The Hollow (2018) s01e03 Episode Script


That's it! I know who these guys are! The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse! Plague, Famine, War, and him.
The Apocalypse? So it's official.
- We're dead.
- Maybe.
Maybe? We are literally about to meet Death! Yeah, but remember what that witch said? "Death is your friend.
" Maybe she meant he's actually friendly.
And maybe you're actually insane.
Wow, this is such a crazy dream I'm having right now.
Hey, where's Garry the Burping Monkey? He always shows up in my dreams.
- We really need to get her out of the sun.
- Look what we found! Uh, hi.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Adam, and you are? Okay.
Well, thanks for saving us out there, guys.
We really appreciate it.
But we need to get going now, so we'll just War! Um, Mr.
Death, sir? Can I call you Mr.
Death? - I'll take that as a "yes.
" - Kai, what are you doing? Mr.
Death, I'm not sure what horrible thing you have planned for us, but I was thinking Can I be a Horseman of the Apocalypse too? You already have Plague, Famine, and War! Yeah.
But I can be, I don't know, "Misery"? How about "Disaster"? Or how about "Annoyance"? Where are you hiding him, huh? Where's Garry the Burping Monkey? Garry! Come out, come out, wherever you are! You cheeky burpy monkey you! He's such a scamp! Garry! Come on, think of it.
"Disaster"! All I need is a horse.
How about that one? Don't touch him! Poor Mr.
He's been sick for so long, and he's getting worse.
He won't eat, he won't drink.
I don't know what to do! You'd think by now, Death would be used to death, hmm? - What's wrong with him? - I don't know! Oh, Mr.
Jeepers, if only you could tell me.
- Mira! She can help! - How? We're pretty sure she can talk to animals.
Is she a witch? - Why does everyone think she's a witch? - Maybe because she looks like a witch.
- She does not! - Yeah, she does.
- Right? - War.
Witch or not, if she can find out what's wrong with Mr.
Jeepers - Then you can heal him! - And then you won't kill us! Right? Right? Mira! You need to snap out of it now! Garry? Where are you? Uh We just need to get food and water in her.
Then she'll be good as new, promise! Okay.
But if you can't heal Mr.
Jeepers Peek-a-boo! Peek-a-boo! - Hey, Mira, you're looking a lot better.
- Thanks! Guess all I needed was some good old-fashioned home cooking.
I prefer home cooking in my actual home, wherever that is.
- Not from him! - He's not so scary.
- Maybe he is our friend.
- Yeah, he's being super nice to us.
Hello? He's Death! This food could be full of poison for all we know! - Then why are you eating it? - Because it's delicious! Who wants more iced tea? Yes, please! - Feeling better? - So much better.
- Witch says, "What?" - What? - Told ya.
- She's not a witch! - So, you like my mint iced tea? - It's delicious! Well? I can honestly say this is the best iced tea made by the Grim Reaper I've ever had.
- And it's not too sweet? - Not at all.
It's perfect.
Hear that? They don't think it's too sweet.
Ahh, let me tell you, it certainly isn't easy.
Killing things and causing so much pain and anguish? No! Growing mint in these harsh desert conditions.
That other stuff is a breeze! More of my underworld-famous cinnamon scones? So, now that you're out of the sun and have a full belly, think you're ready to check on my Mr.
Jeepers? Lead the way, Mr.
Dibs on the last scone! Mine! You're always hungry! War.
It's okay.
I'm here to help.
How are you feeling? Oh, you poor thing.
I'm afraid it might be too late.
I'm not sure he'll make it.
You said you'd heal him! Stop! Don't kill us! We will heal Mr.
Jeepers! Promise! What? How? Adam, he's really sick! The lab.
Remember all those vials of medicine? There must be something there that can cure him.
But how do we get from here to there? Mr.
Death, sir? Can you tell us how to get to this place? If you can help us get there, we think we can heal Mr.
I'm the Grim Reaper! Not Larry the travel agent! Besides, only one being can help you escape this world.
Okay, two.
But they haven't met her yet.
What is he talking about? I think we might need "That Weird Guy" to help us again.
But who's the other person that can help us? I never said she was a person! Help, please! Hey! Hey! Been too long, dude.
You haven't aged at all! What's your secret? - You guys know each other? - I know everybody! So, need my help again? - I've gotta get back to the lab.
- I should go.
No way! Remember the dogs? They'll tear you apart.
But maybe I can reason with them.
That's a pretty big "maybe.
" - But it makes sense for me to go.
- Then we should all go together.
- What? - No! Only one can go! Adam! Okay.
But be careful.
All right! Here we go.
And by "we," I mean you! Good luck.
You're gonna need it! Mmm.
Do I smell cinnamon scones? Aah, thanks for scaring me half to death! No, I don't know where they hide their garbage.
Well, you don't have to be so rude about it.
Do me a favor, keep an eye out for those devil dogs, and I'll try and find you some yummy trash.
Deal? So, I have a theory.
The three of us are dead, right? "I have a theory.
The three of us are dead, right?" Man, if I had a nickel Are we in a parallel universe? Or maybe it's all a dream.
But whose dream is it? Yours? Yours? Or maybe you're all in my dream! Oh, creepy.
Okay, seriously, why are we here? Wherever the heck this is.
Why can't we remember anything? And why us? Is this some kind of mistake? Mistake? We don't make mistakes.
Everything is for a reason.
You want to know why you're here? - Yes! - Tell us! You're here because you chose to be here.
What? What's that supposed to mean? I think he means this is our destiny, our fate.
What, so we're being punished for making bad choices in life? Is that what he means? Is that what you mean? Yes! Thanks for nothing.
Hey there, fellas.
What's shaking? Besides me.
Where are we anyway? Looks like a scrapyard for old spaceships.
Pretty awesome, huh? Cool, a gyro stabilizer.
And look, an oxidizer valve.
Whoa, look at all those fuel injectors.
That's crazy.
- How do you know so much about this stuff? - I don't know.
Doesn't everybody? Think you might be able to get one of these spaceships up and running? Worth a shot! Hey, crazy idea, I know, but how about you just let me go? You're hungry? But I'm just skin and bones! Oh, right.
You like skin and bones.
Whoa! Yeah, this one's in great shape.
Should be perfect.
- You really think you can fix it? - I need to rewire a few things.
See if you can salvage a high-voltage oil capacitor from another ship.
So, what you doing over there? - I doubt you'd understand.
- Try me.
I'm rewiring the high-pressure oxidizer turbo-pump gauge.
Hey, wanna know the date of your death? 'Cause I can tell you if you want.
Uh, yeah, I'm good, thanks.
Fire in the hole! War.
Might fit.
Kai, is Mira back yet? No.
Just find that capacitor.
I'm sure she's fine.
Hope you're right.
Thanks, Adam.
That should do it.
Fingers crossed! - Whoa! - Whoa! - Cool! - War! Very impressive.
But it will all be for naught if you can't heal Mr.
Mira! And she brought a friend! Stop! Don't! Who's a good devil dog? Yes, you are! Yes, you are! Yes, you are! Adam, we don't have much time.
Is it working? I don't know.
That was your last chance! Stop! Look! Mr.
Jeepers! Oh, I was so worried! - I'm glad I listened to you.
- I kinda wish you hadn't.
You must be so hungry.
I've got a special treat for you.
So, now that he's cured Fine, you can leave.
Woo-hoo! But, Adam, we'll never make it through the desert alive.
Yeah, we will.
Need a lift? Kai! Yes! - We're actually doing this? - Oh, we're doing this, dude! - Awesome! - Hurry before Death changes his mind.
Aye aye, Captain.
- You're sure you know how to fly this? - Hold tight.
Here we go! Woo-hoo! It's really working! But how do we get home if we can't even remember where home is? Yeah, we haven't figured that out yet.
Hopefully, we'll recognize something from up here.
Whoa! What's going on? Chill, dude.
Just need to stabilize the thrusters.
There we go.
Smooth sailing.
Wow! You really do know what you're doing.
Guess I can relax.
What's going on? - Kai, what did you do? - It was an accident! It's not responding! We're gonna crash! The water's coming in fast! - What do we do? - Brace yourselves! Where's Mira? I can't believe it.
She's really gone.
Because of you! Kai, I know you're upset, but You did this! You're the reason we crashed! Kai You killed her!