The Hollow (2018) s01e04 Episode Script

The Lighthouse

Kai, wait! We need to stick together! Kai! Sticking together didn't help Mira! What the? You need to see this! Huh? Kai? I think I know what's going on.
We're not dead! Tell that to Mira.
She sure looked dead to me! Kai! - My reflection, it was reversed.
- What does that even mean? We might be in a parallel universe or something.
- Parallel to what? - The real world.
Like we're in another dimension that's outside reality.
You've lost it.
Just leave me alone! Wait, listen.
Don't touch me! I'm done listening to you! - She's gone and it's all your fault! - Stop! - Huh? - Dude, I'm sorry.
I I didn't know I could do that.
Kai! Come on, it was an accident! Kai! Fine! Go! Good luck! Hmm? - So - beautiful.
- Stop! - Ulp! Huh? Hey.
- Mira! - Mira! No way.
I can't believe it.
- We thought you were - Dead? Yeah, join the club.
- Uh, Kai? - Yes? This is way past awkward now.
- Right.
- How'd you make it out alive? First, let's get away from these cliffs.
Why are you even up here? Because of them.
- Where'd they go? - Whoa.
Uh, come on.
Let's just get away from here and I'll explain what happened.
- But how did you get free? - I had a little help.
So you can breathe underwater, swim like a mermaid, and talk to animals? Crazy, huh? Ooh! Maybe we're superheroes! Pfft! We're not superheroes.
At least, I'm not.
I don't have any cool powers like you guys.
How about the spaceship you fixed? Yeah, that was pretty amazing, Kai! But that's not a superpower! You're just trying to make me feel better.
Hey, maybe I've got some secret fighting skills like Adam, and I just don't know it yet! Yah! Ooh! Ah! Whoo! Yah! Ow! Yeah, no.
- You okay? - Yeah.
Oh, uh Sorry about, you know It's okay.
She's alive.
That's all that matters.
So, where are we now? Where else? Lost.
Ooh, we should call That Weird Guy for help.
No way! Who knows where he'll send us.
And I hate going through those portals.
Whoa! Look at that! Maybe we can signal a ship! - Not sure that'll help us get home.
- Why not? Adam's got a new theory, we're in a "parallel universe.
" Parallel to what? - That's what I said! - I know what I saw.
Parallel universe or not, that's a lighthouse.
- Come on, it won't kill us to try.
- I really hope not.
What you want?! - You said it won't kill us to try! - We mean no harm.
We're lost and we wanna go home.
Please? We just want to use your lighthouse.
Oop? Uh What you mean "light house"? See? Heavy house, not light house.
Um, excuse me, Mr.
Cyclops, have you ever turned on the big light up there in your house? No, big light broken.
Oh! That why ships smash.
I hate sound of smashing ships and sailors yelling, "Help! Help!" Can't sleep.
Uh, Mr.
Cyclops, if I fix your light, can we use it to signal for help, and please don't crush me? Fix light! Goody goody! Fix light! Great.
It's pointless.
We can't fix it.
Maybe you can't, but I can.
You sure this will work? No, but do we have a choice? Hang on! Whoo-hoo! Pretty awesome, huh? Okay, we're right over it.
Be right back.
You okay? Aye-aye, Captain.
Uh, try shutting your eyes and breathing through your nose.
I don't need your help.
Hey, I wonder if that's your superpower.
- What? - Maybe you're a super puker.
- Better? - Yeah.
Do me a favor and don't tell Mira.
Don't tell me what? - Uh, any luck down there? - I can't move it.
Wanna give me a hand, Adam? I have hands too, you know.
He threw up, right? Right, left, in every direction.
Did I just swim through it? Is it in my hair? Ew! It'll take forever if we have to keep swimming up to catch our breath.
- Where's Mira? - Still trying to unscrew it.
She's pretty cool, huh? Yeah, she's great.
Great? Admit it! You like her a lot.
What are you talking about? Just admit it! - There's nothing to admit.
- Yeah, right.
Don't think I haven't noticed those "secret looks" between the two of you.
FYI, there's nothing secret about them.
Sounds like you're the one who likes her a lot.
Wasn't me! Hey, guys.
Heads up.
We need to get to the lighthouse before it gets too dark.
Thanks, Ozzy! - Ozzy? - You already named him? That's his name.
He told me! Weird.
He looked more like a Stewart to me.
Whoa! Here we go again.
I can't see anything.
- Ready? - Ready.
On three.
One, two three! Okay, lift! Hmm? Hi.
- Whoa! - Nice catch! Especially considering he doesn't have any depth perception.
Did I do goody? You did very goody! Goody, goody! Stop! No jumping! Oh.
Goody, goody.
- Adam, when I tell you, throw the switch.
- Got it.
Okay, try it now! Gah-hh! Stop! Uh, think of a happy place! Happy place? A special place that makes you feel happy when you're there.
Happy place is lighthouse, but it's gone! Uh Okay.
So think of the lighthouse? Happy place Okay, good.
Now slowly open your eyes uh, eye.
Happy place? Oh! Happy place! Careful.
Not too happy.
Oh! Sorry.
Okay, Adam, "SOS.
" Three quick flashes Three slow ones, three quick ones.
Got it.
Well, better get comfy.
This might take - a while? - No way! It worked? Keep signaling! - We're gonna be saved! - Thanks to you, Kai.
Who needs superpowers? Whoa! Happy place, remember? Oh happy place.
Happy place.
I'm sorry I couldn't resist.
So then, you called for help? - No, we were signaling a ship! - Not you, Weirdie! "Weirdie"? Never heard that one before.
I like it! Guys, since he's here, should we Maybe, Adam - No! - Don't say it! - Don't say what? - "Help, please.
" Hmm? You got it! Where'd they go? Hey, where'd they go? Where he go? Uh, light fixed.
Happy place.
Goody, goody! Wow.
Me really dumb.
Seriously, Kai? He tricked me into saying it! Everybody okay? Tired, but I'll live.
I'm good.
Ugh! Where are we now? You're on me! Get off! - Oh.
She can talk? - What? You were expecting her to bark? Ahem.
You can talk? - Indeed.
- We didn't mean to land on you.
Did we hurt you? I am the last living Ironwood tree.
Almost nothing can hurt me.
- "Almost" nothing? - Uh, what happened to that branch? Akuma took it.
It is now his prized weapon.
- Who's Akuma? - Leader of the Akki monks.
Why would monks try to steal your branch? They are demon monks.
Demon monks? I was asleep when they attacked.
I tried to fight back.
But there were too many of them.
Then he showed up.
Akuma knew of my only weakness.
Ishibo! Ishibo! Ishibo! Ishibo! - Ishibo? - What's an ishibo? In the right hands, it is a dangerous, powerful weapon.
In the wrong hands, it is an even more dangerous, powerful weapon.
Prove your worth by returning my missing branch, and I will help you get home.
What? Really? Guys, it's just a tree! How can she possibly help us get home? All will be made clear once you return my stolen branch.
Okay, so where can we find these demon monks? This is crazy! What are we doing? Trying to get home! Stop complaining, focus, and you won't fall! Mira in case I never see you again, I need to tell you something.
I whoa! Help! - Ulp! - Don't say it! Grab my hand.
- Nice going, Adam! - Yeah, thanks.
- Kai, what did you wanna tell me? - Oh, uh Look, we're almost there! They must keep the Ishibo inside.
Come on! Demon monks! - Relax, they're not real.
- He's right.
I think they're made out of clay? - Whew.
- Look! That must be it!