The Hot Zone (2019) s01e05 Episode Script


1 Previously on The Hot Zone What we're dealing with could be worse - than anything we've ever seen.
- We do have a team here.
NANCY: My team.
I mean, I just finished hand-picking the best crew to go in, and I haven't even briefed them yet.
The reason Ebola Zaire is classified as a BL4 agent is there's no vaccine, no treatment.
We are facing an enemy that can devastate a city, and you're what's standing between it and the civilians outside those doors.
Nancy should never have brought Carter in.
If you put me in charge instead of Nancy Don't get me wrong, Jerry, Nancy's one of the best to ever come through here, but she hitched herself to the wrong horse on this one.
I told you how much I didn't want you going in there.
I know these pathogens, Jerry.
Probably more than anybody else.
This is the day I've been trained for! I am the one who was is expendable.
I'm going in with Jerry.
Job's got to get done.
It's not personal.
NANCY: Oh, like hell it isn't.
Somebody's got to get the monster.
If you find your heart start to race, just breathe through.
- (panting) - JERRY: Carter, light.
- (gasping, trembling) - Hey, it's okay.
Find a new one.
NANCY: We need to draw blood from all the workers and whoever they were in physical contact with now.
I can have them tested tonight.
I can station someone outside the building, but we need to be careful.
The press is sniffing around.
They're gonna start asking questions.
JERRY: You're going into combat against a virus for whom survival is all that matters.
You guys think the same way, and we all come home.
(vehicle approaching) JERRY: All right, listen up.
This location's been abandoned for 34 hours.
Animals in there are hungry.
Expect a violent reaction.
Little guys don't like the suits.
And let's not forget these are not hostile enemies, just primates who got involved with something they did not ask for.
They have the same goal we do: to survive.
CARTER: Just like Ebola, except it's smarter and better at it than we are.
What's our ETA? - About an hour.
- CARTER: Good.
We need to get in and get out before anyone knows we're there.
With a song I opened my window And the bells were ringing Startin' the day with a song If you'd imagine The music's so real - (car door closes) - (sniffs, grunts) Who are runnin' together Startin' the day with a song (dog barking in distance) If you could only hear What's in me (door rattles) (line rings) - WOMAN: USAMRIID command.
- Hey, it's Dixon.
Get word to the convoy.
Someone's snooping around.
Highway's just two blocks up.
WOMAN (over radio): 91-Tango.
Got word from Dixon someone is on the premises.
This is Colonel Jaax.
Why didn't he radio us directly? It's possible Reston is out of range, sir.
Checking with ASC ops now.
This isn't something we wait on.
It's been stalled too long already.
Express orders to avoid exposure, not stir up any public panic.
Nancy understands the urgency I am in command of this mission, and you're gonna do right by Nancy and honor that.
She vouched for you.
Every move you make is on her.
ORMAN: Colonel, do we abort? JERRY: No.
Not yet.
WOMAN: Dixon, what's your status? ANITA: Hi.
I'm from the Post.
Do you know anything about an outbreak here? I promise I won't reveal my sources.
Uh, no, I'm-I'm just the night guy.
- Just keeping an eye on the place.
- Really? (smacks lips) Sure you haven't seen anything? - Nothing strange at all? - No.
All quiet.
- As usual.
- You jumped out of your car pretty quickly and bolted over here.
- (over phone): Dixon? - Who are you on the phone with? - (quietly): My girlfriend.
- Dixon? (chuckles) She she always wants me to check in.
She'd kill me if she heard another woman's voice on the end of this line.
Status update.
He's not responding, sir.
Stand by.
If you see anything, call me.
Don't freeze out here.
Dixon, respond.
What the hell is going on? Just just hang on a second.
Colonel, do we abort? JERRY: Pass this on-ramp, wait for the next.
Go to the next one.
This has to happen, sooner rather than later.
Sooner is safer for everyone.
JERRY: I say we wait.
(engine starts) Hold on.
We're good.
She's leaving.
WOMAN: All clear to proceed, sir.
Reporter has left the premises.
Roger that.
Bosa was right.
- (coughing nearby) - Isolation is the only thing that stops this thing spreading.
How does a virus like this just come out of nowhere? It wasn't nowhere.
There's been viruses in pigs, bats, monkeys for thousands of years.
But when you cut down their homes and they die off the monster's got to hide somewhere.
Monster? You ever seen anything destroy a body like this? It's the perfect killer.
But its Achilles' heel may be it burns through people so fast it snuffs itself out.
If this thing ever evolves to live in a human longer before it attacks the body it could spread faster than we could ever keep up with.
WOMAN: Obstetric anesthesiology, Code 2.
Obstetric anesthesiology, Code 2.
Okay, roll up your sleeve, please.
(quiet, indistinct conversations) DORIS: Is my husband gonna die? Mrs.
Domanski? 'Cause I've been hearing things, and I have three kids.
And Bruce and I have had our ups and downs, but I I can't imagine going through all of this without him.
How old are your kids? (Doris sighs) They're, uh 17, 14 and nine.
They must be scared.
Just be there for them.
And know that we're here for your husband.
H-He's steady.
He hasn't spiked a fever.
- Okay? - All right.
Would you excuse me? RHODES: Nurse, could I give you that? Could you file that? - Thank you.
- We need to do a wider sweep.
There's no telling how many people the workers had contact with before we got them here.
We need to see if any are even infected before we go wider.
Besides, we have a ticking clock on how long we could even ask these people to stay.
How many have shown symptoms? None.
Zero symptoms.
Run your tests, but if you're looking for an outbreak, you're not gonna find it here.
JERRY: You got to be kidding me.
Wasn't someone supposed to close the playground? It's too late now.
DIXON: Sir! Lieutenant Dixon, sir.
They had me at the front.
Thanks for keeping an eye out, Dixon.
I know I haven't had the full briefing, but I've had some experience in racals.
Really want to get in there with my team.
Understood, but the whole team's got to work as a unit.
Everyone's assigned already.
We do need you on the other side this time.
- Uh, yes, sir.
- Let's step it up! (indistinct chatter) NANCY (over speaker): We need to take these into BL4.
- Those from the hospital? - Yeah.
Blood samples we need to test.
All contacts and immediate family members.
When was the last time you two slept? Uh, we've been taking shifts.
Problem is, the office chairs aren't really that comfy.
It's hard to keep the mind from racing.
And the anxiety? Well, work helps.
Problem is we're at a standstill.
There's nothing in from Reston.
- No deliveries yet? - Some kind of delay.
I don't know.
They haven't even entered the building.
We've got to get in there.
We need to know what's going on with this thing.
Something's off.
The symptoms Have you tested yourselves today? I mean, yeah, we were going to, but it's like, we got thousands of animal samples incoming, plus all this blood that you're bringing in.
We didn't think there was gonna be time.
Yeah, well, you need to make the time.
Look, I know this is scary.
But you need to do it before we go in there.
I'm gonna suit up.
(sighs) (indistinct announcement over P.
) How many of us do you think have it? Guess we'll know soon.
Your dad ever worry something like this would happen? Naw, he just liked taking care of the animals.
Said each one had a funny quirk if you looked for it.
WOMAN (over P.
): Med surg post-op, RA nurses station 3.
Med surg post-op, RA nurses station 3.
JERRY: All right, guys, listen up.
This will be our sally port here.
You come through here once you've deconned out.
We'll tape off a portion of the hallway for our grey zone, our buffer to the outside world.
We're on the radar of the press, and we got neighbors, lot of eyes on us, so no one comes out of this facility in a suit.
Inside, heating is still malfunctioning.
Expecting issues with the electrical, so We'll go by flashlight.
Can't use headlamps with the hoods, so we'll drop lanterns along the way.
Two in every room.
ERICSON: The first team will be sedation stationed one in every cell until each animal has been removed.
Next, we'll set up the dissection team here.
Carter will supervise this room.
CARTER: They come in fast.
500 by the end, but you just concentrate on the one in front of you.
JERRY: After we take blood samples, each animal will be brought to the euthanization station.
After they're put to sleep, we take tissue samples.
CARTER: There'll be a lot of blood, infected blood.
If you get any on your suit, stop what you're doing, and wipe it off with bleach.
The virus isn't like HIV.
Once it hits the air, it can stay active for days.
We'll suit up to go into the building now.
The whole place might be hot until we can secure this grey zone.
CARTER: If you need to get out for any reason, we'll get you out.
Any questions? ORMAN: Make sure the tape's on tight, cover every seal.
(door opens) (music playing in distance): On top of the JERRY: You're now leaving the sally port and entering the grey zone.
(indistinct radio chatter) This is the buffer.
Nothing hot comes in here.
We'll need to sterilize, as well.
(indistinct radio chatter continues) (music continuing in distance) We'll set up decon through here.
(Ericson panting) CARTER: All right, heads up.
Beyond this door is the Hot Zone.
Once you pass into the Hot Zone, your suits will be contaminated.
When you're heading out, after decon, bag them and burn them, okay? JERRY: Get the equipment in.
We need to sheet this doorway.
- MAN: Yes, sir.
- (indistinct shouting) MAN 2: Chest sequestered.
(music starting and stopping): Return to the limelight She see She Right in time (liquid dripping) It sti For a song But he That They (monkeys whimper in distance) Meanwhi That I'm trying the breaker.
(clang) Nope.
We blew it out.
All we have are the emergency lights.
(liquid dripping) Okay, let's get some lights set up, start unloading those coolers.
- Roger that.
Back to 220.
- (whimpering continues in distance) SOLDIER: Yeah, it's kind of adjacent.
(monkeys whimpering, hooting in distance) (monkeys chittering) Are some of these empty? (whining) - (screeches) - (gasps, yells) You're okay.
You're okay.
- (monkeys screeching) Oh, hell, no! Did one of them throw that at you? Well, I didn't throw it at myself.
They're using whatever means they have to express distress.
Every smear is hot as can be.
No one touch it! And bleach that off your suit.
I'm gonna go with "everything is hot and don't touch anything.
" JERRY: The more we react, the more they'll continue, so stay calm.
All right, guys, go get the sedation equipment.
Lot of these animals are exhibiting violent behavior.
Acute awareness of their surroundings.
They're healthy, some of them.
If you're thinking of saving any of these, forget it.
They aren't human.
They're monkeys.
My job is to not see the difference.
Look, you're coming from a good place, but we don't have the time to differentiate between those infected and those who aren't.
Every one of them could have it.
I've got one.
You sure? I don't like what I'm seeing over here, either.
Two new cases.
We got to alert Reston.
We should test the rest.
See how many infections we have in total.
I got to call the hospital.
This is Jaax.
Get me Rhodes.
WOMAN (over P.
): Nurses station west, please call OCU.
Nurses station west, please call OCU.
(phone ringing) Hello.
(quietly): Okay.
(whispering): Uh we have two good on the tests.
WOMAN: Okay.
Do you need to leave? RHODES: No.
It's-it's okay.
I'll-I'll take it.
No, no.
I'll do it.
(insects trilling) CARTER: They're laying sticks down.
- There's two more families infected.
- (coughing) We're being shunned, just like the family.
RHODES: Hey, we need those rags! It's time.
The baby's coming.
You gonna lend a hand? (woman crying) That's exactly what it wants you to do.
Expose yourself, get close.
The mother and baby are lost.
They're all lost.
(woman crying, panting) RHODES: Tell her she has to try and slow her breathing down.
(Melinda translates in Lingala) (woman crying) (woman shouting) (Melinda speaks Lingala) RHODES: Tell her to take deep breaths.
- (Melinda translating) - (woman crying) RHODES: She's hemorrhaging.
(woman whimpering) - (shouting, crying) - She's crowning.
It's time.
Tell her she has to push.
- You have to push.
- (translating) - Okay? - (crying) RHODES: That's it.
That's it.
Deep breaths and push hard.
You can do it.
- (grunting) - Come on.
Come on.
One big push.
That's it.
That's good.
That's good.
- (panting) - Come on.
- (shouting, coughing) - That's good.
MELINDA: Breathe.
(continues translating in Lingala) One last push.
One last big push.
That's it.
Come on! (shouts) (footsteps approaching) Uh, Gordy.
Can I have a word? Uh, and-and Janice.
It's okay.
It's gonna be okay.
Got the whole parish praying for us.
JANICE: Your dad has you this week, so you should call him.
Tell him about the files in the closet.
- Mom - Just tell him.
Nothing's gonna happen.
Maybe not.
But just in case I love you.
(indistinct radio chatter) All right, sedation team, listen up.
Sergeant Ericson is your lead.
He'll monitor breaks.
It's gonna be a long day.
Mandatory 15 minutes every 45.
Never forget your buddy.
Remember, you're not one, you're two.
First person to the cage will open it, making sure there's no obstruction.
- (screeching) - ERICSON: The second one - will position the pole - You got it? so that, as soon as the door is open, you've got it right there, to prevent any chance of escape.
(screeches) JERRY: Sedated monkeys will be transported to the euthanizing station.
All right, let's clear this up so we have a good work surface here.
Now, we don't know a lot about this virus how it's spreading in here, how it's ravaging the body.
But we get samples, and maybe these guys will help us stop this thing next time.
Maybe they can help us find a cure.
We'll take any blood samples here, while the heart is still pumping, and then we'll inject the euthanizing agent over here.
CARTER: After that, they're taken here for dissection.
End of the line.
JERRY: We need up to five samples from each.
CARTER: Each tagged and labeled per monkey.
JERRY: When we're done, we triple-bag each body.
Prepare it for incineration.
CARTER: We bleach every surface.
Prime the drains with a couple of gallons.
Then every time blood goes down, follow it with another jug.
(screeching) Bring in your syringe pole.
JERRY: I know it's already hot in here, but, trust me, it's going to get worse.
So pace yourselves.
- (screeching) - ORMAN: Easy.
Got it! (sighs) I never knew you to be one to watch the time down here.
Jerry said he'd check in.
PETER: Look, I'm sure everything's fine.
It's the first batch from Reston.
Samples from a dozen monkeys.
I'm starting to think that Carter had a point.
So did Rhodes.
There's something very different about this Ebola virus.
It glowed.
There's no way this is happening to these monkeys and no human's shown more than a fever.
Four positive cases and headaches.
No vomiting, no hemorrhaging? Someone along the way would've gotten sick.
Could be that nobody's sick because the incubation time is longer.
Spreading to a lot of people before any symptoms appear.
You're exhausted.
I'll clean up.
Okay? I'll just be a few minutes.
Thank you.
- Thanks.
- I'll be right behind you.
- You ready? - Yeah, let's do it.
(exhales) (gasps) (wheezes) Doesn't look like it's moving much.
I don't see it moving.
- (screeches) - (gasps) - WICHITA: Damn it! - He's getting away! Sarah, we need to get this one down first.
- Let me inject it! - No, we have to - (grunts, panting) - (panting) Why the hell did they put two in one cage? (monkey chittering) We're gonna need more tags out of the truck.
- Shut the door! - What? SARAH: Going for the door! Shut the door! - (grunting) - (screeching) Colonel, one escaped! Cover the exits! We got a rogue! - SOLDIER: Yes, sir.
- (exhales) Are you all right? Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.
(exhales) - Orman.
- What? Is this from a monkey or is that your blood? What? No, it must be from one of the samples or - (alarm wailing) - (man speaking indistinctly over P.
) Peter! Wake up.
You got to get out of here.
Come on.
I can't lose anyone else, especially not you.
Wait, anybody else? - We've got incoming.
- W A breach at Reston? I don't know.
All I know is they're coming in and they're going to the Slammer.
You okay? Look at me.
I'm okay.
SOLDIER: Hold the decon! SOLDIER 2: Bravo Team, stick with me.
(monkey chittering) (indistinct chatter in distance) (heavy breathing) Dixon, - we have an escaped monkey.
- (children chattering) Might be going for the vents.
- Get up on the roof.
- Uh, c-copy that.
(monkey chittering in distance) (breathing heavily) (soft clanging) (screeching) No! Sir, get back! Stay still! (screeching) CARTER: We can't let it out there's houses across the street and a playground! - Wichita, get to the roof! - Yes, sir! (shouting) JERRY: It's on the move! Come on! ERICSON: Keep your flashlights to the ceiling! This thing is quick! Come on! - (screeching) - Heads up! SOLDIER: I don't have a shot, I can't see him.
SOLDIER 2: Yeah, I got him! - Hey! Where is it?! - I don't know! All I know is a monkey escaped! It's right there! SOLDIER: Watch your back! - In the corner.
- Look.
There's an open vent.
There he is.
I can't jab him from here.
SOLDIER: He's on the move! He's headed for the shaft.
Southwest side.
There! Go, go, go! You got it? (screams) Stand down on the roof.
We got him.
(panting) MAN: Vitals are okay, but blood pressure's rising.
MAN 2: All right.
Calling 51 to 95.
We got incoming.
(man speaking indistinctly over P.
) I don't know what happened.
I was being so careful.
It's okay.
Everyone here's gonna look after you.
(sighs) 21 days? That's what they said.
Can't think like that.
Stay present.
There's not even a magazine.
They clean this place up good.
Nothing to off myself with.
What did I just say? Get out of your head.
What's going on in the facility? I thought this-this taking out those monkeys it'd be like a hard day at vet school.
But their eyes It is like looking into another person.
It's crazy in there.
Heating's all whacked-out.
Everyone is exhausted.
It's messed up.
Listen to me.
Kyle, I'm gonna come back and check up on you every day, but if it gets unbearable in there, I need you to breathe through it like I taught you.
Okay? Just breathe through it.
I'll be back.
(door opens, closes) (phone rings) JERRY: 91-Tango unit.
This is Colonel Jaax.
It's good to hear your voice.
We were late going in.
I heard.
Listen, Jerry, I tested the rest of the workers' blood.
We've got two new cases.
Well, uh that's not unexpected, is it? No.
But we just don't know who had direct exposure through fluids, so Okay, we'll be careful.
Thanks for the heads-up.
I, uh I got to get in there.
Hey, Jerry.
You okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
I, uh I got to go.
(man speaking indistinctly over P.
) Sir? Permission to join the team in Reston.
Thought you and the colonel had already been through this, Nancy.
Yes, sir, but he isn't here.
91-Tangos are outperforming expectations, but they need relief.
One of Jerry's key team members is now in the Slammer.
And as you said so yourself Carter is my charge.
Only right that I'd be in there to watch him.
How long have you had a fever? Just a day or two, but there's a flu going around my kid's school, so Yeah, well, it's flu season, so What about you how you feeling? I don't know.
(chuckles) Kind of feels like they keep turning on the AC down here.
I mean, our tests, - they came back - Yeah, they're negative, but this thing's acting different.
I mean, it's slow to show symptoms.
I don't know.
Feel like I'm gonna crack up.
(laughs) I don't know how my mom did it.
She found out she had cancer.
She knew there was no hope.
Knew it for, like, eight, ten months.
And for us it's been, what a little over two days.
I think it's 'cause we're locked down here, but My thoughts have been getting pretty dark, man.
(laughs) And I'm a scientist.
I should know better, but Do you think people know when they're sick? You know, like, deep down, on some level? I don't know, maybe it's something the body does.
Kind of prepares you so when the doctor walks in and he says, you know, "It's all over," you don't totally freak out.
'Cause on some level you already know the truth.
I don't know what to believe.
My oldest, he, um, he wants to start basketball.
I played all throughout high school.
My dad never missed a game.
(sighs) I never should've made you smell it.
You didn't make me.
Ben, if anything happens I'm so sorry.
I know.
Any of the others been all soup like this guy? Not that I've seen.
More mush than soup.
What cell is it from? Cell K.
Why? Bag those samples and move on.
You're leaving? I got to check something.
Take over.
You'll be fine.
- (coughs) - Okay, that's your third battery, sir.
(coughing) Sir, we've been going at this for 12 hours.
Rest of us have been breaking every 45 minutes.
You need one, too.
Faster I get through these, the fewer infected animals we're handling.
But you're right.
We have been in here too long.
Have everybody get some food.
- Get them out of their suits.
- Yes, sir.
But if you're staying, I'm staying.
I'm not leaving you here alone.
Attention, 91-Tangos Jingle bells CHEF: 14, order up.
- Patties on fries.
- Jingle all the way Oh, what fun it is to ride In a one-horse open sleigh Dashing through the snow In a one-horse open sleigh O'er the fields we go Laughing all the way Ding-a-ling Bells on bobtails ring Making spirits bright Well, just tell your aunt to put the oven at 275 un-until the cheese bubbles over.
I know, that's why I made it for you.
Oh, and tell your brother, um, to practice the piano and that I love him.
And I love you, too.
Okay, honey.
And they got this barbecue chicken tender thing.
Mmm! So good.
We should grab a bite.
Right, Colonel? (soft thump) Jerry! Colonel down! Colonel down! Colonel? Still conscious.
No time to decon.
Get a van ready.
We're crashing him out.
MAN: Affirmative.
Medevac en route.
Colonel? What's going on? Is someone someone injured? Colonel's gone down, ma'am.