The House of Flowers (2018) s01e10 Episode Script

TUSSILAGO (symb. worries)

You didn't have to come.
No, it was important.
This isn't about turning back the clock.
Still, I can't help but think we can create a bond that is strong and meaningful.
Thank you.
So, what have you been up to these past 30 years? Twenty-seven years.
Well, I got married, I had Bruno, I got divorced my ex became a woman You know things happen.
That's why I'm so hooked on Xanax.
How about you? Me? I became a widower.
I have a grandson.
Actually, now I have two.
Is he here? Can I meet him? Bruno.
Can you come downstairs, please? I'm so jealous of how much he can sleep.
You know what? I better go get him, or else, we'll wait here forever.
Bruno? Bruno! A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Well, well, this is bullshit.
The appeal was denied.
Good morning.
Salomón Cohen.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
- María José.
How are you? - How do you do? - Sorry, I'm still not used to it.
- So, you're the ex-husband.
And you are the biological father.
That makes you Bruno's grandfather, so we're practically family, right? Hi.
I'm Bruno's mom.
Fine, sweetie, thank you.
Hey, is Bruno with you? Did he spend the night at your house or? When was the last time you saw him, sweetie? No, everything's fine.
It's fine, honey, thank you.
Yes, give your parents my love, bye-bye.
Oh, this isn't happening.
So, everywhere, Judaism is about culture.
Yes, of course.
It's a cultural issue.
But also health.
- It's so fascinating.
I love it.
- That's right.
Sorry, but I can't find Bruno.
What? I called Elena, he's not at Mom's.
His friends don't know anything.
And his cell phone is off.
Has Bruno ever left without leaving a note? Well, sometimes.
Because he feels grown-up or he wants to annoy me.
That's completely normal for his age.
All I can think of is the club.
Let's go.
Salo, I'm sorry about this, but do you mind? No, no.
Don't even worry about it.
Just keep me posted.
I'm sure you'll find him in no time.
Get ready, Virginia.
It's time you knew the consequences of leading a double life.
Looking for anything in particular? Exactly who I wanted to see.
Really? "Virginia of the Morals.
" We've dealt with people like you who try to take our territory.
What are you talking about, kiddo? No one can sell mari Kiddo? I'm 24 years old, lady.
No one can sell marijuana here without our permission.
I sell flowers, honey.
You can either come clean the easy way, or the hard way.
I didn't know there were territories, but if anyone has a right over Las Lomas, it's me.
No, that's where you're wrong.
This is my territory, so if you don't want any trouble, you'll have to pay me Sorry, there's a pay scale.
Well, I'll let you off the hook if you pay me 2 million pesos.
- What did you say your name was? - Juanpi.
Oh, Juanpi.
You'll need to find someone more naive than me to fall for that trick.
Look, I think there's a bakery about two blocks away.
Lady, I'll be back here at 10 p.
Either you pay the money or pay the consequences.
Eleni? Are you ever going back to New York? - Why, Delia? Are you tired of me, or what? - Not at all, my child.
Not me.
But what about Dominico? Oh, Delia, I love him, but I left Mexico thinking I would never come back.
I wanted distance from my parents, their rules, guises, society, and all that, but I don't know, since I've been here it's like You started to like it.
Well I haven't had a bad time.
Except for Dad.
That was truly terrible.
And that woman hanging herself, horrible.
Not cool at all.
What about the other family? Well, that had its ups and downs.
- Micaela is lovely, right? - Yes.
By the way, where is she? What do you mean? This morning, I went to her room to wake her up, and her bed was still made.
That's weird.
Tell them.
I got down on one knee and proposed in front of my family.
Wow, who would've thought Julián was so romantic? We're finally an adult couple, right? We've ticked every box.
Well, I want to adopt.
- Children? - Right.
- Three.
- Shit, three? Isn't that a lot? We haven't talked about this.
No, several times, in fact.
Yeah, but a long time ago, back when it was impossible.
- Now everyone can, like Ricky.
- Or Cristiano.
That's why I want to start the process now, this year.
Aren't we rushing this? I'm 40 years old.
Good, 'cause it takes forever and you're not getting younger.
That's right.
- But isn't three kids a lot? - No.
- I don't know, isn't it so last-century? - Oh, no.
- Three, four.
- I bet you'll make a lovely family.
And large, too.
Oh, Carmela.
- You were too harsh, Virginia.
- What? With what? You didn't have to treat me like that.
All I wanted was the truth, I would've carried your secret to the grave.
- What are you talking about? - You didn't have to humiliate me.
I really don't understand.
I don't get what you're saying.
What? It wasn't your plan to send Elena after me? Me? Elena? What did she do? She took advantage of my loneliness.
- I felt terrible.
- What happened? She sent me a man so that he'd seduce me and she took compromising pictures.
Elena did that? And you fell for it? If you only knew Poncho.
He called me "Caramel" and I just couldn't resist.
No, I'm sorry, no, no.
I didn't know anything.
I'll talk to Elena, because you don't do this to family.
- Yes.
- Please forgive me.
Forgive her.
All right But if you see her ask her about the company she's keeping.
Now you have to tell me the whole story.
Don't leave me like this.
- I don't know what you're saying.
- Why don't I show you? My security cameras caught them red-handed.
What? Mother of God.
I'm not sure if it's him or not.
Oh, it's him.
Coach Rafa.
Sorry for interrupting.
Have you seen Bruno? Yes.
Last Thursday.
- No, I meant today.
- No.
He has class Tuesdays and Thursdays.
I suggested you pay an extra day, since he's not among our best.
Well, if you see him, can you tell him we're looking for him? Has he disappeared again? - I'll tell him if I see him.
- Thanks.
- But does Bruno do this often? - More than I like to admit, yes.
He takes advantage of the fact that I'm all alone, María José.
Well, that has to change.
But for now, let's split up.
Okay, look here and I'll check the courts.
RESTROOMS EVERYTHING OKAY? BRUNO'S NOT HOME AND WE CAN'T FIND MICAELA! Bruno? - Bruno? - Hey, this is the men's locker room.
Come on, boys, I won't get scared.
We all have the same stuff.
- Hot stuff.
- Where are you going? Bye, baby.
I'm not happy with how you reacted at lunch.
We talked about children before.
Yeah, but I thought it was like people saying, "Let's go to India.
" And no one really does it.
I thought you weren't serious.
Let's see, Julián.
If you're scared about being too young to be a father - we can wait until you turn 30.
- I'm not sure I'll want kids when I'm 30.
I'm not sure I want kids, period.
I don't know if I want the things your friends were talking about.
That's called being a couple.
If you don't want to talk about it, then you don't want a husband.
- You want some hunk.
- No, I do want a husband.
But we're moving too fast, everything is going too fast and I think maybe we could slow things down, buy a fern, and take it from there.
How old are you? Fifteen? Fine, a puppy.
Here he comes.
Throw it this way.
- Hey.
- No.
No, no.
I'm with Papiringo.
Shut up.
And listen.
Tell your bitch to stop selling pot on my bro's turf, or we'll fuck both of you up.
No, no, no.
You've got the wrong man.
Hey! Shut up! Tell her also to pay Juanpi the 2 million she owes him.
If not, you'll deal with Juanjo.
No, there's a confusion.
My name is Ernesto de la Mora.
My wife only sells flowers to posh ladies in Las Lomas.
- You must be mistaken.
- Enough.
Fuck him up.
Hey, look at me.
You better make that call, asshole.
Unless you want to pay the consequences.
- Did you find Bruno? - No, and Micaela's gone, too.
- Dear God.
- At least they're together.
I found this.
Where? His cell phone.
In the driveway.
Oh, I have a bad feeling about this.
And Elena found his cell phone smashed on the street.
Micaela isn't with Claudio, Mom.
They must be at the movies.
Micaela was asking him the other day to take her to see that animated film.
I bet Bruno took her.
- I don't think so.
- They've been missing since last night.
They'll turn up in the kitchen soon begging Delia: - Okay.
- "Please, give us some food.
" Let's have something ready.
All right, Mom.
It's not the first time Bruno has disappeared.
No, I know Come on.
Hello? Are you selling marijuana in Las Lomas, Virginia? What? What? Is this a joke? What makes you say that? Don't give me that.
I just had my nose broken.
Well we're going through hard times.
If you hadn't had a mistress If you hadn't gotten our accounts frozen, I wouldn't be in the position to have to sell marijuana, right? I'm gone three months and my family starts doing porn and selling drugs.
Is Elena a stripper now? How can you say such a thing? And know that the marijuana is crime-free.
I'm not a drug dealer.
Virginia, this is not a joke.
I asked around and it turns out that Juanjo, the guy who beat me up, is here for kidnapping minors, as well as extortion.
This is not a game, Virginia.
Please, give them what they ask.
Okay? Give them what they ask.
I don't want to find out if their threats are real.
Ernesto, we can't find Bruno or Micaela.
Do you think it was them? No.
No, no, no.
They must be somewhere.
Have you checked? Yes, of course.
We're about to call the police.
Don't get the cops involved.
It might put the kids in danger.
Please, pay them what they ask.
Sell whatever you need to sell.
Oh, my God.
- Dear God, I think I know where they are.
- What? Caramel, let me explain, please.
Don't call me Caramel, you know what it does to me.
You lied to me.
They made me do it.
I was paid, yes but I can't stop thinking about you.
Let me through.
No, please, no.
There's something in your eyes.
that pulls me closer every day.
Oh, love.
I'd give everything That's plagiarism.
You are so fake.
Leave me alone.
Caramel, please.
No, Mom.
This isn't even half a million pesos.
That's all I've made so far in this business.
Besides, I was going to use it for the anniversary party.
Listen to what you're saying.
It wasn't even to get Dad out of jail? It was for your party? - Answer me.
- Yes, that party will be our recovery.
- I did what I had to do.
- You did what you had to do? Don't you see how irresponsible and selfish you are? - You don't mess with these people.
- I know.
Do you know how many people get killed or disappear in this country for getting mixed up in that? Thousands.
Thousands upon thousands upon thousands.
I know, I know.
But that boy who came here didn't look like a drug dealer.
- Mom.
- No.
He looked very decent.
He could've been one of Julián's high school friends.
Besides, we're not even sure they have the children, please.
Do what Dad told you.
If you're being threatened, do what Dad told you.
Fine, I'll ask Diego about our properties for sale.
Mom? They want the money, tonight.
I mean, do you think Diego will sell one house or two, right now? It's not bread.
It's not marijuana.
Stop torturing me, Paulina.
I know, I messed up.
But God knows that I would give my life for those kids.
Just calm down.
I think it's time To go to see a psychiatrist Bruno You have to do the: "Bom, bom, bom.
" I can't find my cell phone.
I think it's time To go to see a psychiatrist They decided back home And dragged me over I'm not crazy I'm not crazy I'm only desperate Doctor Everything happened so fast.
Federiquito came in and said: "I like your pot.
" I gave him some, and the next day, we were selling it like roses on Mother's Day.
We were a big hit, but I'm really scared something might happen to them.
I swear to God, I'm never selling pot again.
Everything seemed so easy, as if it were a normal thing to do.
Well that's called "normality bias.
" People tend to underestimate risky situations, and we often claim: "It's no big deal, everything will be fine.
" And we willfully ignore the consequences.
Yes, but Ernesto is the one to blame.
He's the guilty party.
It will be all right.
Have faith.
I want you to know you can count on me for anything.
Thank you.
The good thing is, we're among family, right? Yes.
Who'll handle the ransom? Mom and I.
I'm coming with you.
- What if he doesn't come? - No, he has to.
If he doesn't, we'll deal with it.
Let's not get ahead of ourselves.
Sorry, I'm very nervous.
I'm biting my nails so much, I might smoke all the plants.
Someone's here.
It looks like he's here.
Paulina, I'm sorry for all this.
Stop it, Mom.
It's done.
Forgive me for thinking they were at the movies.
Forgive me for selling pot.
Now is not the time, Mom.
I know, I know, but Forgive me.
I miss you here at the flower shop.
I miss you, too.
- Sweetheart.
- Mom.
Hey, there.
Sorry, we're closed for tonight.
Can you come back tomorrow? No, Paulina.
This is Juanpi.
This preppy-looking kid? Well, you were totally right.
Not threatening at all.
Lady, let's do this transaction respectfully, all right? Toss it over.
I've got it, Mom.
What's this? Two million pesos, count it.
For fuck's sake.
In small bills? I've never seen this in my life.
And how long is that? Fifteen short years, or what? Back off, lady.
Where are the children? What children? Where are the children you kidnapped? Shit, kidnapped? No.
No, no.
I don't do that, lady.
That's my brother Juanjo.
- That's why he's in jail.
- Oh, God.
I'm against that stuff, which is why the country is in such a state.
Because of violence, corruption Impunity Just don't cross us, because all in all, mine is also a family business.
And Juanjo is getting released in three months.
And, lady kids from this neighborhood go for 10 million.
Why would I ask you 2 million for both? Come the fuck on.
Then give the money back.
- Mom.
- But aren't you against violence? If you'll excuse me.
Mom, he's a stupid kid.
A stupid kid.
He's not so stupid if he got the money.
Here he comes, here he comes.
Here he comes, here he comes.
Good evening.
Have a wonderful night.
I don't get it.
Wasn't he bringing the kids? Where are they? - He's gone.
Where's Micaela? - And Bruno? CORONER'S OFFICE With that description, we have two options.
- I don't want to see.
- Don't look.
Go ahead.
It's not him.
It's not him.
Okay, now the second option.
It's not him.
- No, it's not him, either.
- You scared me.
What's your sign? Aries, with Leo ascendant.
Moon in Sagittarius.
Well, that one, that's your star.
- Just that? - Yes.
It's so lame.
Yeah, tough luck.
Find a cooler one.
What was it called? The Big Dipper.
Find the Big Dipper.
- No, let's find Andromeda, over there.
- Really? - Where? - It has a cool story.
Can I hear it? According to the story her father said she was the prettiest girl in the world.
- And she was ugly? - Not at all.
But no one likes arrogant people, so the gods sent all their monsters to attack the city.
That was a bit too much.
Yeah, plus the oracle told them: "Sacrifice your daughter to the gods, or you will also be doomed to death.
" Is the oracle God? - No, more like - Oh, who is it? - I don't know.
Don't worry.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
Paulina, really, I know it's hard to balance work, family, and the boy, but he's out of control.
I know he needs discipline.
You don't have to tell me.
Yes, and do you know why you're not disciplining him? 'Cause your Mom was so tough on you that you're indulgent, soft, and this is what happens.
Wait, wait.
Are you trying to tell me I'm a bad mother? - That's not it.
- Let me be clear on something.
When you decided to split, you didn't care at all about leaving me alone with him.
If the boy is acting up, it's both our faults.
You know why I left.
For you.
You couldn't have coped.
For me? Well, thanks.
Also, the least you could do after you left me, is thank me.
Yes, all right.
Thank you.
You got tits while I was dealing with the boy.
It's so easy when things go wrong to blame me.
Okay, I got it.
- What about when things go right? - Hello? Good evening, is this Bruno's father? Yes, yes.
I'm María José María, I'm Bruno's father.
Who is it? We found him and his sister at the Nevado Park.
Who is it? What? They found the children.
They're at the Nevado.
- At the Nevado? - At the Nevado.
Please put him in his place.
He might listen to you.
Good evening.
Thank you so much.
We were so worried.
I can imagine.
How could you leave like that without telling us? We thought you've been kidnapped.
Well, we're back now, okay? Calm down.
You took a 9-year-old girl, Bruno.
What were you thinking? Guess what.
I did a great job looking after her.
- Nothing happened, right, Micaela? - Yeah, it was fun.
Don't you dare laugh or I'll smack you.
Don't you dare or I'll smack you.
- Listen to me.
You and I have to talk.
- That's all from me.
- Thank you so much.
- Good evening.
I'll take her to Claudio.
We're talking about the consequences of your actions.
And the consequences it will have for the rest of the family.
Little Bruno.
What? Claudio was so happy to see her.
I think I like him a little more.
Paulina, I've been thinking hard, and I think the best solution is for Bruno to move to Madrid with me once your father is out of jail.
What? You said it, you can't handle him.
He took a 9-year-old girl to the Nevado regardless of the consequences.
Yes, but that doesn't mean I literally can't handle him.
Paulina, I'm not saying you're not a good mother, I'm saying it's my turn.
You've done so much.
And he is son to both of us.
Let me help you with this.
Bruno has to move to Madrid.
Subtitle translation by Rodolfo Hernandez