The Hot Zone (2019) s01e04 Episode Script


1 NANCY: Previously on The Hot Zone - PETER: Nancy? - NANCY: We got a call from Reston.
A worker has a fever, it may have spilled over to humans.
CARTER: It's airborne.
RHODES: That is entirely unfounded.
BEN: Peter? NANCY: Close your eyes.
Take a deep breath.
Trust me.
CARTER: We'll be back for the other workers.
Do not let them go home! TRAVIS: Travis Rhodes, CDC.
I'll be taking it from here.
NANCY: I don't know what happened with you two.
CARTER: One of the victims came for shots with another expectant mother.
RHODES: What are you doing? CARTER: Getting your ass, and mine, to Matambwe Village.
PILOT: I'm gonna have to drop you, then come back later.
CARTER: This is Insane.
RHODES: We could be stranded out there.
We could be the next victims! (GASPING) - (GROANING) - RHODES: Oh, Jesus! JERRY: I get that you have to protect everybody, but all I can do is protect the kids.
FATHER: Please, watch over our family.
Nancy, my sister, Jerry and these two monsters.
JASON: Have you ever seen AIDS? NANCY: We do have vials of HIV, but it's not a Level 4 Agent.
JASON: You've seen something worse? NANCY: Ebola Zaire.
You need to let me get in there today.
Make sure that it is contained and that it doesn't spread to the other primates.
CARTER: We didn't catch it in time.
NANCY: Carter thinks this could be the biggest catastrophe in U.
We can't afford to be the people that stood by and did nothing because we were too scared to pull the trigger.
I think we're heading in tomorrow.
(HELICOPTER ROTORS) RHODES (OVER RADIO): Girl's just under eight months pregnant.
MELINDA (OVER RADIO): The girl is 24, so maybe we can refrain from referring to her as a juvenile.
RHODES (OVER RADIO): This is stupid.
We all ready have a sample from Sister Monica.
MELINDA (OVER RADIO): Words of a hero.
CARTER (OVER RADIO): This isn't about a sample anymore.
We need to find out how this thing proliferates Incubation times.
We need to observe it.
Get inside its head.
There's another 100 when you get back tomorrow.
PILOT: Not tomorrow.
Coffee harvest.
We gotta transport my boss to the fields.
- CARTER: Then when? - PILOT: Three days! - CARTER: That's a good sign.
No need for masks.
They have to trust us.
- CARTER: You're on.
- MELINDA: What? CARTER: I heard you with the guards back there.
The NGO's trained you well.
MELINDA: Uh, not sure a six week crash course is gonna cut it.
Bend down.
Put your ands together.
(CHATTERING) RHODES: Do you see anyone who's pregnant? (SPEAKING IN LINGALA) RHODES: They want us to share a drink? MELINDA: It's their custom, we need to respect it.
RHODES: One of them could have it.
CARTER: We want access to the woman, we drink.
(THEME MUSIC PLAYS) The Hot Zone 1x04 Expendable NANCY: Are you married? ASH: No way.
(CHUCKLES) CARTER: You got a girlfriend, Ash? ASH: Um, I don't know.
A couple I guess.
(CHUCKLES) Uh, why-why's it matter? CARTER: We'll get to that.
NANCY: And you're 22 years old? ASH: Yep.
CARTER: Any problem with tight spaces? Claustrophobia? Panic attacks? ASH: Uh, I don't think so.
CARTER: What about family, next of kin? WILL: My dad passed a few years back, but My mom's got family close by.
So, my older sister.
- CARTER: How many siblings? - WILL: Uh, just the one.
CARTER: Any health issues? SARAH: No.
I mean, we just had our physicals, so why ask CARTER: This isn't a conventional mission.
Just making sure.
Any BL4 experience? SARAH: Um, just two times, but I've been a part of the VMD for about a year.
Do you need animal care technicians on your team? CARTER: Everyone will be briefed on the mission.
And What about children? You have any? - SARAH: No.
- NANCY: Are you pregnant? SARAH: No.
(KNOCK) NANCY: Hello? DOROTHY: He was having trouble breathing, so I brought him in.
NANCY: How long have you been at the hospital? DOROTHY: Overnight.
We didn't, um Know if we'd be staying, but uh, now (DEEP BREATHING) NANCY: It's okay, I'm I'm still here.
DOROTHY: Now they're saying (PAINED EXHALES) He might not be coming home.
NANCY: Can he talk? Put him on the phone, please? DOROTHY: Uh, just a second.
It's Nancy.
FATHER: Oh, hey, Nancy.
You hanging in there? FATHER (OVER PHONE): Yeah, oh yeah, but This one really knocked the piss out of me.
- NANCY: Yeah.
- FATHER (OVER PHONE): That's for sure.
NANCY: You can kick this thing.
(LABORED BREATHING) FATHER (OVER PHONE): Yeah, I, um, I, well, I hope so.
NANCY: Dad, I um I really wanna come But we just got the go ahead to go into this facility and Everything in there is hot right now.
We need to contain it.
So, the next 36 hours is really critical.
You, you, uh You-you-you have to stay there.
They, they need you there.
(CLEARS THROAT) It sounds like a, like a real son of a gun.
NANCY: It is.
FATHER (OVER PHONE): Well then, there's Nobody better they can have on the job.
And we both know it.
You have a level head, a good heart NANCY: Dad.
None of that, now, come on.
Always known your worth, you just never pushed it on anybody.
But now, this is-this maybe is the time to do that (COUGHS) FATHER (OVER PHONE): Lives on the line here.
This is your chance to show them what you got.
NANCY: Dad, just hang in there for me, okay? Just hang Just be strong and hang in, just wait.
Just wait FATHER (OVER PHONE): You bet I will.
Same for you, huh? (EXHALES) JERRY: I'm so sorry, sweetheart.
Your dad's always been a fighter.
NANCY: He didn't sound good.
JERRY: Well, if you need to go NANCY: I wanna be there.
We've been through a lot.
I'd just like to sit with one (EXHALES) Just one last time.
(SIGHS) Watch Jeopardy I just JERRY: The Colonel will understand.
NANCY: Even if I go, my mind will be here.
(SIGHS) What we're dealing with could be worse than anything we've ever seen.
And if that virus gets out because I put my family first.
JERRY: Well, you know We do have a team here.
NANCY: My team.
I mean, I just finished hand-picking the best crew to go in and I haven't even briefed them yet.
JERRY: Right Didn't you ask the 91-Tango's about their families? Why are you any more expendable than them? NANCY: No one's expendable.
JERRY: You telling me you didn't cut people because their loss would be felt more than others? MAN (OVER PA): Colonel Nancy Jaax to Pathology.
NANCY: I'm going to need you train them with the wrangling equipment.
JERRY: They all have experience with animals.
I would worry more about how they are gonna handle those Racal suits.
NANCY: What do you mean you sniffed it? And you're just telling me this now? BEN: I wanted to tell you earlier, but that's kind of not the point, okay? Peter is gone.
NANCY: What do you Did you page him? BEN: Yeah, I-I paged him.
I (EXHALES) I think he left the base.
I called his house a few times.
NANCY: Ben, he's exposed, Ben.
BEN: I know, but we've been testing ourselves, every day, and so far we're both negative.
NANCY: Does anyone else know? BEN: No, I-I just called you.
You know, I figured you would, um, help quietly, I didn't think I should leave the lab.
NANCY: Well, you got that part right.
Okay So, I have to go find him.
BEN: Okay, so in days that he bikes in.
He usually takes the train part way.
So if you drive, maybe you can catch him.
MAN (OVER PA): Westbound Train 8-9-5 stops in (CROWD CHATTER) MAN (OVER PA): May I have your attention, please Please do not leave luggage unattended at the station.
Luggage left unattended may be removed without warning or destroyed by station security.
- NANCY: Peter - PETER: I guess Ben told you? NANCY: Not when he should have.
PETER: It wasn't his fault.
It was all me.
So, this is how it is? It's like when someone has AIDS, you can't get within five feet of me? NANCY: I'm just trying to PETER: To say, "I told you so?" Oh.
Can't really say you stuck the landing on that one.
NANCY: Why'd you run? PETER: Didn't run.
I just I had to get out of there, I needed to think for a second.
NANCY: And risk exposing God knows how many people? MAN (OVER PA): Attention all passengers.
In the interest of public safety, - riders are asked to - PETER: Look, I might be a cocky prick, but I'd never put anyone's life in danger.
Whatever this is, I mean, it isn't airborne yet.
There'd be a whole Continent of corpses.
NANCY: Well maybe.
But you know better than to be out here.
PETER: I know, um I don't know what happened.
I know every protocol.
Backwards and forwards, but when it's you, it's like So, I just panicked.
NANCY: Okay, I need you to come back now.
PETER: I'm not going to Slammer, Nancy.
NANCY: Protocol's protocol, Peter, you know that.
PETER: Rhodes is in charge of human infection.
You really think he's gonna quarantine me? NANCY: Not his decision.
You work for USAMRIID.
PETER: Yeah, but as a civilian.
And we both know the CDC will just send me to the nearest crowded hospital.
The safest thing? Is for me and Ben to sequester ourselves in the lab.
Plus, you need us in BL4.
Got too many samples coming in.
NANCY: You lock the door.
You don't go home.
- PETER: I promise.
- NANCY: I will handle the Colonel.
TUCKER: Look, I'll be honest, Jerry.
(SCOFFS) I don't like any of this.
Nancy should never have brought Carter in.
JERRY: He's the only one that's worked with Ebola in the field.
TUCKER: Sure, but getting everybody in that meeting rattled w-with some wild "Airborne" claim? I mean, that was reckless, Jerry! JERRY: Nancy's trying to protect people best she can.
She's worked harder than anyone to get to where she is.
And when she puts her mind to something, - you cannot get her off it.
- TUCKER: Jerry! The BL4 incident, now Carter.
500 primates, it's a lot of monkeys.
You're head of the vet department.
What if it were your decision.
JERRY: And I have my guys ready, but TUCKER: Look, I have been wanting to say this, but I can see how torn up you've been since you lost your brother.
JERRY: Sir That doesn't have anything to do with this.
TUCKER: Yeah, but suddenly losing someone like that.
It's hard to imagine losing your wife too Now, you can't tell me you don't think about that every day, Jerry.
JERRY: No, I can't.
If you put me in charge instead of Nancy, she's is going to feel like her whole TUCKER: Does it matter? If it means keeping Nancy safe.
It's a tough question.
Look Don't get me wrong, Jerry.
Nancy's one of the best to ever come through here, but she hitched herself to the wrong horse on this one.
Think about your kids, Jerry.
(SCHOOL BELL) (KIDS CHATTER) JASON: What's up? FRIEND: Hey, uh, did your mom say anything about something weird going in Reston or JASON: What do you mean weird? FRIEND 2: Sam's mom at the Post said there was a reporter looking into some monkey flu or something? FRIEND: And they'd brought in some team from Fort Detrick.
FRIEND 2: Sounded like that place your mom works.
JASON: I'm sure it's no big deal.
FRIEND 2: We figured.
No reason to spaz out.
FRANK (OVER PHONE): They're dying in there! You said it'd be handled.
Been a whole day, nobody's showed.
NANCY: Believe me, Frank, I'm working as fast as I can.
I've got my hands full here.
I need everyone who's going in to be fully prepared.
FRANK (OVER PHONE): It's spreading.
More of the healthy monkeys are dropping.
We gotta go in, we gotta save the good ones.
NANCY: Frank, you need to stay away from that building.
We cleared out all the employees for their own safety.
Look, I can station someone outside the building to make sure nobody enters, but we need to be careful.
Press sniffing around, they're gonna start asking questions.
All right? And no one's in a position answer.
And he fought the world alone and now it's 18 and life, you got it 18 and life, you know Your crime is time and it's 18 and life to go 18 and life, you got it, 18 DORIS: My husband's been stuck here for two days.
How long before we know if he has it? RHODES: Most symptoms appear in seven to eight days.
But, it could be up to three weeks - before we have any - DOMANSKI: Weeks? DORIS: What's gonna happen to him? RHODES: At this point, we don't know.
But I would be surprised if your husband has anything other than the flu.
DOMANSKI: How can that be? I thought they knew what this was? RHODES: It's not that simple, I'm afraid.
DORIS: I knew he shouldn't taken that job there.
No one should be testing on animals.
It's cruel.
DOMANSKI: It's gonna be okay, Dor.
I don't feel too bad.
You heard him.
The longer I'm okay, I'm guessing the better chance I have, yeah? RHODES: You tested negative yesterday, I'm sure today will be no different.
Thank you.
Get this over to USAMRIID for testing.
Relax, soldier.
Even if you were holding Ebola, it's not as easy to transmit as you've been led to believe.
Trust me.
I've seen it.
RHODES: Did you taste bleach? They're using disinfectant.
MELINDA: It's more than the nuns did with their needles.
Tells us something (SPEAKING IN LINGALA) MELINDA: They don't want us crossing the perimeter.
CARTER: Faith Healer must have put her in isolation.
We, we need to go in.
(SPEAKING IN LINGALA) MELINDA: The sickness has entered because of a curse.
RHODES: What if we show them our gloves and masks now? MELINDA: Against a curse? No, they see this as something deeper, more spiritual.
- RHODES: What's spiritual about a virus? - MELINDA: Nothing.
They know it's a virus, an illness, that makes them sick, hence the bleach.
What makes it spiritual is why it targets a specific person That's where beliefs, witchcraft, faith comes in.
Someone is given the illness for a reason.
TINDA: Good day.
I am Tinda.
I am teacher for school, uh, in close by villages.
TINDA: You can go.
- REESE: You're on this? I thought you and Paul were trying? SARAH: Yeah, we are, it's just, it didn't happen this month, so Guess I'm cleared for action.
- WILL: Guys - NANCY: At ease.
Biohazard level 4 agents will be present in the building.
Reason Ebola Zaire is classified as a BL4 agent is that there is no vaccine, no treatment.
Our best defense against infection will be each other.
The buddy system.
Yes Will.
WILL: So, is it just monkeys or Are there people with it? - With Ebola? - NANCY: All monkeys.
So far.
We will do a Racal suit training SARAH: Racals? How's this thing spread? Is it airborne? NANCY: It's unclear how the virus is spreading.
Certainly bodily fluids.
But those could be carried from the pressure washers that they use to clean the flowers.
So, as far as this operation goes, we act as if the virus is in the droplets in the air.
ORMAN: Guys, let's keep on track.
NANCY: I need to know.
Any scrapes, open skin of any kind? Anyone whose suit is compromised once inside and it turns out you are exposed, will be moved to the Slammer for three weeks before anyone is cleared to leave.
And to make things harder, the animals haven't been fed since yesterday, so they will be aggressive.
A nail can rip through a suit.
Teeth can breach a mask and lacerate or puncture the face.
I can't stress this enough, you are going to into a hostile environment.
We are facing an enemy that can devastate a city.
And you're what's standing between it and the civilians outside those doors.
Now, it's important that you understand this mission is on a voluntary basis.
So, if you're having any doubts, this isn't the one for you.
Just raise a hand.
TUCKER: Colonel Jaax.
You got a minute? NANCY: Was it your idea? JERRY: The Colonel and I agreed it was better NANCY: To not include me in the conversation? I've worked my ass off never to be in this position.
And when it happens, it's my own husband?! God, Jerry! JERRY: I was, I was trying to protect you.
NANCY: I would rather your respect - than your protection.
- JERRY: Oh, come on.
You know that I respect you NANCY: Yeah, but not enough to let me make my own decisions.
JERRY: I told you how much I didn't want you going in there For the kids and you were so determined NANCY: Because I was looking out for everyone, not just our kids.
Six million people in the metro area! And the 91-Tangos? Which one of us? Which one of us is better prepared to guide them?! Those kids who just signed up for this!? JERRY: I know what I'm doing.
NANCY: Enough to bet their lives on it? Or yours? I know these pathogens, Jerry.
Probably more than anybody else.
This is the day I've been trained for! JERRY: I will take as much anger as you want to throw at me, if it means keeping you safe.
(SCOFFS) NANCY: Oh, God I think we both know what this is about.
JERRY: Nance NANCY: There was nothing you could do for your brother.
I know you miss him more than I can ever understand, - but you - JERRY: Why can't you just let me protect you? NANCY: You are not gonna lose me, too.
JERRY: Listen to me, Nancy.
If our kids end up with only one parent - NANCY: It's not gonna happen.
- JERRY: Listen to me We both know that I am the one who is expendable.
NANCY: Just because we got edged out of Reston doesn't mean we're completely sidelined.
Someone needs to track the workers.
CARTER: I'm going in with Jerry.
NANCY: Wait, but they didn't even want you involved.
How did you convince them? CARTER: Said they needed one of us inside.
Job's gotta get done.
It's not personal.
NANCY: Well, like hell it isn't.
You could have leveraged it, refused to go in there without me.
CARTER: What? And ended up with both of us benched? Leverage isn't exactly something I have around here.
Somebody's gotta get the monster.
Whatever it takes.
NANCY: You caved so easily with Rhodes.
Letting him take Domanski to hospital.
CARTER: What are you talking about? NANCY: In some twisted way, do you want this to get out? To spread? CARTER: Nancy, come on NANCY: It sure would validate all those years of raising a red flag and nobody listening.
Get the CDC, the Pentagon The nation to wake up.
CARTER: I'd never want anyone to die.
NANCY: No, but if it meant snapping this country to attention, showing the "monster" on some white neighbor instead of an African villager You'd justify the collateral damage.
Wouldn't you? CARTER: Did I want this? Never.
Now it's here.
Would it be good for the Oval Office to be pissing its pants about now? You bet.
NANCY: And I'm the one that brought you into this CARTER: Nancy, it's in that building.
It's learning.
It's evolved.
NANCY: Right, your elusive "Super Ebola".
CARTER: There will be Super Ebola.
It will wipe us out if we don't get ahead of it.
NANCY: And that particular strain is lurking in a Washington suburb? CARTER: It's not presenting the way it always has.
Without symptoms, people could be spreading it without knowing.
It's not the monster I've seen before.
And that scares the life out of me, it should scare you, too.
- BEN: Do I wanna know? - PETER: Nothing yet.
Let me give it a sec.
BEN: Domanski's all clear for day two? PETER: Wait MAN (OVER PA): Coaches, athletes and judges.
Parents helping in gymnastics - JAIME: Mommy.
- NANCY: Hi, hi.
JAIME: Didn't think I'd see you here.
NANCY: When have I ever missed a meet? JAIME: Well, never, but I thought you'd be busy today.
NANCY: Hey JAIME: Jason's friends heard something about a monkey flu.
And Jason came to my locker after lunch and he was like really wigged-out.
NANCY: I was gonna talk to you guys after your meet.
What did he hear? JAIME: Just that there's some outbreak in the monkeys or something.
Sam White's mom heard it from the Post.
And then, Jason said that it was contained, but you always tell me not to believe everything I hear, so, I don't know.
Well, it is Will be contained, very soon.
JAIME: You're not going in there with the monkeys, are you? NANCY: No, I am not.
JAIME: Okay.
Can we come home tonight, then? NANCY: I Well, I think your aunt wants you one more night - because she made - (GROANS) No, but listen why.
She's making fondue.
Well, can you promise me that this is the last night of carob pie? NANCY: It's healthy.
NANCY: All right, now go show them what you got.
Go on.
(PAGER BEEPS) RHODES: Tell her this isn't going to hurt.
Tell her everything is going to be okay.
(CRYING) RHODES: Don't move, don't move! (SPEAKING IN LINGALA) (SPEAKING IN LINGALA) RHODES: We need to get out of this place.
I'm sorry, but there's nothing we can do for anyone here.
MELINDA: You have your mission, but I have mine.
I'm here to help these people.
RHODES: We stay, we risk exposure.
CARTER: We can't leave.
RHODES: We have to.
We go down, these samples don't get back, more people die.
All this was for nothing.
CARTER: Chopper isn't coming back for a couple of days.
RHODES: What? (VILLAGERS ARGUING) (YELLING) RHODES: What is that noise? CARTER: Hey! Hey! Step back! Step back! What happened here? TINDA: I let you in the hut, they think you're going to spread the disease.
They want to blame someone.
RHODES: We've both seen this thing up close.
We know what it can make people do.
MELINDA: Not something that's easy to forget.
Those people in Matambwe MELINDA (OVER PHONE): They were terrified.
You could see in their eyes, they knew they were going to die.
RHODES: Just Imagining that kind of hysteria in millions of people I can't let that happen in D.
MELINDA: You want me to say that keeping those workers out of quarantine is the right decision.
RHODES: That obvious, huh? (SCOFFS) MELINDA: I know you.
I'm your wife.
RHODES: Look, maybe we could keep a lid on it.
I've been staring at this guy for a day now, Mel.
He doesn't have it, not-not what we saw in Africa.
I'm telling you, it's, it's something different.
MELINDA: No rash? Nausea, his eyes are RHODES: He's barely even got a fever.
Even though it's tearing the monkey's insides apart.
And meanwhile, I've got Carter trying to pull every alarm.
And we both know what he's capable of.
MELINDA: Do you think maybe it's possible you're pushing back so hard because it's him? CARTER: There are two kinds of ventilators, two types of battery.
Grab the right one.
If they lose power, the air pressure in your suit will decrease.
Don't panic.
JERRY: Breathing heavily just burns through more oxygen.
CARTER: Claustrophobia can creep up on you.
If you find your heart start to race, just breathe through.
Count to 20.
(BREATHING) CARTER: If your heart starts to pound faster, harder You know you're about to spin out.
Keep your eyes focused on the door ahead of you.
Once you're through there, focus on the next one.
Know you're getting out.
JERRY: Those of you with sharp instruments: Always keep your buddy on the left hand side.
Unless you're left handed, then safely on the right.
CARTER: If we lose power It may get dark.
Your hood may fog.
You've got a flashlight on you, find it.
You've all been assigned a buddy inside.
Every ten minutes, do a 360 around your partner.
(WILL GASPING) - (HEAVY BREATHING) - JERRY: Check constantly for suit breaches.
Every 45 minutes is a mandatory break.
Carter! Carter, light! Hey, it's okay.
Regular breaths, slow and steady.
- (LABORED BREATHING) - CARTER: Whose buddy was he? Find a new one.
NANCY: Domanski's got it.
Just verified.
And the other workers were sent home, they could be exposing their families.
RHODES: Come with me.
He tested positive? But there's been no change in his condition.
NANCY: It was verified under the electron microscope.
I'm ready to bump this tug-of-war up to the top, if you're determined to keep stonewalling me.
RHODES: Colonel, you haven't stared Ebola in the face.
NANCY: I did yesterday.
RHODES: In a monkey.
NANCY: We need to draw blood from all the workers and whoever they were in physical contact with.
RHODES: This is coming from your General? NANCY: The Army's been in lock-step with this from the start.
The question is, when this gets tossed across the river, I know D.
's got my back and Health and Human Services has yours.
Which one do you think has President Bush's ear? RHODES: We have a hard enough time getting nurses to deliver mashed potatoes to patients with AIDS.
We've got politicians who literally want to brand people who have HIV.
Now you cry Ebola and Tom Brokaw's got a photo of bloody corpses in every home in America tonight.
Only a fraction of healthcare workers show up tomorrow to handle the thousands who come racing in panic.
Each one suspicious of the other.
Millions of dollars triggered, thousands of National Guard throwing themselves in harm's way from a terrified mob.
Anticipated roadway fatalities alone run in the hundreds.
NANCY: You don't think very highly of people, do you? RHODES: D.
may be a thriving modern metropolis, but at the end of the day, it's just a village like any other.
Fear is fear.
NANCY: With all due respect, that's not the battle I've been charged with fighting.
RHODES: So, you would wager guaranteed fatal casualties against a couple of possible infections? NANCY: We don't have to broadcast it, we can do this quietly.
I can have them tested tonight.
PRIEST: The Blood of Christ.
The Blood of Christ.
The Blood of Christ.
The Blood of Christ.
The Blood of Christ.
The Blood of Christ.
The Blood of Christ.
The Blood of Christ.
The Blood of Christ.
Is your mom home? CHAD: Mom! JERRY: Nancy? NANCY: How is he? (WEAK BREATHING) NANCY: Dad? Hi.
FATHER: Hi, darling.
Did you save the world? NANCY: Not really.
Jerry took the wheel.
FATHER: Well, you, you didn't have to do that for me.
NANCY: Well He and the Colonel made the decision.
Took me by surprise, but I'm happy to be here to see you.
FATHER: You know.
I always tried to protect you.
NANCY: I know, Dad.
And you always did.
FATHER: And and it wasn't because I didn't think that you couldn't do it yourself.
Don't be angry with him for too long.
NANCY: Can I have one day? (CHUCKLES) FATHER: I wouldn't even waste one.
I am so proud of you.
NANCY: Put up a fight until I get back, okay? FATHER: I do.
I promise.
- NANCY: Okay.
- FATHER: Same for you.
WICHITA: Hey mom Yeah.
I figured he's probably asleep.
JERRY: Time to move out, private.
WICHITA: Mom, I gotta go.
Just um Wanted to say hi.
I love you, too, Mom.
JERRY: All right, Tangos, listen up! You're going into combat against a virus for whom survival is all that matters.
It has no conscious, no mercy.
You guys think the same way and we all come home.
Clear? TANGOS: Yes, sir! NANCY: We need to do a wider sweep.
CARTER: You ever seen anything destroy a body like this? WOMAN: Is my husband gonna die? NANCY: We're here for your husband.
RHODES: Can I have a word? PETER: I don't like what I'm seeing over here.
SOLDIER: Someone is snooping around.
JERRY: I am in command of this mission.
NANCY: I can't lose anyone else.
SOLDIER: Colonel's gone down ma'am.
NANCY: What's going on in the facility? SOLDIER: One escaped! NARRATOR: The Hot Zone.
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