The Hollow (2018) s01e07 Episode Script

The Riddle

Where'd they go? I think we should let him join us.
He could totally help us out.
Explain what you mean by "help.
" Don't waste the batteries.
You'll need them later.
But aren't you? Ah.
Just because I can't see doesn't mean I can't see.
Oh! The corner! Right in the thigh.
Charley horse! Charley horse! - Uh, you okay? - I'm used to it.
Ah! It's been far too long since I've had company.
Um You might want to Oh! Oh! Who are you? It matters who I am, but who youceive me to be.
Sorry, didn't quite catch that.
It matters not who I am, but who you perceive me to be.
I'm just messing with you.
My name's Dave.
Do you know how we can get home, Dave? I can help you.
But first, I must know who you are.
I'm Mira Ahh-haa.
My, my, my.
Very impressive.
You can breathe underwater and communicate with savage beasts? Uh, how do you know that? How does he know that? Beware Colrath! Uh, okay.
What's a Colrath? Now, the boy Ah.
You're not very bright and, uh, you should eat more.
Um I'm over here.
Oh! Whoopsie! Oh-hh! So, what about me? See anything? Yeah.
It's, eh, best you don't know.
Are you crazy? We can't trust him! Sorry, but we are definitely not cool with this.
- Right, Skeet? - Eh, I'm easy.
He seems chill.
- Plus, we can use him as a nightlight.
- Reeve, listen.
Kai can help us! Help you how? Kai! Have you decided? Are you coming with us? Please say yes.
What do you mean I could help you? Your amazing powers can help us all find a way out of this crazy place.
Please join us? Please? Yeah, okay.
I'd totally love to join you guys.
Really? Yes! Find your lost friend.
The three of you must stick together, or you will never get home.
What did you see? Tell me! What is mightier than steel yet cowers from the sun? What does that mean? Ah.
Answer the riddle, and you will find the Ishibo.
How do you know about the Ishibo? Hurry, you must leave now! Time's running out! This way! Oh! I mean, I mean this way.
I'm not so sure about Dave.
What other choice do we have? Come on.
Okay, sun's up.
Let's roll.
- I thought we were gonna sleep.
- Where are we going? Home.
What? But you told us you didn't have it! Mmm.
You must get there before it's too late.
- Too late? For what? - And where are we supposed to go? You will know once you're there.
That hurt.
Uh, I think you're going the wrong way.
Silly boy.
You must learn that there is no wrong way.
Okay, apparently, there is.
- Now go! - But Thanks for your help.
I think.
Oh! One last thing.
If you could find me some better sunglasses, I'd really appreciate it.
I can barely see through these.
Oh! Ow! I hate my life! Did you see that? Uh, that he wasn't blind? No, he glitched, like he wasn't real.
Like he was digital or something.
What? You're losing it.
Come on.
He said we need to hurry.
I'm not crazy! It was like he Mira! I think we're in some sort of digital world! What? What if none of this is real? What if it's fake real? Adam Just hear me out and think about it.
Our superpowers.
The puzzles.
The battles! The powerful medicine that somehow magically heals.
And whenever we asked That Weird Guy for help, it would drain our energy.
It's almost like we're in some sort of video game! Finding the Ishibo might be another challenge! If we return it, maybe we'll level up and be able to get out.
Come on! So, somebody somehow put us in a game? Sure seems that way.
Okay, let's say you're right and we're in a video game.
- Why us? Who put us in here? - Maybe That Weird Guy? - So he is punishing us? - I don't know.
And none of this is real? It's all very real to me.
Oh! I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that.
Mira, uh, you're awesome and I really like you, but You don't need to say anything.
- Can't we just - Don't say it! Don't! Next time someone kisses you and apologizes, just say, "It's okay," okay? Figure it out.
Mira We should find out where we are, right? Yeah, yeah, we should.
So, we're good? - It's fine, Adam.
- Okay.
- You sure? - Yes, don't worry about it! - See? Me smiling? All good.
- Good.
I never liked you anyway.
I was totally kidding.
Mira Hey, we don't need the map.
I know where we are! Is that her? But why did you lie about having the Ishibo? I'm sorry, Kai, but this is such a crazy world.
It's hard to know your friends from your enemies.
We weren't sure if we could trust you guys, so we hid it.
But now we can all go home once we find your friends.
Heh! They're gone forever.
- Whoa.
- I dare you to say that again! Stop! We're all in this together now, okay? Okay? Fine.
Come on.
Ah! You have returned with my missing limb.
Why don't I see it? Sorry, we don't have it yet.
- Then why are you here? - Are we in a video game? What's a video game? - I could have totally blasted you.
- What did you say? Uh, nothing.
We should catch up to Vanessa.
He said he could've totally blasted you.
What? That's what you said.
- You really think you can take me? - Maybe.
Dude, you and your little dancing flames ain't got nothing on me.
"Little dancing flames.
" Ooh.
Big deal.
So you can make things float in the air.
You'd be a big hit at birthday parties with your tricks.
Why don't you get a hat and cape and call yourself "El Float-O"? Or, no, how about "Sir Floats-A-Lot"? Ha! Hey, Kai! Timber! Timber? What's that supposed to mean? Oh, "timber.
" I get it now! Ta-da! Hey! What happened? Everything okay? Yeah, a cactus fell and Kai tripped.
I'm just helping him up.
You can't take me.
Say it to my face.
I can't take you.
Now that wasn't so hard, was it? No.
I could totally take you! You got to admit, the dude's funny.
I like him.
That makes one of us.
We're going to find Mira and Adam now? - Not yet.
- What? Why not? You said Kai, once we return the Ishibo to the tree, she'll help us find them.
But first, we need to find the tree.
- Is that all? I know how we can find her.
- What? Seriously, dude? See? Told you it was smart to have him join us! Yeah, Reeve! Smart! I'll call That Weird Guy to send us there.
No! Don't say it! Help, please! Well, hello, hello, hello! Ah, I see you've made some new friends, Kai.
Hey, Weirdy.
We need one of your portal things, chop-chop.
You sure? It's your last one.
It is? Uh yeah! We got the Ishibo and need to find that Talking Tree.
Oh, the tree! No.
No can do.
Why not? As I explained to your pals here, you have to find the tree yourselves.
We already tried him.
And he zapped us to that freaky amusement park.
Well, since you asked for help.
- Wait, wait, wait! - Where are you sending us now? As the kids say, "Chillax!" Bye, bye! Until I am whole again, I cannot help you get home.
We'll get the Ishibo, I promise.
Words without action are meaningless.
You must hurry before someone else returns my missing limb.
- Someone else? - Those Other Kids? The riddle! "What's mightier than steel yet cowers from the sun?" The Old Man said we'd find the Ishibo once we solve his riddle.
Do you have any idea what he meant? - Hey! - What are you doing? You are not worthy! Yet.
It's f-freezing.
C-come on, we g-gotta get out of the w-water.
D-don't think I can m-make it.
Whoa! Hang on.
Wha-what is that? Looks like an old r-research outpost or s-something.
L-let's go.
Hello? Anybody here? It looks abandoned.
There must be a reason the tree sent us here.
Wha-what's in there? Warmth.
So, what now? Hey, see that? Whoa! Is it a palace? Run! What do you want? What did he say? Mira? Mira! What are you doing? - [polar bear growls - Adam, don't hurt her! Her? Aw, man.
Ugh! Fish guts.
Ulp! Her cub's trapped under the ice.
Show us! - I'm going in! - What? But We need to help! I know, but you're just gonna leave me here with her? Yes, you are.
Are you real? Yep! Too real.
Adam, hurry.
You need to perform CPR on him! What? But I don't know how! Can't you do it? I don't know either! Just keep his mouth closed and blow into his nose.
Blow into his nose? For someone who doesn't know how to do this, it sure sounds like you do.
Look! You're welcome.
So, what is that? Ice! Well, duh, I know it's ice.
No, the answer to the riddle! Ice is mightier than steel yet cowers from the sun! Ice can smash ships, but it melts in the sun! Hey, yeah! So maybe we'll find the Ishibo in there! - What's wrong? - She says we shouldn't go there.
She says it isn't safe.
We have to.
It's the only way we'll get home or finish the game or whatever.
Come on.
We have a long way to walk.
Maybe we don't.
Whoa! This is as close as she wants to get.
We'll be careful.
Thanks for the lift.
Who do you think built this? Whoever it is, they're way overdue on paying their heating bill.
No way.
Kai! What happened? Is he alive? I don't know! Maybe he's in a cryogenic state or suspended animation or whatever it's called.
Adam, smash the ice! But it could hurt him! Kai! Can you hear me? Kai! Wake up! Kai! Kai Okay, out of the way! Wait! His eyes.
I think they're moving.
What? See? Kai! Oh! I thought I'd never see you again.
No way! How did they get the Ishibo? "Kai, I'm so glad you're alive.
How did you get frozen in ice?" Yeah.
I'm a little worried.
Now he thinks we're in a video game.
A video game? Like an actual "Pew, pew, pew" video game? I mean, that's insane! Trust me, that fake Blind Old Man was digital! Uh translation, please? We met this guy and Adam saw him glitch or short-circuit or something.
Did you see it, too? Nope.
Kai, thaw out the Ishibo.
But just the Ishibo, not Reeve.
- Are you crazy? I'm thawing them all out.
- Don't! They're just trying to help us all get home! They can't be trusted! Who cares? None of this is real and we're just in a video game, right? Fine.
I'll break the ice, then.
Adam, stop! You could hurt him! That's a risk I'm willing to take.
Adam, don't! - Get out of my way, Mira! - Adam! Stop fighting! We need to hurry before he comes back! What do you mean? Before who comes back? Him.