The Hero (2013) s01e05 Episode Script


Last time on the Hero: Game changed.
From now on, one of you will be eliminated.
- What? - Johnson: No one is safe.
- I'm a huge target.
- I'm not ready to go.
This is now survival mode for everybody.
Johnson: And it was time to call the women out.
We've had four hero's challenges so far, all men.
When do the women step up? Step up.
Or step out.
Marty went to the hero's challenge and won.
But there was another twist.
I'll give you $30,000.
The only thing is, you got to eliminate yourself from the competition.
You can take the $60,000, bro.
Now he must eliminate someone.
Who will go home, and who will move one step closer to becoming the Hero? 1x05 - Honesty - What up, bro? - Yo! Look at you smiling all big! You can't even keep it a secret in your face, man! - Patty: Did you get it done? - Yeah, I smoked it.
Marty: Right now, I have great power.
I got to make sure that the decision I make Is good for me and is also good for the team.
This is crazy.
There's another twist.
And the Hero's twist is that you can keep $30,000 for yourself, But then you get eliminated if you keep the $30,000.
Word?! I'm not gonna do that.
That's not me.
So, it's decision time, you know? Like, this is, like, no joke now.
It's d-day.
It's time.
Somebody's going home.
I do feel like a target For the simple fact that I took $50,000.
So, oh, man.
This was not an easy decision.
Dave: Any of us could go.
It's kind of always risky When you put the decision in someone else's hands.
All right, my choice is Shaun.
Shaun: I'm going home.
[bleep] off.
That's fine.
Um It's expected and unexpected.
Marty: Everything that he's been saying And everything he's been doing, you know, I feel like it was the right choice.
Bottom line Keep strong.
I made tough decisions That other people weren't willing to make, And I owned up to each and every thing that I did.
All right, everybody.
It was a calculated risk.
I took it.
It hurt, but it feels pretty right right now When I'm leaving with $35,000.
Marty: I know.
Believe me, it sucks.
How do you think I had to do that.
Athena: I know.
Shaun had my back Through a lot of stuff here at the house.
It's survival now, I guess.
I do want to stay until the end.
I know I don't have a chance getting voted in, But you do, and I need you to Kick ass.
And you do have a chance.
With Shaun being gone, Maybe other people will want to get to know me.
And if I find one friend, That's more than I have right now.
I know Shaun's not here anymore, but I am.
Thank you.
Marty: How you guys feeling Since Shaun's out of the picture now? Three more people or something like that are gonna have to go.
It's kind of a reality of the game at this point.
You know, it's kind of funny everyone thinks 'cause Shaun's gone, it's all gonna be good.
I got a feeling it's gonna get a little ugly.
Once the pressure starts coming on, They're gonna turn against each other.
[ tv chimes ] Rachel: Yo, guys! We have clues! - What?! - Darnell: Whoa, oh, oh! Oh, whoa, whoa.
Here we go.
Athena: "only six can go.
Today's challenge the truth hurts.
" What if it's a lie detector? What if it's a lie detector? Yeah, that's what I said lie detector.
This is gonna be a mental challenge, not a physical one, And it's gonna be one that could possibly cause division.
[ cheers and applause ] As usual, that's a great thing.
Marty: Whoa! Rachel: $70,000.
Hey, yo! It's going up.
Patty: I have to be in the six.
the Rock called all four of us women out, So that killed me inside, you know? I really have to go in this one.
I'm going in.
Oh, no doubt about it.
I mean, we set.
You're going.
Four girls? I'm in.
I'm in.
I don't think any of us are gonna back down.
You know, I'll definitely be glad To let someone else take this.
I sat, so I'm going.
That's four, plus me is five.
We need one more.
Now the stakes are much higher.
You get in that hero's challenge and you don't win, you're out.
So, you're definitely putting yourself at risk Doing a team challenge.
I did the last team challenge.
I was just there.
I got a little sick from it, but I'm better now.
It's cool.
What do you want to do? We're trying to figure out truths.
I think we need a cop, y'all.
Charles, you're in, man.
Good luck, you guys.
Johnson: Heroes, come on out! Marty: Oh, here we go.
Charles: You know, before this competition, if the Rock showed up, I would be so excited.
But now when I see him, I'm like, "oh, man.
What's gonna happen now?" How you guys doing? All: Good.
Welcome to stage one of this week's team challenge.
Patty: Oh, sugar.
Sitting in front of us is polygraph tests.
Athena: What are they going to ask me? I have a lot of skeletons in my closet.
Doesn't always lead us down the easiest path, And oftentimes, the truth can hurt.
But heroes shoulder that burden.
You six are gonna sit down, And you're gonna get hooked up to a lie detector.
The other two are gonna sit over here, And you're gonna ask them questions.
What? Somebody's clearly excited.
[ light laughter ] That said, this is mr.
Ornell, A lie-detector specialist.
Hold your applause.
[ light laughter ] There are seven questions.
Ornell will determine Whether you're telling the truth or not.
With every lie, Five minutes are gonna be shaved off the Hero's challenge.
You're starting with 45 minutes, So every lie will cost you valuable time.
We won't reveal who lied or who told the truth, But you'll know.
So will america.
Charles: Ooh, man, I've seen that machine Twice already to get on the police department.
I don't enjoy it at all.
I'd rather climb up the elevator shaft again.
Dave: I'm glad I'm not taking the polygraph test, 'cause I don't know what the hell they're gonna ask.
We need to be a unit, but now we're gonna be split apart.
Everybody's already thinking about what's been said, And I know everybody's been talking about everybody Because I've been talking about everybody.
Marty: All right, guys.
First question.
"have you ever called Patty the weakest link?" - Athena? - Yes.
Marty: This challenge, man, It's driven to get people to fight.
This could get bad.
I'm not gonna lie.
Dave: Charles? Yes.
Darnell? Darnell: I have no idea why I'm so nervous.
I don't think I've really lied to anybody on this show Since I've started this thing.
I've been shooting straight, as far as I'm concerned.
Lydia? Yes.
Rachel? No.
Every second in these hero challenges counts.
Darnell: Word up! "0 minutes deducted from the Hero's challenge.
" When I said it, Patty, I said it physically.
I am not the weakest link now, and I know that.
Patty: Everybody else calling me the weakest link, I think that's bull.
Let it go.
I'm actually pretty strong and pretty fierce.
I just do it in a different way.
I don't go, "beast!" Next question.
It's gonna get ill here in a second.
Yeah, it's gonna get gnarly.
"have you ever called Marty Immature, naive, or not smart?" Patty? Yes.
- Athena? - Yes.
Charles? Yes.
I don't feel good about having to say something bad about someone, Especially when they're right next to you.
[ clears throat ] - Zero! - Lydia: Whoo! Bam! I've never seen someone so happy To be called not smart.
I don't really care.
Bam! You know? Zero lies! Duhhhhh.
[ laughter ] Marty's immature.
I'm immature.
Hell, Dave's 50, and he's immature.
All right, guys.
Next question.
- Darnell? - Darnell: No.
How about you, Lydia? No.
Rach? No.
Okay, "1 lie.
5 minutes deducted from the Hero's challenge.
" First lie.
First lie.
Marty: "Did you ever say you felt like you were carrying Athena in a challenge?" - No.
- No.
- No.
- No.
Okay, "1 lie.
5 minutes deducted from the Hero's challenge.
" Here we go, you know? It's starting already.
I know everyone's looking at me because of when we were in colã³n.
I never said I carried her.
- Go, go, go, go, go, go, go! - Charles: She actually told me.
I don't know if she believed it or not, But she did say she carried Athena.
- No, no, wait.
- Patty: She's swearing she didn't.
But I got to be honest.
I heard her say it.
America already saw who lied, so Let's try to be honest.
You did say that.
You lying, slithering snake.
It's getting tougher.
"did you tell a teammate you would not rat them out If they took a temptation?" No.
We all have something we've done wrong.
We're not mother teresa here.
"have you ever called a fellow cast member 'a snake in the grass'?" Yes.
Patty: Yay! Zero.
We cleared the air, and it was something we all needed.
"are you attracted to anyone else in the house?" Yes.
Look, I'm married, not blind.
Athena: Nice! Whoo! Orgy tonight! Marty: "have you ever spoken disrespectfully About a teammate's profession?" Yes.
One lie.
Oh, man.
Listen up.
Listening up, copper.
You don't address me like that.
Darnell, he throws out, "eh, you cop.
" It was very antagonistic the way he said it.
That could have been on me.
That could have been my bad.
That could have been on me.
Dave: We're done.
Good job, everybody.
Good work.
Marty: Cool, cool, cool.
"only three can move on.
"you have one hour to decide "and head to panama's bus graveyard.
This week's prize is $70,000.
" I want to go.
Charles: From us six, we got to pick three, And the women were chomping at the bits To all be a part of that three.
I think as women, we could come together And we could do a challenge.
I don't think there needs to be a guy in there.
I was pleading for an all-female team hoping that I would get to go in.
I'm good with that.
I'm good with that, too.
If you guys feel confident, go for it.
But there's only three open spots.
I would really like an opportunity, if it's fine with everybody.
You heard what I said, Patty they asked if you were the weakest link, And I said "no" it wasn't a lie.
I could potentially be the next one to go.
I need to go in today and I need to show you.
I need to.
I don't think your going in Is gonna save you or not save you.
Lydia: And I personally feel because of your temptation, We didn't get our opportunity.
I wanted to go to a hero's challenge.
I didn't get it.
That's a good point.
I'm okay with that.
Athena: Lydia had a point for once.
I did do that.
Point accepted.
- So, it's set? - Patty: It's set.
Lydia, Patty, Rachel.
Charles: Yes! We can't afford to take any chances On this challenge not being successful, Because the Hero challenge is do or die.
All: Heroes! Johnson: The clue this week was "the truth hurts.
" We started with the truth.
Now comes the hurt.
No matter how tough you are, everyone has a breaking point.
Patty: I hear the word "graveyard," And I think we're gonna be buried alive.
Don't bury me alive.
You guys ready? "one person find the bus called 'abymelett.
'" Right, you want to take that one? Yeah, I'll get that one.
"one person find the bus called 'elizana ismeral.
'" I'll take that one.
"aventura peligrosa.
" I'll take that one.
All right.
Good luck.
All right, girls.
Johnson: There are three buses Hidden in this massive bus graveyard.
They have 15 minutes to find them And complete the task within.
Fail, they lose 15 more minutes off the Hero's challenge And, of course, the money for the red cross.
Lydia: So many buses.
I'm worried because you never know What's going on in this competition, Like, what twist is taking place, What temptation is being taken.
You know, I'm thinking the worst.
I'm willing to go 100% all the way To prove that I'm a hero.
the Rock called all four of us women out at the war room.
I need the Rock to say to me, "you have my respect now.
" Abymelett! I found it! Hello? Hello ohh.
Hey, Patty.
I cannot play with you anymore.
Ugh! "put this gear on.
There are a quarter million bees on this bus.
" I hate bees.
I have to walk to the back of the bus Just to get the tablets, And there are eight numbers I have to retrieve To complete a code.
All right.
Doesn't the Rock know I'm black? Black people don't do bees.
We see one bee, we run across the street.
My past taught me to fight for my survival.
Don't sting me, please.
The earliest memories of when I was with my biological mother Are pretty vague.
I know that we weren't fed or clothed properly.
I know that we lived in a roach-infested house.
I know that she would leave us with strangers.
So, I have those survival skills in any situation.
It's in my shirt.
It's in my face.
Oh, fudge.
[ beeps ] "challenge complete.
" rejoin your team.
If I have 300,000 bees, I have no idea What Rachel and Patty have to deal with.
[ panting ] I feel like I'm running in circles.
It's started to mess with my mind like, was I here? Because after a while, all the buses start looking the same.
Johnson: All right, Patty.
Earlier today, I was talking about the truth, and the truth is, this is the most difficult offer.
All right? So, right now, Rachel is out there, and she's looking for a bus.
On that bus is A big container of tear gas.
The offer is this.
If you take it, Rachel will get teargassed.
Or you can not take the money, save Rachel but get teargassed yourself.
The catch is, whoever takes the tear gas Will have no shot at the Hero's challenge.
Patty: I am not used to this.
Being a mother from massachusetts, The hardest decisions I make are Whether to put chicken or beef on the table tonight.
If I'm ever going to take a temptation, it's gonna be this one.
We need money like everybody else.
Johnson: All right, Patty.
Before you make the decision, I have someone who wants to talk to you.
[ sobs ] Bobby: How are you? I love you.
I miss you so bad, babe.
Hey, no crying.
I know.
How are the kids? Are they there? They're right here, yeah.
Alex, I'm here with the Rock, dude.
Just say, "hi, Alex.
" - What's up, Alex? - Hey.
- How you doing, man? - Good.
How are you? You'd be so proud of your mom, man.
She is conquering her fears, and she is doing an amazing job.
And you should be proud of her.
Yeah, I'm very proud of her.
Patty: I know what that must have meant to Alex.
the Rock, his idol, told him to be proud of his mother.
Babe, I'm trying to act like a hero here, okay? I know that.
You are.
So, right now, I have an offer that I can have a teammate teargassed - for $35,000.
- Dude.
Or I can lose the money and take the tear gas myself.
Oh, yikes.
Um Babe, I keep passing up on the money.
I'm sorry, okay.
I just have to play this the honest way, the best way I can, okay? So [bleep] it.
I'll get another job, right? [ laughter ] Exactly.
I got to go out with my head held high, so I can't let somebody get hurt.
So, I love you.
We love you, too, and you are our hero, babe.
We love you.
I don't think he's ever said something like that to me.
I probably never gave him a reason to say something like that to me.
I'm in a bus with the Rock, though, and I've been lonely, hon.
[ laughter ] I'm gonna go get teargassed now, kids.
I love you.
Rachel: I get to my bus.
- What's up, Rach? - How you doing? What's going on? But why is Patty standing here with the Rock? - Inside this bus- Mm-hmm.
is a big container of tear gas.
[ sighs ] Earlier, I offered Patty $35,000.
If she took it, well, you'd get tear gas.
Or she could save you and not take the money and take the tear gas herself.
The catch is whoever gets teargassed has no shot at going on to the Hero's challenge.
[ sighs ] Tell Rachel what your decision was.
I chose to take the tear gas so you don't have to.
Patty Rachel: It sucks.
It makes her look good.
- you didn't have to do that.
- I know.
Rachel: Another thing is, you know, I'm not sure if she could do the Hero challenge, so maybe she saved herself that way.
All right, you have 1:43 left to successfully complete the team challenge.
In the bus is a tablet.
You're gonna retrieve a code.
You've got a minute of being inside that bus while getting teargassed.
At the end of that, There's another tablet on the side of this bus, And I want you to enter the code in that tablet.
Patty: I'm thinking I won't be able to remember the numbers.
I mean, I'm freakin' scared out of my mind.
I talked about finding your mana.
O'Niels never quit.
[ laughs ] Right.
When he said O'Niels are not quitters, I know I have to do it.
That's been our slogan since the kids were little.
Find your mana, Patty.
7-2-4 [ coughing ] 10 more seconds, Patty! I need you to hang in there! Okay! Minute's up! Let's go! Patty, all you got to do is enter the code to stop the clock.
Patty, you still got to hit "enter!" Come on, you can do it.
What?! [ tablet beeps ] [ gags ] I'm glad I didn't have to go through that But I would have.
And I would not have been mad at her about it at all.
Johnson: Congratulations, ladies.
You did it.
$15,000 for red cross.
These molecules from tear gas are like barbs, So they're all over your body.
I won't hug you.
You're not supposed to hug.
Come on.
But, god damn, come here.
Oh, shut the front door! [ laughter ] I'm proud of you.
That was the best hug I ever got.
So, tomorrow, Lydia, Rachel, You're the only ones eligible for the Hero's challenge.
All right.
You guys get back to the penthouse.
I found my mana.
You found your mana.
Thank you.
O'Niels never quit.
Rachel: What up?! What up?! All: Ohh! What up, moo kitty? What it is! Athena: Did you beast it? Patty: Coming home, I'm elated.
I'm not the weakest link anymore around here.
I don't think so at all.
So, I chose to not have Rachel teargassed.
I took it myself.
Boom! I don't get any money, but I'm also Not allowed to be in the Hero challenge.
What? Dave: This makes me think a lot different about Patty.
I mean, I knew she was an honest, good person, But that's pretty heroic, I got to tell you.
Who's thinking right now hero challenge? Lydia's wanted this for a long time.
So have you, so you get to voice.
Don't give up your mana moment.
Lydia: If I go to the hero's challenge and I win, I have the power to eliminate somebody.
I have to eradicate the house of the cancers.
The people that deserve to be here should be here.
But the Hero money is getting large.
It's a tough decision to turn down A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of guaranteed money When it's presented to you.
I stepped down today because Lydia did make a good point, But, like, now it's like, okay, I let someone go who's gonna send me home.
If she wins.
That's true.
I don't feel that good.
I went to my room, And for sure, things started to get really dizzy.
I'm sweating, and I need some help.
Patty, what's wrong? I'm really not feeling good.
I'm feeling really dizzy.
Well, this is a bad position.
Let's just get you to lay on your back.
Yo, are you all right? Yeah, she got She just got a little dizzy.
She's not doing good at all.
Patty: I don't want to throw up, but I feel like I'm gonna puke.
Marty: Like, her eyes are rolled back in head.
She's sweating profusely.
[ retching ] Okay.
Probably dry heaves.
It's okay.
It's from the stupid tear gas.
[ siren wails ] I would say this could have been the toughest challenge.
Marty: To see her down like that and in that much pain and there's nothing I can do that sucks.
It really does.
Just lay down.
Lay down.
[ Patty sighs ] Dave: Hey, guys.
I'm a Doctor, too.
She was exposed to tear gas today about maybe an hour and a half ago.
And her pulse is good.
The pressure's good.
It's just bad nausea.
I think maybe phenergan or zofran and some I.
fluid would be good.
Marty: You never want to see anyone like that, especially someone like Patty, you know, who's such a good person.
I want to be the Hero.
I really do.
But I don't know if I have what it takes to be in this competition.
Next time, take the money.
Waking up this morning, I definitely feel better.
God, Dr.
Dave so awesome.
I think he exemplified what a hero should be.
I keep getting faced with, do I vote my friend in or do I play strategically and vote her in and hope she loses? Are you nervous? Not going in, but when you come back to eliminate? No.
I'm already in my fight mode.
I know that feeling of wanting to be somewhere and working hard and the rejection.
Like, it's the worst feeling in the world.
I don't want to make eye contact with anybody.
I just want to stay focused And get my mind ready for this fight.
But it has to be done.
[ laughs ] I talked to you guys last week about stepping up.
You stepped up.
You rose to the occasion.
I'm very, very proud of you, and you feel it.
A few weeks away, america's gonna be voting.
Right now, the pot's at $360,000 And growing very quickly.
There can only be one Who's gonna go home with all that money.
That said, let's chat.
Patty, you took the tear gas.
I did.
Why? I said I wouldn't take a temptation To everybody here, so I didn't do it.
And I wasn't sending Somebody else in to take tear gas.
You don't send somebody else in to take the pain If you have to take the pain.
Word up.
That's nasty.
[ laughter ] I'm nasty.
[ laughter ] I've never been nasty.
I talked about stepping up, and you stepped up.
You all stepped up.
Athena, do you think at this point That there is a target on your back? Yes.
How do you get rid of it? I think it's too late to do that.
And I wish it wasn't, and I've seen a lot of football games Where you come back in the last 30 seconds, And you win it.
But the target's there.
If I go home, I go home.
Well, the floor is yours, Rachel.
Let this be my opportunity.
Don't let me have to say I never made it in that hero's challenge.
Because I want this.
[ voice breaking ] My child is all I have, And he's everything to me.
I would do anything for my son.
And that's why I'm here.
I'm here for him.
I'm here to prove to him that No matter what you're faced with in life, No matter what challenges, Just go and take that opportunity and do it.
And my son is gonna say, "she kicked ass.
" He'd be proud of you.
Thank you.
Lydia? [ voice breaking ] I don't want to cry.
It's all right.
I don't want to cry because I'm not scared.
I have no fear.
I'm not scared of being eliminated, But I want this so bad.
Everybody sits here and they talk about Their loved ones, their families, And they fight for them.
I fight for me.
I fight for me.
I have no one waiting for me at the airport.
I do this for me.
My entire life, I've had trials and tribulations.
And I don't just survive, I fight.
When I came into this competition, I came here to fight.
If I can get through this, There is no limitations in my life not one.
There's a good chance that I could be eliminated, And then I realized I'm not here for the money.
We all need money.
I'm here for me.
I'm here for me.
And I'm gonna kill this, and I'm gonna die trying.
I'm ready.
Damn, you guys make it hard.
Ahh! You five know the drill.
Got some strong individuals up there.
Time to vote.
All right, five.
You know the drill.
This ain't gonna be easy this week.
These are some strong individuals.
Time to vote.
[ beeping ] Okay.
This week's hero is Oh! Thank you! I'm not gonna let you guys down, and I'm gonna come back a winner.
- I can't wait.
- It's your moment, babe.
- Can't wait.
- All right, Lydia.
I'll see you at rebus ridge, and I'll have a new offer for you.
If you win this challenge, you'll have the opportunity to tap out and take $70,000.
If you win it.
It's time to bring it.
Lydia, it's Rock.
You got me in your ear? Lydia: Copy.
For this challenge, you must scale rebus ridge in search of images that are hidden in various rock formations and form a common phrase.
Bring the images to me and decipher the phrase.
You'll have three guesses.
And your only tools are gonna be your backpack and the tablet you've been given.
I hear you.
You would have had 45 minutes, but because of the two lies, you now have 35 minutes to complete this hero's challenge.
I know for the team I'm gonna be there 100%.
But when it comes to that actual money, like, You eliminate yourself from the competition if you take that money.
It's gonna be kind of a tough decision, to be honest.
I know the terrain is tough out there.
Just stay focused, use that fighting spirit, and bring it home.
Copy that.
Inside these rocks are a piece of the puzzle.
It's got a chain connected to it, and at the end of the chain is this big-ass round-shaped boulder.
I'm gonna take a picture.
All right.
I got the first one.
I may have these guns, But I also have brains.
I can't believe the Rock thinks that I'm about to put this in this backpack that's stupid.
I'm not gonna try to carry stone to stone to stone.
He just asked for the image, So I'll just take a picture of the image.
My entire motivation for completing this challenge was to prove to myself that I could do anything I put my mind to.
I may fall.
I may get cut up.
But I'm gonna get back up and I'm gonna keep trying.
A man row [ wind howls ] a man whoa! Whoa! Okay.
It's kind of steep.
All right.
I hope I don't trip.
I can barely walk around, And the wind is blowing me all kinds of crazy ways.
I'm scared that I might break my ankle.
A man row is A hero is! A hero.
He a hero is.
Johnson: Lydia, you got 10 minutes to go.
A hero is! A hero is! 10 minutes.
Johnson: You know, a hero isn't just about Integrity, courage, strength, Flexing eyebrows like this, Or having abs like mine.
I mean, sure, it looks good.
[ laughs ] But without a brain, a hero will go nowhere.
Come on, Lydia, you've got 8 minutes, 45 seconds left.
Lydia: I was orphaned at the age of 3.
Shit happens to good people every day all across the world.
And you can use that as a crutch to take the easy way out, Or you can use that to fuel your drive.
A hero is born.
A hero is born.
[bleep] A hero is born a noose A knot, a rope.
There you go, Lydia.
You're on your way.
You got one more to go.
One more clue.
I hear you.
It felt great to have the Rock rooting me on.
It was awesome.
[ panting ] [ chain clangs ] [bleep] Okay.
A hero is serving Rope.
A hero is You're figuring it out just stay focused And bring it home.
I don't know how much time I have at this point, But I know I can't afford to waste time, So I'm like, "I got to hustle.
" A hero is made.
A hero is not made.
Lydia, you got one more shot.
I got two wrong already.
And I know I only got three tries.
If I get this wrong, I'm off the show.
I cannot afford to not get this right.
Damn it! Lydia, you got one more shot.
Lydia: I got two wrong already.
And I know I only got three tries.
If I don't get this right, I'm off the show.
A hero is born, not made.
A hero is born, not made! - Time? I made it? - How epic do you feel? Yay! [ laughing ] Whoooo! Whoo! Aah! - Congratulations.
- Thank you.
You're welcome.
You're welcome.
Lydia, here's your $70,000.
- Can I look at it? - You can look at it.
Yeah, absolutely.
It's your money.
Whoa! [ chuckles ] My ultimate goal is to start a huge orphanage where all the kids would always have a home.
With this money, all of my dreams could come true.
The choice is yours you could either take the $70,000, put it in the big pot, make it $430,000, But it means you must go back to the house and eliminate someone.
Or right here, right now, you can take the money, but it means or rigyour journey ends now.
It feels good to hear that you have $70,000.
No, my journey doesn't end until america says it ends.
Put it in the pot.
I imagined that I was taking it home for, like, a minute.
Okay, so you're putting the $70,000 back into the pot, $430,000.
That also means that you have to eliminate somebody.
Who's it gonna be? - Athena: I feel like shit.
- Dave: Really? I just I just hurt.
I'm praying to god that Lydia doesn't walk through the door.
If she doesn't come home, that means I'm not going home And I can stay a little bit longer.
Lydia: Coming home is bittersweet.
All: Ohh! Lydia: You come off this adrenaline high Completing an epic challenge, But then you know you have to tell someone to leave.
Good job, girl.
[ squeals ] So, you beat it up! Dave: Lydia could easily eliminate me.
I won a hero's challenge, So she might think I'm her biggest competition.
It was exciting, it was thrilling, And to hear the Rock say, "I'm proud of you," That means something.
And then he said, "but you have to eliminate somebody, And you have to tell me now.
" ooh.
In the back of my head, I'm like, "she's sending me.
" And I was just thinking "what is the definition of a hero?" [ sighs ] It's all right.
Our arguments are fresh in her head, And she's taking me out.
[ crying ] And I wanted to do the right thing, Because I wanted to be fair.
And I'm thinking about, you know, a hero.
My definition honesty, number one, integrity.
And without those things, you can't trust people.
You just can't.
And people, yeah, they make mistakes.
And if they can woman up or man up to admitting them, Then they can grow.
And I was thinking, like, I'd rather have a snake Come straight in my face and bite me Than be that snake that's behind me And take me out.
Athena, at the end of the day, you took the temptation, But you never lied about it.
You did tell us, and I respect you for that.
So, I had to make a decision, and it's not an easy decision Because I respect each and every one of you In this room right now, The journey that we've been in.
I had to choose you, Rachel.
Darnell: Whoa.
Athena: What? What? No.
I'm sorry.
You have to leave the condo now.
[ crying ] Oh, no.
Marty: Dang.
[ sniffling ] Darnell: Damn! That's that's the double-edged sword Of this damn game.
[bleep] I hate this game so much.
Marty: Sometimes a hero's got to make tough decisions.
That was one of them.
- Great job.
- Thank you.
Lydia: When she lied during our last challenge, I felt that was very selfish.
Honesty is everything.
You cannot trust a liar.
Rachel: She is a [bleep] fake-ass bitch.
And that's nothing but malicious behavior.
And that is not heroic.
I'm sorry.
I haven't done [bleep] to her.
Just makes me sick.
Rachel: I know deep down inside the type of person she is because I dealt with chicks like that my whole life.
They manipulate people to get what they want and try to do things to make themselves look good by putting others down.
And that's what she's doing today.
She's sending my ass home so I can't sit in this house and look better than her anymore.
Can I get a "hero"? [ laughter ] 'Cause I know I'm still a mother[bleep] hero, right? All: 1, 2, 3, hero! Guys, kick ass and take names, all right? - Darnell: Yeah.
- Yeah.
Mwah! [ sniffles ] Rachel: The biggest thing that I got of this entire experience is to just keep being me.
And I'm not going to change who I am.
I'm a great teacher.
I'm a great mother.
And I will find my warrior mana.
[ voice breaking ] I will.