The Hollow (2018) s01e08 Episode Script


What is that? You can ask him yourself.
Which way is out? Should we look for an exit sign? I don't wanna be a Kai-sicle again! Guys.
Over here.
Stop! Easy.
That's right.
Okay, forget that last one.
I see you have some anger issues, but we can work through them together.
Tell me about your relationship with your Mommy.
No! Uh-oh.
Too bad you're such a jerk.
We could have started a sauna business together! Adam! If we can get that mutant snowball under there - Then Kai can - Exactly! So how do we do it? Uh, guys? I can't keep this up much longer! Come on! I'm right here! Was your momma a glacier? 'Cause you sure are slow! Come on, Frosty the Slowman! What's Adam doing besides throwing out really lame insults? Well, I guess the "slowman" one was pretty good, but You see that? Yeah.
Monster butt, so what? Oh.
I mean, yeah! Ready? - Guys? - Aim! Fire! He never thaw it coming.
I guess he had bad ice-sight.
Okay, even I'll admit that one was bad.
Come on, let's get going.
Kai, thaw it out and let's go.
Will do.
They'll be so happy to see you guys! I told you, not them! Just the Ishibo! - We can't trust them! - Yes, we can! They couldn't trust us, that's why they lied about having the Ishibo! - Kai, don't! - Move! - You don't wanna do this.
- Yeah, I do.
Guys, stop! Adam, what if Kai's right? We know nothing about them! That's right, we don't! But they stole the Ishibo from us! Shouldn't we at least give them a chance to explain themselves? Adam, we can't just leave them here to die.
Kai, no! You guys okay? I'm cool.
Get it? Because I'm actually frozen.
Cool? Cold? Anyone? What are they doing here? They saved us! Isn't that great? Now we can all go home together! I see you found your friends.
Yeah! Although between you and me, I think Adam's starting to lose it.
You should hear his new theory.
He thinks we're all in a video game! A video game? I know! Crazy, right? Yeah.
Video game or not, we need to get out of here.
Come on.
Adam! No! Hey! Oops.
What are you doing? Just making sure we win! Win what? Wow, Kai, you take clueless to a whole other level.
But I don't understand! Of course you don't, that's why it was so easy to lie to you! You were lying? So you don't really like me? Aw.
You're so adorable, Kai.
So you do like me? Let me spell it out for you.
I was using you! I thought your fire power could help our team win the game.
Team? What team? Wait, so Adam's right? We really are in a video game? But You know what, Kai? I'm tired of arguing.
So, let's just drop it Ah! No! Well, look who it is.
Hey, loser! Forget him.
We need to find that tree or we'll never win.
Thanks for your help! Give it back! Adam! Aw! - Too bad your friend didn't make it.
- What? See you later! Oh, wait, no, we won't.
Adam, wake up! Adam! Is he dead? I can feel a faint pulse.
He's freezing.
This is all my fault! I'm so sorry, Adam.
I should've listened to you.
I never should have trusted them.
Please don't die.
Please don't die.
Mira! Adam was right.
This is all a video game! We're in a game! - What? - Vanessa told me! The three of us are a team and so are those other kids! It's us versus them! And we can't win without the Ishibo! But how? If it's a game, maybe Adam's got more lives? Like if he dies, maybe he'll regenerate and come back to life? Maybe, but what if he doesn't? I don't know.
This is crazy.
How did we end up in a game? I don't know! It doesn't make sense.
Who put us here and why? - Who would do this to us? - I don't know! Come on, help me get him up.
- We need to call That Weird Guy for help.
- Uh, are you sure? Adam looks too weak to survive one of those energy-sucking portals.
It's worth the risk.
We need to get him somewhere safe and warm as soon as possible.
Uh What? What is it? Well, I might've, kinda, sort of, maybe, in a manner of speaking, used our last portal.
You what? That doesn't sound good.
Maybe he didn't see us? He saw us! Awesome! It's amazing what you can think of when you're about to die.
Toodle-oo! Whoo-hoo! Sic 'em bears! - Wow, talk about lucky! - More like returning a favor.
Get him! He's so cold.
Here, let me.
Hey, what about that medicine? - Any left? - Don't think so.
Empty! No! The map! Kai! Whoa! Kai! Kai! We need to find land.
There's an empty area on the map.
I think we're heading towards it.
Come on, Adam, just hold on a little longer.
It's getting warmer.
That's a good thing, right? Whoa! Mira! Huh? - Don't move! - I'm not! Ah! Okay.
Slowly walk over it.
Which is it? Don't move or slowly walk over it? Just do it! Easy.
Okay, here goes nothing.
Mira! We need to find land fast! I don't see anything! Take Adam and swim until you find land! What? I can't leave you! You have to! This thing will only hold one of us, and we can't leave him alone.
I'll just slow you down.
But that old man said we need to stick together! You think it's because we have to win the game as a team? Then we'll never win if Adam dies! Go! - But - Go! I'll come back and get you, I promise! No, no, no! Stop.
Stop! I said stop! Ah! Mira! Okay, Kai, just don't move and you'll get through this.
Come on, this isn't so bad.
The fresh salt air, the beautiful sun.
I can work on my tan, right? Right! Yes, I'm answering myself because there's no one else to talk to.
And because I'm nervous.
Are you nervous? Why yes, yes I am.
Wait, what? Mira? Great, this game has sharks too? Maybe it's a vegetarian shark! Do those even exist? I don't know, why are you asking me? Because who else am I going to ask? What the? Ah! Kai! Climb aboard! No way! I promised I'd be back! - I'm so happy to see you.
- Me too.
I was talking to the whale.
Hi, Mira, didn't notice you there.
Kai! Is Adam? Still alive! Hold tight.
She can really move.
Here we go again! Shoo, shoo, shoo! Over there, look! Yes! Adam, you're gonna make it.
We're almost there.
Just hold on until we can get you some help.
- See that? - Yeah.
What now? It's showing up! Spiders? Thank you! - Did you? - Yeah, what's going on? Run! Adam! You okay? Sure.
Who doesn't love the taste of jet fuel? Ugh! Hey.
What is that? You need to get out! It's collapsing! - What is? - The game! The code is corrupt! Get out before it's too late! Hurry! But how do we get out? The only way is to How? How do we get out?