The House of Flowers (2018) s01e02 Episode Script

CHRYSANTHEMUM (symb. pain)

What Virginia doesn't know is that we have our own House of Flowers.
THE HOUSE OF FLOWERS Our best-kept secret.
So, this song is for you, my love.
My king was a monster Made of stone And his heart was, too Made of stone He paid for my love With stones He shattered my dreams With stones What's wrong? I'm sorry to tell you this but my mother passed away a few hours ago.
- No! - Oh, my God, Roberta! We'll have a service here tomorrow, in her home.
Here? We'll mourn her death, but we'll also celebrate her life! - Let's sing for her! - Come on.
Let's make a toast! - It's going to be low-profile, right? - It's going to be a party, sweetie.
We'll have to be careful and discreet, because if Mom finds out, Dad - Pau! - She's really stricken.
My namesake! Today is a day for song and dance.
Calm down and go hug my father, please.
Now someone will have to take over this cabaret.
And no it won't be you, Ernesto.
Just what I was thinking.
Oh, no, she's fainting! Oh, no! Don't do this, Paulina, please! Not after the day we've had! Someone help! A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Will $50,000 be enough? I'll take care of the arrangements here at the cabaret.
And I'll make sure Roberta gets here.
Ready for her funeral.
We'll bring the flowers.
Count it.
There's no need, Claudio.
I'm here if you need anything.
You're like the son I never had.
Dad, Julián I don't know how to tell Micaela.
- Tell her the truth.
- That her mother died? Maybe not in those words.
I can't believe Roberta.
I can't find my Mom or Dad.
Come on in, don't worry.
I'll call my dad.
But I want my dad.
Yes, that's what I mean.
Have a seat.
I'll call him now.
Delia? Pau! Will it be longer? - No.
I'm almost done.
- Okay.
I'm not comfortable doing this to your Mom.
You promised to keep it a secret.
All right, what's the delivery address? Please hurry, Delia.
We have to send the wreaths here and I have to stop by the funeral home before heading there.
Is that really the name? Not a word to my siblings or to my mother, Delia.
Paulina, if your Mom finds out, she'll have me hanged.
- Aren't you going to say anything? - Virginia I'm sorry.
They say if you want to leave a man, have him followed.
If you don't, don't go around looking for something you don't want to find.
- I never failed.
I've been a good father.
- Sure.
That's why they found your dead mistress.
- What a great role model.
- How would I know she'd hang herself? You chose a nut job as a mistress and I chose a dumb-ass for a husband.
We both know why you chose me, and I've never complained.
See these scars? Do you see them? Even the loveliest rose has its thorns.
- I could move out for a while if you want.
- You're not going anywhere.
The flower shop's anniversary is three months away.
People say we're the perfect family.
That's what they want to see, we'll give them that.
And I won't lose any clients because of you.
I've lost enough in my life.
And Micaela? She's not staying in this house.
Virginia, I was once in your place - and I was always generous with you.
- I may pretend to be blind or play dumb, but I'm neither.
Make no mistake, Ernesto.
The girl isn't staying.
Tell me one thing.
What did you see in her? Nothing.
Don't give me that.
She knew how to dance.
Paulina! Look, cake! Like the one Selena bakes me every year! Dad is looking for you.
Brunito, take her to see your grandpa.
Are you done, love? Run along.
You like her better than me.
Don't be childish, Julián.
Don't be a hypocrite.
A hypocrite? Why? You know why.
You're like my Dad.
You have two families, two houses - You're a liar.
- Don't be ridiculous, Julián.
You have two relationships.
Lower your voice.
You don't mind if that gets out? So, why don't you stay out of other people's business? CHA REMOVE PAULINA Please.
It's just us three.
What's the point? - Have you told her? - Almost.
Márquez asked me to go to the precinct.
Can you take her to Roberta's house? - She needs to dress up.
- I'm going to the funeral, Dad.
She can't come with me if you haven't told her.
Plus, we can't let anyone in the family find out about the funeral.
What do we do? Claudio is busy and she shouldn't be alone with your Mom.
She's still angry.
Mom isn't angry, Dad.
She feels betrayed, and be careful when a woman feels that about you.
Stop scaring me.
Could you ask Elena? When will this nightmare be over? Delia! Delia! I should go to the funeral.
There won't be one.
We're having her cremated and that's it.
What about the wreaths in the car? It'll be such a small thing.
Like no funeral at all.
Plus, it's not right for the big house to attend a small-house funeral.
But you're going, what do you mean? - No more secrets, Paulina.
- There's no more, I swear.
Madam, here's your breakfast.
Leave it on the bed, Delia.
Thank you.
Delia? Do you think I'm a terrible dancer? I'm not sure, madam.
Come clean up, I left hair all over the bathroom.
Yes? I left you a letter on the tray.
From the dead lady.
Close the door.
Get out, and close the door.
Babe? If Dominique is in the family portrait before I do, I'll die.
- I'm serious.
- Sure.
What's up? - I fought with Paulina.
- Why? Something stupid.
She called me a hypocrite and compared me to Dad.
That's just like Paulina.
Yes, she's the hypocrite.
- Right? - Yes.
She's always so bossy and treats everyone like children.
- Babe? - What? You need some fun.
A friend from the gym is doing Macbeth.
- Let's go.
I'll call - We saw it already.
Besides, I hate Shakespeare.
We haven't seen a play together in ages.
Tell me, who did you go with? Because it wasn't with me.
Paulinita? Carmelita.
Why are you here? Who died? No, no.
- Calm down, no one.
- So? Sometimes I like to come to places like this one for stress relief.
- That's so weird.
- Yes, a little bit.
How about you, Carmelita? My cousin Ruth, she's left before us.
That's too bad.
I'm sorry.
Roberta Sánchez's next of kin? All right.
Including transportation, it'll be 48,500 pesos.
I don't talk about these things, but this is charity work.
Some people can't afford a funeral.
That's true.
Can you imagine? I will give you 50,000 pesos.
It's all cash, I'm sorry.
I'll wait for my change.
- Please.
- Look.
They're almost done embalming her.
- She looks great.
- Wonderful.
- Lovely.
- Can I leave now? - What a body.
It's better if you wait.
- I'm leaving.
- Goody! - Why? We can catch up.
"A relative will go away soon.
" Where are you? At the store, Rosita's on vacation.
I need you to take Micaela home to get dressed for the funeral.
I'm running late.
Does she know where she's going and what to wear? I don't think so.
Dad hasn't told her yet.
Just tell her it's formal.
Improvise, Elena.
All right, fine.
Just text me the address.
- Okay.
- Paulina.
This girl keeps talking nonsense.
She's cute, but she's kind of crazy.
I told you not to talk to her.
She's weird.
So sorry I'm late.
Where's Micaela? - Paulina, what is this? - What? - Hey, auntie.
- Hi.
So, you're part of the small house.
Dad made me go on those trips.
It was awful.
- Are you serious? - Yes.
- What? - Where is the girl? What is wrong with Dad? - Elena.
- How could he do that to you? He's crazy.
- It explains your personality.
She's here.
- Good.
- How pretty.
- Do I look good? What a cutie.
You look beautiful.
You told her it was formal? - She's so adorable.
- Yes.
- Bye, sweetie! - Bye.
Bye! - What did Roberta do? - She was an accountant.
Bruno? Listen.
- I decided I'm going after all.
- No.
What for? It would be too weird.
For Micaela.
No one needs to know who I am.
Micaela won't remember who went to her mother's funeral.
- Paulina, she's my sister.
I'm going.
- Fine.
It's at Path to Heaven funeral home.
I'll see you there.
Path to Heaven.
It will be short.
- Bye.
- Bye, Bruno.
Bye, bye-bye.
Take that painting down.
Be careful, son.
I can't reach that high.
Oh, Virginia.
I was just as shocked when Ernesto told me your biggest secret.
That's why, as a show of solidarity, I've decided to tell you mine.
Now it's up to you to decide what to do with them.
Your mom Your mom is gone.
That's great.
She was driving me nuts.
Micaela, your mom she died yesterday.
Tell me, sweetie.
Has anyone asked you about Roberta? - About the cabaret? - No, they haven't.
No, but if they ask, I can lie and say you abandoned me during my tennis classes.
No one will believe you.
You have to learn to lie.
- Learn how to lie? - White lies, baby.
Wait, that's not right either.
I'm just stressed, Bruno.
Look at that.
It's perfect.
Listen, when everyone leaves, switch the two portraits.
If anyone asks, just tell them - it's for the next funeral.
- Okay.
There, there.
He's at rest now.
Go home and rest as well.
Or you might be next.
- Okay, sweetie.
- Paulina.
Thank you for coming.
I told you it'd be brief.
Her best friend Yolanda just left.
What? Are you serious? And Micaela? Dad took her home, she was very upset, poor thing.
That's terrible.
Poor thing.
Grab the portrait, we're out.
What? We have to take it, we can't leave it here.
Besides, Micaela will want it.
Where are the wreaths from House of Flowers? Those went straight to the burial plot.
Dear God.
My condolences, Mom.
- Delia.
- Madam.
Where's Roberta's funeral? I don't know.
I know you know.
The chrysanthemums are gone, but there were no orders.
It hurts me that everyone is keeping secrets from me.
Thanks, Yuri.
I love you, Amanda.
Thanks, Gloria.
My baby.
- My little girl.
- Thank you, Pau.
Don't be sad, okay? Just leave it there, please.
Thank you so much.
Where were you? Burying your secrets all the way across town, Dad.
Say hello to your grandpa.
Thanks for coming.
What a dreadful sight.
Mom, what a bad haircut.
Why did you do it? So I don't slit my wrists.
Don't go.
I have to, honey.
It's a post-mortem favor.
Be understanding.
First, you should kick Dad out of the house.
This is about much more than your father, you'll see.
Karma will catch up to him.
If not, - I'll make sure of it.
- Wait.
I like when you speak like in House of Cards.
I like this, sweetie.
- Really? - I like it.
My goodness.
All that talent going to waste.
Who loves you? I love it.
If you're going, so am I.
Really? I don't want you there alone.
In fact, I'll call Diego.
Diego? Our financial adviser? No, what would be the point? Mom, he's my friend.
And there's strength in numbers.
Fine, if you say so.
You're a different woman.
You can be sure of that.
- It must be really cool, right? - Yeah.
One second.
What's up? - Mom cut her hair.
- What? - Is she okay? - I don't know.
She's going to the funeral.
Don't bother.
It's over.
- I went to Pedregal in vain.
- What? You got it wrong.
The funeral is up north.
It was over when I got there, not even Micaela Damn Paulina, she lied to me.
It happened kind of like this White wine and old songs at night And it made fun of me That sweet deceiver That cursed Spring Goddamned bitch.
The nerve.
Even though I don't want to I keep thinking about you If If I were to fall in love now It would come back to me That cursed Spring What's left to dream Who's she? She's big house.
She's gorgeous.
Mom, what happened? What's with that look? What are you doing here? Who invited you? Same question.
- I raised a snake.
- Calm down.
What's this, Paulina? You said no more secrets.
- You're hurting the family! - Show some respect for the dead.
- Who owns this place? - Liar.
- You are crazy.
- Whose? I'll explain.
What's this, Dad? You're both nuts.
If I were to fall in love again It would come back to me That cursed Spring What's left to dream To fall in love All I need is an hour Are you joking? You look You look stunning.
Whose idea was it to name this place after my flower shop? - Hers? - Virginia, it was my idea.
This is my cabaret.
It was an investment.
With what money? Well, with With money from the House of Flowers.
The flower shop.
You want to drive me crazy, right? I paid it back a long time ago.
Plus interest.
This place was profitable, while it lasted.
Who else knows about it? Roberta.
Well, she doesn't count anymore.
I guess Claudio.
Did you think what would happen - if anyone finds out about this? - Virginia How do you think I paid for those trips, the cars, the club? With the money from this House of Flowers.
How long have you known about this place? It's gross that this seedy den has the same name.
This seedy den pays for your lifestyle, you leech.
Did you think the flower shop pays your New York rent? And your master's at Parsons? This paid for my tuition? This has seen better days, Elena.
It's a cabaret, not a whorehouse.
Same thing.
What did you get by keeping the secret? What good was it for you to know? Would you have stopped leeching? I'm not a freeloader! Don't compare me to Julián! - Screw you.
- No, I'm sorry.
- I'll do my master's.
- I know, I know.
Did you know? About Roberta, too? - I knew of her existence.
- And you played dumb.
I'll smooth things over.
Roberta was the first person who gave me a chance to set foot on-stage, and I will forever be thankful for that.
Because without her, I couldn't have You're not the only one with a secret.
Roberta wrote me a letter.
A letter? Yes.
Among other things, she asked me to welcome the girl into my home.
Micaela can stay.
"Among other things"? What else did it say? Women's secrets.
I'd like to ask Paulina, my namesake, to get on-stage and say a few words.
Those who know me know that I'm not exactly the life of the party.
Well, maybe sometimes.
But I must admit it was Roberta who taught me how to dance.
What? I can still remember the day she told me She told me Shake it, shake it So tasty! Shake it, shake it Look at her go! Come join the dance Come join the fun Lift up your hands if you're having fun Lift up your hands if you're having fun Lift up your hands if you're having fun Lift up your hands if you're having fun Shake it, shake it So tasty Shake it, shake it Look at her go It wasn't my place to tell you.
I was doing my job.
Right, you never mix business and relationships.
You win.
Can you forgive me? I'll never keep secrets from you again.
Stop, not here.
No one knows us.
Okay, okay.
Follow me.
Wait, this is a funeral.
Come on, it's a cabaret.
- Did we see Macbeth together? - Yes.
Holy shit.
I'm just like my Dad.
Hello, Carlos.
- Claudio.
Sorry, one of those days.
- Hi.
Don't worry.
I wanted to tell you I'm very sorry for your loss.
You must be going through hell.
Thank you.
Micaela is so cute, she's the sweetest.
I'm glad she'll be part of our lives.
I hope you'll also be part of our lives.
- This is Dominique.
- Hey.
- From France? - Michigan.
- No.
- No.
Her sister is also my sister, but Well See you soon.
Okay? Nice meeting you.
After the damage assessment Of the dreadful crash between us both After the impact of your hands My caution was pronounced dead It went on for many years, Dad.
They were bound to find out.
Can I tell you something? To me, this is the real House of Flowers.
I can't believe what I heard She's so good, isn't she? - What did you tell Micaela? - The truth.
She's moving into Into the House of Flowers? Dad.
What about Mom? That kiss that takes me up to heaven It's the same one that plunges me Into hell Oh, no Mom? You understand why I didn't tell you, right? About your second home? Mom, I didn't know what to do.
If I had known this would hurt you so much, I swear No, just worry about your Dad.
He's going to need you.
Spawn of Judas.
You know what, Paulina? My House of Flowers matters more than this two-bit cabaret.
I know that.
I feel the same way.
Then you'll understand that whoever inherits my House of Flowers has to have my full trust.
And you, sweetie you no longer have it.
- Mom.
- Keep this House of Flowers.
It's more your style.
Drive on, Jesús.
Virginia was right.
You'll have to look after your father, Paulina.
But make sure it's not too late, since he is no longer up against one scorned woman.
Now there's two of us.
And that might just be the worst combination.
The 94 is at the 90.
94 at the 90.
The eagle has landed.
I repeat, the eagle has landed.
Subtitle translation by Fernando Capó