The House of Flowers (2018) s01e01 Episode Script

NARCISSUS (symb. lies)

Normalcy is a paved road: it's comfortable to walk on it, but flowers will never grow on it.
Vincent Van Gogh THE HOUSE OF FLOWERS [Roberta] Flowers don't grow in this house either.
On the contrary, millions of them have been sold for almost 50 years.
The De La Mora family owns this place.
They, who in society's eyes, are perfect.
The role model.
The exemplary family.
Or at least that is what Virginia, the matriarch, has led us to believe.
VIRGINIA But hey, that's what I'm here for.
Because it's time to tell the truth.
A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES THREE HOURS BEFORE Sorry for not introducing myself before.
I'm Roberta Sánchez.
And I am going to tell you the story of an almost normal family.
[Delia] Mr.
Virginia is asking if you could go upstairs to change.
Guests are arriving soon.
Of course, Delia.
Tell her I'm coming.
Happy birthday.
[chuckles] [cell phone beeps] - Julián.
- Sorry.
My sister just arrived.
She's coming from New York? Yes, but it's a surprise.
Don't say anything.
Paulina knows this? They need you.
They're looking for you back there, please.
Hi, Paulina.
- Always the most elegant.
- Thanks.
You look beautiful.
- Thank you.
- How are you? All right.
Here, running.
Your mom went over budget.
We have to recover liquidity.
Well, we'll talk later.
We can talk with your family.
Of course not.
Besides, you know perfectly how these parties work.
You are the family's financial adviser.
This is an investment, we recover liquidity and that's it.
- Okay.
- Have fun.
What happened? Why the long faces? - We are at a party.
- Lucía! You're beautiful and gorgeous.
What did my brother do to deserve you? Diego, ready to party? Not as ready as you.
What? Nothing.
It's just that your zipper is down.
Right? Go to the garden and have your photos taken.
No, no, no.
I can't stand her.
The only thing that broad wants is our name and our money.
What money? Diego.
Don't be a party pooper.
[in English] Baby, don't say anything about the ring.
Don't you think you're making a big deal about this? You're making it seem like we're about to give them horrible news or something.
We should wait for the right time, okay? They've never really liked me, have they? It's not you, personally.
They've always wanted me to come back to Mexico, you know? Oh, so, it's like I'm stealing their little girl.
Is that what it is? - Come here.
- [chuckles] Okay.
[in Spanish] Thanks.
Good morning.
So, this is the famous House of Flowers, huh? [in English] Mm-hm.
Do you wanna take a look inside? - I Yeah.
- Come here, I'll show you.
- [in Spanish] Thanks.
- Thanks.
[in English] Baby, you have no idea how much I wanted to see this place.
You weren't lying when you said that they were over-the-top.
Sometimes, I think this place is what kept us together all these years.
Baby I thought you said this was just a small gathering.
I didn't bring any dress shoes.
Oh, baby, come on.
You look amazing.
- Nobody will notice.
Come on.
- You think so? No one's gonna notice the only black guy with no dress shoes? [woman] That is one amazing dress.
You look fantastic.
- I can't believe it.
- [in Spanish] Surprise! What is this? - [in English] Surprise.
- This is Dominique.
- We kiss, remember? - Oh, okay.
Just one.
It's not Europe.
- What a surprise.
- Look, Dominique.
- [in English] Hey, man.
- And you didn't tell anyone.
[in Spanish] What's Dominique doing here? It's Dad's birthday and he's my boyfriend.
Why didn't you warn us? - It was a surprise.
- How long will you stay? - Just the weekend.
- No! I miss you.
- I miss you, too.
- You're beautiful.
- And Mom? - Mom She must be [Virginia singing in English] Happy birthday - Oh, no.
- Mom.
Happy birthday to you Happy birthday, Mr.
President Happy birthday to you [all cheering] Thank you very much.
- [in Spanish] Congratulations, honey.
- Thanks.
Yes! Cheers.
Sorry for interrupting, what a pleasure to see you.
Just a minute? - Excuse me.
- Thanks for coming.
What's up, honey? - Elena came as a surprise.
- Why are you ruining it? [scoffs] - Because she brought Dominique, Dad.
- Who? Her boyfriend? - The black guy? - You don't say that, Dad.
So, what do you say? African-American, but no need to talk about skin color.
- Tell that to your mother.
- Okay.
Greet her as if you know nothing.
- No, honey! - Dad! Happy birthday! - What? Are they the Kardashians? - [in English] Why? Feel like Kanye? You finally met Dominique.
Dominique, it's a pleasure to meet you.
I thought Elena was joking.
- [Paulina] Dad.
- What did he say? [in English] He says that he's so happy to meet you and that you can feel like home here.
[Paulina] Exactly! Liar.
[laughing] I love this guy.
[Roberta] Here I am again.
Years without coming to this house and its beautiful flower shop.
Where the De La Mora family has written unforgettable stories.
But none like the one we'll live this afternoon.
- Look at that.
- Mom! My baby.
My love.
What a surprise.
No, his name's Dominique.
He has no dress shoes.
- Mom - At least How do you do? Nice yes.
Mom, I have something important to say.
- Julián, come.
- No, not now.
First we're taking the family portrait.
- Come.
- [Lucía] Yes, honey.
[Virginia] Here's a good spot for the whole family.
And Bruno? - Stay here.
- Bruno? I'll look for him.
Where is this boy? Honey, look at me.
Let's see.
[Virginia] Here, here.
You stand in the middle.
[music playing on phone] Where were you? At the club.
Where else? It's your grandpa's birthday.
- I forgot.
- How funny.
[in English] We're doing a family portrait, but you can't be in it 'cause we're not married yet.
That's Mom's rules.
But let me ask, okay? No, no, don't ask me.
He can't be in the picture.
- You're not married.
- [in Spanish] I know.
And you're such a flirt, you'll be dating someone else soon.
- [in English] So, heh, this - It's okay.
I get it, okay? - [Elena] It's absurd, right? - What I want is that you smile for me.
- Come on.
How do I look? - And say hi to your auntie Elena.
Can you leave this in the kitchen? - Yeah.
- Look out! - Sorry, auntie.
- And the picture? - Don't worry.
- Everything will be fine.
Do you mind if she changes and then we do it? - [in Spanish] My suitcase is in the shop.
- She won't take long.
You change as well, so you look handsome, honey.
- My baby, my baby! - Delia! - How are you? - Very well, my baby.
- Do you need help? - Yes, I have to change.
Look at this.
- An accident.
- You don't know how much I missed you.
Me, too, Eleni.
I have something important to tell you.
- Let's see.
- Look at this.
- With the big guy? - Yes! - You're gonna make me cry.
- No.
Today is a very special day.
So, no crying, it's all happiness.
Who else did you tell? Nobody.
No one knows.
- But I'm telling all very soon.
- Eleni.
- They're gonna die.
- I know! - Imagine the beautiful bouquet we'll make.
- You have to do it.
[both screaming] - But what is that? What is that? - No fucking way! - Let's do CPR.
- [Elena] Don't touch her! - Don't touch her! - Help me! She's dead, my boy! - Help me, help me! - What's going on? Roberta.
[Micaela] Mom! We're home.
Mom! She must've left.
Claudio, she left this.
- Okay.
- What does it say? She has a surprise.
I love surprises! What a surprise.
Who's Roberta? Diego.
Talk to Diego, Delia won't bear it alone.
- Who's Roberta? - We won't talk about it now.
- Yes.
- Elena, it's not the time.
Hurry up! Who's Roberta? - There's a corpse in there.
- The corpse is Roberta.
Don't fuck around.
She's Dad's lover.
What? Dad's? Please, don't tell me you haven't thought about it.
Julián, go find Diego, please, so he can help, and you tell Dad while I call Márquez.
The party will go on? What do you want, Elena? Do this to Mom in front of everyone? - Is it a joke? - What? Dad is incapable of having a mistress.
Thank you, all.
Thank you for being here.
I speak on behalf of the whole family.
You came to celebrate a partner, a friend, a dad and the wonderful husband I have.
[laughing] Ernesto.
Clap, please.
- Clap.
- I've been a little nostalgic, but you know why.
The flower shop has been operating for 50 years since my mother established it, and God, how old are we getting, right? [laughing] I want to take this opportunity and say: Thanks, honey.
In this house our children grew, our love grew, and, well, so many flowers grew, thousands, who have been the joy of everybody here.
- Thank you.
- [Ernesto] Thank you.
[chanting] Ernesto! Ernesto! Ernesto! Thanks.
Thanks for those beautiful words.
I only want to add that I must've done something good in my previous lives to deserve this great woman and these wonderful and beautiful children we have.
Thank you, everyone.
Thank you.
[all applauding] The cake? Come on.
One, two, three! Bravo! [all applauding] Virginia? Can we take the portrait now? Of course.
It'll be on the cover.
- Which magazine? - Vanity Fair.
Really? I don't remember you.
I'm a new employee.
I'll go freshen up.
I won't be long.
- Just wait.
- Tell me.
- Lucía? - Where are you going? What's so urgent? Diego needs me to sign some papers.
But Mom wants you to help with the cake.
- Okay, don't take long.
- No.
- Okay.
- All right.
Some papers? Come.
[in English] Hey, baby.
Where were you? I thought you were changing clothes.
Yeah, but there was a setback.
Um Oh, God.
To the right, to the right.
- What's wrong? - I don't wanna say hi.
The woman with the priest? I already told you about her.
- She's a total bitch.
- [Dominique] Too late.
- [in Spanish] How are you, Carmelita? - Hi.
What a pleasure to see you.
It's good to see you, I thought you weren't coming.
[Elena] Of course, it's my dad's party.
- Your boyfriend? - [Elena] Yes.
Carmela, Dominique.
Father Miguel.
Nice to meet you.
[both chuckle] So handsome.
When's the wedding? I hope it's very soon, right? [chuckles] Well, it was a pleasure, see you.
- Yes.
- Yes.
[Dominique chuckles] [Angelica] Elenita! [in English] Oh, my God, shit.
- [Angelica] Hi, sweetheart.
- [in Spanish] How are you? Thank God! Oh, my, oh, my! - What's up? - Go in.
- Diego.
- I knew you couldn't wait for tonight.
[gasps] Oh, no! - What's that? - A dead woman.
- Are you crazy? - Me? Who is she? Dad's mistress.
- Your Dad's? - Come on, you knew.
- No, I don't understand.
- Hey, I need a favor.
Get rid of the body? No, just wait for the ambulance, okay? No, no way.
You stay.
- Are you crazy or what? - Lucía will start looking for me.
Nobody has to find out.
[band playing upbeat music] Márquez! What are you doing here? I told you to wait outside.
- We came as soon as possible.
- And I thank you.
- But not here.
Good afternoon.
- Chief Márquez! How are you? I didn't know you invited them.
- Of course.
- How nice! Take one, please.
- Thank you.
- You, too, please.
- Enjoy the party.
- Virginia! - Come, let's do the dance.
- Go with your friends.
- Right.
- Let's do the deer dance.
[all cheering] Dad, could you come? Anything wrong? No, well, yes.
I need to talk to you, please.
- Mom, where are you going? - Your sister is taking your father away.
- She wants to talk about Dominique - No, don't tell me.
- Don't tell me they're getting married.
- No, no, no.
It's about the apartment in New York.
- Don't scare me.
- Mom.
It's nothing.
Go dance.
The deer The ambulance is here.
[Paulina] Márquez.
Roberta turned out to be a real party pooper.
Is it my gift, or? - Happy birthday, Ernesto.
- [Ernesto] Márquez.
- Dad.
- What's going on? - You have to be strong.
- What? We found a corpse in the flower shop.
[sobbing] We have to take it away.
You have to come with us.
I beg you to not take the body until everybody's gone, please, Márquez.
Ernesto has to come with us due to [clearing throat] his relationship.
Don't repeat that outside these walls.
I beg you, Márquez.
Why are you all cooped up in here? - The party is outside.
- Mom, don't look! - Don't look! - What? - Roberta! - Did you know her? Yes.
What happened? - [Julián] She hanged herself.
- [Ernesto] Virginia! - Don't make jokes, please.
- [Ernesto] Baby! - I don't understand! - Roberta and I [Virginia] Roberta and you what? Forgive me, my love! Forgive me! - What are you saying? - Calm down! - Let go of me! - Hey, calm down! - Ernesto, we have to go.
- No! The family portrait.
We'll be on the cover.
Please, Mom, try to smile.
[whispers indistinctly] There's a body? Sorry, I just don't get it.
- Someday I'll have my place.
- Where? - In the portrait.
- I wish I could leave you mine.
[Paulina] Comb your hair.
And hug your grandma.
Shut up, calm down.
Don't grab her head, act normal.
[Ernesto] I'm leaving.
I'll be back soon.
I hope you never come back.
I'm sorry, honey.
Don't worry about it.
Márquez is waiting.
I already gave him money.
To speed things up.
Sorry for dragging you in.
You always do, Dad.
- Want me to go with you? - No.
They need you more.
[sighs] Right.
It's absurd.
We have to end this now.
- The charade? - And the party.
What happened? - Why are you here? - We'll say this: Mom's indisposed - and Dad is looking after her.
- No.
We have to go to the party so they think Mom and Dad are around.
- [groans] No.
- Yes, Mom's so discreet.
No, Paulina.
I'll shut down the bar.
You ask the DJ to put on some ballads.
Yes, better.
Delia, what happened to Virginia? Madam's not feeling well.
She has low blood pressure.
You know? These kind of events get her anxious.
- And you, too? - Mm-hm.
- Look at you, you're trembling.
- Mm-hm.
Is there something else? Look me in the eye.
Don't insist, dear.
Mom's not feeling well, and that's why the party's over.
[Carmela] Paulinita, that's what's strange.
Everything was very short.
And she loves these events.
Strange? Why, Carmelita? Let's be pragmatic.
You love your husband, right? - Yes.
- And he's good to you.
He's the best.
You almost never see him, right? You see? Good things in small doses, Carmela.
You're right, Paulina.
Thanks for coming.
Her blood pressure is high.
- Elena said it was low.
- High, low, I don't know.
- I don't know, my love.
- You're very stressed.
I have a way - to release your stress.
- Mm-hm.
- Let's go to the flower shop - No.
- Not the flower shop.
- Okay.
Then the bathroom? - Perfect.
- [chuckles] - What? - Go in and I'll be right back.
[cell phone dialing] - She doesn't answer.
- It's a surprise.
We shouldn't go.
Why not? Mom knows I love surprises.
I know what's it about.
It's green! It's green! Hey I want to after the flower shop's anniversary we move in together.
[Diego scoffs] What? - For real.
- Okay.
Where did you want to go? Berlin? Wherever you want, but no more secrets.
- Please.
- No.
I promise.
- I love you.
- Me, too.
[Lucía] Julián? What's up with you? I've been waiting half an hour.
It's just this is horrible but why don't you go home? - What? - Yes.
If things get better I'll go and finish this.
I thought you knew, Mom.
How? I would've never allowed it.
I'm not like you, treacherous.
It was not my place to tell you.
How long have you known it? I don't know.
I don't know, since she worked at the flower shop.
Paulina, - that was 20 years ago.
- I know.
That's why.
What? - That's why you remained silent? - Enough, please! - You're pinning this on me? - It is your fault.
You could have stopped it.
Stopped it? This is a couple's issue, Mom.
I avoided the destruction of the family, you know why? No.
Because it's what you taught me.
Hey! Busybodies.
Mom should sell the shop.
You're talking nonsense.
What are you doing there? The party's over? Somebody died or what? I can't believe it.
You're drunk.
Bruno, what's wrong? - Dad, how did you come in? - Through the flower shop.
- Stop it.
- Delia.
Do we have one of those candles for her? - Yes, Mr.
- Thanks.
[in English] Jesús is gonna drive you to your hotel, okay, baby? Okay.
Are you coming later? Honestly, I don't think so.
I understand, baby.
Um - Let me know if there's anything you need.
- I was so excited.
I thought it would surprise them.
What if it's a bad omen? Everything happens for a reason, right? So, what if this is, like, a family curse or a sign from God and everything's gonna turn out horrible? - And it's gonna be a tragedy? - Please.
And it's gonna be all crazy and people are gonna - Please.
Calm down.
- are gonna die.
Would you prepare him something for the hangover? - Yes, Pau.
- Thank you.
I I want to tell you Yes, it's a pity, and very painful.
But it's over in the past and since it's past, it never happened.
This is my house.
I ask you to carry this secret to your grave.
[doorbell ringing] Delia, open the door.
[door opens] Dad.
Dad? She's Micaela, your sister.
- Where's Mom? - [Elena] And what? He's also our brother? [mariachi band playing] I forgot to cancel the mariachi! [Roberta] And you, Virginia, forgot to guard our secrets from the wrong hands.
So, good luck.
[laughing] Ah, I almost forgot.
Happy birthday, Ernesto.
Subtitle translation by Matt D