The Hunting (2019) s01e03 Episode Script


1 PRINCIPAL: Did you take a screenshot of Zoe - and put it on her locker? - No.
- Liar! - She's probably chatting to heaps of guys.
Where did you put that photo of Dip? - I didn't want the whole world seeing it.
- And I said I'd take it down.
I liked you, Nassim.
I found the videos.
That's where the screenshot came from, yes? I took it down but someone's loaded it again.
- Well? - No, I didn't find anything.
Oh Thank God.
Hello? You know you can always talk to me, right? - ELIZA: Is the photo down? - RAY: I'm not sure.
Jesus Christ.
You're the principal, so I thought I should inform you immediately.
Oh, I'm so sorry! Your papa will be home soon.
He must not hear about this! - Not ever.
- Please! Mum! - ZOE: Admit it, Andy! Or I'll report you.
- Or what? What we're about to do is called a record of interview.
Is there anything else on this fucking thing that we need to be worried about? FEMALE OFFICER: Did you video chat with Zoe Hunt-Laskaris? Yes.
Rosie, go and get your father.
- He's in the shower.
- Yes, but just go and get him.
MALE OFFICER: And what did you do with Zoe? FEMALE OFFICER: Cybersex? Computer sex, internet sex, cybering, whatever you want to call it, Andrew.
We just chatted.
Did you take screenshots of your cybersex with Zoe? SIMONE: Well, hang on We're talking with your son, Mrs Luke.
And I thought we'd dealt with this at school.
Just to be clear, we're investigating a separate offence.
Well, what exactly are you trying to scare my son with? Zoe's made a claim that a screenshot of her engaged in cybersex has been uploaded to a website of interest.
Well, she's a liar.
What what website? A website with images that could be classified as child exploitation material.
Oh, well The image I saw of Zoe was not like that.
So, if we looked at your laptop Look at her laptop.
See how many other guys she's doing this kind of thing with.
Why don't we just take a look at it, mate, so we can rule you out, once and for all.
Well, you won't find anything.
We won't find any deleted files? Just because nothing's on there, doesn't mean you haven't left any traces.
I left it at school.
Yeah, that's a handy way for our son to get out of doing his homework.
Or so he thinks.
What's this about? Zoe Hunt-Laskaris has made a complaint to the police.
What, about an embarrassing photo pinned to a locker? Although the photo of Zoe doesn't contain any nudity, it is still an offence to take an image of somebody engaged in a private act, without their consent, and to distribute that image.
FEMALE OFFICER: If Andy's able to produce his laptop, we can deal with this now.
Yeah, guys, look, I hate to be that prick, but thank you for coming.
I think it's time you left now.
If you need to talk at all, that's my card.
They're just ticking boxes, mate.
Alright? You know, they'll they'll go to Zoe now and they'll say, you know, "We followed up on it," and that's as far as it's gonna go.
Alright? Andy, I want you to be able to trust us.
I do trust you.
So, what happened between the two of you? Nothing.
I might not completely understand your reasons for doing this online business.
But I was a 16-year-old girl once.
Something must have happened for her to pursue you like this.
You never leave your laptop at school.
This is none of your fuckin' business! - Mate - (SCOFFS) Andy If they hassle you again, you call me straightaway.
- Okay? - Yeah.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) - You're not contagious, are you? - No, I'm feeling better.
I was hoping to catch something so I could get out of whatever this is.
Alright, I'll keep this brief.
Quiet, please.
- ADA: Thank you.
- What's all this about? Now, we're here today to remind ourselves of the values of this school.
Respect, equality, integrity.
These standards should be our guiding light, but we seem to have lost that light amongst some of the senior students' open disregard of the school's cyber policy.
Now, I'm going to hand you over to a cyber-security expert and she has significant experience of the legal ramifications of social media.
She deals regularly with the police.
Do you think she knows about the website? I'll remind you, it's not the first time I've had to pull aside the senior year level and speak to you about - Eliza? - You are senior students! Don't worry.
I left you out of it.
I thought we agreed.
ADA: I expect you to set the standard.
You didn't tell me how bad that site was.
If boys at our school are involved, it's really troubling.
ADA: But a lot of you are failing to do that.
- I had to do something.
- Do I have to remind you of uniform policy too? Our uniforms and the way we wear them have an important impact on our self-respect and the way we value others as equals.
Jesus, Ada.
Just the same old motions.
What did you expect? Girls, skirts and shorts to the knees.
And no black bras.
White and skin colour bras are not that hard to find! BOY: Yeah, go natural, baby!! (LAUGHTER) West Park High! You will welcome Rebecca to this assembly and you will listen very carefully to what she has to say.
Rebecca? REBECCA: 10 years in prison.
That is the maximum penalty for the production or dissemination of child exploitation material.
To be clear, that could be a photo of yourself, on your own phone.
So, this seems like a great outcome.
I cannot stress how important it is for everyone to protect themselves online.
Even pictures you post on Well, I think that went okay.
I don't think that did go okay, Ada.
You can't link girl's school uniforms with sexting.
Reminding our students of uniform policy is about engendering self-respect.
It is a mistake to think this is just about teaching girls self-respect.
I mean, honestly, why do they have to send nude photos? It can be a safe way for them to explore their sexuality.
It's actually a very pleasurable thing to do.
Look, I've worked hard and long to open up opportunities for our girls.
And to be frank, without that hard work, you would not be sitting here now, as assistant principal, questioning the way I manage the school.
We're just firefighting here.
I don't want to be a firefighter.
I want to effect real change.
And, also, to be frank, you don't seem that interested in doing that.
Until the law changes, this is what we're working with.
So, you're perfectly happy ignoring nude images of our students - I'm not perfectly happy! - being uploaded without their consent.
Swapped like trading cards by boys at this very school! Ada I thought you were a feminist.
I certainly do not have to prove my feminist credentials to you, sweetheart.
There will always be those boys There have always been those boys.
Don't forget, I've been doing this for 40 years.
So, let me help you tackle this.
You might think you can change the culture of our students, but it is a big world out there.
And I'm the one that'll have to deal with the horde of over-invested parents banging at my door.
We're in a moment now where, finally, we are seeing real consequences for some men's behaviour.
A moment where people are starting to see clearly what's been happening, and they want change.
They're finally willing to yell and scream to make that happen.
(SCOFFS) We've been yelling and screaming for years.
Listen, I think our best option right now is just it's it's to let this one burn out.
('CARRY ON' BY TKAY MAIDZA PLAYS) They say they're coming for me but I don't want none 'Cause I really don't care and I'm still kinda young Ruthless ready renegade, they all want some This may be communism but I tell you this is mine The hunt is on, bitch.
Our Local Sluts? That's the name of the sub-forum.
The site is worldwide, it's organised by country.
But if you just search for that name, you'll find it straightaway.
Sometimes they even name a girl that they want a nude of.
It's like sending a pack of hounds to hunt a rabbit.
She might be a girl they're sitting next to in maths class.
It's about proximity.
They want photos of girls that they know.
Jesus! What do the police say? They say they are capturing data.
But the website's still up.
I appreciate that you're probably going to mention the schools by name.
Mention them? I'm gonna list every single one.
Okay, but no girls, no names.
No, of course not.
(BIRDSONG) Oh, no, Nick.
There's there's an article here.
(READS) "Over 80 schools have been identified as targets for teenage boys and young male users who are sharing explicit images of their female peers without their consent.
" It goes on to list the schools.
Spencer High is is on the list.
Nick, this is what the police were talking about.
Yeah, could be.
Could be? Aren't aren't you worried about this? Well About what, exactly? That that our son could be involved.
Oh, babe.
That he may somehow have something to do with that girl's image being put on that site.
I think your empathy for Zoe is is clouding your judgement.
I I don't think you've got anything to worry about.
Stop it.
- Stop what? - Stop blocking me.
What do you mean blocking you? You're making it very clear that you you don't want me to be involved.
I'm trying to protect you is what I'm trying to do.
You always do that.
You always make make me sound - Like what? - Like like an idiot.
- I'm not an idiot.
- No, you're not an idiot.
I'm just telling you that Andy doesn't want your help, alright? He's a big boy.
And I understand that he's he's crossing that bridge to manhood.
But I'm his mother and I know something's not right.
So, let me deal with it.
Let me sort it out.
Well, what are you gonna do, Nick? You've heard him lately.
The way he's speaking to me.
He's yelling at me, he's disrespectful, he's swearing at me.
This is not the boy that we raised and love.
I'm trying to manage this, alright? And if you keep pushing and pushing, you are gonna make things worse.
You are not gonna help, alright? Yes, he's crossing the bridge to manhood.
The last thing he wants is his mother holding his hand.
Well, who's gonna guide him? I mean, what kind of man do you want our son to become? Like your father? You have to show me what kind of man.
You need to show me.
Go left at the roundabout.
I have school.
Just go left.
(INDICATOR CLICKS) Where was your head check? - There was no-one there.
- No.
You didn't do it.
- Okay? - Yep.
What are we doing here? Another lesson.
Follow my lead.
Now, this website business is a disgrace and when we heard about it, we were just disgusted.
And we suspected that Andy wasn't being completely straight with us.
Now, Andy did not upload the actual photo of Zoe but he can admit to printing it out and displaying it.
Now, you know, that can't have been easy for Zoe, to turn up to school and see a picture of herself in what was clearly a private moment, on public display.
And for reasons best known to the adolescent mind, Andy thought it'd be funny.
Clearly, it wasn't.
But, you know, I mean, he's a teenage boy.
He didn't think it through.
What do you have to say, Andy? Yeah, I I knew it was the wrong thing to do.
In that moment, I wasn't thinking of Zoe at all and I'm I'm really sorry for that.
Pretty stupid thing you've done there, Andrew.
Yeah, I know.
But I never screen-shotted Zoe.
I just saw it online and and I printed it off.
Yeah, so You know, while there were no graphic images of Zoe, in fact, there's not even any any nudity as such, but, uh but my son is is deeply, deeply remorseful.
So, that's it? A caution and that's it? Well, a caution is a good outcome for them.
It's a good outcome for you too.
What are you gonna tell Mum? Don't worry about Mum.
I'll talk to her.
Come on, let's get going.
Nice head checks.
SANDEEP: Did you know, beside your sister, there's another 14 other people flying in? Yashbir Bedi and family are coming all the way from Vancouver.
Can you believe it? You remember them, right? - Of course, Dad.
- Uh-huh.
(CHUCKLES) So, I told him about the anniversary party very, very much in advance.
Now, no ifs, ands or buts, he's bloody coming, I can tell you.
You've got to find another swear word.
(LAUGHS) Enjoy your day.
Hey, listen.
Be effective.
Huh? Be formidable.
Okay? Huh? (INDISTINCT CHATTER) (WHISPERING ECHOES) So, everyone's seen it.
Do you realise I didn't put it online? You kept your face in it.
Come on, let's let's go somewhere we can talk.
Dip? Dip! What's happened? Do you want me to call your parents? I can't go home.
They don't know? Mum knows.
She won't look at me.
She's cooking all the food I hate.
Punishing me the only way she can without alerting Dad.
I think some fathers can be more understanding than you think.
You don't understand.
He can never find out.
You made one mistake.
Be kind to yourself.
This is my number.
No matter what your mum puts on the dinner table, or however bad your dad's reaction is, you can always call me.
You were right.
Something was going on.
He's ashamed of himself but he did go to that website.
And that's where he found the photo of Zoe, and he printed it up and put it on her locker.
And why would he do something like that? Well whatever he had going on with Zoe was obviously important to him and, you know, he's gone to the website, he's seen the photo of her and he was jealous.
And teenage boys just they can't handle the strong emotions.
So, he decided to humiliate her.
I know.
He feels terrible.
Okay? Now, look, I don't want you to get upset but I took him to the cops and I got him to admit to the whole thing.
What? I needed him to understand how seriously I was taking it and I needed you to know that as well.
And it's a good outcome because he he got off with a caution, so it's not going to appear on his permanent record.
Hopefully, the whole thing will just be a valuable lesson.
How was he? He was scared.
He was really scared.
I mean, Jesus That was a really tough thing to do.
Are you okay? Thank you.
A caution? I thought he was going to be charged.
We take a range of things into account.
The nature of the offence, the level of contrition.
It's his first offence, so It says nothing here about uploading the image.
He admitted to distributing your image at the school.
Well, have you looked at his laptop? The one that he took the screenshot on? He could have been recording everything! I know this was a bit of an embarrassing event for you.
But you are clothed in the image.
You think it's my body I'm ashamed of? Yep, yeah, yeah.
Come to me.
Did you get him? No, go round, go round.
Go round.
Oh! Nassim, moulvi.
If you've finished your mathematics, could you slice those eggplants for me? What time is it in Beirut? You want to talk to your mother? Let's not bother your mother right now.
You can talk to me.
Dip sent me a photo.
Somehow, it ended up online.
She, um she was naked in it.
I don't know what to do.
I tried to get it off this website but it was too late.
The whole school's probably seen it.
I'm sorry, Baba.
I never thought it would get passed on.
I never wanted to hurt her.
She needs to know you did not have that intent.
There's an email from the school about a website.
Naked photos of girls.
Adelaide students.
I don't want to hear about it.
Who is raising these girls, huh? (DOORBELL RINGS) I'll get it! Rami, I don't think we were expecting Nassim tonight.
- We don't need to study.
- I'm sorry.
Amandip is not well.
We don't want to impose, but Nassim has something important to say.
I don't want to see you, okay? Just go.
Amandip, we can't just send them away.
What is the matter with you? I'm sorry, yeah? My son needs to do this.
No, it it's not a good time.
Baba, maybe maybe we should go.
You will say your piece.
Nassim is here to apologise.
This photo, it was a private thing between him and Amandip, and though he never meant to hurt her, he is here to face the truth that he has.
It wasn't my fault.
I just want you to know that it wasn't me who put Dip's photo on the website.
Photo? What photo? - Hmm? - Sandeep Uh Thank you for coming, Rami.
Hmm? Thank you for letting me know.
No, Sandeep.
What did you do? - Just tell me what you did? - Nahin.
But what did you do? - I didn't do anything.
- Nahin, Sandeep.
- Just tell me they are wrong.
- Papa - What are they saying? - Nothing.
Tell me what did you do?! What did you do to my family?! - Leave her! - Our family! What did you do?! - What did you do?! - I didn't do any No, tell me what you Ravneet, get off me! Stay here! Amandip?! (DOOR SLAMS) - (SHOUTING CONTINUES INSIDE) - Baba RAVNEET: Nahin, nahin, nahin.
(PHONE RINGS) (COMPUTER CHIMES) (SIGHS HEAVILY) (PHONE RINGING TONE) Nick, I could strangle this girl! She's just gone and posted something totally defamatory.
No, I I'm still at work.
I I don't know if Andy's seen this.
I You know, I've got a good mind to go down to that school tomorrow and tell Principal Fletcher.
I mean, you should see what she's written.
She's she's out of control.
No, no, I'm not gonna wait.
If you can't come, then I'm gonna go alone.
(WHISPERS) " accusing him of " un true.
" Oh Ohh What a day.
I'm worried about Dip.
She's terrified her father will find out, which he will now, now that journalist has named West Park High.
The whole school's seen the website.
Soon every parent will too.
I fucked up.
You didn't fuck up.
The fuck-up was the journalist.
They didn't think through how it would affect the actual kids involved, or the school.
It was me.
I went to the journalist.
She's an old friend.
Going to the press was everything we didn't want to happen.
De Rossi has done nothing.
I thought I had to do something.
You do understand what happens when a school panics.
I am as distressed about this as you are.
Then why didn't you listen to me? I had it under control.
Well, that's not true.
The problem is you didn't trust me.
- I did.
- No, you didn't.
'Cause you didn't tell me that you went to De Rossi about the website, you didn't tell me about the article.
And now one of my students is in the most impossible situation.
You realise I could never actually talk to Ada properly without revealing your involvement? If she had known that you knew about Nassim Yes, because when a school panics, the kids are first to punish and be punished! And sooner or later, they find scapegoats! What you have done is so stupid.
And it's selfish.
That's rich, coming from you.
What about Sydney, Ray? You ever think that that girl that wrote you that letter was maybe calling out for help in some way? (SCOFFS) And, yet, you abandoned her.
You were protecting yourself.
But I'm selfish for thinking it's about time that some of these boys were finally forced to face the consequences of their actions.
Even the boys that didn't quite know what they got themselves into.
Because, Ray no-one has been talking about the boys.
No-one has done anything about the fucking boys! You haven't done anything about the fucking boys! And now, when, according to you, Dip's life is over and you can't protect her anymore, now you tell me that everything is my fault.
(INHALES) Hmm Well, aren't you gonna say something? You going to open that? Well, that's a shame.
That wine deserved a good fuck to go with it.
(DOOR SLAMS) (LAUGHTER) Zoe! I saw your #shittyboys post.
This man touched me in a supermarket once.
It was primary school.
I went straight back to my parents' trolley.
That's what I remember.
I didn't tell them.
I've never told anyone.
I'm sorry this has happened to you.
You did nothing wrong.
Hey! Take down the post.
This is your last chance.
Before what? You go to the police? While you're there, could you tell them to take down the photo your son posted of me? What did you think was going to happen? You take a risk when you go online.
Have some sense! Just because it happened online, doesn't mean it wasn't private.
Look I am appalled by that website too.
But Andy was not the one who posted that picture of you on that site.
You have got to stop going after him.
This could have a terrible impact on his future.
Well, it should! Because this is who he is.
Your son is an entitled, misogynistic, cruel, fake-headed My son is thoughtful! It may not appear like that on the surface, but he is! And he's admitted to something very embarrassing! - (SCOFFS) - And he's been punished for it.
Please don't punish him any more.
He liked you.
He really did.
And I liked him.
And he was thoughtful.
And I thought that was enough.
But I was deluding myself, because he was secretly recording us and sharing it online for his boys to watch.
He did that.
To me.
And you've deluded yourself too.
(SIGHS) Jesus! (BUZZING) (BUZZING CONTINUES) So, she doesn't know who did this? I believe her exact words were "Fucked if I know.
" Not even proper racists.
'Dago's not Greek.
Well, it's technically not a dildo.
She's locked herself in her room.
She hasn't done that since we first separated.
Could be someone who travels home on her bus? Anyone could have passed on her address.
Or followed her home.
We report this to the police.
This is sexual harassment.
Oh, which they've taken very seriously so far.
You know, we should take it round to that dickhead Andy's place and say, "Look this is what happened.
" They'll say that she brought it on herself.
(CAR ENGINE REVS) If we ignore it, we're telling her that she deserves this treatment.
And if we raise hell, we're teaching her that shitheads like the Lukes deserve her attention.
Well, we could always ask her what she wants.
Well, I would love to do that, Sam, but she's locked herself in her room.
I want to go to Dad's.
Hey, honey, sit down, have something to eat.
I can't be here right now.
Dad, let's go.
(KNOCK AT DOOR) Yes? Call your sister.
Tell her to cancel her flight.
Dad The party is cancelled.
Don't do that.
People are coming from overseas.
Come on.
Tell her why she's not coming home and tell her what you did.
(PHONE RINGING TONE) SAM: Computer, lights on.
SONG: I would tell you to hold on, to wait I'd tell you to slow down, to stay (MESSAGE ALERT BEEPS) The simplest touch leaves a burn on me I'd tell you to hold on, to wait I'd tell you to slow down, to stay Just the simplest touch leaves a burn on me The simplest touch leaves a burn on me (CHUCKLES) (PHONE CHIMES) Hold onto me Hold onto me.
I don't even know what my parents did with it.
Last I saw, it was just sitting next to the fruit bowl.
My parents wouldn't even know what it was.
It's still dick-shaped.
A bit of a giveaway.
I've had the silent treatment before but I've never seen my parents quite like this.
Your life is far from over.
I had to sneak out to get here.
You have to go to the police.
It didn't work for you, did it? It was his word against mine and they were lazy.
But you've got 'Nazeem'.
I reckon it's different now.
That article about the site, people are talking about it.
And my post, well, that got us connected.
I'm just glad I've got a friend to talk to about all this.
You said this Nassim boy was trying to help.
In his own very idiotic way.
He still likes you, so you should use that.
Let him help.
So great to see you.
How are you, mate? He's out the back.
Can you make sure he's not burning the chops.
- Hey.
- Hey, mate.
I didn't know if you would come.
I thought this was gonna be a big barbecue.
Nah, man, this is just for us.
- Hi, Nass! - Hey, Rosie.
So, it was that Zoe who called the police.
I've seen that post getting around.
Did you see my mum's comments? Whoa So good.
So, it's not true? You didn't upload that photo of her? No! That photo? She's not even naked.
It's not worth uploading.
Anyway, she's just out to get me.
Oh Check this out.
(BUZZING ON RECORDING) Whose place is that? Zoe's.
Mate, I told you to stay away from all that.
Come on.
I'm serious.
- I didn't do it.
- Yeah, well good.
Don't want to have to invoice those lesbians.
(LAUGHS) So, um, speaking of, you got any more pics from Dip? She, um, texted me just before, actually.
You know, uh, any of those wins come your way don't be a stranger.
All the caution has done is show him he gets away with this stuff.
But we can't prove it.
His dad's a lawyer, for God's sake.
That doesn't make them above the law.
You saw how my dad reacted to the news.
And it was you who told him.
My parents know, most people at school know.
I've got nothing else to lose.
And what has Andy lost? Nothing.
He's just going to keep on doing this unless you do something about it.
AMANDIP: I'm here to report a crime.
ZOE: Is Constable Marsh here? MALE OFFICER: If you just wait here, I'll get her.
What happened? Um, someone uploaded a nude photo of me to a porn website.
Same thing happened to Zoe, same guy.
Andrew Luke.
Andrew Luke.
And you are? He's who I sent the photo to originally.
But he didn't upload it.
He's got proof on his phone, that he sent it to Andy.
Do you want to see how you feel in a week, when it's not so fresh? Oh, no, I want to do it now.
I'll take some details, then.
No, we want to make proper statements.
Maybe you should talk to your parents about this first.
No, we want to make statements now.
You're gonna need an adult support person if you want to make a statement.
A parent would be good.
I can call my dad.
Um, I can't call my parents.
We can get someone for you, but it's better if it's someone you know and trust.
Are you sure there's no-one you can call? OFFICER: Anything you say in this interview will be taken down and may be used in evidence.
Is that clear? Yes.
So, what brings you here? I, um, deleted it off my photos, but it's still in the messages to Andy.
(DOOR OPENS) Amandip.
I'm Sergeant Michael Post.
We've reviewed the evidence and I've been advised we are gonna have to report you for producing and distributing child exploitation material.
What!? No, no, no, no, no, this is a mistake.
I'm not sure you've properly listened to him.
You see, Amandip sent the photo to Nassim.
Nassim sent the photo to Andy.
POST: Do you understand? I understand.
- (CHEERING) - Yes! Two of our students are about to go to court.
Why did you think that going to the police station with them was a good idea? The only reason that this is going to court is because Andy refuses to admit anything.
ANDY: I don't know anything.
I know that your father replaced your laptop.
It will come down to a matter of Nassim's word against Andrew's.
Are you willing to testify in Nassim's defence? Andy applies for a placement as a family doctor and, bang, there it is, "produce, distribute, possess child exploitation material.
" We cannot have him have that on his record.
NASSIM: I never asked for the photo.
I wasn't interested in that.
- What where you interested in? - I just wanted to hang out in person.
- To get pics? - No.
I never spoke to her about pics.
I'm just trying to help.
Can't you see that? I've done nothing wrong by any of you or Nassim or Dip.
- AMANDIP: Let's go over to Andy's house.
- ZOE: And do what? - Cut his balls off.
- I don't know where he lives.
I know someone who does.
You looked so sexy out there tonight.
I saw the way Robert was looking at you.
What are we doing here? You want to trash the house?