The Hollow (2018) s01e06 Episode Script


Ah! Don't leave me! Don't leave me! Get off of me, you weird little Uh Whoa.
Awesome! Ah! - I don't believe it! - Kai? Yeah, I can control fire.
No big deal.
Benjamini! Oh-ho! You're alive! And smell like a chimney.
Just the cost of being a superhero! Call me the Fire, uh man! That wasn't fun.
Hey, Ninja Boy, who's got the sickest powers now, huh? Whoa.
Very cool, Kai! "Cool?" Don't you mean on fire! - Whoa! - Wow! Amazing! I know! I didn't even know I could juggle! Oh! Oh.
Oh! I wonder Whoa! Need practice.
You're sure that's where those other kids were heading? - Yup.
Through there.
- Aw! Please stay.
We could have so much fun! - Sorry, Benjamini.
We need to get home.
- Yeah, wherever that is.
Whoa! I'm all right! - Come on, guys, time to go.
- Be careful out there.
And we sure hope to see you soon! Right, Benjamini? Yes, very soon! Oh, time for a good luck "posedown"! Yes! Hmm? Guys? You're on your own.
Hey, what did they mean when they said they hope to see us soon? Maybe they're just lonely? Yeah, but they were acting all weird when they said it.
Maybe they're just lonely and weird? Nice job saving Benjamini, that was really brave of you, Kai.
Well, you know, Mira, with great power comes great responsibility.
I've always felt it was my duty to help the little guy, no pun intended.
Any idea why we have these super powers? Or why we can't remember anything before waking up in that bunker? And don't tell me we're in a "parallel universe.
" What if we're being tested by That Weird Guy for some reason? Tested? Why? And why us? - Maybe he's punishing us for something? - Stop! It doesn't matter why we're here.
We know what we need to do to get home.
So let's stop asking questions that can't be answered and just focus on getting the Ishibo back to the tree, okay? Oh, man, I can't believe these guys.
Huh? Hey! Put it out, Kai! - Don't encourage him.
- I didn't say anything! You're right, Adam.
I apologize, it wasn't funny.
Let's just concentrate on getting the Ishibo back.
Ah! Kai, stop it! - Put it out! - Aye-aye, Captain! - Kai! Your - Don't tell him.
Don't tell me what? Hey, what's that horrible smell? Smells like burning Ah! Very funny, guys! Har, har, har! Hilarious! Look! Past the trees.
Is it a town? I wonder if those other kids are there.
Uh Looks empty.
- Oh, well, nothing here.
Let's go back.
- Wait, there's a light in that shack.
Come on.
Okay, like I said, no one's here.
Let's go! Huh? Hey! - What's happening? - Ghosts, obviously! Huh? What the? Reeve, drop it! I said drop it! I am so sorry.
Reeve has a habit of overreacting.
Don't you, Reevie? - What are you - And it's so hard to tell your friends from your enemies in this freaky place.
We don't know who to trust.
Give us one good reason why we shouldn't blast you right now! Kai? Kai! Yeah? Oh, right! Whoa! Dude, that is awesome! You guys seeing this? Wow! - Doesn't it burn your hands? - Surprisingly not.
I mean, I do feel a bit of a tingling sensation Why'd you take the Ishibo from us? Okay, this is gonna sound really out there, but a talking tree told us she'd help us if we found it for her.
- We needed it.
It's the only way we can - Go home.
- We just want to go home.
- Us too! Really? It's Kai, right? I'm Vanessa.
Hi, yeah, I saw you flying earlier.
Such a cool superpower! Yeah, well, controlling fire is pretty cool too.
It's nothing.
Wow! So, where's the Ishibo? Hey, maybe we can return it to the tree together and all go home? Don't think so.
Why not? Because some creepy weird guy took it from us, then zapped us to that theme park back there.
You've seen the Talking Tree and the Weird Guy too? How did you guys end up in this place? Don't know.
We all woke up in some underground bunker.
What about your memories? Nothing.
Any idea why we're here? - They still haven't figured it out.
- We think we might be dead.
See? They think so too! We're not dead! Look, it's late.
Why don't we all just crash here for the night, and in the morning, we'll come up with a plan to get the Ishibo back.
- Sound good? - What? Sounds great, right, guys? Um Great! Then it's decided! So, Vanessa, I've been working on the whole flying thing myself.
Check it out! Wh-Whoa! Kai! Are you okay? Still working out the kinks.
Oh, man, I wish I could fly as good as you.
Must be an awesome feeling.
Would you like to fly with me? Seriously? Duh! Yeah! Come on, then! - Kai.
- Huh? - Be careful.
- We know nothing about her.
- You're always telling me what to do! - Kai? Coming? Hmm! Let's just follow her lead.
Hey, so how did you find out you could fly? Ugh.
It's so embarrassing.
Really? Then you have to tell me! - No way! - Mine's embarrassing too! Uh Okay.
I can't believe I'm saying this, but deal.
You first.
I got trapped in a fire at that weird theme park back there.
Wow, really? Yeah, next thing I know, I'm controlling the flames with my hands and I'm dragging Benjamini out, it was so weird! That's so cool! Wait, you said it was embarrassing! That's, like, total hero stuff! Okay.
Don't tell anybody, but I didn't mean to save Benjamini.
He just grabbed onto my leg when I was running out.
I'm no hero.
I love that you feel you can tell me that, Kai.
It's weird.
I don't even know you, but I feel like we have - An instant connection? - Yeah.
I was tying my shoelaces when I slipped and fell off a cliff.
What? That's how I found out I could fly.
Seriously? I told you it's embarrassing! No, no, no, no.
It's not embarrassing at all.
I mean, lots of people slip and fall off cliffs while tying their shoelaces! Whoa! Uh So, how do we do this? Do I climb onto your back? Or is there a harness we can use? Do you have a saddle? Kai? Just relax.
Oh, I'm relaxed.
I'm totally relaxed.
I'm the Mayor of Relaxing ville.
Huh? Oh! Hello! Well, that's mighty forward of you.
Not that I'm complaining, but - Amazing view, hey? - Yeah.
Amazing! - This is incredible! - I know, right? So, you guys find any food in here? No.
Did you look for food? No.
Can we look for food? This place is, like, a million years old.
There's no food.
I know, but can we look? There might be pickles.
You guys sure know how to throw a party.
Whoo! This is so perfect.
- Almost perfect.
- Hmm? The only thing that's missing is Oh.
Got it.
Now it's perfect! So is that a bedroom? Dibs on the bedroom.
Called it.
You three can sleep out here.
Gee, thanks.
You sure have a lot of trust in a girl you hardly know.
Uh, why wouldn't I? It's just that, if I wanted to, I could Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! That was amazing! - So, where to now? - The moon? Let's see how close we can get.
Vanessa? Vanessa! Something's not right.
I know.
Uh, can we at least borrow some blankets? Huh? Whoa.
Is that a shooting star? That's a pretty weird-looking It's Kai! Adam, it's Kai! Vanessa! Wake up! Wake up! What happened? I don't know! We were flying and then we hit something! - Vanessa! - Hit something? Is she dead? I think she's just knocked out.
Hey, wake up.
- Wake up! - Stop slapping me.
- Vanessa! - Huh? Come on, let's get you inside.
Not so fast.
Let me help.
Adam? Adam! What? Kai! Zombies.
Of course there'd be zombies.
Kai! - Wait here.
I promise I'll be back, okay? - Don't leave me.
- Kai! - Hurry! I have to help them! Huh? - I think that was the last of them.
- Nice going, Kai.
- You okay? - I think so.
Did you see me blast those zombies? What happened? What took you guys so long? We could have used you back there.
Adam? Huh? Hold on! No! No, no, no, no, no, no, no! Mira! Adam! They're gone, man.
Kai, I'm sorry.
I know you're upset, but it's It's just the four of us now.
- Please come with us? - What? With our combined powers, we'll be unbeatable.
We can save your friends and find a way home.
Reeve? Whoa.
I really want you to join us, Kai.
Please? I'll let you think about it.
- You okay? - Yeah.
How did we survive that fall? Hey, the flashlight.
Where are we now? I I don't know.
So, should we go left or right? Adam? I don't know, okay? Why are you even asking me? We've lost Kai, we don't have that stupid Ishibo, and we're no closer to getting home than when we first got here! Do what you want because I'm obviously the wrong guy to ask.
How is any of this your fault? If it wasn't for you we'd still be in that bunker or worse! Who knows what would have happened to us by now.
So, shall it be terror on the right, or nightmares on the left? Visitors!