The Hero (2013) s01e04 Episode Script


Previously: Nine contestants have come to Panama to see if they have what it takes to be a hero.
You got to be kidding me.
But only one will win your vote, America a prize currently worth $300,000 and still growing.
- Holla! - Last week, I made an offer Athena couldn't resist.
- Did you get an offer? - I took it.
- I don't feel bad about it.
- And it tore the team apart.
- Listen to me! - You're a snake.
Shut up! I'm not gonna shut my mother[bleep] mouth.
Because you're weak.
None of you were heroic last night none of you.
Then, in the hero's challenge This is nuts! Darnell was given a shot at redemption and won $50,000.
Yeah! Baby, I'm taking that money.
Will the team understand his actions? Some people are gonna be like, "well, heroes don't take money.
" I can't control that.
All I can do is worry about the things I can control.
Find out right now on "the Hero.
" 1x04 - Heart Yes! He's home! Bro! - I guess Darnell's here.
- Really? I get back to the house, and it was hard for me to keep the smile off my face.
You got it.
You can tell by your face.
You know I got it.
That's awesome! Congratulations! Whoo! Whoo! I'm nervous because I'm gonna have to tell people, "look, I'm going home with 50 grand!" I took the money.
- Yeah, good for you.
You deserve it.
- That's fine.
That's fine.
A good guy wins, and I'm okay with that.
You know, that's gonna help his family.
My family was on the phone when I got done.
I don't agree with what he did to the team.
This is just stupid.
If America sees that you're pocketing that 50 "G," I don't think they're going to vote for you to be the Hero.
- Finally! Whoo! - I was just really happy.
Like I said, nothing wrong with taking the money.
and most likely, people would take the money, especially since it's not affecting the whole group.
Darnell comes back, and everybody was happy that he won, but you were still hearing people taking shots.
"Finally the good guy won.
" So it was pretty clear that Athena and I are the perceived bad guys.
Heroes! Hello.
- Bring it in.
- What? What?! Ohh! Rock just walked in.
When you see him at the house, something's going down.
From now on, the Hero's challenge will go up to $60,000.
You just missed it by one, Darnell.
Damn! But also, with great reward comes great risk.
And right now, I'm raising the stakes.
From now on, every week, one of you will be eliminated.
- What? - What? Word? Whoever goes on to the Hero's challenge, If you fail, pack your bags, 'cause you're going home.
Now, if you win the Hero's challenge, You alone will be responsible For sending whoever you want home.
These eliminations are not designed Just to whittle the heroes down.
They're also a test to see when these heroes' backs Are against the wall, what do they choose to do? Now I want you to think about The six who you're gonna choose to compete.
I need that decision tonight.
What? 'cause starting tomorrow, I'm gonna find out who the real heroes are.
I am definitely concerned That I'll be eliminated from America's vote And leave with nothing.
We have to decide tonight.
I'm kind of excited to see what happens.
It's gonna change the game.
Someone's going home, whether it's me or someone else.
Does anyone here want to go home? I know that might be a stupid question.
Absolutely not.
No way.
I kept the money for my family, so I'm a huge target.
I'm glad I got into mine before this game changed.
I'm still public enemy number one.
I know.
If I get an offer, I almost have to [bleep] Whoever are going to the Hero challenge.
This is no longer a game about fairness And everybody should get a chance and whatnot.
No, this is now a game about survival.
So if I'm offered another temptation again, do I take it? You stuck up for me, and that was really cool.
I've never had a man take care of me ever.
It's just really cool for you to be there for me.
You don't know me.
So, what you doing later? Wait, wait, wait, wait.
There's a clue.
Jump, endurance, swim.
I'm not a strong swimmer, But I've learned in this house, fake it till you make it.
We got to find out, obviously, who has good endurance And who can swim like a champion.
I've got endless endurance.
I wrestle for 45 minutes.
I dance for four hours.
Also, we have to think big picture.
Whoever of the six can do this hero's challenge, They have the power To either kick someone off or be kicked off.
That's crazy.
I really think there's a bull's-eye on my back Because they keep looking at me like I'm weak.
And this whole time, I've been passing up money.
Maybe that's the mistake.
Because now I could go out of here Without anything.
Who feels confident that they could do good in this? Right now, I'm just real achy, but I'm pssh, deal with it.
I think this would be a good team, you know Me, Athena, rachel, Shaun, and Charles, and dave.
I suggest Athena and that big mamaluke Shaun So that they can't screw whoever gets in the Hero's challenge.
"If you are successful, "you will have double the time for the Hero's challenge.
And $15,000 will be given to the American red cross.
" Nice.
"at sunrise, head to san sebastian barrio.
" Wow.
What is a barrio? "Two of you search for the barrio" "For a code you could find in Napo's house.
" "four of you get to punta pacifica.
" Punta pacifica means pacific point.
So it sounds to me like pacific point Would be more likely to be the swimming portion.
So I'll do Napo's house.
I'll take pacifica.
Running is not my forte.
Everyone thinks it's gonna be a swim challenge.
Marty and dave, good swimmers.
Rachel's a good swimmer, but we don't know If we should let Shaun and Athena go together.
I'd like to go to pacifica, too.
We need someone that speaks spanish to come with us.
I speak spanish.
All right.
I'll go with you.
All right.
Marty's strength is swimming.
Let's go to the beach.
You and me, we'll head to the water.
Whatever you guys want.
All right, well, then the two of us will go for Napo's house? I'm thinking they're not gonna send Shaun and I together.
Why would they send us off alone? Are they stupid? And all of a sudden You guys go to Napo's house, And we'll go to punta pacifica.
All right.
So, kind of by default, Shaun and Athena get paired up.
And immediately, dave and I look at each other.
He's like, "you think this is a good idea?" I'm like, "no.
" A lot can happen when these two are together.
But you know what? Maybe it's a chance for redemption.
- Hero! - Hero! I have no idea where we're going.
There's two stages to every challenge, And we have 30 minutes to do both the first and second part.
Do you want to ask someone right away? Yeah, probably should.
Ingl├ęs? Ihola! Shaun speaks spanish.
Who knew that Shaun spoke Spanish? Right here, right here.
Napo? God, I hope this is the right house.
I don't want to walk in and find some old men Walking around naked taking showers.
Ihola! Running out of the barrio, and we see punta pacifica.
It looks like a hospital.
Tell it.
All right.
"Take the stairs to the 32nd floor.
Get on top of the sky bridge and await the code.
" Let's go! 32nd floor! Wow, I just feel punked.
I thought I was getting in some water right now, but no.
We're running up steps.
Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Pace it.
Pace it.
Pace it.
Pace it.
Too fast! Too fast! Too fast! Pace it! Pace it! Pace! Too fast! You got to get it.
Charles helped my ass up those steps when I was blacking out.
He didn't have to do that.
This is hard.
As a single parent, I don't trust people because of what I've been through in life, But he was there to keep me going.
So that's a hero, in my book.
Ihola! Napo? It seems pretty certain we found the right place, but I don't see anybody and nobody's responding.
Ihola, Napo?! Anybody here? Oh, my god! Ihola, Napo?! Are you Napo? Is that your code name? You found Napo's house.
Here it is.
They randomly picked Shaun and I to go into the barrio, and we ran right into their worst nightmare.
I got an offer for you $30,000 to split between the two of you.
If you take the $30,000, you're gonna make the Hero's challenge twice as hard.
I'm gonna remind you guys about something.
The hero's challenge, if they fail, they're going home and they're getting eliminated.
If they succeed, they're gonna have the power To eliminate whoever they want, possibly one of you two.
What if one of us takes it and the other one doesn't? You can't do it.
This offer's all about survival.
I've got to take out whomever is going into the Hero's challenge, Because I need to make sure That they've got less of a chance to come back And send me home.
So that way, I can send them home.
You guys go outside, talk about it, Come back in here and let me know.
Let's talk.
All right.
A hard choice must now be made, But heroes and hard choices often go hand-in-hand.
In many ways, this is the ultimate temptation.
What would you do, America? [bleep] no.
Charlie and I do what good teammates do.
We helped her all the way up.
But I was like, "where the hell's Marty? I wish he was down here helping us.
" I get to the top, and I have no idea what's going on.
It's so easy.
Come on, babe.
Here we go.
32nd floor.
We got six more, and that's it.
Six more.
Here we go.
Here we go.
Come on, babe.
We made it! We made it.
We made it.
Get down.
Oh, no! No! Lay her down.
Lay her down here.
Watch her legs.
Straighten out.
Straighten out.
Talk to me.
Just let her breathe.
[bleep] what happened? She passed out.
You did great, sweetie.
Rachel, she looks out.
I'm so sick, guys.
I'm sorry.
This might be bad.
If we don't complete this challenge, The hero's challenge's time is gonna be cut in half And whoever's on that, could be me, Could potentially be going home.
Guys, I couldn't have done it without you.
All right.
Here we go.
Help her up.
Help her up, guys.
Not too fast.
Me being a doctor, I know what's going on.
She needs fluid, but she's got to do this challenge.
And, she's there's no quit in rachel.
The Rock offered Athena and I $30,000 to split.
The one thing we haven't had this entire time is power.
You and I, right now, think about this.
Are you gonna go to the Hero's challenge? No.
No way.
The game's different now.
It's not a matter of fair, fair, fair.
I mean, look, Charles leveled with me today.
He told me.
He said he doesn't know.
And I know what that means.
That means that if he gets in, I'm going.
Even if they lose the challenge, they go home, we're safe, We're on the chopping block next week.
That's fine.
We're done.
But that's fine.
We've survived.
We've survived, and we're taking money home.
No, you're nuts.
Why is that nuts? Nobody's gonna know.
Who would know? You have no heart, bro.
No heart? After five people ganged up on you And I stood there and defended you to the hilt.
I'm struggling with, "do I take it "and save my best friend on the show, "or do I not take it Because America's gonna think that's wrong?" It's a big mess.
Ohh, man.
When I saw harness and I saw helmet, I knew that this had to do with jumping off something very high.
I'm just hoping my body doesn't fall apart.
Got it, bro? All right, you can go.
We're standing on this creaky bridge Going across two buildings.
I'm like, "holy shit," you know? Like, this place is nuts.
"enter code.
" we need a code.
We need their code.
Where are those guys? We can't see Shaun and Athena.
There's definitely concern that maybe things have been offered.
Where are those guys? You see them anywhere? All right, guys.
Take me through it.
What's on your mind? If we don't take it, Shaun is going home.
He's my best friend here.
If we take it, I'm going against my word.
I got nothing.
I don't know.
- Shaun? - The game has changed now at this point.
I could give a [bleep] about the money.
At this point, it's a matter of survival.
I want to come back and fight another day.
I think there's a good shot that I can get America's vote.
I can't do it.
I can't take it.
I can't.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I instantly felt bad.
Shaun's my friend.
I've stuck up for him.
He's stuck up for me.
But not taking this temptation Is a way of redeeming myself, I guess.
Well, here's what I need you guys to do.
Go to the oceania towers, 14th floor.
Relay this code to the team who's on the sky bridge.
The code is 1-9-2-0.
All right.
Thank you.
Appreciate it.
Yeah, man.
Unless I get myself in the Hero's challenge, I can't see any possible way That I am not going home or that Athena's not going home.
Punta pacifica.
It's a hospital.
Where are those guys? We need them.
Where are those guys? Oceania is on the signs over there.
You see 'em? We're down here! There they are! What's the code? 1-9-2-0! 1-9-2-0.
Oh, all right.
I see.
So, that bag right there, we have to retrieve that.
I'm a little on the nervous side For the fact that I have the flu And it is ridiculously high.
I don't know if I can do it.
I'm a little on the nervous side.
I had this left in me.
But I have to suck it up and get that bag by myself 'cause I cannot run 32 stories again.
Oh, my god.
Yes! Yes! Yes! Yeah! Everything that was going through my mind, that all just went out the window.
I just felt like Wonder Woman.
Yeah! What's really at stake here is we got to get through the team challenge to help the solo challenge.
If someone fails the hero's challenge, they're done.
This could potentially affect me.
I don't know.
Come on, Dr.
Dave! God dang it! Come on, wind.
Dave being a little height-challenged, you know, I think he's a little nervous right now.
Just reach out.
Just jump.
It sucks to be the shortest one on the team 'cause, you know, that bag's way up there.
I don't want to blow it and look like a chump.
Yeah! - Short men can jump! - Yes! All you guys killed it! I'm like, "oh, great.
If I miss, man if I miss, it's like So, what did you guys do? Well, we went through the barrio, we got to Napo's.
And, well, there was no napo, but we found the Rock.
He gave us an offer.
She said she gave her word, and so we didn't take the money.
Maybe they drank a big cup of jesus And decided that it was not good to do that Or they're lying to everybody.
You didn't take it, for real? We didn't take it.
Come here.
Give me a hug.
Give me a hug.
They turned it down.
I think they're now trying to stay in the game, So they need to prove themselves to us.
There was a little bit of redemption.
All right.
Heroes, heroes, great job.
Great job.
Great job.
Great job.
Great job.
All right.
It's gut-check time, time to make a decision.
Three of you guys are gonna move on.
Three of you guys are gonna go back to the penthouse.
Those of you who are moving on, Go up to the 32nd floor inside the elevator shaft.
You've got five minutes to decide.
Bring it! I want to go, but I've been in the last two, And I said I'd back you.
So, if you're healthy, you got my vote.
Considering that stair climb and your health today, It's your call, but I don't think it's the best choice.
I'm not gonna lie.
This flu is kicking my ass.
I don't want any two people Trying to pull me through something because I'm sick.
I want three strong people to go on that challenge That are gonna kill it.
I want to go.
I think I stepped down for you guys last time.
I'd like to go.
I would love to go.
You know, I did the same.
I absolutely want to go.
Shaun brought it today.
He turned down a temptation, So he definitely gained some of my respect back.
My initial thought was the three of us.
I agree.
I think that's good, also.
If you get in the Hero's challenge and you lose, Then you're gone.
That's a complete game changer.
When I did that climb up the stairs, you know, I did have a lot of burning from my throat all the way down.
Shaun, man, I'm not 100%.
I'm gonna let you go.
I appreciate it.
Do it, man.
Let's go, guys.
Let's go.
Do this! Good luck! Later! Tell it.
Right here.
All right.
Let's see what we got.
Do it.
Oh, yeah! This is pretty scary, man.
I mean, you're standing at the edge, And you're looking down 30-something floors to nothing.
But that fear drives me To just kill anything that comes in my way.
I think in a way, I'm trying to redeem myself in the eyes of my teammates.
I know I've got a really good chance that if I'm not going To the Hero's challenge, I'm going home.
Who the hell wants to take a shitty elevator When you can go up like this?! Hell yeah.
Beast! Let's do it! Gentlemen, gentlemen, gentlemen! What's happening?! Let's go! Let's go! Let's go! - What time is it?! - Game time! - Game time! - What time is it?! - Game time! - Game time! There you go! Let's go, boys! Let's go! Let's go! I was a little slow to start.
It was just getting me.
These guys started blazing.
I'm just like, "great, now I'm hanging out in back here.
" - Come on, Shaun.
- Let's go, Shaun! Come on, Shaun.
Come on, buddy! Shaun is all the way at the bottom right now.
If we do bad on this part, The hero's challenge is gonna be a lot harder, And whoever's doing it is potentially gonna go home.
Wait for Shaun.
Wait for Shaun.
He might be trying to make it harder on purpose.
So we really, really go to be careful.
You're over halfway.
There you go! There you go! This show's called "the Hero"! This is a Rock show! Don't make me look bad! Go strong, or go home.
And believe me, I [bleep] mean that.
It's either go strong or go home.
America's watching.
Four floors to go.
The reason that I even ended up being a wrestler Is after watching the Rock.
Rock is the man.
So, when you got the Rock yelling at you, That's a huge push.
Thataboy, Shaun! Get it! Get it! I'm right here with you.
Come on, boys.
Come on! Come on! One more floor! Come on.
Leave everything you got in this elevator shaft! You're doing it! You're doing it! Yeah, boys! Fortunately, I come out on top.
You've got this.
You've got this.
Nice! Great job! It makes it much less likely That I might possibly go home now.
Charles, you got this.
You own this.
I'm on this.
You're so close.
I'm coming to you, Charles.
Drop me down.
Drop it.
- Come on, man.
Come on.
- I got it.
My body's just, like, spent.
Everything's shaking.
I can't even hold the ropes anymore.
Center yourself, and just think about it.
I hope he finishes, man, 'cause that would suck.
Take a moment.
You've got this, Charles.
Charles was so tired that he can't even do it anymore.
- He's not even really moving right now.
- One more floor! I've been here many times.
It's just my job.
Serving a warrant, you know, zero-dark-hundred, you're at the door, not knowing what's at the other side, but you know the mission.
Take a moment.
You're so close.
Come on, Charles.
You're right there.
You're right here! Calm yourself, you're gonna get this done.
I want you to think about it.
There you go.
That's it.
Dig deep! Dig deep! Everything you got! Everything you got! I'm right here with you.
Dude, not even five feet.
Get up! Get up! Get up! Don't quit now! Don't stop now! Finish strong! Finish hard! You're right there! Don't stop! You're so close! Two feet! Keep going! Keep going! You got it! Yes! Hell yeah.
Yes! Hell yeah! All right, boys.
Here's the deal.
You created an epic moment, and you kicked its ass! You won! Congratulations! You kicked ass! That's it! I love it! When you get in an environment like that And you guys are just pulling each other and everything, You do get a bond.
And now the hope is that whoever gets into the Hero's challenge, Basically, I'm protected at this point.
How's it feel?! Awesome! Awesome! Anytime you go through something that's crazy hard, Dangerous, there's just kind of like a bond right there.
And that was this moment.
And right now, Shaun, you're in my good books.
That's $15,000 to the red cross.
Yeah! Yeah! And on top of that, You made the Hero's challenge just a bit easier.
Now get your asses back to the penthouse and enjoy it.
And for god's sakes, next time, take the elevator.
The toughest thing about this, to me, Is having that power to send somebody home.
That's gonna be hard.
Who do you send home? The fact that somebody's getting eliminated, I think that threw everybody for a loop, you know.
That's crazy.
If this guy doesn't make it, then he's going home.
But if he does make it, He's taking out whoever he wants to take out.
Yeah, it's a cold piece.
I mean, even if I went up there, it's a cold piece.
I mean, do you send someone home Because they took a bribe, or do you send someone home That you know is your real competition? Right.
The person, believe it or not, that might go is Darnell.
Darnell's a great guy, but, you know, He won the Hero's challenge, He took the money, so he might go.
Whoever goes up there, whoever's voted for, We know if they don't have all of the time, Then we are sending them home, and that sucks.
And we also know the person that goes in is a true hero.
The vibe has totally shifted.
I see this fear in everyone's face, Because we know what we're sending them out to.
We're, like, sending them out to possibly not come back.
Are you guys home? Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo.
Did you do it? So, you're wet.
Did you go swimming? Nope, no swimming.
No swimming? No swimming.
No swimming at all.
Um, that's sweat.
It was nuts.
You did it? Come on! Of course we did it! Of course we did it! So, no swimming? Just beasting Listen.
The hero's challenge tomorrow is swimming.
Tomorrow's swimming.
With Marty, Shaun, Charles up for the Hero's challenge, I'm kind of going back and forth on who I want to pick.
Did Marty say anything about who he'd send home? He didn't.
I didn't ask him.
Do you want to go tomorrow? I, yeah.
Oh, yeah.
I definitely want to go to the Hero's challenge.
I didn't take the temptation, but I don't want Shaun leaving.
This sending people home [bleep] is crap.
I've just been trying to sit on what criteria I'm gonna use To send someone home.
You know what I mean? I think if you want to do this game The way you've been playing it, you know, You've been playing it with honor and integrity.
So I would get rid of the people that haven't had integrity.
When David's going behind Shaun's back, I feel like a competition like this Isn't about backdoor deals and conspiracies.
It's almost not right.
Dude, Shaun is your competition.
As soon as this game turned to elimination, Now he dropped his cocky attitude.
And now he's kissing everyone's ass.
You know that.
It's like when murderers go to prison And they find jesus.
I can't stand Shaun, And my only regret about this elimination Is I'm not the Shauninator.
Because I would really love to do it.
I'd love to look him in the face and say, "Shaun, you're out.
" He's smart.
I'm not gonna tell you what to do.
But I'm telling you, he's a manipulator.
We know this.
We've talked about it.
Use this, man, okay? Forget this.
This will [bleep] you up every time.
Use this.
All right.
All right, guys, have a seat.
In 1978, a man named Eddie Aikau Traveled by traditional boat from hawaii to tahiti.
The ship started to founder at sea, it started to drift.
Eddie soon realized that if he didn't get help, He and the whole crew would die.
So, the very next morning at sunrise, He decided to swim back for help.
It was an impossible swim miles and miles of open ocean.
The entire crew was saved.
Eddie was never seen again.
In hawaii, where I was raised, When our backs are against the wall, we have a saying.
"Eddie would go.
" Eddie would go.
In the hawaiian language, we have a word "mana.
" It means "spirit.
" warrior mana.
It's the basis and the foundation of my tattoo That I proudly wear on my body warrior spirit.
I'm gonna ask that of you today.
One of you three will have to find your warrior spirit, Your warrior mana.
You're gonna be faced with A torturous open-ocean swim over a mile.
You find your warrior mana.
You know what? Eddie aikau's one of my heroes.
I don't have many heroes, but he's my hero.
I've read his story.
I know what he did.
And I've always wanted to wear Eddie's shirt.
And as the rock said, "eddie would go.
" And I never bought a shirt Because I can't fill this man's shoes.
And I am scared to swim a mile in the ocean.
I know my limitations.
I know how much I can swim, and I've never done that before.
And I've told all you guys to your face I'm not here for the money.
And I was gonna tell you why I'm here.
And that is exactly why I'm here, to find my mana.
That's what I need to live, to do my job, To be a husband, to be a son.
And it's like, when you said that, that's just what I'm not.
I'm not a swimmer, I'm not a warrior, But I'm just pleading with you guys.
Let me find out my mana so I can say, "Charles would go," So I can buy that shirt and I'll wear it with pride.
Eddie would go.
I would rather go home not completing the challenge Than to sit here and be safe.
Don't be afraid to let me fail, please.
If you're trying to protect me, you're not.
Please send me.
I feel that.
I see it.
I see it.
Send me.
I see it in your eyes.
Patty? I'm gonna ask you something about Marty.
I know you look at him like he's your son.
If he's chosen and he goes, it's open ocean.
It's dangerous.
Are you scared that he may not make it? No way.
I'm gonna stop you right there.
I'm not afraid of Marty not making it.
Marty's already made it.
There are going to be thousands and thousands of young kids That are going to want to be Martys, And I am pumped that I've got two in my house.
So, Marty, you already made it, and I love you.
I mean it, man.
Thank you.
You are a tremendous young man.
Thank you.
You know, I just want the shot.
I just want my dad and my brother to watch me and to be proud.
And that's why, like I said, from the beginning, Every challenge I go in, I'm gonna go absolutely 100%.
I've been 100% legit with everybody.
This is how I really am, so I just want my shot, man.
I just want to do it.
Shaun, the floor's yours.
Rock asked a question last week.
He said, "do you feel heroic?" And when I considered that question, I really thought about it.
I've done things I've never done before.
I've hung off buildings.
I'm handling snakes.
I'm making tough decisions that weren't the popular decision.
But instead of hiding from it, I let everybody know that I made that decision.
And I sacrificed myself when I could have looked good There was a situation where I could have looked good.
Athena took money.
I could have looked real good.
I could have stepped back and let her take the heat.
I couldn't do it, man.
Five people jumped down her throat, And I'm not damning anybody for that.
But it's in my soul.
No matter which one of you Were standing there at that very time, I could not possibly let any of you Get ganged up on by five people.
There was no way.
And I had her back.
I sacrificed myself, and at the end of that, I still looked worse than she did, Even though her wound was more fresh.
And, yeah, I feel pretty damn heroic.
One thing I want to do today Is I want to go in this hero's challenge Because I would much rather go out And fail that challenge and be sent home that way Than for somebody to come back here and say, "Shaun, you're out.
" I don't need that.
With that, it's time to vote.
It's time to vote.
All right.
Big moment of truth.
This week's hero is Yes! Oh, my god! Oh, my god.
Thank you! Thank you! Oh, my god.
I'm gonna kill this.
Oh, thank you, guys.
Thank you.
Yes! Guys, I want to tell you something right now, and I want you to listen to me when I tell you this.
We've had four hero's challenges so far, all men.
When do the women step up? Step up.
Step up.
Step up.
Step up.
Or step out.
But step up.
Marty, meet me at the marina.
Oh, my god.
Oh, thank you, guys.
I'm not gonna let you down.
Don't worry.
It's been so long since I've wanted something so bad.
And I had no doubt That every single person in my team felt it in their hearts.
But you know what? I appreciate them.
They wanted to protect me.
They knew Marty was a better swimmer, And they didn't want me to not come back.
You'll get your shot, bro.
I promise, all right? You know, the funny thing is by trying to protect me, They actually hurt me more than they could ever know.
They hurt me so bad today.
I wanted to go.
All right.
I'm ready, man.
You're ready? How you feeling? How you feeling? Hell yeah.
I'm just ready to get in the water, yeah.
Thinking about mana.
You're thinking about mana? I love it.
I love it.
Well, this is how it's gonna work.
Okay, 10 miles out to sea, There's gonna be a sunken ship out there.
It's gonna be sticking out of the water.
All right.
You're gonna take this speedboat 9 miles.
That last mile is on you.
You're gonna be left there in the open ocean.
I want you to swim to that ship, And I want you to retrieve the money That's gonna be tied to a buoy at the end of the ship.
You get that $60,000, get back in that speedboat, And get your ass right back here to me.
Hell yeah.
All right? Since you guys won the team challenge, You have 40 minutes to complete this swim.
Warrior spirit.
You find that mana.
Get it.
Thanks, bud.
All right.
Thank you.
Let's go.
Come on.
The hero's challenge is a lot bigger now.
You know, if you lose, you're going home.
If you win, you know, you got to send someone else home.
So it got a lot more real, real quick, you know? This is what I live for, you know? I live for adrenaline.
I live for competition.
It's just how I am, man.
That's just, like, the basis of me.
I'm just a competitor in everything I do.
You know, I just want to prove myself.
Once I hit that water, it was immediately, boom! I took off.
But honestly, the waves were too big, And every time I would turn my head to get some air, I'd get blasted in the side of the face with a wave and swallow a bunch of water, so it was pretty tough.
It is the chance for failure that makes a hero rise above.
That's what I'm looking for someone who will put it all on the line.
When you're up against that adversity And you're up against that current and it's one on one, you and the open ocean, it's all on you.
That's when you see what a person is made of right there.
This hero's challenge is pure endurance.
He will either return a hero or have exhausted everything trying.
And Marty is still in very treacherous waters.
So, we're gonna be calling him Michael Phelps when he gets back? Who knows? Marty could come home and pack his things.
We don't know that.
It just depends on the time.
- What's the full time? - I don't even know.
We never know.
My heart would be broken if Marty didn't come back.
I definitely look at Marty like my son, And I think he looks at me like his mom.
I hope so.
Should probably get your phone number before you leave.
I'm kind of kidding.
Kind of not.
I'm praying to god That Marty doesn't walk through the door.
I'm just thinking if he doesn't come home, That means I'm not going home And I can stay a little bit longer.
To swim a mile against the current in 2-, 3-foot waves, Like, that's a pretty gnarly test.
Rock's story in the war room was sick About that guy Eddie that swam miles and miles and miles.
That's beast, man.
That's a hero.
There was a time where I pictured my dad and my brother And my loved ones on that boat, and I'm like, "it's up to me to get there to save them.
" And once I saw that buoy, I started booking.
"I am so close.
" Once my family sees what I did, you know, swimming in the ocean, They're probably gonna be like, "man, you are a badass.
" Honestly, man, it was pretty rough, But I put my mind to it.
I didn't give up.
I just hope that I did it.
You know, if you lose, you're going home.
There's no ifs, ands, or buts about it.
You're gone.
Come on.
You beasted it! Yes! Yes! Oh, my gosh! Yes! Oh! Ahh.
Congratulations, man! Yes! Oh! Thank you! $60,000.
You made it in time, man.
That's hard to do.
Very, very impressive, man.
I'm proud of you.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
You know what the deal is now.
Someone's going home, And it's up to you who you send home.
But I have a new offer for you.
A hero's twist.
You just won $60,000 for the prize pot.
I'll give you $30,000.
The only thing is, You got to eliminate yourself from the competition.
If not, then the $60,000 goes back into the global prize pot And you have to eliminate one of your teammates.
I want you to think about it, but don't think too long.
Boom! What do you want to do? You can take the $60,000, bud.
I'm putting it right in the pot.
- You're putting it back in the pot? - Hell yeah.
Well, Marty, it's your money.
You put it back in the pot.
All right.
All right, well, now, that said, you're gonna have to send somebody packing, send somebody home.
Who's it gonna be? Um you know, it's a tough decision.
You never want to send anyone home, but, um I'm gonna have to say - A mile swimming? - Yeah.
- Could you have done it? - Yeah.
- Don't believe you.
- All right.
That's why I didn't vote for you.
I didn't want you to go home.
That's sweet.
- Is Marty gonna go home? - I don't know.
I would have gone home.
I honestly don't want anybody to go home.
I'm not ready to go, and I'm thinking Marty is either gonna send Shaun or he's going to send me home.
There's a positive and a negative to keeping Shaun till the end.
One, he's a good competitor.
And two, he is a villain.
So it would make me look better, you know, if it comes down to me and him.
Shaun, he's a liar, but I know Athena, She's got the same qualities, you know? And they both did the same dirty move.
Yo, bro! Look at you smiling all big! You can't even keep it a secret in your face, man! I think Marty might want to get rid of me.
I don't know why I think that, but, I mean, it's a game.
He might think I'm his biggest competition to sell me out, And the fact that I might be going home Is not cool because I want to finish this thing.
You know I'm so proud of you.
I can tell.
Ohh! Did you get it done? Yeah, I smoked it.
Got the job done! I am so pumped that I know Marty's home, And I think some snake's gonna leave this condo And we might actually have a chance At rebuilding a really super-strong team.
The hero's got some serious decisions to make, you know, especially with this new hero's twist, you know.
So, oh, man.
So, this was not an easy decision, you know.
My choice is