The Hollow (2018) s01e02 Episode Script

The Desert

Guys, wake up.
Huh? - So, that wasn't a dream.
- Ahem! I mean, nightmare.
Where are we now? I don't know, but it I feel like somebody beat me with a bag of angry turtles.
Yeah, I'm feeling pretty weak, too.
I think going through that vortex might've drained our strength.
Who was that weird guy anyway? He was creepy.
Like, evil-clown creepy.
Don't know, but he might not be so bad.
He kinda helped us, remember? Yeah, if you call this helping us.
How did we even get here? The last thing I remember was talking cows.
So talking cows captured us? That vortex drained more than your strength, dude.
I think I hear something outside.
Maybe it's talking mice or a talking donkey.
Well, they're not talking cows, but I was half right.
Besoono katana toe! Menatoo! Besoono kana! What do you think they're saying? Sorry, I dropped out of "Minotaur For Beginners" in fifth grade.
They're angry about all the human invaders that keep showing up.
And apparently, we're the ugliest of the bunch.
- How can you understand them? - I don't know.
I just can.
- And there's other human invaders? - Wait.
They think we're ugly? - Besooto so! - Kaboono tokana! I'm going to try and talk to them - Maybe they'll let us go.
- Or maybe they'll eat us.
It's worth a shot, Mira.
Go for it.
Uh Beenabo! Pentana bono! Katono tah! - Katono tah! - Toros basooma Katono! What did they say? - They think I'm a witch.
- That's pretty rude.
But more importantly, are they gonna eat us? Uh, not exactly.
But somebody called "Toros" is.
Who's Toros? We're about to find out.
Toros! Kabuto tah! What's the point? We're Minotaur chow.
Kai, don't talk like that.
You're right.
How do you beg for your life in Minotaur? We're not giving up! I know you think you're strong and everything, but there's no way you'll ever break free? - Okay.
Now - Let's get out of here! I mean free Mira first, then let's get outta here.
Come on! I'm trying.
It's okay.
Go without me.
Don't go without me! Hurry! Go! This isn't happening, this isn't happening.
This isn't happening, this isn't happ Okay, it's happening, it's happening! It's happening! You okay? Sure.
I love the taste of dirt.
I hope that's dirt.
Come on.
This way.
- No, this way.
- Mira! Wait! Mira! Please stop happening, please stop happening! Please stop happening! Why is it still happening? Why is it still happening? Why is it still happening? Ugh! Ugh! Go ahead, eat me.
Just get it over with quickly, please.
Yeah, I'll never be that hungry.
- We need to find Mira.
- I can't run anymore.
Uh Besoona Katana! Kanota tona? Okay.
Guess you can't take a compliment.
- Hey, Buttercup! - "Buttercup"? It's the only cow name I could think of.
Betsy, Daisy, Angus, Clarabelle.
- Kai! Adam! - Those are terrible cow names.
Over here! Oh, got it.
Where'd you learn to do that? No clue.
What's the matter, Big Head? Is your head too big, Big Head? Epic burn.
Oh, Big Head.
Ugh! Ugh.
Oh! Don't suppose that satchel has a moist towelette? Ugh! - Don't we have a flashlight in that bag? - Right.
Dead batteries.
So, where now? Anywhere but here.
- What was that? - Chill, it's just mice.
It's okay, Kai.
I'm a little scared, too.
Who said I'm scared? You think I'm scared? I'm totally fine.
In fact, I Agh! Something's grabbing my shoulder! - Uh, that's me.
- I knew that.
Mira, grab my shoulder.
Got it.
- That's not my shoulder.
- Oh! Sorry.
Guys, I've been thinking.
I'm pretty sure we're dead.
Kai, stop talking like that.
We're not dead yet.
You're the one who came up with the "death theory.
" Now you don't believe it? I don't know what's going on, but we're not dead.
Besides, if we're dead, why are all these things trying to kill us? - There's light up ahead.
- Must be an exit.
Don't run towards the light.
That's what happens just before you die! Hear that? Yeah.
Wait here.
Hmm? Mmm! - So weird.
- I know.
- Should we go in? - No way.
It could be a trap.
I'm starving.
Uh, hello? Oh! Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.
Oh, you're here.
How wonderful.
How wonderful.
I've been expecting you.
You coming? Adam, no! I should probably warn you that I'm not alone.
- Is that okay? - Why, what do you mean? Oh! Well now.
Come in, come in.
Oh, how I do love some good company.
Sit and rest your feet.
I hope you're both hungry.
Well, worst case, I'm already dead.
And if not, I'll die with a full stomach.
Welcome, young man.
Are there any more? Are you hiding anyone in your pockets? No, it's just us.
Smells delicious.
Well, eat up, then, 'cause it tastes even better.
What exactly's in this soup? Oh, just some vegetables.
And bones I steal from Toros.
Gives it that special flavor.
What? I'm hungry.
Excuse me, but we're a little lost.
Can you tell us where we are? Why, you're here.
It's where you need to be.
Uh, okay.
But we think there's been some mistake.
We we just wanna go home.
Of course you want to go home.
Everyone does.
"Everyone"? What do you mean, "everyone"? Hold on.
Can you guys remember what your homes look like? No.
How can we get home when we can't remember where home is? Oh, don't worry.
There's so much more ahead of you.
Besides, you can't go home, not until you meet him.
Who's "him"? Goodness.
I almost forgot the cookies.
She bakes cookies.
How can you not trust her? You don't trust me?! You have any milk to go with those cookies? Whoa! Okay, forget the milk.
Ah! Sweet, young breath.
Uh?! Ooh! I didn't need your help.
I could've knocked her out, too.
- With what? Your bad breath? - I told you it was a trap.
No time to gloat.
Run! Who wants ambrosia salad? Huh? But how'd she? Oh! What have you done to my sister? Ooh! Get off her! Ow! - Stop hitting me! - Stop moving! Go! Get outta here! Adam! Sweet move, "Hansel.
" Let's go, "Gretel.
" Keep your eyes out for a third witch.
They always come in threes.
You don't know where your home is, but you know witch rules? That's ridiculous.
Seriously? Who says witches come in threes? What was that? It's probably nothing.
Come on.
She's out cold.
Let's go.
Ha! Not so scary now, are ya? Kai, what are you waiting for? Come on! Yoo-hoo! - Huh? - Oh, no.
Remember, death is your friend.
Death is your friend! Eh? Okay, that was nuts.
As opposed to devil dogs and talking cow people? What's it all mean? It means we can't stop till we find a way out of this craziness.
So we're just gonna wander around? Oh, maybe that map you guys found had something on it.
Can I see it? All it had on it was the forest and the lab.
This place wasn't there.
I checked.
- Let me have a look anyway.
- Why? I told you, it's Can I just see it, please? Let him see it, Adam.
He was right about the witches.
Yeah, Adam.
I was right about the witches.
But it's pointless.
The pyramid.
Oh, and here's the desert.
- Hmm? - Get out.
I swear those weren't there before.
- This Isn't a normal map.
- Nothing in this place is normal.
I hear that.
The map shows where we are now, but we need to find out what's over here.
This is crazy.
I can't do this anymore.
I'm tired, I'm sweaty, I'm scared, and there's a good chance I accidentally ate Minotaur poop.
I give up.
Mira, you can't give up.
We need to keep moving.
It's the only way out of here.
But we will get out.
I promise.
I needed to feel sorry for myself for a bit.
Moving on.
So, you ate Minotaur poop? Oh, be quiet.
Kai, we need to keep walking.
Why can't we reach it? Because it's not real.
It's a mirage.
We need to get out of the sun before our brains fry.
Too late.
Wish you should see what I'm hallucinating right now.
Three crazy dudes on horseback? Weird.
I'm seeing them, too.
I don't think we're hallucinating.
Is this is a dream, right? It has to be a dream.
Um, Mr.
Creepy Dude, sir? I hate to bother you.
Quick question.
Is this all a dream or are we dead? We're definitely not dead.
Like, there definitely wasn't a third witch, and there definitely wasn't a desert on the map, and there definitely wasn't um - That's all you were right about, dude.
- Okay, that's definitely a couple.
- Any idea where we are? - Uh, some kind of weird crash site? Um, Mr.
Creepy Dude, sir? Don't mean to be a backseat driver, but quick question.
Can you tell us where you're taking us? Uh, guys, I think we're here.
Still think we're not dead? "Death is your friend.