The Heirs (Sangsokjadeul) (2013) s01e18 Episode Script

Episode 18

Episode 18 If you miss Cha Eun Sang that much, go there and watch her.
I'm not going anymore.
You can have her.
What did you just say? You want to die? Do you even deserve to break down? I don't.
I can't do this anymore.
Young Do.
I'm sure you've received the report.
I hired Secretary Yoon as the Vice President of Jeguk Construction.
That fool.
He could only amount to that much.
Even the legendary Red Hare is just a horse without Lu Bu.
It's true Lu Bu was once Red Hare's master.
However, Guan Yu rode her longer in more battles.
- You can go now.
- I'm not here to see you.
My God.
What happened to you? Did you get in a fight again? What are you going to do? What happened to your face? Fool! How long are you going to behave like that? It's only cute for a day or two.
Get up.
Let's go to the hospital.
- Get out.
- We had a deal.
You said that you would do anything I say.
That means you will listen.
Get up.
Get out.
Get out! How long are you going to do this? Nothing is going to change in this family because you do this.
You know that damn well! Won.
When can I go to America? I'm dying.
Just let me go.
Please help me.
Choi Young Do, stop.
Did Tan fight with you? More like I beat him up.
He deserved it.
You can sue me if you want.
Why did you hit my brother? Sorry.
I shouldn't beat up kids with big brothers.
But I forgot he had one.
He acted like he had none.
It looks like he has no friends either.
Go treat that, or it's going to scar.
He entered the edge of the village.
He walked on until he came to his house.
He entered the edge of the village.
He walked on until he came to his house.
It was empty.
'Something's wrong!' he cried.
Something's wrong with you! We have finals coming up and you're looking at my picture! Why look at the 2D picture when the 3D version is right next to you? Hey! Were you looking at Cha Eun Sang while I was right next to you? I was trying to find any clues on her page.
Oh my God, she's crazy! 'I hope Jeguk bankrupts.
' 'Where are you?' 'I'm drinking water.
' Why is she talking to herself? That doesn't look like Eun Sang.
What are you talking about? It's her account.
'Kim Tan is very good looking.
' Who else would write this but her? And right here.
'Where are you Cha Eun Sang?' Why would she look for herself? Where are you Cha Eun Sang? I miss you.
I was always there, where you were.
So wait there for a bit.
I will come for you.
I'll be right there.
No matter where you are, I'll be right behind you.
[No picture.]
[Cha Eun Sang.]
I ordered my favorite for you.
Drink it, before I stuff it in your face.
Eun Sang bought me this often.
Eun Sang bought it for you? You come from a family of means and you let her pay for you? I thought I'd be able to pay her back.
Isn't it cliche to be a reckless teenager, who gets into fights? Look at what happened to your pretty face.
Can you stop calling me out? Just go study.
I heard that you have to do well on the finals to not flunk.
I thought I told you.
Food at the hospital sucks.
You don't want to ruin your health at a young age.
I don't plan on dying, Mom.
If you really can't stand it, go kidnap her.
It's not going to change anything.
But it gets easier to breathe when you rebel like that.
Hello, ma'am.
Hello, ma'am.
I'm here to see Eun Sang.
Is she not home right now? Thank you.
Would you like to join me? Eun Sang went to Seoul.
She had to turn in some paper work at school.
Thank you.
It's delicious.
Classmate? Are you a close friend of Eun Sang's? I like Eun Sang.
You moved to a place with a beautiful beach to walk on.
And you saw Tan again.
I didn't do it on purpose.
This why I wanted to send you to the opposite side of the planet.
When you broke the promise and ran away I thought that you had gotten the message.
So I just left you alone.
And now you're saying that you saw Tan in my face? - Tan - How dare you utter that name! He's nice, straightforward, and warm.
That's why I liked him a lot.
You are so out of your place.
There's nothing wrong with me liking him.
You've received my money.
You've received my grace.
If you like my son after that, then it's wrong! I will pay you back for the debt you paid.
But since you gave it to me without an agreement I will pay you back as quickly as I can without slacking off.
So when you pay me back, you're going to see him again? How could you be so bold at such a young age? Because I like Tan! I still like Tan.
No matter how you scare me.
No matter how scary you are.
I can't lie that I don't like him anymore.
But since you told me not to see him, I won't see him anymore.
So please Stop calling me.
[For Lease.]
Leaving! Why did you look for me? Don't talk to me.
Don't come.
Cha Eun Sang.
I can't let you go.
What do I do? What did you just say? I said, where would that blood go? The hot blood of the mere lobby receptionist! Who had the courage to come all the way to the top to the chairman's office.
How can you say that? Why not? The mother and the son are not appreciating their luxuries! You live the lives that others can't even imagine.
Why can't you give up on one thing? You asked me to come.
You said that I could come.
You told me that your office was at the top floor.
That's why I have to go through this.
I was bewitched by the cheap sparkling jewels.
It has ruined my family.
- Chairman! - Make sure to tell Tan.
When he's not sure which one to pick, he has to pick the most expensive one.
Don't pick the cheap sparkling stuff like his father did.
Tell him to wake up.
You're a coward! What am I to you? I already told you.
Why do you ask? They were matching dresses.
For Esther Lee and Rachel Yoo.
I'd like to cancel them.
The wedding got canceled.
Choi Dong Wook and Choi Young Do are canceling for the same reason.
Yes sir, I will check the list first.
One moment please.
The wedding got canceled and your engagement got canceled.
And I lost my sexy sister.
It breaks my heart.
Don't worry.
I will stay sexy so that you wouldn't feel so bad.
My sister was the only thing I liked about this.
Let's celebrate today and eat together.
I know a sexy sushi place.
Don't flirt with me.
You're not my sister anymore.
You never know what I'll do.
I have to go somewhere.
Let's celebrate next time.
Where are you going? [I will eat noodle with Choi Young Do.
- Cha Eun Sang.]
How are you, Young Do? You still don't have a wish? Will you make it come true? Tell me, I will make it come true.
You won't be able to.
Is it marriage? - That's too petty.
- Marriage is petty? You feel bad about going out on the arranged date.
Why don't you ask? About her name, age If she was pretty.
I don't care about those things either.
So you know.
I do want to know which family she's from.
If I did what Tan's doing You think this wouldn't have happened to us? What's Tan doing? He's running into everything.
He's falling down and breaking down.
He's a mess.
You can't do that.
Why not? You dream of the highest place in the world.
But Tan dreams that Eun Sang is his world.
I won't get in your way.
Instead, I will cheer for you.
You go up there.
I'm getting there.
Hang in there for a sec.
When we held our hands amidst the crowd of people We were using our bones, muscles, and blood vessels to not lose grip.
That's all I know about love.
What else is there in love? Except for the fact that I couldn't let go of that hand.
Tan must've been here.
Did you see him? He told me that he was going to see you.
You'd know if you have seen him that he's a mess.
Don't you think that it's your fault? I think it's partly your fault.
What do you think? Are you not going to go to school? What about Tan? You don't miss him? Are you bearing through it or are you over him? You have to say something for me to say what I came to tell you.
I'm not going to see him.
I won't see him.
I will get over him! I'm getting over him! What did you come here to tell me? I don't have time.
When do you want to go back to the way things were? Huh? It's my father's fault that you're here.
Tan and I know that well.
So you demand what you want.
I'm here to do what I should be doing.
What are you going to do? When it's hard to make up your mind, don't look too far ahead.
Just think about tomorrow.
Think about what you want to do tomorrow.
And that will give you a different answer.
If you need an excuse to go back to Tan How about the finals? Sometimes finding an excuse is helpful when you can't bring up the courage.
You said that you'll do everything I tell you to do.
Yeah, I will go to America.
When do I leave? The number one thing I want from you is to do well on the finals.
Go to school.
If you get last place It's what she wrote.
I told her that they were my wine.
She must have wanted me to pass this onto you when she left it there.
I found it a few days ago.
I thought about not giving it to you.
Why would I? But if this can be a reason for you to live Then live.
You asked me to help you.
Dear Tan, Two seasons have passed.
The summer in which we met seems remote as a dream.
That place was too hot in the day and too cold at night.
And I liked you.
We were blindly in love with each other.
We were too hot and too cold.
Will I able to forget that? I'm sorry I had to run away like this.
I'm sorry that I lied that I will wait for you.
You were the only good thing that happened to me.
Now I'm really going to disappear like last night's dream.
It was good to see you in that dream, Kim Tan.
Hi Kim Tan.
Did you study? I couldn't study.
I'm worried.
Is it really You? I wanted to ask you last time.
What happened to your face? What happened to you, stupid? You left me.
I'm back now.
I'm not going to run away anymore.
First I'm going to take the finals.
And then I will find another excuse.
And I'm going to stay here.
By your side.
- Cha Eun Sang came to school.
- What? - I thought she dropped out.
- I thought so too.
Choi Young Do.
Cha Eun Sang! You got yourselves a room here because I wasn't around.
Did I come in when you were about to kiss? - Hey! You -- - What were you thinking? The journalism club is a mess because of you! What are you going to do? Come here you! What happened? Where were you? You even changed your phone number.
You must've missed me.
My butt! We will have to pick a new program director without you.
You think kids here want to join the journalism club? So don't go anywhere again.
I'm sorry I couldn't call you.
I should've called your father.
I was too busy.
Are you okay now? Did you take care of everything? I'm not okay, and I still have a lot of things to take care of.
But I came anyway.
I also missed you a lot.
Whatever happens, tell us when you're leaving or coming back.
- Give me your new number.
- No, give it to me first.
- I will save it and tell Chan Young.
- Okay.
Be good to me, or I won't tell you.
Yes ma'am.
Walk? Or should I drag you? Is something wrong? Now I understand loan sharks.
You should pay for the debt without notice.
Do I have to collect it from you by force? Let's go get noodles.
- Aren't you going to eat? - Huh? I'm eating.
Why did you come to school? - For finals.
- Other than that.
I wanted to come back.
Did you have to choose this path? I wanted to try it.
Don't get hurt while fighting Attack on Chairman.
You can collapse if it's too hard.
Then I can say, 'Nice going!' 'I knew this would happen.
' Okay.
Thanks for the noodle.
I won't see you again.
I'm dumping you.
You and I Can't even be friends? I thought I told you.
I don't do 'friends.
' You were always a girl to me.
You're still a girl to me.
And from this moment My first crush.
Let's not say hi when we run into each other.
Let's not stay in touch.
Even if time passes by Let's not look back and talk about it as if we're nostalgic about the past.
You buy this one.
What's keeping you so late? Why aren't you coming? When are you coming? [Eun Sang.]
I'm not coming tonight.
I'm spending the night somewhere else.
See you tomorrow.
Who did you see? A friend who doesn't want to be my friend.
Did you tell Bo Na that we were together? Something like that.
You're too easy today.
I'm afraid that you might leave.
I don't have a place to sleep.
That's my excuse for now.
You give me an excuse too.
An excuse to be with me.
I like you.
That's your excuse? I missed you.
Another excuse.
I was dying.
I will not smile.
I will not have a good life.
I will be the least happy person in the world.
I will not love anyone.
I will scoff at anyone talking about the 'one.
' I said these to myself.
So don't you dump me again, Cha Eun Sang.
Okay? How could you study all night? It would be weird if we do something else during finals.
Think outside of the box.
Let's see how you do on this test.
You think I won't look at your score? Don't get shocked.
I feel bad for Myung Soo.
I stayed there without paying for it.
I've been getting angry at myself because I'm a minor.
- What does that mean? - It means a lot of things.
What's bad about being a minor? Because a minor's love seems like an adolescent fretting around.
We have no choice but to grow up.
- Don't you want to hear the other reason? - No.
Just answer the phone.
Yeah, Mom.
Where did you sleep last night? I was worried about you.
I spent the night at Myung Soo's.
You're up early.
What time are you coming? I may not be home.
It's nothing.
Yeah okay.
Good luck on the test.
What? Do what? Let's break up.
Let's break up, dear.
Did you drink already? During the day? For the price of hurting your wife, my youth wasn't exactly great either.
I want to see the real sky now.
Let's end it.
I understand that what I said could have hurt your feelings.
But you want to break up with Tan still here? End what? When I think about Tan's future, I want him to stay here as part of Jeguk.
But if Tan doesn't want it I can support him.
Says who? Who gives you the right? I know that I don't have the right.
So let's break up! We don't need paper work.
I don't have any hidden money.
It's over when I move out.
Bye, Chairman.
Although we couldn't have a clean start I loved you.
I saw that we don't have a single picture together.
I just realized that today.
I will tell Tan.
He'll understand.
Understand what? Even I can't understand.
- Jung.
- I will escort you to the airport.
Airport? Why would I go to the airport? I just want to leave the house! You were able to come here when you wanted to.
But it's a different story when you're leaving.
Go to America.
Stay there and see the American sky until you feel better.
Go shopping as much as you want.
I can't even speak English! What do you mean America? I can't even break up when I want to? You don't need to call Tan.
He can't even look after himself.
Don't stir him and just go straight to the airport.
I'm telling you to be a good mother at least.
Jung, escort her.
Chairman! Chairman! Hey! Kim Nam Yoon! Taxi! Get in! Faster! The number you've called Hello ma'am.
- Young Do, right? - Yes.
What are you - I'm sorry about last time.
- Young Do! Have you seen Tan? Can you go look for him? It's urgent.
He's not answering his phone.
Are you going somewhere? I don't have time.
I can't go in the school because of the chairwoman.
Can you go get him? Get in my car for now.
Stay in here no matter what.
Tan! Your mom is in front of the school right now.
Go! Go now! - Tan! - Mom! Thanks, Young Do.
Have you seen Young Do? Have you seen Young Do? Have you seen him? - Have you seen, Young Do? - Young Do? I don't know.
Can't you go look for him for me? Sorry, I've got to go.
How are you doing, Young Do? Not good.
I'm not doing well.
Underground parking next to that building.
- Is someone coming? - My car.
- Did you really break up with Dad? - Yeah.
But nothing changes about you.
You're still my son, and you're your father's son.
Is that really it? Then why are you running? What were the bodyguards about? Your dad's stopping me.
But I don't love him anymore.
And neither does he.
That's why we're breaking up.
Stop lying.
Does every girl get chased by bodyguards when she breaks up? You ran out without any luggage.
Does every guy try to catch his girlfriend with bodyguards? What did Father do to you? It's not like that.
Mom, get in first.
Stay somewhere.
Call me when you get there.
You didn't just leave without a place to go, did you? I didn't know this was going to happen.
Go to Young Do's hotel for now.
- I will call you.
- Where are you going? I saw Mom.
I told you! She's your woman.
You be responsible for her! But you dumped her.
Dump who? I just told her to get some fresh air.
- What's wrong with that? - That's called dumping! I will be responsible for Mom now.
I can't put up with the whining anymore.
How are you going to be responsible for her? By leaving you.
I'm leaving this house.
I will only live as part of Mom's family from now on.
I don't need your approval.
Everything that has made me happy was the stuff you don't approve of.
But still, thank you for giving me life, sir.
You just faked being sick.
But Won, Tan, and your mistress that you lived with for 10 years didn't even come.
I'm all you have now.
It looks like it.
What are you going to do? What else? I'm going to make them come.
If they don't come today, I will make them come tomorrow.
If they don't come tomorrow, I will make them come the day after that.
You take care of Tan's birthday.
Prepare it like Won's.
The whole world knows that Tan is an illegitimate child.
You want to do the same thing for him? I have to treat them the same because the whole world knows.
Make it big and loud.
Yes? Sit down.
Did you hear that Father got hospitalized? He was hospitalized? Why? Never mind if you didn't know.
You don't have to go, so don't go.
Don't ask me to go with you either.
This is a part of the deal too.
I wonder if it's my fault.
It's not your fault.
- I heard that your mother left home.
- Yeah.
Tell her that she can stay at the villa in Cheongdamdong.
Your mother made that choice partly because of me.
I liked you.
Before my mom could move in the only person I could rely on between Father and Madame Jung was you.
Sorry that I relied on you without asking.
I'm sorry for all the bad things I said to you.
Don't apologize.
It's awkward.
What are you going to do about what Father prepared? Everyone is talking about your birthday at work.
What are you talking about? It looks like he's trying to tame you.
Father made the secretary's office call all the reporters and high-ranking officials.
I thought I told him.
It's Hotel Zeus tonight.
You have to choose.
If you don't go, Father will become a joke.
- If you do go - I have to go.
I will go.
You should come too.
Leave! I'm busy.
Happy birthday.
- Lee Bo Na! I just heard that - Tan's birthday? What? You knew? I got a call from Jeguk's secretary office.
Are you going? What else would I do with my college exam over? I'm going to be a major party pooper.
Gosh! No party pooping! You know I hate that! Are you going to kiss Rachel again? Are you going out with her? I'm against it.
I can't lose my person to Rachel again! You sound like you've had a painful experience.
Is Cha Eun Sang coming? I should call her.
Don't you dare go to Tan's party.
I'm going to break your legs.
- Is he really Yoon Chan Young? - Yep.
Isn't he so cool? We were told to escort you.
By whom? You're beautiful.
Thanks for noticing.
I'm paying you back for the cab fare.
I still couldn't pay for the five minutes I bought from you.
Pay for it today.
We have to be really brave today.
Can you do it? Let's go.
Can you make a statement? Are you scared? A little.
This may be hard.
Nevertheless, go forward.