The Hollow (2018) s01e10 Episode Script


Hey, I just thought of something.
Slow down and keep your distance.
Huh? Why? Because Adam's got buckets of mutant spider venom sloshing through his body now.
We don't know what effect that might have on him.
It cured him.
What else do you think it'll do? Logically, it might turn him into a mutant spider, too.
What? Whose logic? Duh.
Only every comic book scientist ever.
Come on, guys! We need to win this game and get out before it's too late! The transformation has begun! Let me go, let me go, let me Hey, what's the hold-up? Oh.
So, any clue how we find that tree? Should we try That Weird Guy? Maybe he can open a portal and send us there.
- Tell him.
- You tell him.
Me? I'm not the one who used the last portal.
- What? - But it doesn't matter.
Because Weirdie said he can't help us anymore.
We're on our own.
Whoa! Wow.
- Uh - We should get moving.
This is nuts.
We can't just keep wandering around hoping to find her! Wait, who has the satchel? - Where is it? - Gone.
Fell in the water.
We lost it.
Lost it? But the map was in there! How could you let that happen? Oh.
This forest is huge.
She's somewhere in here.
But where? - Okay, think back.
How did we find her? - It's pointless! Remember? We were dropped onto her by That Weird Guy.
- Right.
But we ran into her again.
- You did? When? After we fell into a hole.
Back in that cemetery.
Yeah, we found her near the Fake Blind guy's place.
Okay, so we just need to find the cemetery.
But how do we get the ground to open up again? One thing at a time.
I'm guessing we're here so that cemetery is west of us.
- And the sun is setting - So we follow the sun.
What, like you've never seen the sun implode before? Come on! Are we really going home? We're finally going home, right? - I can't wait to get back and see - Agh! What the heck am I saying? I don't remember anything! It's gotta be better than this place! I want to find out who's responsible for putting us in this game, and if it was That Weird Guy, why? Hey! Up there! We're close! Why does this keep happening just to me? Hello! Welcome back! Hey, you got that stick you were looking for! Yeah, now we can get out of here and finally go home! Aw! Can't you stay? We could have so much fun! - Sorry, guys.
- No time for fun! Wish us luck! Good luck extravaganza! - Ha! Whoo! Hee! - Good luck! Good luck! Good luck! - Good luck! Good luck! - Hey! I don't bounce.
Ooh, my bad.
Good luck field goal! Hah! This is fun! What are you doing here? Oh, hello? I'm Death! I always show up when it's time.
And it's almost time for you! Not yet, it's not! Want some cinnamon scones for the road? I tweaked the recipe a bit! They're to die for! We're gonna make it, right? Tell me we're gonna make it.
- We're gonna make it! - Stop lying to me! - What's happening? - The game's unstable.
I guess things are getting mixed up? Death is your friend! Whoo-hoo! Let her go! Run! Mira! Tell him my butt tastes like butt! No! I can't see.
- Is my butt still there? - Look! Come on! Okay.
We were standing around here just before we fell down that hole.
So how did the ground open up? We need to backtrack.
Kai, where were you when it happened? Over there.
- But I didn't do anything! - You must've done something! Is that? Oh, yay.
A Giant Minotaur Spider Mutant.
As if things weren't creepy enough! Kai? Hurry! Hurry? Hurry doing what? Whatever you did! But I didn't do anything! Why do you think I did something? What am I supposed to do? Seriously, I didn't do nothing! And I know that's a double negative, but Whoa! Huh.
Guess I did do something! Sorry, gotta go.
But see you in my nightmares! - Where's Kai? Did he make it? - I made it! Kinda.
You okay? Still as handsome as ever! Let's go! Has scales, but is not a fish.
- Has wings, but is not a bird.
- What is that? Has scales, but is not a fish - Has scales, but is not a fish - So this is Dave? - What does he mean? - Forget him! Come on! Has scales but is not a fish We have it! - I think she's sleeping! - Hello? Wake up! Wake up! It's tree o'clock! Get it? Because she's a - We brought you your missing branch! - Can you help us get out of here now? Hmm.
You have completed your quest.
Awesome! What's happening? It's time to get you home.
Ugh! Why are you stopping? Come on, hurry! Ow! Ow.
That's why.
Your home is beyond this world.
- So we're stuck here? - Hmm.
Is this the edge of the game? It's like when me and Vanessa hit that invisible wall.
- When we were flying.
- Look.
The map ends here.
How do we get through? Okay.
Definitely not like that.
Go through! Hurry! Come with us! No.
I cannot cross into this world.
Go! Remember, you are worthy! Worthy worthy We're "worthy"? What do you think that means? Uh Should we go back? - Yes, please! - We can't.
This is all there is now.
Maybe once we enter the castle, we'll finally win the game.
No way.
If this really is a game, it can't be that easy.
What do you mean? Two words.
Boss Battle.
There's always a huge battle right before you win.
And that means Ugh.
Boss Monster.
"Has scales, but is not a fish.
" "Has wings, but is not a bird.
" I am Colrath, protector of the realm.
The unworthy shall not enter.
There's no turning back.
I am Colrath, protector of the realm.
The unworthy shall not enter.
But we just want to go home! Please let us enter the castle! I am Colrath, protector of the realm.
"The unworthy shall not enter.
" Yeah, we know.
But we are worthy.
We're running out of time.
Ready? It's pointless.
He's a dragon! Man, my only superpower, and it's useless! But you can still control fire, right? Hey right! Whoa! That was too easy.
Get ready.
- That wasn't much of a boss battle.
- There's no way this is over.
Maybe it really is over.
- This is bad.
- This is really bad.
Okay, it's definitely not over! I got this! I don't got this! What are we gonna do? We have to save him! How? I can't use the Ishibo if I can't get close to them! Kai! Keep him busy! Like I have a choice! - Get ready! - Get ready for what? No time to explain! Whoa! Any time, guys! Kai! Hurry! Go, go, go! It's locked! The keys! Where are they? At the bottom of the ocean, with the satchel! Open up! Get out of the way! Jump! Ugh! Hmm? Oh, no! Great.
Back where we started! That wasn't here before.
What is it? It might be a way out of here.
Should we press it? It's green, so that means it's good, right? - I don't know if we have a choice - Ready? Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on! - Three - Two One! Huh? Huh? How's that for an ending? Hey! Let's hear it for Team Kai, Mira and Adam the Grand Champions of "The Hollow"! - We won.
We won! - We did it! We did it! And Even though they totally didn't win, let's hear it anyway for Team Vanessa, Reeve and Skeet! Kai? Is everything okay? Yeah, it's just I really need to go to the bathroom.
Well, here you go.
Let's hear it for our winners, huh? You all know the rules.
If you get stuck and you need a hint, you can shout "help," and I will come and help you.
But it will cost you power points, so try not to use me too much.
As you know, you won't remember any of this.
Good times, right? In order to win, your full team must complete all tasks and make it back together.
Time to choose your secret powers.
Okay, it's just about time to start.
Is everybody ready? Because here we go!