The House of Flowers (2018) s01e05 Episode Script

DAHLIA (symb. gratitude)

1 [Roberta] Life is about making the right decisions, because bad decisions bring even worse consequences.
[Virginia] Elena, honey.
I'm glad you dropped by.
Good news.
[chuckles] - Why? - The Cohens booked us for an event.
- Really? They're back? - How did you pull it off? Salo talked to his sister, so, our work has to be flawless.
So, Dr.
Cohen swayed Dora? We can't disappoint, it must be perfect.
You'll be in charge, Elena.
- Please.
- Me? Please.
She's not involved in the shop.
She can't do it.
I'm an architect.
I can do this and much more.
Those two things are totally unrelated.
What are you saying? I've done this before.
Let me remind you, the Cohens were our main customers, until you took charge of Liza Cohen's wedding.
I think her bouquet has poison ivy.
- What? - If they ask, it was the shrimp.
Too bad about the shrimp.
I wish you would stay longer.
All this could be yours.
[Virginia chuckles] [laughing] A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Everything was perfect, the shrimp were the issue.
Yeah, what a shame.
At least the guests were fine.
Don't you know Liza spent two days at the hospital? She nearly canceled her honeymoon, poor thing.
Yes, poor thing.
Allergies are the worst.
- So serious.
- Yes.
But, look.
[chuckles] Do you like these? - They're so pretty.
- No.
No? Why do I need flowers in my bar mitzvah? Oh, dahlias are lovely.
I want them, go back.
- These? - The dahlias.
I want those.
Sorry, but dahlias are not in season right now.
But I like them, too.
[Dora] They're in your catalog.
Yeah, but right now they're not in bloom.
But we have others Look, my brother insisted we should hire you, but if you can't even get us the flowers we want, I'll go back to Chiquis.
Yes, to Chiquis.
[chuckles] Wait, come on.
We can get them easy.
Obviously, it's a bit harder, since they aren't in season, but - we'll get them.
- By the way, all the food at the bar mitzvah will be kosher, not like at Liza's wedding, who married a goy.
[Moises] With a goy? No, thanks.
What? Look.
Look at this, look.
[chuckles] My Dad said he would send us pictures.
Yeah, but I'm sure he's very busy with work.
Could we call him? Right now? Call Japan? It's very late, it's the middle of the night there, and he might be asleep.
I wish he'd come back.
I guess.
[Julián] Five, six, seven, eight.
[pop music playing on speaker] Oh, no, Julián.
That's so sleazy.
- Sleazy is the new fun.
- [scoffs] What a shame.
What does Diego have to say about it? He loves it.
He fully supports me.
How is the move going? [sighs] I'm sick of it, I'm still missing so many shirts and jackets.
And Diego's closet is so tiny.
Julián, I can't believe the things that come out of your mouth.
Business opportunity.
And go! - Well done! - Dear God.
And time! Good job.
Let's take five minutes and rehearse the other song, okay? You were great.
Paulina, where are my flowers? On their way, I told you.
Calm down.
What's the matter with her? Everyone here is nuts.
How are you? Julián.
Aren't you nervous about the DNA results? - Nope.
- No? Well, I am.
If I'm not Dad's daughter, and lose the flower shop, I'll have to change my name and move to Celaya or something.
All right, listen.
First of all, don't worry about the flower shop.
Mom will reconsider once the Cohen event is over.
Second of all, honestly, I think it's Elena.
You know? I didn't want to mention it, but Elena's face is very small.
So round.
- Ours is longer.
- Mm-hm.
It's very noticeable.
Right now, dahlias are only growing in greenhouses.
Aren't there any dahlias anywhere in this place? No, it was a very hot summer.
Thank you, Mr.
- At your service.
- Thanks.
But didn't we used to own greenhouses? Used to.
Past tense.
Like when we used to have money.
[chuckles] [Elena] It's all Paulina's fault.
I don't know what to get him.
You can't go wrong with a soccer ball, right? Or money, it's a bar mitzvah.
- I don't know.
I've never been to one.
- Why don't you come? - To the bar mitzvah? - Yeah.
Your mom wants you to be an in-house gay, right? But Dr.
Cohen knows me well, it's no problem.
- He knows who I am.
- Wait.
- Is your mom going? - Yes, the whole family.
That's why it matters to me that you're there.
I love you, you know? What? Nothing.
We should serve lighter drinks.
More ice means more profits.
Why are you here? I've been texting you all day.
I noticed, but I'm busy.
Why won't you give me the number for a supplier? It's a basic rule not to offer out-of-season flowers.
Listen, they were in the catalog.
I can get you the flowers, but you have to tell Mom I'm doing the event.
No, Paulina.
- Mom asked me, so I'm doing it.
- Okay.
[in English] And it's gonna be amazing, okay? Mom only asked you to spite me.
- Cut the English, it's ridiculous.
- Just give her your contact.
I'm talking to my sister, okay? [in Spanish] Mom asked me because she trusts me.
Did you hear? She trusts me.
Paulina, you have to start treating me like an adult.
Fine, so, good luck with the dahlias.
[in English] Best of luck, darling.
[Micaela shouting] Hi.
- How are you? - [chuckles] My Dad and I used to play like that.
You got the flowers? [groans] More or less.
That's why I'm here.
I wanted to ask you to do me a favor.
Yes, of course.
- I haven't told you yet.
- Whatever you ask or say, I'll always say yes.
[chuckles] Come on.
- All right.
- I mean it.
Dahlias? I already placed the order.
Where from? I still haven't decided.
But I'm about to.
But you just said you placed the order.
Yeah, but I just need to check one final vendor before I decide.
What vendor? The only one that has so many dahlias is Chiquis.
Mom, just trust me.
Everything will be fine.
I'll take care of it.
I promise.
What's up, my Virgin? All set? Sure, Federiquito.
Come, we need to talk.
But don't call me Federiquito, I go by DJ Freddy.
Got it.
[Delia humming] - Mom almost found out, Delia.
- About what, my girl? That I ordered from Chiquis.
[gasps] Jesus.
I told you not to do it, Elena.
You saw I had no choice, Delia.
I looked everywhere, but no one had them.
I only came here to announce my engagement to Dominique, why am I doing this? I should be getting the flowers for my wedding, not for a nefarious pre-teen.
- Do you agree? - Yes, my child.
It's all your fault, Roberta.
- It's all your fault! - Elena.
Eleni! Eleni! You crazy bitch! [glass breaks] [gasps] Hmm.
Mom, I invited Diego to the Cohens' bar mitzvah.
What did you say? Diego can't go.
Why? How can you ask? Mom, I've made my decision.
Instead of raising children, it seems I raised snakes.
[chuckles] Uh Can we have a minute? We won't be long.
I need to talk to this boy because he doesn't get it.
What do you want, Julián? You told me you were coming out in the house, not outside.
And not at such an important event.
What's wrong with you? You're jeopardizing the shop.
We'll be destitute.
You're dating the accountant - Financial adviser.
- Fine, the adviser.
You're jeopardizing everything.
Do you really want us to be destitute? Do you? All I ask is to take Lucía as your plus-one.
Fine, Mom.
I got it.
I was avoiding her, but What do you think of Dad's photoshopped pic in Japan? Is it good? Nothing special.
- I like the background.
- He's not doing anything.
Not even waving.
- Make him do this with his fingers.
- But he's not Japanese.
He's in Japan! No, this is not my father.
- He's funny.
- [man] Who's your dad? I'm waiting for Ernesto de la Mora.
- What's your name? - Cacas.
- Your real name.
- [Paulina] Not funny.
Raúl Almaguer, a.
"El Cacas.
" - Wait here.
- He's not my father.
Hey You're a celebrity? What's your deal? You're Julieta Venegas.
[chuckles] No way.
She wishes.
- Ah.
You look the same.
- Of course not.
Do you know my Dad? - Who's that? - Ernesto de la Mora.
Uh "Neto.
" Yes.
- Sure I do.
- Dad.
- Do you know him? - Go ahead.
- I kept her safe for you.
- Enough.
Please, look after him.
[Cacas] Come visit us again.
You got it.
Oh, Dad.
Calm down.
I have news.
- We have a good lawyer.
- [sighs] José María is coming.
It wasn't easy, Dad.
- I haven't seen him since - I'm so glad he's coming.
- I can't take this anymore.
- Don't be rude when he comes, please.
- Rude? Why? No.
- Shush.
I mean, he's the best.
If you're okay with him coming, I'm fine, too.
- Jail has changed me.
- Yeah, I bet.
- How's The House of Flowers? - Which one? Both.
We're doing what we can with our accounts frozen.
- [sighs] - Claudio knows management like Elena knows flowers: zero.
- Elena? - Oh, you don't know.
Now she's in charge Oh, God.
Let go of her! Let go of her! How horrible.
- Horrible, Dad.
- Elena at The House of Flowers? Since Mom hasn't forgiven me yet for covering up for you, she put her in charge of an event for the Cohens.
- As if we could take more losses.
- Look, let's hope your sister does great.
You have to help her.
Your Mom will end up crawling back to you.
- Listen.
- It smells like shit in here.
- Just listen to me.
- Hurry up, get me out.
Listen to me.
Put your fingers like this, - make the peace sign.
- What for? You know, the peace sign.
Just do what I say.
Close to your chest.
The guard agreed - to let me take two pictures.
- No.
I don't have time.
Shut up and smile.
I don't have time.
And smile like you mean it.
All right.
I told you to smile.
Big smile, Dad.
I'll explain why later.
[scoffs] I mean, they don't look like much, do they? And that Chiquis sends steep bills.
As if she made them by hand.
What's next? Now I have to do the centerpieces, it'll take me all day tomorrow.
So, we can relax, right? Uh-huh.
- [Elena] I'll have another one.
- They're good, huh? Ooh, so good.
I've missed tacos a lot.
- Dominique would've loved this.
- Who? Dominique, my boyfriend.
Doesn't ring a bell.
But I introduced you two at the funeral.
I'm sorry.
No worries.
You should come to the bar mitzvah.
I'm going to need your support.
Well Micaela.
She misses you a lot.
And she's gone through so much, you should be there.
[man] Another taco? - Cheek, snout? - No.
- I'm good, thanks.
- We're good.
- How's the cabaret? - Getting there.
I hadn't realized how much work Mom did.
Or when it started to fall apart.
[Rubio gasps] Paulina.
Are these the flowers for my show? Um, um Yes.
Use all of them.
- All of them.
- All of them? [pop music playing] [singing] Each road I take Takes me to him No fucking way.
The dahlias! Claudio, what are we going to do? - We'll fix this now.
- No, this can't be happening.
Fuck, the money we got in advance.
Wait for me.
[phone dialing] [in English] Hey, baby.
I'm sorry to call you so late.
I think I'm gonna need your credit card.
[Diego] It sucks you uninvited me.
[Julián] I didn't uninvite you, I saved you.
Full of stinking teens and loud soccer moms.
I thought this would be my official presentation.
[sighs] Please, give me a break.
You need no presentation.
You're at every party.
As staff, not as your boyfriend.
I just don't understand why I can't come.
The Cohens are cheap.
They said only my sisters and me.
Do you want me to stay? I'll stay.
No, no.
It's a flower shop event, go.
I won't be long.
[band playing "Hava Nagila"] - [Claudio] Incredible.
- [Elena] Right? Without Delia's help, it wouldn't have been possible.
She helped me finish on time.
But they look great, right? What's with the crosses? I thought they were Jewish.
Delia fucked up.
Help me remove all of them.
Hurry up! - All of them? - Yes, all of them.
[music tempo increases] How beautiful.
- Centerpieces are lovely.
- I'm so glad.
Elena has great taste.
- I'm impressed.
- [Salomon] Like her mother.
We worked hard for you, Dora.
My family loves yours very much.
- Shall we sit? - [Virginia] Yes, of course.
Thank you.
Specially because Hi, gorgeous.
Did you know that Chiquis supplied the flowers? Here she is as usual, raining on parades.
- It was our usual vendor.
- No, Mom.
I saw it myself.
Well, you saw wrong.
You're going blind.
Yes, they look lovely, very nice, and we used another vendor.
Elena did perfect.
So perfect you can take over.
The House of Flowers.
- If you stay here.
- [Paulina] Oh, please.
Not if you're coming and going.
What will I do in that case? - Come here, son.
- Mom, let me go.
Don't embarrass yourself.
You, too.
- Like idiots.
- I'm glad you liked it.
I have to fix something.
I'll be right back.
[laughs] Do you mind? I need to talk to my sister.
- Thank you.
- What is it? Are you two flirting or what? You're seeing things.
No, but if Dominique finds out Paulina, I'm not flirting with Claudio.
He helped me when you wouldn't.
I'm saying this because I know him, he's no good.
I think I'm old enough to know what I'm doing.
You're bitter because Mom wants me to take over the shop, while you dilute drinks at a cabaret.
Look at her.
You didn't help and sabotaged me, Paulina.
I'm your sister.
Your only sister.
- No! - Julián is gay, not a woman.
I didn't mean him, dumb-ass.
I mean Micaela.
[scoffs] And, yes, I am bitter about that.
The flower shop is my life, Elena.
That and Bruno, nothing else.
[playing up-tempo music] This music is weird, right? [laughs] Do you know how to dance to it? Me neither.
- I know.
Want to spin? - Yeah.
[both laughing] [woman] Is she okay? Ooh, what a brave girl.
[chuckles] All better.
There's no need to worry.
It's only a superficial wound.
- Sure? - Good.
- Sure.
- Okay.
Thank you.
How are you doing? Do you forgive me? You're lighter than I thought.
I want Dad.
- Trust me, me, too.
- [Julián] Micaela.
Dad sent pictures from Japan.
They're cool, right? Here he's eating sushi, posing with Pikachu, a cherry blossom - They're cool, right? - [Elena] Julián.
- We should take her home.
- Yes.
Micaela, your glasses.
- Thanks.
- Up you go.
I will help you.
She's falling, Claudio.
Hold her! No, you, go away.
- [waltz music playing] - [Virginia laughing] Let's do your move.
Sorry to interrupt.
I'm leaving.
Bruno is a little tired.
Okay, bye.
Thank you for your confidence, it means a lot to us.
No thanks needed.
I'd do anything for your mom.
[Virginia chuckles] She told you, right? That we used to date.
[chuckles] Obviously, that happened before she met Ernesto.
We had barely broken up when she started seeing him.
Oh, goodness, no! No, no.
- How can you say that? - Well The shrink you sent us to see was your ex-boyfriend? No.
No ex-boyfriend.
- We dated a little - Yes.
- Nothing formal.
- Okay.
- All right, I should go.
- Yes.
- Nice to see you.
- You, too.
[chuckles] By the way, I haven't asked.
How's Ernesto? - He's still in Japan.
- Really? For how long? I don't know.
Maybe forever.
[both laughing] How is she? She misses Mom.
It's only natural.
So, I got you a thank-you gift.
Come with me.
Mom may leave me the flower shop.
- Really? - Yes.
It won't happen, but it's nice to be trusted.
Why won't it happen? Because I have to leave.
Look, this is your gift.
I made it for you.
It's incredible, thank you.
You're welcome.
Too bad you're leaving.
I'm not leaving yet.
I don't have a ticket yet.
I think you should never leave.
[vase breaks] Hey, have you guys seen Bruno? No, but look at your mom.
Not my mom.
[cell phone beeping] Oh, God.
DNA TEST RESULTS It's me, I'm the one.
We said nothing will change.
I need to find Bruno.
[crowd clapping] [Paulina] Bruno! Bruno! Bruno.
[Roberta] And that's how we realize that not every decision is up to us.
Unlike the consequences they'll have on the rest of our lives.
[moaning] I'm Jewish! I'm Jewish! Subtitle translation by Matt D