The I-Land (2019) s01e07 Episode Script

The Dark Backward

1 You've been through quite an ordeal.
How are you feeling? - I thought I died.
- Very close call.
But we got you out just in the nick of time.
Why? - You've been fully exonerated of your crimes.
Your lawyer is thrilled.
Some social justice advocates were working on behalf of you and your husband.
Actually, it was a bittersweet victory for them, since it was your husband's confession that ended up fully exonerating you.
So you heard what Cooper said? What What What he did? And he let us both take the blame for it.
Luckily, surveillance security noticed that two of the marshals went rogue.
They were interfering with the results of the game, calling themselves Bonnie and Clyde of all things.
That's why you guys were listening.
The warden's behind all of it.
The corruption.
But there's no evidence against him.
Not yet, anyway.
- You sure? - Believe me, I'm looking.
Because between us girls, I've had as much as I can take of his hateful shit.
So, are you saying that I'm free? I don't have to go back to the island? I know it's a lot to take in.
But you're over that now.
You're off death row.
Wyss has asked that no one go into that room, not until after the prisoner's evaluations are complete.
- I bet she did.
- I'm so sorry about this, but she was very clear about her request.
Whose prison is this? - It's yours, sir.
- Move aside, son.
Thank you, Matthew.
We're calling the guards by their first names now? The prisoner's under watch and may not be disturbed.
May I help you? - I just came down to welcome her back.
- Is that right? Y'all come in here, do your little lab reports, but before you got here, and after you leave, this is my prison.
I have a hunch that you're a bit more culpable than we realize yet for what happened with the marshals.
"A hunch.
" Well, that's cute.
I'd be careful if I were you.
The last thing you need is evidence that you're trying to tamper with the witnesses.
Witnesses? Don't bother Ms.
My prison, I make the rules.
Actually, this prison belongs to a private prison conglomerate, which is in it purely for profit, and I'm pretty sure the HR department would have you fired for even the hint of scandal.
Are you fucking kidding me? Those guys love me.
I play golf with those fuckers every Saturday.
And the Texas state constitution makes the rules.
All right? You need to stick to therapy, Dr.
Apologies, but this is man's work.
Hmm Speaking of therapy, it could do wonders.
It's a shame to see how fragile your ego is.
You should have heard her just cawing away, spewing like a chicken with its head cut off.
And Chase? They're acting like she's their golden child.
She didn't win in that game.
She got pulled out! There is no evidence, not a shred that that fucking game works to rehabilitate anyone.
It's a fucking waste of money, is what it is.
Tragic! When that money could be spent putting more cops on the street, arresting more fuckers.
So far, that little pilot program of theirs is a total failure, and that ain't gonna change.
- Not on my watch.
- Yes, Warden, you're right.
Of course I'm right.
I was the youngest warden in this fucking district for a reason.
How dare that schoolmarm tell me what to do? Like the boys at the top are gonna listen to a damn shrill word out of her mouth.
- What's your poison? - [SMACKS LIPS.]
I better not.
Wasn't a question.
If a lady's free to drink, then I believe a lady should drink.
Whiskey for me.
Or any other kind of drink? - Um, a a ginger ale, if you got it.
- Nope.
Got to be something stronger.
Sorry about that.
Whiskey for you, too.
Whatever you say, Warden.
Now, the problem we got is that little military gal.
Probably shouldn't have been so rough on her when she was here last time.
But how the fuck could I predict she was innocent? - Didn't look innocent to me.
- Fuck it.
They're all guilty of something.
Problem is, she got a mouth on her.
It's not good.
Just to make the stakes crystal clear to you If I go down, you go down.
- Well, that's not very chivalrous.
- Chivalrous? [CHUCKLES.]
It ain't gonna be me making the decision.
It's gonna be that bitch Wyss from out of state.
I got to make sure I can trust that Chase girl to keep that big fucking mouth of hers shut about everything she saw and experienced here.
And not just to keep her trap shut today, but forever.
Till she croaks.
Or Gonna be hard to get her, to take her out.
Might as well try bargaining with her first.
Well, fuck a dead armadillo, that's the truth.
Why don't you down that medicine? I'm in AA, Warden.
Well, that's no fucking fun.
You need to come with us, please.
Where are we going? - Are you taking me to the warden? - No, ma'am.
This is just a protocol for release.
Sorry to frighten you.
Psych exam, then a physical exam, and then in front of the jurors again.
- So, you're not taking me to the warden.
- Dr.
Wyss's protocol.
Wyss's orders at this stage.
You're not technically a prisoner anymore.
Chase! Please sit.
Chase isn't I'm sorry, isn't my name Chase? Your last name is Chase.
We call all of our prisoners in the simulation by their last name.
It's easier that way.
What's my first name? Gabriela.
- Gabriela - Uh, do you mind just calling me Chase? - It's just I'd feel more comfortable.
- Sure.
Now, as you may have been informed, before you went into the simulation, voluntarily, you signed a bunch of papers saying that we weren't liable for any trauma that you encountered while in there, - but for our purposes - I went in there voluntarily? Oh, yes.
Yeah, you all did.
There's a long waiting list of people who want to.
I'm sorry.
The other psychiatrist told me that I was on death row.
Were the others on the island on death row? Well, yes, that was a stipulation of the state when we got our grant money.
Um, they only allowed us to experiment on people who had already been deemed irredeemable.
And "irredeemable" is just the language that they use.
This is Texas, so sentencing tends to be very harsh.
So if Cooper were to redeem himself, - he'd be able to get out? - Yes.
We don't know exactly what redemption looks like yet, as no one's gotten out, but there are still several prisoners still in play.
Cooper's one of them.
- What about KC? - Ah, yes.
What's her name? Um, well, they call her "killing children," which I think is incredibly tasteless, but, um gallows humor, I suppose.
And, uh, Taylor is miraculously still alive with the cannibal.
I'm sorry, with what? Doesn't matter.
Let's just Let's just focus on you.
Hold on.
I'm sorry, it's just [SIGHS.]
What Cooper told me, it just It doesn't sound like something that would get the death penalty.
We will tell you everything in a minute.
We just need to download your impressions of the simulation.
Look, do you want to know how I feel about all this? Mm-hmm.
I feel jerked around.
I feel like all you guys have been saying is that this simulation is about redemption.
But while I was there, I was sexually assaulted, I got punched, a guy got mauled by a shark.
I mean, people got shot, impaled I got impaled.
And it fucking hurt.
And it sounds like none of us have done anything to make you think that we deserve redemption.
Except me, but I guess I was the only one that was innocent throughout this whole thing, so was this just, like, a sadistic experiment? - I completely understand that feeling.
- I don't want your understanding.
I just want answers.
Understanding your feelings and your emotions are the only answers I can provide.
Oh, God.
I'm sorry, I've just felt so disoriented ever since I woke up on that island.
Many of us have wondered about all of the questions that you're asking right now.
Is it fair? Is it safe? Is it, um - kind? - Kind? Fuck no! It's not kind! But can you honestly tell me that you would've rather rotted in a jail? It depends.
Am I innocent, or am I guilty in this scenario? I am very sorry this happened.
At least in prison, I would've been able to remember who I was.
I would've been able to have my dignity.
Do you have any idea what it's like not to remember who you are? - No.
- Years of your life just gone! I mean, how many years has it been since I've been arrested? Can you tell me that? Is it a year? Two? Five? They'll come back we hope.
Chase, can you tell me the very first thing that you remember from inside the simulation? Now, take a deep breath.
- Mm-hmm.
And just follow my finger.
So far, so good.
You know, Ms.
Chase, I'm in awe of you.
No one on this planet has been through what you've been through.
Not yet.
You're the first.
- What is that? - Oh That's just vitamins and fluids.
It's, uh Well, your body's been through an incredible trauma.
Yeah, see, the last time that I was here, I had a really bad experience, so Still, it's really a very good idea.
Especially because it's not entirely over, what you need to get through.
- I'm sorry, what is that supposed to mean? - Uh, just, the The way that the body comes out of the simulation takes some time.
I feel fine.
For now, you do.
And that's wonderful.
This is a saline IV.
That's all.
It'll make you feel even better.
I said I feel fine.
Well, you're not a prisoner anymore, so you have to give consent.
And if you don't, I can't force you.
Thank you.
- Are we done? - Yeah.
You know, it's always helpful to be in shape when you see the warden.
- I'm seeing the warden after this? - Yeah, he, uh specifically asked to see you.
Well, I don't want to see him.
Well, you know, it's just a part of the discharge process.
You know, he's kind of like the mayor around here.
Thank you, boys.
Howdy, there.
Sorry for not saying hi earlier, but my welcoming committee was not so welcome, according to Fräulein Wyss.
No problem.
Let's cut the bullshit.
I said some things in front of you I probably shouldn't have said, wouldn't have said, if I ever thought I was going to see you alive again.
I like getting stabbed in the front more than getting stabbed in the back.
I may not have to stab you at all if you can follow some basic rules.
So, here you are.
You got to dot a few I's, cross a few T's, then you're gonna be right back on the street, doing whatever the hell it was you did before you came to be an inmate in my prison.
I don't remember what I did before.
With that lying, no-good husband of yours.
You ain't going back to that, so I don't know what you're going back to.
I thought my mother had money.
You sure you didn't kill her? [SCOFFS.]
Money's gone.
Went to the hospital as a big fat donation when you got incarcerated.
You're going out into the world.
You got nothing.
Me? [SIGHS.]
I'm a powerful man.
The kind of clout I got in Texas, I can make a man with a well-placed phone call.
But if you've got me for an enemy, I mean, a true enemy, you ain't gonna be able to stay outside more than a day or two.
I will have you apprehended for wiping your own ass.
Terrible shame when people get thrown right back in.
Know what happens then? That last couple of people who still had faith in you, the distant aunt, or the neighbor with a taste for drama, those people just fall away.
And then, you got absolutely no one.
Yeah, sounds pretty bad.
Sure does, doesn't it? The other option is, you got a friend at the top.
You got me.
Which not only means you ain't getting apprehended for fuck all, it means you're gonna get introductions, you're gonna meet the governor.
Maybe I even let 'em make a feel-good story out of you.
That's up to you? Most people wouldn't think twice about this.
They'd be on my dick harder than a whore on rent day.
But you? I know you like to think of yourself as a girl with integrity.
Military hero and all that.
Like to save the day, prove humanity is good after all.
"Pain in my ass," another word for that.
What exactly do you want me to do? Your final exit interview here is with the jury.
Same gang of nitwits you met with before.
Bunch of nerds think they're smart.
Yeah, I remember them.
Don't tell them anything unseemly about me.
Unseemly? Cut the shit.
You know what I mean.
I didn't threaten you, I didn't get you beat up, and I sure as fuck didn't tell you I was trying to sabotage the experiment.
And because I know you, and I know you're a person of principles, I'm also gonna appeal to you there.
What do you mean? I was trying to sabotage the program.
But you know why? It's because I know those fuckers on death row.
You're innocent, so you're not one of 'em, which explains why you're a decent person.
Because the rest of those people [WARDEN.]
Mason, the kid who shot up a mall, Blair, the angel of death who killed 25 grandmas You think we need to be spending taxpayers' money giving those people a second chance? How 'bout a second chance for someone who deserves it? A kid who lost his father.
An army vet with a fucked-up face, like your husband before he turned into a shit.
I mean, hell, how about the way Brody treated you? Did that guy deserve a second chance? Fuck no! But these eggheads will sit here for hours arguing that he did.
So, yes, I did sabotage the experiment.
I sabotaged the fuck out of it.
So all I gotta do is just cover your ass in front of the jury? All you gotta do is not mention me at all.
- But I got one more condition.
- What? - Get my husband out of there.
- You kidding me? He killed my mother and got me thrown on death row.
I wanna tell him what I think about that to his face.
That's my girl.
You sure you don't just wanna watch him get mauled by a shark on the monitors? Why? Is that what happened? It could if you want it to.
I just want to talk to him.
You got yourself a deal.
Lockdown in three, two, one Well, of course, you're both fired, but you may also be under criminal investigation.
Well, I've been told you've been informed about that.
You? Yes, I can hear you.
If you're found guilty of criminal charges, you may be able to get off if you can prove that you was working for someone.
Yes, we understand.
Our sentences would get reduced if we were working for someone? Well, yes.
And And if you gave up someone powerful enough, you could avoid going to jail altogether.
Speaking candidly, and without a recorder in this room, we may be equipped to compensate you in some small way if your testimony leads to a true cleaning up of this department.
No, we weren't working for anybody.
We were just Our mistakes were our own.
That's disappointing.
Must be a real bitch for you when two lowly marshals, like ourselves, start having original ideas.
Let the record show that this is part one of an exit analysis of Ms.
Gabriela Chase, previously death row prisoner 1347996 of the state penitentiary at Rockland Hills, which is located outside Hitchcock, Texas.
This meeting will be recorded and become a matter of public record as of 60 days from today.
Chase, can you please tell us the first thing you remember from the simulation? [CHASE.]
KC pulled a knife on me, and I disarmed her.
That's right.
That's the first choice you made in there.
I mean, that's how we think of it.
A bit like an interactive story tree, where each choice determines the next challenge until either you pass, or you die.
And we were all very impressed with the first choice of yours.
Really? Didn't seem that way from the last time that I was here.
Kinda treated me like shit.
Normally, Gabriela, this meeting would be about debriefing you on your experiences, but since most of them have been surveilled, and since we're in the unusual situation of you being innocent, we'd like to turn the tables on that.
Is there anything you'd like to ask us? What do you mean? Well, for instance [CLEARS THROAT.]
if I were you, the first question I would ask is What on earth was a handgun doing on an island meant to be a rehabilitation simulation for convicted, violent criminals? What was that gun doing there? I mean, when I found it, I thought I solved the puzzle or something, but it just created more problems.
Yes, it did.
We apologize.
That was a mistake.
A mistake that no one on this jury is responsible for, so rather than infighting It's not infighting to want the person responsible for manipulating the program to be named and punished.
That handgun was put there by the hacked code that allowed Bonnie and Clyde to traipse around the island undetected.
So, the gun wasn't even supposed to be there.
Were you able to figure out what 39 steps was? Don't ask her that.
She's innocent.
I always thought it was an esoteric clue, so I'm curious whether the programming concept of subliminally reminding them of their real lives has any effect.
She's the only person I could possibly ask, so do you mind? Proceed.
Well, I knew that 39 steps were proof that there was a design at work, but Ah-ha.
So that's something.
Well, the number really never meant anything to me.
Do you want to know what it was? It's the number of steps from the end of the cell block to the electric chair.
Are you kidding? Death row inmates were just great people to run experiments on? [CHASE.]
What? Was it the free-range and all that? It's pretty fucking sadistic.
No, no, no, no.
Our goal, throughout, has always been to give prisoners an opportunity to redeem themselves.
While getting eaten by a shark? You know what, let me ask you something.
What is the plan for the simulation later on? You know, once you're out of this pilot program that you're in? - Once it's out on the open market? - What are you implying? No one puts this much money into something just to redeem death row prisoners.
- There has to be another goal.
- Exactly, my dear.
There is corruption behind the scenes of this experiment.
We are academics, we are not businesspeople.
We're not interested in profit.
We're interested in ideas.
The girl is right.
Everyone's interested in profit.
- Order! Order! Warden, - [GAVEL BANGS.]
I understand that you're a very colorful character around here, - but please, for heaven's sake - The warden has a point.
- [DR.
- With the profit, at least.
Why would Bonnie and Clyde ever want to fuck with an experiment just for fun? It is indeed a travesty that this kind of corruption has infiltrated the ranks of our marshals.
Or maybe someone's paying them.
You know, in the simulation, I remember Cooper told me that he overheard Bonnie and Clyde talking once in the jungle.
And they said that they were only allowed to kill people who had killed someone else.
So, if they weren't working for someone, who's telling them what they're allowed and not allowed to do or say? I see what you're saying, but, no, it's a program.
It makes the rules.
Well, he told me they were talking about a boss that they had.
Oh, excuse me, y'all.
I got to take this.
It's the governor.
Why don't we break for about a half hour? We'll resume once I've calmed our governor down.
As you all know, she's very upset about all this scandal.
Sometimes when he says a half an hour, it ends up being a little longer, so she wanted to give you the room just to rest.
Well, thank you.
Yeah, I am tired.
She's putting in your paperwork for processing a release.
You'll be freed by the end of today.
Thank you.
Lock tech metro, please escort prisoner 239 to testing.
- What do you want? - [DEVICE BEEPS.]
About your husband, that deal is off.
I remembered I don't make deals with scum like you.
Just leave me alone.
I'll deal with that with Dr.
Oh, y'all are getting real close, huh? Couple of gal pals.
What is she doing? So resistant, when it's just for your own safety.
Silly girl.
- Get away from me, you sadistic fuck.
- Any last words, Chase? - Help! Can anybody hear me?! - I'm afraid these are soundproof rooms.
- Help me! - Let's do this thing.
No, you can't kill me.
'Course I can.
They'll trace it back to you.
You'll never get away with this.
You'd be surprised what I can get away with.
Do it.
I'm tired of waiting.
Warden Wells, finally caught in the act.
Did I forget to tell you we have this room under video surveillance? Guards, arrest him.
My boys aren't gonna arrest me, honey.
Dream on.
Let's go, Warden.
- You gotta be kidding me.
- Her, too.
Seize that syringe and have its contents analyzed immediately.
You believe these harpies? These two lying bitches wouldn't know the truth if - if if - If what? Go ahead, finish it.
I'm sure it's a great line.
This is bullshit.
I didn't do anything.
I'm just the last person in this whole fucking state who believes criminals are criminals, and they need to be punished! I think you'll find we share some common ground on that, Warden.
Oh, yeah.
You think she's a big hero now, but you won't think so when you know the whole thing! Get off me! [DOOR BEEPS, OPENS.]
What does that mean? He's a prick.
That's what that means.
And of course, he told me not to tell anyone.
But here I am.
And we did discover that the substance in the syringe was lethal.
- So get Nurse Golding up here.
- [DR.
We did.
- She said she was just following your orders.
- Ha! You're being investigated for the murders that took place within the simulation.
And the attempted murder of Taylor by placing a cannibal on the island.
There was never supposed to be a cannibal! Cannibal was fucking great! Sounds to me like you're admitting to all of this wrongdoing, and also to misleading the justice system of the great state of Texas.
I am the justice system of the great state of Texas! [DR.
No, sir.
You're a criminal.
Ah, you're riding my ass.
You sound like my ex-wife! All you bitches sound like my ex-wife! Gratefully, I've never been married to you.
Oh, she didn't tell you yet, did she? Good old Doc Wyss, such a fucking self-righteous, milquetoast bitch! It's gonna be worse for you the longer they wait.
- I don't know what you're talking about.
Oh, I know you don't.
Don't get up.
I'll show myself out.
Thank you.
Thank you.
So, you can go ahead and get changed in here.
Plus, you get $200 cash and a bus ticket.
If you can find a bus.
We're almost ready.
What was the warden talking about when he said that I didn't know the truth? What did he mean by that? Will you just tell me? Yes.
It's time.
- Time for what? - We've reached that stage where it makes sense to fully disconnect you.
Disconnect me? Everything you see in front of you is real.
Everything, except one thing.
Except for you.
I don't understand.
Turn around.
This won't hurt.
What's going on? Who is that? It's you, my dear.
What? [DR.
You were in prison for 25 years before you were on the island.
Twenty-five years? Your memory hasn't come back yet, but it will.
But my hands are still Not to me.
What are you saying? Oh, my God.
- When you look at me, you see her? - Yes.
It'll be like this for about an hour in your mind, reverberating back and forth between what you actually look like and the avatar.
What do you mean, "avatar"? You go on to the island at the age that you commit the crime.
It's It's just the way we worked out the simulation.
Why have you waited so long to tell me this? Answer me! I'm sorry, Gabriela.
I'd give anything to give you those years back, but I can't.
No one can.
Cooper? And my husband? Is he the same age as me now? Then why did I see him in the pod younger? Those were the avatars.
Stop saying that word! - He was real.
He was real to me.
- I know.
Where is he? I want to see my husband.
- Where is he? - It's a tough pill to swallow.
I have to go back.
I'm afraid there's only one direction you can go in now, and that's out.
No, I am tired of playing by these rules that don't make any sense.
Where is he? What building are you hiding him in? Someone just can't do this to you! He can't do that to me.
Let me talk to him.
Please? You know you can't.
He's on the island.
I know it may not feel like much consolation, but try thinking about it this way.
This sacrifice of these years of your life helped us improve the simulation.
Some people spend 25 years achieving nothing.
Why are there palm trees? Aren't we in Houston? It's the water's edge now.
What do you mean? The politicians were spending too much energy pretending the flooding wasn't happening to implement the levees before it was too late.
My daughter never even saw a Galveston.
The world has changed a lot.
Chase, I'm grateful to you, and I'm not the only one.
So many more people are criminals now since the water started taking the land, that we have to have a way to redeem people, to help them find their way back to society.
"Find your way back.
Otherwise, we have nothing.
You've been a part of that.
Where am I? Where on earth am I? Welcome to One-Land.