The House of Flowers (2018) s01e04 Episode Script

PETUNIA (symb. resentment)

Ma'am? I brought you some bread to ease your shock.
What shock? It's time to celebrate.
I'll tell you a secret.
Come here.
Remember the letter Roberta left for me? Well, in that letter she made a confession, maybe to redeem herself.
She confessed she had taken out massive loans in Ernesto's name.
She gave me the choice to use that to either help Ernesto, or ruin him.
You know karma works slowly and sometimes needs help.
So, I just gave it a little push, you know.
There's no better place than jail for him to think about his actions.
Delia, don't overreact.
It'll all be fine.
- He won't live there forever.
- But, ma'am, what about the kids? What if they find out you knew? Who's going to tell them? I told you this was a secret.
I was very clear, Delia.
Only you know.
Yes, ma'am.
They say vengeance is a dish best served cold so, bon appétit, Virginia.
A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Straight to voicemail.
- What happened? What did they say? - Not much.
Apparently, Dad signed a power of attorney for Roberta to buy a car, but she sneakily used that power to take out loans in Dad's name.
- It's a lot of money.
- No way.
- Millions.
- What's a power of attorney? - Julián, you don't know what it is? - I knew it.
So, now what? What's next? What? How can we prove it wasn't Dad who took those loans but that nut job? - Dad accepts me, and things go to hell.
- Julián.
I wanted karma to get him, but not like this.
- It's too much karma for him.
- No one told me.
Shut up, already! - You're getting ahead of yourselves! - Why don't you call José María? Elena.
Dad always said that José María is one of the best lawyers in Mexico.
Stop saying nonsense, Elena! After everything José María did? Do you want to put your sister through that? Thank you.
- Am I forgiven, then? - Please.
Calm down, will you? We'll get your father out of jail no matter what.
Let's think.
We should all say your father is in Japan for business, for instance.
In Japan.
Japan? Yes, a business opportunity came up and we couldn't pass it up.
He won't tell me much until the deal is done, you know what he's like.
My husband's the same.
I imagine.
By the way, I haven't seen him in a while.
He's in Kuala Lumpur, for business.
You know.
Where's everyone? Julián isn't here.
Now that he's gay, he went to live with his boyfriend.
Your mom left early.
She said she had errands.
Your Dad Well Yes.
Thank you.
Listen, my child.
Are you going back to New York? I don't know, Delia.
Not with so much stuff going on right now.
We don't even know when Dad will be back, and I can't abandon Mom and my siblings.
- No - I don't know, I don't think so.
Hey, my child.
I have something to tell you.
- What is it? - I swore I'd take it to my grave but I'm keeping so many secrets that if I don't tell at least one, I'm going to forget all the others.
- What happened? - Since you're my favorite - But this stays between us, right? - Yes.
I won't say anything.
What is it? It turns out that the hanged lady left a letter to your mom and I accidentally read a tiny part of it.
What did it say? She asked your mom to look after Micaela, just like your father looked after one of you, who isn't his child.
- What? - That's what it said.
No, Delia, that's absurd.
I mean, how can Dad not be my dad? Or Julián's or Paulina's? It can't be true.
There must be an explanation, I'll talk to Mom.
Please, my child.
Don't tell your mom I read the letter.
She could kill me.
Or even worse, fire me.
No, Delia.
Nobody is going to fire you.
So, what should we do? What else did it say? Nothing else.
Enjoy your breakfast.
THE HOUSE OF FLOWERS If I take the case, it'll be five million pesos, and a two million bonus if I get him out.
And if you don't? Paulina, I've never lost a case.
- Remember the Salinas? - All right.
- So, it'll be seven million pesos.
- Plus expenses.
Well, I'll talk to Mom and I'll call your secretary as soon as possible.
Thank you very much, counselor, for coming.
- At your service.
- How kind.
My God.
MOM MEXICO'S BEST MATTRESS - Hello? - Mom, - Garita wants seven million.
- You don't say! My goodness.
This is starting to get very complicated.
I'll talk to Diego, we can empty one of our accounts or maybe we can sell something fast.
No, no! No, no.
No, I'll talk to Diego.
- Don't worry.
- Let me know what he says, bye.
Look, Diego I don't want you to sell my apartments, or my cars, or any of my properties, not my stocks, not my silver, not my porcelain, not my gold, my incense, my myrrh, not anything.
Virginia, why don't you tell me what you want to sell? What else? We have tons of antiques from my mother-in-law.
Those ashtrays so Not to overstep, but it seems you don't want to free Ernesto.
Of course I do want him to go free.
Please! What will I tell Julián and Paulina when they ask what I've sold? Look, Diego I came here to see you, and only you, to lay my cards on the table.
I wanted to trust you.
And I don't think you want to break the trust I've placed in you.
Our new family bond, right? - No, no.
Of course not.
- I thought so.
Well, Virginia, you have nothing to worry about.
That's more like it.
- Call me mother-in-law.
Don't be shy.
- Sure.
Maybe it's for the best Not to pine for love This isn't for you I'm done with this I want nothing else from you Why don't you fuck off? - I get it now.
- What? That's why Mom didn't kick him out.
- She's also a cheater.
- I know, I'm so mad.
- Have you told Paulina? - No.
I'm scared to.
Look, Julián.
You and I have the same nose Mom used to have and Paulina doesn't.
It's super weird.
But we're all supposed to be Mom's children.
Oh, it's true.
- I mean, no one looks like Dad.
- No.
- It's weird.
- Dad's weird.
He has a strange face It's obviously Paulina.
I don't think so.
I don't think it's Paulina because they have the same personality.
Well I'm pretty sure it's me.
- Why you? - I don't know.
I've always felt special.
Oh, please.
You aren't special, you're just gay.
- No, I'm bisexual.
- Whatever.
Well, besides, you're a cheater just like Mom and Dad.
It's me, Julián.
I have a feeling.
Look, you also like stars, right? I just love stars.
I got this as a gift, so I could take it to the Nevado volcano and see the stars there Hi.
How are you? - Hi, Grandma.
- I really miss my mom.
- Oh, honey.
- Don't worry.
We're all here for you.
We love you, right, Grandma? Yes, of course.
But where's my dad? Well, your father Virginia! I was looking for you at the flower shop.
I have a dinner party tonight - and I need flowers.
- No.
Yes, no.
Ask Delia.
She's even better than me.
Who's this little creature? She's Ernesto's niece.
Her parents died.
She might have to stay here at home.
- What a hassle.
- I know.
A big hassle.
Look, I'll meet you at the flower shop.
- I'll be right there, Go ahead, please.
- All right.
She's the hassle.
Let's see, what happened? - What did I miss? - Did my dad hang himself, too? - No, sweetie, no, no.
- So, where is he? - Does he have another little house? - Oh, no.
No, sweetie.
Your dad is in Japan.
He's doing business, working.
- But he told me he'd stop going away.
- Well, your dad says so many things Tell me, what happened? Yes.
Go ahead, honey.
Talk to Chuy, he's so nice, right? All right.
It all started when my Mom told me she had a surprise for me, but the surprise turned out to be that she hung herself in the flower shop of my dad's wife.
And then, my dad left.
Well he's in Japan, yes.
Well, I also thought that someway I'd be happier, more at ease, right? But the truth is that this girl and my three children are they're all very distraught.
- Distraught over a trip to Japan? - Yes.
Not precisely.
The thing is we have a few money issues, you know, the dollar goes up and down Virginia, if you need money, I'm happy to help.
- No, no, I couldn't possibly accept.
- Yes, yes.
Whatever you need.
Don't even mention it, forget about it.
Sorry, Micaela.
You were saying that your Mom hung herself in the flower shop? - I can leave if you want, sweetie.
- No! Please, don't leave me.
I'm here for you.
Well, so tell me about your Mom.
Yes, I'm going over it right now, it's impossible.
I need a couple of days.
Just give me a second.
What do you want? Nothing.
I'm busy.
Yes, I'm listening, again.
Well, I need you to tell him that I'll call you back, okay? Bye.
What are you doing? What? No, no, don't! What are you doing? - Please! - What? I'm very stressed and anxious.
Hey, listen to me.
I have a meeting in 20 minutes and I'm busy with work.
Sorry, but I can't.
And people can see us.
- What is it? What's wrong? - I don't know.
You feel guilty about wishing ill on your father.
It's normal to have mixed feelings, I agree he shouldn't be in jail, but everything will be all right, and I need you to go.
- Can I blow you? - What? - Come on, I need to relax.
- No, no.
We're not allowed to visit him.
Listen, wait.
Go to the club, relax.
And tonight I'll let you do to me whatever you want.
But tonight, not here.
- I need you to leave.
- Diego - What? - I hate it when you're not supportive.
What would you do if you were angry at your dad, but then he did something amazing and accepted you for who you are? I mean, it doesn't erase 20 years of lies, right? But he doesn't deserve to rot in jail.
It happened to a friend.
A friend's cousin, actually.
- It sucks for your friend's cousin.
- Poor guy.
Hey, what's your name? Poncho Cruz.
And yours? Julián de la Mora.
- What do you do, Julián? - Well I work freelance.
I'm an entrepreneur.
I mean I don't know.
I don't have a job as such, but I dabble in things.
- And you? - I'm an exotic dancer.
- Like a stripper? - Yes, exactly.
Actually, you can find my videos on YouTube.
Type in "Ponchosexual69.
" One word.
Hey, it must pay very well if you can afford this gym.
Yes, business is good.
I do bachelorette parties.
And, well, for an extra fee, I give them full service.
And what's your fee? One of my sisters is engaged and the other one needs to get laid.
How can I help you? I need a bouquet for my mom.
It's her birthday.
What kind of flowers does she like? Well, in fact, I don't know.
Is it for the living room, the hall? I could match the colors.
Well, the couch is green, curtains are green, white carpet, lots of silver.
Don't tell me.
You are Lisa Limantour's son.
The one and only.
All right, I know what she'll like.
She'll surely love this one.
What do you think? I see why you're the expert.
It's great.
- Do you like it? It's cute, right? - You're beautiful and talented.
Yes, it's a real masterpiece.
You see, I'm a DJ and an influencer, and I could help you reach a younger market.
Thank you, but the truth is, young people don't care about flowers.
I can sell anything.
Well, thank you.
I'll write up your bill.
Federiquito Limantour.
Goodness, you've grown.
Now that I'm here could I get a little sample? That smell was spectacular.
It stays between us, though.
I know your mother.
Don't worry.
We're on the same team, right? Okay.
If you don't mind me asking, where do you get it? It's not for sale.
I grow my own at home.
It's crime-free.
Thank you.
We failed.
He was denied bail.
He'll go to trial unless we pay 23 million and 658,300 pesos.
What? Roberta owed the bank 23 million pesos? Well, it's not that much, right? It's not, Julián? Do you have that kind of money? - The rest of the family doesn't.
- It's barely enough for a condo.
- You think so? Where, Julián? - In La Condesa.
Don't start fighting.
Now more than ever we need to stand together, please.
It's hard to accept that your father will stay in jail a little bit longer, but we will survive.
That's not all.
They froze our accounts and assets as an interim measure.
What did you say? What are you saying, Paulina? You want to drive me crazy, right? - What's wrong with you? - Mom, calm down.
What about the anniversary? Tell me! You have to understand that the first thing to go has to be the anniversary party.
- Do you know what are you saying? - Yes, I do.
That's why.
That's why you won't inherit the flower shop.
That's why.
I don't give a crap about your flower shop.
All I care about is Dad.
Mom, Paulina is right.
All right.
We'll do what we have to do but the party is still on.
And your dad is coming.
- Mom.
- Thank you, Elenita.
- We can have a smaller party.
- Shut up! You shut up! - Julián, you're being stupid.
- Yes, don't be so fucking dumb, son.
A small party? What's wrong with you? Diego, I made a mistake.
Please, sell everything.
Anything you can find, anything and everything.
Wait, calm down, Virginia.
All your assets and accounts are now frozen.
There's nothing we can do.
Diego, I made a mistake.
I should've paid for the lawyer when Paulina asked.
We wouldn't be in this mess.
You should've told me.
Why didn't you say anything? You were angry.
I would've done the same.
I get it.
You don't get it.
I don't have cash, we have nothing.
No liquid assets, not one cent.
Tell your clients to pay cash.
No bank transfers.
That's all we can do for now.
- That's it? - That's it.
I'm very sorry about Ernesto.
I had no idea what Mom had done.
I guess you know that my mom re-mortgaged the cabaret several times.
I know.
The hanged woman outdid herself.
- Julián.
- Your mom, sorry.
I thought about selling it for cheap, but it's also under Ernesto's name.
I can't do anything.
Well, but the measure can be lifted.
Imagine if we could bring it back to its old glory days.
We could pay the debts, it used to be so profitable.
It was, but no one goes to cabarets anymore.
Plus, we lost Juanga.
May he rest in peace.
- Don't remind me.
God keep his soul.
- We need another idea.
- Poncho! - Poncho, who? Strippers.
What? - What is that? - Hold this.
- Julián, don't be obscene.
- What? Look.
- What is that? How do you do it? - It's a projector.
- With your cell phone? - Great! Where did you get this? - From the sauna.
- Well, you waste no time.
Just like Dad.
Sorry, Julián, but this is so sleazy.
Besides, since when do you know about business? - You'll get swindled.
- What a great idea for the cabaret.
Sex sells.
We can have this show at midnight, after the impersonators.
So, you want to turn The House of Flowers into a dirty and gross Chippendales? It went from flower shop to cabaret.
There's not much difference.
What we want is to get Dad out of jail, right? Let's try Julián's idea.
What if it works? - Besides, that guy is hot.
- So hot.
- Do you think so? - I do.
No? If you want, go for it.
- Brother.
- Partner.
My friend Yes.
Just to tell you that we're working hard on your girl's christening.
Yes, yes.
Actually, I need your help with a little problem that came up.
Instead of a transfer or credit card, could you make a cash payment? Yes, of course.
No, no.
Please don't worry about it.
No, really, it's fine.
Thank you.
She gets so nervous.
"Oh, I can't carry 50,000 pesos in cash!" What am I going to do? Look, Delia.
We'll have to put a sign saying we don't take cards.
But what kind of business doesn't take cards? I know, but we don't have a choice.
I don't have the cash for the daily expenses.
I guess we'll have to postpone the anniversary party.
No, no, and no.
No, really.
Shows like these in Vegas go for 200 dollars.
- We'll charge 150.
- And how do you know that? You go there? It's about the bachelorette parties, Paulina.
Paulina, I know what you have to do.
Look, you have to talk to José María.
Really, Mom? If you want to redeem yourself, you have to.
In the end, he's also part of the family.
- José María is Bruno's father.
- Yes, I know him.
- How do you know him? - From long ago.
Thanks for being here.
Hey, we're siblings first and foremost.
You don't have to do this.
If you're uncomfortable, we'll find someone else.
Who else? There's no way.
Mom's right about this.
How can I hire someone with our accounts frozen? If you want, I'll make the call.
Hello, I'm I'm Paulina.
Sorry to wake you.
No, don't be alarmed, no I wouldn't call at this hour unless it was urgent, but don't worry.
- Hello? - Federiquito? This is Virginia de la Mora.
- What's up, my Virgin? - I just called to say hi, and well, I wanted to ask what you thought of my little gift.
It's fucking amazing.
That's why I'm calling.
Well, I remember perfectly that you said you could sell anything, right? Thank you.
- What happened? What did he say? - He said yes, he's coming to Mexico.
What a relief.
I thought I'd never see him again, maybe only at Bruno's wedding, but But there's no question any of us would do anything for Dad.
Of course.
- What? - Tell her.
What is it? Paulina, I have some news.
- Not now.
- What? - Yes, Julián.
Right now.
- Not now.
- What? - Wait, I already called him.
What? One of us isn't Dad's child.
You see, sometimes in life you're forced to take roads you never imagined you'd take and - You know? - No doubt about it.
- So, is this a business proposal? - Well, yes.
- It's not child's play.
- No, no.
I know.
But right now, I don't have a choice.
All right, you're on.
See you around, partner.
Why don't we get a DNA test? - To see who is the bastard.
- A DNA test? What's wrong with you? Yes.
If there's any truth to it, we need to talk to Mom.
No, no, no, Paulina.
I'm begging you, Paulina.
Please don't tell Mom.
Delia, Delia.
Karma caught up to me.
But nobody will change my plans.
Patience is bitter but its fruits are sweet.
In the end the flower shop is what keeps us together.
Delia told me she opened a letter from Roberta.
I swore I wouldn't tell Mom, so please don't betray me.
- You also swore you would keep the secret.
- Listen to me, both of you.
We can't lose Delia.
We've lost enough already.
Not Delia, please.
Good night, everyone.
Or almost everyone.
Subtitle translation by Rodolfo Hernandez