The House of Flowers (2018) s01e07 Episode Script

PEONY (symb. shame)

[Roberta] The things we do for love have no name.
But in this case, his name is Willy.
Or is it Billy? Enough, you two.
I've had it.
Get up, shithead! Get out of my house.
Diego, what are you doing? What's wrong? What did I do? - I was wrong to do this.
- Could've started there.
- You were rude to Billy.
- His name is Willy.
- Same thing.
- This isn't going anywhere.
I don't want an open relationship.
I wanted you to feel what I feel when you're with someone else.
So, what do you want? I want the certainty that we're a couple.
Not indulging your whims for fear of losing you.
It was better when we were hiding, but I'm not going back to that, so We're over.
- I should leave.
- So, leave.
- Forgive him, he's old.
- What did you say? - Stop it! Wait until I leave, will you? - I'll walk you out.
- See you around.
- Don't come back.
- Diego.
- Ma'am.
Diego! A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES SCORPION IN LOVE BY CARLOS BARDEM What is it? What's the matter now? Tell me.
What's going on this time? What? I think it's important we go to my mother's house.
No, we're not going to your mother's house.
It's important you explain what comes next in the trial.
- Well, you explain.
- No.
You do it, we're going to appeal.
The accounts are unfrozen, okay? It's better if you explain and you know it.
They should hear this from the horse's mouth.
Why haven't they come? I don't know.
I do, four pounds of silicone, that's the reason.
I'll go on one condition.
You have to see Dr.
Cohen and tell him your suspicions.
Either we both face our fears or I'm not doing it.
What are you doing? No! - [Virginia] Hello? - Mom? - Yes.
- No, Pau! There's something we need to tell you.
Who's "we"? María José and I.
- Who? - José María.
Oh, no.
[shouts] Are you okay? Don't start.
No, I pricked my finger! Are you all right? Yes.
But I could be better.
Ah See you both tonight.
All right, then, bye.
[both moaning] Give it to me, Daddy! Give it to me! Give it to me! Yes! Give me more! [door opens] - Hey, babe.
- Hi.
- What are you up to? - Nothing.
- Nothing? - Why are you here? Your mom said you don't feel well.
- Really? - Yes.
They're so annoying.
I feel fine, nothing's wrong.
Is that so? Mm [chuckles] Then how come I haven't seen you for days? No.
No, babe.
I'm not in the mood.
But you're always in the mood.
Come on.
Julián, you need to go to the doctor.
I need to use the restroom.
[Julián on video] Give it to me! Lucía, that's not me! - Your face.
- Special effects.
I know your "give it to me.
" It's obviously you.
I tried telling you, but you won't listen.
I'm bi.
- You're a pig.
- No, Lucía.
- I'm sorry.
- No, no.
I didn't want it to be like this, but I did want to break up.
Break up? Wait, no, no.
Who's talking about breaking up? No.
I've invested many years in this relationship, and I'm surprised to see you like that.
Of course it's surprising, but I'm not becoming a spinster over some sex tape.
You're a nutjob.
Well, this nutjob wants her engagement ring, asshole.
Are you serious? I've never been as serious as I am right now.
Give me an engagement ring or I'm leaking the video.
I just got it by e-mail.
Drink your tea, honey, before it gets cold.
Where's Mom? Is she all right? She could be better.
What happened? [pops] What's the matter with her? She didn't say hello.
We're all going crazy.
We'll be out of this crisis soon, you'll see.
Yeah, right.
The stripper show failing is a good sign, right? We'll find a solution.
[Elena sighs] Claudio, you really have to stop chasing after me.
- I came to see my sister.
- Oh, please.
She ran out as soon as she saw you.
Claudio, this is super bad.
We're almost siblings.
This could be incest.
- Adultery, too, since I'm engaged.
- We're not siblings.
Same thing.
We kind of are.
What's up? What's up? You lovebirds.
- Hey.
- What's up, Freddy? I'm here to place an order.
We have eager customers.
- Business is booming, Elenita.
- What? What business? Well, I think I fucked up.
I'll come back later.
Many secrets in this family.
So many secrets.
- Okay - What business? What are you selling? - Marijuana.
- [chuckles] Yeah, right.
Yes, and that's not the problem.
The problem is we're running out.
I can't.
I can't.
May I? May I speak with Chuy? Yes, of course.
- Hi.
- [chuckles] Chuy.
I've missed you.
I'm worried about you.
What's going on? I think that Dr.
Cohen is my father.
I think - you're confused.
- No.
I think you are.
I'm not.
You are.
Listen Delia read a letter that Roberta, my father's mistress, left for my mother.
In that letter, she asked her to take care of Micaela, just like my father I mean, Ernesto took care of me without being his daughter.
I don't know what's going on, but I know you can help me.
Back when you were dating, did you? Well, kind of.
Kind of? I mean, yes.
How long ago was that? Please.
I don't know if you have any lingering doubts, but I really need to know who my father is.
No, bye, Chuy.
Hope I see you soon.
[sighs] Thank you, Sony.
I knew you could help us.
Hey, how long does it take for these plants to grow? That's relative, cutie.
What matters is, that the plants grow nicely, strong, - healthy and happy.
- Yes.
Yes, but we're in a hurry.
Patience, cutie.
The peace of science.
Patience, cutie.
How many grams per plant? That depends, bro.
About one pound, dude.
We'll take five.
[laughing] No! How do you dare? These are my companions.
I mean, these aren't for sale.
We each grow our friends.
[chuckles] Sure, but I'm serious.
We'll take five, right? No, what's this, Claudio? - I'm not a dealer, bro.
- Sony, help us out.
No, bro.
We don't do illegal selling here.
Here, we share.
I mean, if you need them and the plants need you, that's a valid way to do a trade We promise to love, respect, cherish them till death do us part.
- That's more like it.
- Yes.
- We're on the same wavelength, cutie.
- All right.
Yes, they're so gorgeous.
[chuckles] Yes.
Look at her.
- She's all yours.
- It's a beauty.
Threesomes are not the problem.
Or your family.
The problem is, you're not making space for Diego.
It's even worse, Poncho.
If I propose to Lucía and marry her, I'm golden.
She'll let me have sex with anyone I want.
I mean, a truly open relationship.
It's just that I love Diego.
I want to be with him.
But that relationship stifles me.
I don't know, it suffocates me.
I feel like a bar of soap: Hold me tight and I slip away.
I think there's an easy fix.
Break up with Lucía, stop it with the threesomes, stop acting out like that, and win Diego back.
If Lucía leaks the video, she'll ruin my life, and Diego's, and my family's, she'll ruin everything.
That's rough, man.
Why do you get in so much trouble? I'm a one-woman type of guy, I don't know what to tell you.
Find someone more experienced in these things.
- I'm glad I could help.
- Yes.
You know what? I got it from here.
I'll do it alone.
I don't want you mixed up in this.
We drove 50 miles in a car full of marijuana, and you don't want me mixed up? - That's how El Chapo started.
- Oh, please.
You're not scared to go to jail, but you're scared to be around me? Wait, I'm not scared.
I lacked the courage to tell you to fuck off, but I found it.
And I'm having the courage to help my family.
Our family.
You also helped and we're very grateful, but you can leave now.
What do you know? Architect, yogi, drug dealer, budding independent woman.
Back off or I'll throw you over the roof.
You know we specialize in hiding bodies.
I'm sorry.
I should go.
Do you know what this was? Unreleased sexual tension.
I hope you find a way to release it.
VISITING AREA I thought you'd never come.
Have you forgiven me? No.
I don't know.
Paulina told us not to come to keep a low profile.
But the truth is, I didn't want to see you like this.
Dad, I need man-to-man advice.
- You broke up with Diego.
- How did you know? I'm your dad, remember? He broke up with me.
Because I can't handle being with the same person forever.
How did you manage it for so many years? By hurting the people I love most in this world.
You don't want to end up here, just like me.
He won't return my calls.
And the last thing he told me was that it was for good.
Don't fool yourself, or him.
That son of a bitch loves you.
You don't even realize how important Diego is for you.
Why do you say that? Don't you remember the day you met him? [Julián] Yes.
I'll never forget that day.
Something wrong? No.
What's your name? Juan.
Nice to meet you, Juan.
There he is.
Come in, son.
Late as always.
I want you to meet the family's new financial adviser.
Haven't we met before? No.
I don't think so.
All I'm asking you is don't fuck it up.
You really don't want that life for you, or for Diego.
You don't want him to end up Hanged? Living a double life will make you feel alone.
Even when you're not.
"Living a double life will make you feel alone, even when you're not.
" [Virginia chuckles] - Did you go to see your father? - Yes.
After what he did to me? He's my father, and I needed his advice.
I don't want to end up like him.
Can I have Nana's ring? Are you serious? It's what I have to do.
Lucía and I are getting married.
But I thought you were in love with Diego.
I am.
I love him more than anything, but he's done with me, and Lucía gave me an ultimatum.
And trust me, Mom, you don't want to know what she's capable of, or you'd die.
Don't worry about me.
The bad seed never dies.
Don't say that.
You're the best mom we could've had.
Oh, sweetheart.
Can I have the ring? My goodness.
You look gorgeous.
Someone's trying to impress their former in-laws.
[chuckles] You have great taste.
Yes, I've always had great taste in almost everything.
Pau? Can I fix your eyeliner? Why? Because you're not taking full advantage of it.
Let's see.
Extend it, extend it, don't be a fool.
You can do it.
Like that.
Can I touch them? My boobs? I just I've always wanted to see them.
I needed that.
[sighs] [buzzer beeps] [doorbell rings] [doorbell rings] - Hello.
- Hey.
So? [sighs] - Will you marry me? - [gasps] What? I wasn't expecting this! - Oh, congratulations! - Grandma! What a huge surprise, baby! Congratulations! Welcome to the family! Look, Daddy! [chuckles] No need, thank you.
Well, all right.
I'll leave it here.
Oh, Diego.
I came here I need to talk to you.
I've been wrong so often in my life.
I've been wrong about myself, you see.
I've been wrong about my husband, my kids, but I never meant to.
I never wanted to do wrong, I always did my best, but It turned out all wrong, but not out of malice.
Especially with Julián, many think I overprotected him, that we were too close.
But a mother's love is, I don't know hard to explain.
You don't want them to get hurt, and you suffer because you don't want them to be harmed, you don't want them to face headwinds I miss my mom, too.
Sweetie, I know.
I'm sorry, I really am.
You know, but Julián, that boy you always see there so handsome [chuckles] he's full of terrible fears and insecurities.
- It's rough.
- I know.
But he loves you.
I love him, too.
I won't let him make a mistake and give up happiness.
Please, Diego, you have to help me, because he doesn't deserve this, he's a good boy.
- I'm tired.
- I know, you're tired.
- I've tried everything.
- It's the most important thing, to love.
I see that my son is in love.
I can see it.
I see it when he's with you.
[Lucía] We don't have a date yet.
- Yes, babe? - I made a mistake.
- I know, it's too tight.
- Can I have it? No.
[chuckles] It can wait until tomorrow, you don't have to fix it now, please.
- No, I made a mistake.
It's not for you.
- What? Ah! [Lucía] This has to be a joke, right, Julián? Julián! If you don't give it back, you'll be sorry! - Where have you been? - Fucking up, since 1989.
- Wow.
How about that? - Diego.
What? What are you doing? Marry me.
- [Diego] What? - Marry me.
[Elena shouting] - Yes.
- Yes? - Obviously.
- [Elena] This is so exciting! Great-Grandma's ring.
Did you see? Yes.
If Nana were here, she'd drop dead again.
It fits perfectly.
- [Elena] Jose María, what happened to you? - José María? Hello, family.
José María is gone.
Now I'm María José.
- [Virginia] Jesus, Mary and Joseph.
- What about you? - Diego and I are getting married.
- [Elena] Calm down.
Calm down, you look - Oh, no.
- She looks good, very nice.
- What are you saying? - Mom.
Are you all right? [María José] You made the decision? - I'm hyperventilating.
- Mom, don't faint, please.
I'm not fainting.
Leave me alone, I'm all right.
- [Elena] What happened to José María? - What do you think? She looks great.
You look great! - Thank you.
- Can I touch them? - Julián! - This family is obsessed with boobs.
We missed you a lot, right, Paulina? [Paulina] Yes.
He always asks about you, but that's unrelated.
Well, I'm here.
[chuckles] I have boobs and good news.
Hello, Virginia.
No, no, please.
I'm going to ask you for something, José María.
Let's take this slow, please? - I beg you.
- Look, she's my dad.
- Bruno, don't say that! - Mom, please.
- What's going on here? - Nothing's going on.
- I don't understand, but - You don't have to scare the kids.
Well, shut up already! Sit down! Goodness! [Virginia breathing heavily] Bruno.
Sweetie, please go to your room.
Go upstairs.
- We just got here.
- Please.
Bruno, listen to your grandma, she's a bit nervous.
- Don't you realize? Don't you realize? - Mom, it's fine.
- Relax.
- No, how can it be fine? I I get it.
I understand that times have changed, yes.
But I need you all to take it easy on me.
You don't want me to have a heart attack, right? All right, you have a point.
- Just calm down.
- [Carmela] Look what I brought! - My friend! - [Delia] She barged in.
- My friend! - Ma'am! I was alone, I saw a party and brought a cake.
No, Carmelita, look No, come with me! I have a problem with Paulina, and we're fixing it right now.
Come to the door, please.
Paulina has a personal problem.
I'll walk you to the door.
- We're at the door! - Well, take her home, Delia, please.
- Virginia! - Thanks, Carmelita.
- I'm sorry.
- What's going on? Yes, my friend, maybe another time.
Thanks! So, now that the accounts are unfrozen, the next step is to get an appeal.
- But when will you do that? - I'll start the paperwork tomorrow, so, maybe - we'll get your father out soon.
- [Julián] Maybe? - Nothing's for sure in these matters - [Paulina] No! I told you, I'm sure you'll do it, - please stop saying that.
- He walks in heels better than me.
Of course he'll do it.
All right, Mom.
After all, today has been a day for celebration.
[chuckles] I'm getting used to it.
To what? All this chaos.
Please, you never get used to it.
- Remember I grew up with Selena and Yuri? - So? It's not my first rodeo.
I'm serious.
What? Uncle.
- You won't believe what I found.
- What? - Look.
- Let's see.
[Paulina] My God.
Don't look.
Julián, is that you? [Virginia] Yeah, that's Julián! - [Elena] Why is Diego there watching? - [Paulina] What's this? - Where did you find this? - It's all over the Internet.
[Roberta] Every action has a corresponding reaction.
Now, Julián, welcome to the worst day of your life.
- Oh, no! It's horrible, please, no! - A million views already.
[Julián on video] Yes! Give it to me! More! Give me all! Give it to me! Yes! Subtitle translation by Matt D