The Heirs (Sangsokjadeul) (2013) s01e16 Episode Script

Episode 16

Episode 16 I'll give you 15 days.
During this time, you can meet Tan as much as you want.
But when you break up with him after the 15 days, you will go where I want you to go.
It won't be in Korea.
Nor will it be in the U.
, England or France.
It will be very different from those places.
You can pick whichever of the two you would like.
But the sure thing is that this ticket is the only thing that will let you go up the stairs to the second floor to Tan who is locked up in that room.
Eun Sang's mom.
I was really surprised when I received that call from you this afternoon.
Thank you so much for paying it back so quickly.
I saw that the money got deposited.
Thank you so much for even adding the interest.
Honestly, our situation wasn't that good either.
Madam, did you already give me my severance pay? You didn't leave yet! Are you asking me to give it to you right now?! Is this your way of telling me to give you the money? It's not that- -I didn't like any of the women that came for the interview! The first woman talked too much, the second woman didn't have enough experience and the third woman- Why aren't you listening to me? What are you thinking about? Perhaps are you thinking about another madam in front of me? You are.
I was right.
Who's house is it? How far have you guys gone? I'm asking, how far have you two gone?! By any chance, did the Chairman look for you? Did you not hear anything? No, he didn't look for me.
Why? I think that the Chairman paid off all of our debt.
Eun Sang's mom, I was really surprised when I received that call from you this afternoon.
In a blink of an eye, he made the girl who got money in her hands go broke again.
What are you talking about? By any chance, does this have something to do with you? Is it because of the second son? Talk to me.
Why did he give us this much money? Mom From now on, listen to what I have to say without misunderstandings, okay? It could be something that might be hard for you to understand, Mom.
As Kim Tan, the younger son of Empire Group's Kim Nam Yoon Chairman, has become a major shareholder of Empire Holdings, it looks like a fight for the control over management is likely to occur.
As a result, today, the Empire Construction's stocks have reached the maximum increase in price allowed in one day.
Put down all of your shares and go back to America and never come back.
Then I'll trust you.
It has been said that he is going to be 18 this year and is going to Empire's High School.
Empire Group's younger son, who has been kept veiled in secret, has now come forward.
From now on, Empire Group and the stock market- How ? Can I come in? How about the bodyguards? How did you come up? They left their spots for a bit so I ran up because I missed you.
I missed you, but you couldn't use your cell phone.
And we couldn't talk when we bumped into each other That's why I came up in order to see, didn't I? It felt like CG (computer graphics).
Even if you were in front of my eyes, I couldn't touch you.
I'm sorry.
That I made you get locked up.
I think it is all because of me.
Cha Eun Sang, look at me.
It isn't because of you.
In order to not get locked up anymore, I came back on my own.
Because the way to be together with you, is not by being locked up together.
Instead, regardless of what choice I make, you have to believe me.
Now you're the only one left for me.
What is going on with you? I'm liking you.
♫ Even if this road looks long once in a while ♫ ♫ Even if you start crying because of sadness ♫ ♫ Until all these events turn into memories ♫ ♫ The two of us, let's get past ♫ ♫ those bad things ♫ Tan told me to try to take his stuff away.
It must be easy.
I am buying this drink so be on my side.
Have you ever thought to try and understand Tan? After Grandpa passed away, first Uncle, Father, young Uncle, even my aunt; capturing each other, being captured, pulling them down and pulling them back up, this repeated.
I had to watch that war go on.
What's the use of understanding him when we'll end up fighting anyways? That's why the Chairman, in order to prevent that, he is trying to split it fairly for the two of you.
That war happened because he wanted to split it fairly.
If one has skill, you can't split it evenly for the both of them.
That's not being fair.
That's true.
Whose side on earth are you on? I am always on the side to make Empire Group- Cheers? Are you thinking about the Vice President's position? I'll give you an answer soon.
It was also nice seeing you in my dream.
I thought you would be looking at it.
I will go to school.
Didn't they come for Kim Tan? As an illegitimate son and a shareholder, there's too much for him! I wonder if there will be an article in the newspaper about a welfare student acting like New Money.
Excuse me, Student.
Does Student Kim Tan come to school these days? Don't ask stuff like that.
The kid is going to get hurt.
So this is the things we've heard about, the Yellow Journalism.
Look here please.
Go, right turn.
Do you know Kim Tan student well? Who are you, Student? I am the third son of Jae Guk Group, why? I am the youngest daughter.
Let's go, Myeong Sook (female name).
-Yes, Oppa.
What are they? Wow.
This school has a lot of weird kids.
Are you breeding a cow in there? This is soy milk.
So why did you date Kim Tan and ask for trouble? I know what you're about to say, but this isn't my doing, okay? Yes, this is the store, right? Move.
Hey! What are you doing? I am taking revenge for you.
I guess one of them here will be the culprit.
Are you saying that you're going to ruin everyone's locker for that one culprit?! Yes.
- Do you think it makes sense? Why not? The culprit is in here somewhere.
Stop! What sin did the other students commit? What sin did you commit? Why did you laugh? Now I finally understand you, Choi Young Do.
I am grateful for your heart, but don't do it.
You shouldn't play with food.
You have to at least be grateful for my heart to smile.
It seems like now you know me, too.
Anyways, what are you going to do with all of this? I am buying them for you.
Eat a lot, Cha Eun Sang.
Hey! Drink.
Choi Young Do bought them.
Did you drink? -Yeah.
And you don't have any symptoms? Like fever, diarrhea, vomiting? There is no way Choi Young Do will just buy them.
Take this.
It is for the room fee.
Oh my God, he is very cute.
So cute, absolutely cute! Hey, why are you guys using a normal person's past pictures for your personal trades? Do you not have any other pictures? Like bizarre pictures.
Like if we break up, a picture that I can spread and make his life miserably embarrassing.
Considering how classy your boyfriend is, there's no way things like that would exist.
Don't you think so? That is right.
Don't ever break up, you two.
Got it? Of course not.
I am sorry, Lee Bo Na.
My friend, Yoon Chan Young.
Are you crazy, Cha Eun Sang?! Is it today? The day your hair gets grabbed? You also, come here.
Omo, what's wrong with you? Look at this! You became like this because you drank this.
What's wrong? Why? Just because I suddenly felt like it.
Should I have bought something and come? How could you realize that now? If you're here all day long, what do you normally do? Bad thoughts.
Those bad thoughts that young adults shouldn't think about? Worse.
A way to mess up all relationships Something like that.
This may or may not be the appropriate time to say this, but There is something I must say to you.
What is that? You, by chance, did you hear about Eun Sang studying abroad? Studying abroad? What kind of studying abroad? I know Chairman more than you, right? The Chairman, as the owner and as a father, is ruthless beyond your imagination.
I will take the cell phone.
I never allowed you to do so.
Put it down.
Mother, you have to take me out of the house please.
Because I need to go to school.
Then I will wait for you.
Did you move your mother just so you could go to school? Yes.
Why are you going to school? By chance, because of that girl? Yes.
Did you call the Chairwoman just so you could go to school and see that girl? Yes.
She said she would come right away.
It's thanks to the shares you gave me, Father.
Do you think I gave those to you so you could use it like that? I have a favor to ask you as well, Father.
In the future, don't ever touch Eun Sang.
Are you threatening me right now? In order to make the threat work, you put a sword in my hand.
It's the sword that you gave me.
If you ever touch Eun Sang again, I, too, with the sword I have, don't know who I'm going to slash.
I will be back.
Money, title, power.
They're all so good, right? Now, you can tell me to come and go as you please.
Mother, you have changed a lot as well.
You running to me after one phone call.
You, too, should know the rules of this world.
That you'll have to pay a price for making someone come and go at your will.
I know that much.
When I am teaching you, learn it properly.
This useless thing you're making me do, there will be a day when you will pay me back for it.
You'll realize at the moment you regret it, that it's too late to regret it.
Mother, that regretting, you must have felt it after picking up my phone call.
Do you remember the things you did to me and my mother? Since there will be reporters in front of the school, when we get out of the car, we need to look friendly.
I know.
We're going to have a family gathering tonight.
We still have more pictures to take.
I'll bring the Chairman.
I won't be late.
Wow, I've been Kim Tan's neighbor for years, but this is the first time seeing those two together! I thought that they didn't get along but it seems like they do.
Isn't it obvious that it's a show? Just to show the reporters.
The more you have, the more people want to use you and damage you.
That applies to us, too.
Getting listed as a major shareholder, and getting unlimited protection by the Chairwoman Even if he's an illegitimate son, you can tell that you shouldn't mess with him.
What are you doing? The class hasn't started yet- What is he doing as soon as he gets here? Kim Tan! Why are you like this? What are you going to do? It was true.
Do you even like me? Do you believe me? Answer me! Give it to me.
Do you want to die? Hey! You think I am laughable? How could you not say anything to me after accepting this? When did you receive this? Did you come up to my room after accepting this? This ticket means that you can't come back to Korea again, and you are told not to think about coming back here.
But you took this and came up, and smiled? You smiled?! Then what should I do? I am very scared.
I can't see you if I leave right away.
What else can I do besides that? That's why you should have said something.
You should have let me handle my father! I've lost everything now.
I told you that you are the only one left for me.
You can't possibly do this to me.
I am asking you please, don't be hurt when I'm not there.
If you do that, I'm really going to go crazy.
For only making you cry, I am sorry.
I am sorry.
What's the issue for you guys to be fighting again? You even made her cry.
You even used physical force? Is being a major shareholder everything? Forget it.
Hold on to her for a while.
I don't want to say this.
But there's no one like you.
-What? If you're going back to school, bring her with you and put her back here.
Don't touch her.
And I'll pick her up before eight.
You have finally lost your mind.
There's no guarantee we'll be waiting here when you get back.
I don't have time to be doing this with you here.
I'll be back.
Why are you crying? What about the debt you owe me? Are you not paying for it? Are you pretending it didn't happen because we didn't write a contract? I'll pay.
For sure.
When? After school? Noodles.
Should we go eat that? Next time, let's watch a show.
It's nice if we don't have to talk to each other and get pictures taken.
Next time, let's do that.
It's nice, to breathe the outside air with the family.
Won, what happened to finding someone for him to marry? We just need to plan the date.
Pictures will be sent to your secretary tomorrow.
Send me your schedule.
I'll plan the place myself.
I'll do that myself when the time comes.
You don't need to waste your efforts.
It's about time you got married.
You need to make your own family.
That way, you'll manage the company business better.
In two weeks, there will be a temporary shareholders' meeting, so both of you should attend.
The topic is to discuss whether or not to fire President Kim Won of Empire Construction.
What did you just say? The candidate for the position is Yoon Jae Ho.
Secretary Yoon It's time for him to manage one of our subsidiary companies.
Father -Lower your voice.
There are a lot of ears that are listening outside.
Even though I fired and replaced all the board members, the suggestion to fire me was accepted? The board members that I hired agreed to this suggestion? What were you thinking of doing by replacing the board members? Without discussing it with me.
Everyone trusted and followed me for years.
This is an opportunity for me to show them my trust, too.
Then what about me? I'm young, my own father treats me like a child, and I'm just barely holding onto the position as President.
Why are you doing this? I told you many times.
It's not your company yet.
But you keep acting like it's yours.
I told you.
I don't necessarily favor the oldest child.
I said, between you two, I will give it to the one who does better.
You were just a haste move that I had to make for the sake of Empire Group.
It was the wrong move, so I need to take it back.
What else could I do? Was that why you made Tan a major shareholder? I lost my appetite.
I'm thinking of leaving.
Go with me.
Then, the next family meeting will be the share holders' meeting.
I'll see you then.
It seems like I'll see you soon.
Now that I have something in my hand, you're grabbing a hold of me.
Don't be ridiculous.
You're still eighteen.
An age where you can't do anything without a guardian.
The things that you can't do when you get older I'm just 18, so I'll do them.
I'm going.
I'm not done talking.
Do you have time to be doing this right now? Don't you have many people to meet? I should be the last person you meet with.
Act like you always do.
To you, I was always last.
Let's meet.
You heard about the meeting regarding my getting fired right?-Yes.
You are the presidential nominee.
Was the promised position, from my father, mine? Did you plan this with my father and stab me in the back? The course wasn't meant that way, but the result was.
How can you do this? How?! Was this the answer you said you would give me? How petty must the Vice President position have sounded? It didn't sound petty.
Win your father.
Claim your Presidental spot.
That's all you have to do.
If you can protect your position as President, then at the time, I will come to work as Vice President.
Hello? Hey.
Give it to me.
Why are you answering Cha Eun Sang's phone? How can I not? It's ringing right in front of me.
Where are you? -Here? Inside your heart? I'm hanging up.
Why do you 'young masters' always answer other people's phones? The advanced chairman made you kneel because he wanted Kim Tan to kneel? Am I right? It's not like that.
-Yeah, right.
You got caught by Kim Tan doing that.
I thought you wanted noodles, why'd you order spicy rice cakes? We need to eat noodles next time so I can see you again.
This won't do.
Write a contract.
We haven't eaten noodles yet.
I can't trust you.
I'll write it.
I will go eat noodles with Choi Young Do.
Cha Eun Sang.
That enough? Look at this.
There's no way you'd do that so easily.
Why did you cry earlier? Eat your ddeokbogki (spicy rice cakes).
I think today's not the day so I won't ask you again.
Do you remember my number? I can barely remember my own number.
Memorize it.
And Kim Tan's, too.
If something happens, call.
It would be nicer if you call me for no reason.
If you're not going to eat, let's go.
My mom worries if I'm late.
It's really late now, too.
And I don't have part time jobs today.
I'll let you go.
If I let you go, it'll make Kim Tan throw a fit.
That's really fun.
But you have to ride in my car.
I will.
I promise that I'll eat noodles with Choi Young Do.
Signed, Cha Eun Sang.
♫ I've never learned about love, but why am I having these feelings? ♫ ♫ I think it will hurt for a long time ♫ ♫ My wing that got broken because of you ♫ You somehow found me, huh? But Cha Eun Sang left.
That's why she isn't here.
You're not the one that won't let her go.
And she's not the one to stay.
If you know, why'd you come? Thanks for that day.
For coming to my house and helping me escape.
Do you perhaps have another secret? Like, you were actually a girl.
I can't eat anything because the card that I've been holding for the 3 years just flew past my eyes! South Korea's internet is way too advanced than necessary.
Let's go.
-Just surrender, before getting hurt again.
I think they already handled Cha Eun Sang.
I know, so mind your own business.
Let's go.
-Go first.
Get up, bastard.
Don't sit here by yourself.
You're doing a good job.
A good job.
Go in, right now! Mom, stand up.
What are you doing on the floor? My son is here.
My shareholder son is here.
I can't go outside with you.
I had a little celebration at home by myself.
Don't say anything, Son.
Since you're like this I can't let you out in public, in case you'll make an accident.
And this is why you're a flaw to Tan! Was I the the only one who made that flaw? I alone? Am I the only one who made Tan? -I said go inside right now! Don't yell at mom.
My whole life is full of flaws.
Even if I get scratched, it'll be unnoticeable.
Mom's sky is this house's ceiling.
The one who made it was you.
As a father, as a husband, stop acting like a coward.
I won't hold it in anymore.
If you can't bear it anymore If you can't bear it anymore, what will you do? Don't be curious.
I don't know what I'll do these days myself.
Don't make me hold hands with your enemy.
Don't make me think who I'll hold hands with among your enemies.
What? Mom.
Let's go in.
I just saw your lights go off, so come out! I'll give you five minutes.
I need to prepare for the lesson tomorrow.
I can't come here for a while.
I can't see you anymore.
So, listen carefully.
Go to the States for three years.
I'll go get you.
Go, Hyun Joo.
Why would I go to the States? This is my life.
Why are you making my decisions? I'm doing this because I want to be a part of your life.
So- We can't.
You can't be with me.
You know that! Go.
If I say go, just go! I don't want you to see me hit rock bottom.
I said I'll go get you.
Something's wrong.
Right? Please go.
Huh? What's wrong? Will I know by reading the newspaper? This is why I'm telling you to go! Don't look at any of my articles.
You can't know about how pathetic the things I gained after leaving you were Please.
Don't look at it.
I understand.
I won't look.
Where are you? I'm home.
I'm going to sleep.
Bring your passport and come out.
Or else I'll go in and search.
I'll keep this.
I said I'll go get you.
I said for you to wait.
Please stay where I tell you to.
Wait if I tell you to wait.
And don't go if I say don't go.
From now on, you go and come back from school with me.
Listen to what I'm saying.
Okay? ♫ With my heart, I look at you ♫ ♫ Even if we make eye contact, I cry ♫ ♫ By any chance if we meet by destiny ♫ ♫ Act like you don't know me and pass me by ♫ ♫ Even if you heart is ripping and crying ♫ ♫ At least let me see you for that little while ♫ Don't go anywhere.
Promise me.
Get in.
Father probably already saw the CCTV.
It's okay so get in.
If you hesitate, my efforts will become wasted.
Daisy is Gatsby's green light.
While looking at the green light, shining through the fog, that he can't touch, Gatsby puts his hope in his life, but Daisy was not the hope for Gatsby, she was poison.
In the end, Gatsby starts loving Daisy and in order to be with the one he loves, he lost his own life.
I heard Hyo Shin sunbae and Rachel kissed? I was there.
It was crazy at the party.
You avoided me.
I have no reason to.
I'm uncomfortable.
This was different than your original plan.
It was Tan and I that were supposed to become uncomfortable.
Why don't you avoid me first? You don't normally listen to what other people think.
Do you think I'm worried about what other people think? Then why do you want me to avoid you? I'll go around you.
Thank you.
I heard about the temporary shareholders' meeting.
I knew Chairman Kim was scary, but this is beyond my imagination.
How could he hold a meeting to fire his own son? I'm definitely on your side.
I've decided to be on the opposite side of the Chairman.
Don't ask the reason.
I won't forget.
Voting isn't that hard.
But I have a condition.
JG Convention center in Jeju will be working together with Zeus Hotel.
Let's work together well.
Look at him talking in a casual form.
When you first told me about the hidden shares, you said it was because you raised me with "love" for 10 years, right? I'm trying to lean on that love right now.
Will there be anything I can earn out of this? You need to stand on my side.
Don't listen to what Father says.
That's something you need to ask.
Not "you need to" but "will you.
" Despite all that, I'll stand on your side.
I have someone I like, but father won't leave her alone.
So, I want you to get me an apartment.
Perhaps, the girl that lives in the maid room? -Yes.
Are you saying you'll give me a vote just because of a girl? Yeah.
Just because of that girl I'm going to do everything.
And this is the start.
But from now on, don't say "just because of".
Because that woman is my everything now.
Try protecting her.
You just need a house? You would need a car and a driver, too.
I will give you everything, so try protecting her.
If it's ready, call me.
What are you doing since a while ago? Are you hurt anywhere? I don't know which injury hasn't healed yet.
Are you going somewhere? I'm going to eat with my mom and dad.
Do want to come together? You said your dad hates my mere existence? Even if my dad objects, I will let you eat.
You look skinny nowadays.
Let's go.
Don't want to.
I have an appointment.
You're always like that.
With who? When? Where? Who and where is already decided.
But I don't know when.
I'll be going first.
Are you perhaps going to be lingering outside Cha Eun Sang's house? You can't do that! You'll regret it later! It's not like I've never done it! I've done it all before! She's not coming.
Yes? Let's go.
Let's drop by the convenience store along the way.
What are you? Why are you here? I'd known beforehand that we had an appointment.
But then I really hate the cold.
Next time, wait somewhere where there is a roof.
Who's waiting? If you're cold, then take this back- Wear it before I threaten you.
The days are getting colder so stop playing homeless.
I just did it once.
Are you kidding me? I've already saw it three times.
What? Once at dawn, you were wearing track suit You who were half asleep and stepped out of Tan's house the day that Myeong Soo saw you.
That was probably the first day we saw each other.
Don't you remember? That day, there were two kids who were crying.
That day I picked a fight with those kids trying to protect you.
You left without even looking back.
I really didn't know.
- Enough.
I like doing things only I know.
You are a bad guy but you're also a good guy.
It would have been better if I had known that ahead of time.
It's not too late.
Starting from now, let's take this as the start.
Let's not do that.
Let me just be some passerby.
Next time, when you have someone you like, be nice to her.
Don't trip her over just because you want to hold her hand.
Don't threaten her just because you want to eat black bean noodles.
Even though it was just for a while, thanks to you it was warm.
Thank you.
I'm going.
Don't go.
I have an appointment with Tan.
- Don't joke around.
Today is Empire Group's stockholder meeting.
Kim Tan doesn't have time to meet up with you.
He told me he would see me before he goes to the meeting.
I know a lot about farewells and running away, and that's not a face of a person who's about to meet with someone.
That's a face of someone who would lose someone.
What is it? Did you get kicked out of Kim Tan's house? Are you moving? You're a ghost.
I will be moving out one of these days.
I've been looking for rooms these days.
Let me know if there's an empty room in your neighborhood.
Maybe we'll be neighbors.
I'll be going.
You can go in starting from today.
If you go down, a driver will take you there.
From now on that car, whether you use it or that girl uses it, do what you want.
I'm going.
You haven't forgotten that today is the shareholder's meeting, right? You must attend.
I know.
That the price of me waving that sword around is this.
I'll be there on time.
-Don't forget that the vote you're putting in is not to approve the decision, but to reject it.
You still don't trust me do you, Hyung? See you later.
Don't feel secure.
That girl that you're hiding, how long do you think it'll take before Father finds her? I know.
I'm sure he will find her very soon.
But I don't care.
I'm just trying to show him.
The past 18 years, I loved Father and you to death, but that love has ended.
And the only thing that's left to me is that one girl.
So that's why no matter who I am, what I was born with, whatever my age is, I don't care about those things.
I will use everything I have to protect that girl.
So it's a warning to never to put your hands on her.
It was my mistake thinking a smart girl like you would realize.
I forgot once again that the ones that grew up with nothing have no decency.
How could an 18 year old's love be this fearless, and shameless?! Because of you, Tan lost Rachel, his family, and became a laughing stock to the world.
How far do you plan on ruining Tan? You came? When did you come? -Just now.
♫ I can't forget it, it keeps coming up ♫ Do you like them that much? This is our first couple item.
I always wanted to do something like this.
Still, how could you buy something like this? Whenever there's something to spend money in you're reckless with it.
We bought new shoes, so should we take a walk? As a way to show off these shoes? Sure.
Let's go.
We have somewhere to go anyways.
What is this place? Who's house is this? Your house.
What? Come out of my house.
I feel nervous because of my father.
Take your mother and if possible, move out tomorrow.
Does the Chairman know? He will soon.
But even if he does, I'll make sure he can't put his hands on you.
I promise.
Is this how you're going to help me get over all the hurdles in this world? Is this your method? -This is the beginning.
Sorry that it's awkward and that it's this method.
Sorry that it's one-sided, not taking your opinion into consideration.
I'll get better at it.
Next time, I'll make sure it'll be a method that you could understand.
I'll work harder.
When do you want to move in? Tomorrow.
It is about time for the shareholders' meeting to begin.
Go quickly.
How about you? I will stay here a bit longer and leave.
I wanted to take pictures to show my mom and walk around a little more.
How will you go home? I guess you forgot.
I was the one who went to America alone.
Don't worry about me.
I will be back.
Since we are like this, we look like a married couple.
You are the one who said we look like a married couple.
You If you do something like this without telling me Look at you! Have you ever told me before you did something? I will be back.
See you at home.
Come back safely.
I will wait for you at home.
Starting now, the 83rd shareholders' meeting of Empire Construction will begin.
Today's first agenda is discussing Kim Won's position.
We will reveal the voting results.
The proposal to fire President Kim.
Approval, 3%.
Opposed, 95%.
Abstain, 2%.
Because there aren't enough votes to pass the proposal, the proposal to fire the President will be declined.
As a result, we won't be able to vote on a candidate.
This concludes our meeting.
What just happened now? The Chairman was just taming his son.
But thanks to him, the deal between us was made, so let's think of this in a positive light.
Thank goodness that got rejected.
Congratulation, President Kim.
You are really impressive.
Are you standing here, knowing what kind of a situation this is? Was this all for show? It seems like you do think.
Your brother won't be able to express his feelings with words, so don't bother him.
How does it feel attending the first shareholder's meeting? What did you just do to Hyung? I just gave him a slight humiliation.
Not just your older brother, I did that to you as well.
What are you saying? I am talking about Eun Sang, the girl who you hid.
She left Korea an hour ago.
Madame, thank you for taking care of me all this time.
I am sorry for making you uncomfortable all this time.
I am really sorry for leaving without saying good bye.
Take care of your health and goodbye.
Ahjummah, Eun Sang Mom, where is Eun Sang? Where is Eun Sang?! I think she left together with her mother.
How could they leave, without even a word? Eun Sang? She quit her part time job.
Why are you always asking me to look for Eun Sang? What on earth happened to you guys? ♫ Crying again, crying again.
My love who I loved like my own life ♫ ♫ Crying again.
Crying again.
♫ Don't forget about today.
Because of the sword that you wielded, you lost that kid today.
♫ Crying again.
Crying again.
♫ ♫ Letting you go.
Letting you go.
I'm letting go of you who is♫