The Heirs (Sangsokjadeul) (2013) s01e20 Episode Script

Episode 20

Final Episode It's Cold.
Cold and dark.
Change your legal guardian? Yes.
Father has been hospitalized.
All of his voting rights must've been delegated to his wife.
- Is it a fight for management? - I'm defending it.
- Who are you switching to? - To my brother.
I know everyone on the legal team of Jeguk Group.
I know, but I have to ask you.
I can't trust the legal team right now.
I have to change my legal guardian before the shareholder's meeting, Mrs.
Please be my lawyer.
The chairman has 13.
6% shares, and his wife has 4.
The Chairman's brothers have 5.
2% combined.
A total of 23.
You and Tan have 23.
1% together.
If you add the 5.
37% owned by Jeguk Holdings It's approximately 28.
It will be decided by the 4% of the shares under borrowed names.
And 25% owned by domestic shareholders.
What percentage of them will vote for you? I will see Father's people first.
I thought they were Father's people.
How come no one's coming? It seems they chose their interests over loyalty.
Thank you for coming.
I've been working with the chairman for 20 years.
Of course I had to come.
Others didn't seem to think so.
Thank you for coming.
I will make sure that you will not regret this.
I feel very relieved to have Lee from RS International here.
I haven't decided yet.
I want to stand against Chairman Kim.
But I'm not so sure Is this the side against him? Or are they? - The chairman had a stroke? - Yeah.
He's in a coma.
That's why he didn't call.
Which hospital is it? Tan's not at the hospital.
He went on a business trip with my dad.
- Business trip? - It's a 10-day schedule.
They need to receive delegations from every major foreign shareholder.
- Is something going on at the company? - It looks like it.
Dad said that it was a war, not a business trip.
They should be on the plane now.
- Nervous? - A little.
Do you know why you had to come? Yes.
I'm a young boy who is on the verge of losing his father.
I'm also the son especially loved by the chairman.
Business is about moving someone's heart to get the contract signed.
How did my father do this for 20 years? I wouldn't understand.
Get some sleep.
We have a busy schedule ahead of us.
Sorry I couldn't call you.
You wanted this stuffed owl right? Forgive me since I got it for you.
I may not be able to call you.
I'll be out of the country.
I'm going to kill you if you cheat on me.
Bye, I will miss you Cha Eun Sang.
- Father - I'm going to be arrested.
So I'm going to turn myself in tomorrow before they do it.
What happens then? Are you going to jail? Listen carefully.
Do not trust anyone.
Only trust the vice president when it comes to the hotel.
When you need to send me a message or when someone asks for your thoughts you must talk through your lawyer.
Do you understand? If I can't get out fast enough Go to your aunt's place.
Don't stay at home alone.
Okay? Don't slack off on your kitchen duties while I'm not here.
I'll be out soon.
Let's eat.
Upcoming news.
The prosecutors requested for a warrant to arrest President Choi of Hotel Zeus.
The special team of financial crimes arrested President Choi with the charge of tax fraud and embezzlement What about Father? Take a seat.
Attorneys Park and Lee couldn't come because they had to go to court.
What happened? Do you know why he hired seven lawyers? That means it's our job to worry about him, not yours.
Just live your normal life.
Go to school.
The hotel will be run by the vice president.
- You don't have to worry about it.
- Okay.
Your father has a message for you.
He says that rules are important and that you can't cheat.
What? That makes no sense man! What are you doing? Who is he? Choi Young Do.
Choi Young Do? The bully? That's him? The hotel heir? What are you doing here? Are you here to bully me some more? I didn't come for that.
I came to say sorry.
I'm sorry.
I wanted to apologize.
I'm really sorry.
I'm shocked that you could apologize.
But if you're really sorry Then feel guilty for the rest of your life.
Okay, I will do that.
I'm never going to accept your apology.
Don't ever come here again.
Let's go.
[Tan and Eun Sang.]
Seoul without you is colder than usual.
Upcoming news.
The prosecutors requested for a warrant to arrest President Choi of Hotel Zeus.
The special team of financial crimes arrested President Choi I just saw Young Do's father on the news.
Nice to see you again, Steve.
Same here.
So this is Chairman Kim's second son you told me about? Yes.
- Nice meeting you.
- Nice to meet you.
How would it feel to bear the weight of seeing your family members on the news? I can just sign here? Yes, Chairman Kim will be pleased.
- Okay thank you.
- I wish you the best of luck.
In the world that everyone dreams about You, Young Do, and the kids were hurt.
Every morning when I'm the first one at school I sometimes see someone drawing the outline of a dead body.
I was surprised.
Because it was not just one person.
On some days it was Hyo Shin.
Sometimes it was Ye Sol.
Sometimes it was Myung Soo who seemed to be always happy.
Sometimes it was Rachel.
And today It was Young Do.
Was it when I found out that they were all participating in it? I couldn't envy or hate the kids anymore.
[Tan and Eun Sang.]
Tan Have you drawn the outline of a dead body too? Thank you.
Whether it's too heavy, cruel, or sad I hope that you have a different option than getting hurt.
- (in Chinese) Sir, will you please sign it? - Stop joking around.
Chen! The choice is yours.
But come join us! Please! I hope that you don't break down because of the weight.
I miss you, Tan.
[Daehan Hospital.]
I'm back Father.
He's gotten better.
The cerebral swellings are going down.
How was the business trip? Some couldn't make up their minds.
Some didn't join us.
But many signed the delegation.
Tan's contribution was important.
Good work.
How was Korea? As we expected, the motion for Father's dismissal was brought before the board.
If it's passed, then the owner of Jeguk Group will be changed.
And endless lawsuits will begin.
Whatever it is, I will be prepared.
Let's stay at home.
We have to protect the house while Father is not home.
Let's move in.
I need to tell you something.
I need you to see Young Do.
Are you still remotely friends? President Choi is under investigation.
He wouldn't be able to make it.
I think Young Do can delegate his father's voting rights.
I will see him.
But promise me one thing.
What is it? Even if his father gets convicted, do not touch the partnership with Hotel Zeus.
As long as I'm the CEO, okay.
You're working hard, Cha Eun Sang.
- Your father is still not awake? - No.
Is there going to be a shareholders' meeting? Yes.
Did everything work out on your trip? Yeah.
I didn't cheat on you.
You're nice to me because I became pitiful.
Speaking of which Can you hold my hand? Don't hold it with your strength.
Hold it with your heart.
I have a strong heart.
Stay still.
Were you worried? I'm sorry.
I will get through it.
I missed you.
Cheer up, Tan.
I'm sorry that I had to come for my problems.
It's about our shareholders' meeting.
The motion was brought before the board? Yes.
- By the school chairwoman? - Yes.
Mothers always cause trouble.
Help me.
We can't be friends, but I will pay you back for this.
Pay me back right now.
All the things I've said to your mother Forgive me for that.
You don't need to come yourself.
Just send the delegation via your lawyer.
Is your father okay? Worry about yourself.
I'm being considerate, asshole.
Go away! I have to do dishes.
Dishes? All I can do right now is Do the dishes.
What's going on? I'm here as the VP of Jeguk Construction.
- Sit down.
- Stay seated.
I'm here to ask you for a favor.
And I have to get your word for it.
I'll be as polite and pitiful as possible.
Are you here for the shareholders' meeting? This happened right when I got the job.
Maybe I'm bad luck for Jeguk.
Are you asking for my sympathy? I'll do anything as long as it works.
Are you here to do business or to be charming? I'm glad that I could be charming to you.
Give me the form.
I will sign it.
I'm too busy to attend the meeting.
Thank you.
Stay well.
You too.
My father's shares must have become important.
You know that it sounds like you're okay with getting married? Yes.
Are you coming to the meeting? Are you okay with marrying me? [The Second Special Shareholders' Meeting.]
The special shareholders' meeting is hereby called to order for the motion of dismissal of Chairman Kim Nam Yoon.
Please take your seats.
I will now announce the results.
The motion to dismiss Chairman Kim Nam Yoon of Jeguk Holdings 52% voted No.
44% voted Yes.
4% forfeited.
Hence, the motion for the dismissal of Chairman Kim Nam Yoon was not passed.
The meeting is adjourned.
Don't celebrate your victory just yet.
You beat me today.
But this is only the beginning.
Thank you for giving me opportunity to sort the friends from foes.
Stop gloating.
We will see each other soon.
Whether it's next year or next month.
Or it could be in two weeks.
Who knows? The chairman is awake.
They are going to schedule his surgery right away.
How was it? There was still some edema and I was worried.
But the operation itself was a success.
Let's see how he recovers.
Thank you.
Why do you love the man who kicked you out? Stop crying.
Young Do.
Is Is everything okay? No, Mom.
You've gotten taller.
You've become so handsome.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I couldn't wait longer.
I was going to come back soon after that.
I'm sorry that I couldn't.
These are the best workbooks I used.
I checked off the questions most likely to be on the test.
They are my treasure.
Lucky! Thank you, Hyo Shin! No, thank you.
Thanks for being the better part of my cold high school years.
You sound like you're leaving.
Study hard.
I hope you and Tan become like a boring romance movie.
Are you really going somewhere? These are the hottest clothes this season.
The sales have increased in VVIP and normal segments.
Yes, features must always be paired with style.
Thermal slims, heated slims.
performance slims.
In short, make them look slim.
I like them overall.
But are you okay with taking a teenager's inputs? You're talented.
I'm just telling you to look at the overall concept.
They all look nice and warm.
I hate being cold.
You want to go somewhere warm? How about the Maldives? You and me on a honeymoon? No thanks.
More like a vacation for two single women who broke off their engagements.
Why did you ask me to come? What's with a vacation plan all of the sudden? You looked like you were taking my sleeping pills.
I couldn't sleep.
I'm not abusing them, don't worry.
I understand.
I'll call Dr.
Go get a prescription.
- Rachel Yoo.
- Please take a seat.
You go here? It's my first time.
I go here.
- Why? - To live.
What's your reason? I can't sleep.
- I'm in trouble.
- Why? I keep sharing secrets with you.
We're not the type to be in a high school drama.
Go study, you're flunking.
- I'm joining the army.
- What? That's also a secret.
The other kids don't know it yet.
Do you have a girl to wait for you? I don't know.
Lee Hyo Shin! How did you know? I didn't think you'd be quicker than my mom.
What are you doing? Why join the army already? You didn't even graduate yet! Stop making it a big deal.
We all have to go one day.
But this is a bad way to go.
Did your parents approve? I don't think I ever got an approval in the 19 years of my life.
I'm going secretly.
To buy time to think.
They must have found the letter by now.
You're insane! This was the only thing strong enough to stop my mom.
You're crazy! I can't deny that.
Don't get hurt.
I'll be okay.
Are you making bean powder again? You could've asked for my help.
Isn't this too much for both of us? I'm sending some to your sister.
She called? A text.
She got a job and she bought a cell phone.
That's it? Did she talk about the money she ran away with? What's her number? Give it to me.
Why? What are you going to say? What do you think? That you're healthy, and I'm healthier.
And that I miss her.
That we're doing well, and she just needs to worry about herself.
Are you really happy? You went through a lot of trouble because you had the wrong mother.
What are you talking about? I'm really happy to be your daughter.
I'll give you a better life when I grow up.
I love you Mom.
It's my boyfriend.
It's me.
Where? Hospital? Where the chairman is? Jung Ji Sook.
I heard that you caused trouble while I was down.
- Without much to gain.
- Why couldn't you just bear with it? You stayed quite gracefully by my side for the long years.
Why lose the chance to be compensated? I wanted more.
It had been planned for a long time.
I also have a plan of such.
That's why I wanted to see you.
Jung Ji Sook.
Let's get divorced.
I should prepare well this time.
I may not get Jeguk Group as a whole.
But I can get a half.
That's what a legal marriage can do.
You heard her.
Get the divorce suit ready.
Yes sir.
Father, Eun Sang is here.
I'm glad that you've recovered.
[Left Handed.]
[Autobiography of a man who was once black.
I thought that they'd be good for you to read.
You don't have to impress me.
But I still want to.
She took a lot of courage to come here.
Be nice.
I will pay back the debt slowly.
You have to stay healthy until I pay them back.
I need to live for a long time for you to pay all that back to me.
Debt? I'll get going now.
You don't need to come back.
Thanks for the books.
How do you feel, Mom? Good.
Really good.
Do you want to go somewhere in particular? Next time.
I can't feel my feet.
I think it was too much.
Freedom doesn't come cheap.
Why wear such high heels? Put on comfortable shoes next time.
I can't do that.
My dream was to become Miss Korea.
I can't give up on my heels.
The fresh air of nature is the best.
You're too busy! That's how I can provide for you.
I thought I was mooching off.
Smile, Dad.
One, two, three! For Bo Na? She can't breathe if she doesn't see me every hour.
From what I can see, Bo Na is going to take over as soon as you go to college.
I'm kind of looking forward to it.
Aren't you thinking about getting married again? Are you seeing someone? I'm busy working.
I can't date.
You want to provide for me? Why do you want to be the one mooching? You weren't too disappointed when you got fired last time.
You will see when you grow up.
Life at work can be nasty.
Sometimes it hurts even more than relationships.
And is more tiring.
Are you talking about me? Mr.
Kim! Fishing is about fishing time.
- You know Jiang Zi Ya of Zhou? - Shut up, smart ass.
I didn't think you'd come all the way here to serve me coffee.
I can get really kind of obsessive.
You fish often? It's a ritual to confirm the father-and-son relationship.
He's done with his finals.
I needed some fresh air.
Oh! How did you do on your finals? Again? You'd be surprised.
Ask Chan Young.
- He got 50th place.
- 50th place? He did really well.
Well? I didn't know there were What's Chan Young's rank? Chan Young always gets the first.
There's no drama.
His grades are boring.
I don't even check anymore.
You ruined it! Come here! I hope that every day is like today.
Tan doesn't know yet? What's the point of knowing? It will be on the news tomorrow.
Yeah, release it.
It's nice here.
I should try it next time.
[Kim Won of Jeguk Group planning to be engaged with.]
Now keep your promise.
What promise? You said that you'd pull the other side when I had a wish.
I have a wish.
Waiting forever here.
You want me to do it? This is you, and this is me.
Mine's longer.
My wish will come true.
I want to break up.
That's my wish.
We always faced each other this close.
But we were always very far from each other.
You don't have to be sorry, because I had known it all along.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
I told you that I'd be cheering in the crowd.
What's going on? You're getting married? Why all of the sudden? We can't defend the company on our own.
That's why I need this marriage.
That's the weight of the crown I bear.
- But - I don't need your input.
It was my decision.
Don't say anything.
I've been thinking about our deal.
About sending you to America.
Don't go to America, instead Stay behind me, on my side.
It means you can't have any other dreams.
Get management lessons.
Focus on that.
I'm lonely.
What if I'm here? Are you still lonely then? I'm still lonely.
But It's still better than you not being here.
You're here for an inspection instead of tuning? Your last maintenance was only three months ago.
I prefer stability over thrills now.
Are helmets over there? Chicken! 16,100 Won please.
We had met earlier than I thought.
Thanks for the LATE notice! Bye.
- Jo Myung Soo can't make it.
- You mean he doesn't want to come.
- Is he with a girl? - Girls are more important than friends to him.
Are you saying that I'm more important than your friend, Eun Sang? I guess.
I'm picking the theme.
- Eighteen.
- It's hard already.
Make it easier! I will go first.
Eighteen makes one wound oneself.
And face mortal enemies.
However! - He has a boiling heart.
- And dreams big.
What the heck! There's nothing for 'eighteen' in my hand.
Were you cheating? You lost! I have a wish.
Kiss! It's embarrassing with an audience here.
Which side? This side? Why did you turn all of the sudden? Sorry, I will give it back then.
Guys! My wish is for you to break up.
It's from America.
What type of crown were you trying to wear? Was it wealth? Fame, or love? The owner of the study has changed.
Won got what he wanted.
He became sturdier.
And cried at nights.
One might argue that his ultimate prison is this very house he lived in his entire life.
And I became a senior which I never thought I'd become.
Haven't you heard of portrait rights from your family of lawyers? I took a shot to commemorate.
Commemorate what? You had the face of a man who had just overcome an obstacle in life.
You know that tomorrow is the first mock exam? - I'm looking forward to it.
- You better defend your place.
I don't half-ass things.
He wants that 100th place again.
Hey! However, nothing has changed.
We are still incapable of becoming complete strangers or reconciling like a man.
But we will remember.
How painful it was when we were 18.
How we cried and broke down.
How fiercely we lived.
I've never known you to show off.
What if Lee Bo Na sees you? I want her to see me! Look! My boyfriend got this for me! Look at you! It's worth every penny.
By the way, what was your birthday wish? I've been wondering.
Make everyone that I know happy.
- What? - Really.
I want to hold a party at my place ten years later.
Party? - We will be 29, ten years later.
- Yeah.
What are you talking about? You think the gold sponsor is a joke? Is everyone there? Yeah, Bo Na and Chan Young are busy even at a party.
Detective! This is Officer Yoon Chan Young of Internet Crime Division.
Money's not the problem boss! I have lots and lots of it.
Can we discuss about this later? Fine.
I heard your debut film was nominated for an award in the Asian Film Festival.
It was a good military love-and-hate drama.
Call me for your sequel.
Lee Bo Na! You're still using that funny talent of yours? Oh yeah, didn't you know? You don't have Internet at work? I'm busy preparing for the show.
I don't have time to look at that.
You want to come to the premiere? No, I don't like movies.
Then come to see me.
I'll think about it.
Why check my schedule for your army leave? Stop calling me! Bye.
Myung Soo? - Is he a corporal now? - Sergeant.
He's going through a lot of trouble because he enlisted so late.
I'll be in charge of JJ Convention Jeju starting this month.
Are you looking forward to it? Your father should be concerned.
Now I want to do even better.
- Tan is here.
- Hey! Father is in his study.
Huh? You were younger than me? Let me see your ID! Let me see it! My goodness.
My son! I wished that even ten years later just as I passionately ran to you when I was eighteen I'll be on the road that leads to you.
That's the wish I made while blowing out the candles.
They are the kind of people who can only laugh at your dream.
That's why it's only a wish.
I hope it comes true.
Just maybe.
One day.
When we were eighteen, we fell in love liked each other, cried, ran away knelt down Hi.
And turned our backs at each other countless of times.
You can't protect me! Just protect yourself.
Look upstairs.
I thought it was a pretty dream.
But you ended up being a nightmare.
Nevertheless, when we were eighteen we Ran into each other's arms, held each other's hands And held each other tightly against each other.
When are you going to buy me food? You actually believed that? I was just saying that because I was flirting.
Are you not buying for me on purpose? So that you could cook for me every morning? Did you just propose to me? I don't think so.
You're now asking to get smacked.
Cha Eun Sang! Stop right there.
What did I say about turning your back at me? Why aren't you talking back to me? You want to come to my place? Do you only like me in your dreams? We may fall again.
And we may get on our knees.
However, one thing's certain.
No matter what Go for it.
Thank you for your love and support for Heirs.