The Heirs (Sangsokjadeul) (2013) s01e17 Episode Script

Episode 17

Episode 17 Do not forget this day.
For the price of wielding your sword You've lost her today.
The number you've dialed Eun Sang is not there.
She's not anywhere.
What did you do? What did you tell her? Where did you send her? This is all your fault.
You should've made it so that she wouldn't even look at you.
I looked at her.
I shook her up.
I asked her to take the courage.
You should've sent me! You should've sent me on that plane.
Why? You can't send me because I'm an insurance for my brother? Who gives you the right to destroy someone's life? I just advised that she live a life that suits her.
- She will drop out of the school.
- Don't.
Don't you go looking for her.
The moment you find her.
Her life will really be destroyed.
Go back to your room.
Dad! Kim Tan is looking for Eun Sang.
And her phone has been disconnected.
What is going on? Eun Sang won't be coming to school tomorrow.
She left.
- And I helped her.
- She left? Where? Seoul? To where? I don't know.
She told me not to ask her.
I just helped her so that she can settle down at the new place.
And I'm going to wait for her because she asked for it.
How's that possible? Why would she leave without telling me? Is it because of Kim Tan? She didn't go overseas, did she? I can't tell you on her behalf.
Ask her yourself later.
She said that she will call when she settles down.
She will also call if something happens.
Let's just wait.
What is going on? Cha Eun Sang is absent today.
Like I care.
Why is she absent? You think Chan Young knows? Is she sick? She's not texting back.
Call her! That's faster.
Then I will feel like we're actually friends.
Did someone pick on her again? Did she call? Did she call or not? I told you not to look for Eun Sang through me.
Because I think it's all your fault that she's gone.
Don't you? Yoon Chan Young! Don't ask me.
Let's go.
Guys! I need to talk to Tan.
Do you mind leaving us alone? Please cooperate.
I'll be at the door! I'm not leaving you two alone anymore.
Don't you fight again! Cha Eun Sang is gone.
You finally made it happen.
Is she even alive? I'm not in the mood to fight with you.
Nor do I have the time.
I'm going to look for her on my own way.
You can look for her on your own.
You should know where she went.
Is it Korea or not? I have to look into it.
I'm going to find her no matter where she is.
Your father wanted me to process her as a drop-out.
No, please don't do that.
She will be back.
- Are you asking? - I'm making a deal.
Give and take.
You may need me later.
[JBS Application.]
Who gave you the permission to do this? I'm investigating.
Did Cha Eun Sang leave anything else? What are you talking about? Investigate? Hyo Shin, do me a favor.
What is it today? Cha Eun Sang didn't come to school today.
She won't be coming tomorrow.
Is something going on? Can you check records of her leaving the country ASAP? Give me a call.
Are you going to stay until I kick you out? Stop having favorites.
You hurt my feelings.
Shall we take a break? Please use this time to go to the restroom.
Congratulations on your wedding.
Was I too late? I haven't come to PTA for a while.
There's nothing to get ready for.
I have a press conference next month.
You think that's going to be okay? Hotel Zeus will be investigated by the prosecutors' office.
Investigated? I haven't heard anything.
That's impossible.
It's exactly this kind of information we're here to share in this meeting.
How much do you think I've invested in this group for the last two years? I think I need to go to the restroom.
Yes, I was about to go too.
It's my small token of appreciation.
It's a matching nameplate to yours.
Now you're on my side.
For your information, I don't approve two-timing.
I thought you liked it.
You saw what happened at the shareholders' meeting.
All those two-timers got me.
Just stay on my side from now on.
It's my pleasure to work with you, Mr.
The pleasure is mine, Mr.
Give me the CCTV recordings for the last four days.
I must report to the chairman for that.
Report then.
[Hyo Shin.]
- What happened? - There's no record.
She didn't even apply for a new passport.
That's good.
She's in Korea.
Is your father helping? That's a secret.
It's your fault if I get kicked out.
Thanks, Hyo Shin.
It's me.
Cha Eun Sang is in Korea.
Thanks for sharing.
Two is better than one.
We have to find her.
It's finals soon.
When are you going to pay me back? You didn't forget did you? I brought eight bodyguards and put on a helmet for you.
Hello? What the heck? So she's in Korea.
Cha Eun Sang.
Young Do lover.
Attention Admin! I'm here to tell you some secrets about the heir of Hotel Zeus, Choi Young Do.
Choi Young Do used his perfect looks and unlimited charms to trip me.
He threatened to eat black bean noodles with him.
He grabbed me, then pushed me into the pool.
He liked me a lot.
I tried to bear with it, because Choi Young Do is so hot.
Now I want a refund for my heart.
But I've already paid with my feelings.
Canceling it won't do anything.
Choi? My good-looking face has finally caused me trouble.
I summon you.
Why are you talking to a wall? Hey! I heard from the kids.
Cha Eun Sang is not just absent.
She disappeared.
Her locker is empty.
She's not really in the Social Care Group.
Her father is Her father passed away.
- Her mother.
- Eat.
It's my older brother.
- What are you doing? - I'm glad you're here.
Where did you park this car two days ago? It's always in front of my house.
Why? - Here.
- Thank you.
Give me the black box memory card for this car.
I need to look for Cha Eun Sang.
Cha Eun Sang is in my car's black box? She could be.
Can you take out the memory card? [You are born for parties.
How do they know me so well? I just got invited! You want to go to the club? Give me the memory card! I will call you back.
We have to go.
Where are you going? Can I sign up with this number? It was recently disconnected.
I will run it first.
- It's currently in use.
- It's in use? Yes.
Hello? Did you start using this number since yesterday? I really need this number.
I know I sound crazy, but I will buy this number from you.
I don't care how much it costs.
You think I'm joking? I will buy your number! How much do you want? [Cha Eun Sang.]
[Choi Young Do.]
Where are you Cha Eun Sang? I miss you.
I'm just rambling at a disconnected number.
- Cha Eun Sang? - You want to die? You answer her phone even when she is not there.
This is my number now.
You find something else.
- Did someone message you? - You did! Did you get anything? I'm waiting after setting up a trap.
Just confessing my love to a disconnected number.
I'm feeling terrible right now because you just ruined my confession.
Bye! Yes, Mr.
Did you find the victim? No, not yet.
There are no registered cell phones under her name.
Same for her guardian, Park Hee Nam.
She didn't change her legal address yet.
So I can't find her.
Call me as soon as you find her.
[Joeun Card, Cha Eun Sang Charged [Hangook Transportation.]
Can I ask you something? Did you charge 24,030 Won just now? Yes, just now.
24,030 Won.
You're closed? At 09:45 for 24,030 Won.
Hello? Can you hear me? Yes, a card transaction.
Oh I'm sorry.
I didn't know it was this late.
Was there any? Yes, last night at 9:45.
There was? Was it a high school student? Or someone who uses sign language? I think it was a high school student.
She had long hair and she was pretty.
I'll be right there.
Where is this? Where? Where is she? Yoon got her out right before she left the country.
He should know better than to interfere in my family affairs.
I checked her getting past the security point.
- But when I checked the CCTV - Shut up! Aren't you cold? I'm okay.
The sales went up after you came here.
Really? I knew you were my lucky charm.
- Thank you.
- But Why don't you go to school? I dropped out a while ago.
I'm going to take the GED.
Then you went to school in Seoul? Where did you go? Just a co-ed school.
[For Hire: cook.]
I'm sorry, but look for a different place.
How can I work with someone who can't talk? It's okay.
Someone will recognize your skills.
Cheer up, ma'am! We will need to get a cell phone tomorrow.
You will need to be able to receive her call if she changes her mind.
Oh yeah, rubber gloves.
Go first.
I will be right back.
Is it her? I think so.
Are you sure? She speaks with a Seoul accent.
She came here to buy a pair of kitchen gloves an hour ago.
- 3,300 Won.
- Yes.
I'm sorry it took so long.
Let's go.
I will let you go through all the doors in the world.
I'm going to miss you.
Gangnam Police Station? What do you need? You got her? Then she must've gotten a new phone.
Let's do this then.
I will go see the victim directly.
Please have them hand the case over to the local police.
No, I will go myself.
I have only one purpose.
It's to find out where she is.
Mister! - Why isn't Cha Eun Sang coming? - What? You think she ran away? This is why I wanted to go to her place! It's really Choi Young Do.
Hey, are you out of your Thank you.
For staying safe.
For showing up.
Thank you.
Why aren't you mad at me? Straighten up.
And talk to me.
I came from far away.
Aren't you glad to see me? It looks like you want to see someone else.
But I'm never going to talk about him, so don't even count on it.
Did he come by already? It's cold.
Let's just go.
I will take off my jacket for you.
Stay longer.
You said that you don't like places without a roof because it's cold.
Let's go.
Who cares if there's no roof? As long as there's a ground.
I saw that you were safe.
You broke up with Kim Tan.
I'm now walking on the beach with you because you don't want to show me where you live.
Of course I'm excited.
I was really scared when I saw you.
Even you can find me easily like this.
How many people could have seen me already? I was scared.
I'm the least scary person who would come and see you here.
You're right.
So are you going to stay here? You're not coming back to Seoul? - When Kim Tan forgets me.
- I'll see you soon then.
Don't be stupid and register for a cell phone under your name.
You have no experience in running away.
You want to run away with me? Think of it as a learning experience.
Young Do.
It hurts a lot.
When you call me like that.
- Do me a favor and - Don't tell me to not come.
I did something bad enough for my dad to kill me over to come here.
I will come back again.
Who is Cha Eun Sang? The hotel website is a mess.
A girl I like.
She didn't post that on the website.
I did.
What? She disappeared overnight.
That was the only way for me to find her.
You're going to be the face of this hotel.
But you make yourself a false flaw just to find a girl? And let the whole world know? If I couldn't find her I would have gone crazy.
I'm ready to take it.
But Don't tell me to not see her.
Don't interfere.
You can interfere in everything else in my life.
But when it comes to girls You have no right.
That's true.
Do you mean that? You can't beat me face to face.
So I guess you learned that making deals is wiser than a head-on fight.
I'm eating dinner with Esther.
Come with me.
The partnership between Hotel Zeus and JJ Convention is now solid.
New family members have been added, along with the great news.
Let's have a toast.
Excuse me.
Later, unless it's urgent.
What? What are you talking about? Why is the heat on us? We're not the same as other major corporations.
How are hotels the same as construction or steel enterprises? Prosecutor Kim.
Get off work right now.
You're a civil servant.
Work nine to five.
I will see you tomorrow.
What is it? It's nothing.
He wants to do a routine tax investigation on us.
But why bother? I'm just going to see him tomorrow and take care of it.
There was something else more important.
That phone call just ruined it.
I was going to say it after I made the toast.
I want to advance our wedding.
Do you understand the circumstances? I do understand.
But I don't want to marry you.
I think you popped the champagne too early.
That phone call is only a premonition.
I've heard of some things, but let's leave the details for tomorrow.
When the kids are not around.
It's the last favor I can do for you as your one-time-fiancee.
So come see me tomorrow.
I'm leaving first.
Let's go.
Don't make that face.
Even if there's heat - It's only a formality.
- But she's bailing out.
Don't worry.
Hotel Zeus? I will put it in your hands flawlessly.
That's not what I'm worried about.
Is Young Do's father getting arrested? Is Hotel Zeus going down? Is that why you want to break up? It's not going down! No chaebol* ever falls.
(Conglomerate company) Regimes change, but chaebols are forever.
Don't you know that? I just don't want to get in the mud with him.
That's why I'm breaking up.
- That's good.
- Me breaking up? Young Do not going broke.
You've grown to like him now? More like a camaraderie.
He was the only one who understood how miserable I was because of you.
Only good dreams come through those holes.
What? I will do everything you say.
If you want me to go to America, I will go.
I will give you all of my shares if you want.
If you don't want me to come back I will never come back.
If you don't want to see me for the rest of our lives I won't see you.
So you Save Eun Sang from Father and me.
I I ruined her.
Because I liked her I pushed her off the cliff.
Home, school, friends Even her future.
I ruined it all.
I did my best to stay with her.
How come this is the only way for me to protect her? Why is leaving the only way? Are you asking for help or a fight? I'm giving you the chance to take everything you can away from me.
So you just help Eun Sang return to where she was.
You're not going to ever see her again? Is that okay with you? I'm going to see her just one more time.
You can't be here.
What should I do when you come to me like this? Sorry.
Then leave.
I ran away from you! Why did you find me? Sorry.
I'm going to bring back everything I've ruined.
The school you went to The house you lived in Friends Your daily life without me I will restore everything back to how it was before you met me.
You don't have to do that.
I don't want to go back.
I like it here.
What you should do now is to not make me move to other cities.
So don't come here again.
Because if you come I have to leave again.
Did I From the moment we met Did I give you trouble? Yeah.
I see.
I won't come back again.
I'm sorry that I asked you to take my hand and to take courage.
Cha Eun Sang.
- What's - I found Eun Sang.
I just went to see her.
Have you lost your mind? But Father I won't ever see her again.
You've won.
I Have lost.
So don't touch her anymore.
What's the big deal about taking a girl off of you? It hurts my feelings! It's hard and I miss her.
My life feels like shit! What happened? You're soaked.
You have a car and everything.
What if you catch a cold? Tan.
What's wrong? What happened? Why did he lock the door? Tan, one sec.
- I'm worried about you.
- Get out! Tan! Kim Tan! What's wrong? Open the door! Tan, open the door! - Get out! - Tan! Tan! Open the door! Open it! Didn't you hear the bell ring? Go back to your seat.
You know Kim Tan right? The other kids said that he was closest to you.
And? Is something going on with him? You called me to ask me about that? Do you have anything else to talk about? You want to talk about the college exam now? You saw me kiss a girl.
You should've talked about that first.
I did it to show you.
You have someone you like now.
Is that going to straighten you up? I thought it was fortunate.
How's that fortunate? You already know who I like.
Can we talk about Tan? Did you tutor Tan too? Why do you care? He's my friend's brother.
Do you know Won? How? You didn't go to the same college and Did you go out with him? No.
You did.
- Or you're going out.
- I said no.
I must've looked like a joke.
I need to go.
You can ask his girlfriend about Tan.
The chairman wanted me to know her whereabouts at least.
[Jeguk was solid.
Fabulous family outing of Jeguk.
- Young Da Kyung? - Kim Won? You're late.
Are you interested in marrying me? Or did you just come because of your father? I don't know.
If you're interested in marrying me, call this number.
If you're not, then let's just say that we ate dinner.
Of course, we had a cup of tea too.
- My boyfriend is waiting for me.
- Why didn't you come with him? Let's say that we ate, had tea, and even watched a movie.
Excuse me.
The reason I'm leaving first is because your rudeness sickens me.
Police? Speeding without a license? - You think this is America? - How long do I need to stay? Can I go now? Your method is all wrong.
Rebelling like this won't get you anything.
Rebel? That sounds nice.
Aren't you thankful? I'm living as you wanted me to.
No one threatens your place in our family now.
Oh yeah.
We weren't family.
Take care of it.
You never know.
You just might need me again.
He drove? He's getting worse.
- What's he doing? - Can't you see it? A half-grown man tried to stand like a man, and he's breaking down.
Why can't he get stronger before breaking down? Tan knocked on my door for 18 years even when I hated him.
He was kind and honest.
You can't imagine how strong you'd have to be for that.
And now he's breaking down.
- Can't you see? - Enough.
How was your date with the granddaughter of BS Telecom? Did you kick out the girl that liked Tan? Set your wedding date for next spring.
- We need a communication service provider.
- Did you kick her out? There's no need to kick her out! She just went her way and I just said what I had to say.
Wasn't I enough for you? If you had satisfied me, I wouldn't have done this to him.
But look what you were doing with Hyun Joo! I couldn't leave him after that.
Both of your mothers are disgraceful.
Without your in-laws How will you do business then? Can't you just trust us? Can't you leave it up to us? The granddaughter of BS Telecom.
Bring her to me.
Then I will trust you.
- You call that trust? - Go.
I'm tired.
I'm really tired these days.
Who cares what the major is if it's Ivy League? I've got to go.
I'm at the infirmary.
[Hyo Shin.]
Quiet in the infirmary.
Why do you look awkward around me? I don't feel awkward.
I feel embarrassed.
Why? Can we just say that it never happened? Although everyone knows about it, okay.
You didn't even take the college exam.
Why do you even come to school? Aren't you getting ready to flunk? Should I flunk? What do you want to do if you're not going to flunk? Didn't you see me winning the Gold Award in the Asia Youth Short Film Festival? I can get into any film school in Korea with that in my portfolio.
Why do you even study then? Knowing a lot is good.
I have a headache.
Look at the DJ line-up.
We have to go! It's tomorrow! Stop pretending that you're in it for music.
You wouldn't go if there were no girls there.
Girls are music.
Then what type of music am I for you, Honey? Carols? - Death Metal.
- Come here, you deserve it.
If you take one more step towards me I'm going to steal you from Chan Young! What makes you think you can say that? Hul! He got jealous.
Hul! I got used.
Eat this.
It's good for your heart.
I'm worried how you make lots of men go crazy for you.
That's what you think.
Can we leave Kim Tan like that? I heard that he's been getting arrested.
Even his face was a mess today.
Tomorrow is the the anniversary of Jeguk's founding.
I hope he comes in with that face and gets into more trouble.
Along with the industrialization of Korea Jeguk Construction could find on its new platform another big leap.
It was Jeguk that built the tallest building in Korea at the time.
It was Jeguk that built the biggest apartment complex.
The pride for being the best and the first lasts even today after 63 years in 2013.
JJ Convention, which will be built in Jeju soon is another step towards the vision of Jeguk Group.
It will be a great project.
Where are you? I'm already here.
God! What? You saw who? Kim Tan? Hey! If you run into someone, you apologize! Are you listening or what? Are you out of your mind? You want to die? It's cold! What are you doing? Come here! Stop! You stop too.
Who are you? Hey, take care of them.
Stop! You want to die? Wake up! You little shit.
If you miss Cha Eun Sang that much, go watch her at least.
I'm not going anymore.
You can have her.
I still like Tan.
What makes you so bold? I won't see him because you told me not to.
- When do I go to America? - Nothing will change from you doing this.
Save me.
Your mom is in front of the school.
Go right now! You threw away Mom.
I will take care of her from now on.
How will you take care of her? By leaving you Father.
Good bye.
Let's not see each other again.
I'm dumping you.
Will I forget how we blindly fell in love with each other? - Hi Kim Tan.
- Is it really you?