The Hot Zone (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Charlie Foxtrot

1 NANCY: Previously on The Hot Zone We may have a filovirus on our hands and there is a chance that it's Ebola.
PETER: It can't be Ebola.
Ben, we don't have it.
We just need to run daily tests on our blood to prove that we don't have it.
FRANK: What the hell am I dealing with here? NANCY: I can't tell you that until I get my hands on some fresh tissue.
Ebola Zaire.
Fax it to Carter immediately and include the image of the exploded cells.
CARTER: Ask 'em if people have been getting sick around here.
(SPEAKING IN LINGALA) RHODES: He said, "The forest is bleeding".
NANCY: I don't think you understand what we're really dealing with here.
Ebola spreads easily.
Anyone handling blood, feces, vomit, any bodily fluids.
How many workers in your facility right now fit that description? FRANK: Not feeling well, Bruce? DOMANSKI: Just a headache.
NANCY: You need to let me get in there today, make sure that it's contained and that it doesn't spread to the other primates.
DOMANSKI: Who in the hell are you? CARTER: I found a sick monkey in another cell.
We didn't catch it in time.
These people burned themselves and their village to contain this thing.
Wait, please! Hold on! We need, we need samples, please! It's still out there somewhere, and we're gonna find it.
- RHODES: Are you sure those soldiers - - didn't set fire to the village themselves? - Like, you know, some kind of turf war, maybe? I mean, how do we even know those people were really sick? CARTER: They were sick.
You could smell it.
RHODES: Head office is gonna love this.
No blood sample, and the only doctor who knew anything is lying in a pile of ashes.
So, now what? CARTER: We tell the nuns they've lost their only doctor.
After that? We figure something out.
It may not be exactly by the book.
RHODES: Look, Carter.
I want to keep this job.
So, we have to stick to IDC procedures, okay? CARTER: You find any, you let me know.
RHODES: Where is everybody? (SPEAKING IN LINGALA) CARTER: What happened here? ADOGO: Not certain.
The local soldiers have quarantined the hospital.
Doctor Adogo.
MELINDA: Melinda Danport with International Aid Relief.
We bring the sisters supplies whenever we have extra to spare.
Came in yesterday to find this fascist fiasco.
CARTER: Wade Carter.
Travis Rhodes.
- We're with International Disease Control.
- MELINDA: IDC? Perhaps you can make a few calls so these men will let us through RHODES: What about the Sisters? Has anyone talked to them? ADOGO: They cannot come further than the porch.
No one has been in or out in two-three days.
MELINDA: We heard some screams yesterday but nothing for a few hours now.
CARTER: Tell him the General sent us.
We came on his private plane.
He expects us to report back.
And I want his name.
SOLDIER: Nzembo Lunga.
CARTER: Nzembo Lunga.
We can pass.
Let me take these up for you.
MELINDA: Thank you.
(SPEAKING IN LINGALA) CARTER: What did he say? RHODES: He says we can enter and exit, but he's under orders to shoot anyone else who comes out.
CARTER: Sister? Do you remember we spoke to Sister Monica a few days ago? We went to the village where Dr.
Ewonda went, he RHODES: I'm sorry to tell you that he passed away.
The, the whole village was burned.
CARTER: Sister? RHODES: Where is Sister Monica? SISTER ELISE: Don't go in there.
RHODES: Carter.
Sister Monica? Sister Monica? CARTER: Sister Monica, can you hear us? We're here to help.
- RHODES: Sister Monica? - (GASPING) RHODES: Oh, Jesus! (WHEEZING) (COUGHING) (GURGLING) (THEME MUSIC PLAYS) The Hot Zone 1x03 Charlie Foxtrot - (DOOR BELL) - - (KNOCKING) - NANCY: So sorry to bother you at home, Sir.
We couldn't reach Colonel Tucker.
General Dwyer, this is Wade Carter.
We sterilized Cell H, but as Carter was leaving the facility CARTER: I found one more infected monkey in another cell.
- DWYER: How sure are you? - CARTER: 100% And there's probably more.
It's "jumped".
NANCY: It "spread".
We didn't contain it in time.
We need to get in there with a team, euthanize the infected monkeys and sterilize the premises.
DWYER: Any chance this has been transmitted to people? CARTER: We don't know yet.
But I've dealt with Zaire before, it's best to quarantine the workers to be safe.
DWYER: I get Nancy brought you in for your experience, but you've got one hell of a reputation, Dr.
Keep a low profile.
Everything you do lands on her shoulders.
NANCY: Should we contact the WHO? DWYER: Yeah, but they're so bogged down with political hacks, Santa'll leave the North Pole before they can scramble a team together.
NANCY: What about the CDC? DWYER: I'll call them, but they don't have a vet department under an hour away like we do.
And they can't handle a mission as dangerous as this.
NANCY: Don't worry, Sir.
We will plan every detail and follow military protocol.
DWYER: Colonel.
Modern day Army's never contained an outbreak on U.
soil like this before.
There is no protocol.
BEN: I told my wife.
I told her everything.
PETER: You what? BEN: Look, she deserves to know, all right? I'm-I'm sure that you understand.
Not really, Ben.
Let me guess.
Was she freaked out? BEN: Yeah, she's terrified! She thinks I have it, th-that I could pass it.
PETER: Great.
You know, this is just great.
I hope you know she's gonna tell everyone.
BEN: No, she is not.
Look, I told her to stay inside, and to keep the kids home from school.
But maybe they should come in and we should test their blood, too.
PETER: And set off alarms all over this place? BEN: Alarms? Who cares about alarms? I want to keep my family alive.
PETER: Look, Ben, it doesn't transmit that easily.
Okay? It's not like we chugged a bottle of it.
We just waived our hands over it.
For God's sakes, there's a whole team of workers tha Shoveling monkey crap all day, they don't have it! BEN: Okay.
All right, all right, all right You're probably right.
PETER: Prob Do you want to start a panic? You want to get the base shut down? You know, publicly embarrassing the Army doesn't usually end that well.
BEN: She's not gonna say anything.
PETER: Yeah, how can you be 100% sure? (SCRUBBING) CARTER: You ready? NANCY: I have no road map.
I mean, no protocols? Out of all the agencies that are set up to protect us, why are we not more prepared? CARTER: It's never been at our back door before.
(SIGHS) CARTER: There's only one reason people do anything in this world.
I've been in your shoes.
NANCY: Really? Juggling a burgeoning outbreak and two kids, houseful of pets and a husband? CARTER: I mean going in for the first time.
All these labs here, military hierarchy, it can trick you.
Makes you think there's an order to the world.
FRANK: Hey, Walt.
The hell's happening with my monkeys? And what happened in Cell H? HUMBOLT: Did they clean it out? FRANK: Yeah.
One of my boys called me last night and said there was some man here in full gear.
HUMBOLT: Oh, that-that-that was, uh, - uh, that was just a precautionary - FRANK: Oh, cut the crap.
What, are you gonna tell me it's still SHF? People don't wear space suits if it's just SHF.
(BROOM STICK RATTLES) Bruce? What the hell? Bruce? (HEAVY BREATHING) - DOMANSKI: Frank.
- HUMBOLT: You feeling okay? (RETCHES) (COUGHING) FRANK: Ebola? What the hell.
I never heard of it.
HUMBOLT: Has he come in contact with feces or monkey fluids? FRANK: What are you talking about? Of course, he did.
That's his job, it's all our jobs.
I must've touched six dead monkeys in the past two days, myself.
HUMBOLT: Don't you bleach everything? Corporate guidelines say you're supposed to FRANK: Oh, the guidelines don't say anything about a damn hazmat suit.
Don't turn this around on us! How does this thing spread? (SCOFFS) HUMBOLT: Urine.
Pretty much a, anything you touch.
FRANK: Why in the hell didn't you tell us to take extra precautions? HUMBOLT: They told me that they exterminated every cell in that room.
Every living cell.
FRANK: My God, Walt.
I've gotta tell my guys to go home, - I gotta get 'em out of here.
- UMBOLT: No, no, no, no, no.
Wait, just hold on a second.
Hazleton's gonna come down on us like a ton of bricks when they find out that we went to the Army.
FRANK: We? I wasn't in on that.
HUMBOLT: Oh, the Colonel just magically had four monkeys appear in her trunk? It's gonna be okay.
The Army wouldn't just walk away if there was still a threat.
Right? It's much more likely he's hungover or had some bad chicken.
We don't even know if he has a fever.
FRANK: Well, that could be.
HUMBOLT: So let's, let's just, let's take his temperature before we get into all kinds of panic.
We'll just get a thermometer.
- FRANK: I can't.
- HUMBOLT: Why not? FRANK: They're all rectal.
We used 'em on the monkeys.
WOMAN (OVER PA): On sale this week through Sunday.
If you're not already a member, please see one of our helpful sales associates to sign up today.
(BABY COOING) WOMAN (OVER PA): Pharmacy, you have a call on line 1.
Pharmacy, you have a call on line 1.
FRANK: Uh, just keep the change.
GIRL: Do you want a bag? FRANK: Uh, yeah.
Thank you.
(PHONE RINGING) NANCY: This is Colonel Jaax.
WALTER (OVER PHONE): It's Walter Humbolt from Hazleton.
We've got a problem.
PETER: Nancy? NANCY: We got a call from Reston.
A worker has a fever, it may have spilled over to humans.
PETER: Are there any other symptoms? NANCY: We don't know yet.
Just get ready.
You may have hot samples coming in.
(WORKERS CHATTER) HUMBOLT: Um, could I have everyone's attention? We have some mandatory training, which will begin shortly.
Um, if I could just have everybody head upstairs and hang tight for a bit.
DOMANSKI: Did someone call my wife? NANCY: We'll notify her.
Just close your eyes, take a deep breath.
Trust me, it'll help.
CARTER: We'll be back for the other workers.
Do not let them go home! NANCY: Evacuate the hallway.
Sir, you need to get out of the vicinity.
I'm Colonel Jaax, U.
You need to get out of here.
Carter? RHODES: Travis Rhodes, CDC.
I'll be taking it from here.
NANCY: The CDC doesn't have a quarantine facility anywhere near here.
RHODES: And the Army doesn't have jurisdiction over a private facility.
NANCY: Carter? HUMBOLT: I just want you to know we've been cooperating fully with the Army.
RHODES: Who were kind enough to let us know as they went in.
CARTER: This isn't a pissing contest.
NANCY: Look, we have to move fast.
I don't know what the problem is, there's only one right thing to do here.
PARAMEDICS: Ready? On you.
CARTER: This is insane.
NANCY: You need to warn the hospital.
RHODES: I know what precautions to take.
But let's look at the facts.
Shortness of breath.
Could all be symptoms of any number of things, including heart attack.
CARTER: Don't be an idiot.
RHODES: Don't jump to conclusions.
Neither of you are medical doctors.
No one did an exam or even tested the patient's blood.
You sound an alarm like this, it'll be heard all across the city.
CARTER: You can't allow that ambulance to dock at a local ER.
RHODES: I am sure you had to work twice as hard for those stripes.
I would keep your loose cannon the hell away from me.
NANCY: We have compelling evidence that the agent is alive and replicating in that facility.
RHODES: You have nothing more than a faint green glow and a even fainter understanding of the panic that you would be thoughtlessly unleashing.
CARTER: Did your ego get so big you're willing to kill a man for it? NANCY: Look, his nurses, his doctors, they must wear protective gear.
RHODES: You know damn well if this is what you say it is, this entire neighborhood would be strewn with bodies.
CARTER: There was no way to help her.
I'm really sorry.
I don't understand.
nobody was sick when we came through here.
SISTER ELISE: He brought the "death plague".
CARTER: Who did? SISTER ELISE: The schoolmaster, he was very sick.
CARTER: Who was the-the next one to get sick? SISTER ELISE: One of the pregnant ones.
CARTER: There's six bodies over there, how many were pregnant? SISTER ELISE: Two.
They come for vitamin shots to give them strength for birth.
RHODES: Carter? That first day we were here, they were giving shots to what? 40, 50 people? Well, there's only a handful of needles here.
CARTER: They probably dumped the trash since then.
RHODES: No, the gum wrappers from the packs we brought are halfway down.
This thing hasn't been emptied in weeks.
CARTER: Did the schoolmaster get vitamin shots? How often do you change needles? SISTER ELISE: We change them every one or two days.
CARTER: Do you sterilize them? SISTER ELISE: Of course.
We rinse them, several times a day.
Do you think we CARTER: I'm sure it was already spreading.
RHODES: Carter? (SPEAKING IN LINGALA) CARTER: Sister, get back on the porch.
MELINDA: Go back! Go back! Go back! (GUNSHOTS) (ARGUING IN LINGALA) We have 236 bottles of rompun.
- Should be plenty.
- JERRY: Okay.
Hey, we have a lot of backup supplies but I don't have enough ketamine for more than 40, 50 monkeys.
NANCY: I've got officers coming out of my ears.
I just need my husband right now.
JERRY: What happened? NANCY: CDC showed up, pushed us out.
They sent that worker to the hospital.
JERRY: Civilian hospital? Well, what's the read on the guy's blood? Is he positive? NANCY: Well, we haven't even gotten any samples yet.
I don't know.
I mean, they're supposed to send us one for testing.
JERRY: You were in your racal, right? NANCY: Of course I was.
I wasn't even in there for more than ten minutes.
So Tucker has wrangled a meeting, he wants me to stand up in front of the top brass, the CDC, even the Pentagon guys and somehow convince them to give us the keys.
JERRY: Well, if anyone can NANCY: Yeah, but we don't have the time.
- ERICSON: Hey, Nancy.
- NANCY: Hey.
I mean, they want me to xerox a bunch of charts for these guys when this thing could be ripping through the suburbs already.
JERRY: What does Carter think? NANCY: Carter thinks this could be the biggest catastrophe in U.
JERRY: Nancy.
He can't say that.
NANCY: I know, not publicly.
JERRY: Look, I know he's the expert and everything, but you gotta protect yourself.
NANCY: But they don't understand.
If we don't move in now, it could be too late.
- JERRY: You always have to fight so hard.
- (SOFT CHUCKLE) So, look, why don't you just go in there, and show those guys what they're dealing with? Mainly you.
NANCY: Yeah.
I can do that.
JERRY: Sorry, I know I gotta trust the gear, it's just - kids.
- NANCY: Of course.
Can never be too careful.
It'll be over soon.
BEN: What do you think the chances are that the worker has it? PETER: Look, this guy cleaned their cages, right? He fed them.
I don't know, maybe he even got scratched.
Comes back positive, it doesn't mean anything.
Your girlfriend's on her way up.
PETER: What? No, no, no, no, no, no Hey.
Sorry, it's, uh, no unauthorized personnel allowed inside the lab, so REBECCA: Good to see you, too.
PETER: Hey, did you do, like, a hair thing or something? - It's, you look great.
- REBECCA: Where the hell have you been? I have been paging you for two days.
PETER: I'm sorry.
Ah, crap.
It's, like, just been on this insane deadline.
REBECCA: I went by your place, I saw the car in the drive, I got worried.
PETER: Yeah, well, I took the commuter and then I just kind of biked it from there.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to freak you out.
REBECCA: Are you coming over tonight? PETER: Um, yeah.
No, I mean, I, you know, I want to, but (SIGHS) Yeah, we're just about to test this blood, and, you know, who knows what we're gonna find.
Can you, uh? Look, something happened, and, um, I just, you know, I need to stay here with Ben until we figure it out, so, you know, orders.
REBECCA: You know the last time - you went AWOL - PETER: No, no, no.
Come on.
It's nothing like that.
It's, I was mixed up, and yeah, I didn't know what I wanted then.
REBECCA: You won't walk into the Cineplex if we show up two minutes late.
That is not a guy who loses track of his fiancée for two days.
PETER: Yeah, I didn't want to scare her.
BEN: Right.
PETER: All right, let's see what's up with this guy.
(MONKEYS SCREECHING) (GROUP CHATTER) OFFICIAL: Do we have this right? You went in on your own, - in the face of a deadly pathogen, - and this is the first we're hearing about it? NANCY: That's correct.
Since its discovery, this virus has been isolated in remote regions of Africa.
Today, it is 20 minutes outside a metropolis of six million.
The Ebola virus enters the body's cells and uses the cells' own machinery to reproduce itself.
The cells bulge with the newly assembled viruses until it floods into the body, and the whole thing starts all over again.
There is a mortality rate of 90%.
OFFICIAL 2: Is it anything like AIDS? NANCY: It's easier to contract, because it is spread through most bodily fluids, even sweat.
Caretakers are usually the first to contract and propagate the virus.
With every hour, this disease is incubating and possibly spreading in the Hazleton facility.
We need to get in there and euthanize all the animals.
ERICSON: What about the asymptomatic ones? NANCY: Unfortunately, many of the monkeys may be carriers.
Too big a risk to keep them alive.
OFFICIAL 3: Why not just gas the place? NANCY: Well, that would be easier, but less humane.
Look, we don't get many chances to study this virus.
We need to take samples, to look for a cure.
OFFICIAL 3: That's a huge operation.
You'd be putting our soldiers at risk.
NANCY: True.
But the Army is better equipped to handle a level four hot agent than most local hospitals, which is where infected people will start showing up if we don't contain it.
Are you prepared for an outbreak like this? (GROUP CHATTER) (CLEARS THROAT) RHODES: Colonel, are you 100% certain your samples contain Ebola Zaire? NANCY: Well, you can never be 100% certain RHODES: Even if the test glows green, it is possible that whatever virus you have is simply reacting to your Ebola test and not actually Ebola Zaire, is it not? - NANCY: Well, it's possible but - RHODES: And you want to trigger hundreds of millions of Federal funding, and start a widespread panic when we don't even have one single confirmed human case.
There are more reasonable responses at this point.
NANCY: With all due respect RHODES: You have no experience in the field.
NANCY: And that is why I brought in the best emerging infectious disease expert.
RHODES: The CDC is the global expert on emerging infectious diseases.
CARTER: So what happened with your response to AIDS? RHODES: We were the first to publish a report on these epidem CARTER: People had been tracking that for years.
You let a generation of hemophiliacs and the gay community tackle the first blows alone.
90,000 people died in this country.
- TUCKER: Colonel.
- NANCY: Carter.
Like it or not, the virus is here.
And we can't afford to be the people that stood by and did nothing because we were too scared to pull the trigger.
TUCKER: Jahrling? You have the results of that sick employee? PETER: Uh, there were no viruses detected.
RHODES: Thank you, that's exactly what I'm talking about.
NANCY: There's an incubation window.
(GROUP CHATTER) CARTER: It's airborne.
RHODES: That is entirely unfounded.
A careless, unsubstantiated claim.
CARTER: Go on, Nance.
NANCY: It's not entirely unsubstantiated.
Several years ago, there was a trial done.
It showed the virus infecting the monkeys with no interaction with the hot agent.
Other than air circulation.
You can imagine just one infected person entering a public space.
A D.
subway, for example.
One sneeze, and a million hot particles could be dispersed.
It can sweep the population before we would have a chance to shut down the city.
TUCKER: Bottom line, you don't have the manpower to euthanize those monkeys and decon the building.
RHODES: Take the monkey house.
But precedent places us in charge of any possible human exposures.
DWYER: None of that may matter.
I just got word.
Hazleton's consulting their lawyers.
We're stalled until they officially allow access.
TUCKER: Well, we have to move on some plan.
If it hasn't jumped to humans yet, we've just been lucky.
- CARTER: She wasn't alone.
- RHODES: Who? CARTER: One of the victims came for shots with another expectant mother from her village.
It looks like they both left hospital to head home when a day into their journey, one of them wasn't feeling well and came back.
Died four days later.
I wonder if the other woman made it there.
M-Matambwe Village.
RHODES: Well, when we get back to Kinshasa and send off the sample, then we can call HQ and have them send out a team.
CARTER: No one is coming.
There isn't time.
RHODES: What are you doing? CARTER: Getting your ass and mine to that village.
They may already be in the midst of an outbreak.
RHODES: Our mission was to get a blood sample.
We have one.
We're supposed to turn it over as quick as possible.
Besides, if they're using dirty needles, then there could be 100 people infected.
CARTER: You're right, but we only got a lead on one.
And we're following it.
ADOGO: Yes? CARTER: We need to get to Matambwe Village.
ADOGO: No, man, th-the, the roads are washed out north of here.
Rainy season.
MELINDA: There are other ways to get there.
It's not exactly IDC regulation, but Huh, hey ha CARTER: We need to hire a chopper to Matambwe.
PILOT: 300, US.
CARTER: It's only 40 to Bumba.
Ten times the distance.
Hundred each way.
MELINDA: Okay, then we'll find another pilot who will do it for the same price.
PILOT: Okay, okay.
But I'm gonna have to drop you, then come back later.
I got a job tomorrow.
RHODES: Carter.
This is insane.
You can't ask me or her to get in some rickety chopper with a drunk at the controls.
CARTER: Then don't come.
RHODES: What? You don't even know if that woman made it back to her village.
CARTER: There's a deadly virus, and there's an infected person heading for a populated area.
RHODES: And us getting that sample back to HQ is the best hope those people would have.
CARTER: It'll take months, years, for them to do anything useful with that sample, we're the only line of defense.
RHODES: You have no idea what you're getting into.
Just the three of us.
We'll be hundreds of miles from the nearest town.
We could be stranded out there.
We could be the next victims.
What good would that do? CARTER: We haven't seen it navigate through the human body from the start.
What's the incubation period? The first symptom? The second? RHODES: You've been hunting viruses for two decades.
Running all over the globe.
Probably hard to keep a relationship going.
Did you ever want to have kids, Carter? No.
No, my guess is that you sacrificed a lot to be right here.
On the precipice.
The one who could name the next killer disease.
CARTER: You saw how that virus burned through that hospital.
This is something new.
If you think you can maneuver your way out of Zaire without me, good luck.
I would be remiss not to warn you about your partner.
There's a lot there you don't know.
NANCY: I studied under Carter.
I know him pretty well.
RHODES: Then you must recognize he'll do whatever it takes to draw attention to that virus.
NANCY: Well, somebody has to.
RHODES: He'll sacrifice anything and anyone.
NANCY: Thank you for the warning.
But from where I'm standing, he's made no mistakes.
RHODES: And you think I have.
So, calling out "airborne" just to cause hysteria in a meeting where you obviously weren't prepared for it, that wasn't a mistake? He always has an agenda.
You'd be smart to figure out what it is before you become a casualty in it.
NANCY: I don't know what went on with you two, but I can't afford to let it influence what I do now.
- SECRETARY: You okay? - HUMBOLT: Yes, I'm fine.
Any word on Domanski from the hospital? You can shut the door.
NANCY: Was it your idea? Turning it over to the lawyers? HUMBOLT: Of course not.
It's my guys in there.
You think I don't want them cared for? They want me to shut down tonight.
All of those animals are gonna starve to death.
NANCY: I can't go against orders.
HUMBOLT: I went behind their backs to get you in the first time.
Board was not exactly thrilled with that decision.
NANCY: Then try something else.
HUMBOLT: They're trying to do the right thing, but allowing more people in is a lot of liability, safety concerns.
And you can bet the military isn't gonna take the heat for any of this.
NANCY: Well, there's other ways to speed it up.
Put pressure on them.
From the outside.
- (PHONE RINGING) - ANITA: Washington Post.
Metro desk.
MAN (OVER TV): The destructive force of a filovirus is its ability to destroy the human body so quickly.
Since its discovery, it has been isolated to remote regions of Africa.
But its ability to proliferate is astonishing.
Predicting the behavior of these viruses is enormously challenging.
We now know the virus spreads throughout the body ANITA: Yeah, I need an address in the Reston, Virginia area.
MAN (OVER TV): Unlike a complex, double-stranded DNA virus, filoviruses are RNA-based, made up of ribonucleic acids.
They mutate and evolve faster than - BEN: Peter? - MAN (OVER TV): almost anything else on planet earth, causing them to act in unpredictable ways.
A filovirus was detected two years ago when a teenage boy, caught it on holiday with his family.
The perfectly healthy boy died just a few days later.
- NANCY: Hey.
I was going stir-crazy sitting there.
Waiting for the go-ahead.
I know this thing is getting under your skin.
I just thought if I could see him that maybe it would make me less I don't know.
JERRY: No, no, it's me.
I, I know better.
I was overreacting, I'm sorry.
It's just, uh, it really hit home this time.
Why don't you get out of the car? He'd be happy to see you.
NANCY: You've always been so protective over them.
It's part of why I love you so much.
JERRY: Well, it sounds like the whole thing might be over.
Our part of it, anyway, I heard it's, uh, it's still out of our hands.
NANCY: Not for long.
JERRY: Well, why do you say that? NANCY: I went to Humbolt.
I think he leaked the story to the Post.
They called the General for an interview, which means they probably called Hazleton.
If I were to guess, I think we're heading in tomorrow.
(GROUP CHATTER) I've got a long list of real good reasons For all the things I've done I've got a picture in the back of my mind Of what I've lost and what I've won I've survived every situation Knowing when to freeze and when to run And regret is just a memory written on my brow (MONKEY SCREECHING) CARTER: Whatever it takes.
NANCY: I can't stress this enough.
You are going into a hostile environment.
We are facing an enemy that can devastate a city.
GENERAL: It's hard to imagine losing your wife.
NANCY: Was it your idea? JERRY: I told you I didn't want you going in there.
CARTER: It's not the monster I've seen before.
And that scares the life out of me.
It should scare you too! NARRATOR: The Hot Zone.
Continues next on Natioal Geographic.