The House of Flowers (2018) s01e11 Episode Script

ORCHID (symb. lust)

1 [Elena moaning] - [Roberta] Oscar Wilde said it best: - [both moaning and grunting] "The best way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it.
" Wait.
Did you hear that? My back cracked.
No, no, no.
Listen, listen.
[both] Micaela, shut the door! Your boyfriend is here, the one who looks like Kalimba.
And he's singing, too.
Fuck! Shit, shit! What are we going to do? What do we do? [shouting] Dominique! Wait, Dominique! I'll be quick.
A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES - I didn't know we'd have a visitor.
- Sorry, I was sure I locked it.
- I meant Dominique.
- Oh, I meant Micaela.
I hope she's not traumatized.
Mom's death made her tough.
What am I going to do? I can't do this to Dominique.
Act natural, he won't notice.
I'll deal with Dominique, while you keep Micaela from talking.
- Micaela won't rat us out.
- Claudio, this is serious.
Okay, I'll talk to her.
I'm such a dumb idiot.
Fuck my life.
[singing] But they rule my cravings Look at me And fire up my blood Wow.
[in English] This is the most romantic thing anyone's ever done for me.
[Dominique chuckles] When did you learn Spanish? - Well, I wanted to surprise you.
- Yeah.
We were getting married, remember? - Have you changed your mind? - No, but I'm afraid you have.
No, I just needed time to think.
I was afraid to give you more time because I don't wanna lose you.
[chuckles] - Was it wrong for me to come? - Well, I'm sorry.
I know I've been the worst girlfriend.
I know.
I'm so glad you're here.
- I'm very happy.
- Me, too.
Yeah, I'll get us a drink, okay? I'll be right back.
[Claudio] Micaela, it's rude to walk in without knocking.
[in Spanish] Yeah, what happens behind closed doors is private.
- Or a sin.
- [Elena] No! We were just playing.
You know that, right? - I wasn't born yesterday.
- We weren't doing anything wrong.
It's not wrong, it's Is it forbidden love, like Selena says? - Well, not really - Yeah.
It's that.
Forbidden love.
- No Yes? - Yes.
Is it because you're from different classes? Yes, exactly.
That's why you can't tell anyone.
Besides, you and I both know money doesn't matter.
Not to me, or you, or him, or the heart, got it? I'll be right back.
[Dominique in Spanish] Okay, my brothers.
My brothers.
[in English] Hey.
[in English] Everything okay in the kitchen? Yeah.
I just had to take care of something.
[mariachi band playing] Oh, um We have to do something now that your visa's about to expire.
I don't want a long-distance relationship anymore.
But we don't have a choice.
The OPT expires in two weeks.
We should hurry.
- We should hurry.
- Yeah, let's hurry up, right? Come here.
Let's get our money's worth.
[band singing] My thoughts might be crying My tears are pearls I get the best ideas.
[chuckles] What? I thought this was Mr.
Dominico's idea.
But he couldn't have pulled it off without me.
That's for sure.
[Mara] My girlfriends are snobs, but it's a good lead.
- Where's the wedding? - [Mara] We're not sure yet.
Lesbian weddings are great.
Lots of people show up.
It's something new for our conservative society.
[chuckles] - I'm sure.
- Thanks.
By the way, Rafa Ley wants orchids for his wedding.
- Perfect.
Who is he? - Mm-hm.
Rafa Ley? A killer DJ.
[chuckles] Listen.
- What? - We make a great team.
- You think so? - Team Julara? Team Julara.
[both panting] I needed that to relax.
Why? What's wrong? Diego.
He wants three kids.
- [chuckling] - It's so medieval.
And you don't want kids? No way.
Three? No, one is commitment enough.
There's no turning back.
Besides, the world is crap.
Did you see Okja? [chuckles] Are you sure it's not that you're not comfortable with Diego? No Yes.
Was that a yes or a no? No, yes.
I just feel everything's moving too fast.
Aren't you just scared of commitment? No, we've been together for five years.
Yeah, but in the meantime you've been with what's her name, Lucía, and With me and who knows how many others.
I don't know.
It sounds to me like you're sabotaging your relationship.
Fuck, you're right.
[sighs] I'm pathetic.
What? I have to see Diego.
Oh, my.
Oh, my.
This is so exciting.
You don't have to worry about anything.
I'll take care of it.
I'll wake up early tomorrow so I can book the venue.
It's the most divine garden in Cuernavaca.
It has to be a daytime wedding to show off the flowers Mom, actually, we're thinking we want a very small wedding.
- It has to be this Saturday.
- What? This Saturday? - [Elena] Yes, this Saturday.
- No, no, that's impossible.
You know, planning a wedding is very complicated.
All we want is to be together.
So we're doing this on Saturday.
Please, don't insist.
Well, I'll order the flowers right now.
- Flowers are a must.
- Yes, Mom.
We need flowers.
- We need flowers.
- Yes.
[door unlocks] Hey.
How was your day? [Paulina groaning] Today was the worst.
It turns out that Mario doesn't want to be Yuri anymore.
He wants to be Beyoncé.
I told him: "Mario, please, be Yuri.
You can be Beyoncé, but also be Yuri.
" He said no.
He just wants to be Beyoncé.
[groans] Give me a break.
Really? That damn cabaret is just so troublesome.
[laughing] Here.
Um Have you given any thought to our talk about Bruno? Oh.
And? The thought of him being away makes me hate you.
But I've hated you for so long, that's the least of it.
What matters here is what's best for Bruno.
Hey, this is delicious.
I didn't know you had this romantic side.
[both chuckling] I was thinking we could watch a romantic movie later today.
Where's the Julián that doesn't give a fuck? - He's been rehabilitated.
- I love this new you.
I'm not one for rom-coms, but thank you.
I have to run.
I'm in a hurry.
Thank you.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
Can you tell me what this is? - When did you sleep there? - It's an old key card.
I found it in a jacket I hadn't worn in a while.
I forgot it was there.
It's nothing.
Doesn't matter.
Did you know that I'm Virginia's apprentice and I'm very good? Mm.
- She's really good.
- It's true? What else has happened since I've been away? Forbidden love is being whispered in the streets.
- Micaela.
- [Dominique in English] What? [in English] I hate that song.
It's horrible.
[Dominique in Spanish] So, what else is new? Hmm? [Micaela] Well, they also took my Dad to jail.
[Dominique] Yes, I heard.
Even you knew? They told me he was in Japan.
I'm sure they thought they were protecting you.
But they lied to me and I don't like lies.
- Me neither.
- I don't like being asked to lie.
You don't have to lie to me.
Are you sure? Because you're not going to like this.
[chuckles] Tell me.
Damned Paulina.
[Paulina] Gabriel Dominguez? Who is he and why is he on the payroll? It's Gloria's real name.
How dare you interfere with my relationship? - What are you talking about? - The photos you sent, Paulina.
It was a favor.
You were fucking up and someone had to stop you.
You'll thank me in ten years when you see your mixed children.
- You're an asshole! - Stop it! [Paulina] And you're like a fishwife! Do that again and I'll beat the shit out of you! THE UNIVERSE - Looks almost like it did at the Nevado.
- Really? If I had known that, I'd have brought you here sooner.
Saved us all the fright.
[Bruno chuckles] By the way, Bruno, your mom and I talked after the Nevado escapade.
And we've decided that it would be better for you if you come to live with me in Madrid.
- What if I don't want to? - We're not asking.
Good thing I'm not running away again.
I'm glad to hear that.
But you have a long history of disobedience that we needed to address somehow, Bruno.
What about my friends? You'll make friends in Madrid.
Have you told Grandma? This isn't fair.
What's not fair is what you're doing to your mom.
What I'm doing to Mom? What about what you did to her? What do you know about our relationship? You weren't there.
You abandoned us, you jerk.
Did I hurt you? [Elena sobbing] It's not "mixed" you idiot.
The term is "mulatto.
" [chuckles] I hate you.
I hate you so much, because you're right.
- Don't say that.
She'll be unbearable now.
- Shut up.
Don't you see her? What did Dominique say? Nothing, he doesn't know I know.
What do you mean? - I went through his phone.
- Oh, Elena.
You're worse than I thought.
Wait, wait a minute.
You cheated on him, he found out, he let you off the hook and he wants to marry you? - Yes.
- You're shitting me.
And you went through his cell phone? Fuck, when Diego goes near my phone I have a mini heart attack.
This guy is really something.
Don't ever let him go.
Julián's right.
Dominique loves you.
- I know.
- This is a happy ending.
The problem The problem is I mean, I love him.
I love being together with him, and our life together, but I miss this so much.
I miss you guys.
[pop music playing] It's as if time hadn't gone by at all.
I haven't felt so fulfilled in years.
What would've happened if you and I had gotten married? Do you think we'd be tired of each other by now? Mm Perhaps, but the only thing that matters now is to not get tired in the time we have left.
You're right.
I think we should be together.
[both laughing] Salo, I'm a married woman.
Pack another bowl.
This one's done.
You're married to a man who's in jail, paying for the debts of his mistress.
You deserve much better.
Well, yes.
[both laughing] What could he say? My kids and people would talk.
Virginia, we have a daughter.
We are a family, we've always been a family.
I don't give a rat's ass what people think.
All that matters is our happiness.
Yes, that's true.
Oh, I like you so much.
- Hello.
- Hi, what can I do for you? I need to know if a friend stayed at this hotel.
That's confidential.
I understand, but I really need to know.
- I'm sorry, it's not possible.
- Karen He's not a friend of mine, he's my boyfriend.
I have a feeling he's cheating on me.
What's his name? Julián.
Julián de la Mora.
[Virginia] Elenita.
Sweetie, look what I have for you.
Hmm? I have the dress I'm going to wear, Mom.
You're not getting married in that, are you? Mom, it's a simple wedding.
It will be fine.
Elena, you took away my dream of having an 800-guest wedding.
Are you denying me the joy of seeing you in a dress I got you? Is it yours? All right.
Thank you.
I'll put it on in a minute.
What is it? Tell me what's wrong.
Dominique and I want entirely different futures.
How can we be happy? I understand perfectly.
You're just nervous.
You're nervous, and you're second-guessing yourself.
You shouldn't, every decision you make is well thought-out.
I've seen it, sweetheart.
Besides, you're going to look gorgeous.
You're such a doll.
To the Nevado? [Micaela] But then a man showed up and made us leave.
- Yeah, a forest ranger.
- A party pooper.
[Virginia] It's lovely.
- Am I the only one of our group here? - Of course, you're so dear to us.
Thank goodness Elenita chose him instead of the other.
- I gave her a little push.
- Well Wow, so intimate.
Intimate? Mom nearly lost it.
It was unbearable.
Where's Diego? Work emergency.
He'll be a little late.
[Paulina] Always so happy, isn't he? Son, could you raise the camera a bit? All I see are crotches.
- Sure.
- That's much better.
- [Carmela] Hello, Ernesto.
- Perfect.
Hey, Virginia told me everything, okay? But don't worry, I'm so discreet, I won't tell a single soul.
Prudent as always, Carmela.
[in Japanese] Thank you Everything okay at work? Yeah, everything's fine.
I'm going to ask you a question.
Tell me the truth.
Mm-hm? Have you slept with anyone after Willy? No, I swear I haven't.
All right, I believe you.
Either you object or I will.
Don't you dare.
Money doesn't matter to you, or me, or her, or to the heart.
[orchestra playing Mendelssohn's "Wedding March"] We are gathered here today to join in holy matrimony Elena de la Mora and Dominique Shaw.
Let's give an applause to love.
[all applauding] [all cheering] - [Elena] Daddy, I missed you so much.
- My darling.
I would've given anything to walk you down the aisle.
Maybe next time.
Don't worry.
I'm keeping him safe for you.
- Thank you.
- Who is that guy? [Ernesto] So Not much, the after-party will be at the cabaret.
- Everything all right? - [Diego] Yes.
You two haven't settled on a date yet, have you? - No.
- No, not yet.
- Then you're not using it.
- What? - Great-Grandma's ring.
- We are.
Here it is.
I mean that you're not really using it.
- What? - I don't know how else we could use it.
How else? How about to pay for the anniversary party? No.
Julián, I gave up all I had saved for the kids' alleged ransom.
- I don't know what to do.
- No, Mom.
It's Diego's ring.
Fine, I can I'll get you another one.
- No.
- It's okay.
- It was too good to be true.
- [Julián] Don't, babe.
- [Virginia] I'll get you another one.
- [Julián] No.
[Julián] Come with me.
You know what Mom is like when it comes to the flower shop.
- Thanks.
- Thank you, Delia.
- I promise I'll buy you a new ring.
- Really? With what money? I was thinking you could let me borrow some.
I'll pay you back.
Sure, babe.
- Lovely ceremony.
- [Elena] Thank you.
Soon, you'll be featured in that painting.
- [Elena chuckles] So will you.
- [Diego] I don't think so.
So, my brother sends you his congratulations.
He had to go to the cabaret.
I guess everything worked out.
What was that? Micaela told me she saw you with Claudio.
Saw me with Claudio? [in English] Having sex.
[in English] But you already knew, right? Paulina told you.
She even sent a photo.
[in Spanish] Which you found when you went through my phone.
So, you knew I knew you knew? Really? [in English] Well, you weren't too stealthy about it, so [chuckles] - Fuck, Dominique, what are we doing? - Trying to get over your affair.
Why didn't you say anything? I wanted to win you over.
I didn't want you to marry me out of guilt - or because I complained.
- Now we're here pretending everything's fine, when it isn't.
This is crazy.
Maybe we shouldn't have gotten married.
Well it's a little late for that.
This is not gonna work.
- What do you? - I'm sorry.
What are you saying? I'm truly sorry.
You're worse than Paulina.
Forget Paulina.
Britney Spears' marriage lasted longer than yours.
- [in Spanish] Let's not do this now.
- No, you screwed up, Elena.
You screwed up.
To think poor Dominique and I tried to win you over with a serenade.
What? You were in on it? You didn't like him for me.
I don't get it.
- That's before I knew about Claudio.
- Listen.
I broke up with Dominique because I miss you all so much.
I miss you so much.
I miss my siblings.
I don't want to be there anymore.
I want to be here.
Oh, my sweetheart.
Don't say that, Elena, please.
I miss you so much, too.
I love you and I really miss you.
- Mom.
- Elena, I didn't know.
I'm sorry, honey.
It's fine.
I just didn't want you to end up like your dad.
Come on, Mom.
I won't.
Let's drop this.
- Forgive me.
- Can we go to the cabaret? Why not? Let's go to the cabaret.
[chuckles] [dance music playing on speakers] [audience cheering] So who do I see [women cheering and shouting] She's coming for me She's coming and that's all I want What den have you brought me to, Virginia de la Mora? That guy that takes care of your stress works here.
Take a seat.
Alfonso? Sit down.
I miss you Every day and every night 'Cause I don't know what about I miss you I miss you Are you all right? Well, as much as I can be.
Where's Dominique? At the airport.
Leave her be.
Don't get involved.
Every day and every night It's over with Dominique.
- So soon? - Yes.
What happened? Tell me.
The lies started adding up and we couldn't agree where to live.
I'm sorry.
Don't be too sorry.
Because now I'm free to do this.
This is the best news I've ever gotten.
Yes, the faster you can transfer the money, the better.
Thank you so much.
We'll talk tomorrow, then.
Thank you again.
Yes, bye.
- What? What did they tell you? - We sold the Acapulco house.
Eleven - million pesos! - [shouting] With this, plus the money from the Acapulco apartment, - I can start negotiations.
- [Julián] Really? It's not the full amount, but we're only six million short.
- Really? - Dad could be out in three weeks.
- What is it? - Dad is coming to the anniversary.
For fuck's sake, I said "maybe.
" Can't you understand? Calm down.
- It adds pressure.
- It's okay, just calm down.
- Did you change the combination? - [Paulina] Of course not, you're drunk.
What was it, again? 20-04-10, Micaela's birthday.
Go figure.
Aries, like me.
- [Paulina] Is that right? - Yes.
So, you've come here before tonight? - Of course.
Well - Virginia.
My kids brought me.
I saw you from across the cabaret.
You carry yourself in a way no other woman does.
I couldn't believe it was you.
- So, what brings you here? - Well I was in the neighborhood.
- Let's go to a private room.
- No, I'm a decent woman.
Caramel, I just want to explain.
- What do you say? - I said no.
- Just five minutes.
- No.
Very well.
I won't bother you again.
So, my friend.
[laughs] My friend, you have quite exotic tastes.
- Who knew? - I don't know what to do.
I'm a married woman and yet I can't stop thinking about him.
- Well, cheers to that.
- Cheers.
I'm also having an extra-marital affair.
- Really? - Yes.
Tell me everything.
You haven't said a word.
Maybe I shouldn't.
You're too gossipy.
- No, I swear I won't tell anyone.
- And he calls you "Caramel.
" THE HOUSE OF FLOWERS - Do you think this could be more than sex? - Yes, a fraternal relationship.
[laughing] Please.
Don't be silly.
I'm being serious.
I don't know.
Whenever I see you, all I think about is sex.
Dear God.
[chuckles] Where do you want to go? How about a motel? A motel? Fuck, that's romantic.
You can show me what's underneath that dress.
Well, it is my wedding night, after all.
[Roberta] Hurray for the newlyweds.
Hopefully, they will live happily ever after.
Subtitle translation by Matt D