The Hunting (2019) s01e02 Episode Script


Nassim, what the hell is that? So, Jack, he sent this photo to Yolanda's phone and she started passing it around your home room, is that correct? You have to make sure the details are clear for the police.
It's only gonna keep happening if we don't take a new approach.
- Is it working? - Is it working for you? - What do you think, idiot? - It's working! Don't laugh.
I can't get beach hair.
If I did, my parents would definitely know.
Why are you still drooling over her? It's not gonna go anywhere.
- I met up with her yesterday.
- Prove it.
Hot! She's so hot! Don't feel like you have to include me in your social life.
We run in very different circles, you and me.
Well you could have just said you didn't want to come to the party.
I'm not going to report you.
But I'm taking your phone as punishment.
What is this? - Make-up? - Josephine's birthday.
The movie's at 4:30.
You can pick me up straight after.
- Can I? - It's not a huge ask.
To hang out with my friends for two hours.
You should be working on your school captain letter.
I finished it a week ago.
You're acting like I'm asking to move out of home.
- It's a school night.
- And I'll be home in time for dinner! Hello? You and Papa you turn the simplest things into a massive drama.
- Oi, Nas.
- What's up? - Hello.
- Hello.
I got an invite from Josephine.
- I'm not going.
- What, your parents? Gotta get back in their good books, which means no movies on a school night.
That's brutal.
Did you see my post? Play it.
Oh, um, Mr.
Allum has my phone.
Yeah, I don't know.
I think he thought it would help with my homework.
- That's weird.
- It's alright.
- I'll get it back from him today.
- Wait.
He doesn't know your passcode, does he? No.
And it's alright, I deleted the picture.
You must've really liked it.
It's just to be safe.
- Josephine.
- Here.
- Cathy.
- Here.
- Arula.
- Here.
- Anton.
- Here.
- Nadine.
- Here.
- Claire.
- Here.
Hi, Mr Allum.
- Ariel.
- Here.
- Trent.
- Here.
- Steph.
- Yep.
- Fatima.
- Here.
- Oliver.
- Here.
- Brett.
- Here.
- Amandip.
- Here.
Okay, school captain nominations close tomorrow.
Okay, off you trot.
Nassim? My school captain application.
Do you think you could have a read? - You're applying for school captain.
- It'll look good on my resume.
And I need to hone my public speaking skills.
The thing is with public-facing roles like this, you come under extra scrutiny.
What kind of scrutiny? Do you really want to be giving speeches at sports carnivals and meeting MPs and all that nonsense? - Aren't your grades more important? - I think I could handle it.
Have they already chosen someone? - No.
- Well, I don't see the issue.
- I get straight A's.
- Yeah, I'm just You just need to be sure it's what you really want.
GIRL: She can't hate skirts that much.
Easy access? - (LAUGHTER) - (BOY WHISTLES) - BOY: Look who showed up.
- Femmo's here.
Did you see? It was there when I got here.
Oh, what, you've all got somewhere to be now, do you? - Were you trying to humiliate me? - What are you talking about? Fucking hell, Andy.
You obviously took a screen shot! - Where did you get that? - BOY: Feminists, mate.
- They're not worth it! - Piss off, Ozzy.
It was on my locker, which you already know, because for some completely messed up reason you printed it out and put it there.
Zoe, I didn't do this.
Who else would it have been? That's a good question.
What did I ever do to you? Or do you just hate women? Okay, hold on, you're starting to sound insane.
Do not gaslight me! I just want an apology.
But I didn't do it.
- Admit it, Andy! - Or what? Or I will report you.
You're going to tell a teacher that you were having a wank on the webcam? No, I'll tell the Principal.
Why don't you take a vibrator in too, give him a demo? So, you know about Zoe's locker? - Who put it up? - Does it matter? Real question is, who prints things? Bet it will shut her up about the uniform debacle.
They're not supposed to know.
We put stuff up at school, people wonder where it came from.
So, if you hear who did it, I want to know.
Okay, recap the question on page 70.
And I want to see the working out.
Do I get my phone back now? I tried to respect you, Nassim.
I thought you deserved that.
But I had you all wrong.
Now I'm going to say this once.
Take it down.
Take what down? Do not make the mistake of lying to me.
- I'm not.
I don't know what you're talking about.
- The photo.
I've seen the website.
- What what website? - Drop the act! What are your parents going to say when they find out you put a naked photograph of your classmate on the internet? - Where did you say you saw it? - You know where you put it.
I don't! It's you telling me! What website? Your boyfriend's in trouble.
- He's not my boyfriend.
- As good as.
(MESSAGE ALERT DINGS) - What is it? - Some wanker in my DMs.
- How often do you reckon that works? - I'm guessing never.
Don't give him the oxygen.
Just block him.
I'm sending him the emoji.
You tell him, girl.
You are about to be expelled, Nassim.
Stop pissing around! You saw me delete the photo! I wouldn't do this.
Did you send it to anyone else before you deleted it? No.
Of course not.
(MESSAGE ALERT DINGS) She just sent it to me.
I I have no idea how it got wherever it is.
Either way, you need to get it down quick smart.
I can't contain this for long.
Calm the fuck down.
Where did you put that photo of Dip? My teacher's seen it! - What? - On some website.
Not social media.
Your teacher sounds dodgy as.
I cannot have Dip find out.
She won't.
So you'll delete it, then? Yes, if it will shut you up.
- I could be expelled.
- For what? For a photo that I had ending up on the internet.
What proof is there? He saw the photo on my phone and then saw it online.
Yeah, but where's the proof that you uploaded it? It's circumstantial.
I didn't want the whole world seeing it.
And I said I'd take it down.
(HUBBUB) Okay, something a little different today.
Boys, I want you to take your essay questions to the library and get started on the source material.
Am I speaking Japanese? Now please.
- What are the girls doing? - None of your beeswax, Oliver.
Get moving.
- Sayonara, suckers! - Okay, thanks, Oliver.
Ladies I'm speaking to you without the boys here because I want this to sink in.
You have to stop sending pics.
Nudy pics.
Hey, I'm serious, Ariel.
The only safe way to send a picture is to not send it in the first place.
Think she's listening? You can't control what happens after you hit send, okay? We live in the digital world.
And sure, I get it! It feels good when a boy's showing interest.
You see, the thing is, that you might think it's just between you and Scott.
But when Scott wants to impress his mates they send it to all their mates.
Now, if the second law says that force is equal to mass times acceleration (COMMOTION OUTSIDE) Just one second.
Where are you supposed to be? Mr.
Allum sent the boys to the library.
Well, off you go, then.
You have the power to say no.
And if he stops talking to you, good riddance! You can only be responsible for your own actions.
(KNOCKS) Can I have a quick word? Um just take this time for your essays.
Alright? Apparently they're a thing.
Fatima saw them arrive together yesterday.
Assistant Principle Dunsford, while it's always nice to see you, I'm with my class right now.
Yes, however, I couldn't help but notice that you're missing half of them.
The ones with the Y chromosomes? Why don't we talk tonight? My place? I'll cook.
You can cook? What makes you think I can't? Hmm.
(LAUGHS) Really, though, what's going on? Something's happened, but I need you to keep it between us.
What is it? There's a website and it has students on it.
And they're naked.
It's nude pics.
West Park students? I didn't do a comprehensive search, but I did see Amandip Dhaliwal.
- Do you think she's been groomed? - No, it's nothing like that.
- It's - What did she say to you? - I don't think she knows.
- Then how did you find out? Yesterday, Nassim had a photograph on his phone of Dip naked, and I made him delete it, and then I confiscated his phone overnight.
And then his phone starts going off, all these messages about some about some website that didn't sound legal, Our Local Sluts.
- Oh.
- I looked, and, um And you haven't told De Rossi about the photos or the website? - No.
- What about Nassim? We need to get Dip's photo down before De Rossi finds out.
What, so, one of our students has a nude photo of Dip online, and what, you're protecting him? No, he said he didn't upload it.
Well, he must have sent it to someone! I'm thinking about Dip right now, Eliza.
This could ruin her future.
Right, so, you give the boys an early mark and the girls get a sexting lecture? No, I'm not excusing it.
I will deal with Nassim at the appropriate time.
Good, because the boys need to hear this message too.
A boy can't send a photo that doesn't exist.
Eliza, Eliza, your new education program, I'm all for it.
But if De Rossi finds out that I didn't report the photo on Nassim's phone, I might not be around to back you.
And Nassim, he won't be around to be helped.
Please trust me.
What about Dip? She needs to be told.
Let's just wait until the photo is down.
The last thing we want is for her to see it.
(MESSAGE ALERT DINGS) That's a bit weird.
- Butterfingers.
- I got it.
You've made a Skype call before, right? Mm-hm.
Yeah well it's like that, just more private.
You talk about personal things? Like a diary? No you do personal things.
You do things that the other person is going to like.
Nothing bonkers, just what you'd normally I don't need the specifics.
A lot of kids do it.
You don't get STIs.
Um when did you take the photo? It's a screen shot from a video chat.
When did you send Andy the screen shot? That's the point! I didn't.
He took it on the call without me knowing.
Without asking.
Yes, yeah, I understand that, but they've assured me that they'll push the contract through today.
(MOBILE PHONE VIBRATES) Oh, sorry, that's my son's high school calling.
If you could just follow it through, that would be great.
Thank you.
Simone Luke.
MAN: (OVER PA) May I have your attention.
Andrew Luke, please report to the principal's office.
Andrew Luke.
Ballin' too hard, Lukey! (BOYS LAUGH) - Milk? - Do you have almond milk? - Sorry.
Just the full cream.
- That's fine.
Yeah, normal's fine, thanks.
I think the best way to start is to hear from Zoe, who brought the incident to my attention.
Alleged incident.
I didn't dream it up.
Honey, no-one's calling you a liar.
Just describe what happened.
That's all you have to do.
Andy and I have been chatting online.
Video calls.
And then we started we moved on to other stuff.
It was supposed to be just between us.
And just so we're clear, honey, by "other stuff" you mean you were - Having cybersex.
- (KNOCK AT DOOR) Sorry, I'm late.
I got caught up at the airport.
Already started, have we? Yeah um, cybersex let's call it that.
This was on my locker this morning.
Can I see? Did you take a screen shot of your video chat with Zoe? No.
But you have been chatting with Zoe online? Yeah, but I can't control whether she gets off on it or not.
Andy, none of us wants this to drag on and on.
Did you take a screen shot of Zoe and put it on her locker? - No.
- Liar.
She's probably chatting to heaps of guys.
- Anyone could've done it.
- You watch your mouth.
- He's slut-shaming me! - If the shoe fits.
- Andy, that's enough.
- It could be a selfie she sent out.
Heaps of chicks do it.
They try to stitch us up.
- Guess it backfired.
- You're seriously saying that? She's an attention seeker.
She had a megaphone the other day.
- Something about the school uniform.
- I'm right here! - Just admit it! - Enough! (BELL RINGS) - Have you seen Nassim? - No.
- Have you seen Nassim? - No, sorry.
Where are we going? Open the glove box.
I spoke to Josephine's mum.
She's taking you all to dinner after the movie and she said she'd be happy to bring you home.
Really? Thanks, Mum.
Ha! I thought you'd be whooping with joy.
- (MESSAGE ALERT DINGS) - (GROANS) - What? - Nothing.
Why is it that when it's his word against mine, it is Andy that they believe and not me? Because we can't prove it.
It's shithouse, babe.
It really is.
The whole school has seen it.
He made out like I'm a slut.
I haven't even had sex.
Why didn't you do anything? Honey, if there was anything more we could have done Back me up! At least Dad was on my side.
Zoe you've always been a fighter but that family isn't worth any more of your time and energy.
You can win by rising above it.
I'm going to go over there and slash his tyres.
- I want to punch him in the face! - That wouldn't help anything.
I don't care! It is so unfair, honey, and I understand that you're furious but your schoolmates will forget about the picture.
They will.
You've done nothing wrong.
Come here.
This site specialises in social media behaviour.
That could be useful.
Maybe the school counsellor's a better option? Nah, she hates school right now.
Better that it's off-site.
Are we going to talk to her about the whole cybersex thing? I just can't believe their confidence.
To just perform like that.
When I lost my virginity it was pitch-black, I was starfish drunk.
I'm not sure that's an alternative we should be floating.
Yeah, but that's just it.
What is the alternative? Don't have sex? Didn't work for our generation.
What blows my mind is how they find the right angle.
There is nothing flattering about the situation.
Stop! God, I feel old.
Oh, my poor baby.
I could strangle that smug little shit.
The apple didn't fall far from the tree in that family.
- Rosie? - I'm out here! Hey.
Hey! Give us your laptop.
- No, I've got homework.
- Give us your laptop.
- And your phone.
- What? Give me your phone.
(DOOR CLOSES) How was maths today? You know I can see what classes you're in.
- Or not in.
- I was in sick bay.
Bad headache.
There's no note from the school nurse.
(MESSAGE ALERT DINGS) We've got to work together, Nassim.
Talk to me.
Tell me what's going on.
(MESSAGE ALERT DINGS) - I have to go, Baba.
- What about dinner? Nassim! Whose bike is that? Where are you going? Hey.
I'll grab a ticket.
Your parents think you're at the library or what? You put it online? - Bloody hell.
- Some random sent me a screen shot.
Something about local sluts.
Nice to know what you really think of me.
- That's not what I think of you.
- I can't believe you.
All I did was send it to one person.
A friend.
I think his phone got hacked.
It was meant just for you.
- Which friend? - No-one at our school.
I don't know if that's better or worse.
Wrap it up, lovebirds.
It's go time.
We'll save you seats.
I spoke to him this morning, okay? He said he's taking it down.
I'm supposed to just believe that? Pull it up.
See if this friend of yours is a man of his word.
What did you say it was called? Look, I hadn't even heard of it until Ray pulled me up this morning.
Allum knows? Oh, my God.
That's why he was being so weird this morning.
- Your photo isn't up there anymore.
- You don't know that.
I'll call him again! I'll do it right now! I liked you, Nassim.
The movie was that bad, eh? Hey, wait.
Dipi? - You look terrible.
- I'm going to bed.
Can you not follow me?! I said I was sick! (DOOR SLAMS) I found the videos.
I didn't watch them.
But that's where the screen shot came from, yes? I didn't put it on her locker.
Okay, so, somebody else found it on the net? Yeah.
Yeah, and what, you weren't expecting that? No.
Alright, baccalaureate boy that's what happens when somebody doesn't think about consequences.
Well, I took it down but someone saved a copy and uploaded it again.
Alright, I have deleted the files.
I have cleared your history.
Tell me you used a VPN? Is there anything else on this fucking thing that we need to be worried about? No.
No, there's not.
Do not visit that site again or you could be in a world of shit.
- Do you understand? - Yes.
She doesn't know the photo's there, does she? I don't think so.
Well, matey, you want to hope she doesn't find out.
She doesn't strike me as the type to take things lying down.
Fuck! You're a bloody idiot, aren't you? Eh? "Yes, Dad, I'm a bloody idiot, Dad.
" - Yes, I'm an idiot.
- "Yeah, what a moron, Dad.
" I know, I know.
You know, when I was at high school I got caught with a porno mag one time.
Got a wallop and that was it.
That's pretty lo-fi.
Call Nassim.
He's been trying to get in touch, okay? Starving! Okay, Rose, time to hop in the shower.
Wait one sec, the episode's almost finished! - Shower.
- No, now.
- Fine.
- Dinner's nearly ready.
Well? No, didn't find anything.
Oh, thank God.
- Is he shaken up? - He's fine.
It's just a shitty situation.
- No, don't tempt me.
- Come on.
You know I'm trying to lose it.
I mean, you know, this girl's obviously a bit of a fantasist.
Well, someone put the photograph on her locker, Nick.
She wasn't lying about that.
I mean, the girl was she was completely distraught.
See, that's what I love about you.
You're always looking out for other people's kids as well as your own.
You know, maybe Zoe could do with a third mother? If you don't get out of my way you're not going to get your dinner.
You were right, you can cook.
- What? - Nothing.
Looked like you were going to say something? Yeah, I was, but it's, uh it's pretty cheesy.
I'm trying to impress you, remember? Not make a fool of myself.
Oh, is that what you were trying to do? I don't know the right thing to say to you.
Well, why don't you start by saying the foolish thing that you were going to say? Eliza you are stunningly beautiful.
In so many ways.
Mm yeah.
Don't worry, Ray.
Sometimes you make me feel foolish too.
I'll email the school.
Hopefully you'll be better by tomorrow.
It's my day off too.
I'll make some rajma.
No, Mama.
Thick and chunky.
How do I make it stop? - I can't make it stop.
- (TUTS) I'll get some painkillers.
(MESSAGE ALERT DINGS) - Did you do what I asked? - Yes, Romeo.
You're not the only one dealing with shit right now.
I couldn't give a fuck.
- Dip's seen it.
- I took it down.
What do you want me to say? It's the internet.
Someone's on their period.
Spoken to Thommo lately? He was online last night, talking shit about Feminazi's locker.
- Fatima.
- Here.
Amandip? - Oliver? - Yeah.
Square up, fuck boy! It was you.
- What, you want to throw one as well? - No.
I want you to tell the principal who texted you that photo.
No-one texted it to me.
Did Andy email it to you? (TELEPHONE RINGS) Hello? Mr.
Yes, she is.
Oh, just a cold I think.
Should be fine by tomorrow.
Why don't I put her on? Dipi, it's your home room teacher.
He wants to talk to you.
Hello? Dip.
Your mum says you're not feeling well.
Hey, I don't want you to worry about falling behind, so I'll round up your homework at the end of the day and I'll email it to you.
- That sounds good? - Okay.
There's something else I wanted to talk to you about.
You never sent in your school captain application.
I didn't mean to scare you off.
You didn't.
I just didn't want the extra stress.
If there's anything you need, you know you can always talk to me, right? I better go.
How did she sound? Exhausted.
Is the photo down? I'm not sure.
You didn't check? It's not exactly the kind of site you want to access on a school network.
So what? We just wait? (BELL RINGS) Jesus Christ.
I can't forward you the link, because it's child pornography, but some of our students are caught up in an illegal website.
No it's not social media, it's an actual website.
Well, that's the thing, it's high school students hunting pictures of high school students, without their knowledge.
You're the principal, so I thought I should inform you immediately.
How did I find out? Um Well Smells good, Mama.
You're not sick, are you? Are you fighting with Josephine? I'm just not feeling well.
Where are you going? Principal De Rossi has called an emergency school council meeting.
With the police.
There's an online site.
Boys posting photos of their girlfriends.
Without clothes.
It's just shocking.
(GASPS) Dipi? (SOBS) I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
What? Mummy.
What have you done? - What have you done? - Please Your papa will be home soon.
And you will fix this mess up.
He must not hear about this.
Not ever.
(CRIES) So Zoe, what we are about to do is called a record of interview.
So, you are going to get asked some questions and then we are going to make a recording of it with the camera and audio equipment.
That means that anything you say can be used in court if it does go to court.
Don't feel like you have to - (RINGING TONE) - RECORDING: Hey, it's Dip.
Please leave me a message.
Hey, Dip.
It's me.
(MESSAGE ALERT DINGS) "My morning routine", says a prominent male politician, "is to double cleanse my skin with active serums.
Moisturiser is also very important, because when you're meeting constituents all day" - Snap! - No! - (DOORBELL CHIMES) - I'll get it.
Not if I get there first.
Zoe's made a claim that a screen shot of her engaged in cybersex has been uploaded to a website of interest.
She's a liar.
Something must have happened for her to pursue you like this.
This is not the boy that we raised and love.
And if you keep pushing and pushing you are going to make things worse.
What kind of man do you want our son to become? - What are we doing here? - Another lesson.
You're probably going to mention the schools by name.
Mention them? I'm going to list every single one.
- The problem is you didn't trust me.
- I did.
You didn't tell me about the article.
And now one of my students is in the most impossible situation.
- So, everyone's seen it? - I could strangle this girl! She's just gone and posted something totally defamatory.
We don't want to impose, but Nassim has something important to say.
I don't want to see you, okay? Just go.
He's just going to keep on doing this unless you do something about it.
The hunt is on, bitch.