The Hollow (2018) s01e09 Episode Script


How's he doing? His pulse is getting weaker.
This is nuts! How did we end up in a video game? And how the heck do we get out? Oh, great.
I really hate spiders.
What do you think? Friend or foe? They sure look like bad guys.
Time for a Mutant-Spider Stir-fry! Huh? Please tell me this is the final level.
And please let us find a cheat code in the next three seconds.
Huh? - Why isn't it burning? - You're wasting your time, invader.
Please, we're not invaders! Leave him alone! Ulp! - Stop! - Put him down! Where are you taking him? You should be worrying about yourselves.
Ow! Ow! Oh, come on! Ow! Ugh! Seriously? Ugh! Ow! Ugh! Eh? Adam? He will be here soon.
Who will? No one leaves.
Not me, fool! Right.
It's my first day.
I saw Adam hanging in another cave.
I think they're gonna eat him! How do we rescue him? We're wrapped in mutant-spider webbing! And even if we do somehow save him, how do we get the Ishibo back and win the game? Huh? How? - Kai - How? We'll figure it out together, okay? Okay? Okay.
I know, this is all crazy and none of it makes sense.
But at least we still have each other, right? Right.
What do you want? - Please, let us go! - We're just trying to win the game! This is no game! We're completely harmless! Please trust us! Trust you? Trust you? No.
Never again.
What do you mean? The first wave of human invaders arrived on our shores yesterday.
They, too, said I could trust them.
Then they attacked me with their evil weapon! I will forever pay for that mistake.
- Those other kids! - They were just here! Excuse me, Mr.
Giant Scary Spider Dude.
I won't make the same mistake twice! I can fix your legs! How? Not bad, huh? - And where did you learn to do that? - Mutant-Spider Repair School.
No, I'm kidding.
I just know how to fix stuff for some reason.
Come on, we should test it out.
Ouch! Aw, don't be such a big baby.
What do you want? I was just looking for you! Me? Why me? Because I I've never seen such a handsome mutant spider in all my life.
Uh you think I'm handsome? I bet you're the most handsome mutant spider in town.
Oh, stop.
You're lying.
I'm serious! You're perfect! Well, almost perfect.
You're just missing a oh, never mind.
- What? What am I missing? - No, I I shouldn't say anything.
Oh, come on, tell me! What would make me perfect? Okay.
A beauty mark.
If only you had a beauty mark, then you'd be perfect.
What's a beauty mark? I want one! I can give you a beauty mark! - Really? - Sure! Oh, darn! No, I can't.
I'm all tied up.
Oh, well.
What a shame.
Don't tell anyone, okay? Oh, don't worry, I won't.
Okay, hurry, give me a beauty mark! Give me a beauty mark! Okay, but you have to close your eyes and stay still.
I'm gonna be so-oo handsome! Yep, you're gonna be a knockout, all right.
Beauty mark hurt.
Sorry, good-lookin'.
Adam, it's me, wake up! Adam! What are you doing here? Stop! Don't hurt her! Thanks.
Why aren't you blasting him? It's okay! He's gonna help us! I fixed him, see? Kai, we can't trust these mutant spiders.
Look! No! You said you'd help us! Wait! Adam! Stand back, Mira! I'll handle this freak! Don't! He's a good guy.
Spider mutant thing.
He healed you! - With his venom! - Venom? Uh, sorry for calling you a freak.
And thanks.
You can thank him.
It was nothing.
What's going on? Last thing I remember, we were Those other kids! Where's the Ishibo? They have it.
They were just here.
Adam, I'm sorry.
This is all my fault.
You were right.
I never should've trusted them.
It's okay, Kai.
We're good.
Adam, those other kids attacked the spiders, too.
I'm sorry, not all humans are like those kids.
Yes, I know that now.
Thanks for helping us, but we have to go.
Come on.
We need to move fast if they were just here.
Actually, we've got bigger things to worry about.
What do you mean? - Uh, did you guys? - Yeah.
We saw it, too.
So, wait.
We're stuck in a video game that's basically eating itself? Pretty much.
That explains why I saw that fake-blind old man glitch! And why my reflection was reversed.
See? I'm not crazy! I kinda wish you were.
Yeah, and it's getting worse by the second.
Oh, come on! Dumb glitching rock! Ow! Seriously? Something is really wrong.
Hey, look! Do you think it's those other kids? Let's hope.
Did That Weird Guy give you any clue why we're in a game? Or how we get out? Nope.
He just said the code is corrupt, told us to get out, went all And then disappeared.
But if we're really stuck in a corrupt game, can't they just turn it off and save us? - Who's they? - I don't know.
- Whoever put us in here.
- What if they can't just turn it off? What if the only way to stop the game from collapsing is to win the game? - I guess that could be possible.
- It could? - You have a better theory? - No.
But let's say you're right, how do we win the game? The Tree.
She said she'd get us home if we return the Ishibo.
Is that how we win? I don't know, but we need to figure this out fast before - No! - Kai! Hey, what's up? Oh, nothing, just me! Whoa! - That's awesome! - I finally figured it out! Whoa.
- That was close! - I know! You really scared us there, buddy.
Nothing to be scared of.
This is so awesome! Watch this! I call it "The Copter of Doom!" Whoop! Whoo-hoo-hoo! Pretty cool, huh? Very cool, Kai.
What was that? Think it's them? Kai! Power down! Any luck? No, no clue where that tree is, dude.
Where's Vanessa? Got me.
Still looking, I guess.
There, see it? This forest is huge! I must have flown over it six times.
And you couldn't find her either? All the trees look the same from up there! Useless.
I can't believe I'm stuck with you two.
You want to try to win the game on your own? Yeah! I would! - Who's stopping you? - You are! Whoa! Easy.
You can kill each other after we win, okay? You guys see that? It happened again! Who cares? I told you, it's probably just some bug.
Stop worrying about it! So how do we get it back? I have an idea.
But what if it isn't just some bug? Things have been glitching a lot more lately.
Skeet, just drop it! Yeah, we don't need your negative vibe right now.
I'm negative? Are you even listening to yourself? Guys, quiet! The tree.
She said she'd get us home if You're hopeless! I'm not the one who trusted them! I can't believe you fell for her.
Fine, blame me if it makes you feel better.
Oh, it does.
You really thought she liked you? You don't have to be mean about it.
Kai? I'll have you know that I have some high-quality Qualities.
Kai! No way.
Please don't hurt us! We don't want any more trouble! Well, didn't think I'd see you again.
Where's what's his face? Johnny Karate or whatever.
- He didn't make it.
- Hah! And he didn't regenerate? Knew it.
One life, it's all we get.
What was that? Hand it over! Yeah, don't think so.
Guys, listen.
The game code - It's corrupt.
- We're all in danger.
I knew it! See, it's not just a bug.
Quiet! I'm not buying it.
Unlike you, Kai, I don't believe everything I'm told.
Join us and we can get out of this together.
Let me think.
No! Then we'll just have to win the game without you.
Hello? Aren't you forgetting something? You can't win without the Ishibo.
And looky here.
You don't have it.
Guys, maybe they're telling the truth.
We are not joining them! Because we're going to win! Vanessa, this isn't just a game anymore, it's life and death! - Time's running out! - Trust me, you don't want to do this.
Oh, yes, we do! Whoa! Oh-hh! Hey! Watch it! I'm kinda busy.
Watch it yourself! Are you okay? What was that? Heads up! Had enough? Ugh! Kai! Mira! Huh? We all need to get out of here! I don't want to fight you! Because you can't, with your lame powers! Help! No one can help you up here.
Agh! Ugh! Oh! Incoming! Huh? Mira, are you okay? Where's Vanessa? She's busy.
Impressive! But a crow can't catch me! Ugh! How am I supposed to hit him if I can't even see him? What about that new move you were working on? Ooh! Copter of Doom! Whoa! Agh! Huh? I love those glitching rocks! Help! This is crazy! You can have the freaky stick.
Later, dude.
Adam! - What do we do? - I was hoping you knew.
No! Kai, none of this was my idea.
I really like you.
But Reeve and Skeet, they made me betray you just to win this stupid game! You have to believe me.
Uh, no, I really don't.
Oh, well.
It was worth a shot.
Bye! Kai! Forget her.
Let's find that tree.
- Win the game.
- And get back home.