The Heirs (Sangsokjadeul) (2013) s01e19 Episode Script

Episode 19

Episode 19 Oh! People still want to be on your good side.
You should stay healthy.
What good is that? My two sons don't want to be on my side.
I heard Tan's mom left.
Does she think that you two are still in a steamy relationship? That's the problem.
It would be much better if she just shuts up and stays for the money.
Hmm? Brother! Long time no see.
How is your health? Uncle Nam Yoon! We were all worried that the article about Tan would affect your health.
How could I be sick when all of you worry so much about me? How have you been? Ji Sook! I heard about Tan on the news.
Shocking! My brother must have broken your heart.
Not at all.
I have two sons in my heart.
They keep me warm at night.
- Try the food here.
- Yes, Brother.
Chairman Yang! Welcome! Chairman Kim! How is your health? Good.
Good! Good! - Good! - What are you doing? Taking a picture of myself.
Good! Shoot.
I just made a cute face at Tan's father.
We just made eye contact.
Oh my God! Oppa? (Oppa - can mean sweetie or older brother) - Bo Na! - 'Oh my God, Oppa?' Isn't this your favorite? Yeah.
Love-and-hate relationship.
- Look at your skin! - Come here.
Say hi, he's Lee Bo Na! I knew you would do this.
Didn't I say I'll break your legs? Go ahead, they are yours anyway.
How could you say that while linking your arms with another man? - Unlink them right now! - I don't like you yelling at my sister like that.
Who are you calling your Yeah, this is my brother.
He goes to school in New York.
You're in trouble.
I've heard a lot about you.
You must be Chan Young.
Nice to meet you.
Now that we've been introduced let's talk about my sister's legs again.
You were late today.
It looks like your boyfriend didn't come today.
My boyfriend is too poor to come here.
So I came here with my rich dad.
Do you have a girlfriend? Yeah.
Is that why we're a perfect match? My dad wants me to marry you.
We are not a good match.
Well, no big deal.
The man of the night is not here yet.
I heard that you aren't real brothers.
Kim Tan! Could you make a statement? Say a word Who's that? Isn't that a girl? His fiancee? Scared? A little.
It's an honor to have you by my side, Cha Eun Sang.
Wait! Wait! We're here Father.
Hello sir, how have you been? Thank you for such a great birthday party.
The reporters are watching.
Hi Uncle.
Hi Cousin.
Long time no see Tan.
But who is she? She's my girlfriend.
These are my uncles and my cousin.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Cha Eun Sang.
Was she the reason you broke off the engagement? I'm Reporter Shin from Daily Media! Please make a statement Mr.
Kim! Please make a statement Mr.
Kim! Just one statement sir! I think you've taken enough pictures.
Let's call it a day.
Just a statement.
Are you mad? There are many eyes here! You must have been mad to come in like that in front of the cameras.
I wanted to brag about Eun Sang to the world.
I'm no longer afraid of the world's criticism or you, sir.
How important could it be? How important could your feelings be to put up a show like this? I'm trying to give you a bigger world! I'm handing it to you on a silver platter.
I know what kind of world you're trying to give me.
But Father The world you're giving me is less appealing than her.
So give us your blessing, Father.
Hah! Fine.
If you love her that much Go ahead and date her.
You mean that? I'm not giving you my blessing here.
I believe that you will end up regretting your decision.
One day, you will also regret shaking up my son's heart.
Your mom is here in this hotel in Room 3409.
Do not think that I've lost to you.
I'm just letting you off the hook here.
Was that an approval or a threat? An approval that could turn into a threat anytime? Try to understand his harsh words.
It's his last shred of dignity.
- Then we're - Yeah.
We got through a door.
Happy birthday, Kim Tan.
Let's have a real birthday party.
To the 34th floor.
My mom left home.
Madame Han? But she's still locked inside.
She couldn't even come to her son's birthday party.
We should go.
Tada! My son! Hi! Eun Sang? You were in Seoul? How could your mom not call me once? Your dress Did you bring her to the party? Mom, wish me 'happy birthday' first.
The candles are dying.
Let's go in.
Happy birthday.
Thank you for being born as my son.
Thank you.
I'm blowing the candles out.
Wait! You should've made your wish! We didn't even sing for you.
I already made my wish.
It's a secret.
Stay still for a sec.
What's he doing? He took out something shiny and beautiful.
Thank you for giving birth to me, Mom.
I wish that you were happy living as my mom.
Sure, I was really happy.
And I still am.
Thank you.
But how did you come out of that party alive? - Father let us off the hook.
- Yeah right.
He lost.
I'm not going to lose either.
I think he's letting you off the hook too.
He knows that you're here.
What? Where's your mom? Where do you live right now? Hee Nam! How could you do this to me? How could you leave without telling me? You're bad! I know I was mean to you.
But there's something called love-hate relationships! I don't hate you.
I left you a letter.
She says she doesn't hate you.
She wrote a letter for you.
Yeah, it had only three lines.
Those three lines got me so angry! Look at you! You've lost weight.
It's best to be with me, isn't it? Where's your place? It's cold.
Hee Nam? Did you miss me or not? Liar.
How could you not send me a text? It's me.
We just got here.
They are hugging each other.
Where is my boyfriend? I'm here to see Young Do.
I wanted to talk to him.
I see.
I will pick you up tomorrow.
You, your mother, and my mom.
Yeah, see you tomorrow.
What's taking you so long? - About my mom.
- Don't.
Let's not be sorry or thankful to each other.
Thank you and I'm sorry.
What does that make me? You don't have to be anything.
That's just how I feel.
- Hey.
- Don't see me off.
About my mom It wasn't your fault that I lost her.
She just left early.
But I just needed to hate you for it.
I just had to.
I know.
When did you get here? Did you eat? - I already saw them.
- You saw them.
I told you didn't I? First crushes never work out.
You should've listened to me before you got shut down.
I didn't get shut down.
- That's funny.
- What is? I prepared this for your broken heart.
Tada! [No Kim Tan, Cha Eun Sang, or Dogs!.]
- I'll hang it outside.
- Take 'the poor thing' out.
(Referring to the dog) - It did nothing wrong.
- Okay.
Okay, I took 'the poor thing' out.
(Referring to Eun Sang) She's your first crush after all.
I'm going to kill you.
What's gotten into you? I have to beat my father without cheating.
He's way out of your league.
I just have to try harder.
You shouldn't have left home.
You have no skills.
You're not young.
You should know better! Ugh! There are two exclamation marks.
I don't like that.
My glass has been empty for a while now.
You're not even pouring me more.
You're bad! I didn't think my life would be like this either.
Someone else's house.
Someone else's bags.
Someone else's husband.
I'm being punished for coveting them.
A man's wife.
My son's mother.
I couldn't be either of them.
I need to go to the bathroom.
How did you know I was here? I was about to call you.
When did you come here? - I'm not here to see you.
- Then who? - Someone else.
- Who? Who in the dead of the night? That makes no sense.
Why move there? Going back to my life before living in the maid's room is ordinary for me.
Just move in to the apartment.
I know money can't heal your wounds or bring back your old life.
Think of it as compensation.
I've discussed it with my mom already.
I've decided to move back to my old neighborhood.
I'm just thankful for your support.
I never supported you.
I'm just putting things back in order.
Can't you just move into the apartment? You have no idea what kind of deal I had to make with my brother for that.
Never mind, just go back in the room.
How could I go there? There's no guarantee about you and me.
It will only get complicated when we break up.
What? I felt like I was dying without you, but you never know what's going to happen.
Hey! I can't live without you either! That's our future, dummy! - Kids? - Won! Please, I got this.
- Are you serious? - There's no guarantee that we will be happy forever.
- I might end up dumping you.
- Shut up! You're hopeless.
Come with me.
Bye Won.
Where are we going? I'm sorry for all the trouble we've caused.
Forgive us.
It's never going to happen again.
We already got my father's approval.
We want to start dating with your blessing.
Please give us your blessing.
I can't stand it.
How come no one is talking? Hee Nam! Are you not approving my son? You sound like you're not.
I'm sorry, but I can't approve this.
I don't want anymore business with your family.
It was really hard for my daughter.
- Mom.
- Is she against this? My son is handsome.
Tall, kind, and he risks his life for Eun Sang.
He could do so much better! Why are you saying no? Eun Sang is pretty, kind, and smart! What did she say? She You! Your new curfew is nine.
Don't you dare be late.
I'm going to kill you if you come here holding hands again.
Make sure that I come home, and we can hold hands for now.
- Do what you're good at.
- What? Did you just hit my child? Tan! Are you okay? Does it hurt? I think I'll be okay if she approves.
Sue her if she doesn't.
Sue her! Thanks Mom.
Thank you.
- How were you in there? - What? You thought I was only in fairy tales? Come here.
Go straight! What's so hard about walking straight? Are you too spoiled to have walked in the dark? Just trust me and walk.
Can't I just walk normally? Stop talking back! What did I say about talking back? I've already lived here once.
It's not exactly a surprise event.
What are you doing? Kim Tan is good looking.
Hi Kim Tan.
You like it? When did you find all these? I could barely breathe hanging onto that.
[It was good to see you in my dream.
I look really photogenic.
You never say anything about being touched.
Romance is not my thing.
I like horror movies.
Or this.
Yeah, watch thrillers at home by yourself.
But let's watch romance for now.
- Don't do it.
- Do what? The living room is only two steps long.
My mom will be here soon.
It's okay, I can lock the door.
Don't! Hey, what are you doing? Hey, you should apologize for bumping into me.
I like how your family taught you manners.
Your mom's engagement got canceled.
And your engagement got canceled.
You had no family member to teach you proper manners.
What are you looking at? We heard the rumors.
The engagement between Young Do's father and your mother got canceled.
We were only afraid of you because you were Kim Tan's fiancee! How about being my sister? I think I've been too nice.
The kids are watching.
Get up.
Let's go outside.
Let's try to look close.
That way the mediocre people will leave you alone.
Don't you want to be bad again? And put up your hair? I like it.
It sucks.
Think again.
The kids are not as scared as before.
But I can still save my sister.
How am I still your sister? Because I'm your brother.
You can lean on me every now and then.
You look like you have a lot of free time.
Did you end it with Cha Eun Sang? There was nothing to end.
I didn't even need her consent.
When I'm done, it's over.
Everything good with your father's company? Up until now.
I hope I don't have to comfort you.
We spent a semester comforting each other.
I'm going to class.
- The test results are out.
- Really? Don't come near me from now on.
Stay away.
- Why? - The test results are out.
If Chan Young loses to Rachel because he was worried about you going missing I'm going to cry! - Move! - Leave! I said leave! Disappear! Kim Tan! Hey! You got last place again? Stop right there! You said that you will always be right behind me.
You go first then.
A man of his word huh? That's cheating! Where did you hide it? Give it back.
Stay away! My mom told me to not hold hands with you.
- She's not even here.
- Go away.
Why did you rip the test result? I'm not ready to face my score yet! Everyone will see it eventually.
What's the point of hiding it for now? I have a trauma! Give it back.
Are you sure you got the 100th place? You want a drink? One sec.
Hey what are you doing? - Give me back my wallet.
- Look at you.
You're using your strength again.
Exactly how bad was your score? Give me that.
I think it's best that we don't see it out of mutual trust.
I want the relationship to last.
You really are something.
You have a message.
Check it, I will wait.
For your rights which Kim Tan has violated, I'm posting this.
Chan Young uploaded the results.
You just wait here.
- Yoon Chan Young! - Let me see it.
Chan Young, I'm the first to write you a comment.
- Myung Soo! L.
- Jo Myung Soo! L.
- Myung Soo.
- Don't tag me.
Why is everyone laughing? Myung Soo stole your crown.
Then you're Stop scrolling.
Stop! Kim Tan! You placed 50th.
What? Me? How did this happen? I'm finally average about something.
In reality, I just wasn't trying.
- Choi Young Do got 27th place.
- You mean 97th place.
He's 27th place.
He's so cool.
He must have actually taken the test this time.
This isn't our last test.
You never know what I'm going to get next.
How is 27th place cool? I went from 100th to 50th.
Where do you think I'll be on the next test? Not when Chan Young is there.
Chan Young is really cool too.
Go date him then.
What's your class rank? Stop right there! What's yours? Don't let me catch you! You beat me for the first time.
Yes sir.
What do you want? You can say it.
Tell me where she is.
Unfortunately, I can't help you with that.
I don't know where she is either.
That's good.
- You're Choi Young Do? - Yes? Do you know me? I've known your face, but not your name.
Take this.
She told me to give it to you.
- Who? - A beautiful lady.
It's been a while, but I've been so busy.
[Yoo Kyung Ran.]
Who is she? Is everything okay, Young Do? No.
What's this? Are you hitting on me because Chan Young is not around? Actually it's because Cha Eun Sang is not around.
Do you know her likes and dislikes? How would I know? She's not my friend.
Are you getting a present for her? There's a lot that she doesn't have.
She borrowed my pointe shoes, her cell phone is scratched She liked my cushion, and she even lost her wallet.
She says that crazy man stole her wallet.
- I'm that crazy man.
- Yeah, I was talking about you.
I did it so that I could buy her a new wallet.
Oh my God.
We have two requests for our cooperation.
Se Ryun High asked us to lend them our anchorwoman.
- What should I do? - It's Se Ryun High.
Of course it's a yes.
Why? The journalism club in Se Ryun High has a lot of hot guys.
But you have a boyfriend.
That has nothing to do with them being hot! We will decide on the anchorwoman at the meeting.
Are you coming Eun Sang? I have work.
You found a job already? We will have a meeting at your place then.
Let's go.
- Are they really hot? - Yeah.
You know my standards are up there.
Have fun! Where is Tan? I hope Chan Young is nearby.
She's our new program director.
Say hi, he's Se Ryun's PD and he's the anchorman.
Is everyone at your school pretty like you? Bo Na and I are especially pretty.
You have a good personality.
Do you have a boyfriend? Honey? She's married.
Can't you see what's going on? Leave.
We didn't even discuss about the festival yet.
Let's just go for today.
- I will call you back.
- Don't even think about it.
What's that on your hair? Lee Bo Na! What are you doing with my girlfriend in broad daylight? - I'm speechless.
- Why take it out on her? Eun Sang's not exactly Mother Teresa.
She craves men.
Yoon Chan Young! Stop making up stuff! Why are you yelling at Chan Young? - You have no right to speak.
- Don't talk to me.
I'm not your girlfriend.
- Then stop seeing other boys.
- Damn right.
You should be stopping him.
Kim Tan is the type that can make you get sick of him.
What's the point of good looks? That only lasts three months.
Men is about intelligence.
Let's just wrap it up as two high school boys being jealous.
- What? - That's what I am.
I like obsessing and being a control freak.
I want to kill anyone that even looks at you.
I even hate the fact that they are thinking about you.
What's there to hate about? You just don't know men.
All men are the same! Except for me.
Except you? That just took out the credibility.
My love is innocent.
I like you for my life.
Innocent? I have a white heart.
How are you going to prove that? Are you going to take it out? Never mind.
I'm disappointed in you.
Kim Tan! Are you really leaving? When are you giving me back my wallet? Right now.
- What is this? - A wallet.
The fight is now about us, not about the circumstances.
I'm really happy.
Let's have fights like this every day.
Gosh You're not a vice president.
And you're no longer engaged.
Hotel Zeus is getting investigated.
Smart, just like 20 years ago.
Is Rachel okay? Because of the engagement? She was crying.
She rarely cries.
She must've liked Tan a lot.
She just didn't know how to like someone.
I couldn't teach her.
Because I didn't know either.
Looking at Rachel, I had a chance to look at my life.
And how was it? A life of making lots of money.
A wealthy life.
A life without Yoon Jae Ho.
You were always nagging about me cutting down on wine.
You will have much better things in life than wine.
Let's have a drink together.
Sneaking your way into alcohol? They say that kids should learn to drink from their fathers.
You're now my father as well.
When do you want to move? Won says you can move any time.
I'm not moving.
I don't want a nice house anymore.
I'm just going to wander around.
Not going back and forth between department stores and the hotel, accompanied by a bodyguard.
I'm going to walk on my own two feet and see the skies of the world.
I'm going to walk to Gangnam tomorrow.
Walk with me.
I'll hold your hand.
Hold my hand for tomorrow.
Then go back to your father.
He's all by himself.
I'm not going back.
You're now my father.
Don't say that.
I'm home.
Won! Are you back from school? Did you study a lot? Father! It's subarachnoid hemorrhage.
- It's inoperable at the moment.
- Then? You're going to leave him in a coma? It's because he's in a coma that we can't operate.
The location of the blood vessel is really bad.
The cerebral edema also complicates things.
We will have to wait until he wakes up.
What if he doesn't wake up? You have to pray that he does.
What are you doing here? Let's move it! Calm down! I'm thinking.
You've been thinking for 20 years! What more do you need to think about? We have to do it before he wakes up.
Get Attorney Park and get the paperwork ready! A reckless move can put me in a nasty position of trials and lawsuits.
I could be penniless.
You think there could be a better chance? Won is panicking.
Now is our chance.
There is no next time.
Won is going to figure us out! You've endured all kinds of humiliation in that family.
For what? For this day! You should be rewarded for your sorry days there.
I should be.
I'm just trying to get it right.
Go see what's going on at the hospital.
I have to place a call.
I'm sorry to be talking about this now We have to talk about it.
Father tried to control our lives to protect this company.
If the chairman's condition continues All of his voting rights will be delegated to the chairwoman.
She will then call for a special meeting for the motion of father's mandatory resignation.
That's what a legal spouse can do.
We won't be able to stop her.
Is that why she's not coming to the hospital? You stay with Father.
I'll be back from work at night.
I will call for a meeting.
Mom! I will call you when he wakes up.
Go back to your hotel.
Don't worry about me.
What if he looks for me when he wakes up? I'm not worried about you.
I'm worried about the company.
I'm worried about Father.
The chairwoman must be planning something.
I don't want you to see her here.
Won, Father, and I could be in a bad position.
I forgot about that.
- Call me.
- Mom.
I know.
It's okay.
Take care of your father.
I have no trust in Won and Tan.
My husband built this empire with his life.
I have doubts about their ability to protect it.
I concur.
Unless it was you.
You don't have to be a nice person in business.
It's a dangerous business with lives depended on it.
Make it short and straight to the point.
Okay then.
Was he always the sole owner? He had a war against his brothers, you people.
It was his victory after exhausting fights.
However, no victory lasts forever.
The war can be started again by those who seek victory.
As you know, I have no children or family.
You thought that you had lost your chance forever.
I think I can give it back to you.
That means You're Be on my side.
When Won and Tan get their inheritance you will never get another chance.
[Yoo Kyung Ran, CEO.]
Laptops, computers, files! Get everything! What are you doing? You can't do this! Step back, you're going to get hurt.
What are you doing? What's going on Father? What is this? Choi Young Do, get out.
- What are they doing? - I said leave! - Leave.
- You can't be in here.
Take him out.
You shouldn't be doing this.
Get out.
Did your mom go somewhere? Or was she not allowed in here because it's 'family only?' You're his family, but you were late.
I had to attend to business.
Because there is no hope in him waking up.
He will wake up.
I'm here.
You must be happy.
You have children to be at your side.
I'm glad that I waited for this day.
Now that you're lying down here, I'm Tan's legal guardian.
That's what the family register can do.
Don't touch the stock shares that my father gave me.
I'm going to make my brother as my legal guardian.
Okay, go ahead.
You and your mother leaving without a penny sounds good enough for me.
Give and take, remember? Sometimes a harsh lesson is the right medicine.
We take, we lose, we take over, we get taken over Welcome to the world of greed, my son.
You came.
I thought you were busy.
I saw his face.
I can go now.
I told Tan what I was going to tell him.
Now that I see you, you two look alike.
Don't worry about what she said.
You're too young for it.
I'll be here for tonight.
Go get some sleep.
Come here after school tomorrow.
Sometimes a harsh lesson is the right medicine.
We take, we lose, we take over, we get taken over Welcome to the world of greed, my son.
He needs to get delegatory votes from all the off-shore shareholders.
Something happened to the company? Were you worried? I will get through this.
- I'm going to turn myself in.
- What happens then? Are you going to jail? - Are you coming to the meeting? - Are you okay with marrying me? Let's break up.
That's my wish.
Thanks for being the better part of my cold high school years.
You sound like you're leaving.
The motion of father's dismissal was brought up to the board.
It's not the question of having a mother or not.
Help me.