The InBetween (2019) s01e01 Episode Script


Peter Rabbit and the Little Red Hen Talking things over in the high-wired pen Along came McDonald with his trusty gun And he goes "Everybody run" Peter Rabbit He'll be hopping along Peter Rabbit and Little Boy Blue Hidden in the brush with Mr.
Magoo Along came McDonald with this trusty gun And he goes "Everybody run" [BOY CRYING, WOMAN BREATHING DEEPLY.]
I can't wake up my mom.
Wake up.
Wake up.
Are you awake? Yes.
Why? Why am I awake? You told me to.
Early, you said.
When did I say that? Last night before you started drinking.
I didn't mean to snap at you.
That's okay.
Did you need me for anything? Uh-uh, I'm watching cartoons.
So what else did I do last night? Did I drunk-dial an old boyfriend or get into a Twitter war? You talked about Shannon Bell, the missing girl.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Thanks for coming by.
Uh, that's okay.
I was on my way to work.
What's up? Um I saw some strange stuff last night, and I think it might be related to your case.
Shannon Bell? Did you find her? Not yet.
It's been three days.
Well, the woman I saw was dead, and someone had, uh He'd taken out her eyes.
But the little boy was still alive, her her little boy.
Shannon doesn't have any kids.
Oh, well, I guess I don't know the details.
She was on her way into work Tuesday morning, vanished into thin air.
This is Shannon.
That's not the woman that I saw.
I'm sorry I just totally wasted your time.
No, that's okay.
Don't worry about it.
It's all good.
All right, listen, why don't you come for dinner, eh? It's been ages since we've seen you.
It's been, like, eight days.
I will come by this week, I promise.
All right, listen, I got to get to work.
I'm glad I was wrong about Shannon.
I hope she's okay.
- Good morning, Maria.
- Morning.
- Zayn.
- Morning.
Crime lab report is in no foreign DNA or fingerprints at Shannon Bell's place.
Still no sign of her on the Capitol Hill Station cameras? Nothing, been over them three times.
Let's canvass her route again.
Maybe there's a security camera we missed.
All right.
What's going on over there? Swanstrom's talking to the new guy Damien Asante.
Asante, he comes from someplace irritating.
Los Angeles.
Yeah, he's a former profiler with the FBI, recruited out of Harvard.
So he's a federal agent and an Ivy Leaguer? That's brilliant.
But I don't know has he ever done any police work? Last two years with LAPD Homicide.
Hey, you asked.
- Tom? Tom.
- Yes.
I'd like you to meet Damien Asante.
Tom Hackett.
Good to meet you.
Asante's eager to get started.
Well, I appreciate that.
Uh, we're quite full on with the Shannon Bell case at the moment.
If you want to take a day or two to settle in Actually, I read the file on the plane.
I just have a few questions.
Detectives Salinas and Meier are in the conference room they'll get you caught up.
Could we? So you're saying that no one knows why he left LAPD to come here? Right, other than it was his decision.
The L.
brass were sorry to see him go.
Maybe he just got fed up with the sandy beaches, the sunny weather.
He wanted to live in a town where it rains 300 days a year.
More like 150.
And people come to Seattle for all sorts of reasons, from all sorts of places.
Manny retired three months ago.
You're shorthanded.
Which is precisely why I don't have the time or the patience to break in someone new.
That's a little counterintuitive, don't you think? Come on, Asante read the file on the plane he's a go-getter.
And he specifically asked to be partnered with you.
What are you doing? Trying to move this thing with my mind.
I saw it on TV.
I guess that's better than watching cartoons all day.
You're kind of messing with my concentration.
Can I maybe get some privacy? You know, Abigail, this is my house.
If you're feeling crowded, you don't have to stay here.
You can go be with your mom.
She's all about the new baby Crystal.
What do we got? Okay, so, when Shannon was late to work Tuesday morning, the friend called in a well check.
Shannon was gone.
There was no sign of a struggle.
Hood of her car was up, and the battery was dead.
She had called AAA but hung up before connecting with a dispatcher.
And on days she didn't have a car, - she would walk to the train.
- She was grabbed on the way.
But you've got no eyewitnesses who saw her Tuesday morning.
Now, that's got to strike you as odd.
Ah, we don't think she got very far before she ran into a Good Samaritan.
Or more likely someone she knew and trusted.
The ex-boyfriend Stephen Archer.
History of violence, bad breakup.
The problem is, he's got an alibi for Tuesday morning business meeting across town.
Yeah, we're looking hard at his friends and associates.
Maybe he had a partner.
- Where? What do we got? Got it.
- Where? - Myrtle Edwards Park.
Get the CSU out there immediately.
- Yes, ma'am.
Right away.
- They found her.
My shift starts at 8:00 a.
, and we got the call a few minutes after.
Female was unresponsive, possible OD.
What did you do when you got here? I was getting a Narcan shot ready when I saw her neck, realized she wasn't an OD.
And the body had started to rigor, so I thought it best to call you guys and not disturb the scene.
- Much appreciated.
- Anytime, Detective.
According to the ranger's schedule, she was dropped here sometime between 5:00 and 8:00 a.
Any video? Camera in the parking lot was vandalized around 2:00 a.
- Oh.
- Our guy plans ahead.
We're ready for transport.
All right, let's get her turned over.
He took her eyes.
Let's bring Stephen Archer back in.
You said his alibi was solid.
Yeah, that was Tuesday morning, when she disappeared.
What about last night? Will you send out the forms to ViCAP? On it, but you know how slow they are to process.
Still got friends back at Quantico.
Maybe I can reach out, ask them to jump the line for us, at least get them to run that weird business with the eyes.
- That would be great, thanks.
- Thanks.
Can you give me a minute? [INDISTINCT CHATTER, SEAGULLS CRYING.]
- Hey, Tom.
- We found Shannon.
Turns out at least half of what you saw was right.
Guy took her eyes out.
Now, you can say no, but is there anything else you want to tell me? It was all pretty weird.
- Can I swing by later? - Yeah, sure.
Tell him to bring his friend.
And bring your friend.
What friend? The new guy from L.
Gonna tell me what we're doing here? Uh, we're just paying a visit to someone who can help us.
An informant? Uh, not exactly, but she's invited you along.
Any chance you could be more vague? Okay, listen, whatever she says in there, I'm counting on your discretion.
Of course.
Thank you.
Cassie, Damien Asante.
Asante, Cassie Bedford.
- New guy? - New guy.
Honestly, I'm not sure what help I can be.
The woman I saw wasn't Shannon, and the rest was pretty terrifying.
Well, you never know what might turn out to be important.
Well, it was on a beach, and there was a big freezer, like one of those ones in a supermarket.
Do you know which beach? It didn't feel like it was around here.
Anyway, the dead woman and her son were inside, her eyes had been taken out, and the little boy kept trying to wake her up.
Can somebody please tell me what the hell we're talking about? Cassie has certain abilities that can be very helpful.
You're psychic? Or is that not the right word anymore? Do you prefer "intuitive"? You can use whatever word you want.
I'm just telling you what I saw.
There was a song, too Peter Rabbit Peter Rabbit Peter Rabbit, he'll be hopping along - You okay? - Yeah, I'm fine.
I know, you want me to leave you alone.
- Peter Rabbit.
- What about Peter Rabbit? That's the song.
It's important.
Okay, a freezer on the beach, a dead woman who's not Shannon, but has had her eyes carved out, a little boy, and an important song about Peter Rabbit.
Is that everything? I think that's pretty much it, yeah.
I got to say, man, I'm a little surprised.
I took you for an old-school copper.
You hear yourself back there? "Oh, what about Peter Rabbit?" Seriously, though, where'd you find her? I helped raise her.
It was a foster situation.
It's a long story, but it's not really your business.
But listen, if you're troubled by the way that I'm handling the investigation, simple solution just tell the Lieutenant you changed your mind about wanting to partner with me, and that's fine.
You heard about that, huh? [SIGHS.]
I wanted a fresh start.
Seattle had an opening, so, uh [SIGHS.]
I'm sticking around.
All right, let's go through it again, shall we, Stephen? I already told you guys, okay? I hadn't seen Shannon in weeks.
Okay, not since the night we broke up.
You mean the night you knocked her down and she had to call 911? No, no, no okay, I didn't knock her down, okay? She fell.
Look, we were having a fight, okay? She came at me.
I put up my arm to defend myself, and she ran into it.
According to the intake record, she had a nasty gash on her head.
Oh, come on, they're making it sound worse in the report, because that paramedic wanted her to call the cops on me.
Well, I wasn't about to be arrested, so I left.
The next day she filed the restraining order, and and that was it.
I didn't see her again.
Look, guys, I have an alibi for the morning that she went missing.
Okay, I let you search my place.
What else do you want? We want to know where you were last night while Shannon was being murdered.
I was at home, alone.
Did anyone see you? No.
- Yeah.
Yep, okay.
Yeah, appreciate it.
That was my buddy from Quantico.
ViCAP got a hit already? No, don't get too excited.
There's not much.
A solved serial in Texas mid-'90s, six women murdered same M.
, same signature.
Took out the eyes, bandaged them up, strangled them.
Perp's name was Ed Roven.
Our guy could be a copycat.
Seattle field office sent over the file.
Is Roven still in Texas? Yeah, but if we want to question him, we'll have to ask your psychic friend for an assist.
Roven's dead executed October 2, 2005.
"Psychic friend"? Yeah, that's funny.
Cause of death was manual strangulation.
The body and the hair have been thoroughly washed, although I did find evidence of casing.
He used a condom? If she was raped, he was polite about it.
So we're out of luck on DNA.
Afraid so, but let's talk the exenteration of the eyes.
- [SIGHS.]
- It was surprisingly clean.
The killer used a scalpel to sever the muscles and the optic nerve no hesitation cuts, no ragged edges.
That's not easy to do when the victim is still alive, which, given the amount of pooled blood in the posterior cavities, she clearly was.
It's very professional.
Why take out the eyes only bandage it back up again? It's an undoing a psychological defense mechanism.
In the moment, he feels remorse for what he's done, so he tries to make it better.
But then he goes and strangles her anyway? It's just a moment.
Not gonna call and confess or anything.
Then why give it a fancy name? - [SIGHS.]
Anything else? - Just this.
It was in her pocket.
Parents say it wasn't hers.
Forensics thinks it's at least 15 years old part of a play set for kids.
They sold it all over the country.
Recognize that little fellow there? Peter Rabbit.
- Greetings, all.
- Hey.
What's for dinner? Grilled chicken and brown rice for you, lasagna for me and the kid.
Sounds lovely.
Are you joining us? I'm here for another 33 minutes.
She's doing her laundry.
They never really leave the nest, do they? The hot water is out at my place again, and I need to get ready for work.
So I'm gonna take a shower.
- Thanks.
- It's hot.
I didn't see the guy's face.
He was wearing one of those suits, like like an exterminator or CDC.
- But you're sure it was at night? - Yeah.
'Cause that's not the timeline we've been working.
It was definitely night, and she was at home.
She was not walking in the station.
He must have been hiding under her bed, because he just came out of nowhere.
And now I have to get to work.
You didn't tell me she was helping you with the case.
She called me this morning.
- What, you're mad now? - No, I just Look, the universe or the spirits, whatever they seem to know that you two are connected.
So maybe if you stopped using what she gives you, maybe they'll give up and leave her alone.
I'd give anything to free her from this, Brian.
You know that.
But I can't ignore information that could help solve a murder.
And neither can she.
- There you go.
- Thanks.
Detective Asante, we meet again.
I was in the neighborhood.
Thought I'd stop in for a drink.
Really? Well, that and, uh, Peter Rabbit made an appearance in our case today.
Yeah, Tom told me.
Hey, Will, could you grab me some more lowballs from the back? Sure thing.
Not everybody here knows about me, about what I do, and I'd like to keep it that way.
You don't seem surprised that you were right.
Yeah, I said it'd be important.
- Scotch neat? - Rocks.
So close.
I promise I won't tell Hackett, but be straight with me.
You got a little bird at the morgue feeding you intel? You know, this is the second time today you've walked into my space and insulted me.
And it's not like you just want to call me a fake and then go on your merry way.
You want information.
No, I don't.
Listen to me.
You got a very open face.
It's empathetic.
It's kind even.
I'm not seeing any evidence of that in our two encounters, but this is just me being gifted.
My point is, you're pretty easy to read.
And I can tell you got a cop-related question, and it's rolling through your brain.
And you're thinking, maybe, just maybe, I might have the answer.
You don't believe me, but you think you can use me.
So go ahead.
Why can't we find Shannon on any security cameras Tuesday morning? [INHALES SHARPLY.]
Because she was already gone.
Now, if you don't mind, that's the end of my shift.
Thanks for the drink.
Who was that guy? Nobody.
Hey, I forgot to ask did you have your interview for the place the school? I'm officially enrolled in culinary school.
I said it would be a lock.
- And you're never wrong.
- Mm-mm.
Hey, come here.
We should celebrate.
I know what you were doing.
You were doing sex.
I saw movies at my grandpa's house.
People had no clothes on.
It was gross.
And Grandpa Sam said I shouldn't ever do it.
Yeah, your grandpa's a real paragon of virtue.
- I don't know what that means.
- It doesn't matter.
You can't spy on me, Abigail.
If you do that again, I'll kick you out of here.
Hey! You're just like my mom.
You don't care about me.
I went home.
Baby Crystal was in the bath.
Crystal's daddy wanted something, so she got up to get him whatever.
And she walked right through me like she does every time, like I'm not even there.
And Crystal was all alone in the tub, and I just [WHOOSHING.]
You just what? I pushed, and she plopped right over.
The water was on her face.
She was splashing her little arms and legs and coughing, and I was like "Good.
" Oh.
Then Mom came back.
When Mom puts Crystal to bed, she always makes sure she's laying on her back.
Mom says it's safer that way, but I'm not so sure.
I think a lot of things can happen at night when everybody is sleeping.
Did you leave the TV on? I want to watch cartoons.
Let me guess Detective Hackett sent you guys here? Yes, sir.
He's inside.
I ran into CSU on the way in.
They said they could process the samples from under the bed tonight.
Asante, what a surprise.
Well, CSU aren't gonna find anything, because the guy was wearing a hazmat suit.
Cassie not mention that to you? [CHUCKLES.]
Hey, I just went there for a drink.
Bollocks, mate.
Cassie isn't some informant I pass around the squad, okay? You crossed a line going to her behind my back.
Well, maybe next time you'll share the information she gives you.
Then I won't feel like I have to go behind your back.
That's fair enough.
Cassie said Shannon was getting out of the shower when he grabbed her and that she was wearing a bathrobe.
I checked all around the house.
There's no bathrobe.
Shannon was found in her own clothes.
Because he took something to dress her in later.
But why would he do that? Because he wanted us to think that she left for work on Tuesday morning.
But really, he took her on Monday night.
But what about her dead car battery and the call to AAA the next morning? Listen, I'm about to tell you that, 'cause, look, according to this receipt, Shannon bought a new battery not five months ago.
But look at that that's not the same one.
He swapped out the new one for this for this dead one.
Then he's called AAA himself.
We've been working on a phony timeline.
There's only one reason to go to that kind of trouble.
Because he's got an alibi for the morning we thought she went missing, but not the night before.
And he needs an alibi, because he knew it was a good chance we can get to him.
He knew her.
It's the ex-boyfriend, Stephen Archer.
Thanks for coming back in, Stephen.
- Yeah, whatever you need.
Appreciate it.
So the morning Shannon disappeared you were at a business meeting? Yeah, yeah.
Now we would just like to know where you were the night before Monday night.
I was at home.
Alone? Uh, what does this have to do with Shannon? We don't think Shannon was taken on the way to the station.
We think someone broke into her house on Monday night and abducted her.
We think someone tried to make it look like she went to work Tuesday to throw us off.
We think that someone was you.
No, no, no, guys, it's not what you think.
We hope not, because this is looking bad for you.
You understand? And we can't help you unless you tell us the truth.
I'm banging my boss's wife.
I was with her Monday night.
Uh, what? It's been going on for over a year, okay? That's that's why Shannon and I broke up.
No, I don't want to leave my name.
Foreman doesn't know me.
I'll just call back.
You said you were my friend, Now you're gonna snitch to my mom? I am your friend, Abigail.
Quit butting into my business.
As much as I respect you and your business, I'm not gonna let you hurt an innocent baby.
It's not Crystal you're mad at.
She didn't take your life.
I, um can't remember.
It's because you were asleep when it happened.
And it's scary to think about.
But mostly because the person who hurt you was someone you loved.
When Grandpa Sam would come and babysit, we'd watch TV, and he'd make hot chocolate from scratch.
But I would always get so sleepy.
I couldn't even move.
Well, one night he gave you too much.
You feel asleep, and you didn't wake up again.
That was wrong of him to do that.
Yes, it was.
If I told him so, could he hear? Probably not.
That's my ex-partner, Manny retired a few months ago.
Oh, Stephen Archer's married side-piece has confirmed she was at his place the night Shannon was murdered and the night she disappeared.
She told her husband she was at a sleep study at university.
I bet he wondered why she came home - every morning exhausted.
Here you go unencrypted and ready to view.
Ed Roven file Quantico sent it over this afternoon.
Yeah, the ViCAP hit.
'90s serial killer.
I don't know you really think there's a connection? I doubt it, but I'll check it out anyway.
Yeah, all right.
Well, let me know if something comes up.
By the way, this is my personal stash of Yorkshire Gold.
Feel free to help yourself, please.
But if you do take the last tea bag, can you not put the box back empty? I drink coffee, man.
This is America.
- State your name.
- Edward Roven.
Do you know why we brought you here? Someone's dead, and you think I did it.
- That's Meghan Waterman.
- She's definitely dead.
But it wasn't me.
That's Meghan Waterman before she was dead, with her little boy, Mark.
Somebody kidnapped him, took him down to Galveston to the Bay View Hotel, which is closed for the season.
I don't know anything about it.
Somebody tortured Meghan to death, and then locked her and Mark in the kitchen walk-in freezer.
I guess he figured that Mark would die of exposure.
But here's the thing that boy found the safety latch, got himself out.
I think I might need me a lawyer.
Peter Rabbit and the Little Red Hen Talking things over in the high-wired pen Along came McDonald with his trusty gun And he goes, "Everybody run" Peter Rabbit, Peter Rabbit He'll be hopping along [KNOCK AT DOOR.]
I know it's the crack of dawn.
Uh, bear claw? What? I bought you a bear claw.
It's kind of a bribe.
Oh, yeah.
I can work with that.
The other day you said, uh, you saw a woman with a little boy? Yeah, you mocked me.
That's why I brought you the bear claw.
It's it's kind of an apology.
I thought you said it was a bribe.
The bear claw is a Venn diagram where bribery and apology meet.
Does the name Meghan Waterman mean anything to you? Mm-mm.
How about Mark Waterman? Nope, sorry.
Uh, the little boy you saw, is he is he here? Hmm.
That's him.
Are you just guessing? Yes.
Why? Did I get it right? What's the story, morning glory? Apparently the story's Ed Roven.
So our guy is a Roven copycat? Yes, but it's more personal than that.
Roven screwed up when he left his last victim's son alive.
Mark Waterman told the cops everything Roven did to his mom.
He said he gave him a little play set with Peter Rabbit figurines to keep him occupied.
Crazy, right? The killer was also a victim.
It's rare, but it happens.
It's called Trauma Control Theory.
Mark was only a kid when his mother was murdered.
He couldn't save her, and he blames himself, so he starts to create violent fantasies in which he's like Roven he's in control.
Eventually he needs the fantasies to be real.
The M.
said the killer might have some medical knowledge.
Well, Waterman did a two-year stint in the Air Force, trained as a medic, worked as an EMT in Houston.
Okay, the night Stephen Archer knocked Shannon down and she called 9-1-1, Archer said that one of the paramedics was trying to get her to call the cops on him.
The team dispatched to Shannon's house that night was Aaron Sweeney and James Stark.
My shift starts at 8:00 a.
, and we got the call a few minutes after.
Stark got the call when she was found.
I interviewed him at the scene.
Most recent photo of Mark Waterman, please.
It's, uh, Houston DMV, 2010.
Here's James Stark.
Mark Waterman must have changed his name to James Stark.
He's dumped the body at the park knowing the ranger will find her at 8:00, right before his shift.
He needed to be there, see everything.
Got an address.
Seattle Police! We have a warrant! Clear! Clear! All clear! We missed him.
He's gone to ground.
Commander, report to Sally Fort 1.
Watch Commander to Sally Fort 1.
Guard said a pretty girl was waiting.
I just figured he was messing with me.
- Do I know you? - We've never met, no.
I'm here about Abigail.
You from the Innocence Project? [SIGHS.]
I just need an advocate.
I-I-I swear on my life I never hurt that child.
Sure you did.
I know what you did to her while she was sleeping.
And then when you realized she was dead, you rocked and cried, and you promised to be better if the Lord would only bring her back.
But He didn't.
So you covered her with a blanket, and you left her there until morning.
You let your own daughter find her baby girl cold and dead.
Yeah, I'm not from the Innocence Project.
I'm just here to deliver a message.
In the next few days, you're going to start to feel the world shifting beneath your feet.
It'll be hard to keep your balance.
When you lie down at night, you'll feel the weight pressing down on your chest slowly squeezing the breath out of you.
Abigail wants you to know that's her.
Whoa, whoa.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Who are you? [INDISTINCT CHATTER OVER PA.]
We looked at three places so far with no luck.
You sure Waterman's holed up at a beach motel? Ah, he's been copying Ed Roven pretty closely so far.
You see that? It's a freezer.
Yeah, on the beach.
We need backup at Seaside.
Copy that, Detective.
All available units to the Seaside Inn for a code 3.
All clear.
Get out.
James Stark you're under arrest for the murder of Shannon Bell.
- You okay? - Yeah.
- Are you okay? [GROANS.]
Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.
She was there with diamonds in her hair Hey, on the phone, you said you were fine that's not fine.
This, my dear, is it's nothing but a paper cut.
Just trying for sympathy and a whiskey.
- The Hartrey? - Mm, yeah.
Quarter cask, 25 years old, smooth as silk.
- Can he have some? - Oh, yeah.
- Whiskey for everyone.
- Pour yourself one, too.
You're celebrating.
You must have caught the guy? Yep, we did.
He confessed.
- Cheers.
- Yeah.
Now we got to walk like they talk in a rat race You keep your eyes on the prize [OVER PA.]
Gano to 280.
Gano to 280.
Eating where the shadows fall Excuse me.
I'm looking for Sally Bishop's room.
Are you family? [OVER PA.]
Satellite pharmacy Seattle PD.
She's right here, room 529.
Sally baby.
I'm here now.
All right? I'm with you.
Peter Rabbit and the Little Red Hen Talking things over in the high-wired pen Along came McDonald with his trusty gun And he goes, "Everybody run" Peter Rabbit He'll be hopping along [OMINOUS MUSIC.]
We need to talk.