The House of Flowers (2018) s01e06 Episode Script

MAGNOLIA (symb. dignity)

What are you doing? We need to talk.
I'm a woman.
And now I'm here, waiting for him.
The last time we saw each other, it was rough, I threw an ashtray at him.
Not long ago, I heard he quit smoking.
Anyway, they say that time heals everything, right? And, look, I'm not feeling nervous, that's not what I feel, it's more like a lot of emotions in only a few days.
Anyway I'd do whatever it takes to help my father, and now it turns out he's not my dad.
Is that so? I think I'm Jewish.
Your wife is here.
Crazy woman.
José María.
- Hi.
- It's good to see you.
Yes, me, too, José - Now it's María José.
- Yeah, sorry.
- Yes.
- Kiss hello? Yes, of course.
Poor children.
The sacrifices they must make to fix their parents' mistakes.
What is it? No, nothing.
Sorry, I'm not I'm just not used to it, you're a changed man.
Well, a changed woman.
Haven't you seen pictures of me? Sometimes, through Bruno.
He seems to be coping better than you.
Well, he's your son, I was your wife.
You're never going to forgive me, right? I mean, without realizing it, we had become lesbians right? This morning when I came in, I found it like this.
- Really? - Hey, girl.
You don't think it was Roberta's ghost, right? Obviously not, Delia.
I mean, it's possible.
In that case, this place needs an urgent spirit-cleansing.
Yes - we'll get someone to do it.
- Yes.
Delia, guess what.
- What? - The DNA results are in.
- And? - Well Girl, don't leave me hanging like that.
It's Paulina.
God almighty.
- What did she say? - That's just it, not a thing.
THE HOUSE OF FLOWERS I'd like to welcome our new talent: Poncho, Rigoberto, and Lalo.
As you know, the cabaret has been struggling lately, and to turn things around, we're doing a new show, which is Julián's idea.
Well I'm not very good at this or many other things but I'd like you to meet these hot guys who, starting this midnight, will fire up our audience.
Wait, are they getting the prime time? Gloria, we are all on the same team.
It's for the good of the cabaret.
Just a bit more.
- They're ready.
- What about the surprise? Here it is.
- Thanks, Virgin.
- Thank you.
What's this, Mom? It's like an after-party here.
That's right.
They're the children of my long-time clients.
What a success, but isn't it weird? Composition is crucial.
- Micaela, that's the truth.
- So is color.
How did you know? You know everything.
It's in my blood.
Get me more, sweetie, we have customers waiting.
Please, over here, miss.
Over there, please.
SPAIN PASSPOR José María? Lift your arms, please.
If you don't mind, I'd rather wait for a female guard.
José María, right? Turn around.
You haven't updated your ID? - Go ahead.
- Thanks.
Are you okay? Yes, I'm great.
I was starting to miss how people treat me here.
The dirty looks, the whispering, the catcalling There he is.
Oh, Dad.
Oh, honey, I can't take it anymore.
I'm the slave of a man who makes me call him "Papiringo.
" Dad, it's all right, calm down.
It will all be over soon.
Look who's here.
- Hi, Ernesto.
- José María? Well, it's María José now.
How are you? - I hardly recognize you.
- Yes.
Everyone will be like: "What a change.
She went blonde.
" Dad, we don't have much time and María José has a plan.
Okay, let's get started.
Ernesto, aside from the power of attorney, did you sign anything else? - Of course not, I'm not an idiot.
- Tell the truth.
- Did you benefit at all from the money? - Well that's how we paid for those fertility treatments abroad.
No, but you told me Micaela had been an accident.
- A very expensive accident, love.
- Dad, I can't believe it.
Do you have any proof that you didn't know about the loans? This is ridiculous.
It won't work.
- Answer the question.
- Do you really think a judge would listen to him dressed as a woman? - Dad.
- This isn't the cabaret.
I thought you'd dress as a man.
Ernesto, this is not a costume, Ernesto.
This is not a costume.
Either accept María José's strategy or get comfortable here.
Do you think this is easy for me? What if you ask him? What do you want me to ask him? To dress up as a man? My God, Dad.
If he didn't do it for me, he won't do it for you.
- Bruno can convince him - I won't drag Bruno into this.
She's our only option.
Unless you want Papiringo to stick a finger in your ass.
Say hi to Cacas for me.
- Robert, long time no see.
- Yeah, Virgin.
- Thank you.
- Thanks, Vir.
- Virgin.
Bye, thanks.
- Thank you, guys.
Where did you get such young handsome customers? Right? Well, you know.
Renew or die.
We're a big hit.
Hey, the other day guess what I found.
- Look.
- Who is it? Oh, I figured you'd know, since it flew out of your house.
No, no.
No idea.
And this guy? Do you know him? He and Elena look very chummy What if the foreigner finds out? No, no, no.
He's a friend of Julián's.
He's gay, too? Because Diego, his roommate, is a total fairy, right? Well, no.
All right.
There's something I haven't told you yet.
How about we have some coffee? - Today? - Yes.
- What a coincidence.
I'm free.
- Really? - Well, see you later.
- Sure.
I think I won't be representing your father.
No, no, no! Don't tell me that, please.
Not with the court date so close, María José.
- Well, find someone else.
- No.
Do it for me.
You're the reason I'm here.
You're why I flew in from Spain, but we both know you don't need me.
Taking off your clothes is easy, it requires no talent.
- Fucking faggots.
- Calm down, Paulina.
- Enough! - Calm down.
- Poncho.
- They'll hit you.
- Oh, yes.
- I wanted to be the fireman.
Why do you care? You're taking it off anyway.
Oh, no.
Really, listen to me.
Stay downstairs, I'll stay here with Bruno.
No, no, no.
No way.
I'll stay here.
Besides, it's only for a few days.
Sorry to take my blouse off, I've been wearing it since Spain.
So gross.
María José I know you're angry.
I'm asking you to understand that if I asked you to come, it's for a reason.
- Paulina, please, give it a rest.
- It's my Da You don't know what we've been through.
You don't know the stuff I've had to sort out.
Mom still talks to me as if I were a shoe.
Because of Roberta? Oh, come on.
I'm sure your Mom knew.
She says she didn't.
No, how could she not know? He's her husband.
Well, you were mine and I didn't know you liked to wear my heels and dresses.
Elena, sweetie, can you keep an eye on the flower shop? - I have to take care of something.
- Sure.
Are you texting with Dominique? Oh, Elena, you're so distracted.
My dear Carmela you sure did your homework.
If I find something like that, I worry about my friend.
No, yes, yes, of course you're right.
There's no envy here, no lies.
Nothing but love, - right? - Above all else.
That's why I'm going to tell you the whole truth.
What is it, Virginia? You're scaring me.
The girl you met, Micaela she's Ernesto's daughter.
The guy on the newspaper that's her brother, but he's not Ernesto's son.
And the portrait you found is their mother's, she passed away.
My goodness.
You and I are best friends so that's it.
That's the whole secret.
- And Ernesto? - I already told you.
- He's in Japan.
- You have to leave him.
Let's see, Carmela I never thought you would give me that advice.
Not after forgiving so many of your husband's affairs.
But you can't prove that.
- Oh, no? - No.
Just as you can't prove any of what I just told you.
We should keep being the best of friends so our secrets stay between us, what do you say? Yes, of course.
All right, cheers.
Mom helped me decorate all this.
- Bruno.
- Dad? - What are you doing here? - Goodness, you're so tall.
Yes, look at those mega heels you're wearing, - you are huge.
- No.
- It's true.
- Hey, can I try them? Of course.
- Oh, Bruno.
- Don't let me fall.
I can't believe this.
- Hey, what a mess, son.
- What are you doing here? You know what, honey? I wanted to tell you that we haven't talked enough about the situation with your grandpa.
You used to spend so much time together, son.
- Not really.
- Well, but you miss him.
I guess.
But you'd rather he wasn't in jail, right? Obviously.
All right, so I need you to tell that to your Dad.
- Why? - Because I need him to defend Grandpa.
Put on this sad little face and tell him.
Like, remember when I lost your puppy? You said he was stolen.
Sorry, I didn't mean to.
Just like that.
That face, Bruno.
It's perfect.
Just like that, it's adorable.
- Hello, good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.
Is Virgin around? Mrs.
Virginia is not here at the moment, but she'll be back soon.
Hey, you don't have one of those special bouquets, do you? Special bouquets? What do you mean with "special bouquets?" Well, the ones that have a surprise inside.
With a surprise inside.
What do you mean with "a surprise inside"? You know, the surprise you find inside.
Why was Lucía at the Cohen's bar mitzvah? It's just that Mom made me do it.
- Your mom? Of course, her.
- Yeah.
Excuses stop working when you use them over and over.
This isn't about your mom, it's about you.
I was dying to go to that fucking bar mitzvah - just so I could be with you.
- Oh, Diego.
If you didn't want me there, I would've understood.
But you invited Lucía, asshole.
- Don't go.
- Go fuck yourself.
Listen, my tennis coach said I might win the tournament.
Did you improve your serve? Yes, I'll show you when we go to Madrid.
Oh, sweetheart.
You might not go to Madrid if your grandpa is still in jail.
I'm sure he'll be out very soon.
Sorry, sorry.
Well I hope he does go out soon from Mom, come on.
How? How did you lose him? - How'd you lose him? - You want? What is it, sweetie? Do you want more pasta? I don't understand.
Is your mom coaxing you into this? What? How? What are you talking about? What did I say? I don't understand.
You can't fool me, Paulina.
I know you too well.
You're capable of anything to get things your way.
Hey, I'm I'm capable of anything for my family, I don't know Yeah? At what price? Don't you see you can hurt people? Look who's talking.
Someone willing to let a good man rot in jail.
It never ceases to amaze me, how she manages to turn things in her favor.
You're like your father.
He's not my father! - What? - Enough, please.
Who do you think it is? Dr.
- Your psychologist? - Former psychologist.
He treats children.
Wow, it must've been a shock for you.
- Who else knows? - My siblings.
What are you going to do? I don't know.
How do you feel about this? Oh, Pau.
Why didn't you tell me? I couldn't talk about it with anyone.
But it's me.
It's one thing that we're divorced, but I still care about you.
I had a sex change, not a change of heart.
He's mine, mine, mine That guy is mine Bravo! Thanks, hon.
Up next, a show that isn't worthy of this audience, because sometimes naked bodies are valued more than true talent.
Oh, what a bitch.
So, I leave you with a show done by these perverts.
At least give them a pity applause.
Let's see what they got.
They don't even know the steps, girl.
They're all over the place.
To be totally honest, I had high hopes for them.
If they can't draw a crowd, I don't know what will.
Don't get angry, go back to your seats.
Oh, no.
Look at that.
That man is pissed off.
Now we're fucked.
We'll have to accept defeat with all our dignity.
You couldn't sleep? I couldn't get what you said out of my mind.
What did I say? Who are you and why are you wearing my robe? Oh, I'm Willy.
Nice to meet you.
- Please, tell me this isn't happening.
- Yes, it's happening.
I decided to take advantage of an open relationship.
We didn't agree to this.
You did, by staying with Lucía.
- No, that's different.
- You're with Lucía.
- I'm with Billy.
- Willy.
Willy? - Willy.
- I swore it was Billy on Grindr.
This is the worst day of my life.
- Thank you so much.
- No.
You were right.
Family comes first.
About yesterday, well No, no, no.
It was nothing.
Force of habit, I guess.
Give me a heads up before you start throwing ashtrays.
What a cheeky kid.
Not today, at least.
No, your mom and I are learning how to be friends right? That's nice.
Bruno, which one of us is the cutest? Mom, we need to talk.
What now? What got into you? Why are you so mysterious? I'm going to ask you a question.
Tell me the truth.
Are you selling marijuana? Do I look like the Queen of the South or something like that? No, but you're acting like the Queen of Las Lomas, so tell me the truth.
It's a community service.
- What? - It's crime-free.
Mom, are you serious? Have you lost your mind or what? Elena, what do you want me to do? Don't you realize all the accounts are frozen? I'm almost out of money.
At least this way we're getting cash.
Listen, Mom, all right in that case I will help you, okay? I'll help you.
- Don't tell anyone.
- Yes, sweetheart.
I failed you, guys.
I failed you.
I failed my father.
It's all my fault.
No show is ever a hit on the first try.
Spreading the word takes time.
I can hand out flyers, if you want.
Thanks, Yuri.
- You're always so in peace, so near God.
- Thanks.
FEDERAL COURTHOUSE María José I want to tell you that you look beautiful.
Thank you, Ernesto.
I did my best.
Please be seated.
Your Honor, I move to review the interim measure imposed on my client.
First, I request the accounts of the de la Mora family be unfrozen, given it hurts the family patrimony and its many dependants.
Moreover, my client, Ernesto de la Mora, should not remain in custody pending trial, as he's the father of three adult children and an eight-year-old daughter that he wouldn't abandon.
There is no flight risk, so I believe that house arrest would suffice.
The prosecutor has the floor.
Thank you.
Your Honor, if the accounts are unfrozen and Ernesto de la Mora is put under house arrest, we can't be sure he won't flee to Guatemala to escape justice.
The takeaway in all this is that it's not your fault.
- It's mine, I made a bad call.
- Hey, hey.
- What are you doing here? - Julián, can you talk? Thank God.
What's the matter? What happened? Diego left me for a younger man.
Willy or Billy I forgot.
He left you? What did you do? He didn't leave me, he wants an open relationship.
It's the beginning of the end.
But you had that already.
- No, that's different.
- Aren't you with Lucía? Listen, all my New York friends are in open relationships, so it's not the end of the world.
Diego might be trying something I don't know, that works for the both of you.
You can have sex with anyone and stay together.
I mean, it's possible.
- There you are.
- That Billy was pretty hot.
I can't believe you liked him.
You're so gross.
After hearing both sides, I have ruled to restore the access of the de la Mora family to their bank accounts.
- Good.
- But the defendant will remain in custody to ensure his attendance at his trial.
Sometimes, the biggest sacrifices end up unrewarded.
- No.
Dad? - Take it from me.
I promise I'll get him out.
I'll get him out.
Subtitle translation by Rodolfo Hernandez