The House of Flowers (2018) s01e03 Episode Script

LILY (symb. freedom)

1 Wouldn't you like it if every morning was like this? What if we move in together? Are you serious? Yes.
It's been five years.
I think it's time.
Don't you think your family should know about us first? I'm sick of this double life.
The hanged woman gave me clarity.
If you are decided this is your home.
- Yes? - Of course.
Let's do it today.
Whenever you want.
- I don't want to scare you.
- What? My parents haven't talked to me since I came out to them.
Fifteen years ago.
[Roberta] See why some secrets should remain unspoken? If they come to light, you end up hanging yourself, or they do it for you.
A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES I'm telling our parents about Diego today.
Are you serious? Mm-hm.
I am.
I can't spend another minute in the closet.
- It's not the right time, Julián.
- Then when? I don't know, when things settle down.
Roberta's body is still warm.
I'm moving in with him.
And no dead woman will fuck that up.
So rude.
Give me a heads-up so I can call the ambulance for Mom.
[cell phone rings] - What's up? - [Diego] How is it going? Good, almost done packing.
- Wait, you already told them? - Yes, I told my sisters.
- I'm so relieved, believe me.
- Your sisters already knew.
- And your parents? - No.
Not yet.
Baby steps, honey.
You can't move in if you don't tell them.
I know, but I don't know who to tell first.
Mom, Bruno Julián, do things right.
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
You're welcome.
- Hey, Mom.
Are you busy? - No, sweetie.
Tell me.
I know you've been having a hard time lately.
I understand.
What is it? It's about Julián.
- He got a job? - No.
It's more personal.
Deep down, you know.
We all do.
But we never talked about it.
Elena, what is it? You're making me nervous.
This is not the time for riddles.
What is it? Julián is gay.
What, Elena? Mom, please.
You get mani-pedis together.
You knew.
- Why do you do this me? - Me? What are you talking about? Bringing a darkie wasn't enough? Don't call him that.
His name is Dominique.
Julián is going to tell you soon.
I wanted you to be prepared.
Please, don't tell him anything hurtful.
Dear Lord, what have I done? Please, Holy Virgin.
- Jesus Christ - Cut the drama, Mom.
It'll be all right.
Think about it, the flower shop's anniversary is soon.
What will people say? Elena, please.
You should consider therapy.
You're right.
Julián needs professional help.
- Somebody - No, Mom.
For you.
Not for Julián.
For you.
Mom? Mom? Hi.
Hey, there's something I've been meaning to tell you, but never had the courage to tell you.
Look what I have for you.
- What's this? - Great-grandma's ring.
It's worth a small fortune.
Mm But you and Lucía deserve it.
It's time to make it official.
- I can't give this to Lucía.
- Don't be so scared.
Men and their fear of commitment.
Nice girls like that aren't easy to find, Julián.
You have to think about your future and who you want in the family picture.
Not Lucía.
You've been together so long.
Think about her.
She's given you her best years.
- Good point.
- Then what? - I'm dumping her.
- No, take the ring just in case.
- I'll be right back.
- Julián.
Julián! I don't know how to run a cabaret.
Roberta handled everything.
But I'm sure you two will manage just fine.
Honestly, Dad, don't you think it's better if I ran it alone? I say this respectfully and only because I know Claudio has never run a business.
I know this business better than you.
And to what do you attribute it? Is it just seniority? In that case, maybe we could ask Amanda Miguel or Gloria Trevi to do it.
So, selling flowers prepared you to deal with permits and cops? Not only can I sell flowers, get permits, and handle the cops, - I also know how to hide dead people.
- That's enough.
You'll run the cabaret together.
And that's final.
Give him a chance to learn.
Micaela, time to go.
- See you, Gloria.
- [Paulina] "Give him a chance to learn.
" - [Micaela] I had fun.
- Yeah? "Give him a chance to learn.
" [Carmela] Ernesto's party turned out simply wonderful.
[chuckles] Too bad about your blood pressure.
We were very worried.
How are you feeling now? Much better, it wasn't serious.
I see, you even had a makeover.
You look beautiful.
- [chuckles] - [Carmela] And Elenita, so sweet.
To come just to give her dad a hug, and she even brought her boyfriend.
She's so international.
Do I hear wedding bells? No, Elena is not getting married, he's just a fling.
- No, the one who is, though - Julián and Lucía.
So exciting.
[both chuckle] You think they'll get married? Julián looks undecided to me.
Have your eyes checked.
[chuckles] He just asked me for Nana's ring.
- No.
- Yes.
And you kept that to yourself.
I'm so glad to hear it.
I always thought Julián was gay.
Isn't Alex Villalobos, your nephew, the one who is gay? - Daniel, Luisa's son, is also - Him, too? He had to change schools, no one came to his birthday.
There's also Paty's son.
They sent him to New York.
- That's not so bad, Elena lives there.
- To get electroshock therapy.
- Was he cured? - He's still sick.
It's not the flu.
Right, you can cure that with some ginger tea.
- I need to use the powder room.
- Go ahead.
[rings] [woman] Dr.
Salomón Cohen's office.
[Virginia] Miss, please.
I'd like an appointment with Dr.
- Name? - Mrs.
de la Mora.
Virginia de la Mora.
It's urgent.
Mm Let me check.
I hope you'll be able to squeeze me in, please.
Can you come in an hour? - I was looking for you.
- I'm almost done.
Just one more hour.
Got it.
Wait, I'll be quick.
This isn't working.
What? It's not working out - our relationship, right? - What are you talking about? We should break up.
Of course not.
- This can't go on.
- I'll prove you wrong.
See you at the squash court.
We agreed we'd play a match.
Lucía, wait.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Sorry to just barge in on you.
That leak has been there since I started.
- Really? - Yes.
So, is it true you're going to start running this place? Sort of, yes.
Hopefully we can bring it back to its former glory.
What are you going to do with the debt? What debt? You don't know? I think that's why she hanged herself.
Take a look at the books.
Thanks for telling me.
I'll take a look.
Sure, and one more thing.
You guys owe me some money, okay? - Could you look into it? - Yes, of course.
- Okay.
See you, doll.
- Thanks.
Lucía, don't play dumb.
Your serve or mine? My serve.
Just one game, okay? [BeGun's "Dora (Blackbird Blackbird Vocal Edit)" playing] You should know I'm gay.
- That's why you want to break up? - Isn't that enough? Look, if people say you're gay, that doesn't mean you are.
One-zero! So vulnerable I am gay.
- No, you're not.
- I am.
I heard the rumor, but people are so full of shit.
I'm gay! - I know for a fact you're not.
- Yes.
- I swear.
- No! - Are you sure? - Yes, sure.
- A hundred percent sure? - Yes.
[Lucía chuckles] [knocking on door] I'm leaving.
- Do you know anything about debts? - No.
Yuri just told me the cabaret is in the red.
I think I would know.
We'll discuss it later.
- Bye.
- Bye.
[chuckles] - [Salo] Virginia.
- Salo.
[chuckles] - You look stunning.
- Thank you.
[chuckles] Yes.
How long has it been? Such a long time.
When was the last time? When Esther had the stroke? Mm-hm.
Of course, since Since her funeral.
You were sitting on the floor with your shirt all torn.
Of course I remember, she was my wife.
What a tragedy.
You filled my house with flowers.
It was the least I could do.
So, how have you been? Well, not as great as I'd like, because a lot has happened and I need to talk to someone.
- After you.
- Yes.
Thank you.
Salo, you know I've dedicated my whole life to my children.
But I must've screwed something up.
With whom? All three of them.
But right now I'm worried about Julián.
Why is that? Because this morning, someone told me that they think Julián thinks that God, I don't know how to say it.
Virginia, with my other patients I sometimes use a technique to help verbalize issues.
Look this is Chuy.
[chuckles] - No, no.
- You can tell him anything.
He doesn't judge and keeps secrets.
Right, Chuy? Salo, no, don't you think I'm a little old for this? Hi, Virginia.
Hi, Chuy.
Tell me, what is it that you're so worried about? Julián thinks he's gay.
So? What do you mean? That's not right, it can't be.
- When he was a boy and came here - Chuy.
This isn't exactly ethical, but I have something to tell you.
When he came here as a boy, we sometimes discussed it.
- As a boy? That was over 20 years ago.
- Mm-hm.
It doesn't matter now.
He's an adult and will marry his girlfriend Julián told you he wants to marry his girlfriend? No.
But I think I can talk him into it.
I mean he's so attached to me, the most loving of the three.
Virginia there's nothing wrong if your son is gay.
I'm gay.
Don't tell me that, Salo.
I'll have a heart attack.
We both know you're not gay.
[chuckles] Don't worry, not me.
Just Chuy.
I get it, Chuy.
But you're a sock.
A sock can't get hurt no one will speak ill of you or give you electroshock therapy.
No one will make you move to another country out of shame.
You won't get fired.
Well, Julián doesn't have a job, but still.
You're just a sock.
No one will talk about you.
What's more important to you? Julián's happiness? Or what people might say? Isn't happiness tied to what people say about us? No.
Absolutely not.
Salo Julián is my son.
I don't want him to suffer.
- [in English] So, you fucked her.
- Yeah, I couldn't help myself.
[in Spanish] Julián, that's gross! [in English] Julián, you went there to break up with her, not to get laid.
- So, you're bisexual now? Is that? - No.
No, no, no.
Diego's the only one I'm in love with.
- What about Lucía? - She's great.
I mean, I really like her.
- She's amazing in bed.
- There you go.
Just come out as bisexual.
You know what, yeah.
Maybe I'm bisexual, yes.
I never thought of it that way.
I am bisexual.
You gotta gather the whole family together, and just get it over with.
I can throw a dinner party if you want.
- Really? - [Elena] Mm-hm.
- [Dominique] Easy.
- Easy.
- What? - [Julián] Yeah.
- Right now? - Yeah.
- I'm bisexual.
I'm bisexual.
- He's bisexual.
He's bisexual.
I am bisexual, yes.
Micaela, would you like to come to live with me? To the big house you saw.
We can get your stuff after this.
When you went on those trips, you were at the big house, right? Well, not always.
Sometimes I did go on trips.
So, if Virginia is your wife, what was my Mom? She was also like my wife.
[chuckles] I loved her like a wife.
[laughing] If I move into the big house, will you keep leaving on trips? I'll stay home, I promise.
- Okay.
Can we go again after this? - Again? I want to scream.
[screaming] HOW TO TELL YOUR PARENTS YOU'RE GAY? [upbeat pop music playing over speakers] Hi.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Everything all right? - Yeah, just fine.
[Amanda] Aren't you Paulina's brother? Mm-hm.
So - Amanda - Hmm? Are you gay? [chuckles] I don't know how to tell my family.
It's never easy to tell the truth.
When I dressed up, my father had just died and my mother was all I had left.
I was scared to tell her, I didn't want to disappoint her, but she taught me not to be afraid if you speak from your heart.
But what did you say? [chuckles] As my friend Gloria Trevi would say: "I put on my heels and dressed as a queen" Tell them with a song.
[Julián] But I can't sing for shit! Seriously, I can't.
[door opens then closes] Welcome, Micaela, to your home.
- We're going to take good care of you.
- Mm-hm.
You're great with children.
- I hope she's not like the older ones.
- Thank you for this.
You're so adorable.
I'm not doing it for you nor Roberta.
I'm doing it for her, someone has to take care of her.
- Mm-hm.
- She also has me.
Well, if you say so.
I'll show you to your room, sweetie.
Come with me.
What are you doing? - Sometimes, I need space.
- Me, too.
- I used to hide in the closet.
- Like my uncle? - What? - Nothing.
Why did you hide? Your Mom was also a control freak? No, she's depressed.
I mean, she was.
You know.
[clears throat] Why don't you help me with this? - Yes.
- We can both use it.
- Hand me those stakes.
- These ones? Yes, please.
And the bag.
This one? [man on recording] Please leave a message after the tone.
Hello, Mom.
I'd hoped I'd find you.
I haven't heard from you or Dad in some time, and I wanted to know how you were.
The truth is that today is a very special day for me.
So, yes.
I wanted to share it with you.
I hope we can talk soon.
It's Diego.
How do you feel? - Fine.
- Are you nervous? No.
What's important is we're together.
I hate announcing it as if it were a weird thing.
My sisters don't have to explain who they are fucking.
It's not fair.
We can wait if you want.
We're already here.
Come on, let's go.
[Paulina] Ready already? - Why is Diego here? - Diego? It's Julián's friend.
I made this for you.
It needs more color.
I thought you loved sequins.
- Enough, Mom.
- Can I tell you something? Judas took away my daughter but God gave me another one.
Stop bringing up Judas.
I was 18.
I was also 18 when you were born.
- One makes bad decisions at that age.
- How funny.
Just like you.
- Hi! - Hi.
How are you, Diego? I'm glad to see you.
You both look so handsome.
The most handsome, always the most elegant.
[Ernesto] Orion's belt should be over here.
I can't see anything.
There's so much pollution, you can't see the stars.
- That sucks.
- Yeah.
You know where you can see them? At the Nevado.
I'll take you one day.
- So delicious.
- Could you hand it over? - No, I want it.
- Where is it from? - It can't be - Dad has a restaurant, that's why.
Paulina, sweetie.
Pass me that plate, the one with the pear, please.
Honey, you can't just take all the food for yourself.
Julián, how about working at the cabaret? You need a job, right? - No, thanks.
- It's not a bad idea.
Paulina is managing it.
- Ah.
You sure kept that a secret.
- I mean, you fired me.
Yes, but not so that you'd go to the other House of Flowers.
Want to try some, Dad? This one's delicious.
[Dominique] Your brother's having a rough time.
[in English] I know.
I'm gonna have to help him, right? - [in Spanish] Hello, family.
- Hi.
- Hello, how do you do? - [laughs] All right.
Julián threw this dinner party because he has exciting news.
- No worries, carry on.
- You can do it.
And we're all going to love what he has to say.
- Right, Julián? - You can do it.
- I'd rather not.
- You can.
- Hello.
- Hi.
[Julián] Um Thank you for coming.
I'm not good at public speaking.
- [Paulina] No.
- So That's why I decided to tell you all this with a song.
He's going to sing? [Elena] He's gonna sing a song.
- [Dominique] He sings? - Yeah.
No, he doesn't sing, but he is gonna sing.
[Dominique] But he's going to sing? [singing] People point at me With accusing fingers They whisper behind my back But I don't give a damn Why should they care If I'm different than them? I don't belong to anyone I have no owner I know they criticize me I know that they hate me They're all green with envy My life overwhelms them Why must this be? I'm not to blame They feel insulted By my circumstances My destiny is the one The one that That I chose for myself Who gives a damn what I do? Who gives a damn what I say? I'll always be like this I will never change Bravo! Whoo! It was a clear message, darling.
You want to be a singer.
- No, Mom.
I'm bisexual.
- Bisexual? What's that? Plus, you should know that Diego and I are moving in together.
- Like roommates? - [Julián] No.
Pay attention, Dad, he's gay.
- He's his partner.
- Bisexual.
- Julián, you're confused.
- [Julián] No, I'm not, Mom.
- You're confused, I know.
- Bisexual? Bruno, take your sister to her room.
- I'm not her sister, I'm her aunt.
- Thanks, honey.
This conversation is just for grown-ups.
[in Spanish] Mom, Julián isn't confused.
He's bisexual.
I'm saying something else.
Elena, back off, please.
Son, whatever you are, bisexual, trisexual, gay, drag, or whatever it is you don't have to say it.
- No one has to know.
- I'm sick of this! We've been dating five years - and you didn't even - Five years? Now you act shocked! Mom, what did we say? - Bisexual, it's not true.
- Let it go.
Mom, you said you'd be supportive.
- Did you talk about me? - All of it.
- Nobody knows anything.
- Elena! Stay out of this! - Weren't you with Lucía? - And you with Roberta? [doorbell ringing] - Stop it! Please! - Delia, get the door! - Go get the door! - The door! Julián, I was helping you! [in English] This is so embarrassing.
I'm sorry, my dear.
[Ernesto] Marquez.
Were you also invited? Ernesto de la Mora, you're under arrest for financial crimes.
This isn't the time for jokes.
Not after the night I had.
It's not a joke.
You're going to the precinct.
I didn't do anything.
Maybe you don't remember, like with your other family.
- Mom, stop it.
- What did I say? - Just don't, Mom.
- [Virginia] Marquez, this must be a joke.
- No, it's no joke.
- What are you doing here, Marquez? Your father is being arrested.
- My blood pressure! - Help her, please.
Help my mom, please! - Don't worry, everything will be okay.
- Dad, please.
[Paulina] Marquez, you can't do that to me.
I always knew.
I'll always love you.
Diego is great.
Everyone, don't worry.
No, no! Please don't, Marquez.
The neighbors will see him.
Don't do this to us.
I'm asking as a personal favor.
- Everything will be all right.
- Fine, just for you, Paulina.
- Thank you very much.
- You can't take him! - They just can't! - Calm down, please.
[siren wails] - [Carmela] What's all this? - Carmelita, what are you doing here? Something happened.
- What? - Someone tried to break in.
Luckily, it's all okay.
- This neighborhood is going down.
- I know.
Pau, here's your Uh, Delia, please walk her home.
She shouldn't be - Of course not.
- alone.
- Thank you.
- Let's go, Carmelita.
- Go home, it's not safe.
- Let's go.
I'll take you.
Sweetie, you don't have to come.
- I'll call a lawyer.
- Please, Dad.
Please, I'm happy to come with you.
Yeah, right.
[sirens wailing] - [Diego] What a day.
- [Julián] Tell me about it.
- My dad accepted me.
- You did it.
I came out.
The worst coming out in history.
[Roberta] Congratulations, Julián.
That was very brave.
But don't think everything will be this easy.
Right, Virginia? Subtitle translation by Matt D