks for coming out.
Since you're busy, I will just get to the point.
Tan and Rachel's engagement.
I want you to officially cancel it.
I should be the one to cancel it.
What kind of manner is this? What's what Tan and I think.
You I don't know how I should address you.
Anyway! I don't care what you and Tan think.
Also I don't understand why I'm talking to you about something so important.
Because it's important! Because I'm Tan's mother.
Tan's mother that I know is the chairwoman.
I know what you think of me.
I know the kind of prejudice you have on me.
I'm used to that.
But I don't care about that.
They are just too young to be bound by the promises of two corporations.
Tan and Rachel.
So this engagement Rachel is worth too much to marry an illegitimate child.
Excuse me for using harsh words.
I'm just being a defensive mother.
I hope that I don't see you again.
I didn't want to do this.
I don't know what that is but I'm not interested.
I'm sorry.
I'm just being a defensive mother.
Excuse me for being harsh.
What a dirty trick.
Why spy on someone's private life? Okay! Let's cancel the engagement.
- Completely.
- Yes! That's what I want.
Cancel it.
The final is going to be a group project.
Read one of the classics.
Find a unique way to write a review.
Write your name down under the book you want to read.
You can form your group.
- Group of two to four people.
- We don't have time.
I read all that in elementary school.
But you've changed.
When the reader changes, the piece changes.
- Chan Young, let's do it together.
- I will help you.
- You want to join us? - Okay.
Who was it? Who grouped us together? I was in Chan Young and Bo Na's group.
Was it you Young Do? This is not the group I wanted.
Then what did you want? Choi Young Do, Cha Eun Sang.
Suzy and Hyun Ah.
(K-pop celebrities) I'm not joking.
Was it you, Kim Tan? I would have made it, Kim Tan, Cha Eun Sang, Cha Eun Sang, and Cha Eun Sang.
- What are you looking at? - Attention both of you! I'm really busy right now working.
So be cooperative.
I know that you're not going to read books.
So I prepared this.
I'm going to read the books.
You watch the movie at least.
And contribute a word at least.
I'm going to leave your names out if you don't participate.
That's that.
Look at the screen.
Don't get in fights.
Just think that you're in different universes.
- Your drink is ready.
- Excuse me! - I said two coconut juices! - I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
The chairman wants you home.
Mighty Jeguk Group! Is this for you leaving home? He permitted us to get physical if you're not cooperative.
Let go.
I'm going.
If you need my Judo throw, you can ask for my help.
Not today.
Don't worry.
I'm just going home first.
And don't you dare touch her! Let's go.
Can I get off work 30 minutes early? I will do the closing tomorrow.
I'm sorry.
Did he just get dragged home? Was he from a wealthy family? - I - What? You need a ride? Buses are too slow, right? - Can you give me a ride? - It's just us two here.
I want to party, and you want a ride home? You owe me for this.
What have you done? What the hell did you do to make these come back? Rachel didn't want to break the engagement.
She finally made the right choice.
I broke the engagement! Why take it out on him? I never liked Rachel from the beginning.
Her eyes are sharp and nose is sharp.
Will you shut up? You just lost your last chance.
Do you know what this means? They won't shut up about your secret and our family matters anymore.
People will be talking about us over drinks! And that will make you even richer.
There will be rumors about the brothers fighting.
Then the stock price will go up.
What's there to worry about? You don't even have to worry about Mom and me being hurt.
I worry about your life! Are you doing this for Cha Eun Sang? - It's because of you! - Chairman, please! Who's the chairman? Who's a chairman at home? Is he still your boss? Do I have to do something to her? You don't want to see me for the rest of my life? They are only 18 in high school! It's not like they want to get married now! They are not getting married now, but his engagement just got canceled! You will not set a step outside of your room.
You can't go to school.
Give me your phone.
Why can't you say, 'I'm sorry, it's my fault?' You lost your cell phone and your computer.
You're grounded in your room.
What are you going to do now? You can see the stars better when it's dark.
Now that it's dark, I can see the stars better.
What are you talking about? - Did you really break the engagement? - Yeah.
- She will break the engagement.
- You saw her? Didn't she say harsh words? What did she say? I took care of that.
I wanted to do something you wanted.
Because I'm your mom.
- You don't regret it? - I don't.
For the first time, I could be your mom.
You took my hand and got me out of my room.
And now I'm locked in my room.
You get me out this time.
Tell me if you're hungry.
I told you to wait! You get married and divorced all you want.
Why did you break my engagement? Stop crying.
This isn't like you.
Can't you be reasonable? How could you marry an illegitimate child? That family is messed up.
It's better this way.
You were happy that it's Jeguk Group.
How classy are you then? Are you sure you're not going to cut Young Do's father's company in half this time? You got seven to eight lawyers and did that to Dad when you divorced him! - Is that classy? - I just saved you from a fraudulent marriage.
Rachel Yoo! Watch your words! At least, I liked Tan.
I liked your father too.
And we got divorced.
- Get over it.
- I don't need to heed your advice.
Don't interfere in my life anymore.
Don't do business with me.
I'm not your new product for the season.
Wait here! I told you to put your hands in my pockets! Only after you get frostbite and lose your fingers You'll think, 'Awww, I need to put my hands in his pockets when I ride motorcycles.
' Thanks for the ride.
Kim Tan must be locked in.
It's the chapter you can't read without tears.
Title: Attack on Chairman Are they there to stop Tan from coming out? Half of the characters in this chapter are body guards.
It's not about father and son anymore.
It's a man-to-man fight.
You won't see him even if you're in the same house.
That's good for me.
I will pay you back for this.
Be careful.
You don't even know what I'll be asking for.
I live here.
You saw what's going on.
Can we move in sooner? I'm worried that you will also get in trouble.
Someone still lives there.
I will call the landlord.
Is Tan locked in his room? You just stay in your room.
Where are you right now? In your room? Are you okay? All three of you listen.
Jung Ji Sook.
Find someone for Won to marry.
Nitpick everything and pick the best.
Also just because Won fired all of my people, it doesn't make it his company.
If you're going to egg him on with your stocks, then divorce me.
Han Ki Ae! You get out of this house, if you're going to raise Tan like that.
- Secretary Yoon.
- Yes sir.
The engagement with RS International got canceled.
They will tell everyone that Tan is an illegitimate child.
- You need to take care of that.
- Yes sir.
Get the executives today.
Transfer all the stock shares under their names.
Bring all of them to me by tomorrow.
Yes sir.
And bring me your resignation.
Won fired all of my people and left you alone.
What do you think that means? I never betrayed anyone.
I never became anyone's enemy.
I never asked anyone to take care of me.
That's how I got here.
And that's why I just got fired.
Without foes, you have no allies.
I know that you're a man of integrity.
But what did that get you? Start teaching Tan again.
I will think about firing you or not.
Really? You really got fired? Yeah.
How can you talk about that over dinner? I almost made it to partner.
But I lost the chance and got demoted.
Are you sure you lost it? You didn't refuse it? I had to be someone's ally even if I didn't want to be one.
I didn't want to hurt anyone.
But I didn't know that would mean that I'm on no one's side.
I don't know what you're talking about.
But I will cheer for your loss.
Don't worry! I will graduate quickly and make money.
But you do have some money saved up right? I don't know.
Hey! Why did you lock the door? Open it! Aren't you going to open it? Is this a hunger strike? No one will care! It's just your loss! You're going to end up killing me before killing yourself.
Tan! Kim Tan! Open the door! Hmm? You have to live first in order to do something! Did you come alone? Is Tan locked in? There are bodyguards even at the stairs.
Tan must be scared.
Hey! Don't go too far.
Just because I like you, doesn't mean I'm on your side.
Or would I be on Kim Tan's side? Don't let your guard down.
- I can't talk to a friend? - Who's your friend? How am I your friend? Don't draw the line.
I might just cross it.
I said move! What are you doing? I want to go to school.
If you have something to tell me, then I will listen when I get back.
You don't have to go.
If it's hard to control him, then you can hurt him.
Put him in his room.
As long as he's alive, I don't care.
I need to go for a walk.
Secretary Yoon! You have to call me Mr.
Yoon again.
Your father wants me to teach you about management again.
- Is that why you're here? - Yeah.
You didn't forget everything while playing in America, did you? I never remembered in the first place.
Well it's a good opportunity for us to go over the basics.
I don't want to.
Who's under the roof of Jeguk Group.
Who are the major shareholders.
Both of my uncles who are enemies now.
Uncles on my mother's side.
Aunts and my cousins.
Lining them up by the amount of shares they have.
Deciding who to embrace and who to throw away.
I'm not interested in any of that.
You were young back then.
You're old enough to learn what you don't like.
I said I'm not learning.
You're not interested in the business? My sessions began with you when I was ten.
I thought that it was weird back then.
- What is? - My aunt has a lot of stock shares.
How come Mom doesn't have any? Then if Mom could have one of those stock shares Can she hold my hand and go outside? So I asked.
'Wonmy mom' 'What do I have to do for Mom to have more shares than the chairwoman?' I still remember the look on his face.
The company is Won's.
I'm not interested in what's his.
Bon appetit.
Cha Eun Sang sat at the Social Care Group seat.
What's wrong with her? Sit somewhere else.
I feel like Kim Tan is going to come out of nowhere, when you sit there.
I don't feel good thinking about that.
You know that he can't come.
Let's just eat.
Can you please get scared? Just eat.
- Wow! - Damn.
Choi Young Do! There's a rumor! - Kim Tan is an illegitimate child.
- What's that? - He's the chairwoman's son.
- Was he adopted? - Then his mom is a mistress? - That's impossible.
- Then Jeguk Group would - Did you hear about it Rachel? - Where are you going? - Did you hear? - His mom is not the chairwoman? - Then his mom is someone else? - Lee Bo Na! Did you read this? - You actually trust that? They are mostly lies.
Jo In Sung and I got secretly married last year according to that.
He didn't come to school.
Do you know why? Oh my God! Could it be true? Is that why he didn't come? How many bodyguards were there? About six? Why? Has it been a month or a year without your chief secretary? How bad are you? How can you not even deal with that? Find out who it is right now! I'm going to call you back.
What are you doing? Get the words out.
You want more articles out? There's already ink on the cloth.
Washing it won't get it out.
You have to paint on it.
The brothers of Jeguk Group bloodbath? Have the articles be about the brothers fighting over the crown and buying more stock shares.
Make Tan an official major shareholder as of today.
It's official.
Tan is a major shareholder.
You didn't know about this? Did he do it on his own? There's a war over management in Jeguk Group.
The stock price of Jeguk Group Holdings and all of its affiliates sky rocketed at the close of the market.
We have the weather forecast next.
I said I'm here to see Kim Tan.
You have to tell us who you are.
Do you know who I am? Tell him I'm the heir to Hotel Zeus.
Choi Young Do.
Hello sir.
Hi Young Do.
Why are you making a scene at my house with bodyguards? I'm here for homework.
What? I have a group project with Tan for my literature class.
We have to watch a movie together, read books, and have a discussion.
Tan being absent at school hurts my school work.
I asked my father that I was going to Tan's house, and he sent his best regards.
Your father must be proud.
To see you so passionate about your academics.
Thank you sir.
Where's Tan's room? Kim Tan! Let's do homework.
You look touched.
You crazy bastard! Can't you see the atmosphere here? What do you think you're doing here? My father hates me enough already.
What a good son! This is why you never win.
All fathers and sons were at war ever since the beginning.
You must defeat your father to get the crown.
I will look forward to see you beat your father from dish washing.
All of my work for three years tumbled down from a single article.
How could I not come? - What are you talking about? - Your story.
Everyone at school read it in the morning.
There was even a news article in the afternoon.
[Jeguk Group Kim Tan.]
[Brothers fighting over management.]
You never cease to amaze me.
In just a half day, you went from an illegitimate child to a major shareholder.
Buy some shares before they go up higher.
I'm the only illegitimate child in this family.
There will be no second chance.
- Why are you dressing up? - I need to get out of here.
You want to stay here alone or help me? I shouldn't help you.
It's between you and me.
But I like the idea of you owing me.
Then seize it.
Did you bring your helmet? Excuse me! Excuse me! Hey! Get him! Get him! - Move! - Let go! Let go! What are you doing? Did you need something? Find him! Find him! People are so suspicious! That ruined my hair! Did you see the notice? - I'm sure you knew already.
- Yes.
It was my last job.
I can't do any official work for Jeguk Group anymore.
- I won't be able to come.
- I heard that you're on stand-by to be appointed.
- Then you're unemployed.
- I'm a full-time father.
Part-time unemployed.
Instead of having a side job.
How does Vice President of Jeguk Construction sound? I won't ask you three times.
Don't consider it.
Won! I was about to go.
I will call you.
I will leave you two alone.
Look at me.
What? I have to suck up to you now.
I have to listen to you now.
- And I hope you do.
- What? I saw the notice.
The first thing that came to mind is that I should come see you.
So look at me, listen to me, and hear me out.
Hear you out? Only the circumstance and incentives can become true motives.
I can't trust you now.
And I can't trust who you will become in ten years.
It's only the start today.
You having the same amount of shares is your true intention.
I never asked for them! And I have no intention to exercise my voting rights! You think it was easy for me to come here? How will you trust me? Then go to America.
Give back all of the shares and go to America.
And never come back.
I will trust you then.
How? - How can you say that? - What? You don't want to? I can give you all of my shares.
But But not America.
How could you say never come back easily like that? Because that's what I really mean.
And you don't mean what you just said.
What are you saying? I said I will give you all of my shares.
I said I won't get in your way! I can deal with you hating me, being mean to me, and looking down on me.
But how could you abandon me again? How could you tell me to never come back? I will ask you for the last time.
Do you have to do this? I will tell you for the last time.
Tell me if you're going to America or not.
I'm not going.
I'm not going.
And I won't give you my shares.
I just changed my mind.
You want my shares? Then take them from me.
I will give you two options to choose from.
You came back on your own after running away.
Money has its perks.
Your son was locked in, but the illegitimate child of Jeguk Group became a major shareholder.
It's an early birthday present.
For being my son.
I'm no longer your son.
I'm my brother's enemy.
I thought I could persuade you.
I thought that I could not covet what is Won's.
And as long as he walked his path and I walked mine I thought that this family would be in peace.
But today, you made all of my efforts be in vain.
You never know what's going to happen under Won's management.
He can go to prison.
He can get sick like me.
Then they will all be asking for his place.
That's why I need you.
That's what I can do for your brother For the empire.
For peace.
So So me aiming for Won's place.
Won aiming for your place.
Always watching our backs and being on our toes.
That's your idea of peace? - Now we're talking.
- But Father.
Thanks to you, I lost my family today.
I'm no longer my brother's family.
I'm his enemy.
Now he will never become my mom's family.
And Mom was never your family.
And now You're no longer my family.
That's the weight of the crown you wear.
Bear it.
If you break up with Tan today You can go anywhere you like.
Anywhere in Korea.
America, England, France Anywhere.
But you just can't break up with him right now You have another choice.
I will give you two weeks.
You can see Tan all you like in those two weeks.
But! When you break up after two weeks You will go where I want you to go.
It surely won't be in Korea.
It will not be a place very different from America, England, or France.
How? Is Kim Tan coming to school? Don't ask her that! She's hurt! - Who are you? - The third son of Jeguk Group! And I'm his kid sister! How far will you ruin him? Now I have to accept money.
Do you even like me? Do you trust me? What should I do then? I'm scared! Don't get hurt when I'm not there.
That drives me crazy! I heard from the meeting.
My father promised you my place? Stay with her.
You're the only one I can count on.
- What are you doing? - Revenge.
It's one of them.
- Don't let your guard down.
- I will use everything I have to protect her.
It's a warning to not lay a finger on her.